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on August 17, 2013
Awesome sound. Period.
Traded in my Bose Cinemate GS for this and so far VERY happy. Lots of features and the surround is great. Neighbors complained twice and it's not even 1/3 up, sound is crisp and clear. Bass is heavy but not too much. Has feature to limit volume when action sounds get loud. Voices are clear at all times unlike other systems. Each speaker is adjustable for sound and distance.

Looks great set up.

The review about the tray not ejecting is incorrect.. THERE IS NO TRAY. DISC IS FED THROUGH A SLOT, not a tray. So pressing the eject button will not cause a tray to eject. That's why you "got 2 broken ones".
Anyway, these are great sounding, have plenty of features, and look cool. You won't be disappointed.
1 NEGATIVE: there is no wireless subwoofer. Only "wireless" rear speakers. The wireless subwoofer advertised is a mistake from LG, it says the same thing on the LG website but is wrong. The subwoofer is wired.
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on April 2, 2014
I buy a lot from Amazon, but almost never rate. This kind of experience makes me want to start. I had to return this system. I ignored people's reviews - take my advice and read the negative reviews carefully. This device and just like many others was a lemon right out of the box. THANK GOD I bought from Amazon. Their hassle free return makes it alright.

Issues w/this device:
1) The device would freeze and high pitch noise would come out of the system, I could not shut it down when this happened so I had to turn it off from the power outlet (this happened at least 3 times in the fist few days of owning the system).
2) When the movie was playing the music was clear but the voices when people spoke could not be heard at all. I tried to adjust the volume of each speaker, change different settings and the distance from each speaker. Nothing seemed to work.
3) This is the most important one: when using optical cable for sound the system would go nuts (literally). It would freeze, sound was muffled than all of a sudden okay. I tried 2 different optical cables that i know work well, its not it - definitely the system
4) Inputs (HDMI or other) would dispensary from the system menu. So i would go in to change inputs, system would show that nothing is connected to any of the inputs and everything is greyed out. I had to restart the device and than I would see all the inputs again.

You get the point...I updated the system to the latest firmware when i first turned it on. Just letting you know this was done first so there are no updates beyond what I did to fix any of these issues. Some people had similar issues. Sounds like i had all of them in one shot. Do not buy this system, if you want something with wireless speakers Sony is much better for the same price. You can also put in a few hundred bucks more and get something much better., I actually bought a reviver separately and speakers separately after this happened,I get amazing sound and very happy (bought Onkyo receiver and Polk Audio speakers) spent $600 but I can also add to my system if i want to put more money into it at later time). My receiver has 8 HDMI inputs and 2 outs. as well ass all the other toys you can imagine. This LG receiver only had 2 inputs and 1 out - it was horrible - I couldn't even connect all my stuff at the same time. Sorry LG I don't trust the quality anymore.

I would also like to mention that I called LG Support - they could not even troubleshoot on the phone. Their support tech (both - because I called twice) told me to just send it in - they could not give me any advice on how to adjust or troubleshoot. Didn't even ask me if I updated firmware. Any time in the future if I ever consider to by LG I will remember this experience and will think hard about the value VS quality.
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on September 9, 2013
First impressions.. Awesome! Long-term impression.. still pretty awesome, but I have my gripes.

First, let me say that I'm an audiophile and wanted to get surround sound without getting new Definitive Technology or GoldenEar speakers. They are very different in performance and price. The LG "9.1" system is actually an amazing piece of kit when you consider you get 1460 watts from such a small footprint that includes an amp, blu-ray player, and 9 channels of sound.

