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on April 23, 2014
Update: 7/30/14: Apparently Pandora IS NO LONGER ( CANT GET IT ON THIS TV) supported by this model...I gave the TV to a friend and was recently at his place and tried to find / use it. I distinctly remember it being on the TV when I first received it.

UPDATE: 6/09/14: The update that allows access to the LG App store has been pulled apparently. Was reading the comments here and I called LG to confirm. Also the price of the 47 inch model has been fluctuating, mostly downwards.

UPDATE: 5/2/14 : LG APP STORE has launched on this television, bringing free apps such as Pandora, Crackle, Dailymotion, Picasa, there are more but a simple search should show what is available, just trying to give a brief update. Also, the price has decreased on this television set. In addition to the TV software update, there was also an update to the magic remote. The LG TV is still a growing ecosystem. It also appears to allow you to purchase movies/tv episodes through Vudu. Will try to give a better write up when I have more time to experiment with the new menu.

Ordered the LG 47LB6300 after my Samsung UN46C6300 went bad, and I will try to use this as my basis for comparison.

First off, the item came well packaged, and I paid a bit extra for a Saturday delivery via the Prime membership. It was worth it and came on time.

The 47LB6300 shipping weight (33.8lbs) was much lighter than the shipping weight of my old Samsung LED Tv (55lbs) and the delivery man had no problem carrying it up the front steps to my front door. He even helped me get into my front door. The non shipping weight of the LG TV is 28.4 LBS and I believe that includes the stand as well. Where as my Samsung was around 44. The reason I bring this up is because the TV was very easy for me to remove from the box from myself, but if you have help all the better, especially when it comes to putting on the stands.

The LG stands are very elegant and simplistic they only require two screws per stand leg and they are a but curvy. They hold up the TV very well and it is sturdy as well. I did order a wall mount but will not be doing that for a while due to a surgery and not being able to lift things.But when it comes time to wall mount it, I see no problems in being able to do it because the TV is so light and thin, and I should have help to mount it anyway making the process even easier after all the drilling and mounting of the bracket. I used the LG bracket finder on their website to find a compatible mount and settled for a Sanus bracket (Sanus VMT5B1 40-50 Inches Premium Series Tilt Wall Mount for Flat-Panel TV (Black).

When you first turn on the TV it will take you straight into the Setup process. They use childish penguin animations to aid etc so it should be fun for kids to watch and it gives you a sense of the colors and HD qualities of the TV. I liked it, it was cool. You also have to use the included magic remote that came with the TV to do the setup. I believe there is an option of plugging the coaxial cable for your cable directly into the TV to use the LG Live TV feature, but I do not use this because I prefer to use my cable box hooked up through my Xbox one. So I can't speak about that feature.

This is my first personal smart TV but I have used others and I will say this LG has the best UI by far from the ones I have used; being Samsung and Sony. And the Magic Remote makes it easy to navigate through the options.

Since I keep on mentioning the Magic Remote. It is basically like a Wii controller. It uses a motion sensor so you're able to click and point on things on the television to select apps / options. Or you can use the arrows / wheel if you prefer. It does have a bit of a learning curve but it's definitely not difficult, just different.

The apps on the TV are Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc the basic streaming services. To my knowledge writing this review on 4/23/14 the LG APP store is not up and running on this television yet.

Another reason I bought this TV is that both my mother and I have LG G2 smart phones. The App for this TV that can be found on the Google play store is still in "BETA" so there are still some issues with it and it is not ready by any means. They expect to release that functionality sometimes in the second half of 2014. I hope when it is done that it will make the TV easier to use via my phone. I should also say my Xbox One recognizes the LG TV and when I use the voice commands to turn on the system or turn the system off, it will also turn both the tv / cable box off and on.

Anyways back to the Apps. You will need to set up WiFi and the TV has a built in WiFi and that should be a quick and easy thing to set up. I have all the individual apps ready to be used on their on should I one day disconnect my Xbox that my family / friends can use those functions. The apps work great, I have had no issues with slow playback when using the TV apps to stream video content.

