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on March 13, 2016
I ordered this phone to replace my HTC One M7. This phone has awesome battery life, great speakers, nice clarity when speaker/hearing people over the phone, text messages are sent/comes in immediately, and the browser speed is pretty fast. Some of you are probably wondering if it's easy to activate/switch over from another phone. The answer is yes. This phone doesn't take a sim card and you will be up and running in under 10 minutes. This phone also has a 13mp camera which is an awesome bonus for people that enjoys taking pictures. The front camera isn't as strong, but the pictures are still crisp and clear without being faded or blurry. I was very skeptical about LG phones, because years back I owned a LG rumor that had a sliding keyboard, and the phone completely failed and wouldn't turn back on. It seems like LG has gotten back on the right track and is making great quality phones.
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on September 28, 2015
I had a Kyocera Hydro, and it sucked. small phone, would restart for any and no reason at all, small amount of internal storage, camera was poor. I knew I needed a new phone. I bought this one used, but you can barely tell. The edges were a little banged up, but I bought a phone case which fixed it up nicely. I love it, it works so well. I don't have a ton of apps, so I feel a little pampered by having up to 23GB of internal storage, which I am using a whopping 2GB currently. Sometimes during the weekly 3 hour call I have with my mother (we're both busy) the phone call drops once, but considering that the old Hydro once restarted 4 times in a 2 hour span, I'm not too unhappy...
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on September 26, 2014
Was lucky enough to find and purchase this phone in brand new condition for amazing price through seller on Amzn. All I can say is...Wow! I am not a tech or phone junkie but have always been un-enthusiastic about the two dominant phone brands. Was seriously contemplating getting a new BB z10 smartphone when I decided to check out other androids, mainly HTC and LG. The selection of LG smartphones was pretty good with varying price points. Took a gamble and ordered this phone based on specs and positive reviews. Having paired it with a cheap pre-paid wireless provider, I cannot fully speak to the phone's speed and 4G capability although it does show that it's running 4g. Overall the design and screen resolution are stunning, crystal clear and bright. The wi-fi works seamlessly and the keyboard is awesome to type on. I customized the fonts and home screen, was glad to discover Sprint widgets were minimal and easy to remove. Have yet to sample music player/speaker or streaming video since it was just activated. doing so does seem to drain the battery but that's to be expected. I love the size of this phone too, it is so comfortable to hold and the size is just right, at 4.7 inches it is neither too big or too small. Cool features like face sensor when you are looking at the phone it recognizes your gaze and unlocks home screen. Also great camera of course, which is really the icing on the cake of this already great device. Money well spent.
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on August 8, 2014
I've had only a few days but so far I like it. Replacing an old LG Marquee so this phone seems blazing fast. I'm not a power user most of the time so fast for me may be average for some.

Battery life seems so-so but I've had to download apps I use after I activated the phone and after a few days of regular use it does seem better.

Screen colors are vivid. Camera seems good. I do take a lot of photos so a bad camera is a deal breaker to me. Sound seems a little low but it's a phone not a boom box! I use an external speaker if I'm listening to radio/music.

Seems to be plenty of storage. Don't fret over not having card slot. I always seem to have issues w/card failure so I use cloud backup regularly.

For the price I paid ($100) this is so far an excellent phone. I got 3 years out of a refurbished Marquee so if I can get at least 1.5-2 out of this I'll feel like a winner!

Will update review after I've had the phone for a month or so.
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on October 2, 2013
It's a year old now which is old hat in the technology industry but this phone's been doing great for the six months or so I've had it. It's got a pretty display and really solid battery life. I didn't like the LG skins so I downloaded the free Nova Launcher I think it's called, which uses Google's standard holo aesthetic. However the lock screen animations are pretty so I left those untouched. All in all a solid phone -- and I got it for $300 less than people upgrading their iPhones, so that's that.
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on November 18, 2014
Great SOLID phone. Plays video games and runs apps very well. 8/10. Camera is solid. 7/10. The processor and operating system are very solid as well we're looking at an 8/10. Overall, a decent phone that runs great and meets all your basic needs.
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on August 21, 2014
Everything is great except the camera, which is truly awful. I'm a decent photographer, know my way around camera settings, and take photos daily (with a real camera) as part of my business. This phone's camera is the pits. Refuses to focus. Have missed so many shots, it's maddening.
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on April 17, 2014
DESIGN: Although design of a phone is mostly opinion on whether it's good or not, I personally think the design is near perfect. The glass is very sturdy on both the front and back, the buttons are spaced nicely and have great tactile feedback, the crystal pattern behind the back glass panel is amazing to just look at it, and the bezels around the screen are nice and thin. Some smart phones even in 2014 just can't compete with this design.

DURABILITY: I dropped this phone on concrete thirty minutes after I bought it. Not a single scratch after I picked it up. The backing, being glass, might worry you, but it's definitely strong. I never cracked this phone, though after awhile it did gather a few scratches. I never felt the need to put the G in a case, just because it didn't need one for me. The phone can get slippery since it's manily glass, so you might drop it until you form a good grip position through practice

SPEED: Even with one of the first quad core mobile chips, this thing is still fast enough for newer games and multitasking. Try slowing the phone down, you'll have a tough time doing so. The 2GB of RAM give plenty of breathing room while running many apps and four cores makes doing so a breeze.

