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on May 11, 2013
I bought this washer a few days ago. I absolutely LOVE it. It's quiet (except for some vibration and "jet engine" noises when the spin cycle is getting revved up, which is a common issue with ALL front loaders which spin 1200 RPM or faster) when washing and rinsing - I can literally hardly hear it at all, and it's right outside my bedroom door in the hallway.

I did a TON of research and settled on this washer as the best compromise of price (in my case on sale for $800), capacity, features, and "Brand Reliability." LG scores well with reliability, although there are some horror stories about some of their top-load washers (see the videos on the #1 ranked video web site - search "LG washer exploding".) Samsung and LG are about head-to-head in reliability and features, although in technology, Samsung might be a bit ahead - they have a washer now with an 8" touch screen which handles all functions and is wi-fi enabled. But it's also about $300-$500 more expensive than this LG WM3470HWA washer.

This is one of the top-rated models according to a well-known consumer testing agency. It also scores well on websites which sell a lot of appliances - you can search for the results yourself.

The washing experience is great. Tons of options when it comes to choosing what cycles to use for which clothes. The 4.0 cubic feet rating means it can wash a LOT of clothes in one load. It has the TurboWash feature which can get a load finished in about 25 minutes, if the soil level is not too bad and you are in a hurry. The 1200 RPM spin speed means many clothes come out virtually DRY. Polyester polo shirts? Practically dry. I washed a thin blanket and it went straight from the washer right onto my bed - just slightly damp.

You want to be cautious if you have this on a second-level-or-higher wooden floor, as the spin cycle can get noisy for people below. There are rubber "vibration reduction feet" you can buy on this website if you need them. On a lower-level concrete floor, you'll be fine.

One other common issue with this washer seems to be "water hammer" problems. With older plumbing, or higher water pressure than normal, this washer might cause your pipes to "bang" or make noises when it fires it's internal water jets during the wash cycle. This can be easily solved with $20 worth of "water hammer arrestors" which can be purchased at most hardware stores, and also here on Amazon. I bought myself a pair of them, since my apartment complex is "older" and I just wanted to make sure this problem did not bother either myself or the neighbors. So far, I have heard NO pipe sounds with the arrestors installed. The go on at the back of the washer, between the water hose and the washer. You can web search and find all this information.

I did buy a 5-yr extended warranty to cover myself in case of problems, but the warranty was very inexpensive. The motor is warrantied by LG for 10 years, the stainless steel tub for lifetime, and all else for 1 year.

I'm only giving this washer 4 stars because of the potential for water hammer noise and the fact that it might not be perfect for laundry rooms on the second floor or above which have wooden floors. As far as performance and how much I love it, 5 stars for sure !!!
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on June 30, 2014
Because LG did not properly engineer the water shutoff valve, it closes too quickly, creating a problem called water hammer. Water hammer is created by rapidly shutting down a water flow. This creates a major spike in water pressurein the supply pipes. Left untreated, it will result in leaks in the pipes affected. google on "WM3470 water hammer" and you will get over 400 hits. Reviews for devices which treat water hammer frequently mention this model specifically. The solution is to install a good quality water hammer arrestor. There is even an online video of this model with the water hammer arrestor installed. A good water hammer arrestor costs about $50. You will need two. LG service does nothing to help with this issue. We have a Bosch dishwasher which does not create water hammer. Our previous Amana washer also never produced water hammer. The source of the problem is LG design, not your plumbing system. So buyer beware. LG has known about this problem for a long time, since early 2012. But they did not change their design. Like the GM ignition problem, which cost a few cents to correct, they instead decided that profit, not proper performance, was paramount. In the case of GM, lives were lost. In the case of LG, water pipes are being destroyed. I am thinking of starting a class action lawsuit to force them to make a retroactive repair or to pay for the parts and installation of the water hammer arrestor. To deal with the water hammer, you will need to purchase either a Watts or an Amtrol Mini-trol water hammer arrestor. We chose the Watts LF150A, Water Hammer Arrestor, Lead Free and this coupling: Watts LF150HA, 3/4" Lead Free Thread for 1/2" Water Hammer Arrestor. This model has an air valve where the air pressure inside can be adjusted to match the water pressure in your lines. These diaphragm style models work much better than the el cheapo piston style ones at Home Depot which we tried only to return since they did nothing to arrest the water hammer problem.

