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After a few weeks of heavy usage and exploring all the things this television has to offer, I can easily give it a top recommendation. There are a few annoying quirks, but nothing that mars the overall enjoyment. Depending upon what you plan to use this TV for, it can be the best television you've ever had for your needs. Just realize that if you plan to fully push this TV to what it's capable of, you'll need to make a few extra purchases which is a bit of a bummer.

First off, the television came with all of the necessary parts and instructions as far as set up goes. This includes Magic remote, Stand body and base, screws, power cord holder, ferrite core, and protection cover. Using and installing these things is easy with booklet that is included. Of course, one of the things that is NOT included are the 3D AG-S3 glasses that can be used with this particular tv. It seems that most televisions include 3D glasses WITH the tv's these days, but not so here. It's hard for me to really ding LG for this fact considering that it does not mention 3D glasses are included, so the discerning buyer who bothers to read what's included will be able to make an educated decision as to whether or not that's a deal breaker. Given the attributes of this set, I decided it wasn't a big deal considering the overall price, but for your information, the glasses will cost around 75 extra dollars. I have not made that purchase as of yet, so I cannot attest to the quality of this sets 3D capability. Personally, I don't care about 3D and will never use it, but if it's the sole reason you're picking up this TV, you'll definitely want to do a lot of research on your own. I will also continue to update this review as my experience with this set becomes more complete.

Put simply, the picture is AMAZING. I mean, I'm slack-jawed at what this TV is able to produce on the screen. I watched the blu-ray version of Django Unchained on this TV, and it looked positively gorgeous. Colors were vibrant from every angle, and there was no streaking or blurring of any kind. I also watched some action-packed movies on blu-ray like Road Warrior and Predator, and wow, just stunning. Watching sports is an amazing experience as well. I've been watching the NBA playoffs on this tv, and you can almost reach out and touch the players. The 600 Hz refresh rate really shows off in this aspect, and my friends are all starting to trickle over to my place to watch games. Speaking of games, if you're a video gamer like me, this tv will be your pride and joy of the home. I've played Skyrim, Tomb Raider, and Bioshock Infinite on this TV, and the picture is the best I've ever seen with a video game. No blurring of any kind whatsoever, and the colors are the most vibrant I've seen.

Setting up the internet was no problem as I have a wired connection directly to the TV. It has wi-fi capability, which i have tested and works fine. The connection is a tad slower than the wired connection, but that can always be expected with any device. The apps are all the standards, like Youtube, Netflix, etc. I had no issue getting them up and running like a charm. I've yet to fully explore all the apps and their functionality, but I will update this review as I continue to use more of its features.

The magic remote is extremely simple and responsive. It acts as a sort of Wii remote where you wave it to the side and a cursor will appear on the screen so you can navigate. I've read some people have had some problems with it's responsiveness but not so here. It's worked each and every time, and with no hassles. Mind you, I'm about 10 feet from the TV when I use it, so possibly the farther away you are, the more challenging it can be to use. I've backed up from the across the room (about 15 feet) and still had no issues with it. The remote has voice recognition as well which is pretty cool. It's a beta version and is clearly stated as such in the literature that comes with the set, so it isn't quite perfected yet. I had some spotty results, but this isn't a feature I care much about, so, like the 3D, it's easy for me to ignore. If this is important to you, be advised it IS a beta version. The remote also has a 3D button, Smart TV button and menu button. All are easy to navigate and very responsive. The literature makes note that the remote may experience interference from nearby devices such as microwaves and wireless LAN devices. I don't have these devices nearby, but if you do it would be wise to take this under advisement.

Using the apps is pretty straight forward, and depending on your internet connection, very quick to load. My wired connection handles what this TV demands with ease.

The sound is just fine, but not great. You can't expect great sound from stock speakers, and I'm assuming that anyone investing in a TV such as this will be thinking about their own speaker setup anyway. These stock speakers are serviceable and sound fine, though.

As I've mentioned before, I will continually update this review as the months go as it's hard to really grasp a television's nuances after just a few weeks of use, but from what I've experienced so far, it's a beautifully executed stab at a top-notch plasma experience. If you're a sports fan and a gamer, you will look forward to switching this on; the screen is THAT good. The fact it omits important features like 3D glasses is a bummer, but in my opinion that's something you need to take note of BEFORE you buy. As this TV is advertised, it is a solid five-star product, and well worth anyone's time and money.

EDIT, July 3rd:
Nearly 2 months after my initial review above, and I still have nothing but glowing things to say about this television. I've used and abused it on a daily basis, and it continues to impress. I'm adding a little more to my review in hopes of clearing up some confusion as to the 3D capability and which glasses will actually work with this TV, and some other issues some people seem to be having with it.

I have done quite a bit of research into the glasses that are made for this unit, and apparently the ONLY glasses that will presently work with this unit are the LG Electronics AG-S350 Active Shutter Glasses for 2012 Plasma TVs. Yes, it says they are 2012, but they also work with this 2013 model. Someone posted a comment on my review that you don't actually need these glasses, but I haven't been able to confirm which types work with this tv. Apparently there is an industry standard concerning 3D glasses made for plasma's, but I can't verify the validity of these sources, so as of now, these are the glasses to get. I checked the actual LG site, and one of their staff included a link to some third party outfit that sells used and refurbished electronic items. Very lame in my opinion that LG can't be a bit more forthcoming about the availability of buying NEW 3D glasses with a NEW 3D television, but I may be missing something. As far as I can tell, the AG-S350 glasses are available to buy right here on Amazon, but there are only limited quantities available through a third party source. They're spendy, 60 dollars to be exact, but I have a feeling they will only go up in price in the future due to their limited availability. So jump on them now when you have a chance! I have purchased and tested these glasses with the TV and they seem to work just fine. I've seen some grumbling about how difficult it is to pair these with the TV, but it's extremely simple with the literature provided with the glasses. You simply push the 3D button on the TV remote, hold down the power button on the glasses and an LED light on the glasses will flash red and green for a few seconds. When it's done flashing, you're done, and you won't ever have to go through this process again. I'm not overly impressed with 3D in general, but this TV seems to make it look exactly as it should. I've tried the 2D to 3D capability on this TV, and it works just as well as a blu-ray made for 3D. I watched The Hobbit and Life Of Pi, and both films looked pretty cool in 3D, especially the latter.

Another issue I thought I'd address is the remote's functionality. I've seen people complaining about it not working, but it's worked perfectly for me. You wave the remote, and a clicker pops up on the screen. It's a little more awkward to use than a regular mouse on a computer, but it's not bad enough where it will slow you down. Also, the pointer stays on the screen for no more than 5 seconds, then goes away on its own. Hardly a deal breaker. I guess my point is, the remote works great, and works every time without fail. I think those who are more or less incompetent with tech stuff may have a remote issue with this, but anyone who has wielded a computer mouse before won't have any problems.

