Customer Reviews: LG Electronics 42GA6400 42-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 120Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Google TV and Four Pairs of 3D Glasses (2013 Model)
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on May 28, 2013
Size: 42-Inch|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The LG 42GA6400 is a mixture of solid performance and underdeveloped promise. At the time of this review (May 2013), the 42GA6400 is a 4-star television. I put that disclaimer up front because I firmly believe that some thoughtful software fixes could definitely bump this TV up to 5-stars.

I'll start with the physical specifications of the television first. Assembly of the stand is pretty typical for LCD sets, and I had no problem attaching the 8 screws required to get the TV in an upright position by myself. I would have preferred a base with a standard X pattern, but the two "arms coming out to hug you" stand is stable enough and doesn't take up a huge footprint. It's somewhat of a bummer, but the stand lacks a tilt/rotation capability. There are 4 HDMI inputs on the side of the TV, a headphone output, an optical out, USB inputs, and some 1/8" jacks that allow you to plug in composite and component in cables via the supplied adapters. There is an additional 1/8" jack for the IR blaster adapter (also supplied--it's a Y-adapter with two IR blasters connected to the same jack). There is also a coax cable input for direct standard cable signal or an over-the-air antenna. The 3-prong, grounded power cord is attached to the opposite side of the TV from the inputs. Unfortunately, I feel like the power cord could be a good 1-2 feet longer. The frame is about an inch in each direction around the screen, and is made of a pretty slick, metallic-looking gray plastic.

The 42 inch panel on this TV holds up well against similar $750-900 competition (obviously scale up the cost on 47-55 inch models). It's a full 1080p LED backlit screen. There is no microdimming from the LEDs, and as a result the best black it can produce is a dark, dark gray. I didn't have any issues with lighting bleed around the bezel or at the edge of the screen. Still, the black levels and contrast are consistent with panels in this price range. You'll have to drop another couple hundred to get better contrast. I do find the color reproduction to be very good compared to similarly priced sets. Reds and greens have an appropriate amount of saturation, but due to the limited dynamic contrast the overall picture just lacks a little bit of vibrancy. I watched NBA and NHL playoffs on the set, and I was pleasantly surprised with the ability of the 120Hz refresh to keep up with most of the action. Hockey still had some noticeable digital motion blur, but by no means was it bad. Overall, the screen slightly exceeded my expectations for this price range.

I don't watch much 3D because content is limited and there are rarely any live sporting events that transmit a 3D signal. This LG comes with 4 pairs of passive 3D glasses (similar to the glasses you get in a movie theatre). Since my 3D options are somewhat limited, I fired up Green Lantern in 3D (yes, I know the movie is awful) and put on the glasses. Wow. For a TV the 3D effect was solid and I never experienced any cross-signal. The 3D viewing angle isn't that wide, but you can maintain a quality depth effect if you're sitting 30-45 degrees away from straight-on. Again, I was surprised that I wound up preferring this passive 3D effect over my active-shutter 3D glasses I use with my Samsung ES7500. It's also nice that you don't have to worry about putting batteries in the glasses as well.

If you're reading this review the reason you're considering this TV is because it's a Google TV. Well, really, the GoogleTV software goes hand-in-hand with this iteration of the LG magic remote. LG made an incredible remote for this TV, however, they also annoyed me to no end by not going the extra mile and including a couple simple, intuitive features. First, the good...the keyboard works great and is so much better than trying to type out search phrases in a SmartTV with a D-pad. The pointer works very well. It's basically a poor-man's version of a Wiimote. Some of the features, like holding down the gesture button and air-drawing semi-circles to zoom in can be next to useless, but for the majority of the GoogleTV interface this remote is a wonderful match. Unfortunately, the remote has problems whenever I try to use my Comcast DVR. There are times when I want to use my DVR's channel guide (see below) and unfortunately, this remote does NOT have page up and page down buttons. This problem could be alleviated if LG can fix the firmware and allow a single click of the scroll wheel down to send a "page down" signal to the DVR through the IR blaster. The other issue is that, amazingly, there is no STOP button. There is a separate play and a separate pause button, but no stop. Why not make one button PLAY/PAUSE and the other button STOP? When I'm watching DVR video I need the stop button to get me out of the program I'm watching and give me the option to delete it. Instead, all I can do is pause, and then hit BACK, which takes me all the way out of the DVR menu structure. It's annoying. Buried within the menus is the ability to assign functions to the red, yellow, green, and blue buttons, but I tried to assign this page up and down functions and it didn't work. There is a lot of empty space on the front of the remote. Why didn't LG add a couple more buttons for page up/down and stop...and even 0-9 while they're at it?

