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on June 8, 2014
I got this TV 5 hours ago from BestBuy for slightly less than offered on Amazon. I've spent every minute since trying to adjust settings and get the Netflix App to work. Here are the highlights of my experience thus far:

LG Picture defaults are not good. This is one of the many reasons why their TVs appear to have poorer quality when displayed next to Sony and Samsung models in stores. I was well aware of this as this is not my first LG TV. This would mean you have to spend some amount of time getting things to where you like them. In my case that would be switching to Expert1 settings and lowering the saturation down (the reds are far too saturated in all default modes, which reduces local contrast in my opinion). I also like to turn down or completely off TruMotion, but I know others prefer it especially if spending a lot of time watching sports. The two other TruMotion modes they have are "smoothness preferred" and "clarity preferred" (this is one was default). TruMotion is what's responsible for the "soap opera" appearance of movies. This has improved greatly since it was originally introduced, but I think it actually causes some digital lag in certain scenes. Don't quote me on this it's my personal, and unfounded on any evidence, opinion.

HD to 4K conversion is adequate. I did not notice anything apparently wrong here, but I'm sure as I spend more time watching I would have a more to say.

The 2D to 3D conversion is actually rather good. I tested by watching tennis, hockey, soccer, and a movie. Of course, the quality is far from something that is natively shot in 3D, but at least you have the option. (A side comment - LG uses Passive 3D, which the interpolates each horizontal line presenting one for you left and one for your right eye thereby reducing the overall resolution available by 1/2. This, however, on a 4K TV means you're only stepping down to HD, 1080 rather than the 2160 available with 4K*).

3D - as available in LG's free content (native 3D). It's being streamed to the TV and yet quality was absolutely stunning. My wife and I spent 40 minutes watching a documentary on a moss garden in Korean to simply enjoy the picture. She claims that the Samsung's active 3D is better, but then I don't find this feature significant enough to justify the 25-30% price jump. Also, passive 3D means cheaper, much cheaper 3D glasses that require no batteries or charging (I'm actually pretty sure it will work with regular cinema quality 3D glasses).

The Magic Remote is actually very practical. You can image after the amount of hours I've spend adjusting sound and picture quality, as mentioned above, my hand would be tired, but it's not as bad. It's very intuitive. The scrolling and joystick options are still available if preferred, but motioning with the remote is easy and accurate. You don't find yourself hunting around the desired option as I would have imagined prior to using it. I'm not sure if that's the best way to input text, however, although the onscreen keyboard displayed is QWERTY and not like in previous LG models.

WebOS is implemented well, must upgrade your firmware in order to run the Netflix app**. It will not run out of the box. I spent over an hour with LG support on the phone (they're utterly useless) only to have them recommend that I return the unit back to Best Buy. While talking to them I ran the upgrade (I should have probably done that prior to calling), which then allowed me to finally upgrade the Netflix app and run it. The errors I was seeing originally were "Netflix coming soon..." and "406". I had no issues with any of the other applications. YouTube, AmazonPrime, the web browser and others ran fine with the original firmware version.

This is probably the cheapest ALL BOXES CHECKED TV out there as of May '14. As such it will be a bit of a compromise. It will not have the greatest picture, it will not have the best sound, its software will need updating before you get it to work 100%. All this said, I do like this TV as it bridges the gap between the $1k smart TVs and the $2K+ UltraHD TVs. It fits the budget of more buyers and it will contribute to commoditizing 4K content.

* This is an oversimplified view of 3D, passive 3D and 4K. I'm unaware of the actual algorithms applied to the picture, but after reading a fair amount of material on the subject this is how I explain it to myself.
** My TV's original software version was 3.13.19 and WebOS 1.1.0-6119. After the first an only upgrade I've done it's running software ver. 3.13.26 and WebOS ver. 1.1.0-6126
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on July 21, 2014
Hello, I would like to start out by pointing out that I consider myself a very tech inclined person and know most of what there is to know when it comes to electronics. With that in mind, let me say this, the LG 55UB8500 is sure to be one of the best television choices that anyone could make. Yes, there are much larger televisions on the market, but you are going to be hard pressed to find one that matches this TV's quality while staying below a few thousand dollars more than this one.

