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on June 23, 2014
When you have neighbors on the other side of your walls, it's frustrating to have a full out home theater setup and not be able to use it to its thundering potential. We moved into a town home that did not allow for such a setting, space requirements and sound level restrictions forced me to store the megatheater sound system. It was becoming difficult to enjoy watching TV/Playing a console game with the built-in TV sound, and enough was enough. I researched various sound bars, even ordered a few brands but ended up returning them. I wanted multiple inputs, but I didn't require RCA hookup, and wanted to avoid Coax if I could. HDMI was an option and BT was at the top of the wishlist. I had Sony in the mix, but the price wasn't right. Every time I came back to search and compare, I ended up on this bad boy. With limited reviews, and a few complaints regarding it's short comings, I have to say I must be dang lucky or it was user error on behalf of the other buyers. Let's begin:

Super simple and straightforward. Out of the box it worked, but the sub-woofer did not pair instantly. A quick glance at the instruction manual told me to hold down the two buttons (I forget which) on the remote to initiate the pairing request, then to push the connect button on the back of the sub. Viola, it paired and has worked flawlessly since, it is even across the room off to the side (15 ft from bar). Be aware that the manual refers to the LED as being yellow, I am not color blind but I swear mine is green. This confused me in the beginning. Also, I have not attempted to control the volume through, say, my Dish remote. I have no qualms with using multiple remotes, but I am certain you could do that if you wanted.

Wall Mount:
I have attached a photo to show this in action, it was slick as snot, using the template provided I was able to mark the perfect location and screw it in. Uh Oh! No screws included! Seriously?! Whatever, a quick jog to the house of screws, and $1.67 later, we were golden. I did not use the recommended drywall anchors as indicated in the manual, I opted for E-Z Anchor Twist-N-Lock. Came with 6 anchors and screws and holds up to 50 lbs. Figured that was more than enough, and it is performing perfectly.

Sound Settings:
I have tested sound input with Optical, Auxiliary, and BT. I have all my HDMI connections directly connected to my TV, then an optical out to the sound bar. My TV is a Sharp (2010 Model) and the sound bar turns on and off automatically in sync with the TV. Some reviewers have experienced issue with this, it works as designed for me. BT works great, however, when testing it with an iPhone 5, the BT signal was choppy at times. It appeared to be related to how the phone was held, and at first I pinned it on the sound bar as poor quality. When connecting it to my Nokia 1520, HTC One, or Kindle Fire HDX, I did not experience any choppiness with the BT audio. Seems the iPhone is either faulty or didn't like the signal the LG was using. Either way, the BT works for 75% of my devices. One confirmation, as some others have pointed out, bass is REALLY strong on BT compared to optical. I need to adjust my settings before I crank up the music. Ultimately, what you are looking for is something that fills the room, has bright crisp audio for dialogue, and banging bass for the explosions. This has exceeded my expectations. But overall, I have to mention the awesome built in 3D Sound setting. Frustrated that I could not use my full 7.1 setup, I expected a full loss of immersing sound. Not so, this setting has utterly shocked me at how well it works. It is now the default setting when watching movies or playing games, and I am still in shock at how it deceives mine ears to believe that sound is coming from behind me. Well done LG!

I love this sound bar, my neighbors probably not so much. They have no idea what it COULD have been, if only I had the space...
Any way, I recommend this sound bar to anyone who cannot do the full out getup but doesn't want to settle for built-in audio. 100 X's better than any TV I have ever heard.
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on April 23, 2014
I bought this sound bar to connect to my Panasonic Viera HDTV. Sound bar setup was easy -- plug the included optic cable into the TV and back of the sound bar then plug the sound bar power cord into an outlet. Syncing the wireless subwoofer to the sound bar was another story.

The Owner's Manual is vague in that it refers to "the unit" when describing components so you don't know if they mean subwoofer or sound bar. Sound bar light flashed red and yellow which wasn't covered in the manual at all.

Nothing in the troubleshooting section of the manual described what I was seeing on the sound bar display panel and on the subwoofer. Long story short -- LG's website has LIVE CHAT. I was able to contact LG support and get the syncing issues resolved.

The sound is absolutely AMAZING. I have a great room configuration and the subwoofer positioned about 10 feet away from the TV and soundbar. The depth, richness and clarity gives me goosebumps!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
What I love about soundbar is the simplicity and minimal installation it requires. If you are an audiophile, you might not be looking in this direction anyway. Soundbars cannot beat a 7.1 home theater setup; it is more for convenience and ease of setup. The addition of a wireless subwoofer makes it even better with one less wire to connect.

