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525 of 539 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A tracfone customer since 1998
Which tracfone is going to be right for you?
You will have to do some homework comparing price,features,reading reviews,if you are new to all of this technology like I am,do not expect to learn it all right away,it will take some time.
And note that you can not transfer your minutes back to your old style tracfone if you decide you do not like the smartphone...
Published 7 months ago by CAMPJEEP

231 of 251 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Do not buy unless you are in Verizon's Home Network
Please keep in mind my review is more geared towards Tracfone service with this phone, and not a review of the phone itself.

I'm a 7 year user of traditional (non-smart) Tracfones. I decided now that Tracfone is offering Android devices, and after punching my zipcode into their website, it was determined they would work in my area, so I decided it was time for...
Published 6 months ago by JK

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525 of 539 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A tracfone customer since 1998, January 26, 2014
CAMPJEEP (COLUMBUS,OHIO) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: LG Optimus Dynamic II - LG39C - Android Prepaid Phone with Triple Minutes (Tracfone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
Which tracfone is going to be right for you?
You will have to do some homework comparing price,features,reading reviews,if you are new to all of this technology like I am,do not expect to learn it all right away,it will take some time.
And note that you can not transfer your minutes back to your old style tracfone if you decide you do not like the smartphone experience, just something to keep in mind.
Then after you buy it they will come out with a better one or the price will drop $20.00 haha...
I received this phone on 1/17/2014.(7 months now.)
My smartphone review or views will be influenced by just having had the LG 800 and the ZTE valet, This is a true smartphone like the ZTE valet, unlike my LG 800.

I must say that I think this new(entry level) LG Optimus II will be very popular with tracfone users that are (wanting) to get into the smartphone experience.

This is a review on the phone and not on Tracfone,Verizon or Amazon,some other reviews cover them.
As I wrote this review there was totally no review information here,the question and answer page was empty so I tried to put something in here for everyone and the review had gotten pretty long but there should be something here to help you,thanks for your patients.

Lets start out with the larger screen,for me,I found it does make a difference,there is more area to work with.
I put both the the valet and the LG optimus II on the local channel 10 TV app and you could see the difference the larger, clearer 3.8inch screen has made reading the small print. Even the tabs you tap on (News-Weather-Sports) were a tad larger.I could read the print easier, it just looked a little truer color to me also than the ZTE valet.

*You will need a screen saver (protector)on this phone,being a entry level phone. I am seeing some lite fine scratches from not using a screen saver on both of my LG39Cs.

*Virtual Qwerty Keyboard >
I am really enjoying the stock virtual qwerty keyboard a lot and it does seem to help predict many words that it thinks that I am looking for in some instances there could be 5 or 6 ideas of what it thinks I want to say just above the keyboard when I type the letter T, or there are these arrows at each end, and if I touch or tap the arrow many other choices appear,see below.

This is a (poor) example
( < those them this the to there their > )

Or it will try to finish the sentence for me,or just use the talk to text feature.
The key buttons are a little larger in landscape mode.
If you are not happy with the keyboard board that comes with the phone you can get a app like SwiftKey Keyboard (which I like) from the google play store. Swype Keyboard is another one but I have not used it.

The phone has just English and Espanol for the languages. But if use the LG keyboard and tap the little gear wheel next to (123?) and the space bar it has many languages.
If you do not see the gear wheel look in comments section to see how to get to it.> Thanks to John M. Steward Jr. (Page 25 in user guide).

The phone is very sleek and thin,very pleasant to look at,fits nicely in your hand but be aware it is very very slippery without some kind of gel-cover or case around it.
Be very careful not to drop it until they start coming out with some cases to fit this phone,something to give it some grip in your hand when holding it. The case or cover will also cut back on the scratches, fingerprints from the high gloss black back cover and give it some protection.Update, phone just feels better in my hand with case on it.

There are four NO Backlit capacitive touch buttons or keys at the bottom of the phone for the
( >Back Key >Home Key,>Menu Key,>Recent App Key ).
The keys are highly reflective which may or may not help in some cases to see them, but not having the lighted touch buttons was a big disappointment.

You do have very smooth quick positive feedback, more responsive from the touch buttons and or tabs on the screen,better than the valet.

*They both just have 512 ram and are entry level phones so make sure you do not over load it with too many apps....
And be forewarned a lot of the apps are not made or designed to go on the SD card.

512 ram.

4GB micro SD card installed and will take up to a 32Gb.

1.78GB TOTAL internal storage.

1.0GHz single core processors.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system.

3G Network Speed.

Virtual Qwerty Keyboard

I am not seeing any of the internal memory problems that plagued the LG38c.

*The phone uses the (Verizon Network ONLY)*
(It will not work for everyone),just something to keep in mind...

There is ( No Roaming )....

The LG39C is a CDMA type so it(Does not use SIM cards)

TracFone offers a 1-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use by the purchaser.
All TracFones and TracFone accessories are covered under the manufacturer's warranty for up to 1 year from date of purchase.

* How to tell if this phone will work for you with the (Verizon Network).
(It will not work for everyone),just something to keep in mind >
1. You can go to tracfones web site and put your zip code in (under buy phones) and it will tell you if the androids (Smartphones) will work for you if they pop up.

