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on April 7, 2013
Amazon has provided an extensive "Product Description" (taken from LG promotional literature) that outlines the myriad of features available on the LN5700 series of Smart TV's that became available in early 2013. There is no point in reiterating that list of features, so my review will focus on customer experience.
* SET UP: It took no time at all for a non-geek like me to set up the TV and the internet features. As they say: just follow the instructions on the screen.
* IMAGE QUALITY: I spent considerable time in a local electronics stores searching for the best buy in 42 inch smart TV's (needed to fit into a cabinet, therefore the size restrictions). While there I surveyed other sizes of TV's just to get an idea of quality of different brands. My overall impression: LG offers great quality for a reasonable price. Indeed, their new LN5700 series is a great value throughout the line of sizes available (32", 39" 42" 47", 50", and 55"). Sizes 42" through 55" have TruMotion 120 Hz technology, which makes for great images during sports and action movies. The 32" and 39" do not have the TruMotion feature and operate at 60 Hz refresh rate. For those who prefer to turn off or adjust the impact of the TruMotion technology, that is easily done. The LED backlighting, the Picture Wizard II feature, and Full HD 1080p resolution provide an exceptional image (better than any of the other brands I compared to while in the store). Saturated (but not gaudy) colors, great contrast ratio, and sharp edge definition all contribute to a clear, crisp image. The LN5700 has good off angle viewing performance and still looks good at angles around 30 degrees off center, unlike so many TV's that start to have the contrast degrade at 20 to 25 degrees. The screen is matte, rather than glossy to help reduce glare and reflections. There are a variety of pre-set color schemes you can chose from should you decide you like your images more vivid, etc. There is an "energy saving" setting that adjusts the brightness of the picture according to the ambient light. This feature can be set to off, minimum, medium, maximum, or auto. I found the picture best to have this setting at off or minimum.
* SOUND QUALITY: Many purchasers will run the sound through external speakers or sound bar, but even if you just want to use the build in speakers you will be pleased. The set of stereo speakers are ported to the back and to the bottom of the TV. This allows you to adjust the sound for wall-mounting or table-top standing. I have my TV sitting in a cabinet and have the sound setting to the combined wall-mount + table-top setting; perhaps because of the enclosed nature of the cabinet, I find the sound more than acceptable. In addition, the six available "sound mode" options and an equalizer help to fine tune the sound. I use the "Cinema" sound option with the "voice enhancement" set at one. This helps eliminate the background music from overwhelming the dialog.
* SMART TV: The CPU and GPU have been upgraded for 2013 in the LN5700 series making for rapid response in the multiple Smart TV / Internet features and for gamers. Reports are that the processor is 3 times faster than last years model, but I cannot make that direct comparison myself. The LN5700 has built-in WiFi, a built-in Web browser, and a wide range of Smart TV options including all the premium applications such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, You Tube, Amazon apps (as of mid-August 2013), etc. The Home Dashboard feature enables the TV to remember and list all the various applications you have downloaded and viewed on one convenient page. There is also a dedicated button on the remote to access it quickly. When you click on the Home option on the remote, displays a very thorough menu of options for Internet use, quick selections for some of the premium apps as well as a selection for just the Internet itself.
* INPUT/OUTPUT: At the side of the TV there are three HDMI connections (one labeled HDMI/ARC and one labeled HDMI/MHL) as well as three USB In ports. At the back of the TV there is an H/P Out port for headphones, an Optical Digital Audio Out port, ethernet / LAN port, and a set of Component cable / AV ports.
* REMOTE: The LN5700 is compatible with "The Magic Remote with Voice Command", which is available as an option. The remote that comes with the TV is fully functional and will be sufficient for most users (although it is not back-lit).
* HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The LN5700 series from LG is a great bargain if you want a great TV with LED backlighting with a plethora of features and you are satisfied with a non-3D TV. If you are looking for a 3D TV, try the LA6200 series, which is the upscale version of the LN5700.
* UPDATE: I have been using this TV for more than eight months now (late-December 2013) and I am still impressed with all aspects of the TV, especially the picture. I have had none of the problems that other reviewers have reported with power going off.
* UPDATE: Other reviewers have reported on an LG software glitch that was sending user information to LG even when the user turned the feature off. That glitch has been corrected as of 30 Nov. 2013 when my TV went through a firmware update.
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on May 4, 2013
Ok so buying a T.V. can be maddening. There are a lot of choices out there. I have looked at massive reviews both professional and customer. I went into the store to buy the new Panasonic 55 St60. Cnet gave this Panasonic it's highest recommend. So with me excited about purchasing this T.V., watching Blu-ray's, playing video games (which is very important to me) and seeing some awesome technology my wife turned my day upside down. She started pointed to this television which was next to the Panny. Then I played with the remote and used the Picture Wizard II which is a self help calibration tool that should be the standard for all televisions. I kid you not I had this set looking better than any T.V. in the store. Other customers noticed and even the employees were a little taken aback. So we purchased it. After two weeks I was having remorse because every review is talking about the St60 Panasonic. So I was going to return it but my wife again stepped in lol. And people she has never really cared about what the picture looks like. Especially to those of us who do the research and want the Best. Period. Tonight I thanked her and told her she had an eye for a great picture. I talked my Dad into buying the Panasonic St50 last year and we were over today watching it. Great T.V. don't get me wrong. But here is the deal..
The colors Pop on this LG. When you calibrate it and please play with the settings and use the PICTURE WIZARD the blacks are black, the white's are white and the Contrast is near perfect. Video Games look amazing and no BLUR. Blu-ray's are jaw dropping. And I had a 2008 Sony XBR LCD that looked good. This blows it away.
Smart T.V. is huge for us. We were using the PS3 for Vudu, Amazon, etc. Now we stream right from the television. And the LG's smoke the competition when it comes to using this feature. We just finished Game of Thrones in HDX and amazing picture. Also the update feature is key. You can either manually do it or you have the option to do automatic updates. Sweet Feature for us. So if you want a smart T.V. go look at the reviews on the LG's.
Sound: This television has the best sound on the market. Period. We have it on 6 or 8 for regular TV and 13 to 14 for movies. It goes much, much higher than that. No Sound Bar required unless that's a must for you. Amazing sound.
4 HDMI Ports. This is VERY important for someone like myself. Cable box, Ps3, Xbox 360, and Wii-U. So many televisions even in 2013 only come with three ports. so the 4th port was huge.
So: I'm not trying to talk anyone out of buying a Panasonic Plasma. They are a sweet television in my opinion. Sweet. But I surprised myself and other people when they see this picture. My dad is bummed because he likes the Pop of Contrast colour's this T.V. turns out. The plasma's are amazing at getting that true black I love it. However when looking at these two Televisions side by side, the Plasma looked a little greyed out compared to this.
It really comes down of course to what do you like. What are your needs and what benefit does the T.V. your buying have to meet those. And of course does it look great watching it. This television is AMAZING and priced great. For those reviews of those who have had problems I'm sorry. As consumers we are all rolling the dice and it's unfortunate to me. My opinion is every store should honor a two year or one year return policy no questions asked. The reason is technology is moving so fast that the life-span is not long and they are all tempermental. Burn in issues, power block problems, etc, etc. We should not have to suffer as consumers when we are all basically beta-testers while they make more advanced sets. AKA 4K which has arrived already. So when we spend our hard earned money on these fun Toy's at least when they fail switch them out and take care of us as customers.
So Glad my Wife put her foot down on this television. Great buy you won't be disappointed I hope. Good luck I hope this review helps.
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VINE VOICEon May 6, 2013
Size: 42-Inch|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
- UPDATE - Aug 23 2013 -
An Amazon app has finally been released for the LG TV and it works flawlessly! Easy to navigate and streams just as well as on the Roku. So after a few months of having to use the Roku to access all of my Amazon videos, I can finally get rid of it and have nothing more than the the LG TV.