To begin, let me start by explaining one very important feature of this TV, when you need to make adjustments, be sure to use the home button, followed by clicking on the little gear on the top right of the screen. This alone will save you tons of reading and experimenting with settings. I myself read on the set that features could be set using the User guide on the lower list of items on your bottom navigation buttons/options when you do hit the home button. You see, this set has a nice little list of items such as the HDMI ports, component and composite ports. All this along with all the other options like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, and an internet browser which all come up with the easy to fine home button. Sadly, when you use the user guide, it will allow some of the settings to be adjusted there, but a few, such as 3D settings will be grayed out, not allowing you access at all. This confusion eventually had me calling customer support, which fortunately helped me figure out the problem in no time. Believe me when I say that I've found a large number of support pages or forum posts where people complain about the TV not allowing video adjustments while viewing the actual videos, with some people calling the TV near garbage because they weren't able to use their video calibration disks, All because they were using the guide to change settings and not the little gear on the upper right hand of the home screen. It was a bit sad, but it had happened to me, so I am sympathetic. I had actually grown a bit concerned, as I had been able to do those wonderful image optimizations with my last TV which was a Visio, I felt that it was impossible that a better brand would lack those simple features, so that's why I decided to begin there.

Now, once you get passed the issue with the user guide, by using the little gear, you have full access to every option, depending on what input you are currently using. The Smart picture mode is only available when you are watching live TV from over the air antenna, cable or satellite. That feature allows you to set the features that improve the appearance of those signals, since they are all going to be 1080p, since there is very little 4k content as of now. In fact, the only source of 4k I'm aware of is Netflix, and even there, its limited to around a dozen video's and a few season of some series. Due to the lack in genuine 4k content, Smart picture mode allows you to tweak the look of the average 1080p video's so you can make the most of your nice new 4k set. As I also mentioned before, while using the user guide, you are also prevented fr0m adjusting your 3d settings. This is very important because straight from the box, the settings are set to very low "Pop", my name for how much the video jumps out at you. This is a more necessary feature, as for the most part, this awesome TV is able to use any video, aside from Netflix video's you play through the TV app, to display in 3d mode. Now, let me be clear, non native 3d looks good, not great, but lets be fair, the TV is taking non 3d content and creating a 3d image on the fly.

Now, this feature is best used with video that is 1080p, since lower definition video usually looks bad anyway, so the higher the resolution the better. More importantly than the video, this feature really shines when it is used with a shiny new PS4 or Xbox One. If your like myself and suffer no headaches or eye strain when viewing 3d video, you will use this feature a lot. But fear not, if you can't view 3d for long, the set has a setting that can be adjusted in advanced settings, its called Super resolution. Crank that one right up and behold the most gorgeous video game footage you have ever seen. Mario Kart 8 looks next gen and we all know its far weaker than the PS4 or Xbox One. If the game has a depth of field effect, it makes the game look 3d without ever turning on the 3d feature. Yeah, its a sight to behold.

Now, as for the number of connections or inputs available, I was blown away at the high level of quality that LG gave me. Of course you must have already seen that there are four HDMI ports, but it was the composite and component video that surprised me the most. My last TV did offer these forms of inputs, but they took up a large amount of space since there were three prongs for one, and five for the other. Here though, LG got smart, they included a few useful little items, which included a component adapter and a composite adapter. These had a short cable on each with three plug ports on each one. For your lower Def VCR, you simply use the cable that uses the red, white and yellow cables, you connect them to the matching colors on the VCR out, and on the other end of the cable, it uses a single plug which looks like an average 3.5mm audio jack which plugs into the back of the TV. Likewise, the other cable uses the Red, blue and green for higher Def video from a DVD player and installs in the same way, also into a single 3.5mm jack. Instead of using six larger connection points, you get a simple 2, and since they are color coded, you can't make a mistake, unless your color blind of course.

Of the HDMI ports, only one is capable of 4k video input, which is HDMI port 3. The other three are all high quality ports capable of high def, but have a few different features available to each in case hour have a variety of equipment with different needs. Also, all four ports are on the side, for ease of use or for switching cables if necessary.

