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on June 28, 2013
First, a shout out to folks over at avsforum -- a lot of great info and feedback there in case you haven't checked it out. Now, my experience is based on upgrading from a LG HS201, which pumps out a measley 300 lumens, and also I am by no means a high-end home theater guy. My family watches TV and movies, a lot over streaming Netflix or AppleTV, and we're not looking for ultra high-end home theater setups where this color needs to be perfect, or the audio has to be 5.1 or 7.1 or whatever. So grain of salt, home theater enthusiasts.

Now that said, here's what I really like about this new unit
- The LED light source. Our LG HS201 is still going strong and rated at 20,000-30,000 hours. By comparison, a conventional lamp-based projector is going to blow after about 2000 hours, and if you're like us, using this thing for, say, 2-3 hours a night and accidentally leaving it on for a few more because AppleTV has a good screensaver, you're basically looking at what amounts to a disposable projector because the bulbs are so expensive.
- I actually like the different remotes. They're like the remote equivalent of the mullet, business in the front, party in the back. I wind up using the magic wand with the motion sensor more because it just seems simpler and I can still pretty much do everything I need to get to with that remote, just more on-screen navigation.
- The TV features are neat. Having an over-the-air receiver is more fun than I realized, and the bundled antenna works just fine in my area, where I can pick up all the major networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, etc) as well as the random ones in languages I wish I knew better.
- 3D function. I picked up some cheap SainSonic glasses here on Amazon and it just works. You can test it with 3D content using the YouTube native app on the projector -- there's a playlist of videos even you can use to test. I hadn't been looking for this in a projector but it's nice to know that it's there, and makes me look cool to other people which would be more of an issue if I were trying to compensate for the emptiness in my life and search for real meaning by unwisely buying material things in a subconscious effort to be otherwise validated by my friends and family and seek a temporary fleeting sense of meaning that then vanishes. So, yeah, 3D is awesome, you should totally try it.
- Little things that aren't present in the last generation, like auto-keystone and stuff like that. The projector sort of set itself up nicely, even as I have it flipped upside down in my setup and it just knew it and, as if to say "here, here, don't fret about the emptiness in your life, and you know what, I'll do some of my own settings" it was a really nice setup experience. You can still control all those things like keystone etc but it's just really nice especially if you're not putting this projector permanently in a location but carrying it around to, say, Sales presentations where you don't believe in the product and feel as though you're selling your soul in addition to the product, and will be projecting in new environments from time to time.
- Audio is perfectly satisfactory, but for audiophiles you will hate it. There's a regular headphone jack thing and so you can get audio over to something else, but if you're looking for digital audio out or other things to fill the emptiness in your life, no, you won't find those here, sorry.
- The resolution is really nice. I don't know what a 1080p projector image looks like. I do know that this feels like HD, because on a 100" wide aspect ratio screen, it feel sharp and colorful.

Here's what's so-so
- The brightness. There's no way you're going to be able to see this during the day and compare it to a TV image. Now, granted, do I want a projector that can do 100,000 lumens without a lot of noise and with a lamp that lasts 2000 years and costs under $1000? Sure. But like democracy, this is maybe the best compromise we have right now. In this analogy, I am equating a system of government to the LED projector market, for those playing along at home. Do I think it's 700 lumen? Maybe. Feels brighter than our old 300 lumen which is basically like saying a peanut M&M is bigger than a regular M&M; sure, that's true, but neither are really as big as a Snickers bar. I turn it up off of the worst eco mode, and even as I am destroying America's energy future by using more energy (I guess), I am pleased by the brightness. But it won't compare to a full-blown non-LED projector. So if you love lamps being bright and burning out soon, and generally have wrestled well with your own mortality by now, don't get this. But if you'd like to live under a little more comfort that this projector will last a good long time and be with you to develop a good working relationship with it, and view a lot of movies together and grow old together, then maybe get this one.
- SmartTV features. Big thing is Plex compatability (which is where they get away with saying it's Netflix compatiible etc) are a little rough around the edges but make the experience a lot cooler than just a plain old projector. If we weren't so addicted to AppleTV and the iTunes ecosystem, I'd go with the Plex functionality more often. Plex, by the way, is basically a system where you can host media on a server somewhere else in your house (say, on a Mac Mini or a Windows PC that's always on) and then fling it over to your projector (it's called "SmartLink" I think in the menus). It not only flings stored media but there are "Channels" in Plex including Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, etc. which work to varying degrees of success. The navigation could be a little cleaner and easier, but isn't bad per se.
- Other SmartTV features. Yeah, there's YouTube, Twitter, Google Maps. Some of these are awkward because really? You're surfing Google Maps on a home entertainment projector? I would've rather they spent the time to embed some better native entertainment apps but oh well. Guess that's a mistake they'll have to live with for the rest of their lives, LG engineers... and I forgive you.
- I kind of wish there was some more precise and/or automatic way of focusing. I also wish I had the ability to fly and teleport.

