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89 of 97 people found the following review helpful
on June 11, 2012
My wife and I bought the LG 55LM9600 after having heard about this through CES 2012 and waiting for this TV since December 2011. It arrived after ordering through Amazon in 4 days with white glove installation services. We are very impressed with this TV after owning it now for 5 days.

Pros 4 out of 5 stars:
Nano full array LED backlighting
Magic Motion remote with motion control, voice recognition, dedicated apps button, dedicated 3d button. This remote's motion is much more accurate than the Nintendo Wii.
Dual Core processor provides very quick responses to input selection
Passive 3D using FPR with no observed crosstalk or image distortion
6 pairs of 3D glasses included
LG apps and the Appstore
5mm Bezel is amazing, the image looks like it floats because the TV border is so slim
Good viewing angles, brightness and contrast ratios (blacks look black not grey)
Image looks great with no glaring faults **Edit 7/7/2012, second TV exhibited glaring 24p motion trailing faults, see below for more info**

Cons (docked 1 star due to the following):
Price: $3299 at release at the time of review
Network key settings not saved between TV power off cycles (power button on remote, not unplugged from surge protector).
Semi-glossy coating is reflective in living rooms with a lot of ambient light
LG appstore requires an account creation
3D audio/video was out of sync when watching Alice in Wonderland 3D with my Sony Blu-Ray Home Theatre system BDV-E780W. I tried messing with the settings for AV sync in Settings->Audio but could not get the audio to match the video. (You would hear a person talk before their lips were seen moving). Nothing I tried fixed it completely but was able to get the delay down to under half a second. BTW: My TV is up to date using the network update function. This is related to 3D only, switching to 2D does not have sync issues. I am using HDMI 1.4 spec cables.

***EDIT 7/7/2012: We contacted Amazon and exchanged the TV for another LM9600 due to the network key not saving between power-offs. The second TV had the same issue, so I contacted LG (they couldn't figure it out) and did some logical thinking and troubleshooting and found that the problem is that the Network SSID has spaces in the pre-fix part of the name and when the TV would try to save the name it was incorrectly formatting it and thus searching for an SSID that doesn't exist. I changed the SSID of my network and it started saving correctly. However, the second TV exhibited performance issues that the first did not. Namely the 24p issue where there are noticeable motion trails when people wear black and are moving relatively quickly. I noticed this when watching Harry Potter 7 part 2. There is a scene where students wearing black are going down a spiral staircase and the blurring was so noticeable it was distracting. At first I thought it was a camera effect but realized that it was not when watching on a different TV. We have since returned the TV altogether and got a Panasonic 60" GT50 for a LOT better price and a significantly better picture quality. Honestly, my wife and I feel it is a huge upgrade. ***
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29 of 30 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 13, 2013
The LG LM 9600 is currently the flagship for LG, unless you can spring for a $12,000 OLED or a $20,000 Ultra HD (4K) set. I will admit here and now to being a real fan of LG LCD/LED TV's and own 4 of them including the 9600.

I have wanted to own this TV since it was first announced but I just couldn't swing the initial almost Four Thousand dollar price. YIKES! Since LG has just announced their 2013 line-up, the 9600 has come down in price dramatically and once it hit the 2K mark I had to bite. I am not willing to worry about burn-in, buzzing and a higher power bill (Plasma) and am sensitive to "Rainbows" (DLP)
so a LCD/LED set is really my only choice. I can't afford a Sharp Elite so it was down to either THIS TV or the Sony HX950. In the end I choose LG again and it was partly due to price but mostly due to my continuing good luck with the brand and liking the large amount of control over the video.

I have ZERO interest in the "Smart TV" features and honestly wish the manufacturers could concentrate on giving us a more "Perfect" TV picture instead of all the bells and whistles. As such, my review is basically about picture quality and associated issues. I do admit to TRYING the browser and the performance is MUCH snappier than the 7600 since this set has the dual core processor. It is still slow as a slug compared to even the most basic Windows 7 PC. I like the almost infinite amount of picture control and the ability to enjoy my PAL DVD collection played upconverted at it's native 50hz with no frame rate conversion.

