Customer Reviews: LG Optimus L9 P769, 4G (T-Mobile)
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on March 19, 2013
UPDATE: Last week, T-Mobile sent a patch to Android 4.1 Jellybean! I really like the subtle changes with 4.1, and the handset actually runs better with some apps. If you are on T-Mobile, be watching for it.

I have been living with the Optimus L9 for about 3 weeks, and so far I like it a lot. I have been a Samsung faithful for the last 3 handsets I've owned, so I was reluctant to give them up. I got the L9 sort of by accident (or at least unintentionally) when I was looking for a way to save money on my phone, and for when my contract was eligible for a new phone upgrade. I really wanted the Nexus 4, or Galaxy S2 or S3, but after I had gone through the different plan options and found the one that saved me the most money (you can't get a better deal for a wireless service than through T-Mobile), I found that those phones were more expensive than I could afford because I was on a Value Plan that you pay a down payment for a phone, then make payments on each bill. The rep suggested the L9 and said it was a really good phone, and I could get it basically for free with my plan, so I went for it, and now I'm glad I did.

The Optimus L9 is the upgrade to the Europe and Asia market L7 and the counterpart to the European and Asian L9 P760, which has a larger screen. The American-market L9 is the P769 only available on T-Mobile. The L9 is in a class by itself, a lot like the Exhibit 4G made by Samsung, which was also a budget mid-range device (I owned it and it's great). You could call the L9 the Optimus G's little cousin, but it has a ton of features that really don't belong on a sub-$100 phone. There are some impressive hardware specs here. Not the fastest or most cutting-edge, but good enough, and you can tell where LG cut corners to get the price down. There's no 8 megapixel camera, AMOLED high-res HD screen, quad-core processors, or exotic materials. What you get is in my opinion, the best budget phone out there. Period.

I like how it looks. It doesn't look like it's cheap. This is made by LG, and every LG handset I have owned has been top-notch in terms of build quality and ascetics. It is made entirely of plastic, but it's high quality with no creaks or gaps, looks really nice and feels very solid in the hand. The back is pretty bendy, but feels very sturdy and snaps back into place securely with no gaps. It isn't a small device, about 5" tall, 3" wide, but only .36" thick, not as thin as the GS3, but still impressively slim. It weighs under 5 ounces with the battery. It has a soft-touch battery cover with a texturing on it to make it easy to hold, and it has a chrome strip around the perimeter. The front is covered in Gorilla Glass 2 and is completely flush to the phone's frame. There are only 3 physical hardware buttons: the lock/unlock/power button, volume rocker/camera zoom, and home key, which is mounted flush with the glass. All the buttons feel very solid and don't require a lot of pressure to work, but enough so you don't accidentally push them. The large button functions as a "home" or task manager button with 2 capacitive soft keys for menus and return functions.

The software and hardware set of the L9 is impressive! It runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich v. 4.04 mixed with LG's UI and some add on's from T-Mobile, (which I didn't like). Everything is customizable and able to be personalized, menus, the lock screen, wallpapers, widgets, and home screens are all customizable, and all the menus and controls were easy to master. There will be a learning curve if you're coming from something like iOS or Android 2.2 or 2.3.6, but it's not hard to get the hang of it. The T-Mobile bloatware is extremely annoying. I was greeted by the Lookout app after every reboot and every app I downloaded. You can disable them, but you can't uninstall them. I really don't need things like T-Mobile TV, MediaHub, CMAS, Backup utilities, SmartShare, T-Mobile or LG's (I can't tell with) Smart Setup Wizard, T-Mobile Name ID (an optional paid subscription), Caller Tunes, Amazon, Bonus Apps, Chrome, Face Unlock, Contact Manager, GameBase, Google Play Music, Books, TV & Movies, Magazines, and Music, Google+, Lookout Security, More For Me, MobileLife, Social+, and Zynga. It really drove me a little crazy knowing I can't uninstall them without rooting the phone (and voiding the warranty). Messaging was a mixed bag. I am used to my Swipe keyboard and I fell in love with it, but was very disappointed with LG's version. It misspells words, grabs the wrong word, and often can't decide which word form to use, opting for a contraction other than a whole word. Very annoying when I need to text fast. Now I am back to mostly hunting-and-pecking like on my older Samsung phones.

