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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a nice new take on the indispensable microwave that adds a lot of value.

It's larger in person than it seems in the picture. Though the microwave interior is not very large, it's large enough for anything I'd cook. And it cooks food thoroughly, heats drinks quickly, has an easy quick touch turnon (like all microwaves these days). I found the unit easier to clean than its LG predecessor.

The 'oven' aspect is quite nifty. I was eating baked cookies about ten minutes after I got this thing. The results are great.

The oven is not large enough for large pizzas, but for medium ones (12 inches) it's a very convenient way to cook. It's fine for most of the pizzas I get at the store. It's large enough for most shallow casseroles. And unlike my oven, this unit doesn't heat the kitchen itself up, saving my air conditioner a lot of trouble.

The finish is good, not excellent. Thank goodness I read the other review here puzzling about the bubbling finish and wondering if it was a protective layer. Indeed my microwave came out of the box in a nearly impossible to detect layer of plastic that had to be peeled off the entire unit. Had I cooked with it on, it would have been very hard to remove. Be aware of this.

There's one other factor that impresses me. The most important thing to me about products like this is reliability. This unit has already taken a really nasty dose of damage (Accidentally) and is working reliably. I will update with more feedback on its reliability, but it seems to be built to last.

The versatility of the design makes this item a good value.


Cooking performance is good, but the temps and times are a little different than recipe instructions in many cases. You'll have to adapt. I'm finding a slightly lower temp works the best. It's cooking evenly and quickly. The secret to a microwave is often lowering the cooking power and increasing the time.

I've added a photo with a 12 inch pizza to help show scale.

Update 2:

I've had this unit for over two years. It gets daily use and works excellently. When it was delivered, the FedEx guy must have dropped it very hard, as the unit had a huge dent on the side. Because this was a free product for a review I didn't return it, but obviously most people would in that case. Despite this damage, this device operates perfectly every day. LG deserves some credit for overbuilding this thing.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 29, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There are two points on which to consider this oven. One is the microwave function and the other is the baking tray. The microwave is a good one with a nice stainless steel finish and solid construction. It also has some features that lower end microwaves do not such as the ability to add or subtract 10-second increments while food is cooking as well as a variety of power settings and pre-sets which the standard $30-$50 plastic models sometimes lack. As a microwave, it's solid.

The pizza oven feature is quite good as well, but there are some considerations. First of all, you cannot expect it to function as a normal oven. It does not require preheating, which can be quite a benefit as it saves time and energy. However, if you're used to making cookies or biscuits with a preheat cycle, it can be confusing at first. Also, the tray is relatively shallow and the heat that surrounds your food while it bakes is more concentrated. This allows for more even cooking, but tends to cause more browning on things like cookies. I definitely recommend reducing cooking time, or at least checking at the halfway point to see how things are progressing.

The baking tray is dark which means that the bottoms of biscuits and cookies will get darker, though this does facilitate crispier crusts in "take and bake" or frozen pizzas. I made a small batch of blueberry oatmeal cookies in it, and they turned out well, but the bottoms were a bit too dark. If you want something lighter, it may be best to cover the bottom of the included tray with foil (I know I will next time). Since there is only one baking tray and it is custom fit for the cooking drawer, I do have concerns about the long-term use of the tray. It has a non-stick coating, but if it starts to flake or gets scratched, I imagine you'd have to get a replacement from the manufacturer. I'd recommend only using plastic utensils with it and non-abrasive cleaners. Frankly, I wish it had come with both the metal non-stick and a ceramic tray. The latter would not be easily scratched and would allow for lighter browning.

The bottom line is about value. This oven is trying to give you two for the price of one. To that end, this is an ideal choice for someone who wants to be able to reheat relatively flat frozen food (like chicken nuggets, frozen fries, and, of course, pizzas) as well as do some occasional small batches of baked goods or reheating with browning/crispness. I think it's ideal for college students who might buy frozen cookie dough and want to reheat frozen food. However, it is not designed for serious cooking and I think if you tried to roast vegetables or cook even thin bits of meat, you may find that the heating element would get juices or oil on it and some unpleasant odors would be created. In terms of value, I don't know that it'd be better than buying a separate microwave and toaster oven, though certainly it bakes better than your average toaster oven. It is more compact and likely draws less power than two separate devices, and is very attractive and has strong construction.