The TV has a wheel button on the lower front of the screen that is found just behind the screen bezel that can be used for things like volume control or channel swapping, input swapping is also available. Regardless, the real fun is using the awesome little remote that comes with the TV. This great little remote works exactly like a Wii controller. You wave the remove when you pick it up to wake it from napping( yes, I'm serious:), and once you do, you get a nice little pointer that follows your hand gestures extremely well. To re-center your pointer once it feels off, you just drag the pointer to the side until it centers to your liking, either up or down, side to side. Having this type of remote, your actually able to buy on the LG store some simple games that you play directly from your TV, none of the games are Triple A titles, but for a TV to play games on its own is cool enough to warrant a mention. The same store offers video rentals in HD and a few in 3D, and you even get a handful of 3d videos that are free, one in particular is split into three portions which has to be seen to be believed. It isn't a movie, its basically an hour long screen display with music, but wow does it show off what 4k TV's are capable of when displaying 3d video. My mouth was dry from it having stayed open during the majority of the video. My elderly parents couldn't believe what they were seeing. They had smiles from ear to ear.

If you use Netflix, no longer bother using your video game console or Roku box, the built in app offers 4k video as well as some 3D movies and documentaries. When I use my PS4 or Xbox One now, I miss out on the entire category for 4k video and 3D movies. Never fear though, remember, this TV upgrades video to better suite the 4k set.

There is really only one con with this TV, and it is both justified and totally acceptable. Since the TV has an absolute tiny bezel, the speakers built into the set are not forward facing, and since the set is around one inch or less in thickness, it simply can not be expected to provide heart pumping bass or super loud treble. If you use stereo audio, the sound may require you to turn up your speaker system up due to quiet audio, but If you have an optical input and output, or HDMI I/o, the experience is vastly superior to your average theater.

If there is any doubt on buying this TV, all I can say is relax, take a deep breath, and hit that order button. This TV is simply Amazing, I made sure to get the 5 year warranty, I want it to last a very long time, as I doubt anything better comes out soon.

P.S. If you need to rename your inputs, changing them from "HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc etc), you can change them to PS4. Xbox One, or whatever you prefer. Likewise, you can hold the scroll wheel on any of the app links once you hit the home button, which brings up the option to move the tile either to the left or right on the list along the bottom. You can even delete any app links you don't use or like, especially since you may get multiple tiles for an HDMI port or anything else. Oh yeah, this TV has the Skype app built in, but it does not have a built in video camera, I know LG offers a custom camera, bit since the TV has three USB ports, one of them being a high speed USB 3.0 port, you may be able to use one of your own, I haven't tested a third party camera yet, but if I do, I'll update this to see if it works and to explain what type chat camera I used. I currently have one for my Xbox 360, a PS3 camera, and a 720p Logitech camera. Maybe one of those will due, if not, I may not worry, I can Skype from my tablet, my PC or even my PSvita, so I don't really need it.
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on November 20, 2014
Using this strictly as a monitor, this works very well, but for the best experience, make sure you have a video card with HDMI 2.0, such as a GTX 970/980 for 60Hz capability.

I would say that for a regular desktop, this is about 9" too big, but this was the smallest size available with 4:4:4 chroma support with 2160p and 60Hz. Coming from a 28" Samsung 4K display with a TN panel, this is night and day better. You can actually read text without having to do any scaling or squinting. Colors are much more uniform as well, but make sure to disable any LED local dimming, as it will lead to a slight darkening of the extreme corners.

You also have to make sure you disable any of the extra processing, noise reduction, etc... since you will be running this at the native resolution and in a PC setting, this should also help with input lag, but that's just my guess. Gaming with this with BF4 is great as well, with no noticeable input lag to hamper my gaming. For this, you have to make sure you're gaming at 2160p, lower the graphic settings if you have to, but keep the native resolution of the display in order to bypass any upconversion to 4K by the TV, which adds significant input lag, trust me on this one, you want to avoid this as much as possible.

One drawback is that at random time, perhaps once every 15 seconds, I see a flashing horizontal line about 5 inches long. I'm not sure where this is coming from, but it's there and is reported by other users in forums. Also, when connecting this to my 970, I would get random black screen flashes when enabling Deep Color in the picture settings. Going into the NVidia Control Panel, under "Display/ Set up Digital Audio" you have to go to the HDMI drop down menu and select "turn off audio" and apply the settings. This fixed it entirely. Make sure to use HDMI input 3 to enable the best PC colors as well.

For what I'm using it for, this is great. Had I not had the screen line issue and if it were a 40" size, this would be a perfect 5 star product. 4K IPS monitors currently cost hundreds more despite being much smaller and having the exact same resolution. This just works well enough for me.