Okay, the picture quality. It is much better than my old Samsung. The LG is ready out of the box and I have found no need to tune the picture quality in mostly dimly lit room, or with sunlight when I have it in my room. The IPS panel really puts out vibrant and bright colors and offers a wider viewing angle. Everything appears to be much smoother than my old Samsung. Everything being basic TV play back, video games, blu-rays, etc. This TV even uses less electricity than my old Samsung.

Sound Quality. The sound quality out of box is decent too. It's 20W of power for the speakers. You can be the judge if you need a sound system or not. I am currently happy without one but I have been considering a sound bar that I can pair with my TV, computer, and phone so I can stream music and louder range of sounds and better bass. I am a man that likes utility, but having more sound would be a want not a need for me at the moment.

Oh and it also comes with a year free of netflix, I just filed for it today since there seemed to have been an issue claiming that particular LG promotion since they had to update the list of eligible LG TV's since this one is new for this year and that is always a plus. I also believe if you already have Netflix you can use that code on an existing account and get a 90 dollar something credit, which is great if you already have that service.

Here is a link to LG's Website about this TV if you want to look it up and find some more information. [...]

Thanks for reading and if anyone has any questions I will try my best to answer them. I am enjoying this TV a lot!
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on April 12, 2014
WebOS on the LG TV's is front and center, and not an afterthought. This is currently the best implementation of "Smart TV" technology. WebOS is quick and responsive. As of the writing of this review (4/12/14), the LG Store (app store) is not yet launched. So the only apps you have access to (installed by default) are: Neflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Skype, and a Web Browser. The web browser is ok, but not great. I have an Amazon account, and I can say that the experience is great with the amazon app. I am presuming Netflix works well too. In the amazon app, when you exit and return, it puts you right back into where you left off, nice feature.
The picture, sound and typical TV elements are great so I won't review those - needless to say I am very happy with the Audio/Video quality.
The TV was easy to mount on the wall using CheetahMount (another great product).
In regards to the remote control, this model using a "Magic Remote" which is sort of the shape of a Nintendo Wii Nunchuck (without the cable). It has no keypad on it, but an assortment of buttons and a clickwheel. The pointer on screen is easy to move and not overly sensitive. I will say, the remote is a bit difficult to get used to at first, but as with anything it gets easier, and it is easier after 1 day of use. I can't imagine someone not familiar with it, picking it up for he first time and using it correctly (like a babysitter or guest at your house). Intuitive - the remote is not. If it was intuitive, anyone (non tech or related) could pick it up and use it proficiently with a small learning curve. I will say though that it is 'innovative' though. The lack of the keypad though, makes it more difficult to use. It does work nicely with my DirectTV Genie system (again, takes a bit to get used too.) I still keep my DirectTV remote around, because most of the time the TV is just set to the DirectTV input, and it is easier for the rest of the family to just change the channels/DVR with the standard DirectTV remote.
Other notes: The free 1 year of Netflix when you buy the TV is not instant; you have to fill out an online form and wait for a response from LG and/or Netflix with the code, and they say it can take up to 3 weeks. That time frame is ridiculous, that could have been automated so you get instant access. Lastly, I ordered this though Amazon Prime, and it was delivered by Pilot courier. They were very fast and efficient, they unpacked it, tested the TV (plugged in that's all), and then offered to take the packaging boxes with them.
I can't give it 5 stars. If the Magic Remote was completly intuituve, they would have gotten 5 stars. If I could give 4 1/2 I would have.
I'm looking forward to seeing what other apps are released (facebook, pandora, etc).
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on May 14, 2014
[+]Thin bezel, Aesthetics. Love the dark silver color, not distracting (Minus the fake chrome on the feet) Update: I actually did find the grey to be distracing at times. At night sometimes it looked like a border around my video like I was not full screen. I wish they would make things black and matte surface.
[+]Good viewing angles with IPS panel. Color shift at off center viewing is also good. If its for a living room with a large couch everyone gets to see a reasonable picture.
[+]Good color gamut (Minus the blacks)
[+]Wireless and Wired network connections both worked well. I specifically tried wireless for quality and it played Netflix higher quality content smoothly. Wired connection obviously yielded smoother connectivity and playback experience one would expect. Netflix is on the latest interface that you are already used to.
[+]Low input lag (23ms) in game preset video mode only
[+]Decent sound. Better than average on mid tier HDTVs. If you are not an audiophile you will be able to use it in a bedroom or small area.
[+]Current hdmi playback continues in the background when you open the home screen
[+]Stable with the feet attached. Doesn't rock around too much like a center stand.
[+]No dead, stuck, or damaged pixels. Screen was pixel perfect. A+ grade
[+]Voice recognition on the remote works well. You can say "Netflix" into it and it opens all the way into the ap.
[+]Low power consumption
[+]Accepts IR input via remote. Despite it operating from a RF remote it also accepts IR inputs. I can use my TiVo remote perfectly. Power, volume, and input.