This LG 42" Smart TV was a replacement for a 32" Sony Bravia (which I absolutely loved).

To start with, getting the TV setup was a snap and took no time whatsoever. I have mine wall mounted. I was a bit worried about the weight of the TV, but surprisingly being 10" larger than the Sony, it weighs MUCH less. Once mounted, just within a few minutes of scanning for all the stations, the TV was setup, connected to the internet, and ready to go! Setup ease is a 10 out of 10! A monkey could do it!

The first thing I noticed was the sound, not good at all. The built in speakers sounded awful and not clear at all. After a few days of tweaking and adjusting the settings I was finally able to get the speakers sounding a thousand times better, not perfect, but much closer to my previously owned Bravia. Out of the box, speakers/sound is a 2 out of 10. With tweaking, 7 out of 10.

Featuring a 120hz refresh rate with the TruMotion technology, the picture quality is amazing! Just like the sound, I went in and adjusted the picture (temp, sharpness, etc.) and was able to get every ounce of quality pulled out of it for my room situation/lighting/etc..
The TruMotion setting can and does make a lot of things (like video games and HD movies in particular) look really awesome, but regular over the air TV it can wreak havoc on and can give you a weird look/feel. By default the setting is set to smooth (level 3 out of 10), I have it turned down to 2 for normal TV viewing and that seems to have remedied the strange 'ultra smooth' motion for over the air TV. Picture quality is a solid 9 out of 10.

