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on May 23, 2012
I bought this tv to replace my panasonic 3d tv from 2010. I wanted the newer panasonic model but came across the lg at a price tag of 2000 with glasses. I researched the specs on line and found on paper this was a great alternative. The one feature I was excited about was the fact that it could display true 24p at 72hz. This was a step up from the panasonic gt50 which displays at 48hz, but with flickering so you are forced to switch to 60hz, or 3:2 pulldown, still looks great. Set up of this tv was simple and the remote reminded me of my sons nintendo wii, kind of neat. 3d looked great, no ghosting or cross talk, and blu ray also looked good, thought I did notice some motion blur watching top gun, but the movie still looked great. Now the bad part. Watching high def programing through my cable box was awful. There was so much motion judder, as if the camera would shake during motion. I played with all my settings and nothing corrected this. Next to my panny,this wasn't even close in picture quality. I really wanted to like this tv, but after finding a review from cnet asia, I knew this was not a defect. The reviewer clearly stated that motion judder on the lg was far more noticeable than other 2012 plasmas. At this point I called amazon and returned the tv for the panny 60in gt50. This tv rocks, I have had it now for two weeks. If you like watching lots of tv this lg model may not be the best choice.
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on May 17, 2012
Ok, just brought this today, and decided to write a review, since I'm sure many people are waiting to hear what its like. Haven't done much with it, here are my first impressions:

- Looks beautiful out of the box. Nice slim bezel(abt 0.5"), looks very sleek. BUT,in addition to the bezel there's a black stripe running all around the edge of the screen(under the bezel), with is slightly less than 0.5". so effectively, the border is slightly more than 1", but looks nicer compared to say the thick panasonic ones (ST series)

- magic remote is cute, but too much work to do simple things (waving it around, trying to hit the correct icon etc. Reminds of the Wii!). I prefer a normal remote, and hope I can set this up with my Harmony one

- Quick test of 3D felt much nicer than on Panasonic, as the LG 3D glasses are much lighter, and more pleasant to wear. They don't look as cool as Panasonic though. I tried Avatar, and it looked awesome!

- Some people might dislike the 'M' shape stand, I like it.

- Can't comment about Black levels, I haven't done any break in yet. Screen color is dark grayish when TV is off. I guess I will first try the WOW calibration disc to see if it makes any changes.

- Matte screen is excellent. reflections are cut down significantly.

- TV audio is ok, not great, but not bad. Its definitely good enough for normal TV viewing.

I will give it 4 stars for now, and update as necessary while I get more familiar with it.

Update 5/21
Some more impressions, changed the review title, as well as answers to some of the comments:
Picture quality continues to impress. TruBlack filter was looking very good, until I put it next to my 2011 model Viera ST30...simply put, the Panasonic is just better. If PQ and black levels were the primary concerns, I would go with Panny. I hooked up my satellite box to both TVs using a splitter, and my kids felt the panny's picture was better, out of the box. After spending some time tweaking the settings, I got the LG to come quite close in terms of colors, at which point their opinion changed. One thing I noted was there is a greenish tinge to the LG picture. This most noticeable when old-style black and while images are being shown on screen. Not sure if that's a defect, or needs more tuning. Any suggestions?

TruMotion is very smooth, picture is vey sharp. I watched a basketball game, and it was very nice. the LG picture is noticably brighter than Panny, which is great for sport. However, the LG is showing severe 'soap opera effect'. Will this go away after the TV breaks in?

- Magic remote is sluggish, it takes multiple key presses to change channels quickly. Also, after turning on, the TV needs about 30 secs or so to 'load' the applications palette, which contains the icons for Settings and selecting video input. In the past few days, the TV has failed to 'initialize' twice, causing it to reboot. OTOH, I realized the remote does not need to be pointed directly at the screen to be used, the 4-way navigation buttons can be used as well to move between menu choices.

