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on August 28, 2012
I've been with MetroPCS for quite awhile and can say this device is it. Like everyone has said its fast, but the memory is what sold... Over 5 GIGS! Internal! I'm sorry but I had no idea how nice it is to have that with a dual core and 1gig of ram and ice cream sandwich! I had the HTC Wildfire S and this thing is like comparing a Prius to a BMW. I'm not sure if other owners know this but the LG system lets you DISABLE OR UNINSTALL BLOATWARE! (use the app 'Application Manager' to UNINSTALL APPS it keeps the apk on its own but not running means no update messages, TO DISABLE go to normal settings and 'Apps' find app open settings of it like you would to uninstall and it will say'Disable') Oh and you can screen capture with the already installed Quick Memo app. And the front facing camera is 1.3 MP which if pretty much the standard for the higher end phones also. Back lens is only 5 MP but it gets the job done. Both front and back work fast and clean, and it even does 1080p video... Not like my camcorder but impressive still.By the way it lasted me fine all day when I worked, hence not playing it solid hours on end, besides it seems to charge pretty quick regardless. This phone is all kinds of awesome in a small package.
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on September 25, 2012
I had the LG connect, and what a waste that was. It was glitchy and wow, even tho at the time the reviews said it had the best battery life of the MetroPCS smartphones, wow, it was terrible. I had to use a battery saver app and buy extended life batteries. and still, it barely made it through a work day.

The Motion is fantastic. It's a great phone. the Dual core processor keeps it moving super fast-- i'm playing an RPG video game on it, and can easily jump off the game to browse the web or use google maps with no slow downs. This phone also comes allowing you either uninstall or disable all the bloatware, without having to go through the headache of rooting it, so no more dealing with tons of app icons you never use.

The battery life is great. Works about the same as any other phone I've had, as long as you are mindful of killing your tasks-- and it comes loaded with a task manager app that makes it easy to kill your running programs when you're not using them. I haven't even downloaded a battery saver app. Very intuitive interface.

As just a phone, callers sound a little muffled, but nothing too bad. My friends sometimes have trouble hearing me, but it tends to be more the network, and not the phone. ("you're breaking up").

So far, no glitches to report. I've had it about a month now. It pretty much just does what it should. And if you don't like something, there's always an app out there.

Hands down, the best MetroPCS smartphone to come along. and it's totally affordable. The only real problems are ones that come with being on Metro-- service coverage isn't the best, (but hey, at literally a fraction of the price of Verizon, I'll take it), and Metro's 4g/LTE isn't as fast as Verizon's-- probably the service signal, frankly, but it's totally fast enough if you're not trying to win some webby award with your phone.

If you're on Metro already and want a smartphone, buy this one while it's still cheap. And if you're not on Metro yet, then consider your pros and cons of leaving ATT/Verizon in terms of bells and whistles to cost value, and some minor inconvenience around signal issues, and let that be your deciding factor, because this phone is good enough to be comparable to most of the other android phones on other networks.
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on December 12, 2012
Ensure you have 4G Metropcs coverage in your area before purchasing. You can check this on the coverage map on their website, there is a list of cities in the bottom right hand corner at the time of writing. In fact if you order from Amazon (not market place) they will cancel the order at checkout during the shipping address process if your address is not in one of these cities. This device is also carrier locked so will not operate on any other network.

This review was completed after applying the over-the-air software update from version (C to D).

This runs on ICS 4.0.4 and is the same as every other phone with ICS. Besides saying this is a general improvement over Gingerbread, theres no point in commenting on this operating system. I will also not comment on the availability of rooting, custom recovery, bootloader unlocks, system restore facilities etc. There appears to be less of a need for some of these in ICS.

CPU/ OS performance/ Memory 5/5
Excellent, dual-core processor (multi-task), lots of memory and fast in every respect - biggest selling point of this device and most important. You can install and do whatever you wish with no lag. I have noticed some rogue apps maxing out the processor occassionally but this can be caused by many factors. You need to kill them if they do this ASAP, a maxed-out dual core processor will only drain the battery quickly and create lots of heat.