The screen is a very nice capacitive 4.5" IPS LCD with qHD resolution of 960x540, 16 million colors, and 236 pixels per inch. Certainly not as good as the GS3, One S, or Note II, but for under $100 you won't get any better. The screen is responsive to my touches, very bright, and I was impressed with the viewing angles and how well it performed in sunlight. It is easily one of the brightest screens I've seen in a smartphone. The ppi might be a little low, but the fonts and pictures and icons looked great, nice and crisp. You could see pixels if you looked really close, but otherwise you couldn't. Inside there's a dual-core processor. It's a TI (yes, Texas Instruments) OMAP 4430 1 GHz with the ARM Cortex-A9 GPU. They are paired with 4 GB of internal memory, over half of which is preoccupied with the OS and preinstalled bloatware, so you actually get to use 1.8 GB of it for apps and things. On the plus, there's a MicroSD slot that will take a 32 GB card for expansion. The phone takes a micro-SIM card, and both the SIM and memory card are underneath the battery cover. I was really glad to see that the SD card is hot swappable (thanks T-Mobile).

For the camera you get a 5 megapixel unit with LED flash, plus a 1.3 MP front-facing camera. It records full HD 1080p video as well, not bad for a sub-$100 device! I am kind of picky about my handset cameras, and I found the camera to take pretty decent pictures overall. If you are switching from a basement 3.2 MP camera, you'll tell an immediate difference. You can definitely print these photos, and you'll be really happy with the results, but they aren't as refined as a comparable 5 MP Samsung camera on the Galaxy S line. Low light shots are very noisy and lack fine details that are present in shots in brighter conditions. The flash is a strobe-type LED that's decently bright and helps out indoor pictures, but outdoor shots in low light were still underexposed if your subject is more than 6 feet away. There is a decent assortment of photo tools and shooting modes to adjust to get the pictures how you want it, but not nearly as many as the Samsung or higher-end LG handset cameras. You can adjust things like white balance, ISO, exposure, color, image size (1, 3, 5 megapixels), image effects, shooting modes like portrait, sunset, panorama, and burst mode. There is also geo-tagging, smile shot, face detection, and a cool feature that snaps the picture when you say "cheese."

The camera has continuous auto focus, so it focuses when you pause on an object. The shooting performance is really good. From focus to preview takes about half a second. The camera definitely doesn't reflect it's price though and most everyone I know who has seen the pictures was really impressed. Video recording is also good. LG says 1080p at 24-30 FPS, and I concur that. The videos look pretty nice, way better than 720 or D1 found on cheaper handsets. You do get continuous autofocus, adjustable video resolution from VGA to full HD, and most of the same functions of the still camera like color effects, white balance, exposure, scene modes, and video effects called "live effects" like funny faces, and different backgrounds that were pretty neat. You can use the flash as a video light as well.

The battery is a 2150 MAh li-ion cell that you can remove and replace. I found to give pretty decent battery life. I got 2 days worth of using the web and calls before it was down to 10%.

Functionally, I was very impressed with the phone's performance. Even though it's "older" technology in the TI OMAP 4430 CPU and ARM Cortex-A9, it's definitely not low-end or slow. Even at 1 GHz, it's easily as fast as the 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 CPU in the Galaxy S2. I never had a problem with lagging, freezing, crashing, or choppiness when viewing web pages with Flash content, and scrolling as very smooth. I like to use my phone with mobile Bible apps like Logos, Faithlife, and YouVersion, which put stress on the phone when viewing pages full screen on a large screen, but I never experienced any issues. Google Maps and the Navigation used to really stall and trip my Exhibit up (even causing crashes), but not the L9! Web browsing with Dolphin was excellent, one of the best web experiences I've had with a phone. I was nothing short of impressed with the snappiness of this handset! The back did get warm under heavy CPU use though, but not enough to be alarming.