[-]Poor black levels - more of a dark grey. I have a 2014 Samsung 5500 series and the black quality is amazing. Puts the LG to shame. Its adjustable and you can improve it but its still a bit disappointing. There are two black level presets neither of which are great. Its worse on letterbox movies and full black screen. When its mixed color content on the screen it looks darker.

[-]Despite the full array back lighting statistic, its still uneven and splotchy. There are translucent 1/2" grey stripes all the way around the outside of the screen that overlap in the corners giving a checkerboard square in each corner. If you are on a white, grey, or black background you can see uneven light distribution. I have opened and used two of these now and it was more pronounced on the first unit. It is still there on the second, clear as day you can see translucent stripes around the outside edge. I ended up getting some bad flashlighting spots on my second screen. There is one on the top left right were the black bars for a movie and its pretty bad.

[-]Very slow feature navigation and responsiveness. Every time you try to do anything with this TV there is a slight delay or wait time. Just simply trying to change inputs is just too much. The days of pushing a rubber button specifically for an input source and having it instantly change are apparently over. Why would anything short of instant be acceptable? A TV is not smart if I am staring at what amounts to an hour glass constantly for small standard tasks. The boot up time of the TV in general is poor. You simply cannot do anything while its loading. I would rather have a non smart TV if these are all the downsides. With all the media players I dont understand why they are not focusing on picture quality and function. Not online aps and features they dont do well that impacts the entire TVs performance.

[-]No Dolby/DTS sound on the optical out - PCM stereo output only. High input lag creates voice sync issues with external amplifiers. You must have lipsync features on your receiver or you will have the sound ahead of the lip movement on screen. TV has no options to remedy this. I will be setting up return audio through HDMI to see if thats an easier way to sync lips.

[-]Image persistence issues with the IPS panel. Just like first generation LCD screens, just a very brief amount of time with something on the screen will leave a persistent image. Just another thing I thought would not be an issue in a 2014 model. Just a minute or two of something on screen, change to just a flat color background like grey and you can see everything faint in persistence. If you open windows on your computer on a dark background, odd lines extend from the edges of the window all the way to the edge of the screen no matter how big the window is or positioned. Very odd, and very distracting. if you take the # symbol as an example, with the center being the open window. The lines extend outward.

[-]Cheap hard plastic remote with large braille bumps. Hard plastic unintuitive button layout. Two AA batteries in one end. Unbalanced. Primary controls at the top of remote, weighted towards the bottom. Impossible to find and push the button you want with 100% accuracy. Its all flat buttons without any real feedback as to what you are pushing. Lack of buttons and some of the few you get are wasted and cannot be reprogrammed to other functions. Shiny slick piano black finish. The mouse wheel in the center feels cheap and its not accurate to roll. The main select button on the remote is pushing the mouse wheel down. That is never going to last. That primary frequently used button needs to be a dedicated button and raised rubber. The lack of number pad for easy channel access is unthinkable. I do not know how these design choices make it past beta testing phases. If I could not use my TiVo remote for everything except the smart features and video/audio setups I would not own this TV.

[-]The DLNA interface is poorly done and not useful. I would never use that interface on a daily basis. Its laggy just like all the other smart tvs, and I have tried quite a few. LG adds in extra material into your DLNA results that are not on your home network. They think they are doing you a favor mixing in random web videos into your own home audio and video collection. No matter what you request for it to show overall, its adds in extra stuff. This is without a registered or logged in LG account. I opted out and did not connect.

