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on June 10, 2010
Having been bitten by the blu ray bug, I initially purchased a LG BD370. I liked the machine a great deal, had several questions and called LG technical support which at best was indifferent. I decided I wanted a second blu ray player and would not reward LG, so I purchased a Sony BDP-S570. It came, set up was arduous as I didn't realize at first that you can scroll both up and down but eventually I got the machine working. I did however have compatibility problems. The Sony using HDMI tried to take over my Samsung LCD TV. The two fought a great deal and I ended up calling Sony support. The support person, unlike the one I spoke to at LG was very helpful, caring etc. We spent about an hour trying to make the two products compatible without success and I returned the Sony. As the older LG had worked well with my Samsung, I purchased the BD 570. The following are my observations on my system. From the time I took the LG out of the box to connecting it wirelessly to my WiFi router, setting up Netflix and Pandora took less than 15 minutes. After I set up the LG and turned it off and then on, it asked me if I wanted to upgrade the software which it did in less than 10 minutes. This entire process was much easier on the LG than the Sony. The Sony promises to be upgradeable to 3 D, the LG is not upgradeable to 3 D. The Sony offers connections to more movie and internet programs than one can imagine. The LG offers many less but has the only two I care about Netflix and Pandora. Start up( from the time the player is turned on until you can use it) was well over 2 minutes for the Sony and well under a minute for the LG; note other reviewers have said boot time for the Sony was quick but that was not the case in my system. I think the quality of a blu ray movie is slightly better with the LG - give the Sony a 94 and LG a 98 - not much but enough so I could see a difference. The Netflix menu is much nicer and more user friendly with the LG. In both players you see a list of your instant movies but if you want to go to a description it requires more steps in the Sony - not that it is bad, the LG is easier and nicer. With regards to upscaling conventional DVDs, both players do a very good job. I did not play any old DVDs which were formatted for older cathode ray TVs on the Sony. They present in the 4:3 format on the LG and you can manually make them full screen. This is not an automatic process on the LG. I did not play an older DVD on the Sony so I don't know how it handles older DVDs formatted for a cathode ray TV. The instruction book for the Sony is useless. It refers you to the Sony website for virtually all answers. I might add, I didn't care for the web site either; this begs the question why do they have an instruction book? The LG instruction book does actually have instructions in it and seemed fairly complete.
Had I not had compatibility issues, I probably would have kept the Sony although I found the long time to boot up very annoying. I'm glad I got the LG, I think it has a better blu ray picture.
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on October 14, 2010
After MUCH research and reading tons of reviews on this and the Sony S570 (I'm convinced these are the two BEST choices in the $150-$250 range), I decided to go with the LG. I'll give my reasons here, as well as my experience with the player, in hopes that this will save others MUCH pain and aggravation, in making their decision.

First and foremost, it was clear from all the expert/consumer reviews, that the LG was the most user-friendly in terms of setup, compatibility, and audio/video options. This is ABSOLUTELY true. I had ZERO problems setting this up with my audio/video system, zero problems logging into our wireless network, zero problems streaming Netflix in 720p, and zero problems playing several avi files, be it through the usb port OR from my pc. I have a new Samsung 40" 60 hz LCD, an older Sony audio receiver, and a 5 year old basic Belkin router.

For video, I used an HDMI cable to the tv, for audio I used the coaxial digital output from the player, and it looks and sounds phenomenal.

Though some folks were less than pleased with the upconverting capabilities of this player, as compared to Sony, I must say that I don't see any major issues here. I found an immediate improvement over my Samsung player, with respect to the BLACKS. They were solid. I noticed less noise around the edges of the credits, and I found less discoloration issues, that you sometimes notice with upconversion. In fact, given all the fine-tuning options this player offers to tweak noise reduction, color scheme, etc, I submit that, with a little time to play with those settings and perhaps a few settings on the tv itself, one can get the picture looking as good as most upconverters out there. I will concede that on a bigger tv at 120 hz, I might notice more flaws, but for me, this upconverter does a great job.

Reviewers noted that the LG remote was pretty solid, but not perfect. I'll agree. Some buttons are a bit too close to one another, so you have to get used to that. On the other hand, you can program the remote to control the basic functions of your tv, so that's a helpful feature. But it is solid, and not "toy-like", as was the complaint about the Sony remote. One small downside is the slight delay when you "chapter skip." The picture doesn't respond immediately, so you can't just "surf" through the chapters. Slightly annoying.

