Customer Reviews: LG Electronics 47LB5800 47-Inch 1080p 60Hz Smart LED TV (2014 Model)
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on April 15, 2014
I saw this tv at my local Brandsmart and was impressed; it had perhaps the best picture among standard LED tvs. An LG rep said the LB5800 series use an IPS panel with full array LED backlighting. With help from another Amazon member, we were able to determine the 39" uses an MVA panel, while the 32" uses an IPS panel (see comments). On LG's claim of full array LED backlighting, I assume it's valid, perhaps without local dimming as found on the LB6300 series.

I wanted a large screen gaming monitor to sit on my desk. This tv is pretty much all screen so no wasted space. Legs are sturdy, metal with plastic finish. Powered off, the screen is dark and not quite glossy but not quite matte. Colors are bright and vibrant, blacks are deep, screen is bright and uniform.

As a monitor, the 60hz panel works because input via HDMI from seems limited to 60hz anyway, meaning I could not overclock the 60hz refresh rate using several methods. I suggest not getting hung up on advertised refresh rates though, screen is fast and blurring is minimal even during gaming. TV does have a gaming mode which turns off video processing. While I can't assign a value to input lag, I can say this tv feels more responsive than my old Samsung with no gaming mode. Desktop text is fairly sharp, but doesn't compare to an IPS 1900x1200 monitor.

I find these settings optimal for monitor/gaming:

backlight = 80
contrast = 80
brightness = 50
color = 50
sharpness = 10
picture mode = game
energy saving = off

On general TV functions, menus are easy to navigate, Netflix streaming tuned in at HD with no buffering. Sound is okay, it's bottom firing, with some voice clarity lost behind the screen. Sound bar recommended for best experience. 120 motion index makes movement, especially people moving across screen seem somewhat animated, looks good though.

Lastly, LG uses sturdy Styrofoam packing and box material. Box is study, corners hold fast, box center doesn't yield much even with decent pressure applied. Easy assembly and menu config, up and running in under ten minutes.
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on July 14, 2014
i did not buy this from amazon, but i got it from Dell. I love amazon, but dell's deal was better at the time i got it.
I can post picture of my invoice to prove i do own it, if anyone questions the validity of my review.
I'm writing this review just to warns other of what i found out.

As for the tv, it's good and a decent price for the features; looks nice and has all the basic functions. smart apps is great, netflix and hulu. All is well. Those things are pretty standard now so nothing big.

on to the MAJOR FLAW.
Started watching some movies, and i notice something strange. During scene transition from brightly lit to dark scene, the tv DIMS and BRIGHTEN; globally (the entire screen). It does this every time. It dims to the point where you can barely make out any details in the dark scenes. As you know with movies, details is everything in darken scenes. It's purposely done so for you to focus on the details.
so first, i thought it was Energy-saving features. I go and it off, no energy-saving. IT still does it! No matter which input i'm using, irregardless of the source.
I thought that was strange. So i googled LG TV Dimming, lo and behold… i'm not the only one. what the heck is going on.

It turns out you CAN'T TURN IT OFF!!
visit this forum/link it's a large and highly respected forum for all things audio and video

This "feature" is hardwired into the firmware. It's been there for all LG tv's since 2010 (from the date of user complaint)
It's seem LG done this to either be able to "claim" higher contrast ratio or better energy-efficiency. Either way, it completely ruins picture details in dark scenes.

1. rename your HDMI input on the tv to PC. this will circumvent the dimming "feature". This only works if your source is at 60hz. Some blue ray player is lower, and it won't work.
fortunately for me my main usage is via pc for input and nothing else.

2. someone said use an inverter from HDMI to DVI. only works if your LG tv has an DVI input.