I have also explored the browser and internet capabilities of the TV, and they are definitely serviceable. The TV doesn't have the fastest processor in the world, but you can surf the net pretty easily.

As I said before, I love this television, and have not experienced a single solitary issue with it. Everything just works, and works magnificently!
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on May 14, 2013
I was shopping for a LED TV for a while. I leaned towards LG due to the reviews and the Magic Remote (Same remote, but for this model, it's a black plastic one, no big deal). After shopping around, and talking to salespeople, I appreciated the benefits of a Plasma TV. Then I reviewed the LG series, and noticed they had a Plasma series with the same specifications as the LEDs at a better price. For the price I was originally going to spend on a TV and free Blue Ray Player, I got the TV, a Blue Ray Player, a Sound Bar (LG NB3530A), and a TV stand. I got everything I wanted. The TV is active 3D, so you need to order active 3D glasses separately. The TV is great, it wireless syncs with the LG Sound Bar. The whole package is fantastic, and I'm glad I waited. I got way more then I anticipated. The TV has a small bezel, it looks good, and the Plasma picture is great!
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on June 25, 2013
***Updated Review***

After almost 6 mos and logging close to 1200 hours view time. This TV is just getting better and better. Amazon instant was made available for this unit with the last update in September. Amazon Instant is easier to navigate on this TV than on my Samsung. Also I read a review about a buyer who had voice-sync problems with his Denon receiver. I had a similar issue where lag was present in the sync; meaning the voice moved faster than the show on TV, no problem ever watching movies on Vudu, Netflix, etc. It turned out NOT to be an LG problem. It was my Denon AVR-1913 7.1 Channel 3D Pass Through and Networking Home Theater AV Receiver with AirPlay, and after a recent software update from Denon, all voice-sync issues are gone! I also added HDMI ARC through my Denon to the TV and now my U-Verse, Netflix, Vudu, and Amazon, etc. are all viewed at 1080P the way this TV was made to be watched.

Yesterday, I hooked up the new PS4 to it and I was in awe at the graphics then realized the set was still in Cinema mode, once I selected Game mode, the colors jumped right at you making the picture even more amazing. I'm so glad I went LG and Plasma. I've connected the PS4 on a 46" 120mHz Samsung and though the pictures is terrific, it still doesn't come close to this TV although I will probably use the Play Station 4 on the Samsung as it resides in our play room and this TV is strictly for Movies.

***Original Review***

I researched the new LCD/LED & Plasmas models for more than a couple of months before making my purchase. I had my sights locked on the Panasonic Viera ST60 plasma model(more on that later),but upon seeing the LG PH6700 up close and in person, my mind quickly changed. I typically buy from Amazon a lot of the time, but I made my purchase from Paul's TV in person because I was there and I knew this was the right TV for me. The picture quality is amazing right out of the box. I of course calibrated my settings for the initial break in period for Plasmas (100 hours is recommended). The blacks are still very deep and noticeable, rivaling that of the tech world's favorite, the Panasonic Viera. To me the LG shows a magnificent true black color as well as a true to color picture when compared to it's rivals in the LED and Plasma categories. The sound is much better at home better than what I experienced on the showroom floor, I believe it has to do more with my living room's acoustics. There are settings in the "Options Menu" that allow you to adjust sound levels accordingly to your preference. There is also a feature that helps guard against image retention also known as image burn in. Though this model ships without any pairs of Active 3D glasses, you can easily find a suitable pair for much less than the recommended LG pair, and at almost half the cost too, just make sure that they utilize bluetooth protocol and not infrared broadcast technology as IR WILL NOT WORK with this TV. I found a pair of made by Samsung SSG-5100GB 3D Active Glasses that seem to work just fine. We watched life of Pi in 3D and it was just incredible.
Now back to the Panasonic Viera, particularly the TC-P65ST60 (Panasonic's mid-tier Plasma)another outstanding TV in it's own right, but at a much higher cost when compared to LG's (Top of the line 2013 Plasma the 60PH6700.) You are getting an incredible Plasma TV at a very reasonable price. There has been much talk, actually many online reviews about plasma's not lasting more than 5-7 years. Well I'm not sure which brand in particular those people were referring to, but I know this, I had a plasma 42" LG 42PJ350 720p from 2003 that resides with my parents now, and it still gives an amazing picture and works the way it did when it was new. This says alot about LG and their build quality. If you're looking for the most bang for your buck on a Smart TV, don't miss out on this hidden gem. Plasma's still give the best picture quality with the most stable viewing whether you're watching fast moving scenes such as in Sports, Nascar, Action movies, and video games, it's that 600Mhz max sub field drive. The 240Mhz LED's comes close, but no cigar. Don't buy into the hype that they don't last as long as LCD/LED's either with proper care they should last a long time. The only reason you should ever not consider buying a plasma TV is if you have too much light coming into a room where the TV will reside in because plasmas no matter what brand you buy, are just not made to be viewed in a brightly lit room as those oversized LCD/LED smart computer monitors are.
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on July 31, 2013
I got this set at a steep discount during Amazon's "Black Friday in July" sale. It was a little bit of a risk, because it was a new set with few reviews. But the feature set and price point were just too good not to take the plunge.
That said, WOW this is a huge and beautiful HD set. The colors are vibrant, and the blacks are very deep. And I don't notice any light bleeding at the edges of the screen. Some people might complain that it isn't as bright as an LCD/LED TV, but that's a plus in my book. I work as a designer on large screens all day. I have to turn the brightness on my LCD monitors waaay down or I get headaches. People don't realize the damage they do to their eyes with super bright TV's.

I'm impressed with the True-Motion (soap opera effect) signal processing on the set. I've seen it on several other older TVs and the processors have always had a hard time keeping up with medium to fast pans, or fast moving small objects. It would cause noticeable artifacting that was far more jarring than simply having the traditional motion blur of 60hz. The processor on this set seems a bit stronger and better able to handle the burden. Artifacts do still happen, but they are more rare. TV quality animation, which runs at a naturally lower frame rate than Disney feature films tends to give the True-Motion engine fits. So its best to simply put the system in "game mode" for things like Adventure Time.

Speaking of Game Mode, the default setting still has a half second lag. You'll have to go in and turn off ALL the picture post-processing the TV does before you get a completely lag free experience. Luckily this screen is still absolutely beautiful without digital makeup.

