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We purchased the LG 32LN5300 32" television for our toddler's playroom, so we didn't want anything too big or too expensive. I looked at all our options and narrowed down my search to the LG 32LN5300 based on image quality, features, and price. My basic requirements were that it had to be 1080P and offer at least two HDMI inputs. There was one other television that was $50 less than the LG, but I opted for the LG because the image quality was noticeably better and off-axis viewing was far superior. The other television was an Insignia.

The first thing I'll say about the LG 32LN5300 is this television is mostly about image quality; the image quality is its most outstanding feature. Like most flat-screen televisions, especially on the budget market, audio quality is not its strongest asset.

It offers two 10W speakers (20W total) that produce a very nice volume that will easily fill a moderately sized room enough that you can probably hear it well in an adjacent room. Don't expect to get a nice full-bodied sound with rich low end. Its sonic body is thin. With that said, the settings do offer the ability to tweak the audio and you can set the treble and bass. This helps somewhat and lessons the boxy sound a bit. Virtual surround settings also enhance the audio effect. Just be aware that the audio quality is enough to get by, which makes it fine for a bedroom, den, or play room. If you want added audio quality, consider purchasing a separate speaker system.

Where this television excels in its price range is in image quality. The monitor does an excellent job at projecting a clean image with crisp detail and very nice image contrast and color tone. There is an abundance of expert settings that allow you to configure gamma levels and many other complex settings that most users will never know how to set. Some of these settings can get you into trouble, so if you play with them, expect to possibly reset everything back to the factory default if you screw things up. But don't be intimidated. The settings are easy to access using the remote and all the basics are there: brightness, contrast, color, tint, backlighting, etc.

After initially setting up the television, I wasn't overly pleased with the image quality. After maybe twenty minutes of customization, I now have things configured and am very pleased with the image quality. If image quality is important to you, expect to spend a little time configuring the settings to your liking and don't get upset if the first image you see isn't what you expected. It's designed to allow for user configuration.

This television is ideal for applications that don't require extra features or an abundant quantity of inputs and outputs. The 32LN5300 comes with only two HDMI inputs, one on the back and one on the side. If you're wall mounting the television, keep in mind that the back HDMI connector requires you to use an HDMI cable with a 90-degree connector or adapter. If you don't, the television won't lay flush against the wall because the cable will get in the way.

Along with two HDMI connectors, the television comes with one composite and one USB input.

The 32LN5300 is Energy Star compliant and sips power at a rate of approximately $6 a year when the Eco setting is configured (default).

There are a number of reviews that complain about faulty power issues. Some of these reviews are related to purchasing used equipment. I'm very concerned about this, but so far, we haven't experienced this problem, perhaps because we purchased it new. If we do, I'll immediately update this review and report it here. If you don't see any added update regarding this, our television is working fine.

Overall, the LG 32LN5300 is a very nice basic television that produces a beautiful image. The sound is a bit thin, but the audio can be configured to make the out-of-the-box settings a bit bolder. It's not built for sound; it's build for economy of purchase and image quality. We're very happy with the screen quality. Based on our experience, we would recommend this television for those who need a basic set without an abundance of features or connections.
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on September 14, 2013
I purchased this TV for my 91 year old grandmother who decided it was time to spend a little money on herself (I purchased from Amazon and she reimbursed me). Before this, she was using a 27" JVC CRT that was nearing the end of its useful life since the screen kept getting progressively darker and any programming showing dark scenes was almost impossible to see (and that was with the brightness turned all the way up). At the same time, she was getting sick and tired of paying for basic cable service (about $25/mo) so I purchased a cheap RCA antenna (ANT111) to take advantage of the free OTA digital channels. She lives 5-7 miles from most of the towers and was able to pick up 39 digital channels with this antenna (she was previously only getting 10-15 channels from Time Warner).

While searching for her new TV, I had to consider space and price. I felt that a 32" TV would have been too small and since I couldn't find any suitable options in the 35-37" range I started looking at the 40" TVs. Unfortunately, these were out of her budget probably due to their "smart" options - which she will never use and their 120Hz refresh rates. Also, I needed to keep the overall width of the TV to 35".

