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68 of 74 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Review Covering the Basics **Please Read - Updated 11/26/14**
***Updated 11/26/14: I still love this TV! The only thing I wish this set had was 4K but aside from that, TV is perfect. Still about as close to 4K as you're going to get without forking over the additional $1,000. But with the recent drops in prices I'd be on the lookout because I've seen some pretty cheap TVs as of late. Do your research and read the reviews before you...
Published 8 months ago by Danny SW

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2.0 out of 5 stars WORST back light uniformity I've ever seen in any display EVER. *** Updates with 2nd set****
Customer Video Review     Length:: 6:09 Mins
Consider the title of my review. I've literally had hundreds of TV's and monitors in my life (work in tech). So to say that I've never seen such terrible back light uniformity is a crazy (but true) statement.

I had high hopes for this TV due to the gorgeous physical design of it. It was to live in my main family room on a limestone...
Published 7 months ago by M. Kim

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110 of 122 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars WORST back light uniformity I've ever seen in any display EVER. *** Updates with 2nd set****, April 26, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: LG Electronics 55LB7200 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV (Electronics)
Length:: 6:09 Mins

Consider the title of my review. I've literally had hundreds of TV's and monitors in my life (work in tech). So to say that I've never seen such terrible back light uniformity is a crazy (but true) statement.

I had high hopes for this TV due to the gorgeous physical design of it. It was to live in my main family room on a limestone fireplace, so the design had heavy weighting in why I chose it (among other things).

Well, opened it up, turned it on, and IMMEDIATELY noticed 2 large black shadows on both sides, shadows in ALL 4 corners, and literally an entire GRID of shadows on the entire panel.

To clarify, when you first set up this TV, you're guided through a wizard, which actually is very well done and a great user experience (web OS based). The kicker, is that all these setup screens, use large blocks of solid color for a background, making this issue clearly evident up front. The worst was during one of the settings screens, and the entire screen was white.

I did a double take because I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

So I packed it back up, took it back to Frys(also have one on order from Amazon, but will cancel obviously). Giving the TV the benefit of the doubt, I walked over to the floor demo unit and asked an employee to reset the TV so the wizard would appear again (they were only playing "Dark Knight", so this was the only way to get it to a solid screen).

Lo and behold, it had the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. The sales guy was pretty dumbfounded when he saw how horrible it looked.

It seems like this could be a running defect for the entire model line.

Just to be clear, this problem isn't so evident when there's a lot of colors and motion on the TV, which is why I believe why some people don't see it.

However, if you're watching any scene that has a light solid color at any time, then it looks downright horrible. For instance, there was a PGA tournament on TV today. Everytime the camera panned to the ball in the air, the entire blue sky looked like a grid of shadows.

Same with an NHL game where you have a large white ice background. Shadows everywhere. I played around with the settings in expert mode, but nothing helped.

I'm pretty speechless. I've owned insanely awesome TVS (Panasonic ST series plasmas) and cheap budget tvs, and I've never.. ever... seen a backlight this bad.

I took a brief video of it. My advice is to stay away. LG seems to be having QC issues. Wouldn't be the first time.

******* UPDATE 5/2/2014 *******

Amazon seems to have received a handful of these in stock, so I just bought the last one. I've been looking and looking for a TV that looks good on a wall and have good picture quality. Judging from some of the replies to this review, I bit the bullet and ordered another one in hopes that it won't have as prominent an issue.

You can expect another video and update after I receive my Amazon LG LB7200. Should be here next Friday (May 9th).\

******** UPDATE 5/13/2014 ( Received 2nd TV) **************

Received my 2nd LG LB7200 from Amazon yesterday. Had a chance to set it up, and actually watch some shows/movies on it last night. Here's some additional thoughts....

- Overall black levels are quite good for the price point (low 1000's).
- viewing angles are pretty god
- semi-matte screen seems to hold up well vs a lot of light. There ARE still reflections however...
- The design still looks quite beautiful, despite backlight issues
- sound is better then the average set, still not quite as awesome as LG says it is

- I am 100% sure that there is a running issue with this model regarding backlight uniformity. I have now personally owned 2, and have seen an additional 2 in the store (demo models), and EVERY single one has the same uniformity issues. Specifically, 2 vertical bands on either side, shadows in all 4 corners, and LED array shadows gridded across the entire panel. I find it too coincidental that 4 out of 4 sets that I have personally seen all have the same problem.

That being said, my 2nd set is noticeably better then my first one. Both the vertical bands and the LED array shadows are not nearly as pronounced, but to my eye, they are still noticeable in certain scenes. I did notice on this 2nd set however, that when viewing the TV as normal, the issue can be forgotten about pretty easily. You mostly see the problem anytime there is a large block of solid light color on the TV. I mentioned some examples in my earlier review, but another one would be when I was watching House Hunters on HGTV. There's a lot of scenes where they just kind of stand in front of a blank wall. I can clearly see the LED array shadows making the wall actually seem like 3 shades of paint rather then 1.

In a real world scenario, I have found that this is the exception, not the norm, since there aren't too many scenarios where you'd be required to put up with that kind of scene for prolonged times.

