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335 of 349 people found the following review helpful
on June 17, 2013
I purchased this TV to replace a 42" LG in my master bedroom (which replaced a 40" Sony XBR6). (FWIW, both of those TVs were purchased from Amazon. I have purchased six 40-47" TVs from Amazon and have never had any shipping problems or damage.) I originally started with the 42" version of this TV which was returned to Amazon due to some screen uniformity issues (more later). Due to the LA6200's thin bezel, the 47" worked in my space. I've had it for 4 weeks and I'm quite pleased with it overall. If I could give half stars, I would award it 4.5. I can't and on balance I thought it was more fair to give it 5 than 4.


This is an impressively styled display. The dark gunmetal bezel is quite attractive. I was glad to see LG left off the silver accents that are creeping into more of their models. I view those as unnecessary styling elements that detract somewhat from the overall appearance of the set. LG designers did a great job on the LA6200.

Several have commented this TV is much thicker than some of the very thin models on the market. That is necessitated by the back lighting system LG utilized on this model line. All LED TVs have LCD panels. LCD panels, unlike plasma displays, are incapable of generating their own light...they must be back lit to produce a visible picture. The very thin TVs are edge lit. The LEDs are placed on the left and right or top and bottom of the panels and mirrors reflect the light onto the panels illuminating it to provide a picture. This configuration allows for a very thin TV, but there are compromises. The primary concern is called flashlighting. If there was a scene with a bright moon against a dark sky, the LEDs on the edge of the panel would have to light up the moon. As the light is being reflected, some displays will show a beam of light, not unlike the pattern of a beam of light from a flashlight, going from the edge to the illuminated this case the moon.

The LG LA 6200 series are direct lit meaning the LED lights are arranged along the entire back of the panel and not just the edges. A full array back lit set has a great number of these LEDs mounted relatively close to the screen. Full array sets are found in the upper tier models and tend to be quite expensive. The direct lit system LG used utilizes less LEDs. To properly illuminate the panel, they are positioned farther away from the panel resulting in that thickness. Direct lit sets don't have problems with flashlighting, but they can have issues with dark screen uniformity and light bleed. Both my 42" and 47" LA6200s had/have light bleeding...the 47 far less than the 42. This is why I would deduct 1/2 star, if possible. The issue actually seems to be getting a bit better as the TV breaks in and I'm only seeing it on some dark screens, not all.


The TV was very easy to set up. Mine is mounted to a stand (VESA, M6 bolts) so I did not use the included base, but that looks very simple to attach. After you turn on the TV, you go through a brief set up...home or store use, zip code, time zone, etc. and then to Picture Wizard II. This is a calibration tool LG includes to help you adjust the TV for home viewing. After going through it's procedure and then later using the Disney Wow Blu-ray calibration disc, I was impressed how close to that mark the Picture Wizard II settings were.

You definitely want to do this. TVs are set up in stores to be as bright as possible as studies have shown in a big box store setting customers are drawn to the brightest displays and perceive those to have the best picture. In a home setting, especially with controlled lighting, those store settings will look horrible.

LG has already released a firmware update for 6200 series, so you'll want to update the software through the TV's menu system.


The 42 and 47 come with ONLY the standard remote. It is well laid out, but unfortunately not back lighted. The correct Magic Remote is the AN MR400. It is fully functional with the 47, including voice functions, and makes it far easier to access the TV's smart functions. It is well worth purchasing in my opinion.


Relax, Amazon Instant is on the way. LG has been rolling out updated firmware in waves to provide this app. They started with 2011 models and have finished both 2011 and 2012 models. They are now working on updates for 2013 models, so it shouldn't be much longer.

The only app I use now is Netflix....streams without buffering or other problems (Verizon FiOS - hardwired.)

The LA6200 has full internet capability. It's workable with the Magic Remote, but I don't use this very often....not far enough along the learning curve, perhaps.


Other than the light bleed issue, it's very difficult to find any fault in the picture quality. Whether watching Blu-ray, DVD, Verizon FiOS or streaming Netflix, I have been extremely pleased, especially after I calibrated the set. Excellent clarity, accurate colors, realistic flesh tones and no perceived motion issues (even with Trumotion off as I hate the Soap Opera Effect).


I'm not a huge fan of 3D, but I did want the capability for occasional use. LG's passive 3D is excellent, probably the best in the industry (it should be, LG invented it and licenses it to other companies). More manufacturers are dropping active in favor of passive (Sony, for example) with Samsung being one of the few major active holdouts. There is a very interesting article on Displaymate's website (they sell calibration software) where they came to the conclusion that passive technology actually offers a better, clearer and sharper 3D image. The active supporters like to claim that passive 3D offers only half the resolution of active sets. While true in theory and if you sit abnormally close to the screen, due to a phenomenon known as "image fusion", the human brain perceives the passive display to have equal resolution at normal viewing distances.

