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on March 22, 2012
I got this as part of a promotional deal with my LG 47LM6700 3D TV. It is not being used with that TV since I have a proper surround setup in my family room. I am using it in my bedroom with the Samsung TV the LG replaced. One thing about sound bars is that they usually need to be placed in a square or rectangular room to get a good simulated surround effect. My bedroom is sort of an odd shape so I wasn't expecting much.

Upon unpacking I was disappointed by how light the subwoofer was; it felt cheap, but looks good. Pairing the subwoofer and a HP Touchpad tablet to the sound bar was an absolute breeze. But the Bluetooth range is poor; only about 10 feet. This is the main reason I only gave it 4-stars. The other thing that disappointed me was that LG used toslink instead of hdmi for the sound. This means no CEC; you cannot use your TV remote to control the sound bar. I have a universal remote that will control both, but I can see why some people are upset by this poor design idea. I would have given it 3-stars because of this, but then I turned it on.

The sound is usually what's most important. For a < $300 sound bar package I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality. Yes the bass is boomy, but the vocals from the sound bar are actually quite excellent. Again, this is a cheap system for my bedroom, so I am not trying to compare this to my Hsu Research surround setup in my movie room or my Bose Acoustimass in my family room. Plus the simulated surround sound works pretty well in my odd shaped bedroom. It has plenty of volume too. To anyone suggesting that it's about the same as their TV speakers; you must have a damaged unit or reviewing the wrong item.
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on April 15, 2012
We received this for free with the purchase of our LG 55LM7600 3D LED TV. I figured that since it was being offered for free that it probably wouldn't be that great. I was a little interested in the fact that it had a wireless sub-woofer though.

The box was a little bigger than I would have though it would be but I was happy to see that LG used some extra packaging to ship these for sale.

Hooking this up was extremely easy. One cable for power off the back of the sound bar itself, and a single optical cable to the back of the TV. It was nice in that the sub was wireless so we were able to just sit it off to the side.

I saw one other review stating that this unit didn't sound as if it was 300 watts. Personally, myself and my wife think that this unit sounds really good. We don't really use the 3D sound effect as we honestly can't tell much of a difference. This may just be us though.

I do wish that this unit had some different options as far as connectivity.

I do appreciate the fact that LG stuck with Bluetooth connectivity, instead of going strictly with Apple Airplay for compatibility sake. We only use Apple in our house so Airplay wouldn't have hindered us at all.

Is this my ideal sound setup for our living room / movie room? Not at all. Do I think this would work in a smaller room? i.e. bedroom / office Yes...150% YES!

Overall, I gave this a 4 due to the few shortcomings I feel the unit has.

Look: 4/5
Sound: 5/5
Ease of use: 5/5
Options: 4/5
Value: 5/5
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on May 8, 2012
1. Features: Bluetooth is great. Works flawlessly w my iPhone. Pre-designed EQs sound good and offer variety. "3D Surround" sounds great. Seamlessly integrates w TV by detecting presence of optical signal and turning on or off automatically. *Wireless subwoofer is cool, but may contribute to the deficiency of adequate bass performance.

2. Sound: Mids and highs sound crystal clear. Pretty amazing actually. Breadth of the mids and highs is truly impressive. Bass performance is very deficient--much less bass performance than with the cheap $100 system I replaced. This is disappointing. I suspect this may be due to the subwoofer's wireless status--perhaps it just can't communicate the bass response as well wirelessly. (?)

3. Appearance: High-quality materials. Very attractive. Glowing LED light on subwoofer is extremely annoying.

4. Overall: Ambiguous performance that I personally can live with. Wish there was more bass presence. But the rest of the spectrum sounds awesome.
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on March 17, 2012
I do like it but the sound bar seems to produce some static noise with certain songs, i,e, played from You Tube music videos or TV shows when connected to your TV so you have to be careful because of the sound pitch not being controlled and would be better if you could make manual level sound adjustments instead of having a preset button for sounds from the remote, to help with that part, otherwise 5 stars.

I was actually surprised by how the Pandora music play lists, (from my TV), had great sound and was very crisp so that was nice to hear!

The other features work great too.

It seems louder than 300W, (my living room is small though so maybe that's why).