Update 5/24
Saw the the newer reviews here mentioned judder with satellite TV programming. I don't have cable or satellite, but I did hook it up to my Mohu leaf DTV antenna, and the picture/motion is very sharp and smooth.
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on May 23, 2012
I purchased this from Amazon on 4/30 and delivered on 5/8 with the free delivery option. The delivery team unboxed, assembled and tested before leaving. I have no complaints with the delvery crew. I was slightly annoyed that Amazon delayed my shippment for a couple of days. This seems to be the a common theme with Amazon lately when the free delivery option is selected. However, it was free...

The TV looks very nice sitting on my cabinet. The borders are thin enough that most people would probably mistake it for an LED. Unlike the TV that I'm replacing, the black tinted screen does a good job of minimizing reflections. I like the chrome plated stand which looks way better than the plastic stands found on cheaper models. The rear jack panel is well laid out with ample connection options. LG includes a ring that keeps your cables wrangled into a nice neat group.

Basic set-up was very easy. Upon the first power-up, the TV will prompt you through programming channels and connecting to your Wifi. The picture out of the box was a little to "greenish" and dark for my tastes. I went through the Picture Wizzard 2 process which took about 5 minutes and was well satisfied with the results. Much easier than the calibration disks that I've used in the past. The "magic" remote is quite efficient and works very similar to a WII controller. I wish the remote had an input select button, I find it a little monotonous going through the menus everytime I want to switch to a different source.

I spent the first couple of days watching HD programming on Netflix and various blu-ray movies. My intial impressions were that this TV had an awesome picture, one of the best I've ever seen. The problem began when I switched to my non-HD satellite receiver. The picture becomes choppy any time there is motion. I've tried every Trumotion setting from off to 10 with minimal relief. I've never had a problem from this source on the 7 year-old 42" Panasonic Plasma that I'm replacing or the 32" Panasonic LCD in the bedroom.

Here is where things get a little crazy. I intended to return the TV because of the above mentioned issues. Before doing so, I bought a replacement TV (Samsung LED 55D7000) locally from HH Gregg. The Samsung is a very nice TV and does not have the same issue with my satellite receiver. When compared side-by-side with the LG on an HD source, the picture just doesn't look as natural. I switched back and forth for a couple of days in contemplation of which set I liked better. Finally, my wife suggested that we get a new HD satellite receiver and return the Samsung. So no more SD source and no more problems....

Amazon included 2 free pairs of glasses with the set. I've only briefly played with the 3D portion of the set. It does look pretty cool but I probably won't use this feature much. The flicker of the active glasses would probably give me a headache.

I'm tempted to knock this down to 3 stars because I don't feel like the set should have a problem with an SD signal. I didn't because most people buying a top of the line HDTV probably don't care whether or not it plays well with old technology.
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on September 12, 2012
I decided to write the review after seeing all those "yes, but Panasonic is better" everywhere. I evaluated PM9700 vs Panasonic ST30 and GT30, as well as some lower end Samsungs, and found, that in my humble opinion, LG PM9700 is the best in the real world, e.g. when the room is not completely dark. I tried to make myself like Panasonic, but that just doesn't happen. I inspected them at Fry's side-by-side, and the reflections of ceiling lamps on Panni are clearly visible and really distract from the picture. I believe PM9700 is the only plasma with matte screen currently available. I have 2 kids, so it's practically impossible for me to watch a movie in complete darkness, may be once a week.. GT30 is definitely better than no glare filter at all [with no filter it's simply horrible - you are seeing screens behind you, etc., basically a mirror]. However with PM9700 matte screen all ambient lights are diffused dramatically, now you can really see that anti-glare works and focus on the picture. Easy the best anti-glare solution in the store. So before you believe all the stuff about Panasonic blowing LG out of the water and dismiss LG, I strongly recommend that you visit local electronics store and compare for yourself. ...Unless you only intend to watch TV in total darkness - but then you don't need anti-glare at all.
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on May 30, 2012
I've had the TV for over two weeks now and it is great. I purchased this TV to replace my 50" Panasonic Ambient Light Plasma TV which still works well after 7 years, but I just wanted something newer and bigger.

