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on July 7, 2011
Cost of Operation

-Not sure as to the amount of water it uses (water is included in my rent)
-Using my P3 International P4460 Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor, and running a half full drum of clothes through a wash and dry cycle, it cost me $0.21. That's 21 cents at an estimated 12.2 cents per KWh. The entire cycle went through 1.72KWh.


-I had a very tight space to put this machine in, and it should be noted that the listed dimensions are the maximum values. The machine's front is 29 inches from the rear, and the circular knob on the front is what adds the extra .75". They do recommend that you have about 4 inches behind the machine for the hoses and stuff.

-I installed the machine by myself. It was very easy and it comes with a few sets of (the same) installation instructions so it's hard to go wrong. Make sure you remove the shipping bolts and retain them if you have to move the machine later. It is worth noting that if you have to tip the machine, as I had to, to remove the shipping foam from the bottom, LG tells you to tip it on its side, not on the front or rear (I am guessing to protect the drum). Having a second person to help move the unit would definitely make it easier, but if you note in the pictures I uploaded, LG added nice hand grips to the side to aid in moving the unit.

-The unit comes with all hoses, etc, necessary to connect the unit.

-The design is very nice. Although it stays in a closet, it is a very aesthetically pleasing unit. The LED readout is nice, and the buttons are big and clear. The chrome door is a nice touch as well.

Operation/Tips I've Learned

-There are a ton of different wash and dry settings on this machine, and I am sure you can read about them elsewhere, so I will focus on the quirks that you may encounter (that I have encountered) as you operate the machine.

-The machine plays a little tune when you start it up and a load finishes. (Warning: The tune may get stuck in your head if you do a lot of laundry.)

-If drying on the automatic setting I have noticed that when it gets down to "6 minutes remaining" it will stay there for 5, 10 maybe 15 minutes, before counting down. So if you see a 6 on an automatic dry cycle don't wait around for it thinking it will finish soon.

-The clothes come out dry despite feeling damp when you immediately open the door. The dampness is just in the drum itself, not in the clothes (unless you wash something heavy).

-When washing a queen comforter in the machine, we noticed some soap still on the inside after the dry cycle and we pulled it out. To combat this, I would recommend after the initial wash cycle of a bulky item, remove the item, move it around, and run another rinse/spin cycle (which is an option)
-Although you can do a wash/dry cycle at the same time, I like to do a wash only cycle (on extra high spin) then put a few dryer sheets on then go to a dry only cycle.

-There is a certain smell about the new materials in the machine, expect this smell in your clothes for a few washes. I would keep the door open once you install it to maybe dissipate the smell more quickly.

-After a dry cycle, the LED readout will say "Cd" which I am assuming stands for cool down or clothes done. The door to the dryer will remain locked and you will not be able to remove the items inside. If you wait for it to go away on its own, it takes a few hours. (I let it do it on its own once to see). The way to get around this is so just simply spin the silver knob once "Cd" is displayed. A few seconds later the door will unlock. It is nice to know though that while "Cd" is on, the machine will still rotate your clothes every so often to avoid wrinkles. Good thinking LG.

-I usually fill the drum about half way for every load. You can wash a full drum of clothes but then it says in the manual to remove half of the clothes for the dry cycle. After I wash a half drum of clothes and do the automatic dry, it has never taken more than an hour and a half to dry the load. Combined with the 49 minute normal cotton wash cycle, you are looking at about 2.5 hours or so to do a half load of laundry (washed and dried).