I then turned my search to 39" models and narrowed it down to the Samsung UN39FH5000 and the LG 39LN5300. To make an extremely long story short, I have a grudge against Samsung because I've been burned so many times in the past (google "Samsung panel lottery"). It was hard for me to consider the Sammy, but I think it was the next best option to this LG (even though the Sammy was four bills and the LG was just over three).

I had the TV shipped to my home so I could evaluate it prior to setting it up for her. Set up was easy and straight forward. Three Philips head machine screws attach the bracket to the base, the TV slips over the bracket and secures with four Philips head machine screws with washers.

BUILD QUALITY (7/10): The build quality of this TV is above average if you consider its budget friendly price. I am only disappointed with the quality of the stand as it's as light as a feather and is made mostly from cheap plastic and a thin metal support strip. The stand for my Sony TV weighs 5 lbs and the one for my Panny weighs 10 lbs. Both are made from a combination of sturdy plastic and metal.

HD PICTURE QUALITY (8/10): The HD picture quality is actually better than I was expecting. I tested the TV with my HD converter box and BluRay player in 1080p. The quality closely matched my Sony TV which cost three times as much. Some of the OTA channels are 720p and they look very good too. You won't be disappointed in the picture quality.

UPCONVERTED PICTURE QUALITY (8/10): I think this category should be taken with a grain of salt since the upconverted quality is likely to differ between DVD/BD players. My Sony DVP-SR500H player does an average job (maybe a 6/10) while my Sony BDP-S590 player is above average (maybe an 8/10).

SD PICTURE QUALITY (8/10): I was pleasantly surprised with the SD picture quality of this TV. It was much clearer compared to my Sony (both this LG and my Sony don't even come close to my Panny). Jaggies were hardly noticeable at all. Just remember, 8 out of 10 here looks really good and helps the overall score, but this is just a rating on the SD picture quality. If I had to compare the SD to HD picture quality, the SD would be somewhere around a 6 or 7 if the HD quality were a 10.

MOTION BLUR & MOSQUITO NOISE (7.5/10): I watched a football game on ESPN and noticed some slight motion blur. It wasn't very bad or even distracting, but it was there. Also, I noticed some mosquito noise around the players. What really disappointed me was the motion artifact when watching cartoons. I watched an episode of Family Guy and every time the camera moved the picture shook which was annoying. This annoying level of artifact was present when I streamed the first episode of Under the Dome especially during the part where the dome came down and Barbie witnessed the cow getting sliced in half. What an awesome show btw.

SCREEN UNIFORMITY (7/10): There are a few bright strips that run the entire vertical length of the screen on the far left and right sides. These bright strips fade significantly when the backlight and brightness are turned down. They are more noticeable if viewing 45 degrees or more from center, less noticeable when viewing from center.

BANDING (8.5/10): This TV does suffer from banding issues, but it's only noticeable when white backgrounds are displayed or probably less than 5% of the time. I watched a few hours of cable programming the other night while testing this TV and only noticed it very briefly.

COLOR (7/10): Right out of the box I felt the color on this set was slightly faded or washed out. Now, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I prefer my colors to have a little more pop. I did try calibrating the color and that helped immensely. Out of the box rating would have been a 5.

SOUND QUALITY (7/10): Right out of the box I would have given this TV a 5 for sound. After tweaking the ClearVoice settings and using the "music" mode, I was pleasantly surprised that my grandmother could actually hear this TV. It is much clearer than her old JVC and actually filled her 12x12 room with plenty of sound (volume level between 10-15). Bass was initially set to 50, I increased it to 75 and might do so again because this thing really lacks depth. ***update*** As of lately, my grandmother has been having a hard time making out the dialogue so I purchased her a sound bar with front facing speakers. The sound bar was an immediate improvement over the TV speakers.

REMOTE (9/10): Most HDTVs that I've owned or purchased for friends and relatives come with remotes that are absolutely huge and oddly shaped. This remote is quite compact and fits very comfortably in my hand. Unfortunately, with a compact remote the buttons are closer together and this remote feels a bit crowded. I would think that even after sufficient time of getting used to this remote, the user could accidently hit some of the buttons if they weren't watching what they were doing or if they were using the remote in a dark environment. It would have been nice if the remote had backlit buttons.

OVERVIEW: As I mentioned, this TV is for my 91 year old grandmother. It is the largest TV she has ever owned, but probably not the most expensive. The look on her face when I pulled it out of the box was priceless - I don't think she ever imagined having a TV this large and this nice for the budget friendly price.


