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on August 5, 2012
I ordered this TV because it was the right price with the right set of features. It is getting harder and harder to find TVs that dont have the "3D" feature. I just wanted a high quality picture, internet connectivity, and no was surprisingly difficult to find. It shouldnt be difficult to find a tv that doesnt boast the "3D" with stupid sets of glasses that just make you feel disoriented and ill. I dont need a gimmick, I need a TV.

At any rate, the delivery of the tv went smoothly and I was able to schedule a time that worked and it showed up with no real problems. I assembled it and set it up, which wasnt very difficult.

The picture on this thing is excellent. I had to adjust brightness, contrast, etc to get it to my liking but that is how it is with every TV.

And now, the remote:

I dont know what they were smoking when they came up with this thing, but it is the most obnoxious and useless remote I have ever had the misfortune of using. It awkwardly fits in the hand, is shaped like a boat so it always tips over, and the cursor is extremely annoying to use. It is a lot like the wii remotes, but less effective and just as childish.

Fortunately, I got a universal remote that works well, so I rarely have to use the horrid thing. They should at least put a real remote in there with the magic one or give us the option of which we would like to go with our TV.

Another user review stated that it only works with one USB device and I can confirm this. I would recommend a solid keyboard to use the internet because there is no way you will be able to use the on screen keyboard and that stupid magic remote without frustration, disappointment, and eventually rage.

The stand that comes with it is solid and I am not worried about it falling over. Assembly would be best with 2 people...I did it myself and it was a bit of a pain to lift and place with just me.


Picture quality
build quality
Not 3D


"smart" interface - also ties into the remote issue

Overall I give this TV 4 stars. For the price, you wont find a better TV. That being said, you should take those savings and invest in a universal remote.

Cheers and as always please indicate if this was helpful!
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on March 25, 2012
The LG LS5700 is an OK TV. If I could, I'd give it 2-1/2 stars. The LS5700's selling point is supposed to be the "smart" features that let you connect to the Internet, get content from Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc. and share content from other devices in your network. It does have a nice crisp HD picture after you tweak the color settings, and so-so sound, as expected. But if that's all you want in a TV there are less expensive alternatives. Unfortunately, the interface for using the "smart TV" features is very clumsy. And although the manual does a good job of showing how to connect the TV, it has almost nothing on how to use the "smart" features. The built-in menus are supposed to do that. The on-screen menus and LG's online support are minimal at best, and just plain wrong in one case (see below).

On the plus side, the TV connected easily to my home network, using either WiFi or an Ethernet cable. And the "smart" features do work, if you can stand the interface However, this is TV is not the user-friendly web-integrated TV I was hoping for. That's still some time in the future.

The TV includes a remote that's used to access the "smart" features and also to set up the TV, connect to your WiFi network, etc. It has sort of an air mouse pointer that shows up on the screen. When you use features that require entering text, there's an on-screen QWERTY keyboard that you click on with the remote control's pointer. Using the on-screen keyboard is just plain horrible. It's very slow and the remote's pointer is slow and somewhat jerky. If you get into the TV's setup menu you can change the pointer's setting to "fast", which helps a bit, but the on-screen keyboard is hopeless.

It's not mentioned in the manual, but you can attach a wireless keyboard through a USB port. That lets you enter text more easily than you can with the on-screen keyboard. But the wireless mouse that pairs with my new wireless keyboard doesn't work. LG tech support says the set can take only one user input even though there are three USB ports. (They responded very quickly -- within hours -- to their credit.) So you have to use the remote control to do the pointing. What this TV really needs is a remote with a decent pointer and a little pull-out keyboard or a keyboard on the back. Samsung, Sony and Viszio (among others) do that; I would have been a lot happier with the set if LG did the same thing.

There's an iPhone app from LG that could (in theory) make the interface better. It's supposed to allow you to control the TV from an iPhone. The app doesn't have a keyboard, according to reviews on iTunes, so it's not perfect. Far worse, although the LG web site specifically mentions that the LS5700 series is compatible with the app, the app doesn't work with this model. This was confirmed by LG tech support, and the app's information tab has a list of supported models includes the LW5700 series, but not the LS5700 series.