Obviously, this is the differentiator for this set. If you ask me is it worth paying roughly an extra $100 over a competitive panel with the same picture quality to have GoogleTV built-in, my answer as of May 2013 would be---not yet. Hopefully some software and firmware updates will soon change that answer to a definitive YES. Basically, GoogleTV tries to interact with your DVR and essentially overlay its interface on top of DVR's interface and cable (or satellite) signal. When you start up your GoogleTV, you are required to log in with a Google account. Not a fan of Google's privacy policies? Too bad. The main thing is that your account gives you access to the Google store so that you can load up your TV with apps. Once you're logged in, you calibrate the TV to the type of TV signal you receive, what area you're in, and whether or not your receive premium channels. From there it takes a few minutes to load, but GoogleTV takes over and provides you with its channel guide. The GoogleTV channel guide is similar to Apple's cover flow for music. Instead of seeing a common spreadsheet grid from your DVR, you instead thumb through mini-images of movie and TV show posters. At first glance, it seems like a much more intuitive way to find content. However, it only works well for live TV and shows that are going to start within 5 minutes or so. You won't see shows that are going to begin in an hour. On a normal DVR channel grid, I can flick around and see that a program will come on an hour from now. I can either record it or plan to watch it. With GoogleTV, you are instead supposed to know what you want to watch and use the keyboard or voice search to find it. The search will find it on upcoming TV listings, Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, etc. The difference is that you have to know what you are looking for ahead of time. While using GoogleTV, a double press of the Guide button will send you to the DVR channel grid, but without the aforementioned page up/down buttons navigating is an imprecise chore. The TV has a 2-hour sleep feature to keep its content up-to-date. If you shut off the TV and come back and hour later you won't miss a beat. If you shut off the TV and return the next day, it can take 30 seconds to 5 minutes for the Guide to update and be ready to use.
The GooglePlay app store is...weird. Within the app store I can click GAMES and I'm taken to a page that shows featured items, or editor's picks. Except that there are zero, and I literally mean zero apps on these pages. It's as if the store is empty. However, if I search within the store for "solitaire," I'm given the option to download a game that works on the TV. Once again, you need to know exactly what you're looking for. There are a very limited number of apps, though. I believe the problem is that GoogleTV is running a variant of Android 3.2 instead of the 4.X running on most phones and tablets for 2012-2013. I have no idea if an upgrade to 4.X will provide more apps. Of the apps that are there, it's a somewhat mixed bag. The internet browser is amazingly not horrible for a TV, thanks in large part to the keypad remote with scroll wheel and Wii-like pointer. I had a difficult time with streaming services, though. Short YouTube clips worked well, but AmazonPrime had a rough start. At first, I searched for "Justified," and Google directed me to an option to watch free season 2 episodes via my Amazon Prime subscription. Great! UGH...except that streaming was unwatchable with constant buffering pauses in HD and even in SD. After taking 21 minutes to watch the first 10 minutes of the show because of horrible buffering lag, I shut off the TV, fired up my Samsung ES7500 (which was positioned right next to this LG) and was able to stream the same episode from the same source, in HD, with no lag. I was going to post my review last week and drop it another star, but just recently there was an update that dramatically improved the performance. I still had 4 buffering incidents in a 1-hour long show, but it was at least watchable now. It gives me hope that a few more software/firmware updates will really improve this TV.

Overall, the LG 42GA6400 is a competitive TV in the $750-900 price range (scale the 47-55 inch units appropriately). The picture is solid and the hardware looks good. The remote is one step away from being one of the best gadgets of the year, but the lack of just a couple buttons is a mind-blowing admission. The software has some cool advantages with its image-based content scrolling, but it's still too limited in its current form. If Google can update the software to Android 4.X (rumored to happen late summer 2013), offer ways to stumble onto TV programs without me needing to know exactly what I want to watch, and if LG can provide some new firmware to improve WiFi streaming and perhaps assign more functions to the colored remote buttons--we might have a 5-star winner here. But until that time, the functions fall just short. You're still getting a good set; it's just not the magical TV experience I was hoping for.
(If Google/LG push out significant upgrades I'll try to update this review).

There's been some minor updates to the OS and several apps. The Google Play store now lists a few featured apps under the headings (instead of nothing), but apps are still woefully underrepresented. There is no Hulu app, nor is there an Xfinity app. And HBO GO is incompatible with this GoogleTV. I wanted to catch up on Game of Thrones, but the app just sends to you the Chrome browser-based website and nothing loads. I doubt HBO GO gets fixed until (if?) GoogleTV gets updated to Android 4.X.X. On the bright side, Amazon Prime is working much smoother than before, and the Zillow app with the magic remote is really fantastic if you're house hunting.

The second gen Google TVs from LG just got updated to an Android 4.2.2 variant in the past week. The update took about 15 mins to download and install. The GooglePlay store has a few more apps available when you open it, but Hulu Plus and HBO GO are still missing at the moment (end of Oct 2013). However, with the new update in place, I have much greater hope that we'll see better apps coming soon to this device.
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on May 18, 2013
I work for Intel and was excited to finally see the joining of Google and a HDTV with the benefits of having a Dual Core Processor. The Picture is AMAZING!!! 2D - 3D works very well, and the 3D is clear as a bell. This is by far the best video ever produced on an LCD. Again.. Amazing

NOW, for the Bitter part!
There is something wrong with the OS. The Buttons on the remote will pull up the Guide, but it immediately shuts down. The Voice Search will record your search, but then shut down immediately after finding the results, same with the app store and any other apps it runs. The menu is shows lines next to the icon and will change from place to place, no issue with the actual screen, just the code for the OS.

All in all, the purchase was bitter sweet to say. I have contacted LG and they are going to send someone out to look at it. Hopefully they will find the issue and resolve it or replace the set. I will update the post after their visit, or delete and re-post.

*** REVISED Update****

OK Folks, here is what you have wanted to hear.
My TV was replaced by Amazon. I contacted their support and they shipped out a new TV the day I called, it was received the next day. It works just fine, and everything is wonderful. The features are just as expected. The Dual Play is a great feature as I am a console gamer and it makes a huge difference having the full screen to see and not just a portion of it. Netflix, HBOGo, Etc open without any error, and again the picture using the apps is greatness. I cannot tell you how much this TV rocks. What many people don't mention is the "Spotlight" app. I fond in there many sites that are formatted for the Google TV. It was a big surprise to me. If there is anyone out there with any doubts about this TV you should put them to rest right now. The screen is reflective, and I have a lot of ambient light that shines in the room, but the set is so bright that there is no issue.

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on October 26, 2013
I could not be more pleased with my purchase. I bought this when it was selling for $860 and I feel like a complete thief. This TV is spectacular, and only going to get better (the Google 4.2 update just started going out on these units). First off, the TV itself is a work of art. Absolutely elegant design. The picture is stunningly clear. Colors are vibrant, black is very good. I don't have cable and I was afraid this would limit what I could watch on this TV, such as the Primetime guide, but much to my surprise, it works just as well with my OTA digital antennae. It still gives me the same beautiful cover-art for the over-the-air shows I watch just like if I had a cable provided connected to it. It picked up about twice as many channels as the TV tuner I had connected to my old TV, so that's one less piece of hardware I have to use. I've used smart TV's from the past and they tend to have sluggish menus. Not this TV. I'm surprised by how smooth everything runs. Switching apps is as intuitive and nearly as quick as on a modern Android phone. Menus in apps like Netflix and Amazon are incredibly responsive, I'm sure due to the dual-core processor sitting inside this TV.