I do love the fact that there are no messy speaker wires and it comes with 1 five foot long audio cord. The wireless sub woofer works and sounds great.
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on August 22, 2012
I recently bought a new LG video system: a 47LM7600 3D Smart HDTV, a BP620 Blueray player, and the NB3520A Sound Bar & Subwoofer. Overall, I am very happy with everything. But, related to the Sound Bar, I have a couple of nits to pick.

First, the praise... The Sound Bar system produces excellent audio, especially for movies where I prefer to crank it up a bit. That, alone would rate it 5 stars based on quality of audio versus price.

The first nit is that the volume control does not pair with the HDTV remote's volume control. There are a variety of solutions for that. For example, I have a universal remote that "locks" its volume control to the Sound Bar. But LG should have integrated the functionality and not require me to acquire and program a third-party remote for that.

The second nit is that there is no return-feed to the TV so that sound bar settings can be integrated with the TV settings menus. This is especially egregious when I consider how well the TV and non-LG cable controller (Motorola, from Verizon FiOS) are integrated.

If this was an assemblage of multiple vendors' products, I could better understand the lack of integration and the need for a third-party universal remote.

Not to over-value these issues, I'm knocking-off one star from the rating. So it's four stars.

UPDATE 8/24/12

I also posted this review on the LG site. It was rejected for not following their "guidelines", even though it does. So I'm knocking off another star from the rating, as their action reflects poorly on their customer service attitude.
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on July 26, 2012
I brought this sound bar system last week to complement my LG LM7600 3D TV. It is a nice basic system with decent sound quality. It is easy to set up and has some nice features such as bluetooth connection and wireless sub-woofer. Priced between $200 - $300 it may be among the top three or four sound bar systems in its specific category. While it is by no means a replacement for something that would appeal to an audiophile, it does a nice job as a basic sound bar system.

One issue, surprisingly though is that this sound bar system does not have any HDMI inputs/connections. It can only connect to the TV via a Toslink Optical cable. With no HDMI inputs there is no support for HDMI ARC connection which would essentially allow the TV remote to also control the sound bar system. So now I have to use 3 remote controls to manage my entertainment set up - first for the Cable/Satellite box to navigate channels, second for the TV picture settings & feature access (i.e. Netflix, etc.) and third for the sound bar system. Pretty quickly it gets annoying to use three remote controls.
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on April 30, 2012
General Thoughts:
I was a little hesitant to purchase this SoundBar due to negative reviews from what seem to be some good audiophile people. I previously had a 5.1 surround sound system with Cerwin Vega speakers and a Sherwood receiver(I needed to downsize for less cluttered apartment living). So I went to BestBuy and listened to the sound output. It was hard to hear in store but comparing it to a Samsung and Sony was easy. I took the plunge and ordered it.

The sound output from the SoundBar is quite nice. I live is a spacious apartment with a large living room and I have no problem with the sound levels. This thing can get quite loud. Also the subwoofer kicks quite well. I used the Transformers and also the Planet Earth BluRay movies to test out this SoundBar. Bass is very good, Voices are clear. Simulated surround is not as good as a $1k Yamaha but it is quite nice for the price range. I would recommend mounting this to the wall for better mid range. Another also reviewer stated this and he was right.

The Bluetooth is great. I synced up my Galaxy Nexus and used the new Florence and the Machine MTV Unplugged album to test sound quality. All I can say is wow. The clarity and experience blew me away for a SoundBar and ease of use when paring the BlueTooth was nice. This SoundBar also has a USB port on it to hook up a portable HDD or USB drive and play music straight from there(Bonus!).

All in all I would recommend this SoundBar and I will say that I am quite happy with my purchase.
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on June 25, 2012
****EDIT After Having it a while, I have updated my review slightly, ALSO, this review is using Over-The-Air TV with an antenna which could be why Pandora sounds decent (though cable internet)****

After reading numerous positive reviews I thought this sound bar would be the one. I don't know if everyone has very low expectations of this unit or think $250 is cheap enough to deal with limitations. My HK soundsticks blow this away and it's rated at only 40 watts including the subwoofer. Due to the form factor I tried everything in my power to try and keep this unit but it fails miserably all around.***EDIT, due to the form factor and negative reviews on competing products, I have decided to keep it and not risk getting something worse.***

Pro's: Built well, looks nice, very solid. Bluetooth Sub sync works good and provides deep, loud bass when the source audio calls for it.
Con's (the list is long):
1. Volume is very sad and UNEVEN. TV loudness is very poor, Blu-ray is poor and Pandora believe it or not is marginally acceptable. You're either cranking it up or turning it down depending on the source. I'm not talking about blow down my wall's sound either, just something to fill the room decently. 300W? Please, not even close.