Final Thoughts

Overall this is a great machine if you are looking for a single unit that can wash and dry a full load of laundry while presenting you with the limitation of a smaller apartment, a non vented area, or an area without a 240V outlet. We experienced all three conditions and this was the best unit we could find to meet our needs. The full size drum is a rarity for this type of machine, and its worth should not be overlooked. The clothes come out clean and (after the first few uses, see my tip above) fresh. You will not be disappointed in this machine.
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on October 17, 2010
This is the first review i have ever written for a product, mostly because the reviews for this product is what led me to buy it. This product is the perfect solution for any apartment where all you have is a water line. This fit into a small pantry in our apartment and we used the plumbing from the kitchen for the washer portion. You dont need a vent for drying, and the clothes come out dry. We were originally very worried because some reviews stated that the clothes come out damp, but that will only occur if you over stuff it. We are a family of 2 and wash clothes pretty regularly, and we can fit a normal sized load into the unit and it will come out dry. It does take abour 4-5 hours depending on the size, but if you go to work and come back you have dry clean clothes, same if you do it over night. Also the unit is quiet. We would definitely reccomend this to someone looking for a ventless solution to washing. Also, I dont think we would go back to a non-combo after experiencing the ease of this. I would definitely rather have two of these units than 2 separate washer/dryers even if the capacities were more.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon November 23, 2012
Ok, space travel is cool, but this washer/dryer combo is more meaningful in my daily life, and is the single best invention I've had the good fortune to personally own.

Laundry? At home... ? Ree-dick-u-lussss!!

After 20 years, we finally got to bid adieu to the Laundromat. And believe me, there was no love lost. No more lugging, no more quarters, no more slimy public machines, and no more weirdos -- my oh, my, how will we ever make this adjustment!? Until we got our new place, we never thought doing laundry at home was possible for us. Yet, here it is -- the magical machine from the future that washes and dries our clothes, all in ONE machine -- and ALL AT HOME!

Cue Standing Ovation

My hubby and I found this LG combo washer dryer by fluke while surfing online one fateful night. We don't even remember, why, or how, we ended up looking at washers and dryers; probably just wishful thinking while trying to find affordable decor for our new place. Before that fateful night, we had no idea such an invention even existed -- an all-in-one washer/dryer -- who knew!?!

Take The Bad Reviews With A Grain Of Salt

Look, nobody wants to spend a bunch of money on something that works better on paper than in reality. But the reality here is simple: this thing WORKS AWESOMELY! With the emphasis on "awe!"

Honestly, I think this is one of those items that's so revolutionary, you really shouldn't buy it unless you're open to redefining your idea of what it means to do laundry. This is not your mother's washer and dryer. This is NOT like everything else -- nor should it be, because everything else is just the same ol' same o', and we already know how that works -- you either have a lot of space for a traditional washer and dryer, or you don't; you either have the proper water hookups and ventilation, or you don't -- and if you don't, then you're stuck at a Laundromat for 20 years like we were, with no alternatives.

Does It Dry Clothes?

Do you honestly think LG could keep selling these if they didn't? Of course it dries clothes -- quite well actually -- just not via the same method we're all accustomed to. The negative reviews complaining about how this machine washes great, but dries terribly, frankly, are ridiculous. If you're expecting this NEW invention to work the same way as every other OLD washer/dryer, then go buy one of those and stay away from technological advancements that make life better.

Enter LG - The Future Today

Ya-know, "Life's Good" really is the best acronym for this "LG" washer/dryer combo, and doing laundry at home is truly the pinnacle of luxury for us. To be able to just do a load of laundry on the spur of the moment, at any time day or night, is convenience at its zenith.

Condensation Drying - What The...?!?

Yeah, I never heard of it before either, but in our world, it truly is one of the best inventions ever. Basically, it means the dryer half of this mechanical wonderment doesn't dry using the traditional heat/forced air method; which is why it's a ventless dryer. There's no exhaust blowing hot air out of the dryer, hence, it uses less electricity, doesn't heat up the house, and yes, does take a little longer than the conventional dryers that we're all used to. But I'll take cutting-edge over conventional any day. Honestly, longer drying times is a small trade-off to me for the absolute luxury of having an affordable washer/dryer combo at home tucked into a nice, compact space with no expensive installation required. Basically, to my understanding, the dryer uses steam to implement its drying process. A small amount of water is used during the drying process and converted to steam, which in turn, creates heat and dries the clothes. Water does not reach the clothes during the dry cycle, but is used for the process. So even during the dry cycle, you'll hear water spraying into, and draining out of, the machine. Because steam is involved, clothes can come out of the dryer feeling a bit damp to the touch. But once the steam rises, you realize that the clothes are actually dry. Ingenious!

