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626 of 651 people found the following review helpful
on August 6, 2014
Disclaimer: I attempted to buy this via Amazon, but first unit came completely destroyed in the box. Refused on delivery. I decided to purchase it from a local store as I didn't care to risk waiting on another damage unit.

That being said, this is a very under-reviewed television. I had researched my next TV for quite awhile and came to the conclusion I'd only purchase a Samsung, LG, or possibly Vizio. My requirements were as follows:

50-55", Small profile, LED, direct-LED backlighting, and NO "smart" functionality (I have a ROKU and an HTPC that destroys pretty much any "smart" television functionality that a manufacturer includes on their TVs.) These requirements made for an extremely limited search as most major TV manufacturers are pushing their "smart" televisions only. I came across this LG and compared to as similar as possible Samsung and Vizios. The LG price point and direct-LED backlight was the winner. I couldn't find any other TV that fit all the requirements above and certainly not at this price point, which was fairly unbelievable considering it is the new 2014 model.

The picture: Blacks are far deeper than I had thought for an LED (I've been a plasma buyer up until now). The direct-LED backlighting is superb and I notice no weird lighting issues and certainly no edge bleeding. The viewing angle is much better than I had thought, but most LED TVs are correcting this issue anyway, so this shouldn't be too surprising. I see no "soap opera" effect from higher refresh rates. I have yet to figure out how to manually set the refresh, but as of now everything appears perfect with standard factory settings.

The audio: Surprising. I wasn't even going to review sound as most factory sets are junk. There is actually a good amount of bass and volume. Audio is very crisp. Not sure if I'll stick with this for the long run, but it's worth noting that it is better than expected.

Cons: Very, very few. My only main concern is that although I love the double stands, they aren't that supportive. If I push the display at the top, it'll wobble back and forth a little due to the legs not giving enough support. If you have a stable stand like I do, this is pretty much a none issue, but it could be a concern for some. Everyone comments on how they like the look for the legs though (myself included). Further, I'd love one more HDMI slot, but two is good for most uses. Also, I feel I am very tech savy, but I would have appreciated a user manual that goes into greater discussion and depth. Even on this TV that is fairly bare bones, there are many options to adjust and the manual barely addresses anything. A lengthier manual could have been very handy. You'll just have to tinker with it some more. Not a major issue.

Overall: After a ton of research, this TV is, in my opinion, *the* best LED TV in the 55", non-smart category. It is fairly no frills when it comes to inputs, options, and "smart" functions, but it has a shockingly beautiful and great display. If you don't need a massive amount of features, this TV is just killer. Highly recommended for those of us who don't need or want a "smart" TV. As long as this TV doesn't have any mechanical issues down the line, I'll consider this an absolute steal at the pricepoint.
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on July 30, 2014
Excellent TV for the Price! *Updated on the bottom*

I want to first clarify some points others have been making in the reviews on this TV. It IS indeed 120hz, the person who left that review obviously had no idea what they were talking about. I've seen people dock it stars for the lack of smart functionality. This is not a smart TV. It has a basic,navigable, and responsive menu. I have also seen docked stars for lack of ports. The site plainly lists how many ports the TV has, it's your own fault if you expected it to have more.

I have something plugged into every port on this TV, except the USB port (I have no need).
Xbox 360 plugged into the Component inputs (old style 360), WD Media Player into 1 HDMI, and a future HDMI cable already run for my future Xbox One. I also have standard coax cable hooked up to this TV as well. This is all I need the TV for, which is why I went with this one vs a TV with more options since budget was an issue.

I haven't yet tweaked with the picture settings yet, but plan to and I hope to update this review when I do.

-Beautiful display. My friends have commented on it's sharpness, color, and thin bezel. Minimal glare, if any in my setup.
-Absolutely perfect response time. I am a very heavy gamer, and this works great for FPS and fast response games. If you plan on using this for any game console, this is your TV.
-Absolutely no 'soap opera' effect.
-Color and Blacks have been very impressive. My previous LCD LG (i think 09 model) would go to 'lit black' on dark scenes, kind of like an extremely dark grey. I would say this TV is as close to real color and contrast as you can get.
-Nice sized remote, not a wii type.
-This TV does have a physical power button on the bottom, that is kind of like a joystick you can navigate a mini menu. Cool feature.
-Optical out, which I also use with a Soundbar/Wireless sub-woofer.
-True 16:9. Fits fully on the screen, no black bars.