As for the Smart features. I wasn't very interested in them. Everything I have plugged into this TV can do the same thing. However, there is something to be said for the convenience of only having to turn on the TV to access Netflix. Actually, Netflix runs a little better on the TV than it does on my PS3, which had been my previous go-to device. I had never liked how the video streams on Netflix always started very low-rez for the first minute or so on the PS3, before finding the HD signal. The TV is much better, often starting in full or near HD right out the gate. The ability for the TV to stream music, video, and pictures from a networked PC works very nicely too. Once again, it's quicker than my PS3 at it. The only slight problem I have is that when streaming mp3's, I can search by album, but the actual songs within the album can only be sorted and played by name, and length. Why length? Why not track order?? I haven't tried any of the other features. I have no desire to try playing "games" with the Smart Remote, and I haven't rented any other content.

On to the Smart Remote. It's...okay. The pointer works surprisingly well, and its fairly intuitive. But I really don't like the omission of a number pad on the remote. Also, the "Okay" button (the one you will be pressing more than ANY other button) doubles a scroll wheel. This makes the button a little hard to press. Not horribly, but it gets annoying when you have to type something up on the TV's virtual keyboard. I also have to wonder how long it will last, with constant use. Also, the scroll wheel is a little "soft" between notches, which can cause it to engage when not wanted. The remote would have been better if pushing the okay button was softer, and the scroll wheel more rigid. In the end, I could have been just as happy with a regular remote that had a billion buttons. But it is what it is.

A word of warning to first time Plasma buyers. As many of these other reviewers have stated. Plasma TV's require a "burn-in" period of over 100 hours of use before they become more resistant to picture burn-in. That means you should only be watching TV or movies with no static images lasting more than a couple minutes. (beware watermarks on many TV stations) You will want to adjust the picture to negate ANY black bars either on the sides, or the top/bottom. I've been running my TV for at least 100 hours so far, and if I should watch an episode of Family Guy on Netflix, the black bars on the sides will still burn in. However, if I start watching something else that takes up the full screen space, the burn-in will eventually fade after about 15-30 minutes. I'm hoping this continues to improve. It scared the hell out of me the first time I noticed. As a good indicator of if/where you may have some burn-in, boot up Netflix. The big, solid-red loading screen will show off any discrepancies in the screen like a beacon.

I wish I could make a comment on how well the TV works for surfing channels, but as you may have guessed, I don't subscribe any cable service. I can't stand advertisements. So you'll have to look elsewhere. I do have a tip for setting up your TV's wireless connection, though: Don't set your TV's internal clock to Automatic before you attempt to connect to your router. Input the time manually. Your TV will need the proper time to correctly interface with the router, and Automatic doesn't seem to work until AFTER the TV has an internet connection. It took me a while to figure that one out.

Despite my small complaints with the remote, and some other learning issues with the set, this is still an absolutely amazing TV. I'd recommend it to anyone who feels like having a top-shelf quality television at roughly half the price.

I'm ordering a pair of the 3D glasses, so I should be able to give my 2 cents on that in a few days as well.

Update 8/13/2013: Well I got the 3D Glasses from LG. I know people have said they feel cheap, but honestly they just seem intentionally flexible to me. They are also nice and light, lighter than any other pair of Active glasses I've used. And they come with an attachment that lets them rest directly on my own glasses, this makes them insanely comfortable to wear. At least compared to any other 3D glasses I'm come across. The 3D performance of the TV is very good, as to be expected of LG. The sense of depth was nice, and it didn't give me a headache after a couple hours of watching a few various things to test it out. 3D gaming on my PS3 looked very nice, but the effect REALLY shines with movies, because then you can turn on the Tru-Motion processing, and see 3D in some really spectacular clarity. I think this is the first set I've seen that can do both at the same time. (Not saying its the first, just the first I've seen) It's really something to see, and the best 3D experience I've had next to a full IMAX3D experience. (Avatar was really something special in IMAX3D)
Also, I think I finally have gotten past the burn-in period on my set. Watching 4x3 or letterboxed content no longer seems to leave temporary ghost bars on my screen. Although I still check often, out of habit.
Also worth a note, this TV, like almost ALL plasma TV's, is a royal bitch to sync up with Rock Band. It's nearly impossible to get all instruments properly in time with whats on the screen for some reason. And there is a half second lag on vocal output that is infinitely distracting. Luckily (I guess) the music rhythm game genre is all but dead and I'm only typing this for my own edification.

Update 8/21/2013: The TV is still working fine, and I am still very pleased. I just thought I might chip in my 2 cents about the built-in speakers. They sound pretty decent for back-firing speakers. But I suppose if your TV is stuffed in a cabinet setup, you might not get good results. The speakers can get pretty darn loud, but almost completely lack the lower range of frequencies. For movies, or music this would be a downside, but for regular TV I actually find it rather nice. I have a large and beefy sound system hooked up to this thing for most cases, but I find that at night I'd prefer not to bother my neighbors with bass drops. Switching to TV speakers allows me to watch Star Trek: TNG at 3 in the morning, while still keeping the TV loud enough to be clear for dialogue.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon May 2, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Television! Captain Kangaroo, the Mickey Mouse Club (Anette & Frankie were so cute!), my cousins all screaming at the TV set in my grandparent's living room when The Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. TV has changed the world, as my grandfather would be the first to tell you. Born in the days of the horse & buggy, he cried as we sat together watching man walk on the moon. He said that he lived in a time of miracles. I can only begin to imagine what he might think of this LG Electronics 60PH6700 60-Inch 1080p 600Hz Active 3D Plasma HDTV with Smart TV! I've spent the last week playing with all of the buttons, bells and whistles in a variety of configurations and this is what I've found.

SETUP - The TV arrived very quickly, brought by a special service that also installed the TV and took the packaging away. Once I found my reading glasses to read the set-up instructions for the installer (he had forgotten his and had not set up one of these before), installation was very easy and straightforward.

A couple of notes -

1. The base has a rough, almost sharp edge on the underneath that rests against whatever surface you put the TV on. You will want to provide some sort of mat if you are placing the TV on a surface that might be damaged.

2. The piece that joins the TV to the base is not easy to locate. Depending on which end you opened the box from, you may need to crawl into the box (it is really big) to remove the two big pieces of styrofoam where you will find it located on the underside of one of them.

3. There are NO 3D GLASSES included with this TV, so don't go searching the box. Sadly, the manufacturer also does not seem to have included a link here to the correct glasses. You may have to wait and order them directly from the TV itself.

PICTURE & SOUND - First, the picture is almost always glorious. When Dolf lands face-down on the grass in a forest in "Crusade" you can see the pores in his skin and count the blades of grass! Call the Midwife: Season Two streams from PBS, filling the entire screen in living color just exactly as if you were sitting in a private movie theater, though I did find that Foodnetwork full episode videos are of much lower quality and do not look anywhere near as good fullscreen.