See the two attached pictures for a reference. One has about 6 browser windows open while the second has google earth open to a random location with my foot as a size reference. My shoe size is a mens 9.5 D, yes, this screen is huge when used in a desktop environment. In the Google earth picture, you will see the two left most extreme corners are slightly darker than the rest of the white background.

Also, for the gamers out there concerned about input lag with PC Gaming, there's no reason to worry here. Don't even look at those "reviews" out there, they were merely using a Leo Bodnar's Lag Tester, which has a max output of 1080P. When you output a 1080P display, this TV will upconvert the signal to 2160P, thereby increasing input lag tremendously. The true input lag at 2160P is SIGNIFICANTLY less, this is why in my review I mentioned it's best to lower the graphics eye candy in order to game at the display's native resolution.
review image review image
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on June 10, 2014
I got this 4k tv today and I love it! Did all the research a man can do before buying it! I could definitely afford a 2k+ Samsung 55HU8550 but why spend that much when you can get 1 "fairly" similar TV for $500 cheaper!? Of course the Samsung has a tad bit better picture but like I said even if you're very rich you can't be throwing money away. Just try it and if you don't like it, return it.

WebOS: I really love how easy it is to switch between Netflix/Hulu/cable, etc. Not sure about the guy complaining that it takes too long to load? Mine loads in a flash! Well i got Comcast internet so the internet speed definitely plays a role in that. The interface is so user-friendly I have to wonder why nobody's thought of this before! Go to the nearest Best Buy/Sam's club/HHGREGG, etc. and try it! you will not want to go back to pressing buttons anymore after you've tried the LG WebOS.

3D: I like the passive 3D a lot more than the active ones. First of all, you don't need to buy expensive glasses for it to work. My daughter took home a pair of 3D theater glasses and it worked perfectly! There's also no hassle of charging/replacing batteries. Plus, the passive 3D glasses never "breaks" not like the active ones because it doesn't have any mechanical activity at all. Quality is AMAZING! 2D to 3D conversion is so-so but that's the same with all other 3D tvs. But watching Avatar 3D blu-ray blew my mind away!

Netflix issue: There is no issue! Like some people said, initially it didn't run out-of-the-box but if you'd had any experience with computers/tablets/smart phones/SMART TV... you would know to check for updates the moment you get them! I was actually relieved that it is SO EASY to update the LG system and now I know that if there are any problems later on LG can/will fix it through an update. Unless it's a hardware issue of course. The system alerted me that there is an update 5 minutes after I started playing with it.

IPS panel: If you're into computers and have had experience with IPS panel monitors then you'll definitely love this TV. I have a large family and it's amazing that the picture quality is the same whatever angle you're watching the TV from.

4K content: There's not a lot of 4k content out yet BUT the HD to 4K or "near 4K" conversion is awesome and is the biggest reason why you should buy a 4K TV at about the same price as other HDTVs! I have researched all the 2013/2014 TVs out there and I've narrowed my options down to: Samsung 55HU8550($2297), Samsung 60F7500 non-4K($1879), and this LG 55UB8500 currently out for $1714! This price and the quality won me over!

The automatic picture settings are not too bad. But if you're really into "quality" picture then you know not to depend on these automatic picture settings! I'm still playing with mine so I can't give any suggestions yet.

Summary: Awesome TV, Awesome price, Happy wallet, Happy wife= Happy me! Seriously, just try it!
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on June 29, 2014
Amazing Clarity! This TV is so clear, I catch myself actually saying "Wow!" at least a couple times during every movie... and those are Blu-ray movies at 1080p. Adding this TV to your room is like upgrading from DVD to Blu-Ray, it is significant. Although most of the content you will watch on it is still 1080p, you will see a difference immediately. Yes, you need to run some software updates as soon as you unbox this beauty, but what electronic doesn't need a software update these days.


I watch my 3D Blu-Rays on the Samsung BD-F7500 4K Upscaling 3D Wi-Fi Blu-ray Disc Player with an HDMI 2 cable. The 3D is the clearest and easiest to watch 3D I have ever seen, I normally find the 3D stuff difficult to watch because of how much you have to sacrifice to get the 3D effect. I watched LIFE OF PI on this and I felt like I was looking through a window at the most beautiful zoo I have seen, the depth is incredible and clear, no blur, no color loss. I also watched AVATAR, BRAVE, PROMETHEUS and 300:RISE OF AN EMPIRE... again, simply amazing. For the first time, 3D doesn't feel gimmicky it feels essential. I have read so many reviews of films that get demo-worthy ratings on Blu-Ray 2D, but their 3D Blu-Ray counterparts get slightly lower scores, and I have always agreed with that. Now I think it is the TV, not the media, which degrades the quality.

