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on September 14, 2013

120Hz (This can be a con as well, see below) - There is a review stating this is not a 120Hz panel, it is.
IPS Pannel - This is the type of LCD it is and IPS delivers better, truer color.
Excellent viewing angel - Someone stated it has a poor viewing angle. I don't know what that person was looking at but this is not true for this LCD.
Inexpensive - This is a very good bang for the buck TV.
Great for bright room. There is a review that states this is TV is poor in bright rooms.
Great for gaming - There is a review stating this panel is poor for gaming. Actually this TV has very low latency and as such there is little lag in the TV responding to movement in games.


120Hz can't be turned off. This can make movies seem too real, what is known as the soap opera effect. It bothers most people and with most 120Hz TVs this can be turned off. With this TV it can not. LG could release a firmware that has the option to turn this off, but don't bet on it. This effect is not negative in most TV shows (except dramas), sports and games.
Poor for dark rooms. I think this is due to the 120Hz and strong contrast. Again I think this is just for things that are affected by the soap opera effect. It becomes worse in the dark.


Only 2 HDMI ports - If you need more than 2 you may want to think about getting yourself a receiver or Home Theater in a Box
Sound - If you need better sound you may want to think about getting a receiver or Home Theater in a Box
Not a Smart TV - If this is important to you look elsewhere.

Overall most will be happy with this TV. If you are sensitive to the soap opera effect then look elsewhere.

Soap opera effect: [...]
Professional Review: [...]
Another good review: [...]
Optimal Settings: [...]
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on November 24, 2013
First, my use case, which may not match everyone:

1. I wanted a quality display. This meant 1080p and direct LED backlighting, not edgelit.

2. Ideally I needed low latency, as this TV will primarily be used for gaming. In particular, Forza Motorsport, a game in which I already know input lag causes problems for me - I recently tried to play using a wireless controller after having used a wired one for years, and that caused me to drive like someone who'd never played before. So this quality in particular was critical. Needed a game mode or some way to disable image processing.

3. I couldn't care less about smart TV features. I have several game consoles, a Chromecast, and if needed can hook up a PC easily. I have no need for the TV itself to do anything other than be a display. I don't even really need speakers, as everything goes through the surround receiver.

4. Again due to the receiver, I don't have any need for lots of inputs. One HDMI port is enough.

So, how did it stack up?

1. Excellent. Now that everything's calibrated, I can honestly say this is the best looking display that I personally have ever used. The difference in contrast between this and an edgelit LED display is surprisingly noticeable.

2. Again, excellent. The first thing I did once the TV was up and running was play some Forza Motorsport 4. With game mode turned on, there is no discernable difference between playing on this vs. my PC monitor (which is a good reference because it does no image processing whatsoever).

3. None of that Smart TV crap here. You might be wondering why not having features is a good thing, regardless of whether I use them. Answer: price. I have no doubt this lack of features is the reason a display this good costs so little.

4. Again, it fits my needs. 2 HDMI inputs, one componenet, and one composite. Not outstanding by most standards, but again I don't need more than that. So, if LG wants to save costs in this way it's ok by me.

In short, I needed a dumb display. Just a panel to show a picture on, but a high-quality picture. It's perfect for that scenario.

Other thoughts:

This set has the best remote of any TV I've used. If, like me, you're a semi-enthusiast who changes picture modes for different source material and rages when the aspect ratio is wrong, you'll like it too. There are direct hotkeys for changing inputs, aspect ratio, picture mode, etc. No digging through the menus is required for those items, which is a joy.

On that same note, the user interface in general is very intuitive and easy to navigate.

No dead pixels for me. I'm not saying it can't happen, just mentioning my particular experience in hopes that a prospective buyer can get an accurate picture of how often it happens.

I hadn't noticed it in the pictures before buying, but the bezel is really very thin. It was kind of funny to compare it side-by-side with the old set, a 40-inch 720p/1080i Samsung (which was very good in its day). The overall dimensions of the frame on both sets is nearly identical, yet the screen on this one is nearly 7 inches bigger.
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on April 18, 2013
This TV would be a solid value if there were no LN5700:

(1) IPS screen, which provides great color saturation and viewing angles (but sacrifices some black level).

(2) Direct-lit screen, which eliminates backlight bleeds that are a common problem for edge-lit TVs.

But given that the LN5700 is only 4-5% more expensive, the 5400 is a poor value. I returned my 50LN5400 and bought a 55LN5700, and could not be happier:

(1) LN5700 has no uneven backlighting. LN5400 has slightly uneven backlights. On an all-white screen, you can see dark patches.

(2) LN5700 has a much faster processor; LG says the CPU is 120% faster and the GPU is 300% faster. 5400 has an old processor from 2011-2012. Picture quality seems better on 5700. My TV is hooked up to my HTPC. 5400 had difficulties rendering the sharpness of texts. Texts either looked too edgy or too blurry. But they look fantastic on 5700. 5400 has a very different menu. I think it must have an old operating system, because the new OS probably cannot run on an old processor.

(3) LN5700 has wifi and can update firmware, LN5400 cannot. In some cases, updated firmware brings massive performance increases. I had a Panasonic DT50 before. The colors were off a lot, but after a firmware update the colors looked great.

I suspect that 5400 is a 2012/2011 model rebadged as a 2013 model. Given the tiny price difference between 5400 and 5700, there is absolutely no reason to buy a 5400, but I highly, highly recommend 5700.
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on November 11, 2013
LG Electronics 42LN5400 42-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED-LCD HDTV

Design - Plastic stand and cabinet material. Nothing special compared to most models but does the job. The thin bezels helps the look of the TV.