The 600 Hz refresh rate is five times faster than the refresh rate on other TVs, something that was really brought home to me when I went into Best Buy last week looking for 3D glasses to use with this TV. Much smaller TVs that they had on display were often interrupted by serious pixelation. Even the Foodnetwork streaming videos that I watched fullscreen did not have this problem. They were fuzzy, but never obliterated by a pixelated screen.

I have both a DVD player and a Bluray player hooked up to the TV, along with a PS3 and a Wii. I often buy movies that contain both the DVD and the Bluray, so I've checked several of them, playing the same movie in both the DVD and the Bluray back to back. In every case this very smart LG Electronics 60PH6700 60-Inch 1080p 600Hz Active 3D Plasma HDTV with Smart TV upscaled the DVD version of the movie to the point that there was no significant difference in the quality of picture delivered. The sound quality is also good, with none of the loud-soft-loud again business that has me constantly playing with the volume control over at my daughter's house. So, for picture quality alone, I would give this TV 6 stars if I could. The picture is gorgeous. This TV is not, however, just about the picture quality.

3D - I would love to tell you about the 3D. 3D is, after all, one of the prime features of this TV. Every man that I have ever known would be dead-set on sitting down in front of this TV the very second it was out of the box, 3D glasses on his face, to check out the new toy. Certainly none of them would want to be waiting a week or two for 3D glasses to arrive. Since nearly all 3D TV's, including others from LG, come with 3D glasses, the oversight escapes me. Why the manufacturer did not even choose to link to the correct 3D glasses here at Amazon so that they could be purchased along with the television rather than make consumers wait to order them through the "Mall" I will never know! The TV should rightly come out of the box, plug and play - literally.

Sadly, no 3D glasses come with this TV, though the product page fails to mention that. I couldn't find anything on the product page indicating which 3D glasses were the correct ones, nor could I find anything in the booklet that came with the TV so I headed out to Best Buy, thinking that they should certainly know. To my surprise, this TV is so new on the market that the folks at Best Buy didn't have one and hadn't seen one. I did, however, acquire a pair of 3D movie-theater glasses. According to the blurb on the Premium 3D glasses at the TV Mall "Frames can also be taken to movie theaters showing 3D movies, as LG's Cinema 3D and 3D movie screens share identical FPR and RealD technologies" so, theoretically at least, those movie theater frames that came home with me from my trip to Best Buy should let me view movies on the LG Electronics 60PH6700 60-Inch 1080p 600Hz Active 3D Plasma HDTV with Smart TV in 3D. Except that they don't . . . .

The LG Electronics 60PH6700 60-Inch 1080p 600Hz Active 3D Plasma HDTV with Smart TV features two sorts of 3D. You can buy or rent (through the Smart TV features) a 3D movie and watch it in 3D. Those movie theater glasses I brought home make absolutely no difference in this kind of 3D. The picture was utterly distorted to the point that it was unviewable, just as it was before you put the glasses on. You might as well not have had them on.

The LG Electronics 60PH6700 60-Inch 1080p 600Hz Active 3D Plasma HDTV with Smart TV will reportedly also convert any movie from 2D to 3D at the touch of a button. This "3D" conversion looked just exactly the same to me with or without the movie theater glasses. It was not distorted in the same way as the 3D movie, but also not as clear as the 2D version.

There is another issue besides the huge disappointment factor to consider. This TV comes with Free Tech Support for only 30 days from the date of purchase - NOT the date of delivery. Having to order 3D glasses will eat up a bunch of that time. If delivery of the TV wasn't quite as prompt as mine was, this 30 days of tech support might actually expire before the 3D glasses ever arrived.

Because of these issues - the failure to provide 3D glasses at all, the lack of a clear statement that 3D glasses are not included, the failure to provide a link so that they may be ordered simultaneously with the TV, the huge disappointment factor and the shortening of an already very short tech support period, I rate this no higher than 1 star.

SMART TV - This TV is "smart" - though in all honesty nowhere near as smart as my iPad or your cell phone. Yes, there are apps. Yes, you can browse the Internet, which is how I streamed both Call the Midwife from PBS and Foodnetwork full episodes. You can, if you wish, sign in to Facebook, Twitter or Google Maps. There is a Skype app - but don't get excited by that unless you have a webcam. There is none built into the TV. There are a variety of movie services (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Cinema Now, Youtube, Crackle, Ustream and more) a couple of internet radio services (Vtuner, Rhapsody) and a Free season of for the baseball fan in your life.

And then there is Accuweather - and I have to tell you I was flabbergasted. I can check the weather on my phone, my iPad, my computer, even my Wii, and each and every one of them will tell me what the weather forecast is here in Vermont where I live. This Accuweather app, however, gives the weather only for London, Paris, New York City and other really major cities around the globe. I am rendered speechless at this truly ancient weather app from the technological dark ages of a couple of decades ago. Sadly, I can neither remove this useless app nor replace it with one from a different weather service.

3D World has a nice selection of 3D movies available. A 48 hour rental is $5.99, though it really doesn't matter since there are not actually any 3D glasses available for you to watch 3D movies with anyway. There are games, mostly paid. The free ones that I tried weren't spectacular and were hard to manage with the faux-Wii remote. (There is a real game controller available to purchase.) Games from the Wii and the PS3 were glorious.

You can stream movies from your laptop, your Kindle Fire HD or other tablet, even your phone. We rented a movie here at Amazon on the Kindle Fire HD and showed it on the big screen using a Mini-HDMI Cable and it was marvelous - clear as a bell. Sadly, while you can stream music from your iPad or go through your photos, you cannot show videos that happen to reside on your iPad, even after you've installed the LG iPad app.

I had found that the print manual that comes with the TV was pretty generic, meant for several different TVs, so I was hoping that the User Guide included in the SmartWorld section would be an improvement. Unfortunately it is every bit as generic & superficial as the printed guide that came with the TV. You'll have to learn to navigate and figure out the ins & outs of the remote yourself. And did I mention that I HATE the remote? It functions very much like a Wii remote. You wave it at the screen and try to hold the cursor steady while you press the button to "type." (You can buy a keyboard and a mouse for the TV.) It is quite small with buttons and a scroll wheel that are directly next to each other, so I've found myself pushing the wrong button fairly often, even though I have relatively small hands.

Grandma's $0.02 - The picture and sound on the LG Electronics 60PH6700 60-Inch 1080p 600Hz Active 3D Plasma HDTV with Smart TV are superb, but the lack of 3D glasses is a real issue. Those who buy 3D TVs normally do so with the intention of actually watching 3D movies the minute the TV is out of the box. The Smart TV features are OK, but not spectacular. Documentation is poor or even absent. Free Tech Support is nice, but the 30 day period is so short that problems, particularly 3D issues, may not become apparent before the period expires. Your call.
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VINE VOICEon May 16, 2013
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This tv has an absolutely stunning picture! We have really enjoyed this television over the last few weeks! My kids watch Netflix and YouTube, and play video games on this tv, and it has been superb, and we've all watched cable tv on it as well.