The 3D mode for enhancing 2D content works about the same as other sets, definitely mixed results, not great in general. The conversion back to 2D was interesting, and they definitely did a good job there. I have only one disk I would maybe need that feature for, but I did find myself converting to 2D on some large stretches of AVATAR when I took off my glasses for a while, while I was doing other things around the room or using my iPad. There are lots of controls and options for the 3D settings.

The glasses that come with this TV are pretty good, much better than other "free" glasses. I don't remember it saying anywhere on the box that you get glasses, but you get two pair. I tried some other 3D glasses and they all worked but some didn't give me the clarity of the included glasses and revealed some annoying crosstalk. I was watching the scene in LIFE OF PI (small *SPOILER ALERT* ) where he lands on "the island" and the detailed green root system immediately showed crosstalk with the lesser glasses. I switched to the ones included in the box and it was gone. I also tried the Rockfish Oakley pair I have and there was zero crosstalk and the picture looked even better in my opinion, this is definitely getting into a much more subjective area here.

The 3D technology is passive, as opposed to active like in most other TVs. This means that glasses required to enjoy the 3D are much cheaper and do need a power source. No batteries and no charging. Active tech glasses are expensive and range from $75 to more than $100 a pair. That price point can be prohibitive if you want to enjoy the movie you are watching with a roomful of people. If I had to buy 4 - 6 more pairs of glasses, I am now looking at less than $100 versus $500 - $600 with the active tech, and I don't have to buy batteries or manage charging all of them. No more are the days of my glasses losing their charge during the course of a long movie or while binge watching all day/night long. I watched THE HOBBIT on my older Samsung 1080p with active glasses and my eyes were tired by the end of the movie. I watched THE HOBBIT and LIFE OF PI twice on the new TV and my eyes never tired.

The bottom line on the 3D is that it doesn't get any better than this and the passive technology allows you some affordable choices in 3D glasses that don't need batteries or charging of any kind. This is a major step forward in bringing 3D to a wider audience.


Yep, it is awesome. There is limited content out there, I did stream some episodes of BREAKING BAD and HOUSE OF CARDS and those look very impressive and I have a slower wireless connection. There is some other sample content on NETFLIX if you search for 4K to show off higher frame rates and other things that Netflix is testing for 4K streaming. I am tempted to watch both of the 4K TV shows they have available just because they are in 4K.

The main thing you get right now with the 4K resolution is the upscaling of 1080p content. On live TV, sports programs and news broadcasts picked up some additional clarity and color pop. Other TV programs are hit and miss. Sure with Sony you can pay double the price of this TV and add on their $600 Ultra HD media device (horrible reviews) and get a dozen blockbuster movies already in 4K, but I am not sure it is worth it and the jury is still out on how they plan to support that model.

Just watching regular Blu-Rays on this thing, makes me want to re-watch every decent looking film I have ever seen. The pixels are much harder to see when you get close up and the clarity from ten feet is noticeably better, any further than that you will notice the colors popping more than the clarity. I haven't watched any of the "Mastered in 4K" Blu-Rays on this and I don't have a plan to do so since those disks are the same as their "non-mastered in 4K" counterparts. Almost all films are mastered in 4K, this is just Sony marketing speak and in my opinion hurts their 4K branding. The other thing that frustrates me about Sony is there is no broadcast of the World Cup in 4K, despite their ubiquitous advertising in every game. There advert constantly reminds me that I can't watch it in 4K. The games are being captured in 4K or higher, but the broadcasters are not allowing it to actually be seen in the 4K resolution. Annoying.

The bottom line is even though the content you watch is not necessarily 4K, this TV will make it look better than any 1080p TV will.