2. Then ask someone in your area that has a phone with verizon service how it is working for them to be safe.

3. Tip-> look in my comments for(RootMetrics)for testing Verizon Network in your area.

*Bluetooth,the phone has bluetooth to (transfer your contacts or sync to your car) and GPS to find your way around, ( they both work very well ) on this entry level phone.

*What comes with the phone, back cover, battery, a wall charger, USB data/charging cable, 4GB microSD card installed, instructions on how to activate.

Triple Minutes for life, Each time you add minutes you will receive triple the amount of minutes along with texts and data. Example: Add 200 Minutes and Receive 600 Minutes and 600 Texts and 600 MB of Data.

*Checking your balance and service date>
(TRACFONE APP)and or widget ,from google play store is one way to check your balance and service date and to add mins and data time. It is a free app from the google play store. The one that comes with this phone now is called ( My Account Downloader )found in with your apps on your phone, but it does not work with tracfone for some reason, so get the one at the google play store.
A lot of people miss the old way that was always shown on the phone...
Having an account setup is a good way, use the tracfone browser is another.
Tracfone has a single web page for checking this only, that you can put on your home computer. Look in my comments for this page (fastactportal).

MEMORY > Comes with a 4GB micro SD card installed and will take up to a 32Gb.1.78GB TOTAL internal storage.
The valet beats the LG a little in internal memory, see below.

I have tried to have both phones set up the same in the amount of apps, pictures, contacts things like that to be fair or even.
I counted 14 apps that I have added plus what came on the phones.

(1.78GB) TOTAL internal storage on the ( LG Optimus Dynamic II ) OUT OF THE BOX. I have 1.2GB free left on the (LG dynamic II). Thats after I added 14 apps on to what was there already.

(2.34GB) TOTAL internal storage on the ( ZTE valet ) OUT OF THE BOX. I have 1.7GB free left on the ( ZTE valet ). Thats after I added 14 apps on to what apps was there already.

*You can change the white background color behind the collection of your apps ,I myself did not like the white background.=> Tap apps, Tap menu,
Tap (Apps wallpaper). I chose Transparent Black.

*Ringtones,the stock ringtones are so so,I like the Business Ringtones app by
RCP Ringtones at the google play store so well that I am spoiled.

To be able to put the time & date on my home screen in large print I downloaded > (Digital Clock Widget Xperia) by (Lazar Dimitrov) from the google play store.

*If this is all new to you use your quick settings bar,you may know it as the (power bar or widget from the zte valet)to turn the data off when your not online using it so you don't use it all up.
You will wonder where all your Data went to.)
Data can be used to go on line when you are not using your (free) WiFi.
The(power bar,widget)that came with the ZTE valet to turn the (Data, Wi-Fi, Sync, GPS, Bluetooth)on and off and to adjust the screen brightness )has a different home on the LG,it is up in the notification window and has some added features there also.
LG is calling this the ( Quick Settings Bar ).
The bar has a edit feature so you can put what you want to in the first box or wherever.

*Note you will have to have your data on (to send or receive a picture) or any attachment in a text message.

The quick settings bar has a neat feature called(Quick Memo)where you can write a short word or draw a (circle) (arrow) with your finger on the page that you are on and then make a screenshot of that page and save it. It says in the manual not to use your fingernail make sure you use the tip of your finger to write with....

*WiFi,the wifi works very well, much better than the zte valet,that was a knock on the valet some people had.

*BATTERY,the battery took a hour and a half to charge when it was at 18 percent capacity to full charge.
I like the battery meter on the LG it shows the percentage that it is at and when it is charging it shows the the little lightning bolt in motion unless the screen is asleep and then you can not see or tell if it is charging.
*Make sure to keep (GPS,WiFi,Sync,Bluetooth) off when you can to save you battery,Look in comments for more battery saving tips.
The battery just will not last as long as your old style tracfones because there are just too many features to play with,larger screen, all of those apps.
Three days at the best on the battery for myself.

I miss the camera flash that the ZTE valet had that I used for a flashlight by installing an app from the google app store. The flash was kind of useless for taking pictures on the valet, that just me tho...

*Camera,the camera on the LG is a disappointment using it indoors just like it was on the valet. It does do better outdoors in good light.
3/5/14 update > Outdoor pictures doing very well.
I like where you can say a word like > Cheese, Smile, Whiskey to take the picture and that works very very well.
The valet had a shutter button like a real camera on the outside of the phone.
Remember this is just a entry level phone...

*Call strength---> I do notice that like the ZTE valet I do not have as many signal bars as I did on my other older tracfones but I can use this phone where the others would not work and have not dropped any calls..
So what I am trying to say here is that I can call and talk just about anywhere I go West Va - Ohio - Ky.
*On this phone maybe---> 1 to 3 bars and my others phones I would have 3 and 4 bars...) > This was from my ZTE valet review and holds true with this phone. At my house I just have 1 or 2 bars most of the time.

The good but not great >

1.0GHz single core processor,good for a tracfone.

A nice looking clear 3.8inch screen,really nice for a tracfone.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system,good for a tracfone.

Comes with a 4GB micro sd card installed. will take up to a 32Gb.
I have the SanDisk Ultra 16GB MicroSDHC Class 10,the 10 class is probably a little overkill here.

Quick memo where you can write with your finger on the page that you are on and then make a screenshot of that page and save it.