If you purchase this set, spring for Avatar and The Hobbit on 3D Blu-ray and really appreciate the 3D picture this panel is capable of producing.


The audio on the 47" is surprisingly pretty good. I suppose one benefit to the thicker frame of this TV is the ability to use larger speakers. I have a Zvox 220 in this room and haven't even bothered to hook it up yet.


I don't play games or own a gaming console so I can't speak to that.

MY SETTINGS: (Note: This TV is in my bedroom which has total light control. I have electric hurricane shutters on every window/sliding glass door. These settings will result in a dark picture in an environment with more light.)

Energy Savings: Off
Picture Mode: isf Expert 1
Backlight: 40
Contrast: 90
Brightness: 57
H Sharpness: 2
V Sharpness: 2
Color: 57
Tint: G9


Dynamic Contrast: Off
Super Resolution: Off
Color Gamut: BT709
Edge Enhancer: Off
Color Filter: Off
Gamma: 2.2


Noise Reduction: Off
MPEG Noise Reduction: Off
Black Level: Low
Real Cinema: On
TruMotion: Off (Note: Turn this off if you dislike soap opera effect)

Nitpicks and Quirks:

1. Standard remote is not back lighted.

2. Screen uniformity issue described above.

3. When streaming with one of the applications such as Netflix, the Settings button on the remote (lower left) does nothing. If, however, you press the sleep timer button (lower right), you can not only set the timer, but select video, audio, size, etc. I found this a bit odd.

4. To get to the menu to turn off Trumotion while watching an app such as Netflix, you need to press the "My Apps" button on the remote to get into the menu AND you have to adjust the picture separately for EACH app.

5.On the standard remote the Smart activation button is extremely close to the up button. You need to pay close attention to their proximity when you are entering your account info for Netflix and the like or you'll kick yourself out and have to start over again. (I did this several times...yet another reason to buy the Magic Remote.)

6. The power cord is a bit short. If you search Amazon for a "Mickey Mouse power cord" (I am NOT kidding) you can find longer ones for a few dollars.

7. This is 60Hz refresh rate panel. LG, along with many manufacturers (Sony, Vizio, etc.), fudge on this number. "TruMotion 120" is a 60Hz panel that provides an EFFECTIVE refresh rate of 120Hz through a processor producing frame interpolation. This is where the infamous "Soap Opera Effect" comes from.

On balance, I think this TV is an excellent buy for the money. If the panel uniformity issues could be resolved, it would be a solid 5 star TV.

Please feel free to post any questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

7/10/13 UPDATE:

Someone on AVS forum with actual calibration equipment calibrated a 47LA6200 at a B&M store. While my limited settings were obtained using the Disney Wow Blu-ray disc in a very light controlled bedroom, the settings below were obtained in a very brightly florescent lit store environment. His settings are far more extensive, including color management and 20 point grayscale settings. These will probably result in a picture a bit too bright for most home settings (f so, start with lowering the backlight level). By the way, this person indicated after calibration, the 47LA6200's colors were extremely accurate. He also thought black-level and contrast were a bit weak. Color management and 20 point grayscale adjustments are performed in the expert menu. (Posted with "Showroomcali's permission and with thanks to him.):

LG 47LA6200 Direct Lit LED/LCD
Target Gamma - 2.1
Actual Gamma - 2.01
dE- 1.98

Expert Mode 1
Backlight- 80
Contrast- 82
Brightness- 44
H Sharpness- 22
V Sharpness- 20
Color- 50
Tint- 0 (Neutral)
Gamma- 2.2

CMS Settings (Saturation, Tint, Luminance)
R= -2,4,7
G= 10,4,-6
B= 6,3,-4
C= 6,3,9
M= 3,0,3
Y= 7,3,2

10/20 Point Grayscale

05: -3, -6, -22.
10: -2,-6,-28
15: 0,0,0
20: -7,-10,-16
25: -4,0,-3
30: -15,-7,22
35: 0,0,0
40: -27,-18,12
45: 0,0,0
50: -34,-20,16
55: -34,-16,0
60: -45,-31,8
65: -33,-13,15
70: -48,-20,20
75: -26,-16,10
80: -38, -28,20
85: -28,-16,10
90: -44,-29,24
95: -8,-2,3
100: 4,-14,2

Color Gamut: BT709
Color Temp: Warm 2
All enhancements: OFF
Real Cinema: On
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on May 1, 2013
I wasn't in the market for a new TV until the neighboring row home suffered a large fire, causing extreme smoke damage to our apartment. Thankfully our apartment is livable again, but we were forced to throw out and replace lots of items, especially electronics. My previous TV was a 42" LG LCD, which I had purchased about two years ago. I had used it in collaboration with an LG Smart BluRay player and a regular old antenna to accommodate my cable / dish free lifestyle. When it was time to replace the old smoke damaged goods, I knew what brand I wanted to go with.

