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on April 25, 2012
Had the TV for 2 weeks, so far I am pleased. I'll begin with the TV's picture - it is excellent, colors, detail, etc...are excellent.

The 3D is excellent.The 2D to 3D conversion is excellent.

This plasma does have the "Soap Opera Effect" - which you can remedy by changing the picture setting to "Game Mode". I have the TV in Game Mode 24/7 and have no problems with that at all.
That's where I deduct half a star - literally my only complaint.
For me, this effect is extremely annoying, and I don't understand how manufacturers seem to think this is OK to ship out TVs with this strange motion effect. If you don't mind or even like this effect - this TV is even more highly recommended by me (5 out of 5 easily).

The TV comes with a full internet browser which "out of the box" is controlled by the TV's remote. You can imagine that requires a little patience, but if you find a "plug 'n play" wireless keyboard - problem solved.
The Internet works excellent. The TV streams Netflix movies no problem at all.

The TV's form factor should also be considered a big plus. It is thin, all connections are well-thought out and located conveniently.

Considering the features you get: 3D; 2D to 3D conversion (literally watch anything you want in 3D); the Internet with Netflix, full browser, USB inputs, and great picture quality - this TV is a very good deal.

"The Good" most certainly outweigh "the bad" in this case and I recommend this TV

The Good:
-Picture Quality**
-2D to 3D conversion
-Full Browser/Internet/Netflix
-USB inputs
-Form Factor/Thin/Connections nicely located

The Bad:
-** "Soap Opera Effect" Occurs with this plasma, but you can avoid that by using "Game" mode picture setting.
- No 'HBOgo' or 'Pandora' Apps yet, but maybe this will change in the future
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on May 14, 2012
Got my TV on Friday and have been messing with it all this weekend.
I'm not one of those picture quality snobs, but here's my take. Out of the box the eco energer saver settings are on so its really dim. I changed the settings to "Standard" and am pretty pleased with the picture quality.
The movement is a lil bit different. Not bad but different from my old Samsung TV. I think another reviewer called it the "Soap Opera Effect". Whatever it is I'm sure it could be changed but it makes no difference to me. You do notice it more in the 3D setting tho.
Speaking of 3D. This is my 1st 3D tv and I bought this one specifically because of the 2D to 3D conversion capability. Maybe I still need to configure the setting to my liking but I would say this the only downfall for this TV. There's alotta ghosting! When watching something in 3D world (which is made for 3D viewing) it was almost unbearable to watch because of the ghosting. Again, maybe I just don't have the settings right. Funny enough, the 2D converted into 3D actually wasn't bad with the ghosting and I enjoyed the enhanced viewing watching shows like "Once Upon a Time" and "Awake" in 3d! But for most shows, converting is not much of an enhancement. Mind you the 3D gets a lil wonky when converting, but that's because its not meant for 3D viewing so you get things like random pop outs and stuff. But that's not the TV's fault. Other than that its a pretty neat feature and I'm impressed that now I can enhance anything I watch (even netflix) in 3D. I suggest watching Inception! But as far as the actual Cinema 3D is concerned the jury is still out since I don't have a Blue Ray yet and what content was available was rrrreally bad! I'll let you know as soon as I can pop in an actual Blue ray 3D DVD.

So the "Smart TV" features. This is the other reason I purchased this set and I can say I'm pretty happy with it. The apps like youtube and netflix work as good as on my Android. But I'm hoping they add Pandora soon! I haven't downloaded any extra apps yet but I haven't seen anything I use as often as netflix.
I love the idea of being able to access my computer files from the TV since I have a ton of downloaded movies. Here again, I'm not sure if I have the setting right but I wasn't able to just pop into my PC as easy as they make it sound. You have to download Plex Media Server and then add content to a library which takes time depending on how much content you have. So far, the only files I can access from the TV is those I put in that Plex libray. And often I'm not even able to connect at all to my PC. Also you can only playback certain video formats. Its kind of a pain to be honest. But when it works it streams my content just fine! Rewinding and forwarding is a lil rough though.
Same from my LG G2X android phone. The smartshare feature was a lil difficult to get running but once you've figured out the correct setting I can instantly play my pictures and music directly on my tv!
I found it is MUCH easier to transfer movies to my kindle fire and play it off the USB! So no connection cut offs when playing a movie. Works great!