Easy Install

We hooked this up to our kitchen sink with ease. We just bought 2 water line splitters at the local hardware store; one each for hot and cold water, and just cut a hole in the side of our kitchen cabinet. The LG went right next to that cabinet and kitchen sink, then we ran the water lines from this LG to the water splitters, and voila, the water was hooked up and ready to go. The drain hose from the washer can just be dropped into the kitchen sink, or you could hook it up to a separate drain of its own. We ran our drain hose under the sink, and have it coming out the hole just to the right of the faucet (the one usually used for those dish sprayers.) So all our lines are neatly tucked away and out of sight, and we can do laundry any time with no fuss. We even got water filters specifically for laundry hookups and are filtering the sediment out before it even reaches our clothes. It just doesn't make sense to expect your clothes to be clean if the water is packed with hard water mineral deposits, amongst other things.

Fully Automated

This LG comes with a convenient reference card that's laminated and even has a suction cup attached to it for easy mounting. We taped ours to the wall just next to the washer/dryer combo, that way, it's always handy if we need it. The machine isn't difficult to operate at all, and has a wide range of settings to choose from, depending on what your preferences are. I've been using the pre-wash, extra spin/rinse cycles and extra water features just because that's how I seem to be liking it. You can even set up a timer to delay the start of your wash. We've run a few loads on the timer and set the wash to start at bedtime. That way, everything's washed and dried by the time we get up in the morning. It works like a charm.

Large Loads

I fully expected to have to do much smaller loads than I was accustomed to doing with those high-capacity washers at the Laundromat. But we've been pleasantly surprised with the large capacity of this washer -- it's at least as big as the triple-load washer we've been using at the Laundromat. On our very first load, we decided to just go for it and loaded the washer up with all the dirty clothes we had. It was packed full, but not over-filled by any means -- it was a mix of clothing, and the exact same load size that we would have done in the Laundromat's triple loader -- and it all fit into this LG with room to spare. The dry cycle took about 3 hours, but everything, and I mean everything, came out bone dry and smelling clean and fresh. Pitch perfect and no complaints.

Yes, Towels Take Longer

We have extra large bath sheets, and honestly, it always took an hour to dry just 2 of them at the Laundromat, and they still came out a bit damp; so I didn't have delusional expectations when it came to drying them with this LG. It did take an extra drying cycle to get our towels dry, but that's hardly a big deal for the convenience of doing laundry at home. On the flipside, however, we washed a large queen sized comforter and it was completely dry in 1 cycle, so it just all depends what you're washing/drying.

A Thing of Beauty

My hubby and I still can't believe this wonderful machine is sitting here in our home. We often stop just to admire it. It certainly is no small purchase. Yet, for what it is, how it does it, not to mention it's completely cutting edge -- we really feel like we got a bargain. We love the little LED light too that lets you see everything in the washer with the touch of a button.

Bottom Line - Whether you have limited space, want to conserve energy and resources, or simply like the ingenuity of new technology, this LG combo washer/dryer simply can't be beat. Yes, like most technological advancements, there is a bit of a learning curve, and you do have to change your expectations from what you're accustomed to. But the trade-off is a technological masterpiece that does exactly what its been designed to do, and does it very well. Not to mention it's green and eco-friendly. Our new LG combo easily exceeds all our expectations, and then some. We are VERY happy with this purchase. Goodbye Laundromat -- Hello LG. You truly have helped make Life Good.
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on August 11, 2013
Pros - uses 120v, washes great, almost silent operation, plenty of wash options, will wash fairly large loads of laundry, the power cord and the outlet do not get hot to the touch when running, uses way less soap and bleach than you are use to using, no problem with clothes tangling and turning into balls,

Cons - drying cycle is so slow, long long wash dry cycles, lots of maintenance on a daily and consistant basis, you can only dry half a load, clothes can get very wrinkled, heats up the area where it is in the dry cycle, clothes feel wet after the dry cycle,

Now I have not had this long enough to have the issues, problems, others have related. I guess I could wait 1 year or 5 to write a review. I have found that everything has issues after a few years. Most of the people with issues do little or no maintenance until an issue arises. I have run a number of loads in it trying different settings.

I have a vent for a dryer and wish this had the option of venting out while drying.

Pros expanded.