The soundbar ships with its own optical cable, remote control with batteries, accessories for wall attachment (including a paper template for drilling holes) and a manual.

A soundbar is a pretty simple setup which is the idea anyway as opposed to a 7.1 multiple speakers configuration. The only reason why I needed the manual is to pair the subwoofer with the soundbar. My TV is not on the wall so I did not set this up on the wall too. I have an entertainment system where I put everything - Xbox, Wii, etc.

- minimalistic setup
- sounds great among similar soundbars in the market
- stream music from your cellphone or any Bluetooth music player
- additional optical input

- will not beat a 7.1 setup
- unprotected drivers. If you have little kids. the speakers diaphragms are very vulnerable to curious little fingers.
- no physical level control for the sub. Make sure not to lose the remote control
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
June 2014: After having this sound bar for the past month, it seems the bass has become more richer-sounding the more it's used. However, if you sit too close to the sub-woofer on some shows, it's more of a rumble than anything else. So the farther you can place the sub-woofer from where you sit, the better it is. Yes, the remote control is still quirky, but as time goes by I love this sound bar more & more. So much I changed my rating from 4 stars to 5 stars.
Last December I purchased the LG NB2530A Sound Bar. I gave it a 2 star rating due to lack of bass. It's the one-piece style with no separate sub-woofer. This new model, the NBN36, is apparently the model that replaces the NB2530A. It has a separate sub-woofer but still not quite enough bass for my preference. I have this in an open-concept floor plan, and the room it's in measures 17' x 17' - I wouldn't want to use this in a room any larger.

This comes with an optical cable, remote, 2 AAA batteries, wall mount bracket, 2 cable ties, manual and a wall-mount template.

The sound bar has small rubber feet if you don't want to wall-mount it. If wall-mounting, you need to provide your own screws.

Features I love are:

► I have a basic 2013 LG TV and this sound bar syncs with it. I turn the TV on, the sound bar automatically comes on. I shut the TV off, and within 60 seconds the sound bar shuts off.

► If you don't have a Bluetooth device, you can connect an MP3 player to the port in the back - or even a portable CD player or a notebook PC, and play music through the sound bar. You will need a 3.5mm cable.

► You can plug a USB flash drive into the front of the sound bar and play music files (.mp3 and .wma--no DRM files). Music played through a flash drive sounds pretty good - choose the upscaler option for the best sound.

I had no problem with the wireless sub-woofer connecting, I located it about 8 feet from the sound bar. It connected on its own without me doing anything. The sub-woofer is wireless as far as not connected to the sound bar, but you still plug it into an electrical receptacle.

My phone connected easily and Bluetooth music streaming has been flawless so far; I have a range of about 20 feet.

My only complaint with this sound bar is the poorly-written instructions, but that was short-lived once I used this awhile.
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VINE VOICEon May 25, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The LG Electronics NBN36 280W 37.4 Inch Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and Bluetooth is a well made and easy to install device. I had no problems connecting it to my tv. Also it has the feature of allowing you to synch up your smart phone to play music through it when not watching TV.

The device is very adaptable. It has an input in the back to plug any non-bluetooth device in such as an mp3 or the like. It does not come with a cable for this, so you must supply your own, but seeing how inexpensive a 3.5mm cable is this is not an issue. Also you can plug a USB drive into it with music on it and it will read it and play. Nice options to have.

The sound is very good for a soundbar. This, of course is NOT a 5.1 or 7.1 home theater system. Its a 2.1 soundbar, so once you set your level of expectation of what type of audio it should provide you will be quite pleased. The key is make sure its in a regular sized room, and the positioning of the Bass Speaker is very important. It may not sound all that deep in one spot, but if you move it to a different one you will get a noticeable change in audio. So the key is to experiment a little with where you place the Bass in your room.

I must say that this device from LG really is very well done. Easy to use and has a lot of good features and audio is nice. If you are looking for a decent sound bar for a tv that just dont cut it in the audio dept and you want a better sound when viewing, then this will do the job.
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VINE VOICEon July 20, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Bluetooth is excellent for hiding the wireless subwoofer on the other side of a bookshelf or behind your couch because it doesn't need line of sight to keep working. It also has an indicator to tell you if it's having trouble connecting to the soundbar or not. Unfortunately, my (older) Harmony Remote doesn't work with it but I think some of the newer and more expensive Harmony remotes support Bluetooth. Installation was easy enough since I just set the soundbar on a TV stand and plugged everything in. Keep in mind there are (only) two optical inputs aka Toslink cables. The box comes with comes with one, you can buy another AmazonBasics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable, 6 Feet from Amazon for cheap.