So all in all so far I'm happy. I bought this TV when it was in the $500 range and think its a great buy! LOTS of great features, nice design, and solid TV viewing. I would definitely recommend!

2D to 3D conversion is pretty awesome!
Streaming content from netflix and other apps.
Wireless access to my PC and smart phone.

3D isn't the best.
Difficult getting settings configured.

So I've been able to view original 3D footage and its LOADS better than the provided footage on the LG 3D World. There's still noticeable ghosting but you'd be hard pressed to find much improvement on other 3D sets.

My only real regret with buying this TV is not buying the bigger one!!! My 1 yr old broke one of the 3D glasses which was a huge disappointment. But to be honest I dont really watch too much in 3D anymore. The allure has faded for me, but good thing I did notice about the TV/Glasses as compared to similar 3D sets is you dont have to be sitting straight up to watch 3D. You can watch TV in any position your heart desires and it doesn't hinder the 3D viewing. Also I recommend buying a high capacity USB flash drive (like 64 gigs). You can find them for around $30 and they fit around 20-30 movies! I pop the USB drive in the 2nd input and I have a library of movies to watch at a click. LOVE this TV!
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on April 16, 2012
This is one of the best picture quality TV's I have seen. It may SAY 720p, but it rrenders 1080p. Check LG website Model # 42PM4700. TRUST ME. Plasma is GREAT. My father has a 55" LCD Philips. He also had to buy a dongle for it (wireless) Pshh! MY TV came with everything. AND Amazon installed it for free. Why do I say free?? Got this TV for A little over $600. My dads TV was way more than that. I won't tell him (I'll wait till he sees it himself) But my TV blows his out the water. it came with the wifi dongle. has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB. Plus 2 components, Digital out, computer hook up, bla bla bla. One charges my 3D glasses and the other for wifi. 1 hooks up to my Laptop and will play sound through it. the other is hooked up to my PS3 and the other is not yet used. This TV has SO many features. That's why they call it SMART. The ONLY problem I have with this TV is that it will only pick up 3 DTV channels. Antenna or not. With my DTV box i pick up 10 alone. IDK what the prob is what it doesn't really matter to me. I don't even watch TV. all i do is stream Netflix, play through my Laptop and Ps3. I am SO satisfied. seriously you NEED to buy this TV. Buy the official glasses that go with it. they work flawlessly!!!

Ok, 3D? Great!! will make ANYTHING 3D and the depth is good. Especially if the game or show is in 3d (duhh...) Makes my PS3 all worth it. and it has many options for 3D as well.

Sound is LOUD. but not buzzing loud. Good quality! not much bass but I have a subwoofer for that ;-)

Overall 8.5 AGAIN the TV should say 1080p because it DOES view.
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on April 27, 2012
I am no TV expert but I am tech savvy. This is based on my personal opinion so far, first 5hrs last night.

This tv is easy to set up, wifi or wired. Smart hub is okay, one down fall would be the lg apps(download apps, games, etc) they're limited and sluggish; premium apps runs fine, youtube, facebook, netflix all great. Haven't tested browsing online yet will update later. Also doesn't come with magic remote(wii like).

It is on eco mode by default so it will not look as bright, you may want to change this to cinema, game, custom. While watching greys anatomy last night it would have a short flash(peel) affect when scenes would cut to another(not sure if its just that show) but you could barely see it. The soap opera affect can make this look shaky when this are moving to fast(action scene). Still need to mess around with tv settings to see what looks best. As for 3D have not tested yet, don't have glasses :( but TV plays Blueray beautifully very nice and clean.

Smartshare is nice but you have to download nero media(vista/win7) to pc provided by, with smartshare i am able to watch backup of bluerays and dvds stored on my pc. Also you can view pictures and listen to music. The interface is okay only thing I don't like about it is scrolling left and right(hold buttons to go faster).

will try to update some more since i've only had it for less than half a day. its still not a bad buy, has smart features and 3d(still need glasses), but its an affordable tv suits my family.

BE SURE to click on bundle and add glasses... "Make sure your seller is" I overlooked this and didn't get my 3D glasses.

**************** update 5/11/12 I'v changed the rating to 2. ***************************

when accessing smart hub, tv sometimes doesn't load, I would just get a black screen and would have to restart(turning off and on) the tv, then try again.
I thought plasma was for watching fast moving scenes/shows/videos like sports. But I'm seeing a lot of stutter when watching fast motion scenes, like football being thrown.