This washer washes clothes better than any machine I have ever used. The new laundry mat up the street with all new equipment does not wash as well as this machine.

This thing is so quite. You can sit in the same room and during most of the wash dry cycle you will not even know it is running.

I use less soap and bleach than I use to and the clothes come out much cleaner.

So many options on wash makes it great for all the different clothes. Shortest normal wash cycle I have found is about 2 hours. Longest is, that I have found so far, almost 4 hours.

This is one really nice feature. On seven of the cycles you can set it to wash and go straight to dry without you having to be there. Really saves time.

If you get your clothes out right after the cycle is done and shake them out they come out fairly wrinkle free.

I read of problems with clothes balling up or getting tangled. I have yet to have this problem even with draw strings in shorts or long sleeved shirts.

Cons expanded.

The problem is it takes forever to wash and dry a load. If you wash a full load the instructions tell you to only dry a half load at a time. And it takes forever to dry, about 2 hours.

I washed 1 towel, 2, medium heavy hand towels, and a load of ankle sports socks as a test. Less than half a load and after 3 60 minute timed cycles they were still wet, not just damp and I had to put it on high and run it for another 60 minutes before they were dry enough to take out.

I noticed the temperature on Timed, More and Normal all seem to be different. I did not take a temperature of the machine but you could feel the difference when you touched the machine. The timed modes seem to be the least hot. And on More dry cycle it get very hot, one person showed a photo with an external temp of 104*F.

If you leave clothes in after it is done washing and drying they will come out overly wrinkled, even with the 4 hour Cool Down that flips the laundry every few minutes to supposedly keep clothes from getting wrinkled.

Maintenance is excessive. You have to clean lint out of the door seal after every wash, least that is the recommendation, on a regular basis you are suppose to drain the water pump and clean the pump filter. I have yet to find a way to get the lint off the door seal easily. I think your suppose to wipe the door glass also. They recommend you store it with the door open.

Lint around the front seal is miserable to get out.

It will definitely heat up the area the dryer is stored and I would recommend some room around the machine to circulate air while it is operating.

Bottom line.

If you do not mind the long wash/dry cycles it is a nice machine. If you like really clean clothes it is great. If you like the idea of wash going straight to dry without you having to transfer from one machine to another it is great. Many a time I forgot about changing machines and the next day went oops, and had to rerun the washer to get the musty smell out.

I like it today. Would recommend it for Me and guys like me who are busy and can set it to wash and dry and walk away.

This is not my first front load or top load machine. It is better at getting clothes clean than anything I have had in the past.

It is the worst dryer I have ever had.

I would wash a heavy quilt or blanket in this machine but NO way would I try to dry it in this machine it would take a week.

OCT 17 2013

Having used this for over 2 months now I figure an update is due.

I cleaned the lint screen. It says to clean it monthly. There was no lint on it. Damn thing is probably useless at picking up lint. It is not a screen but a plastic thing with big holes in it. I drained about 2 - 3 cups of water out of the pump before i removed the screen.

This thing is great. I so enjoy setting wash and dry and then walking away.

So far, unlike some others, I have found that if you let it finish drying and then about a 20 min cool down clothes come out pretty much wrinkle free. If you leave them sit, like any dryer, they end up wrinkled and if you turn the dryer back on and run it for about 30 mins they unwrinkle a good bit.

I did sheets and no matter how I tried it they came out wrinkled like crazy.

The thing, maybe is is just me, stinks to high heaven when it runs. I thought that after about 3 loads a week for 2 months it would stop but it still stinks every time it runs.

I have not noticed any real increase in the electric bill. Maybe a few dollars but that is about it.

I must have missed the More Dry when I tested it. I put in 21 t-shirts, 6 pair of canvas shorts, 4 heavy small towels, I can not even guess how many socks and underwear and it was loaded and I mean jammed packed. Set it for More Dry, and when I got home everything was dry.

It is so convenient to set the wash, dry and leave it. If your single and like your freedom and clean clothes this is the machine for you. I swear it washes clothes cleaner than any machine I have ever owned and with less soap. It might even do well for a married couple who wash more than with a big washer, dryer set.

Dec 28 2013

Finally figured out how to clean the lint off the door seal and door.