-Wall mount issues. I have this TV wall mounted with the popular Cheetah mount on Amazon. If i could go back I'd choose a different wall mount. The ports on this TV are basically right in the middle of the back in the TV, right where the brackets for a wall mount go across. The Xbox 360. Coax, and HDMI fit, but BARELY. They are pressed hard into their slots from the bracket of the wall mount, and take hard right angles. Terrible design for the ports, I wish they were the waterfall type.
-I expected the built in speakers to be a little better, but I'm being pretty picky here. I only listened for about 10 mins before I hooked up my quality Soundbar just to test.

Other thoughts:
-I did have a negative experience with shipping this TV. took 2 weeks to get here via prime, and then the delivery driver entered our home with my young teenage sister, and forced her to help unbox the TV to make sure it worked. She called me at work and I rushed home. He was in desperate need of a shower and a haircut, and I forced him to leave. He also lifted the TV out of the box, the opposite of how it's meant to be unboxed (TV drops out the bottom, box comes out on top). Terrible vendor shipment, I blame Amazon for this, not the product or manufacturer. Probably my first negative experience with Amazon shipping something.
-You will need another person to help wall mount, if you plan to. Math and measuring required, bring your thinking cap.
-I would highly recommend this TV to anyone looking for a budget upgrade with not all the 'thrills, apps or 3D gimmicks'. I sit about 12 feet from this TV, and that is about perfect for games and very ideal for TV and Movies.

If you have any other detailed questions feel free to comment, I try and look at my reviews from time to time to help others make good purchasing decisions!

*Hey all, still going strong a few months in! No dead pixels or issues with it at all, been a perfect tv. I've actually been very surprised at how responsive the menu is. you can switch back and forth between cable and any input within a second or so. I've done alot of 720p and 1080p content on it, and both look incredible. I've played with the color and menu settings a bit and tweaked them for my needs (my eyes see colors a bit different than others, especially blues/purples, greens/yellows.) I also really like the Movie/Game/Off Contrast modes. It helps my eyes adjust to all the different content I use the TV for.*
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on November 25, 2014
2 Part Review:

TV - Great

PACKAGING - Not so Great (make sure you read the packaging part for shipping from Amazon, this is where they lost a star)

TV - It's a great TV. All the other reviews pretty much cover that. It's large, clear and crisp and has several different modes for different applications which I enjoy (Cinema, Gaming, Vivid etc). The put-together time was longer than others have mentioned but only because it came with a part that wasn't explained where/how to install and I spent 10 minutes head-scratching (still not sure I figured it out correctly). This is only slightly less alarming than "not" receiving a part that "should" be included, but nonetheless the little bracket things didn't appear to have a large impact on structural integrity.

Picture Quality (*NOTE* - I came from 40" 60hz Sony and upgrading to 55" 120hz, my expectations were pretty high. Let that be known for this portion) - Picture quality is great but not stunning. I haven't watched a Blu-Ray yet but I've watched HD Netflix shows and it was definitely great, but again, didn't blow me away. Gaming was also very crisp and clear, but yet again it's clearly not 4k. Don't let this part detract you from buying as it is definitely a good TV and the picture is great. I guess it just isn't as amazing as I thought it would be in 2014 with an HDMI and 120hz. But again, I'm still happy I bought it and would buy it again. Take that for what it's worth.

The bezel is thin and not as distracting as I thought being silver, coming from a previous black larger bezel. It isn't ideal but again, not too distracting because it's nice and thin. The screen doesn't have as much glare regarding fluorescent/ambient light as my previous Sony, but you can never escape it completely so there's some.

