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on December 25, 2013
At first I was hesitant to purchase this television because of the 60Hz issue but after a solid month of everyday use, I can safely say that I worried over nothing regarding that issue. It hasn't made an iota of difference in my viewing pleasure and I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't notice it at all.

I'm a huge fan of the Smart TV functions and use it regularly for Netflix and Amazon Prime. Pretty seamless, processes commands quickly and it connects over Wi-Fi without any issue.

My only qualm is that I feel the layout of the remote control is a bit off. For some reason it never feels completely comfortable in my hand and my fingers sometimes mis-presses the buttons due to the curvature of the buttons and how close together some of them are to one another. It's a hard problem to elucidate into words but in short, it just feels slightly off.
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on February 5, 2014
I debated spending the extra money that a smart TV would add to the final cost but when I saw this deal on Amazon I decided to buy it and I'm so glad I did. The TV was easy to set up, We do not have cable so we watch a lot of Netflix and Amazon Prime shows.(Can't say enough about the benefits of Amazon Prime!) I had a g router that wasn't putting out a strong enough signal, so I bought an n router and that solved the problem--and the TV is on the opposite side of the house far away from the wireless network connection too). Using the easy remote control, I can switch from network TV to Netflix or Amazon prime, and even to The Blaze TV on the internet without any hassles. I know the TV does a lot more than I'm using it for but that's for someone who likes gaming to report on. We also watch the occasional DVD and it was simple to hook up the DVD/VCR player directly to the TV. The picture is great. The only negative would be that the sound quality is not real great, and even with attempting to change the sound settings, it is sometimes hard to hear with certain programs. This is the only reason I didn't give 5 stars. We will eventually get some external speakers to hook up which should fix this problem, but for now we are enjoying all the options a Smart TV has to offer.
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on February 18, 2014
Purchased Jan 1 2014.

A great TV for the under $900 I spent on it at a local retailer. A lot of picture settings to adjust the picture to your heart’s content. Just don’t expect plasma-like picture quality (mostly black levels) in darkened rooms.

- Picture settings galore. I can’t imagine needing more picture settings than this thing has.
- Bright. At least for me, especially coming from a plasma.
- Great for daytime viewing (sure beats the plasma).
- Nice looking.
- Lightweight. 55lbs compared to the plasma’s (only 50”) 88lbs.
- Backlit instead of edge lit.
- Plenty of USB inputs (3).
- Enough HDMI inputs for me (3), one with ARC (which my current receiver does not support).
- It’s a smart TV. Not really something I needed though.
- Way less power consumption and generated heat than that plasma. That plasma was a space heater, great for winter but not so much so for summer in the Valley of the Sun.

- Mostly reflective (not matte) screen. While not quite as bad as the plasma, it’s close.
- Point source lighting in the reflections has a rainbow effect. For example, the kitchen lights behind my viewing area can be seen as reflections with a couple of lines of rainbow extending out from each light source in the reflection. I'll try to post a user picture.
- Not very many old school inputs. Just one component/composite shared. You can use one or the other but not both. Those still using several older video game systems or VCRs directly to the TV’s inputs will have to find another solution like an A/V receiver.
- No RCA audio out, just headphone jack (on back panel). There is an optical TOSLINK audio out, however.
- Short and not too common power cord. TV is centered about eye-level for me (I’m 5’11”) and the cord just barely reaches the floor to plug into the outlet strip there so about a 5’6” cord? The TV end is not like the usual removable power cords like on computers and other equipment so it is not as easily swapped out. I guess this is called a Mickey Mouse type power cord. It is available on Amazon, just may not be something you otherwise have extras or longer ones of stuffed in a drawer somewhere. Depending on your installation you may need a longer version of this cord or a three pronged extension cord.
- Printed manual is very brief. There is more detail in the “manual” built into the TV as a sort of user help system.

First some perspective. I’ve been a plasma owner since 2005. First a 50” Toshiba 50HP95, then a 50” Panasonic TH-50PZ800U acquired 5.5 years ago. My desire to upgrade was purely to increase viewable picture area. We are pretty big movie buffs and watch mostly blu-rays and cable based HD DVR recorded movies through a Pioneer VSX-1018AH A/V Receiver (we do not use the TV speakers). No over the air broadcasts. We usually watch at night, in a dark room, with only some LED ambient light sticks mounted behind the TV and occasional day time use. Our viewing room (our family room) has the TV mounted on the wall with an open viewing space with windows and a kitchen behind the viewing area. Mostly, I am biding my time until the 60” – 70” OLED TVs (flat hopefully, not the curved ones) are within my price range. Hopefully, in 5 years or so. Until then, this will do.