The Smart TV apps were a HUGE plus and run much faster/better than the Roku or set top box versions. Web browsing is nearly impossible to navigate with the regular remote, I would highly recommend the LG's Magic Remote if you plan on using the internet browsing feature of the TV.
The remote itself is fairly intuitive and easy to navigate. The IR and the pickup for it on the TV seem to have a sweet zone that is fairly small thus you really have to aim the remote right at the TV for it to work. The slightest obstacle or object obscuring the view of the remote stops it dead in it's tracks... it's been YEARS since I've had a remote this picky for a TV.

Hulu, Netflix, Crackle, YouTube, and most every other other possible streaming app run fast, smooth and without error making my Roku more or less pointless to have, which was nice. HOWEVER the lack of an Amazon app to allow streaming of Amazon Videos is a HUGE downgrade as I have an extensive library of purchased movies and TV shows through Amazon. In addition to that, being a Prime Member there are a lot of free shows that Amazon offers. So unfortunately my Roku didn't quite become pointless as it is still needed for Amazon Videos.

One thing that I have noticed is that there are small differences between some of the apps from device to device. For instance the Netflix app on the LG doesn't have a "Play From Beginning" option (unlike the Roku, XBox, Wii, etc.). So if a movie was watched halfway through and you want to start from the beginning, you have to scrub backwards or rewind the video once you've selected it. This is kind of a hassle and a bit irritating. Also I have yet to figure out how to rate shows/movies on Netflix... there just doesn't seem to be an option.
The Hulu app on the LG works awesomely fast but ALWAYS pauses/freezes to load each ad for 3-4 seconds. This is not a connection issue since the Roku does not do this.

Overall the Smart TV portion gets a 6 out of 10. There are a lot of small annoyances/quirks that just keep adding up and preventing the TV from getting a better rating in this department.

If you are looking for an awesome feature packed Smart TV, this is definitely an option to consider, especially for gaming or movie watching.
The picture is amazing. The sound can be tweaked to accomplish most anyone's sound preferences (though external speakers would be a recommended).
The apps, while plentiful, are lacking a bit and/or straight up not available (Amazon Video App).
review image review image review image review image
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on November 17, 2013
This TV was great... for the first 4 months. I was impressed that I could stream Netflix and YouTube from my Android phone to the TV using LG's version of Chromecast. I also did not realize when I bought the TV that it was DLNA compliant and can stream from my NAS. All those were great features.

One day, about 4 months after buying the TV, I was watching Hulu and it just stopped. I tried going to the app again and the TV said it was not connected to the internet. So I went into settings and went to the network menu and attempted to connect to my network (I had the TV hardwired). The TV kept saying that I needed to plug in my network cable. So I unplugged the cable and attempted to use WIFI. Again, the settings just said the network cable was unplugged and it would not let me enter the wireless or wired setup.

I called LG and they sent a tech over a few days later. When the tech came, the connectivity worked perfectly. So I figured, and so did the tech, that it was just a glitch. A few hours after the tech left, the TV did it again. The TV was unable to connect to anything (network, internet, etc...) and when I would go to the settings menu the response time was dramatically slowed. To move through the network settings menu took literal minutes. When changing the volume, I have to wait about 10 seconds between each push, however I can clearly see the TV is registering each tap of the volume button because the light on the TV flashes when I push the volume, it just doesn't change the volume.

So, I called LG again and they sent a tech back over. He replaced the mainboard. It happened again. I contacted the tech and he called LG's technical support who told him it was a software issue where the apps would overload the board and cause a crash. He explained this to me. I called LG support and told them everything that happened. They said they would work on the issue and would get back to me. Several days later I hadn't heard back from them, so I called again. I went through the same process and this time the representative gave me her email. A few days went by and I emailed her to see what was going on with the TV. At this point, since the techs said it was a software issue, meaning replacing boards or even the entire TV would not fix the problem, I wanted a refund. I never received an email response from the representative.

So I called LG for a 4th time. This time I went through a representative, then a supervisor, then a manager. At each level the LG person had to call over to LG's technical support to confirm (apparently no one knows how to communicate at LG) that this in fact was a software issue. Finally, after talking with the manager, I got it officially acknowledged it was a software issue. At this point, I asked if I could just have my money back because I was sick of dealing with this and the TV was only 4 months old. She said she was not authorized to give me a refund and would have to send a request to the Return Authorization department and if they approved it, I could get my money back. I asked if they denied it would I be stuck with a broken TV. She point blank said, "Yes". I was floored. LG admitted it was their software that did not work, rendering the "smart" portion of this TV inoperable and they would not refund my money.