The remote control is fantastic. I've read some complaints about it here, but I think some folks didn't take the time to run the remote tutorial that shows you how to use it. I love it. The built-in keyboard and voice search work perfectly. Setting up my Netflix, Amazon, and other accounts on it was a breeze. Only wish it included Hulu Plus as well, but for now I'll just keep watching it on my Xbox 360. On that note, video games look fantastic on it as well. I didn't think GTA V could look much better, but playing it on this TV compared to my old LCD tv is a world of difference. Everything is so much crisper and cleaner.

The 3D is surprisingly good. I purchased Avatar 3D and watched it on this TV and I felt like I was in the theater. the TV comes with all of the inputs and outputs you could want, the configuration and setup was not confusing at all. It supports a number of apps, including Flipboard, IMDB, Netflix, Crackle, and others. Being able to check my Facebook feeds while watching TV is a nice plus. At the moment, I'm pondering purchasing another for my bedroom, that's how much I love this TV. As I mentioned earlier, LG just announced that it's starting to trickle out updates to the Google OS on their GA line. Very much looking forward to the update where I will have access to even more apps.

The only negatives are all associated with the TV running and older (3.2) version of Android. The Youtube app plays content fine, but doesn't sync my history and subscriptions, but I expect that to be fixed once the update comes down. There isn't much of a selection of apps in the app store, but again, I attribute that to the older Android version. That update should fix the only, very minor, issues I have with this TV.

I can't recommend this TV enough. If you are in the market for a great LED Smart TV at an amazing price, you will be hard-pressed to find better than this.
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VINE VOICEon May 11, 2013
Size: 42-Inch|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Unless you need someone like the Geek Squad to set up your new TV, buying one from Amazon is the way to go! Shipping is free, and the UPS guy will bring this TV right into your house and set it in your foyer, or which ever room is by your front door. You have to sign for the TV, too. UPS isn't going to just leave it on your front porch. I was surprised to see it only took one man to carry a 42" TV. But it is thin, only an inch thick. The box itself is only six inches wide. Thus, even though I am a petite female, I had no trouble sliding it across the floor and carpet to the den, and no trouble sliding it out of the box, lifting the screen up to the couch, and attaching the stand that takes eight screws. I could also lift it up a few inches and carry it across the floor, after attaching the stand, since it all weighs under 40 pounds, but I did not dare try to lift it any higher by myself. Still yet, obviously the 42" has become the new 32"!

My interest in this LG Google TV was twofold. One, when I started on the internet 13 years ago, I started with WEBTV. For me, the internet was a leisurely activity where you were comfortably seated, looking at a big screen. Surfing the web was not a desk and chair activity involving a little computer monitor. It was a sad day when my WEBTV stopped working with Cox's telephone lines. Of course, now you can easily use a flat screen TV as a PC monitor; but it's just not the same as using WEBTV or Google TV, and having a remote control that controls everything. Two, like many people, I have an elderly mother who was thrilled to learn that two of her favorite soap operas, that were cancelled by ABC last year, were returning. That is, she was thrilled until she learned they were coming back via the internet. She does not use a computer, and probably never will even try, even though she does express interest at times in doing so. Hence, I saw this LG TV with Google TV as possibly a way of finally getting her online, and having those two soaps on the internet was going to be the big motivation to do so. Or at least I was going to show her how she could watch her soaps again, and that she might consider getting a Sony NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV for her older flat screen Sony TV.

Then, I discovered one of the few problems with this TV. Actually, it's a problem with Google TV--Hulu Plus is blocked on Google TV, as are the websites for the major networks, like Unfortunately, Hulu is the only place where the soaps are shown, except for iTunes, which looks like a much more expensive endeavor. So, all of you out there in Soap Opera Land looking for a way to watch "All My Children" and "One Life To Live", a Google TV is not the TV to get, unless you want to hook up your PC to the TV, or invest in something else to allow you to watch the soaps on a Google TV. You need to get a Smart TV like the LG Electronics 42LA6200 42-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 120Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Four Pairs of 3D Glasses. Or a Roku box like the Roku 3 Streaming Player to use with the TV you already own. Fortunately, I already had a Roku 3400R Streaming Stick (Purple) that came with the 3M Streaming Projector Powered by Roku (SPR1000). When testing it out with this TV, I just happened to put it in the one HDMI port that would support it--the fourth port that says MHL. The Roku stick works flawlessly with this LG TV. But that's not what LG was thinking when they included the MHL port; it's actually for hooking up MHL-enabled cell phones, so "digital audiovisual signals" can be transmitted.

The only other problem I encountered with this LG is when I connected it to Cox cable, while only using the line from the wall, not the cable box. The problem with that is that Cox still has analog channels, as well as digital channels, for the major networks. And if you use the channel button on the remote to go to a major network channel, it takes you to the analog one, not the digital one. Pushing the channel button again should obviously take you to the digital one, since the analog channel would be, for example 13, and the digital one would be 13-1. But it does not. Actually, using the channel button takes you to only a fraction of the channels. Using the voice command on the remote control gives you the same problem. If you say either "ABC" or the number for ABC in your area, it takes you to the analog channel. However, if you use the number buttons on the keyboard side of the remote, you will go to the digital channel. For example, if you press 13, you will go to the digital channel 13-1, not the analog channel 13. You will also see a drop down menu on the screen when you reach 13-1, with other choices of other places you can choose to go to, if 13-1 was not the channel you wanted. This matter may be trivial to many viewers. It is to me. But others, including elderly viewers, may have problems with the matter, since the keys on the keyboard side of the remote are very small. They are always very accurate when you push them, but they are still very small.