This TV is nicely built and looks great. I am pushing 60 and could assemble it and set it up by myself although it was a bit of a workout. Screen IS a bit reflective but for me it is a non issue as my viewing environment is purposely dark. I use a bias light mounted behind the TV which lowers viewing fatigue and increases perceived contrast and black levels and it also significant lowers any perceived flash-lighting that may exist. The 9600 does NOT have the best black levels you can get, but with proper set-up and calibration and a bit of care you can coax a REALLY good picture out of it.

My only actual complaint regarding the build of this TV is the idiotic inclusion of a chrome trim strip that runs the length of the front bezel. Yes it is small, but it is HIGHLY reflective and a royal pain the rear for anyone wanting to watch without the distraction of annoying glare emanating from the bezel itself. Dumb choice, on par with the new Sony stand. (makes you wonder if the designers even WATCH these things)

Comparing the 9600 to my other LG's (6200, G2 and 7600) I can honestly say it is the absolute BEST of them all. Nice bump in picture detail for HD sources, especially 1080p Blu Ray or HD DVD media. It is just plain sharper and clearer than any LG I own (after calibration) and has the best on-board sound of any of them as well.

The increase in perceived resolution can be a double edged sword as the 9600 is somewhat unforgiving with highly compressed SD cable broadcasts and poorly mastered DVD's. There is plenty of on-aboard processing to help you deal with that and a good Blu Ray player such as an Oppo will go a long way towards massaging poor video before it even hits the 9600. If you feed it a pristine 1080p high bit rate/nicely mastered Blu Ray it will really shine. I truly believe that 55 inches is pushing it size-wise even for 1080p but from my centered viewing distance of about 6 feet it looks VERY nice and totally involving while watching movies.

I have not personally had a problem with 24 frame material, but judder seems to be a problem unless the Tru Motion is engaged. Like almost everyone else, I personally HATE the "Soap Opera" effect but find that setting the "Blur" and "Judder" controls to just "1"can alleviate the judder without introducing unwanted video artifacts. If anything, setting it to "1" gives you a bit more clarity and the sideways motion is just a little bit unnatural looking, but judder is gone so I will live with it. If you have to have absolute natural motion, LCD is probably not for you anyway.

Out of the box the picture quality is just not very good. (unless you enjoy a combination of "Flame Mode" with a healthy dose of "Soap Opera" thrown in for good measure) LG requires calibration to look it's best, but you will be rewarded with a much better than"average" HD picture afterward. I use a combination of Speers and Munsil , HD Video Essentials, and the AVS forum calibration discs.

You can search many online forums for good starting points but your own settings will reflect your source components. (ie: your Blu Ray player, DVR, etc.) Once dialed in, the 9600 will totally rock-n-roll!! Honestly, once properly calibrated, even basically, this thing will knock your socks off. A HUGE step up from my 7600. My friends and family have seen me go thru 9 HDTV's in the last 7 years and as sick as they are at looking at my latest TV each and every one of them was impressed with the 9600's picture quality. As far as I am concerned, until OLED or Sony's much ballyhooed "Crystal LCD" is perfected AND comes way way down in price THIS is the TV I will watch.

LG has seemingly skimped on actual dimming zones with this model but in reality this new design eliminates one of the worst problems associated with a full local dimming panel and that is HALOS...... I have ZERO halos on this panel which makes it a real step up from most other full LED backlit TV's.

To extract the very best picture from this beastie, you will need to go against your old ways of dong things just a bit and set the backlight quite a bit lower than you would think you need. In my case, in a darkened environment I have calibrated the LM9600 using a base backlight setting of "30" and a 2.2 Gamma which gives me wiggle room in case I run across a DVD or Blu Ray that was mastered too light or dark. (You simply put up or down your Gamma to solve any brightness or darkness problems temporarily. Then just switch it back to 2.2 for everything else.