The bad or not so good >

Battery life,depends on the apps that are running, what features you keep turned on and how you you use your phone. Three days at best for me.

The cameras indoor pictures are poor.
Outdoor pictures do very well(sometimes).

No flash on the camera that you could make a (flash light) with by using a app.

No Backlit home back menu keys,the keys are highly reflective tho.

There are differences in all of these smart phones from tracfone, price, features and you have to choose what items you want and like the best.
If you are coming from a high end phone (or expecting one) you may not be happy, ( These are I think ENTRY LEVEL PHONES ), there are about 5 of them.
For the teens one has a FM radio.

Tip----> Have your kids buy you time cards, google play cards and data cards for fathers day, mothers day, birthdays and Christmas.
TEENS---> you could use this same reasoning with Mom,Dad,Grandpa,Grandma,Aunts and Uncles I would think.
I bought my first tracfone in 1998, I seen it in a jeep magazine and took it out west to Leadville,Co.and was shocked how well it worked.

To get repeat reminders of a missed calls,messages I downloaded
(Alert me Pro Missed Call Text)by (Hidtechs Pvt Ltd)from the google app store.

I have Norton Anti-Malware(free)app and it works well, It always checks every new app I install and if the phone updates a app it checks that also. AVG Mobile is another good security app.You get these apps at the google play store.

Tip---> Read the(Questions & Answers)pages on the LG Optimus Dynamic II and the ZTE valet, there are a lot of questions answered there that might help.
I know that H.Pham,( G.Graham has helped me on this phone page more times than I can count) and others there have helped me and others many times on the ZTE Valet page. Read and look over the other reviews that others have taken the time to share with you. Read the comments sections on the reviews.

Phone Dimensions
4 1/2""x2 1/2"x 1/2"
4.43" x 2.55" x 0.47"

Here are some cases so far,read there reviews first and remember it will be a matter of preference,taste and not everyone will like the same case. --->

My favorite for me, low profile, it just comes in black ---> Kaleidio (TM) Hard Rear Case Cover & Rotating Belt Clip Holster For LG Optimus Dynamic II 2 L39C - Black (Package Includes Overbrawn Prying Tool)

My favorite for me, low profile, it just comes in black ---> Thousand Eight(TM) For LG Optimus Dynamic II L39C - Hybrid Armor Stand Case With Holster and Locking Belt Clip + [FREE Touch Screen Stylus] (HOLSTER COMBO CASE)
See Turtleys review.

Armor Stand Case-> Has some colors also but case is a little more bulky,that just me tho,others have had no trouble and realy like them.--> Microseven® Rugged Armor Stand Case Cover with Kickstand + Belt Clip Holster For LG Optimus LG39C L39C Dynamic 2 with Microseven® Packaging (Black/Black)

MINITURTLE, High Impact Rugged Hybrid Dual Layer Protective Phone Armor Case Cover with Built in Kickstand and Swivelling Holster Belt Clip for TracPhone Prepaid Android Smartphone LG Optimus Dynamic 2 II L39C (Brown Camouflage)

Comes in colors ,no stand or belt clip --> Einzige Slim Fit Flexible S-Line TPU Silicone shell Case Cover for LG Optimus L4 II E440 / LG39C with Premium Universal Screen-Stylus (Black)

Comes in colors with a very thin rubberized coating,no stand or belt clip--> Thousand Eight(TM) For LG Optimus Dynamic II L39C - Rubberized cover case+ [FREE Touch Screen Stylus] (Rubberized Black)
Dean has a review on this case now with pictures and he says that it fits well. It breaks easy when you try to take it off so get more than one.

Take a look at this phone stand > PhoneProp - Universal Fit Soft Flexible SmartPhone Stand - FDA Grade Silicone - Black - New For 2014
Made of soft rubber.

As of 8/1/2014 both LG39C phones are doing very good.

-----> ( NEW PHONES ) 5/7/2014 (Still waiting)...
The LG Optimus Fuel (Model LG L34C) and the Samsung Galaxy Ace Style (S765C) are coming to Tracfone.
The Samsung Galaxy Ace looks like a great phone and camera. Look in my comments for reviews and more on these new phones.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review.
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153 of 157 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Tracfrone Goes Smart(phone), February 12, 2014
George (United States) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: LG Optimus Dynamic II - LG39C - Android Prepaid Phone with Triple Minutes (Tracfone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
I have a lot of minutes on Trac from 10 years of being a customer. My old phone, a Samsung slider, was wearing out after 3 years. I wanted a smartphone because having data and apps is a lot more useful. You are lugging the thing around, why not have the camera, the music player, the GPS tracker, maps, TV Guide, whatever?

It works on wifi so most of your data can come from wifi, not minutes. The deal is this, It's triple time but data is one minute = one MB of data. Not much data. But there's more. You can buy minutes and you have to maintain 'days', but if you have days in your bank, you can buy MBs of data with no days or minutes attached. It is getting a little complicated. Basically, data costs about 2.6 cents if you buy it direct. Minutes are more, even though they are tripled.

I figure you do not want to use much data with this phone, but if you use small amounts, maybe 500 mb a month, it's a good deal. First off, it's Verizon, but it's the old 3G network. Good and broad, but slow. The 500 MB of data costs about $13 a month, and the phone time, the days, plus another 100 minutes runs maybe $8 a minute with a year card, to give you the days. That's $20 a month and nothing is that cheap that I could find. Remember, the huge advantage of Trac is that the minutes and the data roll over as long as you have days. Most data just evaporates on the renewal day. The nature of this phone makes it hard to eat up a lot of minutes. Stay away from video.

