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on April 2, 2012
Like others, when it comes to buying electronics, paralysis by analysis sets in. My living room continued to have the good old dependable 27" tube, but I have been lusting to replace it with a flat screen for some years now. For whatever reasons, I never would pull the trigger. Initially, I was sure that I would get a LCD when the time came, as the plasmas would always look dull and lifeless on display. Along with the horror stories everywhere about 1st generation plasmas with the burn-in and such.

However, over time I couldn't help but notice that plasmas were significantly cheaper than LCDs for the same features set. So with price being the motivator, I sought to prove or disprove the myths of plasma TVs. As expected, I found some LCD vs. Plasma flame wars amongst the fanboys. But digging deeper, I found plenty of what seemed to be fairly non-partisan praises of plasma TVs. That the problems of early plasmas were long gone.

I visited a hhgregg and this model's picture was amongst the best on display. I took note of the model number and price and set off to do some more "paralysis/analysis" research. I soon found out that it was a 2012 release and there was very little information available. However, the store's price was lower than the consensus price online even with the sales tax added (The price then, 3-9-12, was 10% lower than the price in hhgregg's 4-1-12 circular). I checked on previous LG models and did not see any red flags, so I finally bit the bullet and got it.

Set it up and was only mildly impressed with the picture, as it was somewhat dull. Went to the picture set up menu and changed from the default "energy saving" mode to standard and voila the nice picture I was expecting. I do not have HD cable but get HD over-the-air with the [...], again with a great picture. This model says it has some kind of feature that adjusts the picture depending on the lighting in the room. Well, I guess it works because the room this TV is in varies from dark to bright and the picture is always wonderful. So far, everything is set to the factory settings except energy saving and I do not see any reason to change anything. It might be that I do not have videophile credentials as I might not know "black levels" from a black bear, but to my eyes the picture is great.

The remote and on screen menu are well laid out and intuitive. I have yet to go to the manual to figure out anything.

I've just came back from visiting a friend that has a Samsung UN60ES7100 60-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV (Black). While having more features and physically prettier, the picture on the LG is definitely better. However, the source may have made a difference, his Dish vs. my DirecTv. Also, I went through the long process of calibrating the TV according to the poster here. I was skeptical of whether it would make a difference, but it actually made a great picture greater.
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on April 26, 2012
Purchased this TV through amazon because of the price. I could not afford an LED this size so I went with the Plasma. The Plasma is not as bright as LED but bright enough for my needs. I am not disappointed with my choice. I calibrated using these setting I got from a friend for a different LG Plasma. I tweaked it to satisfy my eyes. You may need to do the same but I think these settings are a good starting point. Don't forget to make sure your cable box is properly set for HD viewing. Enjoy.

Settings used:
Aspect Ratio: Just Scan
Energy Saving: Off
Picture Mode: Expert 1
Contrast: 90
H. Sharp: 30
V. Sharp: 35
Color: 48
Tint: 0

Now select Expert control
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Noise Reduction: Off
Gamma: Medium
Black Level: Low
Film Mode: On or off (I didn't see a difference between the two while watching cable TV)
Color Gamut: Wide
Edge Enhancement: On
Color Temp: Medium
Method: 20 Point IRE
Pattern: Outer

Select an IRE value i.e. 0 now move down and change the color settings. Go back up and select the next IRE value i.e. 5 then move down and change the color settings. Do this for all the IRE values. Yeah its a long and painful process but worth it.
r=red g=green b=blue.
0 ire r=-5 g=0 c=0
5 ire r=0 g=0 b=0
10 ire r=-16 g=0 b=-36
15 ire r=0 g=0 b=0
20 ire r=-17 g=-13 b=-34
25 ire r=-9 g=0 b=-37
30 ire r=-6 g=9 b=-29
35 ire r=0 g=0 b=-13
40 ire r=9 g=17 b=-25
45 ire r=0 g=0 b=0
50 ire r=-10 g=0 b=-42
55 ire r=-18 g=0 b=-10
60 ire r=15 g=20 b=-37
65 ire r=-18 g=0 b=0
70 ire r=5 g=30 b=-31
75 ire r=-9 g=9 b=-29
80 ire r=-6 g=19 b=-50
85 ire r=0 g=0 b=0
90 ire r=-8 g=16 b=-9
95 ire r=0 g=0 b=0
100ire r=-5 g=0 b=-24

Now go to the COLOR management:

Red Saturation 0
Red tint -1
Green Saturation -6
Green tint 0
Blue Saturation -8
Blue tint 0
Yellow Saturation -5
Yellow tint 11
Cyan saturation -2
Cyan tint -2
Magenta Saturation -3
Magenta tint -10

Now run the Picture wizard and adjust each setting in the picture wizard to your liking.