To access music, photos or video on your home network using the DLNA capability, you need to download an application from the LG website to your computer. The TV's setup menu does mention that you need to have media sharing software, but you have to dig deeply into the on-screen menus to find out.

Perhaps LG intends to update the iPhone app, or the set's firmware, or offer a compatible remote with a keyboard and a better pointer. But until then, avoid this model if you want easy-to-use "smart TV" features. The interface on this set is not ready for prime time. (EDITED 3-30-2012)
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on July 21, 2012
This was not only my first HDTV purchase ever, but my first TV purchase, period. I'd managed to live with hand-me-down and garage-sale TVs up til now, but I decided I wanted something nice for a change. I don't subscribe to cable or satellite television, so I wanted something that had some built-in "smart" capabilities. I also wanted something that wasn't going to break the bank. I really dislike 3D content, so I decidedly did NOT want a 3D TV. Finding a nice TV that has smart features and *isn't* 3D is getting harder and harder. For the most part, this TV has fit the bill, and I've been happy with my purchase.

I thought about putting together a list of pros and cons, but that didn't really seem to work too well with this particular review, so I've listed some general notes below:

In a word, excellent. Granted, I don't have a whole lot to compare it to, but it's one of the best I've seen. Blacks are good, as are whites. Images are nice and crisp when viewing HD content.

The one thing that gave me a real headache with this TV was figuring out how to turn off the TruMotion setting. I know some people are really jazzed about the 120 Hz view and the lack of motion blur, but to me, it made everything look like I was watching a soap opera. (Don't know what I'm talking about? Google "soap opera effect.")

So I turned it off. That was easy enough: Settings -->' Picture '--> Picture Option '--> TruMotion '--> OFF. There, fixed! Or so I thought. It fixed it for the TV input. But then I started watching something on Netflix (via the app on the TV), and the dreaded soap-opera effect was back!

It took me several days of online searching and talking to friends before I figured out that you have to REPEAT THIS process for EVERY SINGLE INPUT. (e.g. Input '--> HDMI 1 -->' Settings '--> Picture '--> Picture Settings '--> TruMotion '--> OFF.) And for the built-in apps, like Netflix, you have to start a video, then go the QMENU -->' Set Video -->' Picture Option '--> TruMotion -->' OFF.

Once you've set it for each input and app, though, it does stay defaulted to that. So at least you only have to do it once, not every time you start a new video. I found no online documentation ANYWHERE that specified this, though, so I thought it was definitely worth mentioning in this review. Hopefully it will help someone else.

Not as great, though not as bad as some flat-panels I've heard. You can turn it up as loud as you want, but after about the half-way point on the volume scale, there's not much difference. It's the same way with my parents' LG HDTV, which is a few years old. I solved this problem by hooking up an external home stereo system (Sony BRAVIA DAV-DZ170 Home Theater System) and bypassing the TV's built-in audio altogether.

The "smart" features were one of the selling points for me. When it comes down to it, though, I only really use 2 of them - Netflix and Hulu Plus. Some of the reviews (and comments on reviews) suggested that this unit might have an Amazon Instant Video app. It does not. Let me repeat: THIS TV DOES NOT HAVE AN AMAZON INSTANT VIDEO APP. And from what I can tell from various sources online, it never will. No idea why, since there are other LG HDTVs that do. This one just isn't one of them. One user suggested that it just required a firmware update. My firmware is up to date, and there is still no Amazon app. Sorry, people. It just doesn't exist.

EDITED 11/25/2013: I updated the firmware recently, and I can confirm that this TV DOES now have an Amazon Instant Video app. Finally!!