- Web OS is quite beautiful with LG's implementation... but it can really laaaaagg at times. Like switching from Netflix back to your TV input, or making picture adjustments. The remote is quick to navigate through the menu, but the problem is if you go to fast, the menu can lag.


I'm really torn about this TV. I just moved into a house with a dedicated home theater, so I don't have a need to have THE best picture quality HDTV in the living room. The LG LB7200, by far for the price point, is the PRETTIEST looking TV available. It's just damn sexy. Super thin, edge to edge glass, almost no bezel, metal frame, brushed speaker grill.... it really does almost look like a piece of art.

That being said, there is no denying that LG put out a sub-par backlight panel on this product, and I'm not surprised. I've had LG monitors in the past with issues as well, and overall, LG TV's are somewhat known to have backlight uniformity issues. The only problem is, on edgelit LED's, uniformity problems never manifested as grids, since there is no grid of LEDS. On this direct LED panel, the shadows appear as a grid across the entire TV.

I also know, that while this problem exists, the severity of each TV definitely varies (as reported by other reviewers who don't notice it, and myself personally). I believe that other people claiming that their TV is "perfect", is in fact, not perfect, but just a combination of their high tolerance for the defect, as well as whatever conditions they're watching their TV in. To be fair, the issue isn't evident in 99% of viewing of normal TV programming.

Since the 2nd set is noticeably better then the first, I'll upgrade my rating to 2 star. Slightly better, but enough of a problem that I would still not recommend it (generally speaking).

And another thing, the image for this product is actually slightly inaccurate. If you zoom in to the bezel, it appears as though the picture goes literally from edge to edge. This is actually not the case at all. There is a small bezel hidden underneath the glass that creates a thicker black border then what the picture shows. Still very thin, but very much present. The product photo is obviously a misrepresented photoshop of the actual TV.

So that's why I'm torn. I'm all about real-world usage, not theorizing about specs and what not on paper. And in the real-world, the problem is a lot less of a problem. The question is (for me as well as for you)... are YOU comfortable spending 1200-1400 on a TV, KNOWING it has an issue, but not necessarily "consuming" the issue during use.

For many, the answer will be "no, it doesn't bother me because it looks just fine when I watch it", which is a completely viable option.

For others who have a little OCD in them, it will bother you to no end just based on the principal of spending this much money on something that may not perform at an expected level.

Personally, I'm kind of the latter, but it's being offset by how FREAKING GORGEOUS the TV is. I haven't fully made up my mind yet.

Good luck in your decision

***** UPDATE 8/6/2014 *****

Being Korean myself, I would like to think we're generally an intellectual people. Apparently not all of us. Presumably LG employees, or people hired by LG (who didn't even think to make a non-Korean alias) have been submitting fake 5 star reviews. Note all the 5 star reviews with little to no description. The few that have other purchases were all made on the same day.

The more I see the history of this TV, the more I'm convinced that LG knows they put out a defective product, and are working as hard as they can to unload inventory. I've never seen a premium TV like this drop in price so fast. I've seen it as low as 990 brand new.

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68 of 74 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Review Covering the Basics **Please Read - Updated 11/26/14**, April 13, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: LG Electronics 55LB7200 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV (Electronics)
***Updated 11/26/14: I still love this TV! The only thing I wish this set had was 4K but aside from that, TV is perfect. Still about as close to 4K as you're going to get without forking over the additional $1,000. But with the recent drops in prices I'd be on the lookout because I've seen some pretty cheap TVs as of late. Do your research and read the reviews before you decide to buy!

***Updated 6/29/14: It's been almost three months since I have purchased this TV and still no issues, aside from one that was just recently brought to my attention -- the backlight uniformity issue. Let me take a step back. I'm not even sure it could even be considered an "issue" and I will tell you why. It wasn't until I read one of the other reviews on here (which by the way, is extremely over exaggerated) that I noticed the backlight differences with this specific set (which BY THE WAY is ONLY noticeable in certain frames, like the end credits of a movie for instance or a scene with a bright white background). In the months I have owned this TV, I have easily watched over 50 different movies, TV shows, sports games, etc. using my HD cable box, my Xbox One, and the integrated applications built into the TV (like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, etc.). With that being said, I think I've exposed this TV to just about every type of viewing experience possible, including those with extreme low-light and those with extremely bright backgrounds. NOT ONCE HAS THE BACKLIGHT UNIFORMITY BEEN AN ISSUE. Read that previous sentence again.

Now if you're reading this right now, you've probably already read my entire review and my previous update. If you paid any attention, you would have noticed that I said I owned "three previous LG televisions" prior to getting this one. Biased much? Maybe. But I also stated that "I have yet to encounter an issue with the quality and construction of these TVs" and I still stand by that statement. I don't see the backlight uniformity difference with this TV being an issue, I see it as a personal preference that some will like, and some clearly won't. Like I said, the only time I really ever notice it is the end credits of a movie. Other than that, it does not in any way interfere or take away from my viewing experience. As a matter of fact, I think it produces a better overall picture for this TV, which is STILL absolutely stunning. But to give this TV a 2-star rating purely based off of something that you personally don't like just isn't fair to the TV and it isn't fair to others interested in buying it.