Hope you enjoy your TV with these settings :)
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on May 30, 2012
I won't get into too many technophile level details, but what I will try to do is break it down based on what most normal purchasers would care about shopping in this price range. First, before going into the review, I will say this, when you first buy this TV, it is very important that you turn off a from the factory preset. The problem with this TV in store models is usually, the demo model keeps the store setting which is "Energy Saver" mode. The tv has a light sensor on the top that adjusts the TV picture brightness based on the amount of light in the room. The problem is, even when it is pitch black in the room, the setting makes the TV too dim, not giving you the true rich picture it can achieve. TURN THIS SETTING OFF AS SOON AS YOU GET THE TV. It is a garbage novelty setting not worth using. If you want to tinker, choose one of the "Expert" tinker options. Otherwise, just choose "Standard" picture, and 99% of people will enjoy the picture. Also, bump up the brightness to 60% for most people. But above and beyond all else, turn off the "Energy Saver" mode.

Picture Quality / Clarity: The picture is very nice for this price range. It is truly 1080p HD quality that pops out with EXCELLENT frame rate (no motion blurs which is common with larger TVs and slow frame rates). This makes watching sports great. It is not the best I've seen, but pretty darn close.
Color: The colors on this are very nice, extremely rich and vibrant, assuming you followed my directions to turn off the Energy Saver mode from above. Even at Standard levels, HD movies will pop out to compare with much more expensive TV's. I find that this tv will give you about 99% of the color/picture ability of a similar sized "quality" LED TV, especially on movies like Disney and Pixar films. It falls short on more real life reproductions.
Blacks / Whites: This is in a separate category because this is where LED's often excel. The blacks can be adjusted on this TV to near pure black. This will get you about 90% of the black of an LED, and about 1000 times better than an LCD. However, whites fall short vs a good LED. You notice this on things like T-Mobile Commercials where most of the screen is bright white with a person in the middle in bright colors. The white just doesn't seem pure. With an LED tv, this would be bright white. Basically, the colors on this TV are brilliant, far superior to a 1080p LCD, but LEDs have just gotten better at producing these two spectrums.
Sound: The sound isn't great, but decent and about average for a thin flat panel. If you are an audiophile, you will be disappointed. Average customers might make due. It isn't as bad as some TV's though, most thin flat panels have horrible sound. You have to fit the speakers somewhere.
Thinness: This TV is thin. Very thin. Both the depth, and the bezel (front edge around screen). The front bezel isn't as thin as the Samsung smart TV series, but probably in the top three TV's I saw on display for bezel size. This is very nice and should be appreciated in a TV this size. Additionally, the TV is very thin in thickness. Also, the layered thickness means that when it hangs on the wall, it looks thinner than it is. While there are thinner LEDs out there, you get 90% of the thinness for 50% of the price. Honestly, for the price, you won't find thinner.
Plasma pros vs cons: I have had both LCD and Plasmas. My old Plasma had some burn in issues, although never bad ones, and usually , they disappear. The problem with this TV is, the picture is so huge, if you were to have burn in, it would be very noticeable (imagine a 10" ESPN symbol everytime you turned your TV on). However, so far, I haven't noticed any burn in. The manual says it is fine with being on a still image for up to 1 hour. So far, I believe them. Also, this TV has yet to get very hot, unlike my older Plasma. Honestly, most people assume the TV is an LED based on how bright the colors are and how thin the TV is. I haven't noticed any of the cons of old of Plasmas except that LEDs are marginally better in black/white reproductions as mentioned above. If you are coming from an LCD, however, this TV will blow your mind away.
Energy use: This TV will not get as good power ratings as an LED even though it advertises it will, because in order to get competitive pictures with an LED, you must turn off the "Energy Saver" mode. However, it still does better than older TVs. LEDs can just make brighter pictures with less power. But, you will never experience the price savings of energy consumption that you save in overall price of the TV, I promise you. This TV advertises EPA rating of $21/yr operating costs while most LED's in this price range is about $18/yr. With the Energy Saver off, I'm guessing $35/yr based on percentage increase the brightness bar went up, but again, this is a pure guestimate. Either way, even if it was $50/yr, it would take you over a decade to make up the difference with a similarly sized LED.
Price: Bottom line, you can't beat the picture quality of this TV and the size, thickness, etc. when compared to what you pay. I got this TV on sale at BJ's for $600. Yes, you read that right. The next closest LED with similar picture, thickness, and screen size was about $1200. I did find an LED from a lesser brand for only $800, but it was 46" and MUCH thicker. If you aren't a technophile, then buy this TV, it is money well spent.