Set up was easily handled by my husband and 12 year old son (husband also liked the packing the tv comes in). We have wifi, but in the interest of the best possible connection, we have the tv wired directly to the internet. Setting up the picture was very easy as well--there are pre-set selection and if course, you can adjust them as need for your particular environment. Our living room is fairly dim in the Spring/Summer months due to the many trees around our home, and we lie to watch it in a fairly dim room anyway. My husband feels the screen is a little reflective, but in a darker room, it really isn't a problem.

This Smart tv comes with a pretty cool little remote, very much like a Wii remote--you shake it to wake it up and use the cursor to move and click on things on the screen. Another really cool feature is you can "talk" to the remote: press the microphone button and you can tell the tv what you want to do. "She" will look up something on the internet or pull up a channel or show for you. This is a very cool feature, my husband and son really love this. They talk to her more than they talk to me! (The tv is represented by a cute red headed girl avatar who appears in the screen.) Very nice tv for checking out stuff on YouTube, recipes, etc. It's amazing how often you can think of something and easily connect to the internet on this tv!

The tv offers a bunch of apps for Hulu, Netflix, games, etc., and honestly, we haven't even explored everything it has to offer yet! My teenage daughters love Netflix, and the tv has been in use nearly every evening. You can also hook up your smart phone to the tv and download your videos and phones wirelessly! I discovered that by accident when I walked in to the room and they started communicating (just turn off that setting on your phone to stop this interactive feature).

I'm sorry to say this tv doesn't come with even an inexpensive pair of 3D glasses, which would have been lovely. At this time, we still haven't obtained those, and I think you need the more expensive )active" glasses for the plasma 3D rather than the "passive' ones you'd get in the movie theater (although I personally, am not above trying any 3D glasses). A relative near by also has a 3D projector tv, so she has offered to loan me some 3D movies, so we will try to check out this feature some time over the summer, and I promise to update then.

Another happy feature of this tv is it has pretty good sound! Our last two LED tvs had terrible sound, and while we hooked up speakers to this one anyway, since that's what we have in our living room already, we could have done fine without external speakers. There are also 3 HDMI hookups, which is great if you want to hookup your laptop or tablet and stream movies. I can't imagine you'd need more than three. There is also an a component hookup, an AV hook up and also an optical hook up (and that's where my husband has our stereo are plugged in). The remote control is also programmable to the components, so we can control the cable and the stereo (speakers) with it, which is very nice.

There are a lot of features to explore in this tv, and I really feel like we've barely scratched the surface (especially me, since I can barely prey the remote away from my husband and son! They LOVE this television!). If you have the money to spend, and are in the market for a Smart TV, I would definitely recommend this one. I've never used any LG products before I was exposed to their tvs, but I have great confidence in LG now, they make an excellent and fairly easy to use product. Like all Smart products, using them is intuitive and takes a short time to "learn," but if you have kids (ESPECIALLY if you have kids!), they will be running with this remote in no time flat! I'm really thrilled with the gorgeous picture, it makes watching any HD tv shows or movies a pleasure!
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on August 29, 2013
I've owned this TV for a few weeks now and feel comfortable enough to provide a proper review. Before this, I was using a 42" LG 1080p TV from 2008 that I enjoyed, even though I realized that it wasn't the pinnacle of picture quality. It worked well enough, but I was looking for a sub-$1000 solid performing 3D TV recently when this one caught my eye. There weren't many reviews of it available, but given that the price was right and I've always been willing to trust LG, I pulled the trigger.

The shipping process was painless. I scheduled a delivery for a few days after I placed the order and the delivery guys arrived during the designated window they provided, brought the TV, put the stand on it, and placed it on my entertainment center. They turned it on, showed me how it worked, and then took off into the night with the box, leaving me with a fresh, new TV.

I immediately got used to the "magic remote" which apparently uses the same concept as the Wii Remote where you point at the screen and choose the applications you want by clicking with the remote. The remote works pretty seamlessly, although changing inputs is mildly tedious as I'd prefer to just use an "Input" button on the remote instead of having to pull up a menu that allows me to point at the input I want and then click. Granted, when you start a new device, the television asks if you want to use the new input, allowing you to immediately switch to that one.

That evening, after using my Disney WOW! disc to calibrate the set, the picture looked fantastic. I tested out several movies and TV shows and they all looked great. Colors were a lot more defined than my five year old LCD set, blacks were sharper, and when I got close to the screen, there was so much more definition than there ever was on my old 42" set. Of course, at this point I found a single dead pixel, but apparently that's kind of par for the course. When I'm sitting on the couch, I can't even see it if I'm even looking for it. The blacks weren't as deep as I've seen on other sets, but given that this is a budget set, I suppose that's to be expected.

The 3D is fantastic though, despite the fact that you have to get the glasses separately as none are included. I purchased the same Samsung SSG-5100GB glasses that people were suggesting and they had no problem syncing up to the TV, no flicker, and provided fantastic depth. In the last few weeks, I've watched Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., John Carter, The Avengers, Prometheus and How To Train Your Dragon, and all closely duplicated my original theatrical experiences with those. There seems to be crosstalk in a lot of darker scenes, but I'm not sure whether it's the television or the encode of the disc. There are a lot of 3D options that the television provides, but I've yet to mess with them.

The set also provides the ability to convert 2D content to 3D and I must say, this is barely worth a passing mention. It's fun for a few minutes but it does some weird things sometimes. Watching Shrek using the TV's native conversion feature, a cobblestone road was all over the place with some stones popping out of the TV and others providing depth into the TV. The rest of the 3D effects were negligible at best so while it can be fun for some things, it's not a huge selling point.

Now to the negatives: the TV is awful in daylight. Light reflects off the panel turning it almost into a mirror. If you can minimize light to your room, you can negate these effects relatively easily, but if you can't, then I would definitely not recommend this set. Fortunately, some blackout curtains were enough for me to provide solid daytime viewing, but it's still not quite the look of higher quality panels on other TVs. Despite this, I don't regret my purchase because for me, the price was right.

Another negative is the fact that there are only three HDMI ports and it does not support 5.1 passthrough. On my old TV, I had my Xbox connected to the TV via HDMI and then would output the sound to my surround sound system via the optical cable while still maintaining complete audio fidelity. This set, and apparently many other current sets these days, only support 2.0 passthrough. I don't understand why a five year old set was able to do this, while a brand new set cannot. At any rate, because of the lack of inputs on my surround system, I've completely skipped outputting native TV content to my stereo at this time. These are just minor inconveniences that do not detract from the system as a whole, but are definitely worth noting.