The "On/Off" button is kind of weird, not sure I'm a fan yet. It's a "toggle" (others call it a joystick) that is 4-directional and depress-able. You depress to turn on but then you must depress and toggle forward and then depress again to turn off. It's not a huge technical problem per se, but the older purchaser (aged 40 and upwards) may not appreciate having to hunt for the toggle (somewhat hidden under thin bezel) and mess with the joystick. The remote works just fine and is organized well enough.

Overall it's a great TV that I would give 9/10 stars and say was well worth the money for a reputable brand, LG, and for the size and specs, 55" 120hz HD LED.


PACKAGING - Terrible.

I bought this from Amazon third party seller, fulfilled by Amazon. The product arrived on time but the driver left it on my doorstep when the shipping indicated signature on delivery (first warning sign). Then I noticed it was raining and he had left it on my porch but as it's 55" and the box probably closer to 60", it was protruding right into a puddle/nearly the rain. Would I have left it as a driver in either condition? No, because it's clearly marked large as an elephant that it's a 55" TV and it was raining. Between theft and rain I was disappointed, but that's the delivery companies fault, not Amazon. But just FYI.

Packaging - It uses those clear industrial wrap-around ties (3) to hold the package together. I cut through these as the easiest way to access my new telly. I opened and pulled the Styrofoam out and there was the TV. It's heavy. No way I was going to lift it out of this tall box. I tried lifting the box and to my surprise it gave way! the box lifts up around the TV and leaves a cardboard base "holding" the TV. That's convenient! (or is it?)

Alas, my new flat-screen!!! IS SHATTERED..... It is spider-webbed/lightning bolts/cracked, whatever you want to call it. This bad boy was destroyed. I attached pictures. It was done like dinner. So okay, no problem, it's Amazon, I'll just return it. NOPE.

Remember those industrial wrap-around ties? Yep, I cut them off. The TV sits in a base stand that the box goes over and is held together by INDUSTRIAL TIES. No way this 50lb TV will be supported by simple tape now. I'm screwed.

I ended up just going to Best Buy like I should have done originally and paid the extra $60 or so in tax buying this thing in-person and drove it home safely. I re-used the industrial ties from the new one I bought (which this time I carefully and painstakingly removed from the box in one piece) and re-applied them to the one I shall now have to return at the expense of my wasted time.

Overall opinion? It's a great TV, but don't get your hopes up waiting for it to arrive only to be busted to pieces and forcing you to take even more time out of your life to properly return. Just go to the store and buy one. I'm happy with the unit from Best Buy and it's flawless out of the box. Saving $50-60 wasn't worth all this headache, especially when I ended up paying for it anyway.
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on July 21, 2014
This replaces a 9-month old 50" Panasonic Plasma which had to be retired when my 20-month old threw a lego block at it and somehow managed to both crack the screen and bugger the board.

As plasmas are being withdrawn from the market I decided to give this LED thing a crack - Over the first 24 hrs I have been super-impressed by the clarity of the picture, vibrancy of colours and even depth of blacks, which on some settings actually match my Panasonic.

I've owned Samsungs, LG's and Panasonic in the past. Panasonic seemed to have a 'premium' feel, but this TV is every bit as good, and picture-wise, even better.

I haven't experienced the 'soap opera' effect with this set either, though the first thing I did was go in and calibrate my picture settings, so that may have something to do with that. Regardless, the picture is beautifully natural and super-crisp to watch. Basically the perfect balance.

I opted for an extra 5 inches over the older tv (so the 55" model) and am glad I did - the extra 5" makes a difference and the clarity of this set means that even from a short distance away, everything is crystal clear. I loved my Panasonic plasma but there were a few things that irked me a bit... The picture was not "mind-blowingly" sharp and whites were always pretty dull (a by-product of plasma and something you just need to accept). This TV rectifies all of that with punchy whites, deep blacks and a beautifully crisp HD picture.

Overall what I love most is that, regardless of what picture type I want, I have complete control... So, I can have whites that burn my retinas if I wish, which was something I could never get on the plasma.

Setup could not be easier and the pre-set picture settings are actually very good (though I still advise taking your preferred one and fine-tuning a little for your own preferences and/or to get a more natural tone).