Screen 3/5
This has an IPS screen therefore it is rich in colors. Its so rich that the lighter colors appeared a little washed or contrasty at first use. In reality its simply displaying a wider color spectrum. The screen is very responsive and smooth.

Technically speaking it is a low resolution/ pixel per inch display but this is not noticeable. The brightness toggle range isnt wide enough. Its too bright in dark environments on the lowest setting and not bright enough outdoors on the highest setting. Smaller is better with screen sizes but this screen is a tad too small for this spec. This is most noticeable when typing in portrait, selecting text, or using the -+ buttons in maps. Maybe a 3.7 or slightly larger screen would have been a wiser choice.

Sensors 1/5
Its difficult to swallow but this device does not have an ambient light sensor therefore the screens brightness will not adjust automatically.

Even after the update, the orientation sensor sticks and spins in spatial apps e.g. Google Sky. It is also inaccurate by a screens length and device movement isnt accurately represented in the app - oval instead of a circle. This is coding not hardware related. As a compass it works fine.

Comms 5/5
All work well on this device, also has WIFI-direct. I will not comment on 4G data performance as this varies due to a multitude of factors.

Call Quality 4/5
As there are many factors that influence this, im not going to comment on it via MetroPcs`s network. When calling through Skype performance was acceptable whether using a headset, front speaker or speakerphone. The speakerphone was a little weak though and better suited to quiet environments. As the speaker is at the bottom it would probably be muffled if you were holding it in your hands.

Audio/Video 4/5
As the chips in this board are excellent,this device has no problems playing any videos. Even though the sound level was not quite as good as beats audio on my Admire which maxed out at 85db, its a more than satisfactory 75db. On the plus side theres a lower possibility of the speaker blowing. As with all devices the speaker is on the back so expect some muffling depending in what surface it is placed on. Headphone performance is exceptional (I use JVC) and will depend more on which brand youre using than anything else. If you purchase three button iphone headphones, everything should work apart from the volume buttons. Most if not all one button/ mic headphones should be compatible with this device, you can one click and multi-click (play/ pause/ forward track) without an app. Use the Philips headset app to increase click functionality. The advertised Dolby sound along with other effects can improve sound quality but only function through the headphones.

Cameras/ Video 3/5
Pictures and video taken during the daytime are more than acceptable. The camera is quick and responsive and it records in HD. Low light conditions can be rather challenging though as the sensor sometimes shows lots of noise while colors are often incorrect. Manually altering white balance and flash settings can correct some of this. In all fairness maybe they could have selected a better sensor and worked on the auto settings. Its also not clear whether the geo location is ready or not as there is no icon. The front camera is more than satisfactory for video calling/ facial recognition if lighting is adequate. Go to google and type "cnet review lg motion" they too mention the camera noise issues.

GPS 4.5/5
This uses GPSONE 8+ with Glonass support (Russian system). Its a preconfigured out of the box multi-moded system working in both network (only hot start) and standalone (Off-network) modes (Cold 20+ db, Warm 15-20+ db , Hot 10-15+ db with assistance). It also has cache support and works in the range of 7-45 db in use. The highest range for a portable device is about 6-50 db so you cant beat this performance.

If you were to put this up against a Galaxy S3 this would beat it hands down. In fact if you want a good GPS enabled device avoid Samsung all together. They use their own single-moded firmware which isnt adjustable.
GPSONE is the way to go.

Theres no AGPS for Glonass. When warm starting in standalone mode, time to fix can be anywhere from 10 seconds to many minutes under the same conditions. Instead of a clear cache button, cache is lost on reboot. There is no easy way of adjusting your AGPS settings. I also noticed it sticking sometimes when using some 3rd party apps, this is most likely only a compatibility issue though. Youll lose a few SNR/ DB if you have a case on. Last known good location/ coarse location is not available in between fixes or after reboots when using it in standalone (off-network) mode.