The "premium" apps this TV comes with (or at least, the ones mine came with) are:
-- Vudu
-- Hulu Plus
-- MOG
-- Netflix
-- CinemaNow
-- YouTube
-- NHL
-- vTuner
-- Associated Press
-- Facebook
-- Picasa
-- Google Maps
-- Twitter
-- Viewster
-- Amazon Instant Video (as of Nov 2013)

The LG app store is a joke. Forget finding anything you would ever want, much less be willing to pay for, in that store.

The online browser is also a joke. If you have to view a website on your TV (e.g. a network television website or Amazon Instant, etc. to view a video), your best bet is to hook up a computer via HDMI. Don't bother trying to do it with the built-in browser. It may work, but it won't work well, and it will be a painful experience. Trust me, I tried.

The YouTube app is pretty weak. It works, but it's less user-friendly than even the mobile YouTube website. Good luck finding anything specific.

The Netflix and Hulu Plus apps work well enough. They're not as user-friendly to navigate through as their respective websites, but that's to be expected, and I've found that it's easy enough just to queue up things on the computer first, and then play them from the TV apps. That saves you a lot of annoying "typing" with the magic remote.

I haven't tried any of the others. I see absolutely no reason why I would want to view Google maps, Associated Press content, Twitter or Facebook on my TV. I don't watch sports, so the MLB.TV and NHL apps are of no use to me. I have no idea how well they work. I'm a pretty loyal Pandora user, so I haven't tried MOG. I just plug in my iPhone to my stereo system when I want to listen to music.

It works, but it's not very user-friendly, in my experience. I was able to connect my Win7 laptop to the TV without much difficulty, but it's virtually impossible to search for a particular song or album or artist via the Smart Share interface - browsing seems to be the only option, and that can be a real pain when you have a LOT of music/videos/etc. to scroll through.

Streaming music seems to work just fine, but streaming video resulted in a lot of lag, and I've got a great WiFi network set up here. Anything over about 480p just doesn't really stream well on this TV, in my experience.

It also seems to lock up the TV frequently, requiring you to turn it off and on again before you can do anything.

Many people have complained that this thing is annoying. I don't have a problem with it. It's like a Wii remote: you wave it around, and the cursor on screen follows your movement. There aren't a lot of buttons on it, though - volume up/down, channel up/down, Home (which takes you to the main app/input selection screen), Back (which exits out of the screen you're in), a scroll wheel that serves as channel up/down when you scroll and an "enter/select" key when you press it, a Help button, and an Input button.

Since I don't have cable TV, I don't have a lot of channels to scroll through when I'm watching actual television, so the lack of a number pad doesn't bother me. But I would find it annoying to have to use a different remote or manage to figure out how to bring up the on-screen number pad if I had hundreds of channels at my disposal and wanted to go to a particular channel instead of just scrolling through them all.

The remote sometimes takes a moment to register, too. I've found that you have to wave it around for a second or two before the TV realizes you want to do something and brings up the cursor. I frequently have to recalibrate it, too, by waving it around in a figure-eight motion, to get it to actually recognize my motions.

Works nicely. It was pretty easy to hook up my home theater system so that it turns on and off automatically with the TV.

The inputs all seem fine, and they're plentiful. I don't have that many devices that needed connecting - a DVD player/home theater system and occasionally my laptop (when I want to watch something on Amazon Instant Video or something on another website). It's easy to swap between inputs.

It's a little annoying that this TV only supports digital optical audio out, with no other analog options, but I guess it's not really unexpected, given the cost of the system. It hasn't posed a problem for me, but it's something to be aware of if you have an older stereo system that doesn't support that kind of input.

I was actually pretty impressed with this. I'd heard horror stories about how unstable and top-heavy HDTVs could be. I bought the 42" and have it mounted on the stand that came with it. It feels pretty sturdy to me. I have cats who seem to think the space between the back of the TV and the wall is the perfect hiding place, and while I definitely do not approve of them being back there (and make them move every time I witness it), they haven't even nudged it.

The swivel feature is also useful, since I have it positioned at one angle when I'm watching alone, but want it angled more to the left when there are more people watching, due to the position of my sofa. Swiveling the TV on the stand doesn't feel unstable at all, which I was a little worried about initially.