ALSO, if you set your local dimming to "HIGH" you can achieve almost plasma-like blacks while avoiding all the pitfalls of plasma. The only defect in my 9600 is a slight amount of flashlighting in the lower right hand comer. It is not bad unless the program material is solid black in that corner, then it sticks out like a sore thumb. But using the Local Dimming on HIGH and keeping the backlight at 30 it still gives me plenty of dynamic range between the contrast and brightness controls and I can enjoy a nice bright and dynamic picture with plenty of pop and very deep blacks and the added bonus of MINMAL flashlighting! (almost none in fact) That type of calibration also helps greatly with perceived banding by the way. The screen is never clipped and your whites are white, blacks are black and there is plenty of thick rich contrast between them. Color pops more too as a result, as does fine detail in faces and objects. The only REAL area where the 9600 falls a bit short is you must sacrifice just a small amount of shadow detail to get everything else in line. I can live with that, it is PRETTY darn close to what I want in a TV. I just watched the 'Alien' Blu Ray and thought I was viewing a high end plasma, only brighter! NICE!

Now for the downside: The 9600 (and EVERY OTHER LCD/LED out there including the $5000 plus Sharp Elite) suffers from varying degrees of Flashlighting, Horizontal Banding and Dirty Screen Effect.

IT is important to note that ALL LCD/LED TV's, whether they be edge lit or full LED backlit with local dimming have these "problems" . They are directly related to the technology used and the actual construction and design of the panels themselves. To avoid these issues, go with Plasma or DLP, although both of those suffer from their own video anomalies.

It really boils down to WHICH set of unwanted artifacts you are willing and prepared to live with when watching your television. There is currently NO SUCH THING as a perfect TV and once you realize this and accept it you can adjust your expectations accordingly. I have had to do so, reluctantly, but at least I can find some degree of happiness with the current offerings. For me, the LG LM 9600 has way more positives than negatives and gives me overall the very best picture of any television I have ever owned in my more than 55 years of watching.

My flashlighting is limited to a very small area on the bottom right corner. It is VERY small and a non issue for me. Banding is also MUCH LESS than any LCD/LED I have owned so far. While viewing an episode of "Frozen Planet" to test for banding, I found it is only really noticeable during those horizontal pans when a solid light background is displayed. (no surprises there eh?) And even then, it has perhaps 85% LESS banding than my LG 7600. Proper calibration, including a judicious use of your backlight control can work wonders in minimizing the dreaded banding and also go a long way towards eradication your "Dirty Screen Effect"....... I decided to watch "Fargo" to see if the amount of banding and dirty screen effect would interfere with the enjoyment of the movie. It didn't, and I am way too picky for my own good. Again, compared to the other LG models I own, this one has the unwanted artifacts down to a minimum.

I am not saying the 9600 is better than any other tech or brand out there as one size does not fit all when it comes to TV's, but the overall flexibility of LG's control/processing system coupled with the plethora of web features, the more than acceptable passive 3-D and the built in Media Player gives you a whole lot for your money, considering the the current asking price! (around 2 thousand)
AND YES, there is a bit of a "panel lottery" going on with this model but you are going to find that with EVERY brand and Model. Even the Sony HX950 can have major banding problems as seen in a customer review posted here on Amazon. Unfortunately it is really a hit or miss proposition and no brand is immune. Build quality and quality control in general is suffering lately across the board. Phooey!

For less than half the price of the Elite I am VERY happy with the LG LM9600. It is the most money I have ever spent on a television and admit to being just a bit disappointed that you can not buy your way out of Banding and Dirty Screen Effect with LCD displays but looking at things objectively I do think the 9600 is a great buy for Two Grand.....

*** see the comment section for some semi incoherent ramblings about my efforts in trying to extract the best possible picture from this TV.....
review image review image review image review image review image
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69 of 83 people found the following review helpful
on June 27, 2012
I bought this TV a few weeks ago and have been testing it with a variety of contents since receiving it. I had a LG 55LV9500 Full Array LED prior to this TV, which had pretty good black levels. First the positives and negatives.