I can't recommend this tv, picture/motion quality is not great, smart hub doesn't load or just freezes with black screen sometimes. Bought this tv when price was below $600, currently above $700 I would look for more options.
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on June 5, 2012
Had this for about 2 months now, so I feel safe writing this review. Regardless of price, I am very satisfied w/ this TV and would highly recommend this to anyone. The price only makes it that much sweeter. Don't let the 720p fool you; it displays DTV 1080i and Blu Ray content just as my 1080p LED's do, very nicely. I haven't viewed any 3D content, so cannot comment on that. See below for a more detailed breakdown:

-Pretty aesthetically pleasing
-Easy to set up and tweak
-Pretty good picture quality
-Full Web Browser
-For flat panel, decent audio quality
-Unlike (2) LG LHB336 HTIB's I have, web updates are pretty quick

-Bezel finish is piano black; I was fooled (by ALL pictures on ALL sites) into thinking it was a brushed type finish
-While bezel is pretty thin, it's not as thin as website (ALL of them) pictures look
-Supplied WiFi dongle not the greatest; have a laptop in the same room that connects at 4/5 bars while the dongle would not connect at all sometimes (yes, I tested them at different times to avoid interference or hogging)
-Pretty heavy for a 42" TV. I know it's a plasma, but a 43" Samsung weighs in about 8 lbs less
-On DTV SD content, the screen actually gets bigger and doesn't fit on the screen (it does not do this on my 1080p LED's). I've set both the TV and DTV STB to set ratio according to program.
-Did NOT come with 3D glasses nor the '12 magic remote; of which, the latter is a big disappointment
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on November 7, 2012
I've had this TV for 4 months now and am super happy. I was worried about getting a 720 instead of a 1080, but I wanted a Plasma at this size, and wanted to save $ so I risked it - so glad I did. The picture quality really is excellent. I trusted articles that said that the difference between the two was really hard to detect by the human eye, especially from more than 8 - 10 feet away... and that's true. Maybe someone can see a difference, but I can't. Colors are gorgeous, blacks are rich - I'm very, very happy with it. The TV has built in Apps like Netflx and Hulu Plus that are great - Netflix works terrifically. You never know when they're going to upgrade and add apps - I wish they'd add Amazon Prime and HBOGo. Still, the apps are pretty cool... ESPECIALLY when you want to check out the 3D content. When I got this, it came with 2 pairs of 3D glasses. I wasn't particularly looking for 3D and I haven't watched it much, but when I have, it's been AMAZING! There's some free 3D content built into the Aps (Sea Creatures!), and my cable (Direct) has some 3D content as well. It's mesmerizing.

Oh and TV came with a wireless dongle which totally works. I found the TV very easy to use and overall very well designed - especially the remote.

Sound is fine - nothing amazing, but fine. Oh and people say that when it's off it's really shinny/glossy and reflective. They're right. And when it's on, if there;s a light on in the room in front of the TV, it will absolutely reflect. I just turn the light off, problem solved. Also good assortment of inputs and outputs - I haven't need to make any connections I couldn't. I think there's three HDMI inputs, so far that's working for me.

Unless you're super-wealthy, with any big purchase there's always some kind of trade-off, so you need to decide what you're willing to compromise on - price, picture, sound, features etc. For me, this is the best combination I found out there for my budget and needs. I'm super, super happy with it. I don't notice a degradation in picture at all - I feel like I totally scored!