Build Quality 7.0/10
HD Picture Quality 8.0/10
Upconverted Picture Quality 8.0/10
SD Picture Quality 8.0/10
Motion Blur/Mosquito Noise 7.5/10
Screen Uniformity 7.0/10
Banding 8.5/10
Color 7.0/10
Sound Quality 7.0/10
Remote 9.0/10

Total 77/100
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on July 5, 2013
I purchased the 39 inch. First impressions. Picture is excellent without making any adjustments. I have it hooked up to Directv through the HDMI input. I watched a movie on a non HD channel and the picture looked almost as good as an HD channel. I think the TV has some kind of up converter built in.

Common with most flat screen TV's the speakers are under the front of the TV and sound is less than impressive. I compare the sound to listen to something through a tin can. Plan to get a sound bar in the next few weeks.

So far I really like this TV. As always Amazon's price was by far the lowest. Got one for $314.99 it was originally 387.99 but Amazon marked it down several times. I would buy another one if I had anywhere to put it.

Update 7/17/13
I have had this TV for a few weeks now. I was worried about buying a 60hz TV but no trouble what so ever. I have watched NASCAR, Baseball, Football and all other types of programing. I see no motion blurring at all on this TV. The picture is just amazing. Crisp, clear and the color is really good. Thats without any adjustments. I'm using the standard picture setting and have the energy saver set on low. Have not purchased a sound bar yet. Adjusted some of my sound settings and is a little better. Some channels have really good sound and some don't. DVD's have good sound. And speaking of DVD the picture quality looks as good if not better than Directv's 720p and 1080i HD. The DVD picture quality is so good I have not even considered a Blu Ray player. I have my DVD player hooked up through the component input. The Blue Green and Red. Really happy with this purchase.
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on April 7, 2013
This was my fourth LG TV and I really wanted to like this. I have three other LG TV's in the following sizes, 32", 47" and 55". This is the 2013 year model and my other TV's were from 2011 and 2012. When the TV arrived I unpacked the boxed and noticed a 4" x 4" bracket that was not listed in the manual. After looking at it again, I noticed that it was a Joey mounting bracket from DishNetwork's Hopper system!!! Now how did that get in there? It was even wrapped in the white foam like the rest of the TV. After looking closer at the box, there was two rows of tape on the top of the box sealing it closed. I hooked up the TV and it powered on for about 4 seconds and then turned off. After 1/2 of trying to get the TV to stay on, I called LG's support and they were of no help. After changing to a different power cord, the TV would stay on for 4 minutes and then turn off for 15 seconds and then back on. The next morning I tried it again and it would not stay on for more than 4 minutes without turning off. My final thoughts were that this must have been returned and somehow reshipped out. So I had this TV returned and a replacement sent. The next TV did the same thing!! Agh! I decided to move this TV to another room with a different Sat Receiver and HDMI cable just to make sure there wasn't a problem in that room. The results were the same. 8-(. I hooked up my old TV and it is working great, so it is not a power or Sat problem. The 30 day support from Amazon was refreshing!! No over seas support and they were located in Oregon. The tech went through the usual fixes for this type of problem and it looks like another defective TV. Thumbs up to Amazon and their return process, but thumbs down for this model so far. I did notice that this model is stripped down in that it will not play video through the USB port like two of my other LG TVs. It looks like the newer models will not play video unless it is a higher end version unlike last years models. 8-( What's up with this LG???? I will most likely check out the Samsung version of this TV now. On a side note, when I could get this TV to power on, the picture looked much better than the Vizio 26" model it was replacing, but the Vizio got the last laugh as lest it would stay on! <G>
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on April 19, 2013
I purchased this tv about 2 weeks ago as I saw on that a few early adopters were really talking this tv up. I gotta say that i'm 100% satisfied with this tv. I purchased the 32" to use as an office gaming tv, as well as a monitor for my macbook pro. In both cases, it performs extremely well. First of all as a gamer, its hard to find a tv in todays times that has low input lag. While I dont have a testing device, I can tell you that this tv has very little input lag. As a barometer, I have a Panasonic tc-l37e3, which is supposed to be one of the lowest tv's for input lag, around 10ms, this tv is right there, and feels every bit as responsive, but it also has much better black levels. This tv puts out a great picture. I saw a couple reviews for this tv, which had really nothing to do with this tv's performance, so I thought it was important to post this review.
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on May 31, 2013
I purchased 12 of these TVs for business. One of them failed after only about 6 hours of use another about 24 hours. The problem with both TVs is the same: It turns itself off and if you restart it it stays on for a short time and turns itself off again. One of the TVs turned itself off and on and ultimately failed to turn on again. There is at least one other buyer who experienced this problem. When the first TV failed I replied to his posting. You can read it under his post. I decided to create a new post after the second TV failed. 2 out of 12 is a very high failure rate. I am very disappointed. The TVs I purchased are the 42" version. I will try to return all of them. I will post my experience with Amazon after I speak with them. I would not buy this model again and I can not recommend this model based on my experience.
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on September 5, 2013
After few minutes being on, the TV itself decide turned off without any reason and on again after long time... possibly because of the Eco Motion Sensor must be harmed.
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on August 4, 2014
By in large I've been either very happy with the products I've purchased from Amazon, or it wasn't worth the time to post a review.