[-]The redesigned fake chrome feet are not as shown in photos you see where this TV is sold. They do not have the V shaped feet. The feet are C shaped and flat on the table. Fake plastic chrome look to some part of the feet. Its fairly stable so I am ok with the way they work. A bit more stable than a center stand. But it takes a wide stand or table to sit on. Mine is going on the wall.

[-]The lack of aps on webos. There is just nothing there useful or exciting. NOTHING. It reminds me of the early Roku days when it was all religious and foreign aps, with a few ap creators just desperate for any exposure they can get. There are no real up to date aps that people flock to. Crackle is really the only useful add-on application. No plex, No time warner. This feels like the betamax of smart tv back ends. Samsung and Visio seem to have continuity and a large selection. LG is not ap maker friendly and they have poor selections and many complain they dont carry over the aps from prior years. So instead of having a nice large ap catalog of quality choices like Samsung. Its a few dozen if that of very poor choices. After this experience I have purchased another Roku 3 to take care of smart functions in style. Smart TV back ends, even in 2014, are borderline worthless. You are better off buying one of many solid choices like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Roku 3.

[-]The onscreen controls for my tivo are bugged and every button press registers the last button pressed. Maybe they will fix that with firmware. The "magic" remote is sending some kind of haywire instruction to my Tivo HD DVR that makes it want to repeat the last button pressed on any remote after the magic remote is used. They decided in their infinite wisdom to put channel change on rolling the mouse wheel up and down, so if you barely rub the wheel, bam the channel changes. Try to get it back? Ooops, channel goes the wrong way again... I am not a fan of so much of the functions being via on screen displays. I would rather have buttons for many regular day to day items. Like input change. I hate how you have to hold the input button down for 3 seconds just to open the menu then you have to click on it. Just no need to reinvent the wheel.

[-]bad ghosting and blur in PC games, unbearable. Fast motion gaming is just pure blur. You simply cannot see what you want to unless you stop moving. How in 2014 is this considered acceptable performance? If you play an FPS game like BF4 you can play if you deploy a bipod and sit in one spot. If you try to pilot a helicopter on the other hand you cant make out any details or units on the ground, its more like discerning islands vs water and that's about it, pure blur.

[-]Extreme judder, while gaming there is not only ghosting and motion blur but never ending persistent judder. Its unreal

[-]No 3.5mm headphone jack

[-]Does not operate as a viable computer monitor in any respect. Disappointed the motion control crap has no clue what to do with computer input via hdmi.

Setup is quick and easy. The feet are fairly easy to attach and screw on, note the plastic tabs that go inside holes in the back of the TV. The setup process on screen is very short. Some people are complaining about time spent, I did not have any issues.

A good TV from a solid manufacturer. It fell a bit short in some categories for me and I wanted to post a detailed review of my initial impressions. The ultimate let down for me was the lack of deep black color and flash lighting effects on movies with black bars. I purchased another 42LB6300 because of the low price, sold it on craigslist and kept the Netflix for $35.

(Update 7/2014)
After buying a Samsung 48" 6350 I sold it on Craigslist because of extreme build quality issues. Flexes from every spot. Loose fitting parts. I bought a 40" Sony KDL40R350B from Walmart and this is where I am finding happiness. No headaches everything just works. More natural picture. Better prices without these Smart features built in. Still has all the new CEC and ARC features. At $345 after tax I am going with the Sony for now. Its solid as a rock. I am watching Sony's 2014 offerings waiting for another price drop. I want to upgrade from two HDMI inputs to four on a newer model. In the never ending hunt for a new TV the Sony is the first one I could see keeping and enjoying.
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on August 6, 2014
Short and sweet review....unboxed the TV & hooked up DirectTV....was up and running in minutes. Easiest TV I've ever set up & the picture quality is great. Was using an AppleTV to access the amazon, netflix, etc. This is much faster, smoother, and easier to use.
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on September 20, 2014
One word to describe this TV: SOLID!

I have been using this TV since May and I can reassure you that most of the negative reviews for this TV seem questionable as I have had a rather pleasant experience thus far.