The included apps are solid, but after trying Netflix from my TV, I found the picture quality to be a little inferior to using it from my Xbox or PS3. It might have just been my internet connection during the time I tried it, but it was noticeable to me at the time. The other app selections are worth a glance but aren't really for me since most of the stuff the TV does, I'd rather do through one of my game systems. If you don't have that option though, it's definitely a nice addition.

Also, despite having a few moments where I wasn't careful about having a paused image on the screen, I've yet to see even the slightest hint of any sort of burn-in, which was a scary concern of mine. I'm happy to report that it doesn't look like I'll have anything to worry about on that front.

All in all, I'm very happy. Even my girlfriend, who was initially opposed to the idea of upgrading my set, has reluctantly agreed that the increase in picture quality, 3D, and television size were worth the upgrade. If you can pick up this set for less than $1000, and can block light from the room you're putting it in, then I'd say pick it up right away.
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on July 3, 2013
***Update 7/14/13*** I will confirm that the LG Electronics AG-S350 Active Shutter Glasses for 2012 Plasma TVs and the Samsung SSG-5100GB 3D Active Glasses will both work on this tv! Even though the LG glasses are nice (yet as others have mentioned, cheaply built), your best bet will be to go with the Samsungs (even cheaply-er built). You can essentially buy almost 3 Samsungs for the price of 1 LG! The Samsungs do not have a rechargeable battery like the LGs do, but for only $19 a pop, who's to complain?

Now as far as 3D itself goes, I will just say that it is pretty good. Watching the "potato cod" scene in Under the Sea (arguably *the* must-see scene in all of 3D) is still mind-blowing: I "measured" (had my wife stand by) the location of where I felt the tip of the potato cod's lips ended, and to my surprise it was about 10 feet out of the screen! Pretty impressive. Out of screen (OOS) was as remarkable as any other tv I've seen. Watching the rest of the movie, however, my wife summed it up in one remark: "It looks animated."

Some scenes were just brilliant, and downright scary, when the sharks and whales were swimming around, for example. It really felt as though you were swimming right there with them (scary, if you ask me). The scenes we felt seemed to be animated were included the turtle eating the jellyfish, the lionfish, and the cute little rainbow fish floating around. It all seemed like, "placed" there.

In comparison to my LG Infinia LED, so far, this plasma's 3D just doesn't seem "natural". The Infinia's 3D (passive) looks downright amazing, although not nearly as clear as the 60PH6700's 3D. I personally enjoy passive 3D better. I will continue my research with other movies, other settings and obviously update this review.*****

***Original review***
In my opinion, LG is the king of "best bang for the buck". All of my major tvs have been LG because of the quality they put into their products. I purchased this plasma tv that has replaced my LG Infinia 47LW5600. Since we moved into a bigger townhouse, the 47" LED that was once massive in my 1 bedroom apartment now felt a little small in my new, huge townhouse's living room.

Delivery was a little different than what I am used to. Once I ordered the tv, I had received an email to set up an appointment to have it delivered (and to be pulled out of the box, inspected, and turned on; more on this later). In other words, the expected delivery date as mentioned by Amazon is when the 3rd party delivery company will receive your product. From there, as stated before, you will receive the product based on the appointment you scheduled. I would've technically received my tv today; however, being impatient, I was able to call the company and reschedule the appointment for the day after they received the tv, last Friday.

So, I'm waiting all morning, very excitedly, and I receive the phone call to confirm that I would be home to accept the delivery. The delivery guy comes, places the tv in my kitchen, I sign to confirm receipt, and the guy leaves. I knew I took a gamble by not having him open the box, inspect the tv, and turn it on, but I am rather impatient when it comes to these things, and plus... the tv is brand new. Box was sealed with no real damage, except for a small tear that wouldn't reach the tv inside. I highly suggest that you inform them to pull it out and expect it, as per their policy. If there's a discrepancy, then you tell the guy to pack it back up and return it to Amazon.

Setup was a breeze: place the tv (two-man job, it is big and rather heavy) on a sturdy surface on its back (I guess you can place it on its front, too), screw in the base and back piece, set it on your stand, plug in your HDMI cables, power it up. No brain work here.

Once the tv powers on (and you recover from how big the screen is), the setup wizard comes on. It is a total breeze and tells you exactly what to do. If I remember correctly, someone was complaining about connecting this to their wi-fi. That person probably has no idea what wi-fi is. All you have to do is choose your network (that you would've named yourself, naturally), enter your password, and the tv will connect to your wi-fi network. That's it.

Here's (in my opinion) probably the best feature of the tv (that I hope I can make you see how you're going to save money if you're debating buying the upcoming Xbox One): it asks you about which cable tv company and box you're using, and once you choose it (and depending which service/box you have), your tv will now control your service box almost completely! The interface will straight-up blow your mind. It will do things your cable box simply can not do. I'll give you an example of such features when I get to the Magic Remote. The reason I brought up the Xbox One is that one of its (huge) selling points is that you will be able to plug your cable box directly into the Xbox via hdmi, and then plug the Xbox into your tv via hmdi and the Xbox will take over your cable box with its own interface. This tv already does that, so well that I can't see how I will take advantage of that feature when I receive my Xbox One. If you're not a gamer and was debating getting an Xbox One for that feature alone, congrats, you just saved $500!

Here's other ways to save money: being that this is a Smart TV, it is loaded with many awesome apps. Most Blu-Ray players and AppleTVs and Rokus all come with these apps, but if you're debating buying any of these items to be able to use apps (Netflix, YouTube, etc.) on this tv, you won't need them. Heck, if you're the kind of person that rents movies or orders movies on demand instead of buying actual Blu-Ray movies or dvds, then you won't need to buy an actual player.

Since we're talking about apps, let me tell you that they work very well on this tv. There will be the occasional hiccups: while listening to music on Pandora, after one song played, the app pretty much froze, back button or return to tv button wouldn't work, so I had to turn the tv off and turn it back on. Not too much of a deal because the tv loads pretty fast (it's not a computer). The same thing happened while I was trying to set up a Redbox account. Sometimes, an app will simply quit working and instantly return you to whatever you were watching on tv, but that really isn't a bad thing at all. I'm sure there will be plenty of updates to fix these very minor problems.

When they work, the apps are amazing. YouTube has never looked better, and it is a lot of fun to watch your favorite YouTube flicks on a 60" screen. I played one game where you drop cheese and rats get into a trance and follow the odor of the cheese to their demise, which is a really silly and worthless game to play, but I can see how it could keep a child entertained. The game worked flawlessly. There are tons of apps that come with the tv, most of them I doubt I would ever use, but it's nice to know they're there.