One thing that is "toylike" is the disc tray. Proceed carefully, and never leave it open. It's quite flimsy and you could easily snap it off, if you're not careful. Thankfully, the tray has two "thumb grooves" to allow you to get your thumb under the disc, without having to put much pressure on the tray itself, when removing the disc from the player.

Where this product shines, IMO, is its versatility and compatibility. It was clear in all the reviews and product specs, that the Sony (and all other players from what I could see) was very limited in what routers it would work with, and especially what video files it would play. As for router issues, I already stated that I had none, and mine is just a basic 5 year old router. And with respect to video files, NO ONE CAN COMPETE. For instance, with Sony, AVI was only available in Canada, and MKV wasn't an option at all, except through your pc. So, the two most popular video formats aren't available to enjoy on your new entertainment system? Are you kidding? Similar restrictions and limited capability proved to be the case with pretty much every other player reviewed. Thankfully, this is NOT the case with the LG. This player plays practically everything: avi, mpeg, mp4, mkv, etc. Just download your favorite movie or tv show to your pc, and play it on your dvd player, either from a flash drive, or through your wireless connection. And the best part is that the darned thing UPCONVERTS the signal to 1080p, just like with dvds. So you're watching an episode of "Law and Order" at 640x352, but it looks like HD. AMAZING. And LG is the ONLY PLAYER that I know of, that will do this with pretty much any video format you throw it at. This feature ALONE makes this the blu-ray player of choice, IMO.

Enough reviews have already mentioned the brilliant image the blu-rays produce on this player, so I won't go heavily into it. Yes, the load time is admittedly slow, but so what? As for difficulty playing certain discs, I found that to be a complaint with both LG and Sony, and I'm not surprised. New formats and processing methods are being tried all the time, and glitches will occur. That's what the firmware updates are for. Im not worried. These are computers, after all. How often do our pcs require updates to resolve bugs? Constantly. Just be sure to check with LG customer service before downloading updates. Wait about 3 weeks after they're released, and see if there have been any complaints about the lastest update, and if so, have they since been resolved? Very important!

One other helpful feature is LG's audio options that allow you to run True HD Digital sound to your audio receiver, without an HDMI connection. This is necessary with some movies. Otherwise your sound just pops, distorts, or is cut out altogether. This option eliminates that headache, so you can pretty much watch anything, and let the player re-encode the sound, as necessary. And the sound is still incredible, so no worries there.

Finally, streaming Neflix was a breeze at 720p. No choppiness, buffering, stutters, NOTHING.

So, for my money, this player is the one-stop solution to all your entertainment needs, be it streaming, upconverting, playing your favorite video files, or just enjoying blu-ray discs. Any flaws are easily overcome by all the great features, some of which are EXCLUSIVE to this player, particularly the ability to play just about ANYTHING, and upconvert it, to boot! Bravo, LG!
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on March 11, 2010
- High quality Blu-ray play
- The best player you can get if you do not have Home Theater PC attached to your HDTV, because of the extra features
- very easy Wi-Fi, Netflix, Pandora, Picasa, Youtube setup
- very easy setup to connect to your home network. It finds right away the shared drives and then you can play everything from there
- strait forward play of files on external drive (HDD or Flash) attached via the USB port.
- plays everything, this is real DLNA. What is the point of having DLNA on Sony if it does not recognize 95% of all formats.
- plays subtitles in different code pages (for foreign language subtitles; if you ever need this).
- Firmware upgrade is as simple as possible - just confirm that you want the upgrade and that's it