Note that this arrives with an extremely tight plastic film covering the metal exterior to protect it from scratches. The film is difficult to remove and I cut myself on metal edges trying to get it off. It also is nearly impossible to clear it from where it is deeply wedged in the cracks. It seems that the plastic was wrapped on separate pieces before the oven was assembled, but it is important to remove it for safety reasons. I wish that the manufacturer had found a less troublesome way to protect the finish.
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on February 2, 2013
This Microwave was my "dream" microwave. What with the microwave and pizza oven, it was the ideal one fit all oven. However, I ordered this and got it quite quickly from Amazon. I have had it for 50 days and have used it for maybe 15 times. Today I was microwaving a tv dinner (Plastic tray type) and the Microwave caught on fire. It melted the bottom and got so hot that it melted the glass carousel. Something went terribly wrong for this to happen. It scared me to death and the smell was hard to get rid of. I contacted LG service (it was 3 days past the return date to Amazon, figures) for a refund/replace and had a really tough time with them. They were rude and make you jump through hoops in order to even get the process of refund/replacement started. Everything they wanted had to be FAXed to them. Who uses a fax anymore? Then they will send a letter to me which I will have to follow to the letter. They (I think) didn't even want the microwave back because they had me pull the S/N and Model number sticker off the back of the microwave and FAX that also. Think twice before you purchase this model, particularly if you have children. I would hate to think if my kids used this microwave when I wasn't home and it caught the house on fire!

LG LCSP1110ST 1.1 Cu Ft Counter Top Combo Microwave and Baking Oven, Stainless Steel
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VINE VOICEon July 26, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Microwave / oven combo

Your reason for purchasing this particular unit will obviously be that to get a 2 fer........and you are right.
You do get More for you money with this unit.
This unit doesn't take up a bigger footprint on your counter than a average small microwave.. Although you get a 2 for 1 Gizmo .

You get a small microwave 1000watt.oven.
. And a built in toaster oven. That is wider than a average toaster oven so this allows for it to easily accommodate a large flat pizza...
We all know the advantage to having a microwave but what most of us miss is the browning and crisping functions of a traditional oven.. With this unit you can get a little of what you want.. The pizza draw does not broil but it does get to a nice 425 degrees to make some nice roasted veggies, or oven French fries or breaded chicken or fish... Which are most of the reason one uses a traditional oven...
The microwave will do nicely to make casseroles or rice or steam veggies.. So you have a very versatile product in one sm item.

The oven has a nice appearance.. Looks more stainless steel than it is.. Some external plastic parts but they are pretty well disguised..
It comes with a non stick pizza pan that must be used all the time in the pizza drawer. A glass plate for the rotating turntable.That is all that comes with it.
It is recommended that this unit not share a plug with another product.. Due to the high wattage of the unit.. And I do agree this is a good safety point.It also provides a CHILD LOCK function

This unit has several pre-sets for the Microwave and for the Pizza drawer

Microwave does have an
1.Auto defrost function which is very helpful when one forgets to take out the evening meat or fish.
2.It also has a popcorn preset and
3.A Baked Potato pre set.. Neither are that special nor needed in most circumstances.

The Pizza oven has several pre sets
1.One being for a frozen self Rising crust
2. frozen crust,
3.FRESH pizza crust ,
4.Fresh par -baked crust
What is most interesting is that you can bake other type foods in the pizza oven and it will allow you to have some control over the Temp so that you can bake both cookies or biscuits or frozen foods i.e. Fish, or meat or etc.
TEMPERATURE:.. And will go as high as 425 Degrees to do Frozen French fries and as low as 350 degrees for biscuits.

Overall I find this a very very functional unit.. I can cook comfortably for 4 people with this size unit.. But will probably be most attractive for a small family. The pizza oven is super-easy to clean. You can't use the oven and the microwave at the same time.
But that is not a big deal for our family.