Browsing the internet has never looked so good! And it is the actual internet, not some watered-down mobile version of it like you would see on your phone. Flash works here just fine. I have tried going onto certain websites that allow you to watch movies that haven't hit stores yet *cough cough still in theaters cough*, and it seems that certain websites are blocked or something. When the movie is going to load, the browser simply closes and you're back to watching tv. I was, however, successful after jumping through hoops (if you've seen these websites, you know what I'm talking about) and was able to watch some movie about buff dudes driving furiously fast cars.

The Magic Remote is truly a sight to behold. Yes, it has a built-in mic that works surprisingly well. What makes it so cool is that the whole interface that works with your cable box ties directly into other apps and the internet. For example, you can say "Look up Banshee". Give it a second, your command will pop up on the screen along with a cute red-head virtual chick, she'll act like she's thinking, and then the entire screen will change. It'll give you options to choose from either clicking a channel that is showing/will show Banshee, look up trailers of Banshee on YouTube, or go to Bing's search of Banshee. And it works very fast and flawlessly. This is the reason why I will probably not tie my Xbox One into the cable box because I highly doubt it will work this well, who knows.

The Magic Remote will also take over your cable box remote. You can now scroll channels up or down, pull up your cable box guide, or you can use the tv's interface, which is very cool, but I really don't find myself using too much. One (kind of stupid, really) way to find channels is that you can hold down the scroll button, and "write" the numbers of the channel on the screen (it works like a Wii-mote), and the tv will input the channel number you've "written" and go to that channel. Or, you can hold the scroll button and wave to the right, and the tv will switch you to the last channel you were watching (useful).

The tv itself looks absolutely amazing. I have never gone with a plasma before because, as a gamer, I've always followed the rule that LCD/LED is for gaming, plasma is for movies. That's all done with now. I'm playing Modern Warfare 3 and this thing does not tear up, lag, ghost... none of that. It looks absolutely perfect. TV and movies look amazing as well. The colors are absolutely phenomenal. Blacks are black, something my LED just can't seem to get right. Obviously, I had to mess with the settings to get them to my liking, but with their set-up wizard for color it was quite a breeze. The end result is a picture that I am in love with, that feels much warmer and more realistic that I have yet to see an LED replicate.

Minor gripe, like everyone else, is that it doesn't come with 3D glasses, and worse yet, are not yet available. I think LG dropped the ball on this. I understand they may have left them out to keep the price down, but c'mon, at least make them available to purchase.

I will keep updating this review as time goes on. As of right now, I am head-over-heels in love with this tv. My friends all want to come over to see it and its features, I can't stop watching it.... you get the picture. You're not going to beat this tv for the price. If I would've known how good plasma looks over LED, I would've gone with plasma years ago. And being that it is so thin, size is no longer a factor in the debate (maybe weight is).

My advice, keep a very close eye on Amazon's prices on this tv as they fluctuate even daily (I mean you might score a deal one minute and it may be gone the next). If you manage to score a good deal, this is the tv for you.

P.S. another way to save money, if you have an Xbox 360, try to find their HD-DVD attachment. You can find HD-DVDs here on Amazon for next to nothing. I was watching Planet Earth and it looks as good if not better than any Blu-Ray, and I only paid like $5 for the whole set (the Blu-Ray set is about $80!).

Please feel free to ask any questions! I hope I've swayed you to make a great purchase (and save you money).

***Just thought of another potential money-saver: The tv has a section to order 3D movies from, called 3D World. Once you figure out where to get your 3D glasses from (apparently there are cheaper, different name-brand glasses that will work, or so I've been told), instead of buying a 3D capable blu-ray player and their 3D discs (these are pricey, trust me), simply rent it directly from the tv! Also, check if your cable provider has 3D movies on demand. Compare prices!
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on January 28, 2014
Update 7/10/2014

I still love this TV (it's still working and the picture is still beautiful), but wanted to warn people that Image Retention (IR) is a problem. I got this TV in November, 2013 and my roommate got an Xbox One a week or two later. They say that for the first 100 hours or so the plasma is at its brightest and that's when the TV is more prone to IR. Well, the Xbox One has a "Snap" feature that pulls a bunch of icons, etc. to the farthest about 1/6 of the screen with white icons on a black background so that you can view a second show, movie, app, etc. on it. This was really great for watching football! Amazing, really. We would all play games and watch football games for hours on end! This is a marvel for any gamers that run across the video game vs sports game dilemma! With that said, this TV has not been hooked up to the Xbox One since January and I have run the color wash feature for easily over 100 hours and can STILL see the outline for the apps, etc. that was left from the snap feature. They're no longer super dark or anything, but they're noticeable whenever something white is on that area of the screen. I'll keep color washing, but I don't think that it's going away this year. If you've got an Xbox One and are considering this TV then I would definitely take into account your use of this feature.

I got a great deal on this TV ($930 before tax) and am very happy with it. The picture is clear, the 3D is awesome, smart features are cool, and it's pretty intuitive to use. However, I had to dock it one star on account of receiving a defective one after my first purchase (returning it was a pain in the rear), and a few minor caveats. The TV picture has always been great, but the 3D image was a ghosting nightmare (on the defective TV). It was basically like watching a 3D movie without glasses on no matter what settings I changed. After replacing that TV I've found the 3D to be MUCH better!

With that said, here are some things to take into consideration:
* Where are the lights in the room located, and can they be moved? There isn't really "glare" on this screen, there is a full on reflection. Lights in the background make this even worse. I purchased a strand of LEDs with an adhesive back for $35 on Amazon to fix this problem. Now it's a non-issue, but it was problematic for the first week or so. (LED Strand: The reflection can be overlooked and isn't mirror quality, but it can get distracting/irritating.
* 3D is great, but only so long as you are cool with a dark room, or have out of the way overhead lights that aren't obnoxiously bright/right behind the viewer. The 3D with this TV works best in a dark room. I also wouldn't recommend using the aforementioned LEDs while watching a movie unless you want a pretty bad headache. I tried, trust me, the active 3D glasses make it look like a strobe light, and other lights typically take away from the experience.
* 3D glasses: If you want to watch 3D you will need to purchase the glasses separately. There are two pairs that I have personally tested and know will work with this TV. The first pair are the "Samsung SSG-5100GB 3D Active Glasses." They are non-rechargable and use lythium ion batteries. This pair sells for about $20 and is really convenient if you are on a budget. The second pair are the LG AG-S350 glasses which were designed for the 2012 line of LG TVs. Both pairs are pretty flimsy feeling, but the LG ones are rechargeable, fold up, and also have a really cool (and sometimes necessary!) hook that can replace the nose cushion for people that wear glasses.
* Picture: This TV really has a beautiful image for the price point. I love it, but something to remember is that the picture quality is only as good as the source material. I stream a lot of movies and shows via Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix, but the shows are NEVER as good of quality as a physical disk. This wouldn't be too much of a problem, except this TV's picture is good enough that you notice when things start to degrade and everything becomes a bit more grainy/blurry. I have a 50mp/s connection and still run across issues with video quality when streaming movies. However, any TV that you purchase above this price point will also have this problem (if they are worth their salt!).
* Sound: Unfortunately, I have never used the TV speakers. I have a home theater A/V Receiver and use it for the sound. However, I will say that using the ARC functionality is a real pleasure to use. Unfortunately, the instructions are very poor when it comes to how to set it up.

