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on April 3, 2013
I purchased this for my wife. The design is great and the magnetic earbud holders are a cool addition.

Overall the device works as advertised ... BUT ... the LG HBS-730 has one major flaw that is a deal breaker.

When adjusting the volume of the HBS-730, it actually adjusts the bluetooth output volume of my wife's Android phone rather than only the HBS-730's internal amplifier. This volume adjustment only has 8 steps from muted to fully on. Even at the very lowest volume setting the earbuds are unbearably loud and would undoubtedly cause hearing issues if used daily.

We have several other bluetooth devices from home speakers to standard single ear headsets to our car systems. In each of these other devices, adjusting the volume on the device does not affect the bluetooth volume setting on the phone itself, but adjusts, instead, only the levels in that particular devices internal amplifier. With the ability to adjust each volume independently, you have the capability to change the volume from barely audible to quite loud in small steps to satisfy everyone. With the LG HBS-730, you get these 8 steps, and all of them are unbearably loud. Needless to say, we are sending the device back, and will be ordering the previous model which does not seem to have the same issues.

UPDATE 4/5/2013: I discovered the apparent problem that many people are having with bluetooth headsets playing too loudly. In every case that I read about on the internet, the headset was Bluetooth 3.0 or later and the phone was operating at BT 2.1+EDR. It appears that there is an issue in the way commands are being sent in 3.0 and later and phones that are 2.1 are not communicating properly. This particular headset, HBS-730, is BT 3.0 whereas my wife's phone (Motorola Atrix 2) is BT 2.1+EDR. I purchased the LG Electronics HBS-700W Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Retail Packaging - White/Orange(which is the older model) for my wife and it works flawlessly with her slightly dated phone. I canceled the return I had completed for this product and gave this set to my daughter as it works flawlessly with her Samsung Galaxy S2 (which is BT 3.0). I hope this helps anyone else who might have issues with a BT headset playing too loudly.

I have upgraded my initial rating from 2 to 5 stars.
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on January 7, 2014
I ordered a replacement set of the hbs-730 tone+ because my dog ate one of my original headphones, i was sent some sort of cheap knockoff, that the fit and finish is horible is missing the lg and apt x logos. the box is missing the plug for the wall and the packaging is not even the same as any other tone+ also the bluetooth spec is 2.1+edr and the tone+ are 3.0
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on July 18, 2015
I loveeeeeee my ring...i needed a temporary ring while mine was in the shop and tadaaaa its beautiful and looks so far so good ladies...
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on April 3, 2013
In terms of sound quality, comfort, function, and ease of paring/re-pairing with my Nexus 4 (built by LG for Google), this is hands down the best bluetooth headset I have owned.

Unfortunately it has a fatal flaw with durability. After six weeks of use, I have bare wire exposed where each of the cables attaches to the neck band. I'm uploading two photos to illustrate what I'm talking about.

I have tried to be reasonably gentle with the device given its cost. I often keep it in the front pocket of my briefcase, where I have kept other bluetooth headphones and assorted electronic gadgets over the years without any damage. I can only conclude that this is either (a) botched quality control (i.e., I got a lemon), or (b) a design flaw that could be easily fixed with higher quality materials and a better engineered connection between the earpiece and cable.

I was loving this headset until this issue emerged. It still works, but it is only a matter of time before there is an audible deterioration in signal quality and the connection eventually severs altogether. Unfortunately I am now outside the return window.