Picture Quality
I wouldn’t consider myself a snob but I do want the picture to look nice to my eyes in a darkened room. There are enough picture adjustments on this TV to get a pretty decent picture in that dark room. But I do miss the black levels of even the older plasma I had. Except for the black levels in these viewing conditions, I am otherwise pretty happy with it. The LG definitely beats out the plasma in daylight viewing conditions with its brightness able to overcome most of the reflections you might otherwise see in this relatively reflective screen. It is reflective, not matte. With the TV turned off I can clearly see myself and the room reflected in the screen. I would have preferred a matte screen for those times when we are viewing during the day, but generally that type of viewing is usually sports related and doesn’t have too many darker scenes to show the reflections. The matte screens seem to be harder and harder to find and I can’t be too picky at this price point. Otherwise, to my eyes, the picture is on par with the plasma as far as color accuracy and other picture parameters. I don’t think I am real picky beyond black levels. I turned all the motion enhancing stuff off right away. Have never liked that effect. Maybe someday. But I’m still old school as far as that goes. I’ve watched sports (football and basketball) and a variety of other programming and I honestly can’t complain about any LCD related motion resolution effects as I didn’t notice them. I may not be real sensitive to it, but I can see those kind of effects in an older 42” Vizio LCD (not LED) in my den, so I am not totally immune to them. Picture uniformity seems adequate. Although the viewing angle seems pretty good there is a slight shift of black levels on the left side of the TV when sitting on the right side of a centered 96” couch from about 8 feet away. A lot of people may not notice, but I do. Colors don’t seem to shift as much as the black level does with viewing angle. The viewing angle is not going to match the plasma but I knew that going in with LED/LCD technology. That is why I am making do until I can afford OLED. Apparently there is no local dimming with this set which is to be expected based on the price. I do notice that the screen is very black when the scene is totally black and the backlight turns off. But when that totally black scene has even a very small speck of white light (think flashlight in an otherwise totally dark night scene), the backlight turns on and the black level gets more grey. This can be seen in the black level of the letter bars when watching wide aspect ratio movies.

I don’t use the TV speakers. I did try them while I had it temporarily set up on a stand to try out before hanging it on the wall. Can’t say much for the sound. Not much bass and it did sound like sound coming from behind a TV, i.e. it is there but not great. The speakers are mounted in a thicker part of the set at the bottom of the TV and fire down and/or behind the TV. There are definitely speaker grills on the bottom of the speaker enclosures and I thought I felt speaker grills behind the speaker enclosures as well when I was mounting it on the wall (I didn’t notice before it was hung). Either way, it didn’t sound great and unless that is what you are limited to or used to, I wouldn’t recommend it. There is a setting in the TV for Wall Mount or Stand for sound that I did not try out.

Form Factor/Visual Appeal
Nice looking set to me. Bezel is not super small but much smaller than my plasma. The set is not super sexy skinny like most of the edge lit LEDS. Most of the set is 2.5” thick. At the bottom the speaker enclosure area is thicker at about 3.5”. The TV mounted controls may be inconveniently placed depending on your setup. They are behind the TV on the right-hand side. The control markings are behind the set as well, so unless you memorize the order of the controls, you may be fumbling around quite a bit. I would imagine most people are going to be using the remote anyways, so not a big deal in my book.

Smart TV stuff
I haven’t used smart TV stuff before. None of my previous sets were smart. I did set up the Ethernet connection (wired, I did not try the wireless). I do have Amazon Prime and I did activate this TV for that and started to watch Skyfall and was impressed with the HD picture quality and the sound was nice 5.1 via the optical TOSLINK back to my A/V receiver. For the 15 or 20 minutes I watched, I saw no buffering, stuttering or pixilation. The movies seemed to start pretty much instantly. I have Cox 20MBS internet so maybe that helps. I tried out Pandora and that worked fine. There are others like Netflix, Hulu Plus, CinemaNow, Vimeo,YouTube, etc. that I did not try. One negative seems to be that you are locked out of adjusting picture settings when using Amazon Prime at a minimum (I didn’t try any more than that). It seems to allow you to select either the Game or Cinema setting but you can’t click on Settings on the remote and make changes. Guess you have to make you settings changes prior to entering Smart mode? I think I saw one review complaining that the Motion Enhancement can’t be disabled using Amazon Prime but I think you can as long as either your Cinema or Game setting has it disabled (and the game setting may have it disabled by default, I didn’t check that). I didn’t play around with this too much so I’m not 100% sure about all that. The TV supports DLNA and I did play a couple songs from my PC (Windows 7, MS Media Player) and it showed album cover artwork for those songs that had it. Not the greatest interface in the world for selecting songs to play but I don’t expect to really use this feature much, if at all, anyways. Or most of the smart features for that matter. There is a web browser that I only tried for a second. As soon as I had to type something into the browser with the remote, I quit. Too painful and I have a PC for my web browsing so it is not something I expect to use.

I like the shape and feel of the remote (the non Magic Touch remote, the Magic Touch does not come with this TV). I have a Harmony One that will be used most of the time, but I did use the LG extensively during setup. I thought the buttons where well placed and had enough variety in terms of shape and feel to allow you to find your way around in the dark. It is not back-lit even though a lot of the buttons are translucent and look like they could be back-lit. Not a huge deal for me since I use the Harmony One, although I don’t understand why the manufacturers can’t backlight the remotes. It is more the exception than the rule and it really shouldn’t be that way. I did like the way the picture changes (behind/around the pop-up menus) as you cursor through various picture setting options prior to actually selecting the setting. This allows you to see what it will look like if you do choose that setting (for instance cursoring through Cinema, Game, User, Vivid, etc. the picture behind/around the menus will show the effects of that setting prior to selecting/enabling that setting).