A sponge soaking wet, squeezed just enough it does not drip, run around the seal will pull all the lint off the outer and inner seal nicely. Picks up most of the lint on first wipe and then rinse and do it again and all the lint will either collect on the sponge or end up at the bottom of the door seal. Takes about 1 min.

I found starting at the bottom and then either clock or counter clock wise gets all the lint either out or at the bottom of the door seal where you can pick it off.

Wet cloth, dry cloth, or squeezed out sponge will not do it.

Has to be saturated to just not dripping water.
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on May 13, 2010
This combo unit is amazing!!! With a very small home, this is great for a small space having an all in one washer dryer unit. It does take a while longer than the traditional washer and dryer setup, however it is worth the extra time.

My favorite features:
Uses less water (12-14 gallons) versus the top load washer I just replaced.
Uses a 110v outlet, so now I can get rid of the bulky dryer vent and the 240V outlet for the dryer I just replaced.
Spins VERY quickly which makes cloths damp not wet like the top load washer we replaced.
When finished, the unit "sings" at you. It plays a cute little jingle!
Gets the cloths VERY clean.

My only negative:
Socks take a bit to dry.
It took us a while to find one, Home Depot ordered it for us.

When we move, I will definitley purchase another one or I will take this with me. I am so impressed by the quality and how nice it is to have it all wrapped into one unit. Its the same size as a regular front load washer.
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on February 13, 2011
We ordered this unit on the last day of 2010 and it was delivered 24 January 2011. We've now been using it for about three weeks.
It's just the two of us in our household with no kids.
We found this unit because we were struggling with venting arrangements for a conventional dryer. This is ventless. And ventless means that you are not exhausting warm air from inside your home to the outside causing it to be replaced with cold air (in winter) that has to be heated.
We love the combined washer+dryer. Our laundry room is quite small and we did not want to lose any space unnecessarily.

--The lint mostly goes down the drain except for a trap that you have to clean out occasionally. And wipe down the door seal regularly. This is less troublesome than cleaning out a dryer lint trap each load. And no risk of fire from accumulated, trapped lint in the exhaust duct.
--We also love the fact it requires only an ordinary 120VAC power circuit. No 220VAC `pigtails' and plug configuration to figure out.
--And you just put in dirty laundry and the next time you open the unit door it is clean and `ready to go'. No need to transfer heavy, soggy laundry from washer to dryer.
We did read and comply with the directions about `similar lint' laundry items. For example, don't mix bath towels (high lint producing) with nylon underwear (zero lint producing). This seems to serve us well.
--The unit seems very quiet to us. It does not `act' as the typical power-sucking washer and dryer running continuously for lengthy periods of time. It operates briefly, then pauses. Then again. This may be disconcerting to some (like our cat) but does not bother us in the least. We know this is necessary to save energy while cleaning effectively. The unit seems easy to use. The pre-sets are easy.
--To know if the laundry is `dry', reach in and pull out a `sample' item. The air inside the unit may feel `damp'. Disregard this feeling of the dampness of the air inside the unit. When you remove the sample item and note that it dries nearly instantly as you give it a gentle shake, then you know the cycle is sufficiently long. This is often well before the machine says the cycle is complete. It is true that the dry cycle for bath towels is longer than for a conventional high-energy consumption machine. Remember that you are only putting the energy coming thru an ordinary 120VAC circuit into the unit. We think that is a good energy trade-off, tho. The unit is Energy Star-compliant and we got a $180 tax credit from State of Oregon because of its high efficiency ratings.