I did a boatload of research before making this purchase, and contemplated other brands as well. My checklist of "needs" included:

-45" or larger
-Smart TV (Wifi included with Netflix, etc...)
-Streaming compatibility from my Apple computer

That's really it. Doesn't seem like too all of an order, but finding information on Smart TV's and their ability to interact with Apple Computers can be a pain; this includes LG TV's. The only reason I had hopes that this TV would work with my iMac upstairs was that my previous LG BluRay player did. I took the leap and purchased this TV in the 47" version,and so far I have been extremely happy.

My setup is insanely simple. The TV is hooked to power, and I have a very small antenna hooked into the TV and hidden. With this setup, I am able to view almost everything I need. I connect over wifi to my iMac upstairs and stream downloaded content, stream Netflix, and watch broadcast channels. I also have an HDMI to MiniDisplayport cable just in case I need to hook my laptop up. Setting the TV up was a breeze, although it would have been easier with the Magic Remote (which, as mentioned by other reviewers, did not come with this TV). If you have an iPhone or apple device, you can download the LG TV Remote app to control the TV in a similar fashion. I find this much easier for signing into things since it has a keyboard and behaves like a mouse pointer. I was worried about not being able to stream large files over the wifi network, as this was the case with my old streaming device, but this TV handles it like a champ. LG uses Plex media server to stream content from computers and devices, and setup was very easy. It also is very good at handling large files and buffering them correctly to prevent them from stuttering. I have successfully streamed 12GB 1080p 3D BluRay quality files from the computer upstairs without an issue. The other basic apps all work as they should, but are still a little clunky.

I followed come color setup techniques from a similar TV on, and after doing so the picture looks amazing. I'm sure the casual person won't have any issue with the standard presets, but being a designer by profession I appreciate a correctly calibrated monitor. The 3D seems great so far, although I can't seem to dial it in 100%...always gives me a slight headache. The TV itself is decent to look at, easy to put together, and fits the aesthetics of my modern style.

The few complaints that I have are to be taken as very, very minor. The first thing that I noticed is that this TV is much more reflective than my previous one. It's not so bad that lights reflect in it easily, but you get the glaring, rainbow colored X's that cover most of the screen. I definitely have to be more concerned with the lights when watching this TV. Also, the sound quality of the built in speakers is good, but not great. My LG TV from a few years ago had richer, deeper sound than this TV; it's definitely more tinny. The Smart TV features are somewhat convoluted and somewhat difficult to customize. My girlfriend opened the menu and said, "what is all this stuff...were never going to use it", and for the most part she is right. It would be nice to customize all of your menus to feature ONLY what you use. You can rearrange some things to be easily accessible, but there are some items you can't remove.

I definitely recommend this TV, as it is an excellent value for the price. The Smart TV apps work as needed, and help to eliminate the need for cable or satellite. Be aware of the reflectivity of the screen, and the fact that this does NOT come with a Magic Remote. The TV works great for streaming from computers and devices with Plex media server. The picture quality is fantastic, and with some color calibration is excellent.

EDIT (06.17.13): After flipping channels and landing on a hockey game, something caught my attention. When the camera pans over large bodies of solid color, like the white ice rink during hockey, there appears to be a blotchy appearance to the screen. Upon researching this, I discovered that it has a name; DSE (Dirty Screen Effect). Before jumping on Amazon and requesting an exchange or refund, I really looked into this issue and discovered that it is incredibly common. I found a forum where one person exchanged their LA6200 model TV twice and they both had the issue in varying levels. It appears as though there is a coating on the screen, perhaps AR (anti-reflective), that gives the appearance of dirty smudges. It's not always immediately apparent to people at first, but I can usually get them to pick up on it after describing it. It drives me nuts. Unfortunately it sounds like most newer TVs have this issue, and it is just something I am going to have to live with. I just wanted to give a heads up to buyers and potential buyers about this issue.

Edit (07.08.13): The DSE (Dirty Screen Effect) is starting to bother me so much that I am contemplating beginning the process of having the TV replaced or repaired. For an idea of what I am talking about, please refer to the two images that I uploaded for this product. Anytime there is a light solid block of color all I can see is the patchy, blotchy dark areas. It's such a shame because I love everything about this TV besides this. I'm super hesitant to deal with LG as the last time I called them they would not repair a TV because I could not find my receipt anywhere (despite the SN indicating that it was still under warranty). I'm interested to see if anyone else has had any issues with this?