If you wish to see a comparable LG device with GPSONE running goto Youtube and search for "LG Optimus Elite - Virgin Mobile (full review)" select "mstechify" review and navigate to 3 mins 15 seconds in the video. This test is a hot start in network mode.

Ports/ Buttons 1/5
This definately has a custom board/design as it doesnt follow the standard layout for Qualcomm PCBs.

The internally placed SD Card can be problematic if youre having difficulty with connecting and using it with a PC. Even worse if you have a case on and have to continually pull it off to gain access to remove the SD Card. At least they didnt place it behind the battery o). Your views on this may vary depending on how you use the device and the PC youre connecting it to.

It would have been nice if the up and down buttons changed tracks as with MIUI, this saves waking up the device. This does not have a camera button as it has auto-zoom and the volume buttons act as a shutter.

The Micro USB port on this device couldnt be in a worst position. If youre a heavy user, youll often find yourself charging and holding it at the same time. Therefore the cable is frequently moving with extra stress often placed on it as it rests against your hands. Even without this, USB port failure appears to be one of the most common wear and tear failures on these devices. The port should be where the power button is and more devices are now being designed in this way. I have even seen cheap import phones with this layout.

LED Light 4/5
Even though it didnt appear bright enough for videos it was more than sufficient as a camera flash. Although its a little too bright for those looking at it, the most useful function is as a flash light - power efficient too.

Backup 4/5
You can backup your data to the phone and some of it to Google. I am not sure how transferrable this is to other devices though.

Charging/ Battery life 4/5
You can fast charge this with the wall socket or slow charge it through the computer. The USB cable could been a tad longer.

A fully charged battery will last from as much as a few weeks down to a day depending on youre behaviour. The biggest battery consumer is the IPS display. If youre actively using connections such as wifi/4g these will also use a lot. The CPU will also use a lot too but only if it has a heavy load.

An excellent feature of this device is that once the screen is turned off many other parts go into a sleep mode even if your playing music, saving lots of power.

Internal Memory/ SD Card access via USB/Computer 1/5
This is one of the worst proprietary systems I have used in several years. This review is the worse case scenario, i.e. your running Windows XP. Functionality and reliability increases in Windows 7/8.

Your drives are grouped virtually and not individually or logically on your computer. With virtual drives you can do nothing more than view your files and copy data to and from them. If you open or edit anything it has to copy (cache) to your computer first to open. Not a problem with small files but try and open something large. Functionality is increased in windows 7/8 but more restrictive in Windows XP.

Virtual drives dont appear to apps on the PC so you cant select the drive or any of its files via an app. You also cant fix the drive or obtain any property information about folders. If your drives dont appear straight away its because with this system they have to be scanned before theyll display on your computer - be patient.

Just to make matters worse performance and reliability varies from computer to computer and day to day. We used it successfully one day while the following day we got it working just once and it was slower than USB1 speeds. We gave up after a few hours. Unfortunately its just luck whether you have success with performance or reliability with this system on your computer.

A PC mag review of this device also revealed similar problems. This can be found by typing 'PC Mag LG Motion review' in Google - its mentioned in the cons box and in the review itself.

Overall 3/5
Overall not a bad device for the price. Its certainly much better than my old Admire in many areas, but not all. The Google (4/5) and Qualcomm (5/5) parts of this device appear pretty exceptional. Unfortuntely LG appear to have made some poor decisions about software/ hardware and some aspects of the design (2/5). This somewhat makes it feel like an unrounded device, therefore overall it receives a 3/5.

I would still recommend this as one of the best budget smartphones around at the moment but wouldnt shout about it. Dont forget at this price point because its been heavily subsidised. If youre just a caller and a texter, a 30 dollar device should suffice.