In choosing a new TV, I had certain criteria that needed to be met. Most important was picture quality, but more specifically, was viewing angle. Because of the way my living room is situated, the TV fits in a corner of the room with couches all around in a 180 degree angle. The IPS panel is an amazing feature on this TV that has taken care of that problem with no loss in picture quality no matter where I sit.

In addition, picture quality on this TV is amazing! My previous TV was a 2013 Samsung LED, but viewing angles on the TV sitting at each extreme would really distort the image unless you were directly sitting in front of it. Which is why I opted for the LG this year and I can confidently say that with a little tweaking, picture quality is just as good on this LG as they were with my Samsung. Especially watching sports and blu ray movies!

WebOs is another great feature and paired with the cursor/remote, this is one of the easiest TVs I have used and really puts the SMART in smart TV!

Sound is as expected from a flat screen panel and has been sufficient for me for regular TV and movies without the need of a sound bar.

The TV mounted easily on a TV stand.

Overall, very happy with this purchase and I will definitely be looking out for more LG products in the future if they continue to keep up the good work!

Thanks for reading! :)
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on May 25, 2014
When I first got this TV, I wasn't too impressed with the picture, it wasn't as clear as I had hoped for. I had a Samsung LCD 720p TV whose picture was actually better than the LG's. I figured maybe it was the cable box settings, adjusted those, but got minor improvement. Then it occurred to me that it could be the cable box. The cable people came out and determined that changing the box wouldn't make a difference. Mind you, the guy thought there was nothing wrong with the picture.

It later occurred to me that the HDMI cable could be the problem, I was using the ones I had bought years ago. So I bought the latest Amazon Basics cable - and now, the picture is STUNNING!!!!! Crisp, crystal clear - so long as you're watching high def, of course. You can see the pores on Anderson Cooper's nose! And those home shopping channel hosts and models - oh boy! Skin is not perfect - TV is so clear, you can see how they have tried to hide flaws with makeup. Watched Madagascar the other night, and you can see every detail. Best one so far is Life of Pi - the detail you see on the Tiger's coat is amazing! The only negative I have remarked about the TV is that the picture pixelates when there is fast action in a scene that has a lot of color. Mind you, I have only noticed this with the Mucinex ad with the cartoon character mowing the lawn and flowers go all over the place (know the one?). And even then it's just for a few seconds - not enough reason to quibble.

TV sound is good enough. I have yet to hook up my Bose Solo, and the sound is adequate.

TV was very easy to set up - had it connected to my WIFI in minutes. I chose the standard picture setting, turned down the color and have not had to adjust it since. Unlike the 2014 Vizio E048i I bought and returned - I was constantly adjusting the picture. None of the preset ones were ideal, so I was adjusting the color, contrast etc., a real headache so I returned it.

With this LG, I bought the 47 inch. I'm surprised at how slim the TV is - I would say it's about as slim as the Samsung UN48H6350 which I had considered buying until I saw the LG which was about $150 cheaper at the time. (As of writing this, the Samsung has reduced in price). The legs on the LG is different to what is pictured - they are curved and provide a solid stand for the TV. No wobbling that you get with the stands that are in the center of the TV.

As to the apps, I have only used YouTube, Netflix (you get one year free) and Amazon Prime so far and had no problems viewing videos. I haven't tried the web browser yet but don't envisage any problems. Hooked up Apple TV with no problems. This TV also starts up quickly - turn it on and in two or three seconds you're viewing the channel. The Samsung I have takes at least 30 seconds or more to start up.

I have had no problems using the Magic Remote. If you can use a cordless mouse, you can use this remote easily - you point it at the TV (not use it on a hard surface). I also like the size of the remote - about the length of your hand and is easy to hold.

All in all, now I have the right cable, I am more than happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this TV.
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on December 3, 2014
I got the 42" model to replace my 32" Samsung LED in the bedroom. Picture quality is amazing on the IPS display. Crisp, great blacks, and excellent brightness and colors. Setup was a breeze with webOS and the apps that I have used have been great (Netflix and Youtube). I know usually Samsung's get the nod because of their blacks but this one has blacks that are just as deep. I would recommend this TV to anyone considering it. Great build, great style, great product.
review image review image
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on January 21, 2015
Needing to go up a bit in size from my 5 year old LG 47inch 240 hz, I was looking for something 60-65 inches, at a reasonable price, that would suffice for movies, kids gaming, and smart features. This TV delivers.