Uh, what else...
- On some of the forums they say there's a hum or something. I don't hear it in ours. If you crank the setting where it says you're at a high altitude, the fan comes on and so that's one thing. But I don't hear the hum they're talking about.
- The HDMI connection works just fine.
- It's a fine-looking unit itself. Mostly understated, and I was impressed that they mounted most of the controls on the back so you could actually project upside down -- say off the top of a bookshelf opposite the projection screen -- to a projector and still do just fine.
- You get used to the navigation after a while. I kind of wish there were better shortcut keys to get to the most commonly-used features for us, e.g. switching modes, but I guess I'd have to use the other less slick remote. I also wish there were a keyboard to enter text just during setup, eg WiFi passwords.
- If you're deciding between the PA70G or a non-entertainment projector and this one, I'd go with this one if your intent is entertainment use. It's just sort of nice to have some of these features at the projector-level rather than via a connected device (eg AppleTV), even if the menus are a little weird.
- WiFi 802.11n

In short, we're really enjoying this projector. Bold, colorful images, decent audio built-in, built-in entertainment junk, bright enough to hold its own against any other LED projectors, and fun with 3D if you feel like it. Go for it.
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on April 16, 2013
Although I am thrilled with the features of this projector, including built in wifi and the ability to play a number of different file formats, I am very disappointed to find that the available "Smart TV apps" are all garbage. Netflix is not available. Hulu is not available.

Unfortunately I bought this at a retail chain where an employee confirmed the Smart TV features of this projector, including netflix and hulu - it seems to be a common and logical misperception that "LG Smart TV Apps" would, by default, include those popular video-streaming apps. Now I am stuck trying to return it.

Ultimately, its a great projector. But the absence of those apps brings the value down, in my eyes, and it would appear that I've overpaid.
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on December 17, 2013
Lets look at the pros and cons:

1. Great projector for the price. I bought it from Amazon for $499!
2. LED - no expense for the bulbs. Will last 30,000 hours. By the time the bulb blows out, it will be time for a new improved projector anyway
3. Significantly bright - 700 lumens. This is very bright for a LED projector. The picture is quite decent in daylight and phenomenal at night. If you have a light controlled room where you can reduce the lights using blinds or something, this one will work great for you
4. Vibrant colors
5. Wi-Fi and smart TV built it
6. Magic remote is great
7. Can stream from your Plex media player.
8. Can watch movies/videos directly from an external USB drive.

1. No lens shift or zoom.
2. LG smart tv lacks basic apps like netflix and hulu. It only has youtube, facebook, twitter and a couple of others. This can easily be fixed with a firmware update. Not sure why LG isnt doing it
3. Mine was missing a lens cover. When I realized it, the only thing amazon offered was to return the projector (not replace). The price had already gone up to 650 and I didnt want to return and re-buy at a higher price just for a lens cap. It would be better if they had just sent me a lens cap.
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on May 13, 2013
After much research on LED projectors and this one coming up at a great price recently, we picked one up. Our projector comparisons are the BenQ W1070 1080P 3D Home Theater Projector (Silver) and Dell M110 Ultra-Mobile Projector -- the BenQ has gotten tons of rave reviews and the Dell is a lower lumen LED projector much more comparable to this model. Honestly, that little Dell can hold its own for total dark situation, however, it has no color adjustments. We were fortunate enough to be able to view one of the Dell's in our home.

The Good
- Tons of feature
- TV tuner works very well with the included external indoor antenna.
- WiFi seems to be very strong - worked very well with plex once setup. Wasn't able to test the WiDi or mirroring, and Nero essentials didn't work on our Win7 Ultimate computer.
- Colors are very good, nicely saturated without being comical. Skin tones are very nice.
- Tons of settings. . . for nearly everything you can think of & it becomes a little daunting at times, however, we would rather have the setting options than not.
- Setup wizard has it's pluses, but it could be better.
- Fans are very quiet on the lowest settings, although the high altitude mode does kick things up considerably. The highest brightness mode is rather loud, too.
- Decent brightness. We are currently using ~90" with max eco mode (dimmest) at night and it's plenty bright. However, like most projectors, this thing will not handle a lot of ambient light as blacks are washed out, but certainly bright enough for light controlled rooms and a reasonably sized screen (~110").
- LED bulbs last up to 30,000 hours and don't decrease brightness over the lifespan as much are regular bulbs.
- Handles just about any input: 1080p on down, but seems a little choppy with 1080p/60Hz but fine with 1080p/24Hz.
- 3D. However, we haven't tested the 3D features at this point in time.