*Update 1/7/14: TV still going strong, LOVE this TV. I have seen leftover stock at BJ's and Sears for $550. Buy it, still a great price. Loved this TV so much, I got the same exact model in 720p for a room that didn't need HD, and it still looks amazing!!!! That went for $450. Either way, if you can find this TV, get it. Samsung has a similar one for similar price, but slightly thicker. Most stores are getting rid of this TV altogether as they move away from Plasma, so good luck if you can find it. However, this far into the future, $700 is nolonger worth it as Amazon is pricing it since there are affordable namebrand LED's now for that range. However, if you can find it at $550 like I see occasionally, GET IT!!!
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on June 1, 2012
I watch TV a lot for business and pleasure and need a very high quality display. After switching from a Sony XBR5 LCD (nice picture, horrible black levels), I decided to go plasma. I wanted the best display possible without 3D or Internet connectivity. These features were not, for me, worth paying extra just to have.

I decided to try an LG but felt I needed to see this TV "in person." So I drove over to a local retailer to have a look at one. It really looked great so I decided to purchase the LG 60PA6500 and I am very happy that I did.

The LG plasma product line has only one display that is better. It is THX certified, has all the "bells and whistles", but sells for considerably more. The LG 60PA6500 has the second best engine of the newer models and is exactly the same as the model one step above that is Smart and 3D. If you need Smart and 3D, there is a 60PM6700 that should suit your needs or the top of the line 60PM6900.

This LG is selling this week at $1,099 at Amazon and at most other brick-and-mortar stores and online outlets. Price was not an object for me. I would have paid $2,000 if I felt I needed to. But this plasma really does it for me without any reservations.

Out of the box, this set is spectacular. No oversaturation. All colors look very accurate and I am very fussy about video. DirecTV and Blu-Ray all run directly into a Pioneer Elite and then output to the LG with an HDMI cable. Although I don't watch anything in SD, it does up-convert nicely. My home theatre system uses, in addition to the Pioneer Elite receiver, Mirage Omnisats (towers, rear surrounds and sub-woofer) and a Panasonic Blu-Ray player. So I didn't even bother to check the built-in speakers. I'm sure they are better than adequate.

In conclusion, this display looks as good as the Samsung plasmas that sell for double the price of this LG and to my eye is better and truer than any of the Panasonic and Sharp displays I've seen locally in stores. I find the brightness level to be fine, excellent black levels, exemplary picture contrast during nighttime and dark scenes and of course a superior refresh rate that makes sports viewing a real treat (go Lakers!) plus a nice on-screen menu and equally friendly remote. There is a tiny bit of glare during the day; not so at night when I do 95% of my viewing. But the slight glare is manageable. A small sacrifice for such a wonderful plasma product.
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on March 29, 2012
Just set this TV up last night. I always get so anxious about buying electronics, especially after reading reviews, most of which are upset customers. I have to say, I couldn't be happier and more relieved at this TV!