Also, probably the majority of people who have cable use cable boxes. At first, I didn't think the little connection cords included with this LG TV would even fit the huge Cox cable box connection cords, but they did. Just make sure when you connect the included yellow and green composite video cables, you hear them click into place on the back of the TV. There were no problems with channel selections using the cable box, but, of course, you have to use your cable box remote, unless you set up the included IR blaster cord. What the IR blaster cord does is allow you to use the LG remote to change channels while using the cable box. The directions for setting up the IR blaster in the included paper owner's manual, as well as on the TV screen, were very simple to follow. Basically, you just place the sensors on your cable box, choose your cable provider and cable box manufacturer from lists on the screen, and then try out a few codes. It was a simple process, but unfortunately it did not work for me. Either LG didn't have the correct code for my Magnavox cable box, or I set up the sensors wrong, which seemed unlikely since there were two sensors, instead of one as shown in the users manual. I may pursue the matter with LG. (I already e-mailed them once with a question, which I later figured out myself. They e-mailed me back in less than 24 hours, and said to please call them, and they would forward my call to the technical person I needed to talk to about the matter.)

Now, on to all that is right things about this LG TV:

Set-Up: It was simple and fast to set up the TV. Set-up starts when you turn it on for the first time. First, the TV channels are discovered, and then it goes on to the internet connection. It quickly discovered my network, and I just had to type in my network password, so the connection between the router and TV was secured. At the present time, the TV is in the same room as my Linksys EA4500 App-Enabled N900 Dual-Band Wireless-N Router with Gigabit and USB, so there are obviously no signal problems. To use Google TV you must have or create a Google (gmail) account, which you can do on the TV or on your computer.

Remote Control: I was truly impressed by the voice command feature on the remote. I guess because I knew no one who had a voice remote or wanted one, I thought it was a novelty type item. It's actually very accurate and useful. You just push the voice button on the front of the remote, and say where you want to go. You can say a channel number or a channel name (i.e. ABC, TV Land, Fox) and off you go to those channels. If it doesn't understand what you said, it tells you that on the screen. Giving internet commands is even more accurate. Saying "" takes you to Amazon's home page, saying "" takes you to Google's search page, saying "" or "" takes you to their home pages, saying "" takes you to the Outlook/Hotmail/Live mail sign-in page, etc. (If you say "Hulu" it takes you to a website called Lulu. :) A mouse arrow button is also on the front of the remote and the arrow is a bit jumpy, but not too jumpy. On the back of the remote is a glorious computer keyboard. I am no fan of small keyboards and I don't text, but I got use to the little Google TV keyboard right away. As I stated earlier in the review, it's very accurate. There are two excellent picture instruction pages on the remote in the excellent owner's manual.

Adding Keyboards & Mice: Of course, a full size keyboard will work best for some of the things you'll want to do on Google TV. I plugged in my Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000 USB plug into one of the USB ports on the back of the TV, and it worked instantly. The same with a very old wireless mouse that came with a USB wired base. That surprising worked instantly, too. (The 6000 mouse had a premature death.) Probably the best keyboards to use for Google TV are the Logitech ones--Logitech Keyboard Controller for Logitech Revue and Google TV and Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 with Built-In Multi-Touch Touchpad (920-003070). Both have a touch pad on the keyboard, so you need no mouse or the mouse arrow on the remote.

Google TV; There is obviously lots to learn about Google TV that I don't know. I just wish I had a manual on it, or wish there was a "Google TV For Dummies" book, which unfortunately there is not. (The first Dummies book I ever read was WebTV For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers)).)

Picture & Sound & 3D: I think both the picture and sound are excellent, but I'm no expert on those matters. It looks great and sounds great to me. You can, of course, hook up a speaker system, and there is a headphone jack in the back of the TV. (Not the best place for a headphone jack, mind you.) I was not that much interested in 3D viewing, especially after reading all the warnings in the owner's manual about it. (According to the manual, some 3D viewers may "experience a seizure" or experience the following symptoms: "Headache, eyeball pain, dizziness, nausea, palpitations, blurriness, discomfort, double image, visual inconvenience or fatigue". Also, some children may get so excited by 3D viewing that they try to jump into the screen, and children under the age of five are "prohibited" from watching 3D.) But I decided to be brave and watch a 3D episode on meerkats that was in the 3D section on the home page. As it turned out, watching a wildlife documentary in 3D was absolutely wild! The only thing I fear now about 3D viewing is that all non-3D wildlife shows that I watch in the future are going to seem so flat. (And I could just see a kid trying to reach into the screen and grab a meerkat! I think TV internet is perfect for kids, though; you'll always be able to clearly see what they are doing online on a 42" screen.)

My Elderly Guinea Pig: I've got my mother watching her soaps last weekend, and she was very happy with it all. She could control the play and pause buttons on the front of the remote, which are very small, as remote controls go. There are also fast forward and reverse buttons that go forward and backwards 15 minutes each time you press the button. (You can't use them to avoid commercials on Hulu Plus, however.) A Roku streaming stick is not the best thing for an elderly viewer, however. I'm not sure it is suppose to be left in the MHL port when not being used, so the stick would have to be put in and taken out each time it was used. When the stick is inserted, a box pops up about it, and all you have to do is push the enter button to get to Roku, but that may be confusing to some elderly people. If the Roku stick is left in the MHL port, you have to push the input button on the remote and scroll down to the MHL input, which would possibly be even more confusing. On my mother's older Sony TV, she just has to keep pushing the input button until what she wants to view appears on the TV screen. All in all, I don't think the LG Google TV remote is the best one for the elderly, except for the voice command feature, but I'm sure there are those who would have no problem with it, and I know I certainly think it's a terrific remote control.

I think this whole LG TV is terrific and Google TV is terrific, too. My WEBTV days are back, and those were my most fun days using the internet. The UPS man was actually carrying in a big box of fun the day he delivered this 42" LG TV set.
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on August 24, 2013
After being loyal Amazon customers for years, I figure that I owe it to other customers to write reviews. This is my first in depth review of a large purchase. So if you will indulge me:

We received the TV 3 days ago and I have only good things to say about it.

First, I am not going to review the Google TV feature. I only bought this TV because it was on sale and was not persuaded by the Google TV feature. If you have a Roku 3 and PS3 like I do, the Google TV feature is "meh." For me, it was nice to mess around with for 5 minutes out of the box but afterwards I just went back to my Roku 3 because everything is already registered with my Roku and I would rather use that. But some people like the Google TV feature, so it would be unfair to them to say it is no good when I really could care less about it and was biased from the beginning. If you like little extras that Google TV puts with your cable/satellite then by all means go for it, personally, I wouldn't pay extra for them, but I didn't anyways.