Edit (08.24.13): I just wanted to add that I received a firmware update today that added Amazon Prime. It looks to have added some other features, but I had seen multiple people ask about Prime.

Edit (09.17.13): I finally called LG about the DSE (dirty screen effect) I was experiencing and they sent out a contractor to come look at the problem. Upon viewing the issue, they ordered a replacement display. After the nightmare that was scheduling appointments and being blown off by the repairmen multiple times, the new display was installed. To my surprise, as well as the repairmen, they problem was STILL there. It literally looked exactly the same as the first display. Now they are going to order another internal part to repair. I'm not sure how many times they are going to replace parts until they just replace the TV itself, but my guess is many, many times. You have to really admire a company that isn't willing to exchange a clearly defective product that is less than a few months old and cost almost $900. I do believe I am done with LG.

I Made a video to hopefully show what to look for with the DSE effect. It is kind of hard to see through a video, but it should help show what I see. The lighter color bars pan across the screen, and the blotchy dark areas remain still over top of the image. It is very easy to see during football, hockey, or interior home shots with a panning camera.

Edit (10.15.13): After the third visit from an LG contracted repairman, the TV is still suffering from the DSE as mentioned above. This repairman contacted LG upon replacing the power supply which had zero effect on the issue. LG contacted me by phone and they setup a replacement of the TV. I didn't think I would ever stick with this for so long, but being persistent pays off. I don't have my hopes too high, as I assume the new TV will suffer the same issue to some extent (god, I hope it does not). The replacement TV should arrive shortly, and I am to put the old TV in the box and return it with the included return slip. I will update with new findings after the new TV arrives. Crossing my fingers.

Edit (10.24.13): The replacement TV is currently at some freight shipping place 30 minutes away, and since they could only schedule a time for delivery between 1-5pm I will be driving to pick it up tomorrow. I am excited to check it out and report back on my findings with this replacement. I also wanted to share updated picture calibration settings and review links for this specific TV.

Review: [...]

Calibration Settings: [...]

Edit (11.21.13): Sorry for the delay in updating this review; I wrote one a while back and just found out that it never posted correctly. I received the replacement TV and it exhibits the same exact DSE issues as the original. I can now say, having seen three different displays, that this LG model will ALWAYS have DSE issues. While the DSE varied slightly among the displays, they all were beyond acceptable. I cannot endorse this TV, and I have shifted my review to two stars. Between this issue, the poor customer service I have received with my last two LG TV's, and the newly discovered privacy concerns, I am certain I will avoid this brand from here on.

Edit (12.01.13): Just when I thought my saga with this TV and LG had come to an anticlimactic ending, the replacement TV I received has now begun restarting itself automatically at random times. The other night while watching regular antenna TV the unit made a loud popping sound and turned off. When it turned itself back on, the same thing...loud pop followed by a restart. It did this about four times before I pulled the plug. Since that day, the TV will do this whenever it pleases...which is super awesome. I'll keep everyone updated with how this round of repairs goes.
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138 of 160 people found the following review helpful
on March 29, 2013
I bought this TV (the 47") to replace an older LG 42" LCD that I broke. I was looking to stay with LG since my last TV was great, and I preferred the passive 3D just because I don't want to pay an $50-$90 for a technology that will be lightly used at most. The 2D to 3D up-convert is just a bonus that makes it more usable.

Pros and Cons below, but one feature I was not prepared for that has been great, LG Cloud. Its a free 5Gb video, 2GB photo service. I can upload videos (including xvid) from my computer or phone and play via the cloud on my TV. Absolutely love that.

- Fantastic picture quality. Great blacks, very smooth.
- TruMotion, when used for stuff like sports and other high motion video (this is also a con, see below)
- Passive 3D with 2D to 3D makes this usable right out of the box.
- LG Cloud
- Huge collection of Smart TV Apps (Please add Amazon Instant)
- Price. I called and got the price dropped $120 to match BestBuy. Well worth it when you pay no shipping or tax (Prime)

- No Amazon Instant (at least not on the 47")
- No Magic Remote, which was in the description, but not with the 47" at least.
- TruMotion was on by default. It makes regular TV look kind of like a Soap Opera, that kind of cheesy looking filming, can't think of a better way to explain it. I turned it off.
- Picasa App doesn't seem to work, every time I click on an album the app closes.