I was a little concerned over what the sound would be like on such a thin panel but it's actually very strong (again, plenty of automatic settings which seem to work pretty well). I've not yet tried a sound bar so I'm sure it would make the sound even better, but with two small kids in the house and most of my viewing coming after 8pm when they're asleep, I'm not at the stage of opting for a sound bar or surround system just yet.

Personally I don't think you can go wrong with LG these days; the brand is on the ascendancy in technology with TVs, Phones etc all coming out at the very highest level. I can't speak to their customer service as I've never had to use it but a lot of other brands' reputations (ahem, Hisense) put me off risking my investment with them, even though their showroom TVs looked phenomenal.

One thing the TV lacks is Smart capability. This doesn't interest some but for me was essential. Why did I buy this set then? Well, the "Smart" version was over $200 more. So I bought this along with a Roku streaming stick for $50 which gives me all the apps I want to watch (as well as some very cool ones I never knew about, like Amazon Cloud Player, Qello, to name a few). Sure, it adds another remote to the mix, so if that is going to make or break the deal for you, opt for the Smart version (which is currently $899).

I'll update if anything happens or disappoints with the TV but so far I couldn't be happier. Looks like the best TV we've owned.

*UPDATE 1 Week in - After a week of use, not much has changed - awesome TV, crystal clear image, decent sound - getting plenty of use out of it and would definitely recommend the 55" over the 50". I definitely feel the "Smart" features are essential for me these days, but the $50 Roku I added is working really, really well so don't be afraid to use that as an option - the Roku features are much better than the semi-smart functionality of my Panasonic Plasma (it only had 5 options; Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Youtube and some movie thing). Highly recommended.
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on December 16, 2014
120HZ vs. 60HZ

Before I write my review, I'd like to comment on a persistent complaint I've seen on here about the 120hz vs 60hz. It was very confusing to me, as it was to others, so hopefully I can help shed some light on what I've learned.

From the way I understand it, all 1080p movies are 60hz. That's the maximum you'll ever get out of them. Your Blu-ray player, Apple TV, Roku, and cable box are all 60hz. Check their instruction manuals and you'll see for yourself.

60hz is the true spec, but TVs that claim to be 120hz or 240hz have a higher refresh rate, which produces a smoother picture with less motion blur and less jitter. It's essentially "upscaling" to create a better viewing experience.

Once I understood that, I felt better about my purchase. You can buy any TV you want. You're not going to find a movie that's higher than 60hz if it's 1080p. It doesn't exist. But thanks to technology, your TV can still produce a better viewing quality that's equivalent to 120hz or 240hz, so it's not a total marketing ploy.

I encourage anyone who has concerns about this to do some research. There are many articles on tech websites that explain the truth behind these numbers. I think that 120hz is a worthwhile upgrade for a TV. From what I've read, 240hz doesn't make much difference, so you can save yourself a few hundred bucks there.


We had a 2004 Sony TV, 52", 1080i... Won it from a radio contest, of all things. It was still a really good TV, but it was an eyesore to look at. The thing was mammoth, a true "big screen TV" with a shiny silver body and big bulky back that took up a whole corner on the living room. Moving it was a nightmare.

After 10 years, I felt we deserved an upgrade. The 4K TVs were mesmerizing at Best Buy. Every salesman was trying to get us to buy them, of course, and told us the 1080p TV would be obsolete within a few years.

They're probably right, but I had some concerns about the hidden costs of buying a 4K TV. First of all, there's still a limited supply of 4K programming available. Next, it would take an expensive upgrade in our Internet service to support streaming 4K movies. We already have issues with Comcast throttling our Netflix service and it sometimes chokes on 1080p. I certainly wasn't ready to deal with the headache of trying to get 4K out of them!

All things considered, I just didn't feel we were ready to make that leap. We decided on this TV instead. The price was around $650, which we felt was decent for a 55" TV. A few years ago, that would have been over $1000.

We didn't want a "smart TV." I read a lot about bugs with the bundled software on them. I prefer our Apple TV and Roku, which we already owned. They give us flexible access to a large library of streaming services, and if they stop functioning, they are cheap enough to replace.