With that being said, I am not by any means saying that this TV is perfect, because it is not. I just really, really like it. The interface is responsive and simple to operate, the picture is just about as close to 4K as you're gonna get with a 1080p set, the speakers sound great, the TV itself is just gorgeous...I mean I could go on. I just have yet to find anything on this model to gripe about. And trust me, I would be the first to complain if I noticed something wrong with this TV. I am as OCD as it gets when it comes to things I own and invest money in. I'm a decently tech-savvy kinda guy so quality is very important to me with products like these. Like many of you, I do A LOT of research before making purchases on Amazon and this purchase was no different. This is the most expensive purchase I have made to date on Amazon so I didn't take it lightly when I decided to buy it. LG's reputation has improved significantly over the past couple years and they're certainly gaining some ground with Samsung when it comes to TVs and other electronic products, so that played a big part in me ultimately deciding to get this TV. That, included with my previous experiences, I felt it was the right choice to invest in another LG product and I can tell you, I have not been disappointed.

Still undecided? I suggest taking a look at the TV in stores yourself. Only then will you know for sure if this is what you want.

LG will be updating their webOS software for the 2015 LG models so you may want to wait until then, or wait until 4K TV prices go down. Either way, best of luck in finding what's right for you.

**Updated 5/1/14: After having this TV for a little over three weeks, it is still working flawlessly. I ran into an issue with the picture, but that was because I altered the settings and it has since been fixed. I still have yet to find optimal picture settings for this particular TV because there's so many possible ways to adjust the picture. Still though, right out of the box, it has amazing quality and stunning detail. It's a bit surprising to see other people running into issues, because I have yet to...knock on wood! This is definitely one of my best purchases to date and I will continue to provide more input in the future!

From what I can see, I am the third person to review this TV. Before I get into the specifics, I just want it to be known that I normally don't write reviews for anything, but seeing as how I am one of the first people to buy this model, I felt as though feedback would only be fair to potential buyers. I am not an expert when it comes to electronics and high-tech products, but I wouldn't consider myself an amateur either, as I follow the tech world and do a lot of research into electronic devices before buying deciding to buy them. Part of that research includes reading reviews and a lot of times, a good or bad review can be the difference in purchasing a product. I am sure that's the case with many Amazon customers.

I have had three previous LG televisions and I have yet to encounter an issue with the quality and construction of these TVs. I'd like to consider myself unbiased, but I can't put aside my previous experiences with LG. I wouldn't really consider them the best of the best when it comes to TVs, but they're definitely working their way up there and are proving to be a good choice compared to Samsung or Sharp, especially for all the features you're getting when you buy one of their high-end TV models.

55LB7200 REVIEW:

The TV itself is very appealing, constructed of a brushed aluminum style along the bezels, and very thin from front to back. You have plenty of screen space as the bezel is very narrow on all sides. Short of that, I can't really say much in regards to the design. It is simple, yet very refined. Overall, this is a very good looking TV constructed of premium materials, just the way a TV of this caliber should be.

Out of the box, setup was a breeze, Depending on your preference for mounting, you can used the provided legs for the stand or you can mount it on the wall, as you can with most modern TVs. If you're using a TV stand, take into consideration the width of this TV and the placement of the legs. In total, the legs are about 47" apart at their furthest point, which is in the front. This TV is also very heavy, weighing in at just over 40 pounds, so also take that into consideration should you decide to mount it. The power outlet is flat so that makes a difference as well.

Upon plugging in the TV and starting up, you'll be guided through a very user friendly and simple setup process with the included Magic Remote, including registering your set top cable and satellite devices, and setting up either a wired or wireless internet connection. In total, setup took me no more than 5 minutes.

The picture is very clear and crisp, which is one of the very first things you'll notice when setting up the TV. First thing I did after setting up was pop in a blu ray into my Xbox One and immerse myself into the experience of the TV. The vibrant colors, the clarity, and brightness are all absolutely superb. A few minor changes to the settings may be required as the TV has an auto-dimming feature which you'll immediately notice at the end credits of a movie. But overall, stunning picture quality. To take full advantage of the high definition, I definitely recommend a blu ray player and HD capability with your cable/satellite devices.

As for the sound, the built in speakers do seem a bit low at times. I haven't quite optimized the sound to my personal tastes but I'm sure some tweaking will get it right where I want it. I have yet to be disappointed with LG's sound quality and I'm confident this will be no different once I get it right. Overall, it sounds very good.

I haven't tried the 3D yet, so I can't comment on that.

This is the FIRST Smart TV I have purchased and so far I am very pleased with the interface and the layout of different apps you can choose from. It appears that LG completely redesigned their Smart TV interface, judging by older LG models. I can't provide a comparison between the two (again, this is the first Smart TV I have owned) but this one is definitely very smooth and simple to use. You can even customize the arrangement of apps based on personal preference.

This TV boasts a powerful processor, so playing a movie on Netflix or browsing the web on the Web OS app, proves to be an easy task, with no lagging or freezing whatsoever. You can watch a movie, pause it, do a web search, and simply switch back to the movie without restarting the app. The Magic Remote makes operating the Smart features much easier. It is very light and fits comfortably in your hand.