As for the sound, I have an existing 5.1 system so my opinion is a little biased. Compared to the 5.1 I heard lows from the bass and mid to highs from the soundbar. What I wasn't hearing was the low to mids. For instance, a bass guitar being plucked sounds a little more like 'Dooo, Dooo, Dooo" instead of "Doom, Doom, Doom". And of course you're not getting the front-to-back sensation of lasers shooting past you and all that.

What you are getting is an excellent replacement for your standard HDTV speakers that are so bad that you may as well not include them on TV's at all. If all you're looking for is better sound than your current HDTV for a value price, then these are a good choice. As soon as you compare the two, you'll just put your TV on mute and never use TV speakers again. They're also good if you live in cramped quarters. Load your music on a memory stick and connect it to the USB port in the front. The soundbar will read MP3 and WMA files as long as they are DRM-free. If your downstairs neighbor roommate yells at you for the music being too loud, you can control the subwoofer separately.

Speaking of loud music, I do have to note that LG is being a little disingenuous when they say it's a 280W system because that is measured with 10% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). Usually amplifiers are rated at wattage at 1% THD or less. I'm also a little concerned at LG having only two optical inputs. You figure you have a television with a cable/satellite box and a DVD/Blu-Ray player default. If you add a game console or anything else, you're in trouble. One way to get around this is to make sure your TV has an Optical Output or Optical Out before purchasing. Then you can run from the TV to the soundbar without problems.

I'm not an expert on soundbars so I can't recommend one brand versus another, but I can say it's a good improvement over using a television speaker by itself.
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on June 19, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The LG NBN36 2.1 sound bar stacks up well compared to its competitors.

The NBN36 comes packaged in a huge box that has a lot of empty cardboard space to accommodate the oddly shaped sound bar and subwoofer pair. What I did like about the packaging is that it tells you to keep it for future transport and there is a diagram displaying how the giant Styrofoam and cardboard pieces fit back into the box. I've kept countless electronics boxes for this very purpose, and when I move, I can't remember exactly how the unique styrofoam pieces fit back in the box perfectly. Kudos to LG for including this tiny piece of extra info.

As far as the bar itself goes, the quality surprised me. I've used 36 to 42 inch sound bars from Samsung and Sony, and this LG holds its own against them. The rear of the bar has a 3.5mm stereo input jack and two optical inputs. On the front is a hidden USB port, an LED display, and some touch sensitive buttons. The look of the bar doesn't stray far from the industry standard look, but the device is somewhat sleek and will not offend any style-conscious consumers. The subwoofer is also a simple, yet effective design, but mine was not automatically paired with the bar out of the box. I had to follow the three step process to sync the bar and woofer manually. It's easy to do, but I would have expected the components of a simple sound bar to be ready to go after unpacking.

As far as the performance goes, it's surprisingly good. I was using the optical inputs to watch cable TV programming and then switched over to play some Titanfall. The cable TV was solid, but Titanfall sounded very good, especially when hearing the thumping, clear bass while running around in a titan machine on-screen. I synced my phone via bluetooth and got decent sound within 6-12 feet away from the bar. The sound balance is great with nice clear treble and better than anticipated bass from the powered, but small subwoofer. The sound isn't as good as my 7.1 Onkyo system...but c'mon, it is a sound bar. The NBN36 does sound just as good as the Samsung and Sonys that I've tried, though (if not slightly better). There are several preset sound settings, such as Game, Night, 3D, and Clear Voice, but they do not alter the sound enough to blow your mind. Still, I liked the noise that came out of this thing.

Other quick hits to mention....I thought the LED display was too bright at first, but it grew on me after a month of use. What is really nice is the auto-power settings. I fired up my Xbox and within 3 seconds the sound bar automatically turned on and began working. I have at least a 12 second delay to deal with for my Samsung bar. Similarly, the NBN35 shut off about 10 seconds after I shut off my Xbox. That's a feature that actually works and makes life wonderful. As a final bonus, if you have a very new LG TV, there is a sound-sync feature that establishes a wireless (bluetooth, I'm assuming) connection between the sound bar and TV. I did not have a compatible LG TV to test this feature, but it allows you to send Vol Up and Down signals to the TV and have the TV send a wireless signal to the sound bar to move the sound up or down accordingly. The remote packaged with the device is nothing special, but it gets the job done. I hooked this NBN36 up to LG and Samsung televisions and the remote was able to control both TVs with its minimalist input buttons.