Other brand does this as well, but they have updated their firmware to allow end-user to turns it off completely. as of yet LG won't allow it or even admit this is a FLAW and not a "feature".
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on July 8, 2014
I thought about giving it 5 stars,but i had to be honest with myself.The TV is a very good buy.Price wise and picture with many nice features.
It picked up internet WI-FI No problem.Has two great EASY BUTTONS foR Quick menu ans settings on remote controller.It even has an
My Apps. easy button .
So what is the problem?
Well it does not come with an Easy set up manual .I figured it all out but because i have heavy background in electronics.
I like the control remote picture is awesome and parental control features.Easy to set picture settings.I don't recommend you use the
Energy saving picture mode unless its in bright area.(Dims light according to ambient light)
I'm over 60 my eyesight did not like it.
All in all im very happy,just right size for bedroom (The bigger the screen the further away to view for best performance and optimal eye care}
I recommend minimum 6 ft for this one.
1080pi is great no fuzzy corners.
Netflix and others work great.
I say buy it.
From leg to leg its 34 inches and width off each leg is only 9 inches so if you have a drawer or cabinet thats more than
35x12 you're fine
recommend you get the 2 yr trade insurance,very affordable ,i did.

if you're looking for a gamer tv,be real no 60hz will satisfy you.this is a good tv/netflix etc. tv just that,no more no less.
no easy instruction set up manual for remote control and over all setting.
you can get pdf on web sight.
usb that really works
easy wi-fi set up

final important notes:
like all smart cell,and tv's,you are agreeing to share with manufacturer you're viewing habits witch they use to send promotions to you're email.always have a second email name for these.
always research web for reviews on all electronics there are consumer report pro's out there.
just type mame and model ans word review at end.
100 off us can get a good unit next guy may have a flaky one,thats why always buy prime membership for warranty.
amazon prime is best there is.
no one pays me,i buy 90%off all my stuff here,never failed to stand by me.
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on July 9, 2014
I needed a 32'' smart TV for a small bedroom. I bought the 32LB5800 for a great price on Ebay. I have Netflix and Amazon Prime, so I thought the built-in apps for these services would be awesome. Only it turns out, in order to sign in to Netflix and Amazon Prime, I have to consent to LG's collecting and selling my personal information to third parties. I also have to agree to arbitration and not become part of a class action lawsuit to resolve problems with LG. I posted some pictures of what LG asks people to give up in order to use their LG smart TVs.

The TV itself is a mixed bag. Picture quality is good. Size viewing is better than average, thanks to the IPS screen.

This TV does not have a headphone output. Amazon description is wrong. Nor does it have RCA audio output.

An optical to RCA converter is the only way to connect headphones to this TV.

The side stands might look good, but they are not very functional, especially for the 32'' size.

With a standard stand, you can put the TV on a table that's not as wide as the TV itself.
review image review image
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on January 1, 2015
this is a great looking television the picture quality is top notch and the smart functions work very well. it has widi direct to share video and images from your smart phone even without a network connection which is a nice touch. Im using this television primarily as a monitor for a 2014 retina macbook pro and I couldn't be happier. Once I selected the predefined notebook label for the hdmi connection I got full resolution. text is crisp and clear. Its a very nice finish that matches the unibody macbook perfectly. I seen in another review some guy complaining about the tv dimming automatically which makes watching dark scenes in movies unwatchable. This does happen however its not some design flaw its the just the energy saver feature which by default is set to automatic. If this bothers you you can simply go into the setting and turn it off. Overall I couldn't be happier with this purchase.
review image
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on September 25, 2014
This TV is an easy setup. The legs can only be attached one way thanks to a peg on each leg in a different location. The legs have non-slip pads on the bottom.

The TV does produce a gorgeous picture. There are controls easily accessible from the remote for fine tuning adjustments to picture and sound. My older ears prefer the “News” setting for audio which makes spoken words easier to understand.

As on all thin TVs the speakers aim downward. This means half the sound is reflected to the back wall and half to the front. LG expects you to purchase a front-facing sound bar which easily plugs in to the TV.