The LG Store has yet to be introduced, but hopefully it will provide more features to take full advantage of what this TV has to offer.

So far, I am very happy with this TV. It is very simple to use and provides a great viewing experience. I am giving this TV a 5 Star rating as it has thus far proven to live up to its hype in regards to picture quality and the features it provides. It has operated flawlessly and I have yet to encounter an issue or something for me to gripe about. For someone who points out even the slightest of flaws, that is saying something.

As the title of this review states, this is a basic review. I hope it will provide some insight to potential buyers looking for a TV that packs a lot of features for a reasonable price. As time goes on, I will provide more details on my experience with this TV.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Love the design but major flaw, May 4, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: LG Electronics 55LB7200 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV (Electronics)
Length:: 0:48 Mins

I am no expert, just wanted a really good HDTV for new house. I have a 2012 Samsung ES6100 I am moving to the bedroom and this LG 55LB7200 was to take its place and my main family room TV.

I ordered this TV for a couple of reasons. I wanted front firing speakers and a good viewing angle. The set delivers on both. Colors are very good, and I like how they provide 2 picture inputs that you can tailor yourself (on my Samsung you have to alter one of the existing settings). The set itself just looks cool. Many of the LG units I saw in-store looked dated. This unit has almost no bezel and even looks great turned off!

The "smart" features blow away my Samsung. The webOS really zips and I like how LG uses a ribbon at the bottom. It may not have as many apps as Samsung, but love the fact you don't have to go into panels when exploring these features. The ribbon just sits at the bottom of the screen

The "Wiimote" is pretty cool also, although the lack of physical number buttons could be a pain if you were actually trying to use to control a cable box. I mainly use my Uverse remote so not much of an issue.

3D is kind of gimmicky, but will say my son and I watched "Nitro Circus" on Netflix in 3D and it was totally amazing. The picture truly just comes alive. Blueray disc looks great as well.

Unfortunately the only negative on this set is the Dirty Screen Effect-DSE others have mentioned. And it is a huge negative. I really thought I was seeing things at first. I almost never watch hockey, but turned it on while testing TV. I was the spotting and dark vertical bands near the left and right sides others have mentioned. It mainly happens when the camera pans left or right quickly against a light background.

Hockey isn't a big deal to me, but golf is. I watch golf a lot and the DSE is very noticeable when the ball is in the air against the sky, and on greens as the ball travels towards the hole. Same issue on football games when the ball is in the air or when the camera quickly pans right or left(usually to the endzone). I'm unsure if this is something I will eventually get used to, or if it will drive me crazy forever. Now that I know its there, I see it all the time. My eyes are just drawn to the imperfections. Even my wife who is decidedly not into technology says it is annoying.

I plan on using my full 30 days to evaluate and am truly on the fence.

EDIT 5/6/14

I have been so focused on the DSE, that I failed to really test out the TV on the dimming issue others have mentioned. I turned all dimming settings off and watched Silver Linings Playbook a couple of nights ago. There are multiple scenes (mostly dimly lit) where the dimming goes haywire. I've posted a video which isnt great but hopefully you can see how the entire scene goes from bight to very dark and then back again(no sound in video for language used). It is very distracting and I dont believe can be turned off?

Sadly this is kind of the straw that breaks the camel's back. I had almost convinced myself I could deal with the DSE but the dimming issue is even worse. I've already called Amazon to arrange my return.
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5.0 out of 5 stars So smart that it's 'almost' like an All-in-One PC rather than a HDTV, May 19, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Before I start, I apologize for the long review, but I was taking notes for weeks, and even if I left some stuff out, this writeup is more like a short story than a review. I hope some of you find it helpful. By now most of us are familiar with what a Smart LED TV is, so I won't repeat it, however, it's worth mentioning that the LG 60LB7100 comes with the newest IPS (In-plane switching) display technology, which essentially means that it displays a superior picture quality, in clear colors at a full HD 1080p resolution from all viewing angles. All of this while using 30% less of energy than a standard HDTV.

Anybody who has a minimum of Cyber-life interaction heard the teasing `Upload pictures or it didn't happen' and it's how I feel at the moment of writing this review. There are so many who have had a bad experience with this same TV model, while I experienced exactly the opposite. The LG 60LB7100 I received worked greatly out of the box and after a few weeks of using it, I have nothing to complain about it.

So, I'll be uploading more than a dozen of pictures to the product gallery of the LG 60LB7100, because a picture can tell a lot. I would like you to see this Smart TV performance, well, as good as it can be perceived through pictures. At least, the pictures will showcase how the different screens and how some features work. Also, the IPS feature is shown, because regardless from which angle I took the shot, it resulted in a clear image. My pictures aren't professional ones, or planned, I took them as I saw one thing that might be interesting to remark in this review or just to show a feature I found refreshing. I'll be concentrating in those features I use the most, or that I think should have been explained in detail, or that so far, other reviewers hadn't covered yet.

The LG 60LB7100 comes with an embedded version of WebOS, a Linux kernel-based operating system formerly developed and owned by Palm and Hewlett-Packard, (the same OS HP used on their discontinued Tablets). And that is licensed by LG Electronics for used on Smarts TVs.