2. Some reviewers stated bass is almost non-existent, but that is because it only picks up the Lowest HZ. So Lord of the Rings is totally missing bass throughout then Bam, Deepest bass, then missing again. There is no full mid-bass sound. The bass doesn't "help" the front speakers like it should. It acts independently. EDIT***It helps a little to the overall sound***

3. AV sync is totally useless because my picture is actually ahead of the sound. Sad. You can on configure +Ms and not -. I'll be darned if I'm adjusting my TV sync settings every time I want to change the channel- and each channel is different. Most of the problems are with stations broadcasting HD. ****EDIT This happens only once in a while, I have to change the channel, then go back and it seems to sync ok***

4. Speaker sound, Very weak and "conelike". Musicians may know the term Wonky. ***EDIT Still Wonky, but you get used to bad sound, just don't listen to any good audio***

5. Auto On is a nice addition, but it doesn't turn itself off when you shut off the TV! ***Edit, Still does not turn itself off automatically***

6. Lord of the Rings bu-ray (for example): can barely hear voices. I don't like the fact that I have to Max the volume just to hear dialogue. There is no low bass to round out the sound, the sub just adds deep lows and the soundbar can't produce a rich sound by itself. Regular DVD sound source is even worse. ***EDIT like I said, you get used to it. You have to crank the overall audio to hear voices (even though there is a voice feature) but that brings everything else up and it is unbalanced***

7. This is not an inexpensive unit and I would seriously urge folks to see what else they could buy for this price. It's unfortunate because the form factor is great. I am using an LG tv and this soundbar is marginally better with the sub. Without the sub and I would prefer the TV speakers. ***EDIT I still stand by this, the soundbar alone is not better than the TV speakers (the sound is all tinny treble), it is better than TV speakers when the sub is added***

EDIT*** This isn't a Bash LG review, I buy LG whenever possible and still stand by most of their products.***
Just my 2 cents.
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on April 30, 2012
I also posted most of this on the 47LM7600 TV review page.

I liked the package as it included the LG NB3520A sound bar with the wireless subwoofer. The 37" Sharp it is replacing had a built in sound bar at the bottom of the TV and it gave excellent surround sound. I will agree with the reviewer who said the speakers are very good. And they are at lower volumes. When the sound is cranked up, the small built-in speakers sound tinny -you just can't get great bassy sound out of a space that small. At least these TV speakers fire down rather than to the rear. The sound bar unit had no problem setting up and registering with the wireless subwoofer. It was a painless process. It also comes with a remote that has a section designed to control the LG TV. You can turn it off/on and adjust the volume. My wife is electronically challenged and this will make it very easy for her to use. The 7.1 system and all the bells and whistles were too complicated.

The only thing I don't like about the sound bar is the black GLOSSY plastic housing. I wish it were a honed or matte finish which would reduce the reflection. It is hard to injection mold a piece of plastic that long without getting some waviness on the surface. It's not a big deal but picky, picky on my part. I'd be happy if they sold it with an acoustic fabric on it to reduce the reflection. But LG and some other manufacturers seem to like the industrial look of the 6 `bare' speakers.

Update: Ive had the sound bar about three weeks and I'm as happy as ever with it. What I found is I always have the TV built-in speakers turned off. For eveyday watching I use the soundbar speakers and I'm very happy with the sound. The subwoofer is located behind my 'easy chair' and it's totally out of sight. I also like that the soundbar remote and turn the TV on or off in addition to adjusting the sound and subwoofer levels.

I used the LG template to mount the Soundbr which is about 4" below the TV. We didn't like the way it looked so we remounted it to jusrt 1" below the TV and we think it looks better. See photos.
review image review image
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on August 18, 2012
Hooked this up to our LG LED/LCD TV. Worked great. Really nice sound for the price and well within my expectations for $240. Hooked up my droid razr and Ipad via bluetooth, and streamed music flawlessly. Started watching TV again and a large screech came from the bar. Sound went out. I unplugged it, reset and it was fine; until the next night. Watching TV, medioum/loud "pop"...and the sound was gone, never to return again. I saw another reviewer that hab the same issue. I wanted to like this. We have LG all over the house and have been thrilled with all of it. But this is going back.
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