I found a free workaround to the downward aiming speakers. I placed two long empty aluminum foil boxes on my cabinet directly behind the bottom of the TV. That blocks the sound from bouncing to the back and forces the sound to bounce to the front. It sounds silly, but it works! I covered the unsightly boxes with aluminum foil to match the silver bezel around the screen.

My one complaint concerns the remote control. The directional arrow button butts up against the “Smart” button. It is too easy to hit the “Smart” button when you are trying to hit the up arrow. It is very frustrating if you are using the onscreen keyboard or are in the middle of moving the cursor around the screen and almost completing your desired action only to be ejected from where you were working. LG sells an expensive “Magic Remote” which would alleviate this serious annoyance. (It was so frustrating I considered returning the TV rather than live with the frustration.)
I found a workaround to the annoying remote control: a wireless keyboard. In a text chat with LG Customer Support they told me that the following “have been tested. LOGITECH K200; LOGITECH K400; MICROSOFT Comfort Curve 2000; MICROSOFT MS800. Almost all mice that use HID are supported.”

My wireless keyboard is a Labtec. It works perfectly. Using the arrow keys on the keyboard makes the cursor zoom around the screen with precision control. This makes navigating the Online features of the TV a breeze. It also makes typing in web addresses easy

In conclusion, I like the TV. The picture is gorgeous. The internet functions work well. And a wireless keyboard makes cursor movement and typing easy.
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on August 7, 2014
This TV is awesome. I priced out many Smart LED TVs at the 40 inch size. I also went to Best Buy to see the image quality and narrowed my selection down to the LG, VIZIO, and Panasonic. At one point I bought the Panasonic display model which was marked down. But when I got it home I couldn't get past the Home screen, which is a menu page for the smart apps. The display model was useless without the remote. Also, my experience with purchasing this TV then returning it, reminded me what I don't like about retail shopping in a store. Finding an associate to ring me up, who was disinterested to help. Then listening to him drone on about how I needed an extended warranty because most TVs will break down after two years...what? So between LG and VIZIO, I made the decision to go with LG. My reasoning came from the picture quality and design of the LGs. Nothing against VIZIO, but I believe LG has been making superior quality TVs for many years now, with only Samsung as its rival. I wanted a Smart LED TV with 1080p, 3 HDMI ports, USB, and decent speaker quality, which looked nice even when its not on. After making my decision, I had no regrets. The TV was easy to set-up and the picture quality was excellent even in standard mode. I made a few adjustments by selecting expert mode in the picture settings. This allows you to scale up or down back-lighting, contrast, color saturation, and tint quality on a spectrum of colors. Once I had everything tuned the way I liked, I hooked-up my Blue Ray player and popped in a few of my recent favorites (Prometheus, Man of Steel, etc.). Enter...mind blown. Wow! This image quality is unreal. Actually, sometimes I'll be in the middle of a movie and swear that the movie I'm watching was shot on HD video rather than film, because there is absolutely no grain or blur. I find myself staring at things like leaves blowing in a tree or the variety and vibrancy colors on a landscape. Yeah I feel pretty good about this purchase and would highly recommend this TV to anyone who seeks a superior movie watching experience. Also the smart apps work great and I got a month of amazon Prime free...which was pretty cool. Prime has a plethora of good shows as well. Check it out.
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on June 13, 2014
This is the third one of this model I have purchased. All purchased through Amazon. When I needed an additional TV, I went right back to this LG TV model and Amazon because I have been very pleased with both. I particularly like the TV's wide viewing angle and resistance to glare on the screen.
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on December 30, 2014
I bought a Vizio smart TV for Christmas. The tuner could only find 8 channels off my aerial antenna (my previous little Toshiba could find 16) and when I used the Netflix app (as opposed to connecting my Roku through an HDMI port) it buffered every two minutes so as to make it unviewable.