Overall, the cons are about what I thought was included based on the description and 1 setting very easily turned off. The TV is a great, inexpensive Smart/3D TV. Nothing really I can complain about. Glad I stuck with LG.
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on November 23, 2013
I've had this thing almost 2 mos now and I gotta say I LOVE IT! I'm a hard core AV Fanatic so I was very discriminating on which set to buy. I did extensive research on several 3D sets for the last 2 years and decide on the LG 55LA6200 AND got a steal of a deal for it. When I first brought it home the picture seemed mediocre but after spending a few hours tweaking the picture settings - I'M BLOWN AWAY! I have to say: I love the soap opera effect! It creates a ultra vibrant, very rich, very deep colors. I tell ya: movies I've seen many times before (Matrix, Gladiator, Miami Vice) are new again! Watched the Dark Knight blue ray last night and was blown away. With the right settings - It makes even regular DVD's look like Blue Ray. The 3D effect is OUTSTANDING! Paired with the LG BP325W and Panasonic DMP BD210 ( for Cinavia free movie watching) 3D blue ray players, the 3D effect is just amazing. Clash/ Wrath of The Titans in 3D - awesome! The best 3D movie so far - AVATAR - It's unbelievable. Also DREDD 3D - you have to see to believe - the slow-mo 3D is really trippy. I've rented almost every 3D movie from Family Video's collection and the 3D novelty just doesn't get old. With 3D viewing, It's not so much watching TV as it is "looking into it." The 3D effect displays a foreground, middle and background to the picture - it's truly dimensional. A new way of viewing your fave movie and games.

Gaming in 3D --SWEEEET! Have my 360 and PS3 connected to her. The PS3 plays 3D games: Mortal Kombat, God Of War (Origins Collection: Chains of Sparta/ Ghost of Sparta), Resistence 3, Killzone 3 - amazing. 3D gaming - who woulda thought...??? I bought the special gaming glasses (AG-F310DP) that separate split screens so each player has a separate view and played MW3, Rainbow Six Vegas, and Need For Speed Most Wanted (2006) and can report - the glasses work great!

Can't say much about the tv speakers - Since bringing her home, she's been connected to my Pioneer 1122 receiver set up as 6.1 (4 Wharfedale towers, 2 JBL Venue Centers(F+R), JBL Venue Sub) and have never used the TV speakers -- 60% the movie experience is the sound! Gotta love DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby Tru HD.

The networking connection was a breeze! Picked up my home wireless network automatically. Typed in the network key and voila! Connected to the internet. Had to update the firmware and then off to the races. Netflix rocks!

Everything about this set is fantastic. I love movies and gaming and this LG just beautifies the ENTIRE experience. For the price, hard to beat. I prefer and LOVE the passive 3D feature over the costlier active shutter 3D. There's some very minor ghosting and blurring on high speed shots but very negligible. I've also notice the Dirty Screen Effect I've read in other reviews but only in certain scenes in certain movies. Too minor to even mention. This TV rocks. My, technology has evolved in just a short period of time.

My settings:
Picture Mode: ECO (USER)
Sharpness 50
AV Mode - OFF
Color Temp - C30

Dynamic Contrast - LOW
Dynamic Color - LOW
Super Resolution - OFF
Gamma - LOW

Noise Reduction - LOW
MPEG Noise Reduction - LOW
Black Level - LOW
Motion Eye Care - OFF (eliminates the bright white picture flickering)
True Motion - USER (De-Judder set to 10)

I switched between LOW, MED, HIGH for all the settings above over and over for at least 10 movies and preferred the LOW setting. I didn't mention other settings (contrast, brightness, etc) as I left those untouched. Good luck and enjoy!
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on May 6, 2013
I bought this TV about a month ago, and have to say I have enjoyed almost everything about this set. Setup was super easy, and within just a couple minutes I was able to access everything, I do have a network hub with my entertainment system though, so that did speed things up. One thing to note that they don't mention anywhere I could find is that the system says that it has both Component and Composite video inputs, which is true, but they use the same ports, so it is not possible to have both plugged in at the same time. This doesn't affect me, but it might affect some of you.

I work in film/video, so when I got around to calibrating the image I was more than pleased. In the Cinema mode you have the ability to adjust every minute setting to make the picture as crisp and accurate as you could imagine. Which makes movies look like incredible, with minimal to no distortion in the blacks or highlights. If that is something that you don't want to worry about most of the default settings looked pretty good straight out of the box, but even a complete novice can make there TV look 10x better just by running AVSHD. This guide is a great intro if that is something you want to do.

The smart features of this TV are nice, but since I have a number of other devices hooked up to the set I don't really use any of them except for when I first got the set. It does have some apps that I could see being useful to exploit the 3D capabilities of the set, like a 3D movie rental front built in. During my initial tests of those I did find it extremely easy to navigate and adjust the home screen to a layout that is unique to what you want. Many of the built in apps are usable, but simple in comparison to their companion apps on the PS3 or Xbox. I would probably compare most of them to a Roku app, so still very usable, and capable of doing basically everything you want. Typing using the standard remote is painfully slow though, making searching a burden.