The price on this unit is excellent. You won't find a lower price anywhere, and if you do - even if it's after you've already made your purchase (as long as it's within 14 days of delivery) - Amazon will honor it, per their "TV Low Price Guarantee" ( I purchased this unit at $749, and by the time it shipped, the Amazon price was already $20 lower. They reimbursed me the difference, which was really nice. I see now it's even cheaper. While there are some quirks with the system, this is an unbeatable price for a great TV.
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on April 14, 2012
"Magic remote" is pretty annoying. TV itself seems to be good - reasonable sound, reasonable image. I decided to buy this model because of good viewing angle range and better than average sound. I do not care much about the 3D features that manufacturers are promoting.
Please note - the "magic remote" was the only one provided. IMHO this is one of those occasions when being cute and creative trumped being useful. I really wish I would have a more traditional remote together with this TV. Changing options and settings is not very easy.
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on June 12, 2012
I love the TV. The picture is terrific. It has a large number of input ports and it has a tremendous range of video and audio adjustments. It more than meets my needs. The "Magic Remote" is another story. My wife and I hate it. It is slow and clumsy to use. It looks cute and sexy, but it does not fit the hand correctly The buttons you use most are hard to reach. The thumb wheel you are supposed to push down to execute a menu item does not naturally fall under the thumb, so most the time you accidentally hit the mute button. The screen pointer pops up when the Magic Mouse is waved around. Then you try to align that pointer to the menu item you want, but the pointer usually is not in line with the axis of the remote. If you have the remote in your hand and you accidentally move it, you will get that obnoxious pointer on your picture. LG needs to loose that lousy remote. They let cuteness get in the way of functionality. That remote is going to hurt their sales.

I would not have given the TV 4 stars if there were not a work around to this problem. I found out from LG that there is an alternative remote from last year that will work with the TV. I bought a new AKB72914042 LG remote on eBay for $14.99 + CA sales tax, shipping included. That remote has a keypad. It can also be programed to operate your DVD and VHS machines. There is a button right on the remote for most of the functions you want to access instead of having to go through a complicated series of on-screen clicks with the Magic Remote. This remote will access most, but not all the TV control functions. On the rare occasion when it does not, you can always use the Magic Remote.

My bottom line: Buy the TV for the picture, and then buy the alternate remote.
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on May 11, 2012
If you spend the necessary time to adjust the video the way YOU want it, it's very good. The instructions, via the menus or printed version, are poor for trying to understand all the manual settings, mostly because they use non-standard terms. Their web-chat was equally useless. It took days to slowly refine the picture but it paid off nicely. It's easy to understand why some get the picture right by hiring a specialist or at least buying a DVD setup disk.

The audio is plagued, like all the super-thin cabinet form-factor TVs now, simply because there's just no physical room for decent speakers. Noodling around with the sound menu helps a bit, but if you want decent audio, you'll need to feed a real audio system. No surprise.

Another small gripe is the HDMI inputs located quite far to the side of an inset on the back. Most HDMI cable aren't very cooperative about bending easily and it's easy to have the cables visible on the left side unless you force them to bend fairly sharply.

The build quality was a pleasant surprise. The table-top stand is nicely done and substantial.
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on April 29, 2012
I researched for a long time before purchasing this TV. I can't say enough good things about it. The only issue I have is the price keeps going lower and lower. We didn't want a 3D TV, so this one fit the bill perfectly. It's a great size for the bedroom and video streaming works great.The picture is fantastic and the sound is great. I'd buy another LG TV in a second.
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on June 17, 2012
Outstanding razor thin TV!!! Bought a 47in LG led 2 years ago for the family room and loved it. So, after doing extensive research for a bedroom TV decided to go with this one. For $749 there is no better TV on the market. Ordered from Amazon on Sat, TV showed up Tues. Amazing the increase in technology from LG in only two years.
The "smart" features are very cool for the most part. However, there is quite a bit of fluff I will never use and the processor could certainly use some beefing up. It is nice having internet capability built into the TV. Had to get it through my LG Blue-ray on my other TV. Connectivity to my router was a breeze.
Amazing picture and the "Picture Wizard" makes it a breeze to tweak it to your preferences in viewing.