Overall, I think this LG sound bar represents great value in terms of quality vs price. My only minor quibble is that there is no HDMI pass-through and there is no HDMI ARC port. Those features should be pretty standard by 2014, but LG decided not to include them. Still, I think you're getting a good sound bar here for its typical Amazon asking price. And if you have an LG television with the Sound Sync feature already built-in, I think this becomes a great purchase.
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VINE VOICEon May 15, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I connected this LG Sound Bar to a Vizio TV. Setup was very simple using the included optical cable. The bluetooth subwoofer paired automatically once it was plugged in and turned on. In short, setup was easy. I know other reviewers seemed to have problems with the subwoofer syncing but I did not, and I agree with them that the Owner's Manual leaves a lot to be desired.

Sound is great. Bass is good for the value, but don't expect to be blown away. In a small room (no more than 20x20) it should perform fine, but keep the bass unit as far away from where you are sitting as possible--the closer you are, the muddier it sounds.

The mid and high ranges really sound good, although I've noticed in some cases that actor voices get a bit washed out or overwhelmed by the other sounds (music, sound effects, etc.) Perhaps that is due to the lack of a center channel. Deeper voices, such as Smaug in the Hobbit movies, sound great. But the higher the a voice gets, and especially if there is a lot of additional music and sound effects, the harder it can be to hear in some (but not all) cases.

Finally, I found that my TV sound and the LG sound bar system would not sync their sound, i.e. there is a delay, which results in an echo-like effect: the TV sound is always just a split second ahead of the sound bar. The sound bar does include a sync function (0-300 milliseconds), but I could not get them to synchronize perfectly. So when I use the sound bar I simply mute the TV. Problem solved, although this is when the voices (see above) can get washed out.

Overall for the price the sound quality is very high. Much better than the TV speakers as one would expect, and fine for watching movies at home. Though I have some minor complaints, I'm giving it five stars for the ratio of price to sound quality.
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on May 14, 2014
I bought this after a lot of research and actually listening to a bunch of sound bars at BestBuy and Costco.
I zeroed down to LG SoundBar and I just love it.

First, the price was just right. And the sound for this price - Absolutely Unbeatable! The bass is simply outstanding! Though I am not extremely thrilled about the treble, but its fine.
I was truly impressed with the sound from LG NB3730A. Would have bought it...but, it did not have an input for RCA or 3.5 mm. The only way to connect was through optical OR BlueTooth and my TV does not have either.
Luckily this sound bar was launched just in time and I got a way to connect my TV! And listening to music from my phone's BlueTooth is Oh-So-Awesome!

Initial Setup:
To my surprise, the sub-woofer was not actually paired! But I followed instructions in the manual (to manually pair the subwoofer) and life is good after that.
So glad that they provide a plate to install. the instruction and template for wall holes is also fine -BUT -BUT - Here is an important tip:- DO NOT FOLLOW THE DISTANCE DESCRIBED IN THE TEMPLATE! I do have my TV wall mounted and if I followed their instruction, the sound bar would be about 6-7 inches below the TV and looked ugly. I took my own measurement so as to place the sound bar just about half inch below the TV. Follow the template with this distance in mind and you will not be bothered with the wire going to the TV. Other than that, the template is good.

Sound Adjustment:
I must say, the different sound modes work just awesome when connected via bluetooth with my phone, because I use proper equalize setting on my phone too. But initially I wasnt impressed with the sound from my TV. However, after adjusting equalizers on my TV, its all good. I kept the sound output to PCM on my TV, setting to a fixed output level and keeping TV's own volume to Zero, so all the sound comes from the sound bar.

I absolutely love everything about this soundbar. Sure, I would have loved to get a Bose. But the Bose soundbar is $1500!!!!!
And let me tell you, the bass from this unit is pretty equal to what you get from Bose.

And yes, changing the sound feature to 3D Sound, you do actually get a surround sound effect!!
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on October 21, 2014
After looking at dozens of different sound bar systems here on Amazon I decided to settle on this one to accompany my new LG 42" TV for my room. Six months later and I am completely satisfied with this purchase; the investment was well worth the money as this system-along with a blu-ray player and nice LCD TV transforms my room into a mini theater and creates an excellent movie watching experience. I was looking for a sound bar that had a wireless subwoofer, blutooth compatible, had a display on the sound bar so I could see the volume level/adjust the bass and treble, had manual controls on the soundbar itself (in case I ever lost the remote) and was affordable (under $200) This sound bar satisfied all my terms and has thus far exceeded my expectations. My only two minor complaints are that the subwoofer is on the smaller side so therefore don't expect tremendous bass from it-It still packs a good punch though. The only other thing is that you can't turn off the display on the sound bar without turning off the sound bar itself-so you have to get used to seeing something like "Optical 1" on the bar the whole time you are watching a movie or show (since the bar hooks up to your TV with an audio optical cable.) It can get a little annoying but you get used to it. Overall I highly recommend this bar.
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