The Bad
- Two separate remotes that could have been combined into one very good one
- Focus issues -- our focus stops (the focus wheel just ends) just when it's getting into focus. Thus, we can't really say it if could be sharper or not.
- The only audio out is a headphone jack.
- 1280x800 resolution -- would love to see a 1080p model (not a real negative as it is what it is)
- the "diamond pixels" (horizontal pixels that are diagonal to the screen) are not great for text
- Defective HDMI, in our case.

All in all, LG is on the right track with this projector, but there area few missteps.

Why anyone thinks anyone wants two remotes instead of one is beyond me. The wand/magic remote works well enough but it doesn't have everything the regular remote does and vice versa, thus, it seems like a beta product. If LG would have combined both remotes into one great remote it would have made for an excellent remote.

There are many who have had focus issues with the previous model, the LG PA70G. This model seems to be better, however, in our case the focus stops a little short of where you need/want. Just as things are coming into focus the focus rings stops. We can't tell if we have gone far enough with the focus because we can't go back out of focus in both directions. Text can be made to look reasonably sharp, but strangely, this thing seems to go out of focus on its own quite regularly/easily. . . not sure what's going on with that. Since this first unit is being returned we won't attempt a fix.

The third issue, and what I consider a failure, is the audio out. LG added lots of in-built media playing features that work pretty darn well! However, they decided to gimp those features with only a dual channel headphone jack for audio out. I see no reason to include a TV tuner, DLNA streaming, usb multimedia player, etc. . . to then gimp them all by not having a decent audio output that will allow for true surround to take place -- to play the embedded audio in it's native format. I do understand that many will argue this is for business, however, I would argue that this is for more than just business. Otherwise, adding these previously mentioned multimedia features would be pointless. A business projector doesn't need a TV tuner or DLNA streaming; usb sure but not the other features which puts this projector into a multimedia class, not just business IMO. It's perfectly suitable for a bedroom, dorm room, etc. . and why not have decent sound? I could understand a SPDIF audio output along with the headphone jack but just the headphone jack is a failure IMO.

Honestly, if this thing had a good audio output we wouldn't need any other connections than the audio out to a receiver, and the antenna of course -- everything else could be streamed or played off a usb hard drive, but LG failed to think intelligently here. By adding a decent audio out this little projector would have been the center of the entertainment driving everything. As it is, there really is NO point whatsoever to use the inbuilt features if you want decent audio which means we will be using it with HDMI input instead of the great WiFi streaming built into it, which is now a useless feature for us. Seriously..., one audio cable out instead of hdmi in and audio out as you still would need audio out for the tv and other features if you ever use them. This is just making you run an additional cable instead of reducing them. . . ridiculous. Apparently LG likes to double things -- two remotes when one would have been perfect, two connection cables when one would have been perfect.

Nonetheless, ours has a bad HDMI, and possibly RGB, input. The color management settings are grayed out & inaccessible when using the HDMI input. According to LG the CM should be available and this has been confirmed by another user. However, like most documentation these days, instead of clearly noting the available settings per input, LG went with the generalized "may vary depending on input" which required us to do a lot more research than necessary to find out that the HDMI is bad.

We're currently giving 3 stars due to a defective product. If the focus is bang on and we didn't have the defective HDMI I would give this 4 stars, subtracting only for the poor audio output.

Honestly, if everything is working properly on this projector it's hard to beat at the sub $600 price we got it for. Factoring in the cost of bulbs/total ownership, this things is a pretty darn good deal and hard to beat. The weakness of this projector, as is with all current LED projectors, is total lumen output. Don't get me wrong, this things has plenty for a room with proper light control however, it's not for a living room (lots of light) situation. We've watched it in a room with large windows and it does well IF the blinds are closed -- bright shows are OK with the blinds more open (see the youtube video of the PA70G in daylight as it's very accurate IMHO).