Decent black level - not even close to my previous TV though
Amazing 3D quality - best I have seen yet, with almost zero crosstalk. Also more comfortable than Active 3d since I do wear eyeglasses.
Playback of Media files via DLNA is great - DTS support is included!
Great looks - best looking TV I have seen
No Haloing effects - this was very present in my previous TV, looks like LG fixed that issue
Excellent menus and SmartTV functionality

24p playback flaw - see comments below!
Some vertical banding present - very evident when spanning across a landscape or when watching sports
Non-uniform screen - some clouding in the bottom right and upper left - even with Local Dimming activated! Evident in wide screen movies in the black bars
Some of the apps are not accessible - e.g. MLB.TV app has a Coming Soon placeholder.
Only One Remote included - No original remote included with this TV, only the Magic Motion one

Final Comment:
After a few weeks of use, this TV is going to go back to Amazon. The main reason is the flaw with playback of 24p content. This was seen in the European models prior to its arrival here and it looks like it is also present on NA models as well. There are motion trails seen especially in dark scenes, which lead to a very degraded picture, not to mention it being annoying as well. I have seen it in a few movies as well as episodes of The Walking Dead and Falling Skies. Playback of the same scenes in 60hz has no such issues however.

For the price, the TV is definitely not worth it at the moment in my opinion. However, if the 24p issue is ever fixed and the price is lowered a bit, I believe that the TV would become a great addition to anyone's household.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on November 13, 2013
OK, after lots of hesitation, I bought this LG 55" over the Samsung 8000 which was 30% more expensive.

The looks: 10 out of 10 score. It looks really nice: So slim, the chrome frame and stand are very high quality and really impressive.

Picture Quality is fantastic. 3D is better than the Samsung but I think the Samsung is better in 2D HD mode. I liked the color tones of the Samsung better. Both of them are 480 Hz refresh rate so they are great for fast sport and action movies. LG was able to generate darker black but Samsung generate brighter silver color. It seems this LG nono LED technology is good, ...although my very old Pioneer Plasma TV is much better in old SD content (but not HD for sure). 9 out of 10 score

2D to 3D surprisingly works to some extent on HD 2D content. I thought this was just a marketing gimmick. But I think I will use it frequently on the sports games. 2 bonus points!

Sound Quality: Wow, how did they get this sound out of these tiny down firing speakers at the bottom of TV. Anyway, it is unlikely that I will use them anyway. 11 out of 10 !

Smart TV functions: Mostly useless. The dual core CPU is too slow and the TV can't stream from internet fast enough, it will keep pausing to buffer every minute or two (see other reviews on this). Even streaming standard low res Youtube content is interrupted. If you have Apple TV, Ruku, you will not use this feature anyway. This was a nice try from LG to replace the need to a streaming device like Ruku. I was very disappointed !! -5 points !

Skype: Once you try to use it it will ask you to buy the LG Camera sold at $239 here on Amazon and everywhere. No other Camera will work. I'm confident that LG makes more money on this $10 camera than the whole TV. A quick look on the net shows that these camera's are liquidated in Australia at $44. I was about to order one when I remembered how slow was the Internet. Video on Skype requires good bandwidth, which LG would not support.
I find it irritating that LG advertise Skype as supported on their Smart TV's but they never say you need to pay $250 extra if you want to use it !!! I took a star off because of this cheat

Inputs/ Outputs: 4 HDMI and 3 USB with digital Audio out: I think I will now use the TV to switch between my different video sources rather than the AVR receiver. I have lots (300)of HD 2D and 3D movies on a small 1TB hard-disk that is now attached to the LG. The LG USB port does not supply enough power to run the disk. You need to use a disk that has another power supply of a flash USB. I was going to replace my great 8 yrs old Rotel receiver to get latest HDMI support, but now I can keep this beast where the sound quality is far much better than the commercial Denon and Onkyo

Remote: My set came with both remotes: The traditional and magic remote. I'm a computer engineer so I had no problem getting used to both real quick. I like the magic remote more than the traditional one.