The 3D is actually pretty good, but goes wonky at about a 30-45 degree off angle, so for 3D viewing a deeper room is better than a wide room. I was skeptical of the of the 2D->3D conversion built into, but after using it for a couple of things it does a surprisingly good job, but you won't see the effect on everything. It was really nice when I loaded up a 3D clip from YouTube. By default it displayed it in Side-by-side, but when I pressed the 3D button on the remote it detected the form of 3D and worked flawlessly. While both of those features are a little gimmicky my 3D blu-rays look spectacular on this set, and in some cases the 3D is even more discernable than when I saw the same film in 3D in the theaters.
Another side note on the 3D, this unit does use passive 3D which means that you don't have to buy glasses from LG if you want more than the 4 pairs provided. Just start collecting them from the theater when you go, and they work just as well. LG's glasses are lighter and easier to wear, but they wear a little funny when you wear glasses as well. It's not unbearable, but I find the ones from the theater a little more comfortable, at least for me.

One of the things that I am not excited about with this set is that when you want to switch which input you are using it brings up a full screen selector. It does show you what is coming in on that connection if you leave the selector on the input for a couple of seconds which is nice, but if I just want to switch back and forth quickly between inputs I cannot do that. That same selector has the audio selector if you want an HDMI return channel, or are piping audio out through S/PDIF. To avoid most of the switching issue I have everything going through a receiver, but even then the TV will occasionally get a signal crossed or something and I will get duplicate sound through the TV speakers. It is easy enough to put back, but still the occasional annoyance.

The only other problem I have with the set, which probably won't be an issue for most people, is that through my receiver I have one device CEC enabled, so I can control it with the TV remote. On my old television it would pass the commands through the receiver no problem, but with this unit I had to do a couple weird things with SimpLink (LG's CEC protocol) and adjust some settings on my receiver. It was after I turned SimpLink on that I started having some of the weird issues with the TV changing the receivers audio settings mentioned above. The problems aren't a deal breaker, but they do get slightly annoying sometimes, especially when anyone else has it happen while using it since they don't know how to fix it.

Overall, this TV has been a great purchase. I looks great as a whole, and produces an excellent image. It is a little more expensive, but you are paying for a reputable brand, LED, and 3D. When you combine it all together it makes a great television, and one that I would recommend to anyone looking to buy a 3D TV, or someone looking for a high quality image at an easily accessible price point.
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on July 9, 2013
I did a lot of homework and research and settled on this model. I'm THRILLED with the choice I made! I purchased it at a big box retailer. Out of the box the picture is wonderful. Some of the deepest blacks I've seen on a television in this price range. Something that's not mentioned in any of the descriptions is that the stand is designed to enable you to physically swivel the TV to the sides a few inches if you watch from an angle different than your normal viewing position. Some cons: 1) sound quality is average to mediocre. Sometimes it seems as if music or special effects overwhelm the virtual center channel. Even with the surround feature turned off I've still noticed the issue at times. There is an adjustment called "clear voice" (I think) that helps with the problem but doesn't eliminate it. I use a full 5.1 AV surround setup so it's not that big of an issue for me. 2) I hate the "true motion" (or whatever it's called. It seems most annoying when watching classic black and white films. Makes them look as if they were shot on videotape. Not natural looking at all. The TV comes with this feature automatically turned on so try turning that off if you don't like the resulting picture. 3) No Amazon Prime app! (Luckily my blu ray player has it.)

The 3D is amazing. Watched The Hobbit and Life of Pi in 3D and both were absolutely stunning! The 2D to 3D feature wasn't very impressive to me. I could hardly notice a difference. Could just be my eyes I guess.

Overall I would not trade this TV for anything. I absolutely love it.

UPDATE August 28th: As noted in comments, Amazon app is now available after updating the television. I've watched several movies using it and I didn;t experience any issues whatsoever streaming via WiFi. I am still loving this television.
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on August 29, 2013
I bought the Samsung UN40F6300 first and was very disappointed with the sound, viewing angles and picture quality as a whole. I returned the Samsung and Purchased the LG 42LA6200 hoping for the best. I had the TV for about 3 days when I started to notice "Flickering" on some channels and not others. After doing some basic troubleshooting, I decided to exchange the TV for the same model hoping that it was just a fluke of bad luck. When I returned home with the replacement, I hooked everything up and watched closely to see if the same issue would start happening again. Low and behold, the same thing started happening again. This led me to start thinking that it may be my other equipment and not the TV itself. Here is where the fun begins. I tried different hdmi 1.4 cables, every setting possible on both the cable box and the TV, component cables, different cable boxes, moving the TV to different rooms, different inputs on the TV, and at one point even adding a signal amplifier to the cable box. It still was happening. None of my other TVS in the house do this and they range from Samsung to Olevia and everything in between. The flickering would only happen on some channels and only at scene changes of the show that was on. Commercials on the same channel were not a problem. My Blu-ray player also plays FLAWLESSLY even in 3D mode, so it is the broadcast and not the equipment. Through some extensive online research, I found out that the problem is with the firmware of the tv itself. What was happening is known in the industry as "GOP". It is when a broadcast station alternates its transmission between 1080i@50fps and 1080p@25fps at scene changes. The Tv does not notice it and render it fast enough for the eye to avoid seeing it (GOP). All of the other major brands have had issues with this since the broadcasting started in Feb of 2011 and have corrected it through a firmware update rather promptly.