That just comes down to personal preference, but I was happy with this being a bare bones TV. It worked for our needs.


This TV does not have a soap opera effect, which I'm glad about. There have been a few times I actually enjoyed the effect on other people's TVs, but ultimately I just think it would be distracting.

Visuals are very realistic on this TV and you can see a lot of detail. HD is certainly unkind to wrinkles, blemishes, and imperfections! It was shocking to see celebrities with the same textures and flaws in there skin that I have. Most TVs smooth out the picture, making everyone look like a beautiful wax figure. But this TV shows all the details, for better or for worse. I kind of like that. I feel like I'm really there in the scene and it's very exciting, especially in action movies.

As others have said, the picture settings do require some tinkering. Do yourself a favor and learn how to use the remote. You're definitely going to need to switch out the picture between movies and TV shows. I kind of like having the control. It would bother me more if a TV tried to force me into a one-size-fits-all picture setting.

The audio... Hmmm... It's decent, but it does give me trouble during certain shows. I can't explain exactly what's wrong with it. I have to turn the sound up to 30 to hear dialogue, especially in dramas. It's not muffled. I hear it. But something... I don't know, it's off somehow, in a way I can't describe.

The salesman did warn us about it, and I do think we'll eventually need to add a sound system, but it's livable. This is a first-world problem, after all.

Lastly, the motion blur... There is motion blur, even at the apparent 120hz upscale. It's not all the time. It's not a huge problem. But it's there. We notice it most in skies, usually when a camera is panning up a coast to a cityscape like San Francisco or New York. You'll see smudges in the clouds and it's unmistakable.

Would it be worse if we'd bought a 60hz TV? Would it be better if we bought a 240hz TV? I honestly don't know, but I wanted to share that for transparency.


Coming from a 2004 TV, I can't give a comparison to other LEDs on the market. But I do feel that this is a beautiful TV set, with great picture most of the time—with a little bit of tinkering in the settings. Colors are bright without over-saturation. Scenes are realistic and sharp. Blacks are black, whites are white. The sound is lacking something, but over all, I'm very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it to others.

The price was fair for what we wanted. Are there cheaper TVs? Yes. Are there better TVs? Probably. I'm satisfied with this one and hope it lasts awhile.
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on September 9, 2014
After reading all the five star reviews of this set, it seems about half of them are dubious. This TV gets on average one to two new reviews a day, unless there is a negative one. After posting this review last night, 8 new reviews quickly followed with 6 of those also being dubious. It seems like a pattern where numerous five star reviews are quickly posted with similar abbreviated comments after a negative one is submitted. It seems that reviews are being monitored for negative input and questionable five star reviews are posted in quick response to keep the overall rating high. Still, there were enough valid positive reviews to believe this is a good set - just take the high number of five star reviews with a grain of salt. When I saw this TV on sale for $598 I decided to take a chance.

Unfortunately, there were three issues:

There are light shadows in the four corners when light backgrounds are displayed. Minor shadowing in this price range is not uncommon and I don't expect perfection at this price. I just don't want it to be distracting.

However, there was noticeable banding on the left and right side of the screen. This is due to poor quality control in the backlight and gives the effect of two shadow bars running from top to bottom about two inches inside the panel. In white backgrounds I could even see banding running across the top and bottom, in effect creating a rectangular shadow inside the panel. The banding is not noticeable with darker backgrounds or when the screen display is still. However, it is very noticeable when the image moves quickly to the left or right on light backgrounds such as grass fields at sporting events. It gives the impression the bands are moving along with the camera as it pans across the field. Minor banding is also not uncommon in this price range, but this was too distracting to ignore and the main reason I returned the TV. I had this same issue with a LG set I returned a couple of years ago.

Last is the stand. Rather than a centered stand in the middle of the TV with a large base, LG for some reason decided that having two cheap and flimsy legs on the outer edges of the panel would be a good idea. They can't cost more than ten cents to manufacture so it was obviously a cost cutter. To compound matters, the feet are almost 47 inches apart on a 55 inch model so unless you plan to use a wall mount, you will need a base at least 50 inches or wider to set this on and it still seems wobbly. To compound matters further, the ports on the back of the set are pretty much right in the middle where most wall mounts connect so don't assume any wall mount will let you make all the connections you need. I don't understand why any manufacturer would limit user options like the design of this set does.