Now I come to the killer point, I have the famous annoying light clouds at 3 of the 4 corners. It does not show except if you dim the room and a watch some very dark 16:9 content where the upper and lower parts of the screen are left blank (and black). I'm really annoyed, but I will live with I can't get another high end TV for $1250

This is a very good value for $1250, but certainly not for $2000 or $3000

If you have a tight budget and want to make a compromise between size of the TV and Refresh rate, Choose the size over the refresh rate. I could not see any difference in picture quality between 240Hz and 480Hz. I could see some slight difference when compared with 120 Hz. Buy size of screen make huge difference if you want to watch 3D.

Discard most of these smart TV functions when you make your decision on all TV's. Buy an apple TV, Ruku , Boxee. I wish LG saved that $200 spent of the Smart hardware and internet connection and gave it back to me in price reduction.
You are essentially buying the LED panel and the video processing hardware. Focus your decision on these

Almost all TV's have some flows on the LED panel some flaw's causes some large or very small bright cloud spots on corners. You may want to check the unit quickly when it arrives.

Finally, if you don't watch lot of HD content and most of the sources you watch are standard definition (DVD quality) then you are much better off with high end plasma at half the price

I hope I have helped you in your buying decision like these reviewers who helped me through the years
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on November 6, 2012
This TV was a gamble based on other reviews, but I'm glad I made the purchase. The 3D quality and adjustment capabilities are great. It allows you to tweak the settings to your hearts content and make it easier for your eyes.

Setting up a computer on the TV was a little challenge to remove the lag (initially). I am currently running my PC on 720P instead of 1080P because of the input lag. Once switched to 720P all the lag is removed and it works great. I'm not sure if this is because of the TV or because of my older video card (GTX 280). PC Games still look great at this resolution and you can actually bump this up with the in game settings and the TV will handle it fine.

Running a PS3 on this for 3D-Blueray playback is excellent.

Getting the picture clarity set up took a little tweaking, but here are the settings I am currently running that looks best (for TV/Movies) to me without any audio lag:

ISF Expert 1:
Backlight = 50
Contrast = 90
Brightness = 50
H Sharpness = 20
V Sharpness = 20
Color = 60
Tint = R1 in towards the middle

Expert Control:
Dynamic contrast = Off
Super Resolution = Off
Color Gamut = Standard
Edge Enhancer = High
Color Filter = Off
Gamma = 2.2

Picture Option:
Noise Reduction = Off
MPEG Noise Reduction = Off
Black Level = Low
LED Local Dimming = Low
True motion = Manual
All set to max.

Use the Game Mode setting for Using your PC to keep that nice and smooth.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on February 18, 2013
This unit is amazing. Exceptional detail, and very deep blacks. The 3d on this set is on a whole other level. The design is very elegant. The people writing bad reviews had either bad luck or just like to find imperfections in perfection.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on July 26, 2013
Pros: Rich colors, superb detail, great (passive) 3D, beautiful aesthetics, cool remote, great viewing angles

Cons: Not the deepest blacks, ridiculous MSRP at release

For those of you who consider CNET to be the "Bible" when it comes to television reviews, read no further. There are a number of other sites that have given this set high marks, but based on the inconsistency of reviews, I think the bigger issue is QA at LG.

I picked this set up for $1300 - FAR below the original MSRP and still well below current asking prices. For that money, this set was a steal. I compared it to a number of other sets, and the only one I felt was markedly better was 3X the price. I am a plasma fan, but with 4 young children running around the house and using the TV for everything from Sponge Bob to Lego Star Wars, I didn't want to deal with the weight, heat, and image retention issues. I wanted the relative simplicity of LED/LCD.