It is a shame that I'm caught between a rock and a hard place because this may well be the best LED TV that I have ever seen before in this size range. I don't want to get beyond the point of not being able to return it to the store without knowing if there will ever be a firmware update to solve the problem. I would rather not enter the "Warranty Period" , because that is a whole issue in itself. Its just like everything that is newly released, you just have to wait it out until the kinks are all taken care of. Most people will not even notice this problem, but it drives me crazy considering the fact that the channels it happens on are my favorite channels to watch (Bravo, Spike, VH1, etc.).

The IPS screen in this TV is stunning aside from the 60hz native refresh rate. The sound is Incredible for TV speakers. Viewing angles are awesome for an Led TV. Design is outstanding. And last but not least, the value is great too.

I will be returning the TV today and not getting one to replace it just yet. I'm gonna have some patience and wait it out until all of the kinks are fixed, Then I will re-buy it.

Sorry if I pointed attention to something that might now get noticed by people that did not see this before they rated the TV. I still think this TV is awesome, but we buy TVS to Watch TV. That should be the main focus here.

Thanks for reading.
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on December 17, 2013
I have no complaints of this TV as of yet. I have not encountered any bugs or errors yet.

All functions of television work as described. Once you do a pro picture set up, the image is of excellent quality. I am no electronics guru, but I always do my research before buying.

This television had the name that I trust, the size I wanted, the features I crave (yeahh... i like 3d, i don't care if it's gimicky and there isn't much content to utilize the feature. But on those occasional nights I choose to partake in mind altering goodies, the 3D keeps the drool rolling down my chin.)

Aside from the hours upon hours of HBOGO, Amazon, and Netflix I watch on this TV- I game as well. Although I am no MLG- I do feel that the refresh keeps me up to par with others.

I do enjoy the fact that this TV has regular firmware updates. This to me shows that LG is keeping up with improving the functionality of their products, and while the 14min it cuts out of my entertainment time every once in a while, I take joy in knowing that my TV will work just a little bit better in the end.
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Size: 42-InchVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been using this TV for a week now and have been really pleased with the quality of the picture, the ease of accessing a range of content, and the overall aesthetics of the TV. While it's too soon to tell on lifespan, I also own a 2012 LG TV that I've been equally pleased with (LG Cinema Screen 47LM7600 47-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 240Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Six Pairs of 3D Glasses) and that has continued to perform well over time so I'm confident this TV will do the same.

Before you read the rest of the review it's important to note that while I did do a fair amount of research before buying my first LG TV I'm by no means a TV expert so this review comes from the perspective of someone who appreciates a high quality TV viewing experience, but doesn't understand every technical in and out. Consider me your slightly savvy average consumer. Warning, this review is a tad long since there are so many aspects of owning a TV. Accordingly, I organized my points into buckets so that hopefully it is easier to skip to the parts that interest you if necessary.

Set up:

This TV was a breeze to set up. If you choose to use the stand, it is very easy to put together and attach to the TV. It took me 10 minutes maximum to assemble, including the time spent hunting around for screws I had accidently dropped on the floor. Once the stand is set up, I found it quite nice. It has a sleek minimalist design and rotates about 45 degrees in either direction.

As for the TV itself, there are just a few set up screens and then you are in business, though some individual apps also have their own short set up to validate your accounts (i.e. Facebook). You will also though likely want to calibrate the picture and sound before watching. I personally liked the results far better when I did this vs. when I used the TV with the preset settings. Even if you are a relative neophyte like I am, there are a lot of great resources online that can help you do this. Also, there is thankfully nothing you can do that can't be undone so if you create a setting you don't like it is easy enough to change it. I also found connecting it to wifi to be very easy. It found my network right away and accepted my password.

