Customer Reviews: LG BD530 1080p Network Blu-ray Disc Player (2010 Model)
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on November 30, 2010
This Black Friday, Blu-ray player was on my agenda, I have a 46" Samsung LCD HDTV with internet options. I did not want to go for internet enabled Blu-ray player to play netflix or Picasa or Youtube as I already have it in my TV. I wanted a best to the price and awesome quality Blu-ray player which has a brilliant blu-ray as well as DVD upscale conversion for HDTV resolution.

I bought this LG BD530 and Sony BDP-530 at the same time because Sony had the highest ranking in terms on voting on many sites including bestbuy,com. After connecting both players to my TV i used Bly-ray and it played very well on both player, I tried same Bluray disc on both player couple of times alternatively and could not see the difference. Bluray played brilliantly

When i came to DVD playing, after couple of runs with same DVD on same TV (with same settings) I found that LG has a excellent DVD upconversion as compared to Sony, Sony pics were a little more blurr as compared to LG BD530. I tested 2 different DVD movies (lord of the rings and American beauty) to check the DVD quality and I have to admit, LG was awesome. Also somehow I felt the LG remote is much user friendly than Sony remote, but that's a matter of individuals preference.

After carefully reading Sony's review I figured out that it;s sony blu-ray players internet abilities which took it;s rating so high and not the DVD upscale conversion qualities. If you have an old TV with no internet on it and want internet connectibility to watch netflix online, then probably Sony is your candidate. But if you have a new internet enabled TV and have a huge collection of DVD which you wanna keep it for a while and wanna enjoy over and over again, then LG is your best candidate.

I am returning back my Sony BDP-370 player tomorrow to Bestbuy. I hope this review helps to reader.

Santosh Gaikwad
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on November 19, 2010
I got this at sears when it was $65, it will be on sale again, try walmart if amazon doesn't lower price. It plays all my discs and most of my multimedia files. It will not play wmv files and doesn't seem to like my AAC files (plays MP3's okay), but will play H264/mov files if you rename them as .mp4, a common trick with these cheaper players. It powers my two external portable hd's and will play one of my two pen drives, but not both. Its upscaling of 420p material from the usb side not as good as my WD or my PS3, but plays native 1080i/p files with very impressive results.
It does have the BD live function if you want to plug a pen drive into it since it needs external storage. It has limited internet options right now, who cares about accuweather? LG updates their firmware online and my other LG equipment has seen third party hacks that improve it so I look forward to when this is hacked to provide either Netflix, or better yet Playon support.

It did freeze on me at least once as other reviews have noted, have to pull the plug to reset it.
Only 4 stars since it did freeze for no good reason, and I too will need to keep my WD Media player for awhile, but it this had netflix would have given it 5 stars, as for the price it just can't be beat. I will update when I have played with it a bit more, only had it the week so far.
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on November 15, 2010
I have used this Blu Ray player for more than a week and it plays the following without any issues directly from Blue Ray disc as well as DVD, CD and USB:
DivxHD (Divx HD 720p and 1080p profile that create files with Divx extension) NOTE: DivxHD Plus profile creating mkv files seems not working
AVI ( I haven't tried all codecs but whatever I tried worked without any issues)
I was successfully able to play couple of 720p 4.35 GB mkv files with that's encoded with H264 & DTS audio with subtitle without any issues. Subtitle worked perfectly fine.
Files with DTS audio plays flawless directly on TV speakers without requiring any additional DTS receiver.
Very responsive remote control.
Played lots of MKV files of size 8GB and greater with h264 and DTS audio from an external USB drive and they all played very well. Subtitles were supported and no jitter in playback.
MKV playback is awesome and Up-conversion works great.I can clearly see the difference between regular playback and upconversion (the files I have used were IMAX HD documentaries and Disney Pixar movies i.e. quality of the original file was good to start with).

I tried Verbatim LTH some very cheap media from Meritline and Optical Quantam BD-R burned using IMGBURN in my LG WH10LS30 Blue Ray burner and everything worked flawless.
I tried about 20 of dirt cheap DVD media Dynex, Teon, Playo etc. which had avi files with variety of codecs recorded about 5-6 years ago and they all played without any issues.
Blu Ray disc loads really fast the picture quality is crystal clear. Also quality of You tube and picasa is great.
Overall, it's great inexpensive player that played many media from various sources. It played various file formats not even supported by Philips 5982 Divx player but I still can't retire my WD Live as its picky about codecs i.e. not all mkv files plays flawless and MOV doesn't work at this point.