I'm making time to post a review for this piece of junk.

This TV has a significant material defect in probably its power supply system. The TV randomly turns off and then back on. The display will go black, the red stand-by light will start blinking, and then after a few seconds the TV will come back on. After the TV has been on for several hours this behavior will occur so frequently that the TV is no longer watchable.

But don’t just take my word for it: look at the other Amazon (usually one-star) reviews for this TV; you’ll see an identical complaint from other reviewers, not for just this TV (mine was the LG 39LN5300) but with other LG TV’s in the product line (checkout the LG 39LN5700 or other LG TV reviews). Also, spend a few minutes looking at the consumer affairs website about this TV; you’ll see the same complaint again and again.

My TV was just 7 months old.

I tried to get the TV repaired thru LG and a tech was supposed to come today to fix it, but at the end of the day, after re-arranging all of schedules so that someone would be home, we got a call saying the tech wasn’t coming and they were going to have to ‘order parts’. That’s code for “good luck getting that TV fixed”.

Fortunately, Amazon is saving the day by allowing me to return the TV without a restocking fee. However, it is high time for Amazon to step up and more closely scrutinize high-$$$ electronic items with established complaint histories. It’s a pain in the backside to return a TV.

So save yourself some pain and pass on this TV – on any LG TV. I’d make a recommendation on another TV, but I’m not sure myself. Recommendations? I’d prefer recommendations from those who’ve owned their TV for > 6 months.
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on August 7, 2013
There's good news and bad news in the television department. I was pleased that this LG set cost about half of what I paid for my previous TV, a Samsung LED that became unusable after only five years, but there's a reason why the unit is so inexpensive.

I chose an LG after reading a magazine article by the celebrated author Nicholson Baker praising LG as the leading manufacturer of flat-screen displays. In it, he reveals that LG makes the displays for most Apple products, including their touted Retina Display, as well as other brands of hand-held devices, but I confess that I can't really discern much difference in the picture quality between this set and my old Samsung or, for that matter, other new LCD televisions I've seen. It provides a fine, bright display (if adjusted properly), but they're all pretty good to my fading vision that was once satisfied with CRT TV.

In addition to a good picture, buyers also want features and ease of use. The LG remote control comes with an INFO button that displays the title of a program or movie and how long the show is scheduled to run. Being a compulsive channel surfer, I like that.

Very few TV sets that I've seen of late come with internal stereo speakers that produce impressive sound, and the internal speakers of the LG are worse than those of any TV set I've ever owned. The internal audio amplifier puts out a measily 10 watts at 10% distortion! Not a good choice for viewing concerts.

The reason manufacturers skimp on the quality of internal speakers is that owners who desire theater-quality sound have their set connected to an external audio system. Those who have spent extravagant sums on audio typically have the latest 5.1-channel Dolby(tm) system and an array of speakers, but my high-end system, which I'm still satisfied with, is older and merely handles two-channel stereo.