Secondly, I am not going to get all technical with numbers like 120Hz framerate and what not because if you care about those numbers, great, but this review might not persuade you. You might want to read some technical reviews instead, which is ok too. My review is for the person who might not know too much about this stuff but wants a nice TV because the damn kids broke the old one, which happened to us twice. That is why they get Dynex and we get LG.

That being said, I know my way around TV quality. We have 2 LG TVs in the house and 2 budget Dynex TVs for the little ones. I have seen good LCD screens and bad LCD screens. This TV has great LCD screen. This TV is in our basement in a makeshift home theater with a future LG sound bar. The sound quality is actually pretty good for TV speakers, but you know, they are still TV speakers. I have not had to mess with the picture calibration yet because we haven't watched much on it other than The Avengers on Netflix and an old episode of Cheers on Amazon Prime that my dad wanted to watch, but I am planning on calibrating it later to get everything perfect (even without calibration this set is great, I just like a certain bright and vivid look of it for my personal preference and my dad likes a more faded and less bright look because his eyes are bad.)

As for the black level, it is an LED TV, the blacks are not going to be as black as on a plasma, but the black levels are fine with this one. Unless you are really picky, then you can live with black levels being a bit grey. They are maybe 90% black, 10% grey if you had to put a number by them.

The inputs for the TV are convenient. It has 4 HDMI, one of which is MHL (Mobile) which I am still kind of trying to wrap my brain around. The component and composite share the same audio because they are both on 2 3.5mm inputs (you need a component to 3.5mm adapter and composite to 3.5mm adapter both of which are included but if you lose them then you can find some on here or, it includes 2 USB ports which can power small things like my Turtle Beach XP500 receiver or they can play certain media from a flash drive. It also has the standard optical and stereo outputs (I am waiting on my LG sound bar and until then I am using computer speakers with the stereo output)

The remote is really fat but they had to cram a lot of tech in there so that is understandable. I will probably be using my Harmony with it (The grey one that has the screen for $60) forgive me for forgetting the model of it. But if you want to use the fat little remote then it will work fine, it is just another personal preference thing, so I will not review it beyond that.

In conclusion, as always use a surge protector on a grounded outlet with any electronic that you can't easily afford to replace. These new LED TVs use a lot less electricity than other TVs but still, use a quality surge protector that says "SURGE PROTECTOR" on the packaging. Otherwise you are getting a power strip.

I named my review something catchy or what I thought would be catchy. Thinly refers to the thin profile and this is the thinnest TV I have ever owned. I can easily see in 7-10 years having TVs that are so thin they are flexible. Anyways, buy this TV if you want convenience, good picture and sound quality, and if you are into the whole Google TV thing.

PS: I haven't tested out the 3D on this TV but if it is anything like my other LG TV, then I will be happy. It is nice because it is passive (Theater-like 3D with the cheapo glasses) which I like and it really adds depth to the screen and doesn't end up looking like a pop up book sort of 3D. If the 3D is sub-par for me then I will update and take a star off because this TV is going to be used for 3D gaming with my PS3 and for movies and 3D is very important to me.

Update: I calibrated the TV using my poor man's method (Watching football and making the colors of the jerseys as close as possible)

Eco: Off. LED TVs use less energy anyways.

Backlight: 60

Brightness: 60

Contrast: 100

Color: 60

Sharpness: 20

Warmth: C5

Tint: 0

Trumotion: OFF! 60Hz TV looks horrible on forced 120Hz

Everything else default on STANDARD mode.

This is a compromise between my dad and me but it works for both of us and if 2 men with thick glasses can enjoy the TV, then you guys can too.
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on April 3, 2013
Picked up this TV last week, and really starting to love it. Takes a bit to get used to the google TV, lots of options, but its pretty impressive. I like the remote, When you're working with apps has a wii like function to move the cursor around the screen by moving the remote(you can also use directional buttons) has a good keyboard on back. Loving the PIP feature where I can be in a google TV app but still watch TV. I "cut" the cord (well have basic cable now) and Google chrome (web browser) works great and I can watch allot of videos (including flash based) like HGTV (wife) and the Daily show. Also have amazon prime, so I can stream allot of shows for free (has netflix too, but no Hulu on any google tv)
Comes with 2 IR blasters to control your cable box (if you have one, has built in OTA tuner) and AV equipment. I have a Tivo for DVR (Google TV right now has no DVR abilities but can control DVR's with IR blaster) and the TV controls it pretty good (see below)
Added an external 200gb HD to the USB port on the TV. Can store apps and media files on it (had to format it Fat32, use FAT32-Format windows application). Most apps can also access my NAS to play media.

Apps from google play store:
Vimu player, plays every file I throw at it.
Mizuu a media center like app that will look @ all your files and download info about the movie/shows, along screen art and put it in a very eye pleasing way.

Mitty, just check it out..crazy....

The onlive app (lets you stream & play computer games from their servers to the TV) is not working right now. Onlive tech support said they are working on it but no ETA.
Also had an issue with my Tivo premiere not getting the right channel codes from google TV for OTA channels (IR blaster sends whole numbers instead of 2.1, 2.2, 4.2 etc.), but now I have basic cable so that isn't a problem any more

TV picture itself is great, like most TV's today. With OTA the quality is amazing, but cable still looks great too. The are a ton of options to fool with the picture that I have yet to tackle except for true motion which I turned off (Like every TV that has this, makes any show look like a soap opera)

So far this TV is doing exactly what I wanted to it do, allow me to cut most of my cable bill (just internet and basic cable now)saving me allot of $$ and my wife approves, and can use it without much fuss
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on August 23, 2013
Let me start off by saying that I am not a big tech person, but I'm not a complete luddite, and I can usually figure this stuff out eventually. This is my first tv on the nicer end of the scale. My initial impression of this tv is that it is good, but not perfect. Most of my complaints are with the software, so I am optimistic that it can be improved with future updates. I feel like Google TV has potential to be totally awesome, but it's just not quite there yet. I'm giving it 4 stars because I like it a lot, but it's not perfect.