Switched it for this LG LB5800 TV (39 inch version) for $399. Found 38 channels, displays them perfectly, Netflix app does not buffer, linked my laptop to the YouTube app so I can watch YouTube movies on my TV (just watched a 2 hour one) , and my kids are playing games off the Xbox. And that's just in the last three days. :)

There is one big con though -- there are virtually NO instructions with this thing. There is essentially no "quick guide" for set up and the manual honestly is the most useless thing I've seen in my life. It has zero information of any value in it.

On the plus side -- you actually don't NEED a manual. When you turn it on, it walks you through the installation. Before I started, I read comments on all the reviews and gleaned the following important information:

1. Energy saver is pointless and causes the picture to be too dim. When you walk through the installation, if you say you do NOT want it on, it keeps it on anyway (bug). But this is no biggie because you just press Settings on the remote, then select Picture, then scroll all the way down (all the options don't appear on the screen without scrolling) and you'll see Energy Saver which you then turn off.

2. Both the TV and Netflix (or other media off the internet) come with "TruMotion" set to "on." TruMotion produces the so-called "soap opera effect" where everything looks like As the World Turns rather than an actual movie. TrueMotion for the TV is turned off by pressing Settings on the remote, selecting Picture, scrolling down to Picture Options, then finding TruMotion and setting it to off. IMPORTANT NOTE -- TruMotion for internet media has to be turned off separately from turning it off for the TV AND the Settings button doesn't work when you're using Netflix or YouTube. When you're in smart mode, menu choices have to be accessed via the QMenu ("quick menu) on the remote. Press QMenu and then follow the same directions (Picture/Picture Options/TruMotion off) to turn off TruMotion.

3. Some people have complained about lag in devices connected via an HDMI port. I didn't find this, but reviewers have commented that the solution is to identify any such attached device as a PC. You do this by pressing the Input button on the TV, highlight the HDMI port you're using, then selecting "Change Device Name" and when the menu of options comes up, selecting PC. Whether this is necessary or not I don't know, but we did it anyway. It also supposedly helps to press the AV button on the button and select "game" mode when you're playing a game. I leave the games to my kids and they instinctively know every button to press anyway, so I don't worry about this.

4. To link YouTube to your laptop or other device, press the Smart button, select YouTube, then go to the Search bar in YouTube. A message will automatically pop up telling you how to link to your laptop or other device so you can launch a YouTube video directly from your device and it will automatically play on your TV. It's very trivial. The only other way would be to have a keyboard attached to your TV via one of the USB ports (you could use a wireless keyboard to make it really easy) and then type in the YouTube search field on the TV directly, but linking it to the laptop is trivial and works well.

5. One other suggestion gleaned from reviewers relates to sound. Personally, I barely notice differences in sound, but this thing has something called Clear Voice II which is supposed to make voices easier to distinguish from background noise. Press Settings on the remote, then select Sound, then turn Clear Voice II on and select level 3. There is also a sound setting called "news" which I think makes the voices even crisper.

I probably will eventually have some question I can't figure out myself, but then I'll just call LG support and ask them. So far -- it's all been extremely obvious and easy given the tips I gathered above.

This is a great TV for the money. Actually, I think it's a great TV period.
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on April 28, 2014
There is ONE big problem that I ran into. I ordered the Magic Remote AN-MR400. This TV is a 2014 TV. Prior to ordering the Magic Remote I asked a lot of questions and went to the LG website. I never saw that one must get an MR500 to work with this TV because the MR400 does not. The MR400 turns the TV on, but there is NO cursor, making the remote useless. Amazon does not have the MR500 so I have to go to LG for that. I learned all of this through a long chat with LG. There is always something that costs you more time and more money. I should have known better because LG never responded to my questions about the remote, as in "Does the MR400 work with this TV?"

The MR400 is awesome on my LG 2013 42" Smart TV.

It would be nice if there were more information on such things. LG and Samsung have so many products even they can't keep up with their own changes.
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