You don't want to waste the data. My advice is to turn it off if you don't need it. You can end up using data if the wifi goes down, or something like that. Just turn it off and turn it one only when you need it, if you want to protect your data in the bank.

The phone is low resolution, which hurts web browsing. You should use apps for news, weather, etc. You can surf the web, but set the screen to rotate. The mail apps are good. If you have Gmail and other Google services you get them with ease.

The camera is nothing special though bright sun pix are OK. You can shoot pictures for emails or to show how you took something apart.

The are a lot of fun apps like My Tracks from Google. It used the GPS to track you when you walk, run, bike, etc. It shows a map of where you want, how fast, and even how many calories. Free. Just download.

Smartphones are fun and this phone puts it within reach of more people Learn how to not waste you data, and you'll get a lot for a little. The phone as a phone seemed to be OK, but I don't have much experience. These are quick impressions, just because I like Trac and this is a nice addition to what they do. They do things their way, but a lot of it works if you are the right kind of customer. The rollover data is great.


There is one glitch with this phone, with a simple solution. If you hold the phone in your left hand, dial voice mail, and try to enter you password, the screen blacks and it is hard to finish the entry. If you hold the phone in your right hand, and use your left hand (fingers) to enter the codes, it works. There's a proximity sensor or something that blanks the screen, but I'm not sure.

There is a big advantage to a basic smartphone. It is impossible to use a lot of data if you keep it simple. I took the phone to the emergency room and ended up in care facilities for 3 weeks. I used this phone and it was fine. I ended up using a tiny amount of data for everything, mail, weather, searches, news, sports. I'm not talking any video, anything streaming.

My only gripe is that Verizon to renting off their 3g network and it is not what it was. So it seems to be slow and weak almost everywhere I go. It works, but I have an LTE device I sometimes use, and it is more universal now, by far. Verizon is playing games with the 3g making it seem like it is something like the high cost network. I don't think so. It is more like Sprint where you get it where you get it (cities and highways) and then you don't. And a lot of times it is slow.

I had a Tracfone flipfone before this, and the difference is huge. I'm using so little data the cost is barely worth worrying about, maybe a few bucks a month. The smartphone is a better phone. I use it in speaker mode and hold it in front of me.

If you want a phone with a lot of functionality on the web, the premium stuff is the way to go. If you want a lot of apps, this phone will bog down. But this phone is much smaller than a premium smartphone, so it really is more of a phone with advanced data features. You'll still have music to listen to. I've read Kindle books. If you put 10 gigs of music on the SD card, it will slow the start up, adding at least 5 minutes.

Updated May 9, 2014
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161 of 166 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Very nice phone despite Tracfone's new cost of texting., February 3, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: LG Optimus Dynamic II - LG39C - Android Prepaid Phone with Triple Minutes (Tracfone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
Purchased this phone for my wife to replace her LG800. Although a good phone, she'd had enough of the tiny screen and keyboard.

Phone arrived and it looks great. Entire face, even over bottom nav buttons is glass, feels solid, high quality and graphics look crisp and vivid (especially compared to old phone.) UI feels snappy. Was nicer than I had expected for the price. Charged it up with the included cable, and using tracfone's site was able to activate this phone and transfer old number and her 2000+ minutes over without problem. Set up home wifi - browsing the web and adding new apps was very easy and looked great. Wifi reception was good throughout the house. Websites render nice on the included chrome browser (you can also add Firefox from the google play store if you want.)

At this point though, we realized texting and voice was not working. All attempts to troubleshoot failed. Ended up having to open a ticket with tracfone and within 3 hours we received a call from a support agent. After a few minutes of back and forth, the issue was fixed on their end and texts started rolling in. All was working well. One thing to remember is that at home, work, etc, wifi will provide you with free data, but voice and txts will still use your phone's minutes.

Due to the android OS, the phone is very customizable and simple to figure out. Comes installed with few gigs of internal storage and another 4GB microSD Card pre-installed that you can replace with a larger if you wish. The camera is so-so. Better than the LG800 but still pretty low end. Outside use results are good but indoor is grainy and dark - there is no flash and it is only 3mp. Phone battery life seems good.

One short thing: You must add a "Your Account" app from the play store to be able to check your minutes, etc on phone. It doesn't work too well for us. The two app tabs show different information and tracphone feels the need to send several duplicate txts as a follow up with the same info eating up your store of texts. At this point, it works much better to just check your info on their website.

Overall it was a good purchase for my wife's needs. She is able to significantly upgrade for a low price and keep her minutes and 10 months left on account. Besides what seems to be growing pains in Tracfone's adoption of these Android phones (trouble with the app widget and issues getting the voice and sms to work) this phone was a good purchase.