All of that said, the washer is quiet once the water hammer arrestor is in place. It does an excellent job of cleaning clothes. If you take care to dry the rubber ring which seals the door, you will have no issues with mold or mildew. Hence, two stars instead of one.
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on September 12, 2013
One of the first things that impressed me was the load sensing feature. This is not your grandma's washer. The drum is direct drive, so it responds immediately to the electronic instructions it is given. You will see the load turn once clockwise, immediately reverse direction and turn counter-clockwise, and so on as it tests the weight of your load to help it determine how long to run and how much water to use.

This is very efficient- it is not like the old school laundrymat washers that fill with water. You will probably not see any water at all through the transparent door, but your clothes will get clean. I love the fact that you have so many choices. For example, if you want to use cold water your clothes will get just as clean as with warm or hot: the machine just runs it through more cycles.

I was very impressed when I pulled out my first load. I was prepared to heave out the heavy wet towels (as with my conventional top loader) only to discover they were practically dry!

Fairly quiet and smooth running. Just make sure you level the thing and take out the shipping bolts. Oh, and dry the seal with a towel after every use and leave the door open to let things dry out- I hear that front loaders are prone to mold growth if you don't.
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My Whirlpool Duet washing machine broke after 9+ years, and, after much research and price-checking, I decided to replace it with this LG model. I haven't regretted it! The LG is much quieter, and even the high spin cycle doesn't shake the house from its home on the second floor. Yes, it makes noise, and yes, there are some vibrations. Compared to my previous Duet, however, this one is a silent child. Even better, my clothes are usually less twisted when they come out.

I selected this one because it was third on a well-known consumer magazine's recommended list. It has electronic controls, including a steam cycle (not that important to me) and lots of permutations for spin speed, water temperature, and soiled levels. I use the TurboWash setting most of the time. The clothes come out clean. I especially like the clean cycle. My Duet used to get moldy/mildewed inside the tub so quickly that we always left the door ajar to let it dry between washes; LG recommends doing this as well. But I know letting it dry this way isn't perfect, so, if my washer gets smelly, I can just use that cycle to knock out the mold as soon as I detect it. (If things get bad, try Tide's front loader cleaner; it is caustic smelling, but it works.) The gaskets are also better on the LG than on the old Duet because there's less of a gap between tub and rubber. I briefly considered getting a HE top loader without an agitator, but when I saw the large capacity models, I questioned whether I was big enough to lean over and get an errant sock out of the bottom.

Some of the features of this model are amusing, such as the way it plays a tune when it's done (you can turn it off) and the ability to do diagnostics via cell phone (haven't tried it.) I also question whether I really need steamed/sanitized laundry when the detergent is supposed to do that.

Other features can be disconcerting at first. For instance, the tub rotates gently at first as the machine senses the size of the load and the amount of water needed to wash it. The first time, I panicked and thought the water wasn't hooked up properly. And the machine squirts water into the detergent cup at a fairly high pressure, making a strange sound, and it took me several seconds to figure out what that noise was.

I really love this machine. It takes a while to adapt from a top loader to a front loader, but if you've already used a front loader, you'll likely love this one as much as I do.