I have had the Sony Google TV DVD player for a couple of years now and that has been my favorite device hands down. I have almost every gaming device and have tried many of the Smart TV DVD players and TVs. The second best has been the interface of the XBOX One, and this one almost beats the Sony Google TV, but not yet. The interface on the XBOX One is better than the Sony, but the controls over the TV signal and DVR are better on the Sony. That being said, the Menu and Smart TV functions on this TV fall somewhere in between my favorites and that is good. I normally cannot stand the Smart TV functions and menus and ignore them all together. The Hisense TVs have a pretty good interface and do a good job of managing your inputs that almost makes you forget that you have different devices on different inputs on your TV. This LG does a really good job and the remote is super easy to use as a mouse, I like it.

The only downfall is that the super simple remote means that I still need my cable TV remote for many functions beyond changing volume and up and down the channels. Also, since the remote is essential to control their menus, it looks like I can't replace it with a universal remote.

One reviewer reported that it takes three minutes for the Web OS to load and one even said it takes that long for the TV to start. That is not the case at all, TV turns on almost immediately and the Web OS fully loads in the background in about 20 seconds, most people will never notice this at all. LG does a really good job of remembering your sessions from Web, to TV, to Apps, to Blu-Ray and jumps between them instantly. Other TVs, make you reload and wait every time you jump around.

LG gives you a lot of control over the Smart TV functions and menus but some aspects are not perfect, but, it is still better than other TVs.


I wish there was some demo content on this TV for sound and video. I would loop that 4K content as a screen saver to show off the features of the TV. I won't get deep into the sound here since I typically don't use the native sound on my TVs, I plug them into a receiver and use that. The sound is deep and expansive and carries some nice lows, much better than I expected. The sound is good enough that I haven't plugged this into a sound bar or a receiver yet.


I haven't plugged a gaming device into it yet, but that is next on my list. I do not normally play games in the room that this TV is in, so it may not happen for a while.


I don't know if this is the best and most accessible 4K-3D-Smart-TV out there, and at this price point nothing compares to it. The Smart TV controls are better than Samsung and Sony, no doubt about it.

Update the software immediately for the TV and then for Netflix. I haven't figured out how to remove the Live TV icon from the menu. I want to do this since I am watching Live TV on HDMI 1 instead. Turn off True Motion and adjust the contrast and brightness to your liking.

As soon as you get this setup up Netflix and you will immediately be taken to 4K programming and 3D programming. I was on wireless and wasn't getting the best results, so I connect via hardwire to my router and Wowwww! House of Cards in 4K is a incredible thing to watch. I also have been watching a lot of the 4K content on YouTube, most of the 4K demos you have seen in stores are on their and they look good. Not this is compressed and not perfect 4K but I was blown away at how good YouTube out performs Netflix in 4K streaming. Check out the trailers for Elysium and Transformers... wow! I use this for demo material to show this TV off.
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on June 17, 2014
I received this TV last week and wanted to use it for at least a week before I wrote a review. Well, after using it for a week, I can conclude that this is indeed a pretty good TV.
Firstly, let me start with the delivery. The delivery was done through CEVA logistics (who are supposed to not only deliver but also set up the TV and see whether it was working well). But the problem was, I lived in a gated community and delivery usually happens to the community office. But the delivery guys called me from the lobby and brought the TV intto my apartment and set it up, so that was pretty good.
Next, the picture quality. The picture quality is just amazing. I have tested my TV in light/dark conditions and with a variety of bright/dim content and have not noticed any light leakage. There is a very small blooming noticeable in the corners at very extreme lighting but that was negligible and I found it just because I was sharply looking for it. The saturation levels are very good out of the box and I haven't found any problems yet.
The main reason I bought this TV was that it is a 4K passive 3D TV. Like CNET says, 4K TVs are stupid, as we don't necessarily sit at the right distance for so many pixels to even be visible to our eye. (Google for "4K Calculator - Do you benefit?") But 4K TVs are great when it comes to one thing: playing passive 3D content (as there is no loss in quality) and me being a 3D fanatic, I realized this was the best TV to buy. I mean, honestly, for the price paid for the features, this indeed was the best option (at least when I bought it). But aside from it, I decided to test some 4K content from YouTube and it turned out pretty well. The quality was great and the playback was good.
The one irritating thing I found was LG TruMotion. It was so annoying and turned everything into a soap opera. But once I was able to disable it, everything became fine. But every preset in the settings is enabled with TruMotion, so each time I use a preset I seem to have to turn it off.
Now, the 3D playback. Like some users said, there was a noticeable amount of cross talk when I first played some 3D videos from YouTube. I was rather pissed. But then I did some experiments and noticed that when I sat at a certain angle (the eye line horizontal to the middle of the screen) and at a farther distance (greater than around six feet), the cross talk actually reduced greatly.
Also, I started feeling doubtful about YouTube's 3D content (I mean, come on, it's streaming 4K 3D, it isn't perfect). So I downloaded some freely available 4K 3D content from the net (I used the video Big Buck Bunny by Blender Institute) and I tried it from my hard disk. It turned out great. I sat at around three feet from the TV and there was a little cross talk but only in the background. The objects in focus were crystal clear and the 3D was very enjoyable.
About the audio quality, I shouldn't even talk about it as it is well known that HDTVs don't produce great audio quality, or else they wouldn't be so thin. This TV too does a fairly decent job, but nothing great.
Regarding the WebOS, I didn't use the apps much due to their privacy policy where you have to agree to share your personal information and frankly I didn't wanna do that (I clicked "Agree" for the privacy policy but I have the TV completely offline). So I cannot say how much the apps would be useful. But just from the interface alone, I can say the TV does feel more like a computer than a TV.
The remote is indeed great. It works more like a mouse/kinect than a remote and it is very powerful. I was pointing the remote at my kitchen stove top and even then the buttons worked, hehe.
Also included with the TV were a HDMI cable (which works well) and two passive 3D glasses. The glasses were good but unfortunately they were not broad or flat on the sides (which would have helped preventing outside light from getting in).