It seems like HDTV purchases are a panel lottery as many manufacturers use multiple suppliers in different countries. So I'm not saying this is a bad TV overall as many people are obviously very satisfied. It's more likely I just got a bad panel. It's too bad because the picture on this set is very good. When I returned the TV I was offered the option of the LG55LN5400 in exchange (this is the 2013 model of the LB5900). Since this was convenient and pretty much the same TV, I decided to give LG one more try. To this point I have had no panel issues with shadows or banding. The picture quality is the same as the LB5900, it comes with a conventional center based stand, and the ports on the back are positioned to one side so almost any wall mount will work. So far so good.

Unfortunately the LG55LN5400 also began to have problems and was ultimately returned. The two biggest issues were motion blur and inconsistent color settings. If you don't watch sports the motion blur may not be an issue but it was distracting for any sporting event when the camera had to follow fast action. And though I could adjust the settings to get a sometimes incredible image for a certain program, those settings did not seem to carry over to other channels and/or programs which would often force me to have to re-adjust the picture settings when I would change channels. I have tried three different LG TV's over the last three years and ended up returning all of them. The first set in 2012 had the same motion blur and setting issues as the newer 2013 model. So I'm done with LG as they really need to improve their quality control. The LG TV's are priced below their competitors but you get what you pay for.

In regards to all the dubious reviews for this TV: a few months ago I was looking at the LG 55LB5900 on Amazon and there were approximately 75-80 reviews. I checked back the next day and the reviews had increased to over 230. In one day. The same thing happened on the same day with the LG 55LN5400. It jumped from something like 45 reviews to approximately 235 overnight. And the new reviews had posting over several months rather than the date they were posted on Amazon. I have no idea how this gets past Amazon but it seems obvious LG has something to do with it and that makes me even less likely to consider their products in the future.
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on July 14, 2014
I just ordered myself one of these. The info and media for the LB5900 series is pretty slim, I'm guessing because they were only first available on June 8th 2014.

My first question was if there was enough room in front of the TV for a sound bar or in my case an HT-XT1 sound base since the stand is too wide to sit on the base. After some simple math and algebra, using the dimensions listed in the specs I calculated that there is approximately 1.89 inches from the bottom of the stand to bottom of the Bezel, with a bezel of about .975 inches. Which makes it 2.8655 inches of space before anything starts blocking the picture (solvable by a wall mount). So sound bars larger than that might get in the way of the tv.

I also cant find any info on whether or not any of the HDMI inputs support ARC. A lack of info would suggest they don't, but will see as soon as I get the TV

As soon as I get the TV in and hooked up i'm going to take a few pictures and add them to this post along with any other possibly helpful info.

***** UPDATE******
Well got the TV in... but unfortunatly it arrived with a shattered screen. Amazon is shipping me a replacement. In the mean time I did take a few pictures before I got bummed out.

Ok got my tv. And I love it. The picture is excellent quality. Sounds good. I've added some more pictures. Definitely love it. Idont have my htxt1 at the moment but I don think there will be a problem placing it in front.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on February 20, 2015
Purchased this unit from Amazon's 'Warehouse Deals' listings. It was $100 less than the regular item listing. The description stated this particular unit was in 'pristine' condition and only the outer box showed damage. Thought if over and decided to take a chance since it was Prime and having the option of returning it if not satisfied. Sales tax was charged even though it was shipped from KY and I live in FL. Still not sure of the reason for that.

TV arrived via FedEx and after inspection and setup, it was in fact flawless and all functions and features worked like new. To my surprise, the box was not damaged in the way I expected. There were no crushed corners or holes in the carton. It just had scrapes on both sides like it had been laid flat and pushed across the floor. It was definitely opened but wasn't taped back shut on the bottom. The carton simply lifted off its base.