Oh, and finally, no I don't have a blu-ray player. Maybe I'd notice a difference in quality there, but I doubt it - images look really great as is.
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on March 4, 2013
No matter what I try to do beyond watching TV, it gets confusing. I can not even find the netflix app today. Some days I find it by chance, but today is not one of those. Tried menu (logical choice right) couldn't find it there. Tried inputs, not there. Tried my apps, not there. Keeps mentioning a magic remote. Sure would have to be magic to get through the confusion and I see why they figured something had to be done..
Keep in mind this is not my TV, but all TV's should be intuitive. Sure if I had a few weeks I could figure it out but I usually am only trying to do a simple task for my mother, but I find that she is usually right about the difficulty of operating it. Almost every other device I come across I can operate the simple tasks within a minute. Not this one.
Today I discovered the my apps button which causes them to stay lit for less than 2 seconds before it throws you back to the TV. So I try to scroll through them quickly but if I pause for more than 1 second I get thrown back to TV yet again.
So I have to agree with all the other reviewers and say the TV picture is great but the rest of it is a joke. But since the picture is so important I give it a 4 star. Would have been an easy 5 otherwise. Of course I have not checked into the 3D part yet.
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on August 16, 2012
I just receives my 42PM4700 the other day and it is everything I expected for the price I paid for it. Despite the problem 1 reviewer had with Pilot Freight they did everything I was told they would do. The picture quality is excellent. Streaming video quality is superior depending on the service that you use. I use Vudu and Amazon from my Blu-Ray player and there is very little difference from the Blue-Ray Disc that I own.LG 42PM4700 42-Inch 720p 600Hz Active 3D Plasma HDTV Set up was a breeze. Smart TV function is excellent for what it provides. 3D is good. I have not noticed the "Soap Opera" effect that most of the previous reviewers mentioned. There are some minor draw backs with this particular model but it is to be expected for the price. Of these the lack of included 3D glasses is the major one. Also there was no disc that contained all the programs that are required to take full advantage of the "Smart Share" cababilities. Had to hunt the LG web site to find the free downloads. Lastly HBOtoGo and Amazon Prime are not available for this model. As I said minor but enough for a 1 star knock down. Still I would recommend this set for anyone living on a budget who wants something more then just a TV.
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on July 23, 2012
This television has actually exceeded my expectations. I took into consideration that this was a relatively inexpensive television given that is was HD and has the features of a smart TV. I expected an adequate entertainment experience for a HD television equipped with internet and apps at the listed cost, it has lived up to that and then some. I bought this television for the guest bedroom and after setting it up, I set it to the same channel as my EXTREMELY expensive television set in my living room and could not tell a difference in picture quality. Maybe if they were side by side, but standing alone I couldn't tell any difference; the quality is much better than I predicted. If you are looking for a good picture and the added benefits of a smart TV, for a reasonable price, you will not be disappointed.

Also, if you have a smart iPhone, the app store has downloadable remote controls for the LG smart tv's if you don't wanna shell out the $80 for the magic remote.

Buy it! you won't find a better price to performance ratio in any other television.
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on July 1, 2012
Overall not bad. I wanted a bargain 42" set from any reputable MFR other than Samsung (will never buy another piece of crap from Samsung; too bad they're so cutting edge because in my experience they are very trouble-prone and the MFR doesn't stand behind them). Plasma vs. LCD wasn't a concern but it had to have built-in apps (for Netflix) and Wi-Fi.

Regarding Netflix -- careful if you do what I did: wanted to change out my DVD subsciption for streaming, but found that the streaming content (variety) is horrible.

The Good: nice looking set, but as others have said, some pics make it look like it has a real thin silver-gray bezel, when in fact it's 1" and black gloss. Still very attractive. Picture is great, crisp and vibrant. Unless you're right on top of it you'll never notice 720p vs 1080p. Set-up was simple, including Wi-Fi and Netflix, right out of the box. (Speaking of which, Amazon had it delivered by a local company who brought it in and un-boxed it for no additional charge, a nice surprise). I find the sound quality to be better than expected, especially since the speakers are down-firing. Menus are fairly intuitive, which is a good thing because the funtions are not explained very well on-screen, and not at all in the printed manual. Haven't used 3D yet but that wasn't a buying consideration. Wi-Fi works flawlessly.

The Bad: If they're going to include a free Wi-Fi dongle, why not just make Wi-Fi built in? As it is, the only USB is on the side of the set, so the dongle sticks out just beyond the frame. Similarly, 2 of the 3 HDMI are on the side, meaning the cables also show on the sides when plugged in. Poor design. If you use the rear HDMI, you need to get a right-angle connector for it or the cable will stick out too far to be flush with the wall. My old Vizio had all down-facing connections, so cables could tuck neatly behind the set. So far for a clean wall-mount I've had to buy several angle-connectors for HDMI, USB, and CATV.
The remote works fine, but don't be duped by LG's ads which show the Magic Remote -- it's compatible but doesn't come with the set. The "soap opera effect" is awful, but like others I just set it to Game Mode (which turns off TruMotion) and I'm happy. The screen itself is very glossy, so it reflects light sources such as windows during the day and lights at night.

So overall I'm generally happy with the performance, but HDTV companies have had a decade or more to get the details right and I'm disappointed that there are so many design flaws with these new sets. I don't know if other brands would be any different, though.
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