I asked for the mailing address of the President of LG to write a letter, while I wait for what I'm sure will be a denial from the Return Authorization department. The manager gave me some PO Box number. After a little digital snooping on Alabama's Department of State website, I found the real address of the company and the president and executive supervisor for LG USA. Below are there names and address in case anyone else would like to send a letter to LG. I sent letters the other day and am waiting for a response.

Kyu Moon Yu (president)
Joy Mills (executive supervisor)

201 James Record Road
Huntsville, AL 35824

On the upside, because Amazon is a stellar company that actually values its customers, they said that even though I'm outside the 30 day return window, if LG doesn't help me, they will refund 80% of my purchase. So basically, this was an $80 (assuming LG doesn't refund my money) lesson to NEVER EVER BUY AN LG PRODUCT. I was seriously considering buying an LG G2 or LG Nexus 5 smart phone and some LG appliances in the future. That will never happen. Not only do they make terrible products, but their customer service is horrible and, even after admitting a problem is unfixable, they refuse to issue a refund.

Update: LG Return Department denied my refund claim because they stated they only serviced it once. Apparently it did not matter that their own tech department said it was a software problem and could not be fixed unless there was a software update. The current software version is 04.00.34 and is known to cause apps to crash which affects the entire network connectivity of the TV. I think LG's customer service is deplorable and the company should be publicly shamed for knowingly selling and refusing to refund a defective product.

On the upside, Amazon refunded 80% of my purchase price and I'm getting the Samsung UN40F6400, more expensive, but much better TV and I actually trust the Samsung brand having owned several Samsung devices. LG will never get my business again, which is too bad for them because I buy an inordinate amount of technology and also recommend technology to my friends and family. Someone at LG missed a business 101 class.

Update: 12/9/13. I just received a call from Joy Mills regarding the letter and invoice I sent LG. After returning the LG TV to Amazon, Amazon charged a 20% restocking fee. So, after detailing all the information in my letter, also including all relevant law regarding MA consumer protection and warranties, I invoiced LG for the 20% restocking fee I was not refunded. I'm happy to say that upon providing proof that Amazon did not refund that 20%, Ms. Mills said that she would have the accounting department cut me a check and I should have it by next week. So, all it took was about 5 different phone calls, a letter from an attorney (me) detailing all the relevant law and a promise to forward the issues to the Attorneys General of MA and AL. It's nice that I finally got the 20% back, but honestly, it's $80, it's not that much money, it was more about the principle. LG needed to stand behind their product, which, until the call from Ms. Mills, they hadn't. LG has somewhat redeemed themselves, however, I'm still hesitant to purchase their products (love my new Samsung by the way). But I will give credit where credit is due. Ms. Mills was very pleasant on the phone and she solved my problem in about 5 minutes. So, if anyone has a serious problem with their LG product that cannot get remedied through customer service, I highly recommend sending letters to LG corporate headquarters as I've noted above.

Update: 12/20/13. I received my 20% refund from LG. Ms. Mills made good on her promise and I thank her for her help and quick resolution in the matter. I only wish LG's customer service team had the intelligence to make this decision without me having to waste hours on the phone.
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on June 15, 2013
(Since buying the 32" version of this model, I have also purchased the 42" version- just about everything in this review is also applicable to the 42" version- see my full edits and additions at the end of this review)

I needed a small HDTV for my home office to watch news, etc while working. It's located 3.5' away from me on a file cabinet next to my desk. It turned out to be a bit larger than I expected for viewing that close, but after watching it for a few days I decided I really liked the size and didn't return it.


The LED back lighting is pretty even, it's not edge-lit, so it doesn't suffer from the bright-edge effect that many edge-lit HDTVs have, and not buying an edge-lit model was a main deciding factor. The off-axis viewing angle- left to right and below to above is pretty good, not as good as my CFL back-lit Samsung, but the LG cost a small fraction of the Samsung and there will never be a room full of people seated around watching it in my office like the Samsung in the living room. If you get off-axis far enough you will see some variation in the backlighting on scenes that have a uniformly dark background, like movie titles over a black background, but I doubt that most people would ever sit that far off-angle or notice it.

The colorimetry was pretty terrible out of the box, and I was worried that I would have to send it back because I found it unacceptable, but after a half an hour of tweaking, viewing and tweaking some more I arrived at settings that were nearly equal to my Samsung and was satisfied with the results.