The LG replaced my Marantz THX-certified receiver and Definitive Technology BP-10s speakers, which I moved to the billiard room in the basement. The room the LG system occupies is 15' x 22' with a 12' ceiling. I have a 60" HD TV, Xbox, the LG amp/blu-ray unit, Apple TV, Cablebox, and wireless router that all plug into a Pure AV line conditioner (which I HIGHLY recommend). The main speakers flank the TV about 1' to the left and right. I put the sub near the front corner. The low profile of the center fit nicely under the TV. The surrounds are in the back corners, about 2-3' from the corners. To my amazement, this system sounds pretty awesome in this room... but it took me about 2-3 hours of tweaking and playing with all the custom user settings to get it the way I wanted it. At first, the bass was over bearing. Especially during gaming. I play Battlefield 3 and it literally sounds like I was in battle. It will rumble a room. I ended up with my front speakers L/R set at volume level 3, center at 6 (max), and the surrounds at 6 (max). The bass was set at volume level 2. Even at 2, I was getting plenty of ground shaking bass. These are all individual user settings to help match the system to your individual room. There is a master volume, that controls the overall volume. If you have a lot of A/V stuff like me, you will need at least (1) optical cable and (3) HDMI cables. You can probably do with (2). My setup is unique in that I only have (2) HDMI inputs to my TV. So, I use Component cables to the HDTV from the Xbox. Also, from the Xbox, is an OPTICAL OUT to the OPTICAL IN to the LG. HDMI:(1) from the Cable Box and (1) from the LG to the TV. Switching from the Cable Box to Gaming requires I change the TV input, then change the audio input from analog (HDMI) to OPTICAL on the LG remote. Because of my mixture of inputs/outputs, I have to do a 2-remote process to switch. That is, until, I get a Logitech Harmony Ultimate Hub which should remedy everything with a simple one-touch macro, from either the remote, iPhone, or iPad. :)

While the speakers are great quality, the plastic enclosures of the main enclosures are not. Also, the speaker cables are proprietary "ribbon" style cables, small gauge, with custom connectors. Because of this, I've given it 4 stars instead of 5. For the money, it is really hard to beat this value.

If I had to do it all over again, I "might" get Def Tech ProCinema's, but it would be more money, more set-up, more installation time, and I would not have a blu-ray player, nor would I be able to use my existing amp downstairs in the billiard room.
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on March 19, 2014
The sound is incredible for the amount I spent on this unit, however, like some others that have posted, I have had NUMEROUS issues with the unit freezing up on shutdown and have to unplug it in order to reset the system. Obviously a pain since the plug is behind my entertainment system. I was hoping that the firmware update released this year would help with that but I can't get the wifi to allow the unit to download the software in the "update" mode. I've even tried downloading the software update from the LG site on a USB but the system repeatedly states that the USB I've inserted is "blank".

When the unit is working properly, which is intermittent, it is is awesome but the constant hang-ups make me wish I had listened to the few who have had the same issues and gone with another system. I'm sure if a couple of us have taken the time to write these reviews, there are even more who have had the same issues but haven't posted yet.

LG puts out a great product but this issue needs some looking into before I'd purchase another LG product.
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on May 29, 2014
My wife purchased this system as a Christmas present. Out of the box, it looked fine and was relatively easy to set up.

Within the first week, it would freeze so that you could not change the input. To do so required a hard shutdown and then starting it back up again and changing the input. I called LG and they informed me to update the firmware, which I did. About a week later, while watching TV the speakers each made a popping sound and shut off. I didn't know what happened so I restarted the receiver and it seemed okay (speakers were not damaged). Over the course of the next few months this would happen a few more times. The hard shutdown was still required to change the inputs as well.

At this point I was sufficiently frustrated and called LG again. Another firmware update. And the woman was very eager to get me off the phone instead of listening to the problem. Same problems (speakers shut off and input source would freeze and require a hard shutdown).

I finally called LG and asked them to replace the receiver. Wiring the room required some work that I did not want to have to redo, so I figured they would swap it out instead of having me return the entire unit. Not the case. Instead the customer service rep that I spoke with blamed me for not returning it sooner. When I told them that they delivered a product that didn't work, he argued that they had not delivered the product, but that Amazon had delivered it.

I called Amazon and they were responsible enough to take back the non-working product. However, when I received the credit I was charged a 20% restocking fee that was not mentioned when they opened the return. I will call and update the review if they waive that fee.

As to LG, I was shocked at how poor their customer service was. The rep simply argued with me that it was my fault that I did not return sooner and then told me that was their policy not to replace items under their warranty policy. Instead of taking responsibility for a defective product, he argued semantics about who delivered it to shift the blame. He seemed very comfortable when I let him know this review would be written. Apparently five months is too long for LG to stand behind their product, at which point LG shifts the blame to the consumer.