This unit seems ideal for small apartments, condos, and where venting is a problem.
This is a larger capacity unit than most `combined' units. Nice!
Cost of this unit may seem to be a disadvantage but don't forget to include the cost of pedestals (typically $150-200 each) for front-loader washer and dryer, plus extended warranty for each. When all was summed, our cost was about the same for a single unit as for the high efficiency separate front loader washer and front loader dryer. We did not choose to include a pedestal for this unit because we put laundry in dry and take it out dry -- no transfer from washer-to-dryer.
This unit may not necessarily be optimal for a large family with children if you have multiple loads `back-to-back' and need a washing cycle to be running simultaneously with a drying cycle of another laundry load.
And if you are wedded to the idea of your laundry coming out of a dryer `toasty' and radiating heat (and willing to pay the energy cost), you may want to think about whether this unit is the right choice. This dry method seems ideal for no-iron outcomes.
Only time will tell whether the unit is reliable but we have no reason to believe that the `combined unit' configuration will be a factor in that outcome. The motor does have a 10-year warranty. Will any service tech be mystified by the unit if repairs are needed? One financial feature we liked is that the extended warranty we purchased cost us for one unit rather than purchasing one warranty for the washer and a separate warranty for a dryer.
The guys that brought it did not leave the drum security bolts that are to be removed from the unit when it is `in place' for use, but kept and replaced before the unit it moved to a different home (to avoid transit damage to the drum suspension system). We had to get them to return the bolts. And we don't know if they removed the bolts in the proper order prescribed in the manual. Otherwise the deliver guys were very friendly and helpful.
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on February 15, 2011
RUN AWAY! We bought this washer/dryer combo a little over 2 years ago. I wrote a review shortly after talking about the need to iron everything, the knots tied in shirt sleeves and the clothes coming out looking as if they were crumpled in a corner for a month. Here's an update:
We are now on our third repair in 5 weeks (not including the repair last year)! We are up to over $460 in repairs! The pumps on these units are notorious for going out. This is according to our LG certified repairman and to most online forums I've read. We've also had to have a heat sensor rewired ($50 + $85 service charge) and a new circuit board - $212 + service fee! This was on top of the condensation chamber cleaning and heat sensor check that was over $200! All of that was after waiting over a month for LG to send the part to the repair company. We are still waiting on our $60 pump to arrive, so we are still stuck with a broken unit after over a month of waiting and service calls!
I contacted LG with my concerns and issues. They said (in a nasty, condescending tone), "you should have bought the extended warranty, shouldn't you!"
I wish I had my old GE washer and dryer units back. They were 18 years old, cost $550 for the pair (20 years ago), and NEVER had a repair!!!
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on November 22, 2012
I've wanted to purchase a washer/dryer combo for quite sometime as I live in Downtown San Francisco in a Studio apartment on the fourth floor without a washer/dryer in my apartment or the building. After researching all the different brands and reading all the reviews I finally decided to go ahead and purchase the LG 3.6 CF FRONT LOAD WASHER DRYER COMBO.

Purchasing was easy and after my purchase I contacted the seller about delivering to a 4th floor apartment without an elevator. An additional shipping charge of $250 was applied.

The unit took about a week to actually arrive at my doorstep and the three man delivery team lugged it up to my apartment and placed it my kitchen. WOW! This unit is the size of a full size front loading washer. Setting it up was a breeze with items I had previously purhcased at Lowe's.

This unit is very efficient and pretty quiet and remind you, I live on the top floor (fourth) in a small Studio Apartment in Downtown SF. My neighbors didn't even know I had a washer/dryer in my unit until I recently had them over.


A couple of KEY notes taken:
1. Drying load is half of the wash capacity (meaning if you do a full load of laundry you MUST remove half of the clothes before drying/this also will prevent your clothes from being all wrinkled and will ensure they are all completely dry)
2. Cleaning out/emptying the pump filter and hose at the bottom of the machine REGULARLY

So one thing that shouldn't be done is wash a full load of laundry and have the machine continue to the drying cycle. Since the drying capacity is only half of a full load, you have to either only set a wash only mode and remove half and then do a dry only load OR do a wash/dry cycle and "pause" before it dries and remove half of the load OR the simplest option is to wash a smaller load (1/2) and set it to wash/dry you don't have to do anything else.

I find doing smaller loads (every other day or couple of days) is easiest. Since the machine is SUPER efficient on power and water, it's easy for me to set a load before work and it's done when I get home. It saves me space in my closet since I don't have mounds of dirty laundry taking up space.