Setup was super easy, instructions were clear, and everything was included that I needed. Great blacks, color, clarity, and plenty of color customization options. No digital artifacts or motion-blur and no common plasma-myths at all: low glare which I was surprised about, no odd noises, no signs of any burn-in. As with all flat panels, the sound could be richer, but I've heard much worse on other panels. No problems to report and hope it stays that way!
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on June 9, 2012
OK I thought it was only fitting that I should take the time to give my review of this TV since I read the reviews of so many others before I made my purchase.

First off let me say a big THANK YOU to all those that posted your review on this TV. They were all very helpful in my decision making process.

I went and picked up my LG 60PA6500 Plasma TV from a local store on Thursday 6/7/12. Paid $999.00

I set the TV on our new 60" component stand and getting the TV from the box, to it being ready to set on our new TV stand was as simple as it gets. Three screws to put the stand together and four screws to mount the stand to the TV.

TIP: when mounting the stand to the TV simply put the TV on the box that it came in - screen side down with a blanket on the box to prevent scratching the screen - and then just slide the stand into the TV. This way the TV is up off the ground enough to allow the stand to be put into place with out having to lift the TV into an awkward position. Therefore eliminating the possibility of cracking the screen. The stand is very sturdy and I love the swivel motion it has.

Once the TV was into place and hooked up, all I can say is WOW!!!!!!! This is truly a beautiful display.
The colors were breath taking and the images very sharp. This is all before I turned off the Energy saving mode
that everyone has recommended to be done. I did that and yes it makes a big difference.

I then went and took the time to input the IRE custom settings that are posted on this site and after doing so I just could not believe my eyes. The image on this TV now is the best that I had ever seen anywhere period.

Trust me when I say it has an amazing, Amazing, AMAZING picture!

I have read all the black level arguments on how LG is not up to par with the Panasonic's and the Samsung's but let me tell ya. I was able to go and see them all side by side at the local store where I bought mine and there is no way I could ever justify the huge price difference. The PA6500 is a top tier Plasma display in the LG line. It is not a 3D/Smart TV which makes it all the more appealing to me because I do all my internet streaming with my Panasonic blu ray player.

The speakers are pretty good for a very thin TV but I do not use them because I have all my sound going into my Bose Surround. The thin bezel really makes this display look sleek and sexy when the TV is not on. It truly is a beautiful TV.

Here are the components I have hooked up to my LG 60PA6500 Plasma TV.
1) HD cable box via HDMI cable
2) Panasonic DMP-BDT320 Blu Ray Player via HDMI cable
3) From TV to my Bose Lifestyle 35 surround sound system via Optical cable

My only regret is that I waited so long to upgrade from my 55" rear projection TV.

I highly recommend the PA6500 Plasma TV by LG. I give it 5 stars.....


Update on 6/21/12

Here are some SIMPLE settings that I'm pretty happy with so far:

Aspect Ratio: Just Scan
Energy Saving: Off
Picture Mode: Expert 1 or 2
Contrast: 84
H. Sharp: 24
V. Sharp: 24
Color: 50
Tint: 0

Expert control

Dynamic Contrast: Off
Noise Reduction: Off
Gamma: Medium
Black Level: Low
Color Gamut: Standard
Edge Enhancement: Off
Color Temp: Medium
Method: 2 Point
Pattern: Outer
Points: High
Red: 14
Green: -12
Blue: -10

Everything should be "0"
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on April 23, 2012
After spending long hours researching and previewing HDTV's online and in stores, I decided that I was going to get a 50" Plasma for my somewhat dark living room. With this purchase, I did something I never do on such a big purchase, I bought this TV without even seeing how it looks like or with out even having tested it. This product was so new when I purchased it, not one store had it in stock. I purchased this item mostly for the glowing reviews of this TV's predecessor I read here on Amazon. I ordered it on Amazon, and even though this item didn't ship for more than a week after I ordered it, and took like 10 days to get here, it didn't bother me though. The item came in the original box, which had a few dings, but the unit itself was untouched. I've had it for a week and a half now, and I am super pleased with the quality of the picture, and the overall look of the unit itself. The thin frame is pretty damn cool. I'm a do-it-yourself-er, so I installed the articulating wall mount unit myself (separate purchase), and all I needed was the help of my wife to lift up the TV and put in place (over a fireplace no less), so this speaks to the weight of the unit. My only concern was when I initially turned on the TV, the picture looked noticeably dark. After playing with the settings, I noticed that the 'green' setting is the default. I turned this off and the picture was bright and sharp! The remote is a bit clunky (no big deal), and the onscreen controls need a little getting used to. Other than that, I am super pleased.
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on March 12, 2012
I am very happy with the picture quality. Clean crisp picture, and average sound. Our family watches a lot of the "Family" movies, Disney and the like. The Color just pops out at you. It is clear enough, even in high speed video that you feel like you are there. Some of the movies we watched before was a different movie with this TV. "Tangled" for instance was a bit more exciting because of the effect of the height of the tower in this screen, as was the roller coaster scene in "Despicable Me".