Overall, I can say this is indeed a great TV for a great price. Awesome picture quality. The only disappointment was that the 3D wasn't perfect, which shouldn't be a problem if you're an individual enjoying a 3D movie as you can find the right location to eliminate the cross talk. But if you're watching as a family, it might turn out to be a problem but again, most people sit at at least around eight feet from a TV I guess, so at that distance, it might not be a problem then either. Overall, I feel it's a good compromise for the price.
So, should you buy this TV? I'd say yes, but then it depends on what you want. Are you purely looking for a 4K TV for your family? I'd say a bigger screen would be needed. Are you looking for the perfect 3D TV? Well, this isn't it. But are you looking for both with a bit of compromise but at a great price? If so, this is the TV for you.
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on September 9, 2014
We mounted the LG 49UB8500 on the wall in our bedroom. The picture is absolutely fantastic. If you aren't going to use the wireless connection this is one of the best sets we looked at.

I only have sight in one eye, so I can't review the 3D, but the option to view a 2D movie in 3D sounds interesting.

The LG 49UB8500 upscales a Blu-ray or HD DVD to about 3000, which is noticeably better than my 1080 Plasma TV.

The LG 49UB8500 has four (4) HDMI inputs and three (3) USB inputs, more than enough for me.

I downloaded and installed the latest firmware from LG.

The problems start with basic wireless reception degrading whenever the set is turned off and back on (ours goes from 28Mbps to 2.5Mbps). You have to go to setup, release and re-establish the wireless link to bring back the speed. Customer support told me, after an hour of communicating, that's what their TVs do. When I asked if there were plans to correct the firmware, they disconnected me. BTW - A laptop in the bedroom is downloading at about 30Mbps throughout the room.

There is NO Flash support, so most WEB sites don't work or only partially work. And that's a BIG NEGATIVE. Some of the more common video apps are also missing.

The remote is a point and shoot type and takes A LOT of getting used to.

The manual selector (not using the remote) is PAINFUL to use and almost useless.

The Firmware needs to be overhauled and should not have shipped in such poor shape at the cost of this set.

If you only want a television with a GREAT picture, this is the set for you. If you want to stream video or use the WEB, this set leaves a lot to be desired.
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on October 31, 2014
REVIEW - LG Electronics 55UB8500 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV

If you're in the market for a new TV - and this holiday season is definitely time, you should be - you're probably eyeballing the new 4K options that are on the market. I just recently purchased LG's newest entry in the semi-affordable 4K range. This is also one of their first models off the line with their new WebOS operating system and App Store. First let me start with this - this is SmartTV done right - I absolutely love the apps; which are written by the sites, not by LG - and updated frequently on their App Store. Most apps I demoed saw at least 2 updates just in the 2 weeks I have had it so far. What was incredible to me was the inclusion from the start of all the apps you care about - Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Youtube, and Spotify. The apps are fast, fantastic, and presented in 4K; though obviously 4K content is only currently available through Netflix. Their App store is great and easy to navigate, and the TV has also been easy to perform firmware updates; which are also happening frequently - 2 in the last 2 weeks. Also of note LG created a whimsical and wispy interface for the TV - which appeals to me because I love their cute little penguins that animate as you setup your new TV.