I would highly recommend this washer/dryer combo and I hope that it gives you as much joy and happiness that I get!
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on July 31, 2010
Just got my new LG combo unit and loving it. We had to replace and relocate our existing laundry area, so rather than buy two units that take up space, and run all new ductwork for a dryer, we bought this. I was skeptical at first, but I am really loving it! The machine is full size, ample for my family of 4. It cleans very well and is super quiet compared to my old Whirlpool. Pros: Saves space, easy installation, energy efficient, you can have your clothes washed a dried for you when you arrive home from work. Cons: You need to play with the dryer a bit to find the right amount of time needed; at first they feel wet, but it's mostly just steam-if you give it a minute to cool off they are dry. Takes a long time.
I will caution that I typically line dry my heavier items i.e. denim, sweaters, etc. So I typically pull them out before the dry cycle begins. If you typically put all your clothes in the dryer, this may not be for you.
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on September 17, 2011
I did not buy this combo at Amazon. I found it cheaper with free shipping somewhere else. I have also noticed that most of the "bad" reviews came from people who had had it for a while and had some electronic or mechanical problems. These problems are actually to be expected. This is a complex machine, and it is difficult to service! It is one of the VERY FEW appliances where I RECOMMEND buying an extended warranty! A five-year (4 yrs extended) program is available from various sellers for about $140-180. LG's extended warranty is much costlier ~$350 for the same length (and therefore not recommended!).

Another problem is with people who haven't done their research but bought this machine even though they had other options. This machine is for people who have very limited space, no capability to vent and no 240V. For those who meet these requirements, this combo is FANTASTIC! There is no better solution (so far).

I refuse to give this combo 5 stars though. There are too many limitations and compromises that had to be made. If one wants to dry, then one cannot fill the drum more than 50-60% of capacity. A full load will simply not dry. The ventless drying uses a cold water line to a radiator, which condenses the steam from the hot clothes. This process is not too efficient, a bit noisy, and takes more than 3 hrs to dry a 1/2 load.
The lint from the process stays mainly in the clothes. Some get flushed in the drain and some get trapped in a filter located on the lower left corner. The manual recommends cleaning the filter every 2 weeks or so.

Thus, to a family that has many loads, I recommend washing every day, instead of having a "laundry day" that so many people seem to have. Those people that can run a vent should consider buying a separate dryer. It does the job much faster, and also more efficiently.

This machine is doing what it was designed for within its limitations. It is not a cure all, but for those of us who meet the requirements for buying this machine, THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST OPTION.

A side benefit of the ventless system is that in the winter, the heat that this combo produces will help in keeping the condo/apt warm. Even in the summer when the heat makes the a/c works harder, it is not a zero sum game. A vented dryer removes copious amounts of air to the outside, and this air is needed to be replaced, so the a/c will also work harder, though not quite as hard as with a ventless system.

And this brings me to my biggest concern. The radiator is located in the upper front right of the machine. When it is in dry mode, the spot becomes quite hot. Not hot enough to give someone a burn, but if the combo is in a closed space, I am afraid that it can cause a fire if a combustible item is left on top. I urge LG to install an insulating material over the radiator, attached to the top panel.

I have tried to publish my review on LG's website, but for some reason, it broke some of their rules even though I gave this combo a positive review. :(

I have had the combo now for a year and would like to expand on the lint problem that I encountered during that time. The lint assembles around the boot (rubber gasket around the tub). One needs to constantly remove the lint that accumulates there. If one does not do it, the lint will accumulate in the inner hoses and will clog the pump. LG recommends running the "clean" cycle with liquid bleach once a month (depends on number of uses per month). I recommend using this cycle WITHOUT bleach. Liquid bleach will harm the spider (the thing that holds the tub in place - a major repair if it needs replacement), which is made of aluminum. I recommend using bleach every 5-6 months. It is enough to clear the inner hoses and infrequent enough not to harm the spider too much.

I have gotten used to removing lint from my clothes all the time. There is really no solution to the excess lint :( , but that's life. :)

The machine is now almost 3 years old, and so far so good. I had no problems whatsoever. I assume that it is because I only have 2 loads/week on average. I cannot stress more strongly how important it is to clear the lint from the bellow. I work for a service company, and there are so many front load washers who get their drain pump clogged and the owners have to call for a repair that could have easily been avoided if they bothered to clean the lint at the end of the day.
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