All accessories were present and in tact (stand feet, remote, manual, etc). After having it up and running for over a week, I've tweaked the video settings in an effort to optimize it best I can for our room. Overall, I am very pleased with the display, size, weight, look and energy efficiency.

This unit replaced a 50" Panasonic Plasma TH-50PZ700U. Compared to the plasma, the LG's LED display doesn't reproduce deep blacks as well. I knew this going into the purchase and it is a well known issue with LED/LCD vs Plasma. In my opinion, to the average user, the difference is negligible. Remember, you can adjust the video for your environment to make it much better than the default settings.

The biggest advantages for me was going from a thick 125 lb unit that put off a considerable amount of heat and drew 700 watts of power - to a 40 lb unit that is cool to the touch and draws only ~68 watts of power.

We did not want or need Smart functionality built into a TV. There are more robust plug-in devices on the market than any TV manufacturer's internal solution. I run a old Google TV box w/Blue Ray and a Roku stuck. Both of those give us all the Smart features you could ever want on a television.

For anyone wanting a basic TV of this screen size that performs very well, you should be pleased with this model.

After reading around the reviews, couldn't find anyone who has complained about this small problem - If you have this unit sitting on a tabletop using the included feet and a home theater system with a center channel speaker, you'll find that your speaker has to sit in front of the unit blocking some of the screen and the infra-red eye. There just isn't enough clearance for any speaker to fit underneath the unit.

I came up with an affordable and more importantly, very stylish riser solution. Had four sections of 2' diameter clear acrylic lucite rod stock cut to desired height (for me, it was 2.5" each). I then placed each under the unit's feet. This raised the unit just enough so my center channel speaker fits nicely underneath without blocking any of the screen or infra-red eye.

The purchase was made by a seller on eBay who even cut the sections to length at no charge. Total cost was $21. Just wanted to share this solution because I'm certain there are others who have their speaker sitting in front of this screen right now.
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on September 22, 2014
As others have mentioned, this screen has extremely poor uniformity and obvious screen banding issues. The picture itself looks great, no question. However, once I turned off the lights to watch a movie, I noticed a giant white spot dead center in the display. This spot became more obvious when the tv was viewed at an angle. I tried everything from decreasing the backlight to turning off every unnecessary features. If I load a white image on the screen, I can see obvious dark spots in the corners and running down the center of the screen. This is simply a defect with the panel. It seems like Lg LEDs are known for this issue, specifically the 2013 and 2014 models. Thus I question the legitimacy of many of the 5 star reviews posted on Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. I honestly believe LG is posting fake reviews in order to trick consumers into buying their defective panels. As do some of the users below such as Kim. Many of the 5 star reviews don't seem like real people reviewing the tv they bought, but rather employees of LG who are trying to make the TV into something its not. The 55LB5900 has a gorgeous image, but it's banding issues and horrible color uniformity made me return the TV. Going to save up and pick up a Samsung next month.
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on September 4, 2014
This is my initial review, I will post a follow up review in a few months.
Out of the box, this TV is amazing. I still can't believe I was able to get a 60 in. this nice for under $1000.00!!
Let me start by saying I'm an HDTV snob. I only go for quality, all of my previous TV's were high end Samsungs. Before I even plugged it in, I was in love. This TV is GORGEOUS! Once it was all set up, I liked it even more. The picture is excellent, and almost every aspect of the picture is adjustable, so you can really fine tune it to exactly your preference. The colors, brightness, contrast, all top notch. Even the "Trumotion" is adjustable, which is nice because I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I like it.

There are a couple of small problems that I have with this TV tho, but the problems are not significant enough to stop me from giving it a 5 star review.
First problem, there's only 2 HDMI ports. This is a bit annoying, but can be worked around. The next problem is the legs. The legs are very, very far apart, approx 50 inches between them on the 60 in model, so this means that it will not fit on all TV stands. I had to go out and buy a bigger stand, one that is at least 50 inches wide on top. I see that many people on here are complaining about it not being a smart TV. it clearly states that it is NOT, so you should not buy this TV if that's what you're looking for. However, if that's not a deal breaker for you, this will probably be the best TV you've ever owned!
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