Now my reason for removing one star from this phone: Tracfone's new minutes plan, and specifically the cost of each sms txt message. The old phones used one meter for voice and texts. The plan for these Android phones uses 3 separate tanks for voice, texts, and data. Sounds good on the surface, but the cost of sending a sms message used to be .33 minutes. Now it is a full minute. Since the carrot these phones advertise is triple minutes, your one-year 400 minute card will give you 1200 texts a year. This averages to 3.25 texts a day. For most of us who text more than voice, this isn't going to work. My own tracfone is up for renewal in 44 days and also want to go android (also currently have LG800). When txts cost .33, a year card lasted all year for me. Now I'd have to buy two - twice as much $$ for tracfone. Understand why they changed the plan this way, but it will likely send me to another provider. Yes, there are a few other very good options for no-contract phones if you search around.

So since everyone's personal use is different, if my last gripe doesn't have an effect on your typical usage, this phone is a great option for the price.


2\13\14 Update: Read a few places that the case for the LG Optimus L4 II / E440 would also fit this phone. Unfortunately, while the camera and all the buttons do line up, the case is a little big. We purchased one of the gel snap-ons for like $3.00, so no big deal. Phone snaps in ok but slides around. Still looking for a case. I'm sure soon they'll be out if not already. I'll upload a pic.
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231 of 251 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Do not buy unless you are in Verizon's Home Network, February 28, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: LG Optimus Dynamic II - LG39C - Android Prepaid Phone with Triple Minutes (Tracfone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
Please keep in mind my review is more geared towards Tracfone service with this phone, and not a review of the phone itself.

I'm a 7 year user of traditional (non-smart) Tracfones. I decided now that Tracfone is offering Android devices, and after punching my zipcode into their website, it was determined they would work in my area, so I decided it was time for an upgrade.

After receiving my phone, I followed the directions to transfer my number, my old phone quit working, then it came time to activate my new phone. It would not activate using the instructions of calling *22890. When calling that number it stated "this call cannot be completed as dialed".

I called Tracfone support and after several hours of powering phone off, do this, do that, it was determined the phone must be defective. So I returned it to Amazon, and purchased another model Android phone. After receiving this phone, it would still not activate, and spent a couple more hours on the phone with elevated tech support.

Now, I'm finally at Level 3 support, and they have a carrier network engineer (for Verizon, since that is the service these phones operate) on the other end. I was told drive a few miles from my home zip code, activate it, then all would be good.

I proceeded to do this, and after returning to my home zip code, I could receive calls, but when making calls, all I got was a message "please re-enter the phone number and do not press send". I had to do this for every outgoing number.

After researching further online, and no help from Tracfone support, I found out I'm living in a area that Verizon does not consider a "home network". But still showed me as having service in their extended network.

So to sum all this up, unless you live in the Verizon "Home Network", you will not be able to activate your phone, and if you do travel to an area to activate it, and return home, it will be extra steps to make outbound calls because you are essentially roaming on someone else cell towers.
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58 of 61 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best Tracfone without a doubt, February 19, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: LG Optimus Dynamic II - LG39C - Android Prepaid Phone with Triple Minutes (Tracfone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
Before buying the LG39C, I was going to buy the ZTE Valet. But the mixed reviews about the poor wifi that plagued the ZTE led me to this phone. Luckily, the wifi is much better on this and well worth the extra $50. The added screen size makes the phone comparable with a lot of the large phones that android runs on. Speaking of Android, the phone runs an LG version of Android 4.1.2 Jellybean, which is only one Android version away from the latest Android KitKat.

Being pampered by my quad-core overclocked tablet, the phone was a step down in performance, but the small resolution helped make up for the lack of rendering power. Benchmarks from Antutu never rose above 5000, despite some kernel tweaks. The phone was VERY easy to root and xposed framework works well if that interests anyone. That's another thing that puts the LG39 above the ZTE Valet.

The battery life is subpar in my opinion. Despite my wakelock monitoring, I can't seem to get the phone to stop draining battery. Overnight, it drained about 40%, so keeping it off or plugged in seems necessary. The screen is bright enough the see in the sunlight and dark enough to watch at night. LG's brightness slider is very useful in the place it is.

One of the annoying things about holding the phone is that there is nothing to hold onto. The plastic backing slips right out of your hand, and holding the edges may cause some accidental presses on the attractive, but small bezel. The buttons in the bottom really should have been backlit, but after using it for a few days, I have memorized their locations anyways.

The phone only has 512MB of RAM, which presents a problem for many apps. Don't expect to by playing 3D apps with no lag. I strongly suggest installing the app "Greenify". Unlike regular task killers which kill apps and then let them start up again, Greenify kills the app, and then keeps it suspended until the next time it is started up. It can be run without root, but works best with. Most 2D apps will work fine and smoothly.

Personally, I'm not a fan of all the LG apps, so I replaced them with the stock Android (nexus) versions. These apps included the Gallery, Camera, Browser, Calculator, Keyboard, etc. The camera quality was OK outdoors, but indoors it got increasingly grainy as the amount of light decreased. Three megapixels isn't a lot, but it is enough for Facebook or twitter. The LG keyboard is missing gesture input, so the Google Keyboard from the Play Store was one of the first few apps to install.

One important thing is to keep Data off unless it is needed. You can watch your data usage in the settings under "Mobile Data". Just leaving data in for an hour can result in many units being used because of things like email syncing or apps updating. Restrict as many apps from using background mobile data as possible. The Data is only 3G speed, so it won't go very fast, but prolonged use will be expensive.