4K Content is really sparse now, but let's have a bit of a conversation on this. First 4K and UltraHD are used interchangeably - they are not the same thing. 4K is a Camera/Computer resolution and is not the exact same resolution as the consumer UltraHD option. That said, the TV absolutely performs well as a 4K Output when connected to a VERY high end video card with an HDMI 2.0 cable; which I did have a chance to test. So far your only choices in 4K are going to be Smurfs 2, House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and NBC's The Blacklist - and be prepared to pay more for it as Netflix is now charging more for 4K access. The picture quality is stunning, but at first didn't really strike me - you have to know what to look for. This is essentially a Retina Display turned into a TV - you can't see pixels on anything. The quality is so high that certain scenes in Breaking Bad exposed flaws in their effects and CG that I hadn't noticed prior. The Blacklist and House of Cards looked equally fantastic. Better have killer internet though - Netflix 4K requires a constant connection at 25Mbps down. I had no issues, and not one second of buffering on Charter in Billings.

But the TV is also a Passive 3D display; so how does 3D picture quality hold up? I have a lot of experience working with 3D, and my biggest issue with it is the name. When you mention 3D - I really expect the picture to reach out and grab me - and really this is more a depth of field effect for 90% of the content out there. I'd rather call it HD DOF. Once you properly adjust the 3D Depth (similar to the switch on the Nintendo 3DS), you can certainly tweak the experience. It is definitely more engaging - and the most important thing is that the color quality is FANTASTIC. Colors look accurate and have significant blacks. I have never seen these kind of blacks in anything other than a high end plasma. However, this TV has a Hat Trick with 3D, that we have seen before - Dual Play. Dual Play (with the purchase of extra dual-play compatible 3D glasses, not included) allow you to take split screen video games and turn them full screen for 2 players using the 3D option. They stay 3D, but neither player can see the other's screen while playing, and gets the entire display to game on. It's a fantastic additional feature.

Ultimately the question then comes down to price. I've used a lot of nice TV's before from Sony, Samsung, JVC, Pioneer, and LG. This absolutely is one of the best in this price range on the market right now - delivering a ton of value for the price. 3D, Ultra HD, and a Smart TV are a fantastic value package and quality and experience was delivered to each equally. Personally at the price point, I think it is now a no-brainer to jump into 4K this holiday season, and after much deliberation - I jumped into this specific option. I am absolutely thrilled with that decision.
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on October 22, 2014
I absolutely love this TV! Great picture quality! After a few days of having this TV, it ask to update and while updating there was an issue with the electricity and it messed up the update, after that the tv wouldn't work properly. I called LG customer service which by the way was AMAZING! (very thorough). Quick fix in case you run into this and avoid calling. Disconnect your TV for a minute from all power source. After a minute, with the TV controller press the HOME & BACK button until the red light blinks three times and that should reset the TV with the new update if it didn't do it properly.
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on November 17, 2014
This TV is so sick, I paid a bit more for it got it at a big electronics store. Anyways, yeah. Once you have it setup it works great and it will up-convert your DirecTV to as close to 4k as it can get the image via HDMI port 3. This is the up-converting port just so ya know it does support the feature. It will tell you that the DirecTV box isn't compatible with the TV but none-the-less it will attempt to raise the picture quality. It's a great TV and it changed the way I see everything. Thing just look more normal and realistic, out of the box you will have to adjust the backlight, contrast e.c.t.. to avoid screen burning but once you do that you are all set to go. The 3D is a bit of a gimmick if it isn't adjust correctly there is a lot of overlapping in the 3D image. I can't speak for native 3D content but when it tries to change 2-D to 3-D this is the result.

I would like to thank LG for the nice TV, it was worth the price and you get a lot out of it! Also the graphics engine must be great because everything runs on the TV in an accelerated and smooth manner. It's like the quality of a 3000 dollar tv for half the price. Yep that about sums it up. Gonna use it for World of Warcraft on my PC because yes, it support 4k at 60hz via HDMI 2.0 so it is future proof.

Thanks again LG
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