- Couldn't find any way to play Youtube videos in high definition. This is the major issue so far, hopefully this important feature will be added in future firmware release
- While viewing and zooming pictures on Picasa or from an external drive, noticed that the quality is better when I view the same zoomed pictures on my PC (connected to the same HDTV). If you do not zoom the difference in quality is hardly visible.
- While playing movies from the home network (in my case - High Def MPEG4 .mkv files) the controls (FF, stop, etc.) do not seem to work well. Update: Found the solution - I was using slow Wi-Fi connection, with wired connection the issue disappeared. If you have 802.11n router this shouldn't be an issue as well.
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on November 24, 2010
I'm just a casual consumer, so I'm not knowledgeable about the technical specifics of this device, but it does exactly what I want it to and I'm very satisfied with it. I purchased this unit in August to go with my LG HDTV. Since I don't have TV, I use it almost every day to view DVDs or Netflix streaming.
Styling: The device is small and light, and fits very well on a small shelf. It has a plastic cover over the front that you need to open in order to insert a DVD. Most of the buttons are behind the cover.
Speed: This player warms up very quickly, and responds quickly to the remote.
Remote: I LOVE this remote. Its styling is very nice, and it has many convenient buttons to allow for easy return to the main menu or to the netflix homepage.
Ease of Use: Very easy to operate. The menu layouts are very nice. My only complaint is that the menu text, particularly in the netflix section, is small and hard to read from across the room, even on a 42" TV.
Netflix: As I mentioned above, this player is used almost daily to stream TV shows and movies from Netflix. This is the first Netflix-capable player that I have owned, and it has several great features. I really like the way that the instant queue is set up so that you can scroll through the movies by their poster, select them to get more information, then either easily exit back to the queue or select them again in order to play them. Movies are organised by the date on which they were added. One especially nice feature is that the queue updates itself instantly. I can open the queue, add a movie to it from my laptop, and it will instantly appear without me needing to refresh it. Also, the player remembers where you stopped if you didn't watch a whole movie/TV episode, and will give you the option to either resume playing or to play from the beginning.
Download speed: I have average cable internet with a wireless router. I was surprised with how quickly the player downloads from Netflix. A full-length movie may take a minute or less to load, while a tv episode loads before I can get off the couch and into the kitchen. However, the Bluray player's updates take a long time to download.
Performance: For the price I paid, performance has been good overall considering the heavy use this unit has been put to. It has, on rare occasions, shut down, but only after heavy use (it downloaded three TV episodes and a movie, and was in the process of downloading another movie when it shut down).
Caveat: This device comes with a very basic A/V cable, you will need to purchase a component or HDMI cable separately in order to get a good viewing experience.

Overall, I highly recommend this unit. There are several little things that I love about it (like the city in the background of the menu that experiences whatever weather your city is currently having), and I will keep this one until it breaks. Both it and the TV have been excellent, and I will definitely buy from LG again in the future!
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on April 7, 2010
First let me state that I do nothing (I'll use the term) exotic with the player such as attempting to play self created MKV files (whatever those are) or avi files or connect an HD to the player. My 570 player came defaulted to the 60 Hz format vice 24 and it is connected directly to the TV using HDMI and I've experienced zero problems playing Blu-ray disks. Some have reported problems when the player is set to 24 Hz but changing the player to 60 Hz seems to correct those issues. For the record I own, and am delighted with, an LG BD390 which I've owned for some 15 months or so. I've owned the BD570 for about 8 weeks now and the only hiccup I've had with it whatsoever was getting Vudu activated on the BD570 and a two minute telephone call to Vudu corrected that issue. I've played a number of Blu-ray DVDs as well as SD format DVDs and have not experienced problems and I judge the 570's ability to upscale SD format disks to something approach HD as being very good. I will note however that I've not tried the Blu-ray movies "Up" or "Terminator Salvation" which according to some reports give the player a problem. We have streamed numerous Netflix movies and we've not even experienced any buffering - although I did experience that happen on the 390 once with an HDX formatted movie. We've not streamed a lot of movies from Vudu but the few that we have I've not experienced any buffering over a wireless network from Verizon's FiOS 25/15 service. In summary we are delighted with the 570 and I see no difference in picture quality between it and the 390 and it streams just like the 390. Other than the much smaller footprint and the menu system being somewhat expanded on the 570 the two players seem essentially identical for my purposes. I think both the 390 and the 570 are quality products.
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on March 22, 2010
This player comes with the resolution defaulted to 1080I instead of 1080P and has other problems in this area.
Following is the text of a post I put on avforum in a thread on this issue.