The Tracfone app actually works on this phone. By works, I mean the bare minimum of working. The only good thing it does is send a free text that gives you the amount of minutes, texts, and data you have left. The app and widget itself often fail to update when you add units even though they have been added you your account and reflect the balance that is sent via text. Because of the new units system, using an app to text over WiFi may be beneficial to some people. As always, data, texts, and minutes carry over from each card entered.

Another thing to remember is to move apps to the SD card often. You can do that by clicking on an App in settings and pressing "Move to SD card". The internal storage is only 1.7 GB free, and that will fill up quickly. You are given a 4GB SD card, so use it wisely.

Overall, the phone itself is very good. Google's project butter has increased the speed of the phone to stand up to the very expensive multicore models. I have not had any major problems with it, and most problems I have had were fixed after I rooted it and brought it up to speed.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Currently the best TracFone branded Android you can get - I like it!, February 21, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: LG Optimus Dynamic II - LG39C - Android Prepaid Phone with Triple Minutes (Tracfone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
First off, I like the Dynamic II a lot - I definitely recommend it. Secondly, keep in mind it's a sub $100 phone so it's not going to run 500 apps at the same time or have a super duper high resolution screen. Its specs are just fine and pair well with TracFone's pay as you go Android rates.

- 3.8" screen is large enough, yet compact and is nice enough
- Android 4.1 out of the box (no need to root or flash custom ROMs)
- EXCELLENT WiFi performance
- Good quality and loud speaker
- Decent battery life
- Good onboard storage, plus included 4GB microSD

- Slippery housing, hard to find cases
- 4:3 aspect screen makes the phone short and wide
- 3MP camera is fixed focus, and no flash (so no barcode scanning or mobile deposit)
- 1GHz single-core CPU and 512MB ram is a bit barebones, but sufficient
- No auto brightness

Initial impressions:
I like it. For $99, I feel it's worth the money. The 4:3 aspect screen is a bit weird for a phone, I prefer 16:9. 4:3 is basically wider and shorter (think more like a square) while 16:9 is longer and narrower, like a rectangle - 16:9 is what most all phones are these days. A larger screen would definitely be helpful, but 3.8" is fine. The Dynamic II's resolution is a bit low so some text/pictures may look a little rough around the edges, but still very usable.

I know some are concerned that the single core 1GHz CPU and 512MB of RAM will be a huge downgrade from say, the Droid X2 which is dual-core. Honestly, I feel that the Dynamic II is more responsive. I have a feeling that may be Android 4.1 being more efficient with its resources than 2.3 on my X2. It is no speed demon but I'm happy. Runs my usuals just fine - Instagram, HoFo, TuneIn Pro, Dropbox, WordFeud etc.

Very good. WiFi reception is exceptional. It's the best out of all my phones, including my $600 LG G2. I've read numerous times that the TracFone ZTE Valet Android phone has terrible WiFi reception, which to me is a deal breaker because you'll want to be on WiFi whenever possible to save on your mobile data - having crappy WiFi can make that difficult. Verizon (the underlying network TracFone uses for this phone) is excellent in my area so I didn't expect any problems with call quality and haven't had any. Do note that data speeds and reception will vary depending on your particular area. Ask friends/family on Verizon how their service is before purchasing this phone to get an idea of how well it will work.

Battery life could always use improvement but I find it will last two days with light use - one day of heavy use. It has a bunch of the little features my G2 has, like pop-up notification for messages (when you're in another app) and QuickMemo. You will HAVE TO memorize which capacitive button is where if you will use the phone in the dark. They are not backlit (huge mistake by LG) so it's impossible to see in the dark. They are reflective so during most everyday use, you'll be able to see them.

Any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. I've had TracFone for almost 15 years, back when it was $20 for 30 minutes - ha! My needs have changed so I use an iPhone 5S and LG G2 on T-Mobile, but I have kept my always-reliable TracFone service as an extra line.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Really impressed with my first Tracfone Smartphone, March 29, 2014
Wallet Boy (Gaithersburg, MD USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: LG Optimus Dynamic II - LG39C - Android Prepaid Phone with Triple Minutes (Tracfone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
This is my first foray into Tracfone's smartphones, and of the four Android phones currently on offer with Tracfone, I think I chose wisely.

I've had an iPod Touch for years, so I'm used to a lot of smartphone features, but this phone still surprised me. Here are some advantages and tips about this phone that others may want to know before they buy.

- It has a modern version of the Android operating system. I love that I can touch the microphone on the main screen and say things like "how do I get to the nearest eyeglass store" or "what is the weather going to be like tomorrow in _____" and it tells me instantly. I love this.
- GPS works and does not have to use your Data plan: I like to tell the phone where I want to go while on Wifi, before I leave the house. I then start the navigation, keep my Data off, and GPS navigates me to my destination without using any MBs. Terrific.
- Wifi signal is strong. I have a 3 story townhouse and it works on all 3 levels.
- The ability to turn off background functionality on apps so as not to use much Data while on the road. I've instructed everything except my messaging services to use foreground data only. In other words, things I enter directly or specifically ask of my phone while out of range of Wifi. All other updates only happen when I am near Wifi, and the settings let me control all of that. By doing so, the phone has only used about 1MB of data that could not be specifically attributed to something I did in the foreground, in the 3 days I have had it. So background updates and checks using the Data plan can be held to a minimum.
- If you already have a Google account, you are going to be racing out of the gate as soon as you get this phone. I put in my Google password, and it brought in all of my contacts effortlessly, all of my music from Google Play can be streamed, and my email and YouTube account were up and running in seconds. Fantastic!
- It has bluetooth, and I paired it to my car stereo in 30 seconds. It imported all of my contacts to the stereo, and I am calling people hands free.
- The battery is fairly impressive - I have been playing with it off and on for the last few days and had to charge it after 2 days of use. I've heard many people have to charge smartphones every day so it was nice that it retained much of its battery overnight and while I was out of the house with it.