Final Thoughts
So far I am mostly happy with this set for my intended use. Great for daytime or lighted room viewing. Sports and such look awesome to my eyes. It will do for subdued lighting/darkened viewing until I can afford the next great technology: OLED. A boatload of adjustments allow you to get that dark room viewing improved quite a bit from the defaults. While not quite as sexy thin as those edge lit models, it doesn’t really matter to me when mounted on a wall. Would I buy it again? For the price I paid (or even the $1000 going rate) and for my situation, you bet.
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VINE VOICEon May 19, 2014
I think I would have bought this again, except that LG discontinued the model for unknown reasons. All in all, we've been really happy with this television. After a long history of being loyal to Sony televisions, we tried LG when we found ourselves in need of a 2nd and on a budget. LG was a good decision. For 1/3 less the cost, the LG brought us a picture that I find better than the Sony's in some cases, worse in others. The LG's picture color contrast appears more defined to me, while the sharpness / focus of images less. The little less sharpness / focus would not have been at all noticeable if the two sets had not been running side by side at one point. The LG also weighs noticeably less. Processing (smart) features work equally well on both sets, with the nod going to the LG. The remotes of both are lackluster, although LG will provide a higher quality device for extra moola.
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on April 22, 2014
Bought this TV for a good price, and it was well worth it. Love the size and the image. Compared to our previous 40" LCD (also 60 Hz 1080p), there's quite a difference in the image.

I love the features - auto updates, Hulu, Amazon, Youtube, etc. Do sometimes have issues when streaming (random pauses), now just can't narrow down if the problem is my home fiber-optics internet or the TV app. My guess is the internet connection, which is why I'm not dinging the review rating.

I wasn't a big fan of the energy saving feature - mainly because the image would all of a sudden dim and would sometimes be hard to see the darker details.

Wish it was a little bit thinner, but for the price, I'm overall very satisfied with this purchase.
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on January 4, 2014
I was replacing a Samsung 46" TV that I thought had the best picture in the world. After 7 years the Samsung developed a black horizontal line across the screen so I decided to replace it. This TV had good ratings, was slightly bigger, and prices have dramatically come down since I bought the previous TV (about a third the price for a bigger TV).
I ordered it on Friday and it arrived on Monday. I slid it out if the box, plugged it into the DirectTV box and the power and 3 minutes later I was watching TV. Did not take a rock science degree to set it up at all. The TV walks you through all the setting options if you want to adjust the picture.
The biggest surprise I had was this LG had a better picture than my previous Samsung. Now granted technology has improved over the years, but I still didn't expect a new LG to beat a 7 yr old Samsung. I am very impressed with the clarity of the picture. I would definitely buy an LG again.
The one thing I didn't realize is I would need a wifi dongle to get it linked to my home internet. I would have thought this piece would be included. But if you want to access the internet (movie streaming, internet, etc) you will need to buy this ($30+, I can't remember the exact amount). I did buy one the next day although so far after I hooked that up I haven't used the capability since then.
I did read the reviews and articles about LG supposedly keeping track of my watching choices, supposedly sending the data back to Korea, and supposedly turning off this option still does not stop it from happening. I decided not to be concerned about it.
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on January 28, 2014
It's everything I expected from LG. While it didn't come with a smart remote, I have an app on my Samsung tablet that allows me to do everything I want. We're connecting laptops and tablets wirelessly, running a variety of apps, and playing games with ease. The picture is sharp and clear, audio surprisingly good for the small speaker size and... oh yeah... my Direct TV looks really good on it, too. :o) For the price, I could've purchased a slightly larger regular TV, but love the smart functions. Great deal for the price.
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on December 15, 2013
Returned a "deal of the day Dynex" that was simply too cheap. Paid a few hundred more for our LG 60LN5600 and boy are we happy! The picture is outstanding, easy set up, too! 3 HDMI inputs and an audio output too! There are also 3 USB ports, but not sure why we'd need so many.

Internet connection was very easy! It recognized our Wifi immediately. We also ran a software update, which added the ability to stream Amazon Prime movies and TV shows!

The only downside is the sound, but we have a surround system hooked up to our cable box so it's not an issue.

I looked all over for the ideal settings for our unit, but can't find any listed online. If anyone out there has found the perfect picture settings, please post!
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on December 20, 2014
I love this TV. The picture is great and the smart tv software works pretty well. The only one that doesn't load fairly quickly is Amazon Instant Video funny enough. Netflix loads really fast. Also, LG has been good about pushing updates. The wifi does drop periodically though, but it connects easily and quickly.
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on January 3, 2014
Picture looks great straight out of the box. Will calibrate it in the near future, and that should only add to the awesomenss. The smart tv features are perfect and combine all my streaming services (Netflix, Amazon VOD, and Hulu Plus) very nicely. The interfaces are easy to use as well. Finally, I can use Plex on my laptop and the tv can find it as a streaming source. Audio quality on the built-in speakers is crappy, but thats to be expected. Love this guy, and will definitely be buying another in the future.
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