I liked my LG, and never had a single issue, so I was happy to look at LG again. I compared to Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Vizio, and Toshiba. There are almost too many options at the 60-65 inch range ( and even 70) which was about the size for my room. Smart features were not a MUST, but something to consider. I had talked myself in to the fact I wanted 240 hz again.. But keep in mind, I am not a Tech nerd, so although the pic on my old LG was GREAT, and I attributed that to 240 hz, that doesn't mean that was the reason why.

So why the LG? I found this the combination of all factors. The picture is great, and am improvement over the bottom LG model. It also is better than the Sony. There were too many red flags discovered online for the Sharp and Vizio models - owners who were not satisfied or ran in to issues. The Samsung TVs had good reviews, but prices seemed a bit higher, and some of the style features left a little to be desired. With room to negotiate price, I settled on this LG.

1 week in and we are satisfied. I think the picture is very good. I used the picture wizard to adjust, and very satisfied. Movies and sports are crisp, there is no drag or blur. Some animated shows and games are amazingly clear and vivid.

The smart features are convenient, and easy to use. A plus.

To pick this TV up for less than a grand, I have to say its a great value. Recommend if you want great picture, at a great price.
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on October 14, 2014
Hands down the best 55" TV for the price ($799 + free shipping and setup with Prime). I shopped around for over 2 weeks and finally settled on this LG in the 55-inch. My local A/V guy noted that his Co. stopped contracting with Vizio due to their near 65% return/replacement rate, and he also indicated that Samsung has recently gone down hill (their same 120Hz Smart TV in 55" comes in at $200 higher than this LG might I add). He also mentioned that all 240Hz options are mere window dressing, as most television providers do no broadcast beyond 120Hz max...not worth the extra money. I've had this TV for approximately 3-weeks, love it. The magic remote could be a little more responsive, but I can live with it. The WedOS platform is better than any of the competitors I've seen (Samsung, Vizio, and Sony). Based on my experience it should come down to this TV, or the Sony equivalent model (which is priced over $300 more). For the cost conscious this model is a no-brainer.
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on January 22, 2015
Great TV. This is a simple review. The 65" version of this TV is stunning. LG did a great job of making this tv look very appealing to the users even while the tv is off. The stand is very sturdy and the bezel is very thin giving it that edge-less look in the dark. The functions of the TV are great, and they have improved on this with updates overtime. It takes a little bit for the TV to load the smart functions (roughly 30~sec) but once it is ready it powers through the multi-tasking capabilities with ease. Features like spotify, pandora, netflix, amazon, hulu are all on there with a web browser. The DNLA/Share portion is a little hard to get setup so you can stream videos or pictures to the TV. Youtube can be setup to share your videos from any device to you TV is an amazing feature. The picture is stunning once calibrated. The standard picture settings are great to the average user and the blacks are still enough to enjoy the video without being distracted.

Here are some negatives.
When playing Netflix I had trouble getting the TV to play ARC to the receiver or 5.1 even though netflix stated it was available.
Picture adjustment - If I wanted to quickly change the settings to game more or cinema I have to click the menu button hit the gear then click picture settings then the box will popup to change the mode. Why is there not a setting for this so I can press it from the remote and have it pop up quickly and reduce the time it takes to adjust?
Picture adjustment - You will want to check around the web for calibration settings as you can get a better picture in Expert modes than out of the box. I will update with what I went with when I get home.
Black Levels - I only state this because of what has been said in reviews. While the black levels can be gray with the correct settings these can be almost as black as you can get with LEDLCDs. Nothing comparable to plasmas but not many tvs would be able to beside OLED.

For the price I do recommend this TV as the smart TV is like a tablet. The remote makes it easy and the menus are beautifully designed and easy to navigate. I do recommend to everyone to buy a squaretrade warranty.

Also inspect the screen for imperfections, the first TV I received had a ripple effect to the display that made it look like a rock thrown into a pond making it very ugly when viewing a solid display.
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