I like the LG WebOS because of the multitasking interface. One can have the browser open with a website, and a few tabs, and switch to Live TV to watch the news, or pause a movie being watched to go and check one's email on the browser. All those screens stay available in the SmartHome menu, and one can go back and forth without having to start all over, like with other Smart TVs. Essentially, a few apps can be open simultaneously and be switched in between as wanted. I also love the fact of how easily I can use a mouse and a keyboard instead of the included remote control. I'll explain more about it later, when I'll detail a few tips about the Magic Remote.

The user's manuals that come with the LG 60LB7100 and the one I was able to download from the manufacturer's website are helpful, but limited as if they were a work in progress. So, there are a few functions that require extra explanation. For example, the LG 60LB7100 remote control, Magic Remote. I could write a whole review about it, indeed, a good part of this review is dedicated to it.

Next, I list a few random items that could be important in the long run:

In the same bag the users' manuals come in, you will find a small antistatic bag with what it looks like a sticker. The sticker inside the antistatic bag it's an NFC chip, or the LG Tag On, and even if you don't have an NFC capable device right now, you might want to keep this Tag On where you can find it in the future. This LG Tag On it's the link between the LG 60LB7100 and any device that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Essentially, one can network the LG 60LB7100 with any NFC enabled mobile gadgets without using a router. Depending of the app using the NFC technology, Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth will be used to transfer data among the devices. The Wi-Fi card inside the LG 60LB7100 is capable of both, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (imagine a communication card similar to that of a laptop).

The LG Tag On has its own Android free app (LG TV Tag On app) available at the Google Play Store, among others LG apps, but none it's in working condition as I write this review. If I get them to work later, I'll come back and edit this to inform everyone how it goes. Note that the Tag On sticker should not be attached to a metal surface. So, where am I supposed to put the thing, because the back of the LG is all metal? At the end, I settled for sticking it on the right bottom corner of the screen.

Since I have a router, and I can connect my LG Smartphone into one of the USB ports in the back of the LG 60LB7100 to share any files, the lack of NFC Tag On function is something I won't complain about.

Speaking of which, the USB ports embedded in the LG 60LB7100 don't provide more than 5 Volts, so if you want to connect an external hard drive or a tablet that uses more energy, you should keep in mind that it won't charge the tablet as fast, and it won't recognize the hard drive at all. Even if it looks as if it has powered it up. Using an external hard drive with its own power source would work, of course.

The portable hard drive issue can also be solved by connecting said hard drive into a router in your home network, and using the SmartShare (DLNA server) feature of the LG 60LB7100 to access the content of the drive.

It does recognize external hard drives which use less than 5 Volts and of course, USB Flash drives, or USB Flash cards readers. The file format should be FAT 32 or NTFS. And it reads the most common multimedia file formats.

The LG Apps Store wasn't available when I received the LG 60LB7100, (the LG App Store link when I clicked it said 'Coming Soon'). Later, I found out it was going to be launched in a few days and that there would be an update of the LG WebOS too. I decided to wait before writing this review, and simply started taking notes and pictures of the Smart TV before the upgrade. So, you will see pictures of after and before it.

Even without the update, the TV was fully functional and the apps that were included at the time of shipping were good to satisfy most customers in the interim. The apps preinstalled are a browser, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, and YouTube.

The LG App Store is working now. If you want to see the apps available at the LG Apps Store, you can check them out by doing an online search of the words `us.lgappstv' I don't post the direct link inside the review because last time I checked outside links were not allowed here. The apps are mostly the same available for other Smart TV, however, I noticed that the LG Apps Store seems to have many more.

The changes the upgrade does are mainly on the LG WebOS graphical user interface, and I noticed a faster and steadier response from the Magic Remote. The Joystick button panel works better too. Before the upgrade it worked well, but it didn't have a visual menu to guide the joystick functions. After upgrading to the new version, when one pushes the power button it does display a menu with options that can be accessed with it.

The Wi-Fi worked with the LG 60LB7100 from the start, and it was useful when I first turned it up before I decided in which room of the house it was going to be set. However, for true fast and steady video streaming one needs a wire. Yes, my router is capable of Dual Band Performance - Up to 300Mbps (2.4GHz) + 867Mbps (5GHz), the manufacturer of it brags about much more, but those are the speeds I witnessed. I still think that wireless doesn't beat the consistency or the speed of a Gigabit Ethernet connection. Besides, it's easier to use the server feature integrated into the LG 60LB7100 with one.

My child uses a lot the DLNA server, which can be accessed on the SmartHome screen menu as SmartShare. I had copied our digital collection into two external hard drives that are connected into our home network, which is run by a WD My Net AC1300 HD Dual Band Router Wireless AC WiFi Router Accelerate HD

For the LG 60LB7100 accessing the content inside the drives, is simpler this way. What does our digital collection include? Well, imagine all those DVD bought during years, our home videos, pictures, mp3 files, etc. So, rather than buying new content, she often watches content I paid for years ago. I'm lucky in the sense she still finds it entertaining. I do buy new stuff, but less often of what I used to do in the past. Times had changed money-wise.