I found crisping in the oven draw was MOST satisfying.. I had some leftovers from a meal out.. That had a sm breaded piece of chicken and a piece of breaded fish.. You know what they are like when you get them out of the fridge.. I put them in the DRAW and viola.. They were crisp on the outside but didn't dry out the inside.. Tasted just like it did when we got them at the restaurant..
............We even re-heated the biscuits and our Leftovers were no longer ......................................................................OH NO Leftovers....... But rather OH BOY, Leftovers !!

We are most pleased and look forward to many HAPPY meals and snacks coming of the this 2 fer Gizmo...
I can recommend it and am happy to say so.

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on April 4, 2015
The drawer was the main draw for me so I can have a pizza (turned out hot and crisp) without heating up the creaky gas stove. The drawer is much bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. I also liked the ease of using buttons to punch in what I need, the turntable, and digital clock - all my basic requirements. It is quite large but it fit under my cabinet just fine. Removing the plastic film wasn't as bad as people said. The sticker on top talking about the plastic coating is what I can't get removed.
review image
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on February 7, 2013
We've been using this for more than 6 months now and we're disappointed and wishing we'd bought something different. As advertised here, this model claims to have "toast functions" but this is an out and out lie - this can NOT be used as a toaster and in fact there is no mention of toasting in the next-to-useless user manual. Sure, you can put bread in the bake compartment and 7 or 8 minutes later you'll have something that resembles toast but tastes like bone dry cardboard. Completely dried out. When used for baking pizzas, this model does work well, so no complaints there; our main complaint was having been led to believe we wouldn't need to buy a separate toaster for our kitchen. Wrong!

Another problem is that the lowest power setting isn't low enough. Should be able to soften butter without melting it, but it's difficult to do with this oven.

When finished cooking, the oven emits a single limp beep and that's it - better than an annoying siren going off, but personally I like ovens that intermittently beep to remind you something's ready to be removed.

Actually, I do have one complaint about the pizza function: when finished, the oven automatically goes into cool down mode, so you'd better pull your pizza out quick or it's going to get cold in a hurry!
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on December 12, 2011
We love the oven feature on the microwave. No preheat and food is evenly cooked. We now use our oven tray for all our oven snacks like taquitos, pizza, nuggets, etc (in other words, about 85% of our large oven use). The microwave is small and I miss my instant cook settings on the previous microwave. With that said, I'm very pleased with the combo microwave.
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on January 16, 2013
Don't even THINK about buying this microwave. At 6 weeks of using it, while operating the lower toaster oven tray, all of a sudden the upper microwave part of the appliance caught fire while nothing was in it. It was terrifying, and very dangerous. What's more, LG has been completely non-responsive. Terrible product, terrible customer service.
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on April 14, 2013
I received this microwave/pizza oven as a gift.
For the first six months it performed as expected, and I liked the convenience of the small oven.

After only six months the microwave part just stopped working. It still made noises, but the turntable did not work and it did not heat food.

I made a call to customer service, as the unit was under warranty.

I was told I had to deliver the unit to their nearest approved service provider and it would either be repaired or replaced. Well fine...

Then I was told the nearest provider was 1.5 hours away!! So when I add in gasoline, a 3 hour round trip, which would take me from my self employed job, possibly a 2nd round trip to pick up a repaired unit, I would lose more money in time lost from work/gasoline than the cost of the microwave. I don't exactly live in the boondocks, I live in the largest city in my county, and have seen LG products for sale in I was shocked.

I asked for an alternative.
I was told this was my only choice.

I will NEVER buy an LG product again, and I will check to make sure that there is a place to repair a product near me. I did get this unit as a gift, and the gift giver is mortified at my experience.
I replaced it with a Frigidaire unit I bought in my town that I can have fixed at the local store.
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on March 28, 2013
Just broke now to send it back i have too FAX a copy of my receipt no email I have too buy a new one take the stickers off with the S/N on it and send it back with receipt of the NEW one I Bought and Then they will send me a check for the replacement price. I don't have money to buy a new microwave and this is stupid. DO NOT BUY
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