###### Another update. LG BD570 will play PAL format DVDs ######

Below is a copy of a review I wrote for a Seekers DVD

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Warning - PAL format, October 26, 2009

Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: WORLD OF THE SEEKERS (PAL/REGION 0) (DVD Audio)
This DVD is advertised as being in NTSC format but the copy I received is in PAL (European) format. Fortunately It will play on a PC using Windows Media Player. Since this was for my wife and she was content to watch it on the computer I didn't return it. I like the Seekers very much and Judith Durham has one of the all time great voices in POP music. The DVD once we were able to watch it is a loose reenactment of the groups career and all of their top songs are there in either studio or live performances and sometimes both. Audio and video are good. Other than format issues this DVD is well worth owning.

I recently discovered that I can play PAL format DVDs on my new LG-BD570 Blue Ray Player. Works great. Yippee.

##### UPDATE #####

I was fiddling with the player a few minutes ago and discovered that the 1080P problem was fixed. I assume that this was done by a recent microcode update. I tested with all the scenarios listed below and it hung tight with a constant 1080P output through them all. Good job LG. It is nice to know that a company follows up on things. If I could I would now raise my rating to six.

Regarding LG bd570 1080P/1080I issues.
I Think LG support is blowing smoke on this problem. I hooked up my new LG BD570 to my Panasonic S2 series plasma with an HDMI connection. I was aware of the fact that the LG comes with the resolution set to 1080I so I reset it to 1080P. Here is what I found,

1. If nothing is changed, (no power off or HDMI port switch) both BDs and DVDs send a 1080P signal to the TV.

2 If I power either the TV or LG570 off the LG resolution switches to the "ANY
setting and display of the input on the TV shows the signal being sent as
1080I. According to LG the "any" setting automatically adjusts output to the
native resolution of the display as signaled to it by the TV through the
HDMI port. As my TV is native 1080P I am not believing this unless there is
a problem with the TV. I disabled the Viera Link settings on the TV as
Viera link does a bunch of communication to attached devices. This didn't

3. If I switch the TV input to another HDMI port such as the DVR the LG
switches back to the "any" setting and outputs a 1080I signal.

Bottom Line:
Although Having to cycle through to the setup menu and picture settings on the BD570 to get 1080P output is a pain (a total combination of nearly nearly a dozen key and arrow strokes) I am not going to pursue it any further. The picture from both blu ray and regular DVDs is terrific and in the limited comparisons I have done my non expert eyes can't detect any differences between 1080I and 1080P outputs.
Other than the above issue I am very happy with the BD570 and the wireless
streaming from Netflix has worked very well.

These are problems that LG should be aware of by now and hopefully they will fix it. My preference would be an option to force whatever output you desire that can only be manually changed.

**** UPDATE ***

After having a few more days to play with this player I am raising my rating from 4 stars to 5 stars. The 1080P thing is still annoying but I have been able to halve the number of keystrokes to change it. Everything else about this player is really first rate. The Netflix streaming has worked flawlessly so far and the onscreen movie selection feature is real nice. Best of all the up conversion of regular DVDs is terrific. In the early part of "The Mission" movie the scenes with the waterfalls are amazing. The Pink Floyd "Pulse" DVD also looks great and of course sounds terrific.
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on March 5, 2010
I got this player last evening, and am very pleased with it, so far. The first thing I liked was its small size -- just 1.7" tall and 8" deep. It's also simple and understated in appearance; I like the flip-down front panel.

I was able to connect to my wireless router very quickly with no problems whatsoever. I was slightly worried about how stable the connection would be, since my router is upstairs and on the other side of the house, but I watched an entire Netflix movie with no hitches or hesitation whatsoever, and with excellent image and audio quality. I also listened to Pandora, watched a YouTube video and played a portion of a DVD (non-Blu-Ray), and all worked beautifully. I haven't yet watched a Blu-Ray DVD with this player, but I expect that to work fine, as well.

I'm very happy with this player, its features and price. No complaints so far!
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on November 24, 2010
After reading the reviews for this and several other Blu Ray players with built-in wireless internet connections I was pretty trepidatious about selecting a unit. Would it work? Would there be gaps in the playback as the data was buffered? Would the router I bought back in 2005 be up to the task?

This unit was easy to set up, easy to operate (even without reading the instruction booklet) and works very well. So far we have tapping to Netflix, played discs and generally been more than pleased with the product. The playback of on-line content has been pause-less and flawless.