Sound - TV provides plenty of volume and the software features help overall sound quality. On the downside, it sounds like mono rather than stereo. I recommend getting a sound system for it.

Backlighting - The direct LED backlighting makes this TV very bright and looks pretty good in well lit rooms. However, the deep blacks are not dark enough for low lit rooms. Also, the backlight is slightly uneven but but that's normal for LED TV's. If this is a concern, I recommend buying a plasma display.

Viewing angles - It has wide viewing angles. After 40 degrees, picture gets dimmer. That's pretty good for a LED TV.

Refresh rate - This is a tough one. Despite what other reviewers said, this TV is 120hz. However, the motion interpolation (TruMotion) is set to low at the factory and the menu will not give you an option to turn it off or make the settings go higher. This is a good thing because it minimizes the "soap opera effect" when watching film base movies and drama shows. There's still some motion blurring on content that run below 30FPS but any video or games running 48FPS or faster look really good.

Connections - 2 HDMI 1.4 inputs will get you by. The 1 USB port is a plus but it's only good for photos and music, not video or software updates. Good internal digital antenna too.

Input lag - This TV is one of the best TV's for gaming due to its low input lag. I read somewhere that it measures at 8.3 ms. That is pretty quick even compared to higher-end models.

Extra features - The TV is pretty basic. Not a Smart TV so don't expect more than basic video and audio controls. Not a 3D TV too.

In conclusion, the 42ln5400 model is a very good buy for $430 or less (as of November 2013). I highly recommend it if you are on a budget looking for a 42 inch LED. As a gamer, this TV is perfectly priced and well suited for the new PS4 and XBOX1 consoles. I would give it 5 stars if LG gave the option to control the TruMotion settings.
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on October 12, 2014
I've only had this set for 5 months and it is already on it's last legs. The TV will begin randomly restarting over and over until it is power cycled. Will work for a bit before it shuts off completely. Avoid LG at all costs! The customer support is horrid and it would cost about 3-400 just to have it replaced (100 for a tech to come out, another 150-250 for labor/parts)

Do yourselves a favor and go with a Samsung.
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on November 1, 2015
I purchased this TV in December of 2013. At the end of October 2015, it broke. The picture no longer works. Upon researching the problem, I discovered that this is a common issue with LG TVs. The service technician says there is no other remedy than to purchase a new TV. I am hugely disappointed, as I thought a $700 TV should last longer than 23 months. If you purchase this TV, make sure you get an extended warranty!
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on November 15, 2015
BEWARE!!! The black screen also bit me. This TV has a great picture but the only problem is it didn't last very long. After 18 months and the TV seldom played, the screen went black. If you're looking for a TV with some longevity, please pass this one up. I hope Amazon removes them before someone else gets suckered in to purchasing one.
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on October 26, 2015
LG products have no quality and do not last, we purchased this TV and it lasted 1 year 10 months and that was it, I worked with LG and they did not care, 1 year warrantly. I recommend do not buy LG products, we also got screwed over on a LG blueray with about the same life and LG will not stand behind their products. Total crap. Go buy something with at least 2 - 5 year warranty and stay away from LG products. LG should change there name from Life is Good to "L"ook its "J"unk, seriously.
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on August 26, 2015
Bought this LG TV April 2014, by August 2015 it was stone cold dead. Sunday it started smelling like toasted circuits by that night it was a completely black screen. The repairman today said it was a screen fail, a known LG problem and that to replace the screen component would cost nearly as much as getting a new TV. First TV we have ever bought that absolutely died 16 months after purchase. The repairman said Samsungs and Panasonics are both better engineered TVs.
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on February 16, 2014
Our 42" plasma quit on us on super bowl eve (of course) It served us well but was an energy hog and raised the temperature in our family room by serveral degrees at least. The 47" LG has the same footprint with a much narrower border. We already have amazon and netflex streaming wireless thru our playstation, with home theater for sound, so didn't need the more expensive version with all that built in wireless streaming and didn't care that the t.v. speakers face the rear as we never use those anyway... I noted some complaints and solutions about the so called soap opera effect, where things seem almost too real for comfortable viewing. Rather than fiddle with my own custom settings, I followed another viewers suggestion that the game picture mode apparently turns off the variable back light system resulting in a more comfortable viewing for most people. I tried it on the same 10 minutes of Transformers with other settings and in fact found the game setting to be the most natural and pleasing factory setting. So far, guests and family members have commented that they've never seen (nor heard) a better home system. In contrast to our beloved plasma, this more than holds it's own and has an expected energy consumption of only $10 per year. It's lighter, much cooler, occupies the same footprint on the console. I am very happy with it and have no problem recommending it. I also noted some complaints about the stand being wobbly and leaving the monitor tiltling a little forward. The instructions advise you to tighten the total seven screws securly to avoid this and voila, no problems on our end. Our t.v. is not center stage in our lives but it's nice to have it there ready to go when we're in the mood. That said, we knew it would have an uncluttered appearance with clean lines and several guests have commented that it's an attractive t.v. It sits on a console at an angle in a corner of our family room and compliments the computer work station, fireplace, aquarium and furnishings without shouting look at me, I'm the focal point of the room. Once the lights are dimmed and the olympics or a movie are selected, it of course takes center stage and delivers a very satisfying immersive experience with virtually no fuss or muss.
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