I am really impressed that I get to do all this and continue to pay the $8 a month that I paid with my flip-phone. It's amazing. I hope the phone lasts for a while because it is off to a great start.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Surprisingly Excellent Phone!, May 17, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: LG Optimus Dynamic II - LG39C - Android Prepaid Phone with Triple Minutes (Tracfone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
If I had had money to burn I would have gotten the biggest, baddest phone ever. I would have loved a state-of-the-camera and all the fancy stuff.

Now to reality. I am a Tracfone user. I cannot see paying huge monthly bills and in fact cancelled ATT years ago. A while back a friend gave me his old Iphone 3GS and I used it as a mini tablet and had a blast. I learned what these devices could do and wished I could use it as a phone as well, but would not pay $100.00 plus per month for the priviledge. I did end up buying a Nook HD+ on huge sale and I am using it now to write this review. But I have missed having a camera on it and it has no 3G connection.

Enter Tracfone Androids. I was tickled when they started offering Android phones, but each phone seemed to have problems according to user reviews. Finally the LG Optimus Dynamic II came out. Its Operating System was a little newer, the screen was a little bigger, the camera was still crummy but I still refuse to spend hundreds on a phone. I looked into CDMA phones for the BYOP program, but couldn't find anything new that appealed to me. So I took a deep breath and ordered the LG39C.

I am thrilled with this phone! The touch screen is responsive and fast. It does not have the dead pixels that the Iphone and the Nook HD+ have. The screen is bigger than the Iphone, but small enough that the lack of resolution is not a big issue. The voice quality is excellent here in Southern CA. The more I use it and learn how it works, the more pleased I am with it.

I put in a 32G microsd card and I move all the apps I can to that. This keeps the system from being bogged down. I am not a gamer so I can't address that. I have added the following apps to boost the functionality of this phone: barcode readers--pic2shop and HP Code Scan (they make up for the fixed focus camera and allow you to actually read barcodes with this phone); EBook Droid to read PDF files. I may add Adobe Reader also--just because--these apps work well and the EBook Droid is faster than Adobe actually; MX Player to play Flash Videos--still have to test that one but it gets good reviews; Gospel Library--excellent app for us Sunday School teachers and for scripture reading and research in general; the Weather Channel--not sure if I really need that but it works; ES File Explorer because it has been helpful on my Nook. The Tracfone app--My Account Downloader doesn't work. I just get an error message. There's a widget that appeared at the top of one of my screens that I click on that downloads this information, but I think it's loopy too, because it says I have 3 million plus text messages remaining? It's humorous really. So I haven't figured out a good way to check those yet. You can just go online to get that info and on wifi it's free. If anyone has an app killer they really like, please let me know. So far I am only reading mixed reviews.

To update and clarify, the Tracfone app you get from the Google Play Store does work. It's the one that comes pre-installed on the LG39C that doesn't work--at least for me. The widget still confuses me. I think the number beside the "minutes" label is a phone number, but I'm not sure. I am new to this phone.

The wifi connects faster than my Nook and the 3G connection is just fine. I turn off my data by swiping my stylus from the top right of the screen down. There are plenty of controls there where you can turn on and off your wifi, data, gps, bluetooth. The bluetooth is excellent as well. It pairs very easily with other devices. It's also lovely to have GPS built into the phone. As other reviewers have said, it is a good idea to turn off the connections you don't need to save the battery and to make sure you don't use up your data MB's.

Since I have never had an upscale phone or a "popular" tablet, I can't compare this phone to such devices. However, the touch screen works better than the old Iphone and I find it more pleasant to use. I have a DSLR so I would never expect a phone camera to have the autofocus speed or the low light capability of a stand-alone camera. My old camera can do things these phone cameras simply cannot do because their sensors are too small, although I know technology is advancing.

Another edit and addition: There are cases and screen protectors that fit this phone perfectly. The Illumishield works fine. And as for the case, I got the one with the silly owl on it from Cellular Outfitter on Amazon. Okay. I was in a goofy mood and I decided to not be conservative for a change. I like the case and now my groovey phone is protected. You even get a midget stylus that connects to the microphone jack. Pretty cool. I love toys.

I guess that's it for now. Hope this helps someone. I really like this phone and I'm glad I bought it.
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4.0 out of 5 stars My favorite Tracfone, May 11, 2014
This review is from: LG Optimus Dynamic II - LG39C - Android Prepaid Phone with Triple Minutes (Tracfone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
This is my favorite Tracfone ever. Finally a real smartphone that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I bought two, one for me and one for my wife, and even my wife is happy (and she is hard to please).

I've been using Tracfone for years to save money, and have saved thousands of dollars doing so. I finally decided to bite the bullet and get a real smartphone and this seemed to get the best reviews out of the currently available smartphones from Tracfone. Previously I had the LG 840G.