The built-in speakers are down- and rear- firing, intended to bounce off what the HDTV is sitting on and/or the wall behind it if wall-mounted, and are adequate if you're in a quiet room. In a noisy environment, you may not find them adequate. In that case, there is an optical output on the back, intended to be connected to a speaker bar with it's own built-in amplifier or to a sound system (stereo or A/V) . One of the inadequacies of the manual which I'll discuss more fully later is that there is pretty much nothing mentioned about which models of LG speaker bars are compatible except the trade-mark "SoundSync" which I have not found mentioned anywhere in any of the LG speaker bars online or on the LG website itself. Something I noted about the volume control is that it appears to operate on a linear curve rather than logarithmic curve (which is normally used because it closely matches the response of one's hearing)- what this means is when you increase the volume to 50% of it's range, the apparent volume to your ear will sound like about 90% of it's full range, and there will be a much smaller increase in sound level when increased from 50% to 100%. An oddity that hopefully can be corrected in a future firmware upgrade, and not a deal-killer.
I don't have a speaker bar, but I do have a wireless surround headset, and I connected it to the optical output to see if it would work. At this point I found that only the internal speakers or the optical output can be enabled at any one time, and this is not a problem if you're using a speaker bar, but I would have preferred to have an option to have both enabled at the same time so that I could used the mute button to kill the speakers when I want to use the headphones, instead of having to go through several layers of menus to do the same function. A bit annoying, but again, not a deal-killer. The wireless surround headset (an old Sony MDR-DS6000) were a huge improvement over the internal speakers.

HDMI inputs work well, and my old, spare Panasonic DMP-BD35 Blu-ray player provided excellent quality picture and audio via HDMI input, as did a Windows 7 Media Center computer. I did not test any USB streaming devices, the analog outputs or the headphone output.

I connected a basic 4-dipole un-amplified antenna (AntennasDirect DB4, no longer available for sale) that I had lying around just to make sure the tuner works. It's simply stuck in a window, pointed at a 90 degree angle away from all of the area broadcast towers and looking directly at a tree with full foliage outside the window. Even under such adverse conditions the HDTV gets quite a few stations, so if given a better antenna location I think the tuner would perform quite well.

Netflix streaming works quite well and I haven't experienced any issues. I haven't tried any other of the Smart-TV options at this point.


I don't love the menu system. It's not as user-friendly as my Samsung HDTV is, and I think many people will find it confusing. I've gotten used to it, but like I said, I don't love it.

The manual is the worst part of this HDTV. Many things are not explained or not explained well. I mentioned about the lack of specifics regarding compatible speaker bars above.
Another omission is information about the optional Skype camera- in the manual it only mentions the models AN-VC4** and AN-VC5**... after a lot of searching, I found only one model, the AN-400 on an LG foreign country website. Searching for this camera turned up sellers in Hong Kong, Great Britain and Australia (on Amazon and Ebay) for very high prices ($200+). Apparently the AN-VC5** is not yet available in any country in the world... This HDTV is a 2013 model, so maybe the accessories have not caught up with the HDTV model year yet. After a lot more searching I found the AN-VC400 available in the US for $99. From comments on the LG User forums it appears that one must use the LG webcams only with this HDTV. I tried several webcams I had and they were not recognized by the HDTV. This is kind of absurd for LG to exclude something as ubiquitous as a webcam from working unless it is one of their own manufacture, in my opinion. I'm still searching to see if other users have found cameras that will work, but the ones I've tried so far have worked universally on both Apple and Windows products and are very generic. The reviews of the LG cameras have been mixed.

Also, in the menu system there is mention of connecting to wireless headsets, but no mention of anything about that in the manual. When I was searching for a new set of surround headsets I did run across a few that said they were compatible with some LG models (this particular LG model was not in the list)- I believe they were Sennheiser brand, but I'm not certain. There is no indication whether these are Blu-tooth, or other RF or what frequency range they operate on.

Wireless connection- The MAC address (the unique hardware ID for the internal wireless adapter) is nowhere to be found. Because I've set the security up on my network to only allow access to devices which I own by including their MAC address in the router access table, I had to spend a significant amount of time to identify the MAC address for the LG HDTV before I could access it wirelessly. This information is required by the FCC to be displayed on the outside of the device on a tag or sticker, but was not on the LG anywhere. I realize most people may not be affected by this, but this information should have been displayed for those whose are security-minded like myself.

From the comments left at the LG user forums, people generally have reported that LG support reps are difficult to contact and less than helpful.

One final note: As others report, the base of the HDTV does not swivel or tilt, it is fixed... not a deal-breaker for me, but it might be for others.