This creates a problem, because one of the reasons that the new sets have come down in price is that they've eliminated the large array of input and output jacks on the back of the set. That's true not just of this LG, but all the consumer-grade low-priced sets I looked at have only the minimum of inputs and outputs. There are RCA-phono input receptacles for an old-fashioned DVD player, but gone are sockets for connecting a VCR. (Which is now as obsolete as an 8-track, and it's time you sent all those treasured video tapes to the landfill.) There are two HDMI inputs, but one is on the side, which may or may not suit your instalation. I'll refer you to other reviews here to illustrate the shortcomings of the single USB port.

The only audio output, and the only way to connect the set to a decent sound system, is through a single digital optical audio port which accepts a fiberoptic Toslink Cable. (Amazon has a good price on one.) That was no problem for me, because I've been using the optical audio output on my Mac for years, and with a quality external digital-to-analog convertor, there is a satisfying improvement in sound.

Digital-to-analog convertors have also come down in cost, and Amazon also has good prices on them (though many are sold through independent sellers). But when I connected the LG 32LN5300 to a standard D/A convertor and to my stereo system, I got no sound at all! This is where the fun began.

The magazine article I mentioned above touted LG's devotion to customer satisfaction, and I'm here to say that's udder buncombe. (I also remembered that I never cared for any of Nicholson Baker's novels either.) My first three posted messages to LG's customer support site resulted in replies that were of no help whatsoever. It is impossible to reply to LG's messages, so each attempt at solving the problem meant starting from scratch at their website. When I phoned the LG help desk, I confess that I lost my temper when the fellow suggested that I had to instead call the maker of the D/A convertor, and ask >them< if their convertor is compatible with LG products. That's a typical ploy of poor customer service: fob the customer off onto another company.

In response to my fourth message, I was finally informed that the audio output of the LG 32LN5300 is in the Dolby AC3 format. This specification is not given in the owner's manual nor at the LG website. Amazon to the rescue again, and I purchased a Panlong Optical SPDIF/ Coaxial Digital to Analog RCA Audio Decoder Converter that worked . . . sometimes.

Depending on whether the source is in the Dolby format the sound from my external audio system is sometimes annoyingly delayed so that it is obviously not in sync with the picture. Sometimes the external audio is not available at all, which requires shutting off the TV and turning it back on. Beware that if you plan on connecting the LG 32LN5300 to an external audio system that's in mere stereo, you will have unsolvable problems.

I will assume that another defect of the LG 32LN5300 would also apply mostly to older users, but if you are among those of us who yet get your TV signal from broadcast sources, as opposed to cable TV, this set's tuner is poor. If I were to stand on the roof of my home, I could see the transmitter towers of the local stations on the horizon, but sometimes the LG's tuner picks their signals up from my rooftop antenna . . . and sometimes it doesn't. With the popularity of cable TV, LG apparently figured, pess on `em, and they could get by with a cheap tuner.

And for guys, it's essential that the remote control be responsive and easy to use. The LG remote, however, is flaky and requires fiddling. Switching input sources is an ordeal which requires the use of both hands. Accidentally hitting a wrong button requires scrolling down to an on-screen EXIT button to close a window. If you have virtuoso remote skills, guys, you will not be satisfied with the LG instrument.

It's a cheap set, and you gets what you pays for. As with automobiles in the 1980s, the goal of designers of home electronics today seems to be not to make the product better, but to make it cheaper and hence more profitable.

FOLOW-UP REPORT: After a mere six months, the ON/OFF switch on the LG remote control stopped working. The workaround to this defect is to tune to a channel with no signal (there is no Channel One, so I use that), then the set will eventually turn itself off after a while. I can then turn it back on using any other key.
Remember when Made-in-America appliances like Zenith worked for ten or twenty years without needing repairs?
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on April 22, 2014
I am pleased with nearly everything about this Television. The picture is excellent and has plenty of display settings to play with. In fact, since the screen is so incredibly bright, it produces an acceptable picture even in direct sunlight. The remote feels good 'n substantial, and has everything you'll need. The on board speakers are average, but good enough to use if you don't have/want external audio (I bought a sound bar w/ sub).

The biggest drawbacks for me are the relatively few (2) HDMI ports, that those ports lack HDMI-CEC support [Sorry Chromecasters, no automatic input switching :-( ], and the lack of any audio out other than an optical port.

The bottom line is that if you have $400 to spend on a TV, this is, by far, the biggest and best you can get. I love it.
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