SOFTWARE: LG's Optimus UI 3.0 Software is sort of a Love it or Hate it situation. It takes a lot from TouchWiz on Galaxy devices and adds a few things. Some love it some don't. I personally prefer it over a Samsung device, it just feels smoother.

DISPLAY: Even at "only" 1280x768 this display is amazing to use. 4.7 inches in size isn't too big or too small for average sized hands, but that's opinion. Colors look great, a little bit colder than on other devices, but natural looking and bright. The device has a PPI of over 300 so it is very sharp, small text is easy to read and viewing angles are good enough that you won't notice distortion until you really tilt the phone at a crazy angle.

BATTERY: Rated at 2100mAh, the battery is decently sized. It holds up somewhat nicely, but it wasn't mind blowing. Expect to get through the day with heavy usage, but don't expect more than maybe ten or eleven hours. The screen and processor are probably a bit too much for the battery to healthily handle, and a larger battery would have been a better idea for greater than mediocre battery life. It works, but could be higher

CONCLUSION: Since the battery can last all day it isn't really an issue, and everything else is just amazing. The only deal breaker here is software, so try the phone put if you can before buying. There is no SD expansion so you get 32GB with the Sprint/International models and that's it. AT&T have a different design model with SD expansion, but I personally like the Sprint one more. That is also merely my opinion, but this phone overall gets the 9.5 out of 10 from me. Near perfect, just mediocre battery that takes away half of a point. Highly recommend this extremely underrated device.
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on December 26, 2012
"Lets first talk about the use of "Corning Glass" that makes up both the front and back of this phone." Corning is a American Company and has been outfitting NASA for years. They also make that material that photosensors the sun within your Transition Lenses. So therefore, you can see this Screen in most any condition which is a huge plus! This screen is huge, a little bulky but more than easy to read, clear and crisp and you get to pick the automative transitions. On all the complaints that you cannot access battery and no micro sd card, what were they thinking? LG is cutting edge and thinks about Engineering first. This is a solid phone, nothing to get into it such as a unfriendly user. With 32 gigs of RAM, you don't need any SD Card. But they do sell those weird mini USB port plugins with internal SD if you must. The speed of this phone is all you have ever needed. I live in a rural area and have never gotton 4G signals. I rely upon normal 3G Speed but its that quad core processing power that is more than impressive, its top in its class.

This is not a cheap phone, a fly by nighter to get to the next class of phones. Its a standard that LG would like to stand by and its sure to be a top seller for them. I love the fact you can be screening a video and then at the same time pull up another screen to text and then send the text and then back to the video within the same screen. Only that processing speed and 2 gigs of memory can you do that!

This is a mini-pad that can do everything you want it to do or dream up.

The notepad is very cool as you just pull down the pen, pick your color and start scrbbling on any application.. you don't need a dedicated note pad. Fun for doodlers like me while on the phone.

The Music Player is decent, everyone says the Volume is low but I'm getting a good signal from my Bluetooth devices and can pump up the Volume from there. It needs a Audio processor but you can find a good app for that.

If you are a LG person upgrading from a older Optimus to this one, DO IT! Its speaks the same language and you will be running in minutes.

*Now the trick is in transferring all your old media files to LG Optimus G; Plug your old phone and new phone into seperate USB Ports on your Desktop, Laptop or Pad. You may have to download a dedicated program for the Optimus G. Now you see both Both Phones that have been given dedicated drives. You see Media, Audio, Music etc. on your old phone.. just copy over the files from your old phone to the new one. The LG Optimus G instantly reads those files and embeds then into the Media Players. I did find a problem with Videos that were coded standard MPEG 1 and 2 would not play in the Phone's Video Player. MP-4 was good to go. Seems to have a problem with older codecs.

The true HD Widescreen or Full Screen is pretty damn amazing! This has to be the best Screen on the market for a Consumer Handheld Device... so therefore, LG.. you get 5 Stars!
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on October 10, 2013
The LG Optimus G is sleek and thin and its overall design puts GS3 and GS4 to shame. I was very excited when I got this phone about six months ago for only fifty bucks with a renewed contract. It was faster than my father's GS4 and it's camera had more mega pixels. Six months in, I cannot say that I am so happy. Despite its 13 megapixels it takes horrid pictures. Honestly, my HTC Evo phone (of 8 megapixels) took better photos. This phone often takes pictures with a white backlight. Worse and most disappointing of all is its touch sensitivity and screen change sensitivity. When I switch my phone's direction it takes the screen a long while to switch with it, if at all. And yes I have already tried to recalibrate its sensor sensitivity. I also have a lot of difficulty connecting to most wi-fis that are not my home wi-fi. I cannot connect to my University's wi-fi at all. I went to the University IT department and after trying to connect it for an hour and half they said that they could not fix it because the issue was not on their side. It turns out it was an issue with my phone model. About two weeks ago it started going crazy too. I would get the little "Voice Command" every couple of seconds constantly and no matter what I was doing. I had to disable the Voice Command and when that did not work I had to factory reset my phone. And since the LG Optimus G only has internal memory that made backing up the information on my phone a lot more difficult. This was especially true for information that could not easily backed up through my email because the attachments were too big.

The phone looks shiny and new no but overall it is a crappy phone that scratches very easily.
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