The 1280x800 resolution isn't that bad. One might think at ~100" that the difference between 720p & 1080p would be massive. While it is noticeable it isn't massive and the 720p doesn't look bad at all especially if you are feeding it high quality content. That's a trade off you should be aware of, but honestly, we think it's good for ~100" size in a room with decent light control -- our number one pick for such a situation at this point in time.

FYI, this projector, even when focus is good, is NOT great for text reading, thus setting it to 1080p isn't really a great option if reading much. . . unless you enlarge it significantly. This is due to the fact that the pixels are squares arranged in a diagonal pattern instead of horizontal, and of course not being higher resolution -- many often refer to these pixels as "diamond pixels." They work very well for video but not exceptional for reading text.

Update 5-15-2012
Just received and tested our second PA75U.

1. The focus is generally better.
1a. Focus wheel is much tighter/stiffer/harder to turn. The first projector was very very easy to turn which I believe allowed it to go out of focus due to its own vibration.
1b. The focus wheel still stops a little shorter than I would like however, it does seem a little more obvious that it is going out of focus by the time it comes to its end point.

2. On this particular projector when using HDMI you will get the "color management" and many other settings ONLY when graphics is set to 1080p, 720p, or 1280x600. . . clearly there is a bug at work here that LG does not know about -- can't imagine any logical reason to limit these settings ONLY to those resolutions mentioned. I only found this out due to my graphics card changing to 1280x600 between the many hooking/unhooking of the HDMI during testing as I generally run the projector at its native resolution (1280x720). Kind of ridiculous that you will NOT get those settings when running at native resolution!
update: confirmed with LG that this is NOT a bug. They did limit color management and many other settings when using HDMI for only certain resolutions, those mentioned above. Personally, I don't get why they would do that.

Update 5-15-2012
Apparently LG thinks there is a reason to limit settings per resolution when using the HDMI input. We spoke with a second LG tech support person who verified that the PA75U is in fact limited when using the HDMI per certain resolutions as we discovered and discussed above. So, there you go. Not even they are clear about it when you speak with them as the previous person did not mention whatsoever that the settings were dependent on the resolution setting. I still cannot fathom why they would NOT include the settings on the projector's NATIVE resolution -- ridiculous IMO!

Other than a few odd choices by LG -- two remotes, limited audio output, and gimping settings on certain resolutions -- and a few bugs or more bad choices with the software -- usb video player will play all audio streams at once, and the "clear motion," while actually doing great in smoothing out most frames and removing blur, it causes singular major judder frames, as if it saves up all the judder (every few seconds or so) for one frame which get a major judder/shift/jump, thus it isn't pleasant to use at all which is a real shame -- this second projector is looking very good other than those issues. Still not great for reading smaller text but video looks really good with very little image noise -- the BenQ W1070 we had added a lot of image noise compared to the PA75U, thus the picture looks clean and reasonably sharp for 720p.

Update 9/2014
At ~3,000hrs we moved, ran the projector on high for a while during setup. . . maybe 1 hour, and it died. I noticed it was VERY hot when it stopped running when I checked it to see what happened. LG took about 1 month to fix/replace the projector. Hours are reset to zero. Since the projector has NO dust filter my guess it that dust will collect inside over time and running on high after you have a few thousand hours may easily cause the projector to burn out. Therefore I would recommend staying on medium to low lumen setting. We currently just leave it on the medium setting.

Furthermore, Yes LG's "smart TV" software is utter garbage! Nor have they pushed any updates for it. Therefore, don't even consider the smart features a feature.
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It's ok but for the price I could've gotten a better one, well I did send it back an purchase a better one actually 6 different ones an all of them were a lower price by a little not much. I'm gonna be doing reviews on all of them soon on YouTube. It's really really clear but it's not bright at all compared to the 6 other projectors I've purchased. The adjustments are limited it's small and great to move around with. Great throw distance on it, and the bulb is led so it lasts a really long time. Seriously I'd probably would've given it to my 4 year old if I didn't sent it back so she could watch all her little shows and movies. Don't get me wrong it's a great little projector but I just wouldn't put it in my livingroom or bedroom the kids room yeah because they just wanna watch their little Disney movies. Oh and it doesn't have Netflix, Hulu, or any of that good stuff.
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on October 22, 2013
Very good quality of picture but only in dark room. I tested it on the whatman paper, distance about 2 meters, screen diagonal about 75 ''. With the special projector screen I suppose it will be good even in a sunlight room.