With regards to smartphones in general, it still feels as if were 3-4 years away from mature products. I actually had to copy this review out of a draft in the email app to a text file so I could edit it on an offline computer. It took me an hour, it wouldnt select and copy it all in one go due to cache issues. Then when I completed it manually, it wouldnt scroll down and the options would hang over the drag arrow, pretty lousy stuff from Google.

Link to the review of my old phone. Reviewer name: Glyn, Rating 1/5

This review is intended for potential buyers only not those who have already purchased the device. If you already own the product and have opinions of your own, instead of contending with my review or reviewing my review, please post a legitimate review of your own in the appropriate location.

Btw dont buy screen covers for this, the one that comes on in the factory is good enough and doesnt come off or at least mine hasnt after one year. I do have a case though and did snip the top part off so i couldnt catch it.
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on August 26, 2012
Just left Straight Talk for Metro PCS to take advantage of their new $55 (fees and taxes included) unlimited everything plan with no data caps or throttling. Straight Talk's terms of service strictly prohibit streaming of audio and video. If that's not a problem for you, it's a great deal, but let's face it, a smartphone begs to take advantage of these features.

I purchased this phone and it is an amazing deal. You get a great phone at a great price. The phone has no lag at all and offers everything one could ask for in a compact package. I have used phones with larger screens and was surprised at how satisfied I was with the size of this device. It is compact, sleek and a joy to use. In my experience, the battery life is excellent for a smartphone. Also, the phone is easily upgraded with up to a 32 GB micro SD card. The size of smartphones are getting out of hand; that's what tablets are for.

Metro PCS call quality, texting and data exceeded my expectations. The LTE data where available is more than fast enough to do whatever you need without any hiccups. It is certainly faster than what I have experienced on Sprint, Virgin Mobile and Verizon's 3G networks. Also, I have to say that Metro's customer service on the telephone have been top notch.

If you have good coverage in your area of use, you can't go wrong with Metro PCS and the LG Motion. Together with the great new unlimited plan, we all win.
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on August 26, 2012
This phone is the best; I got it the day it came out. The batter runs out fast but this is typical of an android phone, the phone is amazingly priced and works better then I phone 4. I would say if you use your phone allot on the go get extra bat or charging station. The 4g is fast on this and the 3.5 Screen is small but nice, this phone has a front facing and back facing cam. When using for Skype it is really bad Quality but when just taking Pix or Cam it is nice. Over all I will give this Phone a 4 out of 5. There could be better management on the battery consumption and has some small bugs nothing big. Over all I say buy the phone you can't go wrong at this price Phone should be at least 250. Also ask for their $55 unlimited plan that is 4G unlimited for life of your service the plan is for a limited amount of time so get this while you can!!

The only reason this did not get
5 Stars is because of some minor bugs
and issues bloat ware from Metro. Other
then that Amazing phone! Good Job LG
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on August 30, 2012
My daughter wanted an iphone for her birthday and I told her about this phone before getting it for me. Of course my words did not convinced her, nothing was "cool" enough for a teenager than the latest iphone. I was ready to pay her older sister every month to add the little one to her AT&T plan in order for her to get the iphone. That was until I brought my LG Motion home and she played a bit with it. She said I want one and I had to drive back to my local Metro store and purchase a second one. We couldn't be happier with these phones. ICS, 1080 video recording, 5 megapixel front camera, doesn't overheats and decent battery life and dual core cpu running at 1.5 ghz (yes the first batch of these beasts are running at actually 1.5 ghz by AnTu Tu Benchmarks instead of the 1.2 ghz advertised by Metro) no wonder this has been flying off the shelves.
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on October 13, 2012
MetroPCS is a so so company, especially with the CRAPPY phones they sell. I am confident though that if their merger with T-Mobile goes through, it would be a win-win case for both customers and the merged companies.