-- Debbie Lee Wesselmann
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on July 6, 2013
I didn't want to spend this much on a washer but I did a lot if research and realized it was worth it. Great washer, super quiet, and produces great results all while saving energy and water
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on June 23, 2014
I have an older model LG washer that is about 3 years old now. When it works it washes great, clean clothes from some real dirty messes, super spinning - seem almost dry sometimes. My frustration is that this only happens about 1 in 5 or six loads. Most of the time the washer spins and vibrates itself up against the laundry closet doors, about an 8 inch "walk" across the floor. I was forced to remove it from the stand - the vibration on the stand was so bad you had to hold the washer to get it to finish the cycle. Unless you separate the wash by fabric type it will not finish the cycle- It errors out and stops. Specifically, I cannot wash sheets, blanket and matress pad in the same load, the blanket holds more water than the sheets and pad so it will not go into a full spin, it errors out (unbalanced load) and you have to remove the blanket, ring it out by hand and then restart the cycle. There is no "spin only cycle only additional rinses and spin. If you try to wash a blanket by itself it still errors and stops because it cannot balance itself.

Bottom line, this washer requires far to much babying and fussing to make it happy.

I would hope that LG would have corrected some of these basic functions before they added all the bells and whistles of these newer models
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on September 5, 2014
I want to love this washer. I researched it endlessly. Overall we love the way it washes, rinses, etc. Not too loud. BUT. This thing is just about a year old and we are suffering from the dreaded LE error. The machine locks up, refuses to spin, and we have to unplug it, plug it back in, shift the clothes around, remove clothes, etc OVER AND OVER again to get a load done. And I am having a heck of a time finding someone to repair it. Seems not very many repair people work on LG machines.
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on January 27, 2016
I purchased this washer and the corresponding dryer 2 years ago while expecting my first child. We decided to go with the creme-de-la-crem of washers knowing there would be a lot of laundry in our future. For the last two years, we have mysteriously had water leaking from below which a technician could never diagnose why. It was not consistent and enough water to cause major concern so we ignored the problem. Then last week, when starting a load of laundry in the morning the washer simply died. It gets absolutely zero power and will not turn on. I had a non-LG technician come out to look at it and told me the main control board was dead and the cost to fix, a whopping $550 with parts and labor. I was astonished that a 2 year old washer that was purchased for over $1K required this kind of cost to get it working again. I decided to contact LG to see what they could do for me. I never submit reviews but after my experience with this machine and LG as a company, felt compelled to save other people the trouble and recommend they do not buy one. Their customer service is some of the worst I've ever experienced. In order to have the machine fixed for $350 through them, I have to get serviced by one of their providers they are contracted with. They have scheduled, missed appointments and my washer has been broken for a week now with no one to come until 3 days from now (if they actually show this time). LG has given me the run around, transferred me so many times and no one helps. We now have a 6 month old baby in addition to our 2 year old and have not been able to do laundry for a week. I can not even explain the frustration. I hope if my review even deters one person from buying an LG that I have done a good deed. Best of luck shopping!
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on September 16, 2014
Horrible service. Called about water leaking around washer. Difficult to contact and discuss with customer service. Service person came out only to state they could not service because it was stacked and we had to unstack. Paid $$ for it to be unstacked for LG to state that they could not find source of leak. Water leaking to point that it damaged molding and floor and LG continues to admit not a problem. Had to place a tub underneath a >$2000 unit to prevent further damage. After multiple hours, over a year with of discussion with customer service and spending money to stack and unstack unit, LG has not offered a solution to the problem. Very disappointed with how I was treated and will not buy or recommend LG products.
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on May 28, 2015
Major water hammer issue! I wish i saw the reviews before buying this one! I just called LG customer service asking them for suggestions on which water hammer arrestor would be best for the washer and all they responded was that i should call a plumber to help with that and it's not the washer's fault. Are you kidding me?! My old washer never had this issue before and i'm sure i'm not the only one complaining about this issue. They should at least help us with this problem that their washers have created. Even the manager was saying the same thing. And then she has the audacity to say I need to tell her what my pipes' water pressure are so she can give me recommendations. So I asked her to give me recommendations first and once i "figure out" the water pressure of my pipes, I will know which brand and model i should buy for my house. She's making me wait for 10 min so she can give me some recommendations? She says people never called and complained about this water hammer issue. Such liars! I'm quite disappointed with LG for the answers they are giving me. At least they finally give me some brand names to look into, but no model number or any specifics.
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