UPDATE: I was successfully able to play Blu-Ray video files (m2ts) directly from hard drive via. USB connection. Menu is not supported but the files played successfully.
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on December 2, 2010
I bought this player (despite my future purchase of a Playstation 3) mainly because I wanted a Blu-Ray player that could play MKV files. That let's me store a ton of content on an external hard drive, high definition content, and play it "on demand" without ever having to change a disc.

As far as MKV playback goes, it's hit and miss but for the most part MKV files work. It doesn't matter what size it is.
For MKV files that did NOT play I (and others) pinpointed the problem: if a file is encoded with level/profile 4.2 or higher it will NOT play on this player. If you get a file that does not play, run it through MKV2VOB. It has to transcode a lot of movies which takes time but there are a few that don't need transcoding. Playback is good and depends on the speed of your external hard drive. Controlling files can be hit or miss; some let you control things such as speed/fast forward/rewind etc while others will not. I have noticed a few lockups at times.

As far as Blu-Ray playing goes, once you get into the movie it's great. Other than that I think there are some options that were leftout of this player and its remote control that I would have liked such as title program (for discs and files).

The main problem with this player is its frequent lockups and freezes. There is also considerable lag with the remote and sometimes it takes over a minute for the player to respond in certain menus.

The internet connectivity is weird with this player. I have tried WB (Warner Brothers discs) and BD-Live does not work. Universal discs do work but you have to have the internet plugged in before you start the disc. If you do have it plugged in, it takes over two minutes to load up to the disc's menu.

I will update with other things I think of but for the price I think it's a good blu-ray player. It's actually better in a few respects (MKV file playback, DVD up conversion) than its older brother the BD550. On LG's website and the manual this player is referred to as the BD551 so if that tells you something.

UPDATE 1: As far as BD-live goes, a forum member on AVSforum found a method to get it to work. Welcome to a whole new world of commercials and unwanted trailers.

"I was getting all those messages like the player needed to be hooked up to an internet connection or "coming soon"...etc..

This is how I got BD-LIVE to work:

-format USB thumb/drive (fat 16 or 32)
-boot up your LG 530 (without disc and without USB inserted) so it goes to main on-screen menu..

-go to setup
-go to others
-go to initialize

NOW...insert USB drive/device

You should notice that "BD Storage Clear" is now selectable...Select it and confirm "yes"...It will do a momentary "clear" (even though your USB drive is already empty).

Now, you leave that USB drive in there and load any Blu-Ray movie with BD-Live, and when you run the BD-Live features, it should work....

At least it did for me....

If you leave the USB drive in the slot, you can eject and load different Blu-Rays and BD-Live should still work (until your USB drive is full, which then you can initialize it again!)...

P.S. - If you format or use this USB drive on any other device, it will probably corrupt/overwrite the BD530 BD-Live data....So, it's probably best to have a dedicated drive just for the BD530 (I.E. Just leave it in the USB slot FOREVAHHHHH!)