OVERALL: I think this HDTV is a good value for the price and produces very adequate quality pictures for a secondary screen. I would not buy this for viewing Blu-ray movies in my living room or home theater, but it's good enough that I bought a second one, a 42" model to put in one of my bedrooms for occasional use. If you can put up with the lousy manual that is greatly lacking in information, it's probably a good-to-great choice for you.

A BRIEF RESUME OF THE REVIEWER: I am an engineer for one of the three television broadcast networks and a great deal of my work day involves critically observing, analyzing and making corrections to HDTV media to ensure that what you see at home is the best it can be; I spend most of my day staring at high quality HDTV monitors, and my standards and expectations are unquestionably higher than the average person.

EDIT 6/29/2013: Since buying the 32" version of this model, I have also purchased the 42" version for occasional use in my bedroom. Just about everything in this review is applicable to the 42" version, although I found that my optimal video settings for the 42" were just slightly different; this is partly due to the lighting in the 2 rooms being different- starting out with the settings I used on the 32" and applying them to the 42", I only had to make 3 minor changes to the brightness, contrast and color saturation to make both match each other closely.
Also, I read one other reviewer mention that the screen is a matte finish... I would have to disagree with this. I have a Samsung HDTV that has a glossy screen, and a Samsung monitor that has a matte screen... I would have to call the LG screens for this model semi-gloss- you can definitely see reflections of objects and lights in the screen that are clearly defined when the HDTV is off, unlike my Samsung monitor where any refections appear as undefined blobs of uneven lighting, but somewhat less pronounced than my Samsung HDTV which has clearly defined reflections when it is turned off.

An interested shopper asked whether the Smart App supported Amazon Prime yet... the answer at this point is that the firmware for both models I own does not support Amazon Prime as of 6/29/2013. Hopefully it will be updated in the future like some other LG models allegedly have been. I have a ROKU box that supports Amazon Prime, and honestly, Netflix video quality is much better to Amazon Prime at this time and Netflix has a much wider variety and greater quantity of programming, so I'm not really put off by not having Amazon Prime support at this point. Hopefully Amazon will up their game and improve the quality of their streaming products in the near future- I am a Prime customer, but I really don't take advantage of my access because the quality disappoints me whenever I watch something on Amazon.

Other reviewers have stated that the headphone jack doesn't work, or that the headphone level is inadequate. The headphones must be enabled in the menu, and there is no setting for both the headphones and the speakers (or any other audio output for that matter) to be enabled at the same time. I personally would like to not have to go to the menu to switch back and forth. The headphones and speaker volumes are controlled separately, depending on which is enabled, and will return to the last setting for each, depending on which is currently available. When the headphones are first accessed, they are at a default low-level setting even if the speakers were last set to maximum, so one might not think they are working unless the volume is advanced. Once advanced, it will stay there after switching back to the speakers, which will remain at the last setting they were set at. The headphones at maximum are barely adequate in a noisy environment, and I agree with the reviewer that stated the volume range on the headphones is inadequate... it's just barely usable in my opinion, with no overhead for programming that doesn't have adequate volume level to begin with.

Another interested shopper asked a question about the wall-mount hole spacing on the back of the HDTV. The 32" model has 200mm x 100mm spacing (which is an uncommon spacing) and the 42" model has 200mm x 200mm spacing.

One final note about screens on this model... the 42" model in my bedroom is on top of a bookcase, and when lying in bed I have to look up at it... if my track lights are on while watching TV, there is a definite reflection from each track light that is reflected in a rainbow on 4 axis from each light source... it's very pronounced, and is likely an artifact of the light reflecting on the LED diffusion panel at the rear of the LCD screen; my Samsung HDTV does not exhibit this same tendency, it simply reflects an image of the light itself, however the Samsung has CFL illumination, and a different backlight diffusion technology, and this could be a characteristic of the LED illumination engineering. At any rate, when viewing the screen from eye-level, these reflections are not visible. Eventually, my plans are to wall-mount this and at that point I can tilt the screen slightly down and the reflections will no longer be a factor. As I stated below in my original review, I would not pick these models as my primary HDTV for my living room or home theater, but I think they are very good choices for what I purchased them for... for secondary occasional use in my home office and bedroom.

Update 8-21-2013- I did get a wall mount for the 42" LG in my bedroom and angled it so that I was viewing almost straight-on while lying in bed, as I mentioned above that I was planning to do. This was very effective at getting rid of the reflections from my track lighting that I mentioned above. The wall-mount was a fairly simple slimline mount, and only cost $20 on Amazon, so it didn't break the bank. I have a low platform bed and the LG is mounted fairly high on the wall, so unless you have a similar viewing scenario, you should not be affected by the same kind of reflections.