Now to the LG Motion 4G, Folks, let us learn to appreciate the valuable things that we hardly get from companies like MetroPCS. First, don't forget that the LG Motion is the first MetroPCS phone running Android 4.0.4 which means bloatware has naturally been taken care of in the OS. With just a few clicks, you'd have nothing to do with MetroPCS's JUNK apps. Second, the phone's specs are nothing short of a decent, modern handset. The 1.2GHz dual-core processor is snappy and crisp, 5MP camera with 1080p HD recording is pretty decent, 5 GB of internal memory is a perk, the 1700 mAh battery is highly competitive with the BIG guys that cost a fortune! And the last but not the least is the price of this device. $149 compared to the other guys with similar specs is just INSANE!

Now to the NOT so GOOD: The display could have been better, but then again, something must be sacrificed for LG and MetroPCS to make a little profit. After all, the higher the display quality, the lesser the battery life!

In conclusion, if you've had issues with MetroPCS in the past, now's a good time to reconsider them. If you're a respecter of VALUE and QUALITY, then hope that the T-Mobile/MetroPCS merger goes through. And finally, please call a spade a spade!

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on August 27, 2012
I bought the LG Motion 4G phone the day it came out.
I do agree that the battery runs down if you are using the phone constantly texting, etc.
There is a power saver option on the phone.
However, it doesn't take very long to recharge the phone.
In regard to the $50.00 rebate, it only applies if you purchase two phones at the same time. This was a bit of a disappointment, but I am still glad I bought the phone.
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on October 18, 2012
I bought the LG Motion on Amazon and activated it with MetroPCS. The whole process of activating the phone and switching providers while keeping the same phone number went off without a hitch, and Metro has been excellent thus far. But about the phone:

Very small and lightweight.
Camera in front AND back.
Android 4.0, difficult to find on a cheaply priced phone.
Great reception thus far.
Interface looks REALLY good, my friends with iPhones have admitted that this looks cooler.
microSD expansion slot (not available on a lot of phones.
5 GB internal memory, eg plenty!
Basically everything else about the phone.
$150 is a GREAT price for this!

Comes preinstalled with lots of junk MetroPCS products that they want you to pay more for. However, all (not some, ALL) of these can be either uninstalled or disabled. to return to a basically stock Android experience.
I doubt this phone will be getting Jelly Bean (Android 4.1). But right now I'm happy with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)
Sends any text over 160 characters to an MMS, rather annoying, although you can get a different texting app to change this.

There really aren't many cons to this device. If you're here reading reviews, just buy it; you'll be very glad you did!

One more thing. My friend with an iPhone said, "$150? I got my iPhone for about $200, so it's not that great of a deal." I replied, "Isn't the iPhone like $700 without a contract? Because I don't have a contract, and I pay $40 a month as opposed to $90 for unlimited everything." He shut up pretty fast.
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on September 19, 2012
This phone uses a back cover that scratches easily on day one. To solve this problem I bought a rubberized hardcase to protect this precious phone. The screen uses a very durable gorilla glass. The screen size is okay because it's about the size of an IPhone screen. The dual core processor in this phone is great, allowing you to multitask. There is very little wait time when you start this phone up. I can browse on Chrome and watch 1080p videos with little to NO lag, with the 4g lte. 4g lte is notorious for draining battery life. This battery drains fast.
I personally love the front and back camera with LED flash. It's loaded with features that will keep you entertained for a while. The shutter speed is quick thanks to the dual core processor. This is the only Metro phone using Android Ice cream sandwich. In my opinion this is the most intuitive software android has ever made. The metro bloatware doesn't bother me because I can delete most of it. A simple restart solves any sort of loading problem it may have. Since I am on a budget I wouldn't dare drop this phone because from the outside it seems fragile, so I got the monthly $5 warranty. It's loaded with more features than I was expecting for the price, and all of them were done well.

My Pros: the durable glass cover, fast browsing and download speeds (with 4G LTE), Camera and features, 1080p video, fun and easy to use ICS, Games have no lag.

My Cons: battery life, no adobe flash support on android 4.0 and beyond, the back cover scratches easily.
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