Truth to be told, it's easier to watch again a movie that it's a click away, than to go into a cabinet and look among hundreds of discs. Also, when I was using DVD players, she would switch discs while eating potatoes chips, or peanut butter jelly sandwiches without washing her hands. DVD discs can be washed with soap and water, but the laser head that reads the disc inside the player, no. Besides, she would replay the same part over and over again for hours, which would heat the player (circuits and heat don't mix) and eventually shorten its life. So, my main reason for going digital was to avoid spending money on DVD players and wasting time cleaning the player's laser lens.

One doesn't need a router to connect an external hard drive to the LG 60LB7100, as I explained above. It's great to be able to just connect a drive with the content to one of the USB ports embedded in the Smart TV. I rescued an old external hard drive and reformatted it FAT 32 and copied some of her favorite videos to see if she manages to play them as easily as she has done with our other HDTV, and she did it as easier as with the content from the router too. Indeed, it's hard to distinguish what content it's on an external hard drive connected via a USB port, or what comes from the drives connected into the router and shared via the network; when everything is listed on the SmartShare screen. And of course, there are apps in the LG 60LB7100 to watch a lot of online content too.

The remote control that comes with the LG 60LB7100. (It's already the standard for LG Smart TVs). It's called Magic Remote. It's like a hybrid between a wireless mouse and a remote control. It's very sensitive, but the Magic Remote I recieved wasn't paired with the TV. All I got was a giant image of the Magic Remote blinking in the middle of the screen and suggesting that I register (pair) the Magic Remote with the LG 60LB7100. I followed the instructions but they didn't work, so I guessed that resetting it was in order. If for some reason doesn't work at first, you need to know what to do. It took me a few minutes to guess it and it was very frustrating.

It worked to de-register the Magic Remote before trying to register it. In order to do so, according to the user's manual, press the (return symbol button) and SmartHome buttons at the same time, for five seconds, to unpair the Magic Remote with the LG 60LB7100. Pressing and holding the Live TV (Exit To Live) button will let you cancel and re-register Magic Remote at once. The suggested way to pair it without unpair it, it's to Press the Wheel or turning the TV off and back on. The later only worked for me after I unpair it. The good news is that if has been working well ever since.

And when the Magic Remote goes into hibernation, the user's manual says to wave your hand to wake it, in my experience the easier and faster way to wake up the Magic Remote from within any screen, it's just to roll the middle button (which looks like a mouse wheel) a little and the Magic Remote will be active in a nanosecond. Pressing any other button will wake it up too, but with the difference that it will also activate the native function of the other button, for example, if I'm setting the Wi-Fi and the Magic Remote goes to sleep, and I press the home button, I will end up in the SmartHome menu, and I don't want that, because while most screens stay inactive in the background and could become active with a click of the Magic Remote, the Setting screen simply disappears and one must start all over again. So, scroll wheels forever, or as long as the lifespan of the Magic Remote allows it.

Oh, before I forgot. If your beloved Magic Remote dies or the kids do something evil to it, (like it usually happens at my house). Don't panic and don't fear the high fee you might have to pay for getting a replacement, it can be replaced with a wireless mouse. Yes, the best way to deal with this Smart TV is interacting with it as if it were a computer (because it's sort of a huge All-in-One). Of course, if by the time of the Magic Remote's demise, you're in love with the thing, feel free to order a replacement.

I know that I won't. As cute as the little hybrid thing is, it won't be missed. I don't have any problems using the Joystick button to turn the TV on and off and using the alternative input method explained next. My favorite way to interact with the LG 60LB7100 is using a wireless keyboard and mouse. Just plug its USB dongle in any of the USB ports in the back of the LG 60LB7100, and you're good to enjoy your TV again.

I tried two sets of mouse/keyboard, one a little expensive and well known, and another that I got on sale from an unknown brand. Both were recognized and I even got my pinky teardrop back (I actually like it). For surfing the net with the LG 60LB7100, that's the way to go, type at your heart content with speed and accuracy. And you can use the Magic Remote at the same time, whatever is closer to your hand. I keep the Magic Remote by one extreme of the couch and the mouse/keyboard on the other.

The keyboard's keys will replace many functions of the Magic Remote. These are some of the ones that will be most used: The Windows logo key will be the equivalent of the SmartHome key from the Magic Remote, the numbers will work to choose channels while on the Live TV screen, the arrows key will navigate among the icons in the SmartHome screen, the Page Up and Page Down will also help changing channels, and of course, the mouse will click its way all over the different menus. And while using the browser, or one of the apps, it's way better than with the Magic Remote.

I like the almost full-fledged browser (yes, emphasis in almost). Which by just looking at it, it seems to run by a Javascript core with support for HTML5 and CSS3. It doesn't have Adobe Flash Player support, I shouldn't have expected it since adobe dropped Linux support a couple of years ago, and the LG WebOS it's Linux kernel based. But one girl can dream, right? Sadly, no all websites are html5 ready (the supposed substitute of the Adobe Flash Player) and it's annoying, the Internet surfing experience is not the same. But many website will fully load, and in another couple of years, the html5 will be the standard all over the net. Although, I would have liked being able to watch videos in any site from the get-go.