Now, the "Smart Remote". It is a bit odd at first, but you get used to it. My biggest problem with it is that it drags a bit (back to that processor), and anytime you move the remote whatsoever the annoying pointer shows up on the screen. You can always order an alternative remote (AKB72914042 LG)from eBay if you don't like the "smart one" that comes with it.

Bottom Line: Unbeatable at $749. LG picture and build quality is outstanding and TV is loaded with extra software features. I would however give my rating a 4.5 if I could, deducting half a star for the "smart remote" (cool idea, but lacking the processor power to really make it happen). Oh yea, also not happy that there is no Pandora app. My other LG has it and I use it all the time.
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on April 14, 2012
The television itself is great, and Netflix works like a charm. But there is NO access to Amazon Prime Instant Videos through this television, which I find incredible and inexcusable. (Review written on April 14, 2012.)
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on July 14, 2012
Simple and intuitive, the nifty magic remote is a breeze to use especially when fully reclined or lying down. Only con is the buttons should be raised a bit to make them more tactile when operating, especially in the dark. I wish I could sync it to my cable box and "the Guide" and use it as a 2nd remote for channel selection.

I was initially unable to connect wirelessly to my router, but after disconnecting then reconnecting power to the router it was then reset and able to "see" the tv (thanks LG support). Streaming was slow with buffering due to my 3 mbps DSL connection and knew that would be a problem at purchase. I'll be ordering Fios soon. Nice to have a web browser and built-in wifi at this price point. Other mfgs (like Pany) will force you to move up in models (3D) to get it.

The firmware installed on my set at purchase didn't include Trumotion options in the settings menu. Trumotion was essentially off with my tv for a month until I got firmware version 03.21.40 via auto update in the middle of a Person of Interest episode. All of a sudden the dreaded "soap opera effect" comes alive and Jim Caviezel is auditioning for General Hospital. He'd be bankable in soaps but he's much more compelling at 24 fps; and oh that voice! Solution was simple: go to the Picture Options menu and turn Trumotion off, again. I honestly didn't miss it. I watch a lot of sports and have yet to see any motion issues with Trumotion turned off (it's there if I need it).

LG's onboard Picture Wizard II does a nice job with basic calibration. Deep dark blacks, bright whites, vibrant accurate color, and excellent shadow detail. I may recalibrate with Disney's WOW disc but don't feel the need to at this time. Energy saving is turned off. Sound is optimized and pretty good. This set really delivers an astonishing hi def picture. No complaints here. It's so good that any vision acuity problems you may have, however small, become readily apparent with this tv. I need a new prescription!

UPDATE: Software version 04.02.85 arrived on 7/25/12 with long awaited features. The MLB.TV app is now enabled and functional where it wasn't before. The Skype app is new along with keyboard & mouse support. The Magic Remote has become universal and I am now able to sync it to my Time Warner cable box. Only quirk is that once your channel selection is highlighted, a single click will not select it, it takes a double click or two quick presses of the select button (wheel button). Not a con, just a quirk.

For people needing the latest Flash update, well, it didn't come with this version. Opening a Flash Player test page site in LG's web browser (Amazon won't allow links to external URLs) revealed it's running version 10.1.105.

From LG's website: "2012 Smart TV Browser Supported Pages - There is not a list of compatible websites accessible by the TV, however, it should be able to display all websites that are not built with Flash 12 or above."

That said, LG owes us Flash Player 11 (Flash Player 12 has yet to be released). With the sites I've visited so far Flash hasn't been a problem for me.......yet. At least there's a PC connectivity option. YMMV. Keep in mind only the web browser has this limitation; dedicated apps work fine.
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