The only unexpected event was the 20 minutes the unit took upon start-up to download some new software. After that all worked beyond my expectations. I would recommend this unit to other tech-unsavvy users like myself.
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on August 12, 2010
I purchased this from Amazon for $179.25 on July 28, 2010 with free shipping. It arrived on August 3, 2010 well packaged and in perfect condition. I love this player and rate it a 5 for my use. After 10 days of ownership, some items that are not important to me I have not yet gotten to work and I can understand others rating this item much lower than I did. this is my first blu ray player.

WIFI-I upgraded my home network to a modern "N" network a year ago planning to some day stream video. Setup of the BD570 was a breeze and it quickly recognized my home network. It quickly found the netflix site and could do everything except play the streaming movie. Each attempt got a network busy message and i wondered if my Comcast 12GB service and "N" router about 25 feet away in another room were adequate. Three attempts failed. I powered down down router once and powered down the BD570 three times. Each time it connected to the network quickly on power up. After the 3rd time it was able to stream netflix and has not failed in the 10 days since. I was initially worried since the instruction book makes it sound like this player needs to be hard wired for best results and I spent extra money on it to get wireless.

Upgrade-My unit would not update software with the wireless connection. It connects and knows it is out of date, but will not update. I downloaded the update on usb memory and performed the update. I'll try again wireless the next time a new update comes out.

You Tube- My player would not do You Tube at all pre software update. Always a network busy signal. After update it takes about 6 attempts to get any particular You Tube video to play. Play is fine and uninterupted once it starts.

Blu Ray- I've only played two movies. The first one froze the player half way through and none of the buttons worked on remote or on the player. I unplugged the player, powered up, cleaned the Blu Ray disk and it worked fine. Second blu ray disk worked fine.

Network-this player connects sees the computers on my network just fine. I've not done much with it except look at a few photos which look great.

Quality and design-The flip down front to get at usb or dvd seems like a poor design choice. As other reviewers have mentioned, the DVD loader seems flimsy. My kids are nearly grown. It is fine for me. This could be a "No buy" issue if I still had a 3 year old in the house or someone that might man handle it.

I gave this device 5 stars as I am a one issue voter. I got this for netflix and the quality of the HD netflix on my older 720P Sony far surpasses my best hopes. In 10 days of hard usage, the streaming video has not paused or flickered even once. I can not tell the quality of the streaming HD "Bones" TV show on netflix from the Comcast 1080i HD cable, or from a Blu Ray disk. DVD looks near HD quality also. I cannot emphasis enough how happy I am with netflix streaming video quality with this player on my TV. Remember, I am using a several years old 720P Sony 3LCD 46" rear projection TV. Your experience using a 1080P TV will almost surely be different from mine.

8/21/2010 update:

Update by WIFI (2nd update since purchase) worked perfectly on 8/17/2010. I suspect that the 1st update (by usb) fixed my WIFI update issue. The initial usb update took about 1 minute give or take. The WIFI update took about 10 minutes give or take.

Blu Ray and DVD continue to play perfectly after the very first Blu Ray froze as mentioned above. So far my disks from netflix seem to be in perfect condition compared to the scratched disks i commonly got from the local brick and mortar chain store I used for 10+ years prior to netflix. I imagine using disks with no visible damage or dirt probably helps this player.

You Tube, after 2nd software updates, on initial session use commonly gives two "network busy" problems and then works perfectly until exited and re-attempted.
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on March 20, 2010
I did a lot of research before getting the 570 and it was well worth the time I spent!
This is about half the size of the Samsung Blu-ray player that I replaced this with. Set up in very very easy and even with wireless network, which took less than 3 minutes to set up, the video streaming quality from Netflix is amazing. For wireless setup, you basically go to the Setup menu, select "Wireless" and it instantaneously finds all networks available. Select your own (enter password, if your wireless needs one) and voila, you are set!

Setting up Netflix was equally easy. You go to Netflix menu and it generates a code. You enter the code in your Netflix, using computer and in abut 5 seconds your queue shows up on TV (the ones that you can stream). Want to find a different movie? Go to your computer and add one, or search on the LG menu on your TV and you are set. Those movies that are marked "HD" truly look like HD. This was an area of concern for me: streaming speed. But I could hardly tell that this was not playing from a Blu-ray disc. You will not be disappointed at all!
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