Update 8-22-2013- I checked to see if there was any new firmware for the 32LN5700 and found that Ver. 04.00.20 is now available for both my 32LN5700 and 42LN5700. I updated the firmware and found that the Amazon instant video app is a part of this firmware update. After starting up the app (which took a long time the first time on the 32LN5700 and didn't complete, but on the second try it was faster and completed starting up) the first Amazon instant video screen appeared. From the Amazon instant video screen press the yellow button on the remote for 'help', Select 'Prime Instant Video', arrow over to 'Register your device' at the top of the screen, then on the following screen arrow down to 'Register Your Device'. A 5 digit code will appear. After you have the code go to the website on your computer and enter the 5-digit code that was displayed on the xxLN5700 to register the HDTV with your account and select your credit card info, billing address and a 5-digit PIN. Once registration is complete you'll have free Amazon Prime instant video (if you're a Prime member) and access to paid videos as well. If you're not a Prime member, the registration should be very similar and easy enough to figure out.
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on April 13, 2013
I just bought this TV last night, so I don't have a laundry list of complaints or compliments. HOWEVER - I do not have cable or satellite - I only do digital antennae and internet apps. This is TV #3 - #1 is a Vizio with apps, #2 is an LG older model - I use with Roku. I was looking for Vizio, as I love our Vizio...but decided to go with this LG model because

#1: similar price as vizio model we were looking at,
#2 it has built n apps, (as does Vizio)
#3 it has an internet browser (vizio does not),
#4 we just bought an LG sound bar, and liked that all the LG things can be linked together.
#5 1080/120hz (vizio model also had)

So, I'm thinking that the two items that were different - especially that it has a web browser - was worth the extra $50 I spent for the LG. I really, really do like LG products - so it's all good.

ONE MAJOR PROBLEM FOR ME - NO AMAZON APP. I cannot access my instant videos that I watch through PRIME on this TV. I emailed LG and got a very fast response and here it is:
I absolutely understand your concern, and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. Amazon will be supported later on, there is no ETA on when the update is going to be available.

After looking at other forums online - this is basically the same response people have been getting since 2011. So, I'm not sure what's going to happen.

Anyway - I really wish I had known this before purchasing - not sure if I would have made the same decision, since internet apps is how we watch TV, and all the current and new releases are on Amazon, and I already subscribe to it.

Thought you should know, in case accessing Prime is important to you too.
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on August 26, 2013
I just installed a software update from LG. Sure enough, it includes the previously missing app for Amazon Prime streaming. Thought potential buyers would want to know.
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on September 5, 2013
This TV is fantastic. This is my third different brand in our quest for a 39 inch TV to fit my cabinet. I've had the Toshiba 39L1350u(hated it), the Vizio E390i-A1(like the picture but man was it buggy) and now the LG.

We love the LG. I know the 39 inch is only 60hz(compared to the Vizio which is true 120hz) but at only 39 inches, we have not seen any issues with motion blur at all. To the contrary really. Also, the colors on the LG really pop too. My wife and I both think the picture is noticeably better on the LG. We are very impressed with the picture so far.

I can't comment on the audio as I run mine through a separate receiver.

The "Smart" part of the LG is very nice as well. It has pretty much all the major apps you can want, including Amazon(which it looks like was added just recently) and MLB.TV. The Netflix interface is ok. It lacks the Adult/Kids separate interface, which my daughter liked on the Vizio, but they do have popup listing of categories, which includes kids ones she can choose from. The Amazon interface is nice(simiar to the Roku and light years better than Vizio's quarter screen size window). LG has a TON of smaller apps/games to choose from. I feel like it will take us a while to go through all that they offer.

All in all we are very happy with this TV and it looks like we found a keeper.

Quality picture that really pops.
Good black Levels too.
Solid Smart TV section with LOTS of choices.
Apps within the Smart section seem solid.

I hesitate to put this in the Cons section but it is only 60hz which could be a con to some.
Attaching the stand to the base was awkward. They have you put the screws in from the top, not the bottom like most. It makes keeping a screwdriver straight enough to screw in the front screw tough.
Remote that came with doesn't allow any control of other devices. The Magic Remote which they tout and does control other devices costs (significantly) extra.

**EDIT 9/12/2013 Simplink(for ARC) needs work**

As an update, the only real issue we have is SimpLink and trying to use ARC(Simplink must be on to use ARC). It REALLY needs work and some extra controls. I have tried 3 different brand receivers(Sony, Yamaha and Denon) with this thing, on every one, Simplink thinks when you turn the TV on, it should trigger the receiver to switch to TV audio, no matter what. Just because I turn the TV on does NOT mean I am going to use the LG Apps at that time. This needs fixing immediately.