Call quality was excellent. Voices came in loud and clear and I never heard any complaints from callers. The audio performance was a little rough though as the speakerphone was very tinny and sharp sounding at high volume, which I will say is really loud. The same translated to movies and music as well, which hurt audio quality. Reception was also great on T-Mobile. I got good reception everywhere I went, even in dead-spots for other phones. For data connectivity, the L9 runs on T-Mobile's HSPA+ 4G network. However, you don't get access to the full 42 MBPS data rates you get with the Galaxy S, S2, HTC One S, and Galaxy S3. This phone runs on the "slower" 21 MBPS modem, but that's not a huge deal as I would get about 5-7 MBPS up and 1-4 MBPS down. Not blazing fast, but good enough for most every need I had. Not really a huge concern to me because I don't have a ton of apps, but because this has ICS, you can't move or save apps to the external memory. For some, the internal storage would get filled quickly and make installing new apps impossible. A patch to Jelly Bean would rectify this, but I can't see that happening any time soon, if ever.

So that's the L9. It's about as good as you can get for the price, something no other carrier can claim. The L9 was designed to fill an extremely important spot in T-Mobile's handset hierarchy, the space between the low-end, budget phones and the high-end flagship handsets. Their first venture into the gap was the Exhibit 4G, which I thought was pretty good. All of the flagship devices will set you back a pretty penny even with a 2-year subsidized contract, and are stupid-expensive when purchased off-contract ($600 and up). The L9 can be had for $80 on contract, $369 off, and is even more manageable when on a Value Plan. I pay less than $20 for both handsets on my monthly plan, and I will be able to upgrade in 20 months. I have no reservations saying the L9 will keep me happy for a couple years!


Android ICS with un-intrusive LG UI
Dual core CPU
Hot swappable expandable MicroSD storage
Removable battery
1 GB RAM, 4 GB internal storage
5 MP camera with flash
1080p video recording
Nice 4.5" qHD IPS screen
Gorilla Glass 2 front
Very high quality materials
Excellent build quality
Great call quality


Over 2 GB of internal storage occupied by the OS and bloatware
Lots of annoying bloatware that can't be removed
Can't save or move apps to SD card
Camera could be better
Battery life is only average
Horrible LG "swipe" keyboard

It's not perfect, and it's obvious that LG had to cut some corners to keep the price low. There's no 8 MP camera with lots of functions, high-end processor, 8 or 16 GB internal storage, or super-high resolution screen. The camera could be better, so could the data speeds, and the loudspeaker needs some work, but for what it is, I can't find a better handset out there. I'm a Samsung faithful and have always had Samsung handsets after a poor experience with my LG Viewty KU990, but I would chose this over the Galaxy S2 on the basis of value. I can confidently say that you won't find a better value for the dollar out there.
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on April 5, 2014
Given the price and performance of the LG Optimus L9 (model LG-P769), I would have loved this phone, save for one simple problem. Its internal memory, otherwise known as ROM, is, as you know, only 4GB. That wouldn't be so bad if you could offset that 4GB with a 32GB Sandisk card (for about $32 extra, or less). However, what you don't know, and can't know until/unless you actually have the phone in your hands and you actually log into your Google Play account to download an app, is that you, essentially, can't download any apps, because you have far less than 1 GB, depending on what apps come pre-loaded on your phone (mine has only 600 MB of truly-free available space). They operating system "says" you have 1.8GB of usable space, but, that comes pre-loaded with 600MB of what turns out to be non-removeable bload. Note this very clearly, that 600 MB of pre-loaded applications can NOT be deleted. It can't even be moved to the 32-GB micro-sd card. It's there forever (save a jailbreak, which is the only way to make this phone usable). Nobody will tell you this ahead of time, so, mark my words and see for yourself if you already own this phone. You can not move or delete the pre-loaded apps (most of which are useless, and which are listed below). In a very short time, your remaining 600 MB of internal memory will be used up with apps, and, after that, you're stuck. It's a brick at that point. You can't download any new apps directly to the SD card, so, you're stuck. In summary, all the specs of the phone are for naught if you can't put apps on it. So, it's worthless. I'm going to use mine as a test case for my first jailbreak, and, if I brick it by mistake, there is no real loss, it's that worthless. The non-removable apps that T-Mobile preloads on this phone are provided to me, by T-Mobile, and are as follows:
411 & more
Application manager
Caller Tunes
File manager
Game Base
Google settings
Lookout Security
Play Books
Play Magazines
Play Movies & TV
Play Music
Play Store
Polaris Office 4
Slacker Radio
Smartphone Mobile Hotspot
T-Mobile My Account
T-Mobile Name ID
T-Mobile TV
Task Manager
Visual Voicemail
Voice Recorder
Voice Search
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on March 11, 2013
SUMMARY. I have owned the phone since 3/1/13 and it has exceeded my expectations. I paid for 200$ for it and I am not going to expect this phone to have features that 700$ phones have. This is the only phone that is both "Brand Name" and has 4.0 OS.