Pretty much the only thing that I can ding this (the working one without taking the defective one into consideration) TV one (or .5) stars for is the reflection. Aside from that, it's really a great value for the price. The picture is crystal clear and the features are really awesome! I'm just waiting for content suppliers to fix some of the quality issues when streaming videos (and 5.1 audio.. another separate gripe of mine). Once the content catches up with the TV I won't have to be so upset about the TVs picture quality making the streaming quality even more apparent.

One word of advice for anybody looking to check out fry's, bestbuy, etc. to see picture quality: Bring a flash drive (or two for comparison) with a movie trailer, etc. on it that you have already seen and are familiar with. I purchased this TV at Fry's and had immediately discounted the picture because it looked horribly grainy with their feed. It turns out that they split one feed from a single bluray through about 10-15 TVs which then degrades the picture quality substantially. However, once the sales rep plugged in his flash drive there was an amazing difference in quality that astounded me. It's kind of ridiculous to run a store and make your products look bad, but that's how some places roll, and I learned a valuable lesson because of it. Bring your own source to really see the quality of the picture, two sources with the same videos if you want to make a comparison between two TVs at the same time.
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on November 4, 2013
First off I rarely write reviews. But so many of the reviews I read before selecting this TV have been helpful I felt the need to give a little back.

A little background, TV used almost 95% for full screen TV and movies. TV is almost never for games, located in a basement, so light control is not a problem. Electronics are my friend, so setups, etc. are never a problem.

Overly struggled with selecting a new TV for the man cave.
First off 60" vs 65". At 7' away I determined 60" would be the best size. Counting pixels is not a hobby I wish to start. One decision down, 60". Next decision was plasma or LED.

This was difficult. Many reviews talked about plasma screen reflections and image retention (IR). LED's have ghosting issues with motion and colors IMO are washed out.
Determined the ghosting problem was going to bother me a lot. Screen reflections would be a minor problem due to bsmt location.
Found a display in an electronics store that had 3 plasmas side by side (Pani, Sami, and LG) and LED sets on both sides of those. This display sealed the deal for plasma, the colors just looked great. Reflections in the store are a problem, but I will be in a bsmt.
Now the 3 plasmas as did all TV in the store, had a stock program playing. The Plasma's all had IR showing briefly. The Pani had the best blacks, then Sami and lastly LG. But the LG black was so much better then the LED's, made the call then. LG features vs cost wins. I will not have TV's side by side to make small comparisons like who's black is a little blacker. Going with the plasma LG-6700. The difference in price on the LG plasmas, from top of the line to the model one below was small, why not get all the bells and whistles. So, selected the LG60ph6700 with Smart features, Internet, 3D. I do not know how much I will use the Smart features, or 3D, but they cannot be added on later.

 So all the (I am shocked!!!) what?!!, no 3d glasses in the box. If that surprises you after you open the box, you clearly did not do much research. With the power of the internet, get it together; the uninformed customer is a lame excuse. 

The old TV was built in a wall, has a wire room behind it. The LG 60ph6700 is now on the newly built wall without the hole in it.

Delivery from Amazon- outstanding, trucking company called, setup a time. Two great guys carried the TV to bsmt, set it up on the stand (wall not built yet), powered it up and verified it worked. They will not attach to other devices. I asked them to leave the box just in case I need it.

Picture- outstanding IMO. Blacks are black, colors look great. The picture is wonderful. The picture looks AAA+ from all angles. NFL looks great, movies look great. Even the wife's romance movies look great. Action movies are fantastic. The 600hz refresh is awesome. Have not had any IR issues to date. As noted I do not play games on TV and static screen like finance, home shopping are not the norm. NFL static display bars during game did not cause IR.

Remote- weird little device. I use a 3d air mouse so learning to use the remote was not problem. Also the app for smart phones works very well with the TV. Must have wifi in the house and the TV must be on the house network for the phone app to work. Note use the 2012 LG app for smartphone remote.

Internet- wired, Cat5 cable, works well with smart phone app. Setup was the standard fare. Nothing notable here. Apps are a lot like the Smart apps on the Blu-ray player. Have not spent much time using the TV apps at this time.

Sound- it is TV sound, sounds like, well TV sound, works fine. When I want big sound I turn on the amps and the surround system.  stop bitching the sound is this or that, your not getting big surround sound from two speakers on a TV. They know it (manufactures) and you know it. So why jack-up the TV cost trying to make something it will never be (big surround sound) 

Power light- this may seem small but the TV has a red led in the lower corner that is lit when the TV is off. When TV is on it goes off. Well done LG. TV's with lit logos, led's lit, back lighting, etc when the TV is on is annoying. Nice job LG. Also plugged the TV into a UPS system.

Ports- TV has 3 hdmi's, composite and ant. More HDMI would be nice but those 5 get the job done. Put a flat HD ant on TV for one reason, like to get off air channels if the cable goes out during storms.

3D glasses- have bought the LG AG-S350 Active shutter. They work great, are rechargeable, sync'd to TV without a problem. Very easy to sync. I have only played with them. Hopefully I will spend more time with the 3D and add that to the review. Cost around $55

If I was buying for a room with lots of lights and windows I would buy a LED hands down. The picture is brighter and that is important when the room has a lot of light sources, be they lights or windows.

So, after 3 weeks with the LG 60ph6700 I have no complaints. Lighting is not a problem, so reflections are not a problem. The picture is over the top IMO. The picture, it's all about the picture and it is awesome. Everything works very well. Delivery was spot on. What an awesome buy for under $1000. This has been a solid 5 star purchase to date. Will try to add to the review after some time has passed.

Review addition 01 - Watched some TV from the couch vs. the recliner. The two recliners sit directly in front of the TV vs. the coach which is on the side. The text drawing tries to show the layout. C is couch, R recliner, TV is TV, dashes wall AND dots keep everything lines up. As expected due to plasmas large viewing angle the picture was fantastic from the couch. Also played with the 3D a little using YouTube 3D files. Some are very impressive while others not so much. Still 100% happy with this TV.
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