The alternative it's to use the awesome display of the LG 60LB7100 with one of my computers, I plugged one via an HDMI cable and the LG 60LB7100 recognizes it, I mean, it listed it on the HDMI sub-menu connected device as an Intel-based PC, and the display of its resolution is the most accurate I've ever got. I didn't have to adapt anything like in the past when I'd plugged a computer to a TV.

Besides the obvious big screen, my favorite feature of owning a Smart TV is saying money. Not just on the energy consumption, but on the cable bill. Yes, I realized that the service that I truly need and mostly use from my cable company is the high speed Internet. Because my kid mostly watches videos online and when I wanted to watch something, I was using another service, seldom their OnDemand, so I returned my cable boxes, kept only a little one which cost a couple of dollars month, and the antenna service to watch the local news, and the fast broadband they provide. The bill is cut in half, and nobody misses the countless channels nobody never watched anyway.

Finally, there are some functions that I consider extras, because I don't use them as often, and that includes the 3D which works well, but I would use once in a while, and the VoiceMate which I won't be using any time soon. I'm giving the LG 60LB7100 five stars in spite of the little things that are not yet polished, because I think those could be fixed with another update and the great features in this Smart TV surpass any glitch I've experienced. I cited them all, I didn't forget anything, so I can honesty recommend it.

The bottom line is, that the features I use every day are working for me greatly. The ones like the NFC tag and correspondent apps, which are not working, are something that I won't be using any time soon, hence I don't care. It's a personal thing.

Please take a look to the pictures I uploaded, it won't be as having the TV in front of you, but it will give you a good idea of what you're truly getting. And if you happen to get one that doesn't work, send it back and get one that works, because it's worthy. This will be a TV that it will be up-to-date for a few years.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Large shadows on sides of the screen, May 20, 2014
MarkUS (California, USA) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: LG Electronics 55LB7200 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV (Electronics)
I had enhanced delivery, so the packers setup the TV on the stand for me. That's pretty awesome, I think. Anyway, the TV didn't pass my quality check. As other reviewers here mentioned about back light issues. Mine had this two inch shadows on both sides of the screen. This is visible if you're watching hockey or golf. I can't stand it, so I returned via Amazon. Again, packers came and packed the TV inside the box. Dealing with Amazon is the only positive experience I had with this model. BTW: I owned the LG 55LA6900 and that model didn't have that issue.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Does LG actually have QC?, April 30, 2014
FF (Cary, NC United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: LG Electronics 55LB7200 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV (Electronics)
I bought this TV from BestBuy and it has been a replacement for a similar characteristics VIZIO set.

First the goods:
The design of the TV set is top notch. Very solid construction, the screen is almost frameless which adds to the presence, the sound system is perfectly placed and designed, and it also sounds excellent for a TV set, much better than my previous system.
The software and the apps are very nice and load relatively fast.
The magic remote is of great help when navigating or typing. (For those who do not know what "magic" remote means, think about of a Wii controller, or a PC mouse, it moves on the screen as you move you hand).

The bads:
I've noticed the same backlighting issue as other reviewers. It isn't as bad as to make me return it right away, but still noticeable even after various Picture Settings tweaking. For a $1,400 piece of equipment this is unacceptable, and I really wonder if LG has a Quality Control department at all, since this doesn't seem to be an isolated incident.
The other bad thing is the crispness of the screen. The VIZIO that I replaced with this LG set, right out of the box had a much crisper and clear image. It made almost all movies played on Blu-Ray look like you were watching them directly in the studio and the animated movies as if you were watching the CGI rendering, that's how crisp it was. The Live HD channels were also clear crisp on the VIZIO. But not so with the LG. After much tweaking I get an OK image. The Blu-Ray movies are now clear but not as crisp as my previous VIZIO. The live TV channels are just OK.
Again, for a TV that costs several hundred more than the VIZIO I expected at least the same picture quality if not better.

While the LG set has a splendid design and the sound is maybe one of the best in class, I expected more from the picture quality. I am still debating whether to go through the hassle of returning it or not. The LG quality control has serious issues since my findings are not singular about this TV set.


UPDATE 5/5/2014

I think it's official: this line of TV sets have an issue with screen "dirtiness" on white or light color solid backgrounds. I've just been through the hassle of exchanging mine at BestBuy and the new set has the exact same shadowing problems as the previous one. It's just less noticeable on the new set, it's more faded, but it's located on the same areas: two lateral vertical side bars and on the corners.
The new TV does seem to give me a clearer picture, I am now satisfied with the crispness of the image.
I decided to keep it for the overall value. Everything except the annoying side lines is perfect about this TV. Those lines are not noticeable for most of my activities so I'll go with it.
It's a pity LG hasn't done better with the screen.
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2.0 out of 5 stars "Smart" TV is not so Smart, April 8, 2014
Amazon Customer (Winter Haven, FL) - See all my reviews
This review is from: LG Electronics 55LB7200 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV (Electronics)
This "Smart" TV is not as smart as the literature indicates. This TV will not get Pandora or any other streaming music channel. It does Netflix and Amazon ok but there seems to be no way to get the streaming music channels. I have sent notes to LG asking them how I could add this capability to my LG "Smart" TV and they refuse to answer. I have since bought a Samsung set and it is much "Smarter" than this LG TV and it is about the same price. So, if you are looking for a "Smart" TV, look at the Samsung. It works better, looks better, costs the same, and you will get an answer from Samsung if you have a problem. With LG it looks like once you open the box you are on your own.