LG: If a rep from LG is reading this, a replacement unit would go a long ways toward repairing my image of your company after this letdown.
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on January 17, 2014
As other reviewers have posted THIS PRODUCT IS COUNTERFEIT!!!! After ordering the headphones I decided to look at the 1 star reviews to see what negatives were being mentioned, mainly because I own the HBS-700 headphones(purchased at a Verizon store) and since I absolutely love them I wanted to see if there were any glitches in these that I should know about. To my surprise many reviewers were saying that they received a counterfeit product. I immediately called Amazon customer service to see if the issue had been resolved. The CS agent assured me that this product, as it is being sold directly from and fulfilled by Amazon, would be a genuine LG product. She said that other reviewers probably bought theirs from a 3rd party seller on Amazon. I wish that I could say that is the case. I received my headphones this morning and right away I was suspicious of the packaging. It looks like it was printed on a printer and does not look like the pictured packaging. Once I opened the box i knew almost immediately that these are not LG headphones. They do not look at all like the pictured headphones. They do not have the LG logo on them anywhere, the earbuds are much larger and cheap looking with a silver band around them, and they have an overall cheap feel about them. I compared them to my authentic LG HBS-700 headphones and there are multiple differences. I called Amazon customer support and they offered either a replacement or a refund. No longer trusting that they the replacement would be real, so I took the refund. Overall, I didn't feel that my claim was taken seriously. After thanking the agent for processing the return I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told that they were all busy, but he could offer me the number the LG who supposedly supplied the product to Amazon. I took the number and called LG, as I suspected, the LG agent told me that if the headphones didn't have the LG logo they were counterfeit. After I told him that they were being sold directly by Amazon LLC he was very concerned and took a full report. Needless to say I am very disappointed with Amazon and I don't know if I can trust them to sell legitimate goods. I will think twice before I make an electronics purchase from them in the future.

Just found out while researching where I could find these in a brick and mortar, there is a link to this page(where I purchased the counterfeit headphones) on the LG website where they list authorized dealers.
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on April 4, 2013
I referee youth basketball and after seeing one of the coaches wearing one of these things; I asked what it was and how did he like it. He LOVED it, so I decided to give it a try. I ordered one from Amazon on 2/13/13. I started using it and it was the best thing ever! I drive a convertible and I could never have a conversation with the top down (even with the manufacturer's built in Bluetooth system). My LG HBS-730 fixed that. I've had not one single complaint of background noise since I've been using it. One of the main reasons for me buying it is because all of my music is on my phone. The sound quality is great! The only problems I encountered is that the ear plugs would slide out from time to time (even after adjusting the sizes). Other than that, the product works great! It pairs easily, it works as advertised.

Nevertheless; I noticed this morning, less than 2 months after having it that one of the wires that connects the ear piece is frayed, exposing the metallic wire at the point where it connects to the unit. This is from normal use. So I checked Amazon for their return policy and it states that I'm eligible for a "partial" refund, and I will have to pay all shipping charges. Not being happy with that; I called LG directly (800-243-0000) and spoke to Fernando (nice guy), and he informed me that their warranty doesn't cover damage due to "normal use" even if it's less than 2 months old. I paid a pretty penny for this thing, so that was discouraging news. At this point my only choice is to send it back to Amazon and look for a product that is more durable and better supported by the manufacturer.

I would still recommend this product, if you're willing to accept the risk that if it gets damage (and it is a little fragile); you may be up the creek with one paddle. I hope this helps someone.
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on January 8, 2014
I ordered this product as a recommendation from my cousin. I was shocked when I received the package from amazon(sold and shipped by Amazon), because the box which I received is a cheap china LG bluetooth headset instead of an original box.
I bought it from amazon since they were one of the authorized seller for LG bluetooth headset. Now I had to return it and buy it from "BestBuy" by price matching. I'm happy even though I paid few bucks as tax to get an original product.

My observations on Non-Original product:
1) LG logo was not available in the piece, there was a sticker placed covering logo "Tear invalid" ( I don't think it will be a LG logo)
2) The power button is placed at opposite places. (towards earbud ON, away from earbud OFF)
3) Power button had red ring (look alike) around it instead of a blue one (original)
4) Play/Pause button didn't have a silver ring around it.
5) Earbud had visible silver mesh inside it.
6) Magnet to hold the earbud was not strong enough.
7) Bigger, heavier than the real product and cheaper in quality.
8) Package was not the one showed in description, it was different and didn't had hologram in it.

I have enough photos to upload, but amazon doesn't allow photo upload for this product.
You could see the similar package in other eCommerce site.
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on November 14, 2012
I generally do not review products but I was compelled to write a review about this one mainly because it is such a good headset and yet fails in the basic bluetooth function. I bought one, returned it and bought a second one that I will return soon.