I will never purchase another LG item. Hopefully this review steers a few more people away from purchasing this or other LG products.
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on June 16, 2013
Wow and amazing is the best way to describe this theater system! Sound is equal to my other Bose theater system but for a lot less money. The features and Smart LG sytem are dynamic and equal to top end theater systems costing 5x as much. The unpacking and speaker assembly took about 30 minutes (read the instructions first). Setup and connectivity went smoothly with the Magic Remote. Wireless rear speakers work great. All this and a 3D Blue-ray is an incredible price!
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on May 1, 2014
My story is rather long, so please bear with me. In December of 2012, my husband and I gave each other an LG home theater system--BH6720S--for Christmas. We were very satisfied--until we noticed that the Bluray/DVD player was freezing up about two hours after we put in a DVD. At first we thought there was a problem with the DVD. But then after the issue occurred with all the other discs that played over two hours, we knew it was the player. We managed to get a refund for that player (which did not come from Amazon), so we decided to upgrade to LG BH9431PW, which we ordered from Amazon. It arrived sooner than we expected, and we were very happy to get it. We immediately set it up and began watching a movie. The player froze after 30 minutes of play, and we had to turn off the player manually because the remote wouldn't do it. We decided to insert a different DVD, just to be sure the problem wasn't with the disc. This time, the player froze when we accessed the movie's menu. After manually turning the player off again, we began playing the movie itself. After 30 minutes of play, it froze again. I used the Chat feature of Amazon customer service, and the tech with whom I chatted asked if I would like a replacement. I said I would. This morning, our replacement arrived. We were again excited, but were very skeptical. We set up the new Bluray/DVD player, inserted a DVD, and began to play the movie--with our fingers crossed. Thirty minutes into the movie, the player froze, but wouldn't turn off with the remote control. After manually turning the player off, we repackaged the replacement system. Now both the original and the replacement home theater systems are waiting for UPS to pick them up and return them. We have an LG smart TV, which we love, but apparently LG hasn't gotten a handle on the Bluray/DVD player. What a shame!
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on April 1, 2015
Bought this when Amazon was price matching a recent Best Buy sale for $589 shipped. Was going into a new house that did not have any surroung pre-wiring. Loved the wireless rear surround capability (a main reason I bought this).

Installed in the new home a few weeks ago after we moved in. Just now had a chance to play with it, upgrade the firmware and test all the settings. Everything worked great. The sub is fantastic as well (came from a powered sub in my old house). Instead of doing the component route with a new 7.1 receiver and speakers, components, I figured this was a great way to get great sound from Blu-rays and streaming services with a minimum of fuss.

My first movie was today - the day after Interstellar was released (thanks Amazon!). Fired it up and just watched it. Sound from this system was incredible and the Blu-ray performed perfectly. Awesome job LG - and for $589, I am thrilled!
review image
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on March 24, 2014
This is my second unit I am on. I sent the first one back to amazon and got a second one. Both receivers have the same issue as stated below. This system is hooked up to an LG LM6700 Smart TV, top of the line LG TV and top of the line LG Surround sound system, these two should go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. The problem I have had is that when I turn my TV off the receiver does not turn off and when I turn my TV back on the receiver is frozen, I cant go to the home screen, I cant adjust the volume ( and there is no volume to begin with) it just displays OPTICAL on the system screen. The only way to clear this issue is to unplug it from the wall and turn the system back on and it then displays sound as it should but once I shut the TV off it whole problem starts all over again. I give very fair reviews on anything I write on here for things I have bought, I think this system sounds awesome, it looks awesome in theory its a great system but in reality it has its problems. I Just got my receiver back from LG after being gone for 2 weeks for repair and it has the same exact issues as I stated above. I am going to send it out one more time and if it does not work I am going to return the unit for a refund and buy another brand system. These issues is something I would expect from a low grade budget system not from the top of the line LG system. Roll the dice with this system if you wish but if I were you I would look elsewhere.
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on October 26, 2013
Unboxing the system! For those of you whose curious..
I know I was! And no one had uploaded a video so, enjoy!
Half way thru set up video:
Set up done & time to surround my self with 9.1 sound!

- Okay, so as mentioned on the title, this system is really that awesome!
- First of all, I gotta say, these 9.1 speakers sound amazing!
- The glossy finish & design.. It looks super nice in any living room!
- Made videos of my set up which I have not yet uploaded it.. Once done will share!
- The set up was fun, the rear speakers connect to a wireless receiver..
- Ran the wires neatly to the wireless receiver, no words simply gotta see it how nice it looks!
- The no need to run wires from the front to rear is super nice! You save a lot of time!
- If you are thinking wether you should buy this system or not.. Dont think! Just buy it! Trust me!
- You will be in love!
Questions? Just shoot them & I'll try to reply as soon as possible.
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