Picture quality:

Once the TV was properly calibrated I was quite satisfied with the viewing quality I have with this TV. I thought the detail, vibrancy of the colors, and depth of the black with this TV were great. I also paid close attention (closer than normal) when watching for flashlighting and bleeding and if any was there my eye isn't savvy enough to detect it.

I thought I might have an issue with motion blur or judder since my 2012 TV has TruMotion 240Hz, but the difference was actually a lot more modest than I expected, at least with everyday BluRay movies and HDTV shows. Personally, I was pleasantly surprised. At least from my experience it seems like you're always going to get a little bit of both with LED-LCD TVs but this TV seemed to handle both well, even when I was watching for both with a more scrutinizing eye than normal for the purpose of writing this review. I also thought that the TV did a good job when viewing it from side angles. I did find that the contrast was a little less pronounced then, but still the viewing quality was pretty good. The option of energy saving features is also nice though I personally like a brighter TV experience so I generally opt not to use them.


Typically I watch TV with a home theater system so I'm not reliant on the sound quality of the TV. However the built in speakers work better than I expected and I like that there are different settings for the sound. I found it sufficient for TV and web video viewing but if you plan to use it for music or movies that have dramatic scores or lots of sound effects you'll probably enjoy this TV more with a home theater system. I noticed when playing music in particular it was really lacking bass and the percussion in particular sounded really flat. I'm using this in my bedroom and not as my primary TV I'm okay with using my TV speakers for sound though I may get the Soundbar & Subwoofer at a later date after I have spent more time with this TV.


One of my favorite things about the TV, beyond the picture quality is how easy it is to access a range of content. I love being able easily use YouTube, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Pandora, Picasa, and Facebook. I think it is possible that I could drop my cable subscription and still be quite pleased with how much I'm able to use this TV. At least at the time of writing this review, Spotify and Amazon Instant Video are absent. However, Amazon Instant Video was recently added to my 2012 TV so it seems realistic it will be added here soon as well.

I also have been pleased with the experience of using these services within the TV. Among the bunch the only interface I've found that I haven't liked is Facebook. (It's a very dumbed down version of the Facebook experience and I dislike that when I look at my wall it omits links and pictures from people's posts, which makes for an unsatisfying experience.) Everything else has been easy to use. I especially like that YouTube works with my phone (as long as you are using both on the same wifi network) so I can use my phone to control what plays on my TV, including finding videos. I've been especially pleased with the speed and quality. When I'm watching YouTube videos, for example, they load quickly and I don't have any problems with buffering. I do find with all these programs I spend much more time on my butt in front of the TV than I did pre-Smart TV. Thanks to the addition of a dual core processor, I also find that web browsing is faster than it is with my 2012 TV, though it is still slower than with my MacBook.


My TV did not ship with the Magic Remote and I will admit that having gotten used to it with my 2012 TV, I really missed it. It does make easy work of navigating through the menus and typing when you're using the Apps. And at least the 2012 version of the Magic Remote is incredibly intuitive to use if you've ever played around with a Wii. As a short-term fix, I've been using the iPhone remote app for LG. It's a tad glitchy as it sometimes tells me that my network single is low even when my phone icons are showing a full wifi signal. But otherwise I find it a bit more convenient than the standard remote that ships.


The one other thing this TV does not have that my 47LM7600 does is the Cinema Screen design, which makes the TV virtually frameless. This is one of the things I LOVE about my 47LM7600 because it makes the TV fit in nicely in a well-decorated living room. Instead this has a beveled edge so it is a little less sleek and modern looking, but nonetheless still looks pretty nice. The Cinema Screen does come with a higher price tag so I think you have to decide for yourself it if is worth the extra expense. For me when it came to a living room TV it was, but as this TV is used in my bedroom to me the design is more than sufficient. The one thing I don't care for on this TV is the power light. On this TV it is in the middle and much larger than with my 47LM7600 where it is located off on the side and just a very small dot. With this TV it seems more obtrusive, especially in a bedroom at night. Thankfully it doesn't give off much light and hasn't kept me from getting to sleep. (Edited to add: Thanks to the commenter who noted that you can turn this light off in the settings. I did and like this TV even better now that I know this is possible. I'm sure if you were having issues with the TV the power light is helpful to indicate that it isn't a power issue but for day to day use I find it unnecessary.)

Overall, I think this is a great TV. Yes, there are a few things in this review that I call out as being less than optimal but to me they were all small things that didn't greatly diminish my overall viewing/usage experience or that didn't seem fair to expect of a TV at this price point. If you're put off by the price tag that comes with a lot of the higher end LED TVs I think this offers a lot for the money and gives you a great TV experience at a relatively affordable price.
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on January 14, 2014
in just six months that I have with this TV, the power supply board overheats and turns off it, LG people came to my house and says I have to replace it and the guarantee does not apply.
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