-Installation/set-up was pretty easy. The only physical stuff you have to do is screw the 2 pieces of the stand together and then screw the stand to the tv. As long as you can work a screwdriver, you'll be fine. The TV is pretty heavy (I'm a 5'2" woman), but I was still able to manage it on my own.
-Once it's physically put together, just turn it on and it quickly guides you through all the necessary set up (connecting to WiFi, connecting to your cable box, etc). I found the set-up wizard to be very easy to use. Other people have had problems connecting to WiFi, but I had no issues.
-The manual is not great. It explains how to set the thing up, but there's nothing in there about how to work the Google TV features, etc.
-You have to be sure to position the "IR blasters" correctly. When I initially started writing this review I had a section saying that I could not get the magic remote to work with my cable box. This turned out to be because I had not positioned the IR blasters correctly. It seems to be working now. If it's not working for you, I suggest fiddling around with the positioning a little bit. Once the IR blasters are positioned correctly your cable box can be blocked/covered and the remote will still work. I'm a fan of this because I used to have to have the cable box sitting out next to the tv. Now it's nicely hidden away in the cabinet below.

-It's very thin, which I love.
-The stand swivels, which is nice.
-[Update 8/24/13]: The glossy screen looks nice, but it can be pretty reflective. I have big bay windows a few feet to the right of my tv, and there is a noticeable reflection on the right of my screen. I'm not sure how much this is going to bother me.

Picture and sound:
-The sound is good. Again, I'm not a techie or an audiophile, and I'm sure that if I bought expensive speakers it would be much better, but I don't think that they're necessary. The sound is much, much better than my old Vizio.
-The picture is good. I'm still playing around with a little bit, but it looks pretty good. I have been trying to find some guide on the internet about calibration settings, but it looks pretty good on the "Cinema" setting or after playing around with the Calibration Wizard. The one major issue was the "Soap Opera Effect" caused by the Trumotion setting. This is easy to turn off, but I'm glad that I had read about it ahead of time, otherwise it would have been intolerable. I also recommend reading the Amazon Q&A above about how to turn off the Trumotion effect for Netflix. I would not not have figured this out otherwise.
-I will leave the details about this stuff to the other reviewers who know what they're talking about. From my layman's perspective, it looks and sounds good.

Google TV/Apps:
-The Google TV stuff is pretty hard to navigate, at least at first. It is already getting easier as I get more used to the tv, but it is really not very intuitive. I find myself wandering through menus a lot trying to figure stuff out, at least at first. At first I really disliked it, but I'm slowly liking it more as I figure it out. Still, it could be much better. For example, the settings function is buried as an "app," which really makes no sense. It does seem like it has a lot of potential though, so hopefully it becomes easier. It seems like a lot of this stuff would be pretty easy for them to re-design, so I am cautiously optimistic. I will update if I find myself liking it significantly more.
-I have started playing with the "Primetime" app a little bit and so far I am a big fan. In the "Live TV" sections it suggests stuff that is on right now. It asks you to rate a bunch of movies and tv shows (1-5 scale) so that it gets a sense of what you like. Then it starts suggesting stuff. Those kind of things are never going to be totally accurate, but I'm pretty impressed by what it is suggesting. It breaks it down into categories (Movies, Comedy, Drama, Family, Reality, etc). When it suggests a show, it also gives you the option to rate it or say "not interested," which presumably will make future suggestions better and better. The main Primetime screen also has a spot for you to select favorite channels, and it then automatically shows you what is on each of those channels. If you're like me and you find yourself really only watching 5 or so channels 90% of the time, this is nice. It also has a place to select "favorite tv shows." I have not used this yet, but I assume that you can click on a show and it will tell you if/when it is on. There is also a separate screen to search for an individual show. You can then select it and it will tell you when it is on live tv, and if it is on Netflix, Amazon, etc. This is is a nice convenience because you won't have to check 3 different places to find out if a movie is available somewhere.
-A big negative is that the HBOGo "app" is not an app. When you press the HBOGo button it just takes you to the HBOGo website. This is extremely hard to navigate, and when I finally got to the episode of the show I wanted, it wouldn't even load. I will try this again eventually, but I am not optimistic. I ended up using my Roku to access HBOGo. I already happened to have the Roku from my old tv, but if you don't already have some other kind of streaming device, this is something to consider. I use HBOGo a lot, so this is unfortunate.
-As other people have said, Hulu is not an option. I will use my Roku to watch it, but for the amount of money that this tv costs, it's a shame that I have to.
-So far I've tried Netflix and Amazon Instant, both of which worked well (after the Trumotion was turned off). Other people have said they had problems with buffering, but I have not encountered an issue yet (although I have watched very little so far).
-Google Chrome works pretty well. It looks pretty much like it does on your computer, and you can navigate with the "gesture" function on the remote. I guess it's cool that you can do this, but I have a hard time imagining why I would need to browse the internet with a tv remote. But, it's there if you want it.

Magic remote:
-The QWERTY feature is awesome. I love not having to scroll through a keyboard the way you have to on a Roku and most other devices.
-The "gesture" feature takes a little getting used it, but it's a nice option, and I expect that I will start to like it more as I use it more.
-As long as you can get it to work with your cable box, it works well. [Updated 8/24/13]: It takes a little getting used to because it may not be set up quite the same way as your old remote. It took me a while to figure out that the QWERTY side had dedicated buttons for Live TV, PIP, Info, and DVR. These were all features that I was wishing for. You can also assign different functions to these four keys if you have some other feature you want. Now that I've figured this out, it does pretty much everything on my cable box.
-The voice feature is pretty cool. I thought you could only use it to search, but you can actually use it for commands too. You can say "Open Netflix" and Netflix pops right up. Or you can say "NBC" and it will take you to the right channel. You can also say "Breaking Bad" and it will take you to the Breaking Bad show page in Primetime, which then shows you when it's on tv and where you can find it on Netflix. I'm very impressed by how accurate it is. So far I've only had one mix up, and it was mostly my fault for holding the button down too long. I expect to play around with this feature more in the future, but so far I'm very impressed and I'm already using it way more than I thought I would.
-I think that it probably has some tricks that take some figuring out. When you first start using the tv it gives you a bunch of pointers at once, but unless you're sitting there with a notepad you probably won't remember it all. I just discovered that if you hold down the Home key, it brings up a list of your most recent apps, which makes things way easier to navigate. I only realized this by accident though, it was not in the manual.
-It's a little heavy for a remote, but not a big deal.
-I was not able to program my Roku to work with the remote. Roku is not listed among the available manufacturers for devices.