Also, once in the Smart TV menus, I cannot get it to trigger the TV audio when I start an app like Netflix or Amazon. However, when I LEAVE/EXIT an app, it DOES trigger the TV audio switchover. This is COMPLETELY backwards and again needs fixing.

As it stands now, Simplink/ARC is completely unuseable with this TV due to the control issues. LG needs to do some work on how Simplink interacts with non-LG products.

BTW, for those that don't want to shell out for the Magic remote but do have an iPad or Smart phone, LG offers an app that can become a mouse pad/keypad of sorts when you are in the smart TV section. Once in the smart TV section, with the app running, pull up the mouse pad screen and the screen acts as a touch pad with mouse control, as well as a keyboard when needed. Makes things alot easier.

** EDIT 9/26/2013 Ended up returning it **

So, I ended up returning this TV. I REALLY wanted to like this one, as the colors and smart TV portion of it was great. However, what made us return it was we kept seeing strange occasional stuttering. It was weird. We could watch, say a tennis match or football and things would look great, but then we would see another scene and someone would move a certain way and the movement would stutter badly for a second or two, then be fine. It happened at times you would not think. You could also see like a frame skip in scenes with slow horizontal panning.

We played with every setting under the sun, but could not eliminate it. After a while it just got too frustrating.

We ended up going with the 40 inch Samsung UN40F6300. The Samsung is 120hz and we are not seeing the stuttering like on the LG. While the 40 inch doesn't quite fit in our amiore, I am adding a slide out tray which will give us the ability to pull the TV out and just swivel the Samsung a bit to put it back in the cabinet.

I will say, the Samsung Anynet(for ARC) plays a LOT nicer with my receiver(Denon) than the LG Simplink did. The audio switches perfectly on and off when entering/exiting apps.
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on July 16, 2013
Update (7/25)
A repair person finally came out and replaced the television's motherboard. That seems to have resolved the issue and the television works fine now. I asked the repair person if they received many calls service calls for similar problems with LG sets and he said yes. He was of the opinion that low end LG sets, like many other relatively low cost LCD televisions, tend be built with low quality components: for the most part it's not an issue, but you're always playing the odds that one component or another will malfunction.

I'm not sure what to make of his comments... My wife and I are now considering getting an extended warranty "just in case". We'll keep the set, but its probably the last time we purchase LG electronics.

Initial Review
As title indicates, do a quick google search for "lg tv turns on and off".

I've had my 39LN5700 a little less than a week and starting earlier today it began to turn on and off by itself. At first, sporadically and then repeatedly. As long as the unit is plugged in it turns on, makes it to the LG logo screen and then turns off. I called lg tech support - the tech asked me to check for proper ventilation and to see if the power cord was properly seated; both were fine. That was the extent of his trouble shooting. He then told me that an LG tech would be sent to check the set, but alas there are no LG service centers in the East Bay (CA) so he gave me the numbers of third party technicians in the area.

A quick search on google shows that this appears to be a common ongoing problem with what looks like the full line of LG television sets. The problem has been reported since 2008 and so far LG has yet to fix it or even acknowledge it.

I can't really offer any further evaluation of this product as I haven't had it long enough to form an informed opinion. Take a look at the low rating reviews and you'll see that at least one other person has reported the same issue I have.
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on December 2, 2013
We bought the 39inch TV during Amazons pre Black Friday sale. Thanks to Amazon Prime, the TV was delivered on Saturday morning. Shortly after delivery we had it mounted it on the wall and turned on. After the initial language/network setup, we were told an update to the Smart interface was available. After about 5 minutes the update was done and we were presented with LG’s Smart interface. We though the interface was clean and easy to navigate (This is our first Smart TV, third LCD TV). The first thing my wife did was try YouTube, which worked as expected. Then she tried Netflix, which also worked as expected. The apps loaded quickly and without any issues. The picture quality is excellent, the sound is pretty good. The sound is a bit tinny but probably more noticeable because I've read some of the other Amazon reviews before buying. My wife does not notice and/or care. We’ll probably add a sound bar at some point. We have not tried any of the other apps yet but so far we’re pleased as it does what we wanted most (TV, Netflix and YouTube). It looks sharp mounted on the wall, can be viewed at an angle, and has no glare even in a bright room.

We decided on this TV over the 40inch Samsung (UN40EH5300) for two reasons: 1) It has a matte screen vs. a glossy screen. We both find that glossy screens have way to much glare, especially in a room with the blinds open. 2) Because no one really complained about the apps not working, unlike the Samsung reviews.
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