+ It's a good projector!! Very good picture in a dark room
+ LED. Long lamp life
+ Smart share. I can see Movies from my Windows PC media folder without any software. TV uses default Windows Media Server feature. It's really useful.
+ Compact

- I see an "effect rainbow" a little bit. In black background and with white text it clearly seen.
- Limited LG TV. As I understand Smart TV on this projector has some limitations. I can't login there (there is no such option) and install any application from app tv. So Smart TV in this projector is useless feature.
- Bad sound for 2*6w speakers.
- No cover for lens.
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on January 3, 2014
my former projector was a 1500 dollar unit that claimed 2500 lumens, it was every bit of it id say a 300 inch image on the side of the condo with the neighbors and mojitos was not a problem. But bulbs was a major issue, if you bought a cheap bulb you got what you paid for and you could expect such performance and of course the factory bulb was $400 dollars.
so when I bought a projector with 700 lumen I was to say the least apprehensive, before I got the projector im thinking ok if I don't like it its going in the kids play room, also I started shopping immediately for info and whereabouts of a +2 +3 or even higher screen to help it and received all sorts of info believable or not hell I don't know. so I waited for the projector to get here plugged it in and wow tried a number of different things for screens, an almost white sheet, not to bad, a piece of fiberglass what I would call flat stark white on one side and glossy white on the other the definition was a little better but agh, then tried it on a wall in a room where were working its a very light cream colored primer/base coat and it actually worked the best the projector itself does an excellent job plugged in the digital tv antenna and received 16 channels. then played a high def movie through it and wow it was every bit as good as my led tv you could easily see the actors pores each whisker that type stuff. playing xbox games couldn't be better it is native 16:10 resolution. the fancy remote at this point I see no need for but who knows, perhaps theres a use and I just haven't ran across it. but in a room with lights on it can be watched, best scenario of course turn the lights off, its a projector, hello? it could use a few more lumen but not bad at all. haven't tried the 3d yet as it does not come with the glasses although ive read it excellent 2d to 3d conversion and the glasses 20-40$ work well. I would like to put it side by side with the optoma ml 1000 just for comparisons sake and I might just do it for giggles. hope this helps very nice product
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on December 4, 2013
I'll be short and to the point. Nice video quality, interface is superb, sleek looking hardware, tons of options.

The Deal Breaker:

Audio/Video Sync in USB mode is non existent. Yes there is AV sync in other input modes but USB input is going to be my main use. There is a slight lag and for $650 I just can't accept this. It drives me nuts when peoples lips move after the words have already been spoken even if its just for 0.2 seconds.

Conclusion: Returned to store. I hope the next gen model has fixed this issue.


Updated Conclusion: 1 Year later since I used this a bought an alternative. Please don't waste your money on this. You can buy the 3D 1080P Acer H6510BD projector for $100 less. I had no idea how necessary having a zoom option was until I actually owned the projector for more than a week. This doesn't have one and you will wish you had it. I've had to move my projector around my room multiple times (rearranging of furniture) and only the zoom ring made it possible to do so. Also, I live on the 2nd floor and my ceiling is slanted because of my A frame roof. I only have a 2 foot flat section in the middle of my ceiling where I can mount my projector. The LG wouldn't work because there is no zoom, luckily my Acer has a zoom so I can use the ceiling if I want in the future because it is limited to the one part of my ceiling for mounting. The brightness is also very important. The LG's LED is so dim compared to other projectors that last thousands of hours. My projector bulb should last at least 10 years with 3 movies a week. Even before it burns out it will still be 1000 lumens brighter than the LG.
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on January 28, 2015
I returned 2 of these and decided to stay clear of them from now on. It seemed like a great device if you didn't mind one side of the screen being out of focus at all times and the other side being clear. It's just one of those items that you want to like/love but the quality control just wasn't there in the end.
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on September 24, 2013
I purchased this for work and home for my kids. The first time I got this out, we hooked up the HD Antenna and it worked first time. We then setup a Roku box and my kids got to watch a movie on their entire wall, which was fantastic. The quality is amazing and with all the additional equipment you get with this I am very impressed. I have looked around for some time for a cost effective LED projector that received good reviews and is not too small to be ineffective. This is an absolute winner and highly recommended. The sound that comes out of the built in speakers is also better than I had expected. I had to turn it down a couple of times as it was clearly audible in the next room more than we wanted. I have not used all the additional equipment yet, but will continue to play. The carry case is (what I would just call) interesting. The handles remind me of a handbag. The remotes worked without issue. The one with the virtual pointer takes some getting used to. All in all, a GREAT product, excellent quality and at a great price.
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