-I turned one of the 3D documentaries on very briefly, just to see what it was like (I have never used a 3D tv before). I expected to be impressed, but I actually did not like it very much. The effects didn't look great, and it gave me a headache pretty quickly. I am holding my judgment on this one though until I get a chance to watch a good 3D blu-ray. Other people seem to like it a lot, so it is entirely possible that this particular documentary was just poorly done. I doubt that this is a feature that I will end up using frequently, but it's nice to have the option.

I will update this review if any of this changes significantly.

8/24/13: Updated a few areas where I was mistaken on my initial review.
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on April 13, 2013
I was looking forward to this TV (mainly the higher end 7900), I was in the market for a new tv in the bedroom and also the living room. I figured the 47' 6400 would be a fine addition to the bedroom, saw it at best buy and figured why not, I'll pick it up today. For the most part, I really do like it. PQ is solid, the android feel to it is cool and in my opinion, it's a pretty nice looking tv. For $1,100, it was a good pickup. Well, I'm second guessing myself.

First off, you will notice immediately that the sound quality is mediocre at best. Sounds echoey. I can get over this as I planned on getting a sound bar for it on my next day off. This is no issue, it can and will be fixed.

Here's my real problem at the moment, and I apologize if it is the blu ray player at fault but it certainly appeared to be the tv. Me and my girlfriend decided we would relax and watch finding nemo in 3d tonight on the new tv in our bedroom. Popped it in, put on the 3d glasses and started watching what appeared early on as a classic movie on one hell of a nice tv. I owned the es8000 for a week or two and man, this LG tv I got for half the price as the Samsung looked much better in 3d than the es8000!! Well that changed quickly.

On certain scenes, mainly when the scenes were very "fast" and moving quickly, huge blocky pixels began forming and it was very noticeable. It ruined my experience after a while and it was just so frustrating. I have tried to do research on this, no one seems to have this problem, and when I see something close to it it seems as if the 120hz is to blame and 240hz is much better. I never once had that problem with the 240hz es8000, even when watching finding nemo on it.

The bottom line... I'm disappointed. When spending over 1,000, you expect stuff to work right. Everything else has been good, I like the remote, the menus work well enough for me, picture quality is good, design is nice, very cool features. I have one more day to think about it until my next day off of work, but I am 90% sure that I will be carting this TV back into the best buy store. I have quite a few 3d movies and poor 3d quality is unacceptable to me. It is not nearly the most important factor to me, but I would like to pop a 3d movie in without experiencing these problems. Really wish I could leave this TV mounted on the stand in my room. I will be taking a look at the LM9600 for the living room and LM8600 for the bedroom, good reviews with no such 3d problem reported on either one. If the 2012 models appear better and can save me some money, I'm fine with it. I'm disappointed in this TV, but not enough to advise people not to try it out if you think you'd like it.
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on August 14, 2013
So 47 days in, the TV picture failed. It happens, so I'm not upset about that at all as that is what warranties are for. My update comments here are specific to LG service and support. You never really know, until you need it, how good or bad manufacturer service and support will be. I am happy to say that LG impressed me with their warranty support on this TV.

I initiated a service request online, and received a prompt appointment window (Monday afternoon request, service guy was here Wednesday around noon). They do telephone confirmation the prior day with you by phone call, and you can track your open repair ticket on line. In my case, based on the failure description.. the fault was likely the control card or the power inverter. Well, the service rep swapped both and no fix. That leaves the flat panel.. so he had to come back with a flat panel (which was on Friday). I don't fault them on this as that flat panel is extremely expensive so I do not expect them to carry a spare with them for every possible screen size. They are very good about their day/time commitments and he was indeed back with a brand new panel on Friday morning and that fixed the issue for me.

I watched the service rep as he did the diagnostics and repair and I give him high marks for attention to detail, knowledge, and professionalism.

The other thing to note is how simple the design of this TV is in terms of electronics and mechanics. It's extremely easy to dismantle and there are literally only three field replaceable parts (controller card, power inverter, and flat panel) + the awesome remote. It's very well designed for field repair, and if you have any service experience at all you could self-repair (unless it was the flat panel as it costs more then the price I paid for the TV) If the flat panel goes out after warranty.. throw the TV away.. their FRU cost exceeds the cost of the TV and the flat panels are not repairable (they toss them if they fail).

In closing.. I was very pleased with this TV when I purchased it and I am even more pleased with how well LG responded to a defective unit repair. :)

---Original Review ---
This TV from LG is awesome. (I purchased the 42 inch unit)

Easy to setup, excellent build quality, no issues or defects at all.

The display is outstanding. I'm not a big 3D fan, but I have to say.. the passive 3D in this TV is excellent as well.

I know some people have been critical of the unit for black background..... but I simply don't see the problem. Colors are vibrant and very appealing right out of the box as well.. and with a few adjustments for my particular setup they were perfect.

Wireless connection to my network was a snap.. and flawless.

The TV firmware is extremely smart and intuitive in most cases. Some of the menus to find nuance things such as sound select and sound set up are a little more buried then I would prefer.. but once you learn the path.. it's a nit to me.

The TV immediately checked for updates and committed a firmware update on first powerup (with my consent of course). Flawless. and took only a few minutes. The TV also does a nice job of stepping you through initial setup and configuration of the TV... which was pleasant and appreciated.