good luck
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on December 5, 2010
I am not sure what are the negative reviews on here are all about, its possible some customers may have received a defective product from LG but mine has been working great! First off let me say I am not going to complain about the player not having Netflix, Rhapsody, Facebook ect. My TV has wifi built in that allows me to access Netflix so I had no need to shell out the extra money for a fancy player that could surf the full extent of the web. Those who wanted a player like that should have looked for something else. This player clearly states that its features are limited to Youtube, Picasa, and AccuWeather. To buy it and expect otherwise is poor shopping on the consumers' part. As far as video quality, I don't own a vast collection of Blu-rays so my experience has mostly been with upconverting DVD's, which the player does an excellent job with. Unlike the Memorex I own, this player minimizes almost all of the DVD grain and blur to the point that it almost looks as good as a blu-ray. The Blu-rays I have played also have shimmered in pure 1080p HD with this player. The real attraction for me though, is the USB drive. All you have to do is pop in an external hard drive or memory stick and the player is ready to play the contents whether it be video, picture, or music. I have watched two movies this way, one MPEG4 and the other AVI, and both played without a hiccup. Some reviewers have reported freezing and locking up, but I have experienced neither with my player. I haven't updated the firmware, though, so who knows if the new updates may actually be the cause of the problems. The player does take a little time to initially boot up, but I hardly consider waiting a few seconds to be an inconvenience. Overall, the LGBD530 is a great value and a player I recommend for anyone who's looking for a solid player to watch movies on via DVD, Blu-Ray, or USB. If you want something to play your Netflix with, look elsewhere.
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on November 19, 2010
This is a great Blu-ray player. I received it yesterday and setup was a breeze. Popped in a Blu-ray and was not disappointed at all. It loads very quickly and the picture is perfect. For $80 I am very pleased. This doesn't do Netflix, but that is not why I bought it. I will update my review if I find any issues.
This player is a piece of crap. After about 8 uses it now will not power on. I sure am glad I didn't get rid of the box. I need to ship this junk back.
**UPDATE number 2**
I contacted LG and was told the unit was defective. They requested I send them the unit which I did. After a week I was told that the unit was defective and that they had no parts or working units to replace my broken player. They requested I send them my receipt and after they received it I was promptly refunded my full purchase price. LG customer service was EXCELLENT, I just wish their product would have been as good.
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on November 27, 2010
Came across this one at Walmart for $65 on Thanksgiving. Easy to set up. Just plug in what you have to and have at it. Watched Fifth Element straight away. Good quality. Played with the buttons so the 2 hour movie ended up being 2 1/2 hours. The next day I throw in Big Trouble in Little China. Tried to make adjustments during the movie, but, unfortunately the movie would not pick up where it left off. Would always go back to the beginning...showing the threatening stills from Interpol and how comments weren't the opinions of Fox, blah, blah. Kept experimenting and the same thing would happen. Didn't happen with Fifth Element. Got frustrated and gave up for the night. Next day threw in Good, Bad and Ugly. The quality of this movie is AMAZING in BRay. But, that's another story. Anyway, the same thing would happen. Can not go to SET UP without stopping the movie and starting over. Very difficult to check adjustments without waiting for the movie to start over. On regular dvd that I tried this was not a problem. My suggestion is to expect to spend a little bit of time making adjustments to get it right before you watch the whole movie.
One other situation that I came across was a setting to audio. The 2 discs that would restart movies after adjustment would not play audio unless you fumble through the info menu and change that setting to 2 CHANNEL just to hear something. The player goes from HDMI into TV and from TV via coaxial cord out to stereo which will play dts hd. Didn't have problem with Fifth Element, but with the next 2 discs. Could be a setting I messed up but hard to tell because of the constant reset of the movies.
Take this for what it's worth. The player still seems like a good deal for the price with a good quality picture.
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on November 20, 2010
The USB port can power my Seagate USB-powered Freeagent hard drive, which is convenient. And I can confirm it can play a 15G mkv movie file. While I cannot compare the video quality with another Blu-ray or multi-media player, the quality is definity better than the video play back from a PC.
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on December 18, 2010
This is the 2nd LG BD530 Blu-ray player that I have purchased. The first one came from WM as a "One Day" special for $65. I figured I couldn't go wrong at this price so I got one. Especially since it's intended use was going to be upstairs in my bonus room where that tv gets occasional use only. After getting it home, connecting it to my TV via HDMI and Home Theater system via coaxial audio, I was very pleased with the unit. It is easy to set up and loads discs (at least the ones I have tried) quickly. In my opinion it is hard to tell the difference between Blu-ray and upconverted DVD's with this player. They both look great. I thought it may have been because I connected it to a 42" Panasonic 720p plasma. Now that I have the 2nd unit connected to a different tv, I still can't tell. Maybe if I placed two identical tv's side by side with two of these players you might be able to see a difference then, but switching back and forth between BD and DVD it is not very obvious. My original plans where to get a "nicer" one for the main t.v. in my great room later. After a couple of weeks using the LG and enjoying it, as well as finding it on Amazon for $69 with free shipping, I just couldn't resist so I purchased a 2nd one. It too has worked well on my 46" Samsung 1080p LCD t.v. and Sony HT-CT150 Soundbar system. The LG BD530 is connected to the Sony Home Theater via HDMI and from the Sony Soundbar I have an HDMI cable connected to the TV. Just like the 42" plasma upstairs, both BD and DVD look great using it even though they are not connected the same way due to equipment differences.
I have read some negative reviews about this unit, but so far my experience has been great with it. I cannot comment much on the network connectivity for internet usage as my means of going online are by way of a Verizon air card that I use on my laptop. I don't have a router or any other means to connect this player to online services. I have to go to the LG website, download any updates for the player to a flash drive and then load them on the player. So far I have not done this, so I don't know if there are problems doing it this way. But, as far as watching Blu-rays or upconverted DVD's I highly recommend this unit, especially for the price.
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on December 8, 2010
Plays Blu-ray movies. Simple to use. Period. Be careful of reading a bad review from people who want their blu-ray player to take them to the moon and back.If you want a simple cheap blu-ray player then this is it. If you want a radio, a computer, and blu-ray player and a robotic dog, then this is not for you. You get what you pay for. I wanted a blu-ray player. That is what this is.
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