The strong suite of this set is color - it is the closest I could come to plasma color without a plasma set. I don't see any issues that I have heard about in other reviews. Shadow detail is impecable and motion is as smooth as can be. Black levels can be vexing; you have to almost treat it like a plasma from a brightness perspective - it is capable of extreme brightness, but you'll compromise black performance as a result. Note that it took me a LONG time to get my settings to the point where I wanted them. The CNET settings are an absolute joke. I found some on an Asian site and tweaked those for my best results. Depending on my source, I switch between a couple of different modes. The TV is easy to configure and the remote is an absolute breeze, devoid of the myriad of buttons that plague some remotes. It's basically a wireless mouse with more buttons. The configuration interface is great and the interface for apps is "good"; not the best but not the worst by a long shot. Everything is easy to find, and navigation is straightforward. I prefer using the VUDU and Amazon apps on the set vs. my PS3 for this reason, and the PS3 isn't exactly hard to use. I'd say DLNA setup was easy, but that would be understating it. It just happened once I put it on the network. I can stream from my NAS without issue.

I'm happy with this set for what I paid for it. Had I paid twice the price, I wouldn't be disappointed, but probably not as enthusiastic. I feel strongly that a number of these sets that left the LG factory had issues; i know that the 24P issue was subsequently resolved with a firmware upgrade that my set already had. Still, it would go a long way to explaining some of the poor reviews. Factor in the $3300 release price, and you have a recipe for angry customers. I got lucky and got a good one with the proper software, and it has been a fantastic set so far.
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7 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on August 14, 2012
I have had the TV for almost a week now after months of TV research. I saw the specs of this TV about 3 months before I bought and thought it was awesome. But I wanted to see the TV first hand. I really wanted to see what the picture looked like. I finally drove 2 hours to the closest best buy that had it on display. It is awesome!! It is almost too real though. Kind of takes the theatrics out, but for sporting events (Angels and Chargers!!!!) it looks awesome. I am a huge Samsung guy, but did not want a Samsung LED TV. There are just way too many issues with it. I have bought a TV in the past from Amazon and it was delivered by CEVA. It was delivered to my house in the box and the guys left without taking it out. I then took the TV out of the box and it was damaged. This time, the TV was delivered by Pilot. Much better customer service, and it was delivered (and taken out of the box and set up) a day early!!! I hope Amazon only uses Pilot now. I'm not the type to like all the smart TV features so I can't really give u a review for that but if you have any questions just comment on this review and I can answer them for you. I will post some pictures of the TV sometime shortly.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on May 18, 2013
After 3 months of reading reviews both negative and positive I decided to purchase this 9600.It was a bit of a tast to set up with all the setting but as for now it was well worth it. I waited for this tv to go down in price and paid $1600 for this set.The picture is just amazing..and the 3d is excellent..2d to 3d is ok to some point but it is not like the orginal 3d disk that you bye or stream.I calibrate the tv with lg settings and i used setting from others that posted there setting..however I also used Disney Wow which work fine.As of now know no problems or issues what so every with the picture..truly amazing. Eventhough Lg is coming out with there 4k 55in 9600 it is hard to imagine that picture performance..scary..Had family over and they were so amazed at the looks and appearance of this set and how well it's Hd..and 3d perform.My only complain if is such is the is very good but I feel LG should have put the imput on the selected something you have to press the scroll wheel in right spot and you have to keep shaking the remote from time. I would like to thank people that wrote about this set which gave me my final decision.Not to say nothing negative about the other people given there share about the 9600 but Mr. Marty Gillis gave a un bias report about this Mr.Gillis thank you and other for there opinion about this tv.This 9600 turns on the power button and picture is there. So if anyone else is looking at this 9600 buy all means go for it..truly a very nice tv.I don't know if this is the best LED tv but by my views it is one of the top models.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on February 18, 2013
I received my 55" set and was very pleased. I didn't find any screen uniformity issue, no clouding at all. I am very please with this TV. Color depth is awesome... Wifi connects quickly, setup was easy and everything work just fine.
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