Delivery was uneventful as the TV was delivered a few days after I placed the order. I had the delivery guys just drop the set off, but they would have moved my old plasma TV, unboxed and setup my new LG TV all for no extra charge. As far as the TV I can't say enough how clear the picture is. Like the experts say the blacks are the darkest, deepest blacks I've ever seen on a HD TV and I have the stupid Samsung HD DVR from Time Warner which only does 1080i. Blu-Ray disc (True 1080P) looks outstanding and Xbox (up convert 1080P) really opens up with this TV. I really don't care for 3D so I cannot comment on that. The TV has so many control options for each individual input it's fun just sitting there making little tweaks trying to squeeze a little more out of the set. Setup is very straight forward and connecting to my home IP network was a snap. The browser is a snap to operate.

Overall I highly recommend this TV if you are serious about your HD. Good job LG and Amazon!!!!
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on March 5, 2013
I purchased this television because at its current price point, it offers the most bang for it's buck. The 3D support is a nice to have ( though I won't really ever use it ), but the extensive apps, vivid picture and surprisingly good sound are amazing. Overall I give this product a 90/100. I have a 50 inch Samsung plasma as well from 2007 and the Samsung's picture is SUPERIOR to this. But I only can see that when they are side by side...the Samsung was also $2000 but its not leaps and bounds better than this one in terms of picture quality. The TV is beautiful and I am 100% happy with my purchase at this point. I paid economy price but truly got a luxury purchase!

Price/Bang for Buck
Sexy Aesthetics - Modern, Thin, Small Bezel, Smoke Grey with Chrome Accents
Smart TV
Magic Remote works well
90/100 Picture Quality - All the complaints about black levels aren't warranted unless one is trying to find flaws that don't matter much
Sound is good without a soundbar

Intelligent Sensor is too aggressive as night - makes the backlight too dark
Picture requires calibration - but cnet's suggestions work excellently
Can't compete with Samsung's picture quality
Should Include 3D Glasses
Should include regular remote also
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on November 9, 2012
I went from an older 50" projection tv to this 50" plazma setup and can't hardly believe the difference in the picture and the space I gained. The picture quality is astounding. I would sincerely suggest this product.
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on March 9, 2013
After seeing the CNET review, I was ready to totally dismiss this TV as an option...but, the matte screen, plasma, great looks, and awesome price finally lured me back in. I definitely have no regrets. It is a GREAT looking TV with a beautiful picture from every seating area in the room. I love the ease of using the smart "magic" remote that is included...finding it very easy to navigate. I did do a firmware update as soon as I received. Most negative reviews had to be with an old firmware. I can turn off all undesirable settings and find the TV very easy to tweak. As usual, Amazons service is top notch. The TV was unpacked...stand attached....then placed on the stand by very nice delivery personnel from JB Hunt. I am so glad I made this choice. I encourage you to bite on this awesome deal if a top notch 50 inch tv works in your setting. Yes, no glare...great Internet options....awesome remote...and new! Even the delivery guys commented on how it was the best looking tv they had seen. All sources have looked great!
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on April 9, 2013
I purchased the LG 50PM6700 it was delivered by Pilot Service out of the Bay Area. That TV did not work and they left with it the same day. Three weeks later the second LG 50PM6700 was delivered by the same company and we discovered after they left a black line one inch down from the top of the screen that would not go away. Amazon let us upgrade to a LG 50PM9700 and it was delivered on March 22, 2013. The same delivery service brought the third TV and took back the second TV. Upon taking the 9700 TV out of the crate I complained about the damaged corner which had been dropped so hard the stryofoam was completely broken off from the large piece the screen was sitting in. We have had the TV for two weeks and it seems to be working. Amazon was GREAT to work with and it was not their fault any of this happened. The 50PM9700 has an amazing picture, the 3D is awesome and we are still working on setting up some of the other options like NETFLIX. I think Amazon should consider changing delivery services.
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on June 24, 2013
This TV is awsome. Set up was easy and it connected to my router fairly quick. The app center is nice as well. The motion mouse takes some getting used to but it's a great addition to have when scrolling through app menus. And to my amazement the remote even has an app that allows it to work with my dish network hopper. I'm still getting use to all the cool features this TV has but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a Smart TV at a decent price.
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