There's a lot of information in the other reviews, so I just want to go over things that stand out for me or that I think would be especially helpful to people reading this review.

* THIS IS A LOW END ANDROID UNIT. It is reasonably fast doing basic things, but large, bloated, and inefficient apps and web browsing can bog it down. It only has a single core processor, which is low-end tech in this day and age. If you expect a low-end smartphone then you probably won't be disappointed.

* Unfortunately the camera has trouble "scanning" UPC codes. It can't seem to focus close enough to get a good image because it has a fixed focus lens (no auto-focus). This was one of my bigger disappointments. I was able to scan some larger bar codes though, so it does work for those, but it's not as easy as I was hoping it would be. I was hoping to use the scanning feature of the Amazon app to scan bar codes when I'm out shopping to pull up prices and reviews but it looks like this won't be possible.

* Fortunately scanning QR codes seems to work better. I recommend downloading "QR Droid" from the Play Store. It will tell you that scanning bar codes are not supported for this phone due to this phone not supporting auto-focus... but fortunately it will scan QR codes.

* Transferring my service days and minutes from my previous Tracfone was easy and quick using the website. Just make sure you use the right option if you're upgrading from another Tracfone - which is to transfer your number from one Tracfone to another Tracfone... and of course, follow all the directions carefully.

* One of the first apps you may want to get from the Google Play Store is the "TracFone My Account" app that will tell you how many minutes, texts, and MB of data you have left. I also added its widget to one of my home screens. The widget will easily show how many minutes, texts, and MB you have left and you can press the widget's "UPDATE BALANCE" button then wait a bit for a text to come in with your latest balance info.

* The screen size is nice, but the resolution is "low end" at 320x480 (it's certainly no "retina" display) but otherwise quality is good.

* I've had no issues with the WiFi. It works well.

* The buttons below the screen are not backlit... but it's not that big of a deal when you get used to it and know where they are from memory.

* I don't like the separate accounting for talking minutes and for texts. I think the separate accounting for data makes sense, but it would have been nice (and simpler) if they kept the voice minutes and texting together instead of separating them out.

* I like the Google keyboard better so I downloaded it to replace the included LG keyboard. It seems a little faster too.

* I like the easy access to important options - by swiping down from the top. You can quickly block or unblock 3G data usage, as well as do a lot of other things like adjust brightness and control features like Bluetooth, WiFi, airplane mode, sound (silent or vibrate), etc.

* It only has 512MB RAM and 2GB internal memory, but it comes with a 4GB card and is expandable to 32GB (by removing the 4GB card and replacing it with a 32GB card). 2GB should be fine for a few basic apps. If you need a lot of apps or some big ones, you may be able to move a lot of stuff to the SD card if you go to settings, pull up the app, and select the option to move it.

* I am finding that I have to watch the battery charge on this phone more than my previous phone... the battery doesn't seem to last as long, and since it's a smartphone, you may find yourself using it a lot more which will require more charging.

* BE CAREFUL! This phone may make you want a higher end phone. I wish I could have a Galaxy S3 or better.... but I can't justify the additional $$$ it would cost, especially for the service.

* Check certain online shopping stores that start with "Q" and end with "VC" for deals. I paid about $130 for mine (+ shipping), but that came with some accessories and a lot of airtime (a year)... someone who doesn't use their phone that much might get the phone plus an entire year of service for that price. Where else can you get a real smartphone with a year of service for $130 plus shipping?

I'll update this review with more as things come up.

Overall 4 stars, but I did consider giving it 5 (and I still might but the lack of barcode scan capability stops me).. it is a very good phone for the money even though it does bog down with some stuff.

UPDATE 2014-06-22: I had been thinking about raising my rating to 5 stars but the phone seems too slow for that so I'm going to keep my rating at 4 stars... it's still a good price for what you get but the phone is limited for "practical use" due to its low-end speed & RAM.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Good smartphone, GREAT value!!, July 13, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: LG Optimus Dynamic II - LG39C - Android Prepaid Phone with Triple Minutes (Tracfone) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
I normally don't post any product reviews but I have been so pleased with this TracFone smartphone that I thought I should let others know. I'm a long time TracFone customer with like 36 hours of talk time saved up through the years. My wife and I both have TracFones and are on their Family Plan so we pay a total of about $20 a month for 2 phones and each get over 2 hours of talk time each month. Our lives don't revolve around our cellphones but we do each make a couple calls and send a few text messages each day. We both bought the LG Optimus Dynamic II about a month ago and couldn't be happier with them. We saved a total of $80 by buying them off Amazon instead of the TracFone website or at WalMart! I easily activated both phones via our landline phone by dialing TracFone's automated system and within an hour had our old numbers and minutes transferred to the new phones. These smartphones are perfect for my wife and I and make both texting and surfing the Internet a piece of cake! The screen is still two small for my fat fingers but we did buy a stylus for each phone to help texting and surfing the Internet. Now, it is easy to hook up to our WiFi at home and check Facebook, e-mails, and the weather radar! This phone will suggest words to you as you type words while texting which makes texting real easy now compared to our old LG800s. It hooks up to the Internet within 5 to 10 seconds without WiFi which is plenty quick for this 58 year old!! Overall, we've been tickled to death with this purchase and how easy these phones are to use!!
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