The picture quality is okay but you have to fiddle with the settings a little. Out of the box the auto-dimming feature is set too low. When I would turn off the room lights the picture would go very dark. It took a bit of fiddling with the controller to reset this feature to "medium" and that is just right. The only manual you get with the set that would guide you on stuff like this is online and the settings are not totally intuitive. So far I am very disappointed with the performance of this TV and especially so with the lack of help from LG.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Rainbow Effect Glare Issue, October 29, 2014
JayOne (Massachusetts) - See all my reviews
I just purchased this TV last night and it was down to the number 1 and 2 best LED manufacturers (IMO), Samsung and LG. I chose this because both that I compared were fairly evenly matched but the LG was $200 cheaper than the Samsung (model UN60H7150AFXZA). I have previously owned a Samsung LCD TV and a Panasonic Plasma TV. This is the first SMART TV I've purchased. I found the setup to be very user friendly and the magic remote was not overly complicated and was efficient.

During my first observations, I noticed the screen has a type of flex that is similar to the older DLP models. I was told this is not abnormal for an LED and further research corroborates this. However, I've always preferred the harder glass or similar surface construction. I began watching it for an hour or so during the daylight afternoon hours and thought the screen/picture were fantastic but then came the nighttime. I've researched and even contacted LG regarding the "rainbow effect." Basically, this is when you can see an X pattern rainbow star trail when lights are on and their reflection(s) can be seen on the screen. Ambient lighting in another room does not seem to produce this glare issue. Sometimes it was very hard to ignore not looking more at the screen over what was actually on the TV. Trust me, this problem, once noticed, will eat at you like a cancer until you begin to hate the TV. Just to give you an idea, I have an open floor plan with three pendant lights and four recessed light in the kitchen and another four recessed lights in the living room. The whole first floor has a nine foot high ceiling. All of these lights create this "rainbow effect," regardless of how I tilt the TV.

I'm not saying that this is a problem only seen in LG models as there seems to also be the occassional review coming from Samsung customers as well. I expect to update this review to let potential consumers learn from my experiences with this problem. A definition of this "effect" online even states that it is not widespread and only seen by certain people. My wife instantly noticed it though and can't see how anyone could miss it. Some may say don't watch TV with the lights on. Well, this is both not good for your eyesight and it's not like you'd watch TV with no lights on at night all the time either. Any opinions on this are welcome. I was told to put lights on that are to the side of the TV or add dimmers. My TV is wall mounted over a fireplace which also renders 3D useless due to height and angle but I'm of the mindset that that's a useless gimmicky feature anyways. This is the only good location to mount the TV in my living room.

10/31/14 UPDATE:

I returned the LG model and showed the employees at Best Buy what I was talking about with both my model that was on display and the much more expensive 4k series by LG. Amazon still has better prices by a few bucks ;) Every single person out of the three and one customer all saw what I was talking about with a simple iPhone flashlight. None had previously noticed it before and were surprised at how bad it was.

LG, by far and away, was the worse manufacturer. I don't know if this is because of the coating or lack there of on the screen but something produces this effect much worse on their models. Samsung was the second worse (ironic) but to a much lesser extent. I had a difficult time choosing between the two best in my price range (under $1800). It came down to the Samsung UN60H7150AFXZA and the Sharp LC-60UQ17U. One of the sales employees was very well-versed and educated on the Sharp and its superior chip and pixel technology. He actually tried to sell me a cheaper TV so I put some serious weight into his advice and went with the Sharp. The border/frame is only slightly less aesthetically pleasing but the picture quality is superior and that's what counts. It's a special order so time will tell. I hope my experience helps some. I would stay as far away from LG as possible because of this simple but glaring problem. I hope their next line fixes this issue.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Nice picture when the screen isn't black - be warned this happened to others as well, October 21, 2014
I bought this TV about a month ago. I liked everything about it but pretty quickly I knew something was wrong. About once a day the screen would go black with sound. This is a pretty common thing based on what I read online.

I will spare all the back and forth with LG customer service but ultimately I was told the TV would need a new panel. Initially Best Buy didn't want to take it back but the manager in my local store decided to let me exchange it with another TV. I chose a Samsung. This is my second defective Lg product. I recently had to return a bluray player that stopped working properly. I tried to post this same review on the LG website to warn others and they wouldn't post it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome 240Hz TV, April 18, 2014
This review is from: LG Electronics 55LB7200 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV (Electronics)
a Friend of mine bought this TV and it looks great. the 240Hz works great as well, smooth pictures and great gaming experience.

some posted that its not 240hz, that guy i guess has never owned an LG TV. all LG TV's will display 60hz in the top corner even if its a 120/240hz TV. its been like that for several years now. the 60Hz you see in the top corner is the TV telling you what it is 'Receiving' from the external source. since Cable box's only output at 60hz thats why you will see 60hz at the top corner....even though the TV DEFINITELY 240hz.
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