GoogleTV does not impress.. but I did not buy the TV expecting good things from googleTV at this stage. So I don't care.. it will get better with time I am sure. I bought the google version of this TV to get the remote (see below)

The TV autoconfigured to my ATT Uverse remote control interface very well, and with only a few cycles of choosing from me (because there are a bunch of different boxes for ATT. This is on ATT not the TV as far as I am concerned. The IR blaster is flawless.

Now to the remote. AWESEOME! I LOVE THIS REMOTE. It has a full mini qwerty keyboard on the reverse side and simple and easy to use function control on the front side. Finally.. a remote that makes searching for content on my ATT Uverse a breeze... no more faux-alphabet via number keys! There is a Wii style floating pointer feature, as well as a voice input mode as well. The floating pointer is great.. though not that relevant unless you use the googleTV and apps. I have not tried the voice command interface yet.

As I said.. googleTV... not that important to me.. but I do love that we have a full android appliance and access to apps! The TV did come with Amazon OnDemand app loaded and it worked flawlessly right out of the box. Comes with HBOgo preinstalled as well.. and you can easily load new apps if you want and it's not already there. If you are an android app fan.. then this TV will not disappoint.

The front face of the TV does have an anti-glare coating of some sort and I know some people have complained that it is too glossy.. but I disagree. It strikes a good balance in providing crisp transparency with modest anti-glare performance. Personally.. I like it.

I have a PC connected to one of the HDMI ports and can sit back in my cozy family room and operate the computer from a wireless keyboard and mouse with ease. Why anyone would browse he web with googleTV.. I have no idea. :) Gaming performance is great with my PC and this TV connected as the display. No noticeable lag or latency at all. The TV will remember modes sets for each HDMI port.. so I have the PC set for game mode and it reverts automatically when I switch to TV or BluRay. So for gaming on a PC.. this TV works fine. I don't know if it would meet the demands of "twitch" players on consoles.. but for MMOs on PC.. it's fine.

The only nit about the TV that I did not like is that the analog audio out port disables sound effect options when it is plugged in and it's volume is controlled from the main volume control of the TV. I keep wireless headsets setup to my TVs for when you want to watch and hear TV without disturbing the rest of the home.. and this implementation of the analog sound port is a disappointment here. But it was easy to solve. I just purchased a small digital to analog audio converter and hooked it to the digital optical output. The digital optical output does not override sound effects on the main TV audio and it also is not modulated by TV volume control.. so it completely solves my problem (for about $35). You can have both the TV and the optical audio out enabled.. which means I can control the TV audio without regard to audio on the wireless headsets (which have their own controls anyway).

Overall.. awesome TV.
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on July 21, 2013
The highlights:
*Good industrial design
*Good remote
*Easy and Useful Apps
*3DTV (If you do that...)
*Easy interface
*Higher End Panel available

To go with the our new home my wife agreed that we needed a new TV. As we were moving in right around the Google I/O conference I waited until after all the new products were announced before placing the order for this TV. At the time I ordered the 55 in. was the largest available as I wasn't willing to wait another two months to get the 60 in. version.

Our previous setup was a LG 42 in. TV with a Logitech Revue Companion Box with Google TV and Keyboard Controller. I was very happy to have another LG TV and also happy to not have to pull additional wires through the wall for the Google TV. Due to some issues with the wall framing over the fireplace it was harder than expected to get the new TV mounted to the Peerless PT660 Universal Tilt Wall Mount for 32 Inch to 60 Inch Displays Black over our fireplace. Now that the TV has been mounted we've been enjoying using it for the last 6 weeks.

The industrial design makes the TV look great even when its off. Mounted over the fireplace it is nice to have silver, not black, bezel as it makes the room feel warmer. We've been using this TV with Xfinity so I'm not sure how the picture is compared to an uncompressed HDTV signal from an OTA broadcast source. So far I have no complaints with live TV viewing.

As we have a three year old who is slightly obsessed with Dora the Explorer and Jake and the Never Land Pirates we do a lot of streaming from Netflix and from Amazon Prime Video. The YouTube app is fantastic in that you can pair your phone or tablet (Android or iOS) to the TV and find a video while another video is playing on the big TV. When you have the next video you can send the video from your tablet to the big TV for everyone to watch. I am also a fan of the Photos for Google TV app. With the app all your photos from Picasa, Google+, and Flickr (I think... I'm not a Flickr user) can be easily shared up on the big screen. Its great for parties or sports teams. I've been using the PrimeTime app more and more. Its miles ahead of the Comcast grid, and I like that it learns what I like and I can select favorite channels, but I still think my TiVo TCD746500 Premiere DVR - Black has the best and fastest channel selector I've ever used.

The new remote is the best Google TV remote I have used yet! The magic mouse is much easier to use than any small touch pad! The QWERTY keyboard is not backlit, but I have not had any problems using it in the normal ambient lighting I find comfortable for TV viewing.

The TV does come with several pairs of 3D glasses but we have not used them yet. Other than watching Avatar again I'm not sure we'll use the 3D capability.

For those that are concerned that this TV is running an older version of Android, LG has announced that this TV will be upgraded to Android "Jelly Bean" this fall allowing for even more apps to be used with the TV.

This TV has been easier to use for both my wife and nanny than our previous setup. While I never had a problem with the old TV and Revue, I never get called to make "YOUR TV" work anymore!

I ordered this TV with scheduled home delivery. The local provider for Amazon was CEVA. The were on time, courteous and quickly had the TV out of the box and on its stand (before I was ready to wall mount) and ready to go within 15 minutes.

A few minor points are holding back the last star. I have seen a few crashes out of the Netflix app. This does not completely wipe out the system, but it does drop you back into live TV. At the time I mounted the TV I should have pulled a ethernet cable with the HDMI as my Comcast HD Box does not support ethernet. The TV works fine over WiFi using our Cisco-Linksys WRT120N Wireless-N Home Router most of the time, but occasionally when watching a HD movie from Amazon streaming some slow loading and quality degradation is visible.

There is an even higher end version of this TV LG Electronics 55GA7900 55-Inch Cinema Screen Cinema 3D 1080p 240Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Google TV and Four Pairs of 3D Glasses available. For the price I don't think I could notice the the differences that the 7900 series TV offers in day to day TV viewing.
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