I wanted a smart TV, but this one was within my budget. I had planned to purchase a sound bar so I figured I would try to save some money on the features on the TV. I was looking for the sound bars when I found the LG LHB336 1100W 3D Blu-ray Home Theater System with Smart TV. It was on sale at the Military PX for a little over $300. It provided the sound, and the Smart TV function, as well as a Blu-ray player. It it matched with the TV and provides excellent sound. It is so integrated that either remote handles the whole system. Aditional HDMI's allowed me to clean up some of the piles of wires.

I have to say that it was a great find. I had planned to purchase from Amazon, but hhGregg had it for about $200 less, and they are local so I just drove home with it.
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on April 24, 2012
After spending some time reading reviews and comparing prices, I decided to order the 60" version of this TV for a few reasons. I went off of the 4 1/2 star average rating for the prior model of this TV, and although this version was just released, I figured it's newly thinned-down frame would be a nice addition to an already clearly well-loved product from LG. Plasma has improved a lot in the last 3 years, and provides a better picture than LCD panels, in my opinion. Also, the price from Amazon was fantastic.

I am VERY happy with this TV and I highly recommend it. After a short warm-up period, the color and picture are nearly flawless. In a dark room, the blacks are quite pure. The sound is actually impressive for a set this thin, and I am not rushing to buy external speakers yet (although considering it). I haven't mounted it on the wall yet, but it looks nice on the stand. There is only HDMI and optical audio out, so don't plan on using standard RCA connection for your HDTV, which won't give you the optimal sound you're looking for anyway.

Unfortunately, my experience with receiving the SHIPMENT of this TV was less than favorable. Amazon uses Pilot and CEVA Logistics freight services for shipping TVs. They basically give you a 5-hour window of when they will be coming, and supposedly will call 30 minutes before showing up. While Pilot did call me the first time, upon unpacking the box it was obvious that the screen was cracked in 3 places, so I immediately refused shipment and had them pack it up to be returned. I hopped online to file a complaint with Amazon, and they told me within 12 hours that I'd be getting a replacement shipped out. OK, good, I figured this could happen, it's part of buying a TV online. The second TV was shipped via CEVA, and the delivery men claimed they had already come by my house earlier in the day and called me, but I wasn't answering my phone. They were very rude and acted like I was keeping them at work (despite the fact that I did not receive any call, and it was only 4 pm). They moved the TV around 3 times before figuring out how to put it on the stand. I was horrified! Thankfully it was in flawless condition despite the man-handling, and all is good...except that I received an email from Amazon telling me I'd be charged for the first TV if I didn't return it, even though it had already been taken away by the delivery men! Thankfully a quick email cleared this up, but it wasn't exactly comforting knowing that Amazon might decide to charge me again for such an expensive item without checking. I will probably never again buy a TV online to save some money because frankly it's not worth the hassle, but at least I had Amazon's excellent customer service to back me up.
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on June 21, 2012
I'm happy with this TV for the price. It replaced a 9 year old Samsung 56" DLP which had been perfect for me. I've been messing with the settings on this for a few months now and am really pleased. Everyone that comes over comments on how clear it is and they call me a liar when I tell them the price. I've now recommended it to 3 different people that have bought the same TV.

I originally saw this in the store next to the Samsung ST and was very pleased with this....thinking about buying the 50" to place in our bedroom!
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