In this review I will analyze the entire product name and you will get a good idea of what to expect. This product is called "LG Electronics Tone+ HBS-730 Bluetooth Headset - Retail Packaging - Black". Here is my review of each portion of this title (not in order):

Headset: The music and phone sound is REALLY great (even when biking). I struggled a bit with the ear piece sizes as I run, bike, and workout with these on. I finally settled for the smallest size but it still slips out once I start sweating or if it is raining/misting - not that big a deal when I am running but REALLY annoying when I am biking. The controls are accessible but not very easy to find when you are biking in the winter with gloves. The fit is pretty comfortable and I don't feel it for the most part. It even hides inside my collar (with a little bulge). When not hidden, it looks like something out of stat trek.

Bluetooth: WOW - how could LG MESS this up so badly. The headset cuts out on a regular basis (every few mins). I can't put the phone in the back pocket (think biking, running). I can't hold the phone the "wrong way". I can't walk more than a few feet away from the phone (10 ft). All these were NOT an issue with my MOTOROKR S9-HD.

LG Electronics: I called and talk to the LG customer (twice). They were not very helpful. Both times they insisted that they have NEVER heard of this problem. I even asked them to go and look at all the reviews on Amazon and other sites as well as the note that Amazon had on their site about this product being under review due to excessive returns. But they just asked me to send it into LG at my own expense. I told them "No, I would rather return it for a replacement and then LG can deal with Amazon". But they would not acknowledge that there is a problem and blamed my iphone, HTC phone, and iPad. REALLY bad customer service.

Tone+ HBS-730: I tried my friends HBS-700 and it did NOT have ANY of the problems that this one has. Bluetooth works exactly as you would expect. No problems on bike or run with the HBS-700!

Retail Packaging: Contains headset, 3 sizes of ear buds, power supply, and manual

Black: Yup - I can confirm, its black!

After all this I have gone through 2 of them and had to return them. I am tempted to order another one just to see if the same problems persists. If nothing else it may force LG to take some action if they see so many returns from so many customers.

1/3/13 UPDATE: I ended up returning the second one and bought a third one (also from Amazon) and tested it out for a month to see if I could root cause the issues. This one holds the connection better than the other two (but still far worse than my Motorola S9-10 - both in terms of distance from phone and placement of the phone).

What I did find is that the problems with connectivity get worse as the battery hits "medium" power. Sometimes it will be connected playing music for 30-40 mins with the phone sitting right in front of me at my desk and then suddenly start skipping and dropping the connection even though I have not moved at all.

The other thing I wanted to comment on is that the ear gels don't really stay in during bike rides or runs. I have tried all three pairs that came with it but no luck.

Unfortunately, I will have to return this set also. I may try the Motorola S11-HD (although it is >2x the price).
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on August 4, 2014
Tones arrived packaged and brand new. WAS NOT FAKE like that one review says. They are lg tones and they are legit. The sound is amazing, crystal clear with deep bass. I am really enjoying them.
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on November 5, 2012
A colleague in my office has the HBS 700 (previous version) headset and after playing with it for a while, I decided to go the same route. When I saw there was a newer version, I decided to go for it. That was a mistake. If you've read the reviews of the black version here on Amazon, you can get the gist of the experience. When the phone (iPhone 4S in my case) is close to the headset - in my shirt pocket or on my desk while I'm working - it's great. The sound quality is good and the volume is very acceptable. My collar size is 20" and these fit ny neck just fine.

BUT - holy cow - the cutting in and out is awful! If the phone is in my pocket, or I get 10 feet away and turn my head, the sound cuts out. In the car, my phone sits on the passenger seat usually charging. If I'm on a call and turn my head to check my side mirror, for example, the sound cuts out. I, too, contacted LG and they told me they had no reports of problems. I directed them to the Amazon reviews and the reviews on their own website (which I saw after purchasing) and was told they were not "official" and thus ignored.

I do like the style and feel of the headset, so I am probably going to buy a pair of the HBS 700's to try out and see how that goes.

The LG HBS 730 is definitely not recommended.
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