Link to Manufacturer site. [...]
-Light, Thin, Large dialing buttons, camera flash (could be life saver)


-Camera is okay at best. Once you learn to click and tell the camera what you want to focus on, the pictures improve.
-Physical (click click) HOME button. It is matter of time before dirt / water gets in there.
-LG and Tmobile have loaded it with crap / bloat ware. You can remove some things but not all. The phone is still not slow.

DETAILED FEEDBACK BY DATE. I would like to come back and update this as I learn more but no promises.

3/1/13 - I purchased this phone directly from tmobile's prepaid phone website for 200$. It meets the intial expecations. Large dialing buttons. 4.0 is stable OS and there is hardly anything missing as compared to 4.1.

UPDATE 4/15/13 .. All the initial feedback is still true.
Camera results are much improved once I learnt to be a little patient with it. The voice shutter function is not consistent. This could be a user error.

Few things I learnt.
Press power and home button together to do a quick screen capture.
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on January 20, 2013
I will briefly state the negatives and positives of this phone. In fact there are more positives then negatives.
Camera quality is so so. I rarely use it for taking professional photos.
Camcorder is ok. Don't expect clear image in low-light environment. Even the small built-in flash doesn't help. Outside in bright light is a different story. Still not the same quality of a dedicated camcorder.
Internet is fast. Battery...hmm... I think for a screen this size it is adequate.
The proximity sensor is something that I missed on my 2 other smartphones. Even the Galaxy S didn't have it which was very annoying when making phone calls.
Did I mention the customizable quick menu bar? This is nice in the new Cream Sandwich.
The negatives are:
A whole load of bloatware from both LG and T-mobile. Some can be deleted, with rest not so lucky.
The HOME button gets very frustrating when I have to press it 2 or 3 times to wake the phone. I don't know if it's a defect or a random glitch. But enough to cause a headache. The thing is, it doesn't always do it. Just random.
One other downside is the fact that to answer a call one must perform a sliding movement on the screen instead of just tapping the ANSWER button/icon. With time this can get nerve-breaking. On the Galaxy S and many other phones a simple tap on that icon connects the call.
And probably the greatest disadvantage is the sound. I am not saying it's not loud enough, in this regards it's average =ok. But when listening to music the sound feels empty. It does not have the lows and the bass is mediocre.
I put my Sony Ericsson next to the LG L9 and started playing various same songs at the same time to hear the difference. The Ericsson had a full deeper and more pleasant sound and properly balanced. The LG was a disappointment. And I really count on a phone's sound for music as I use the music player more than any other application.
Truly LG hit the hard bottom with its sound quality. Sony and Samsung surpass it in this field.
But going back to my statement. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages so I still love the phone.
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on November 8, 2013
I wish there was a way to make sure everyone who was written a bad review on this product reads this post, specially Mr. Ryan Sondalle whom I believe is the most genuine reviewer from what I've read (You have a hardware problem, particular only to you. Has nothing to do with the 4.1.2 update).

This phone is magnificent. Out of the box there was one thing that made me uncomfortable and was the fact that it's too light for my used-to-carry-a-BBBold 9930 hands. This of course are great news for some people, therefore I'm not considering it to be a reason to take a star off my review. Very light, slim and comfortable build. When I actually bought it, there was a sale event at TMo and I got it for $100. i immediately bought a screen protector and a rubber case, which have made the phone to stay in mint conditions.

This phone is Wi-Fi calling enabled, this means that whenever you are connected to a WiFi network, your phone will disconnect from the TMO network and all your communication will go through the internet instead of the antennas. Now TMo has unlimited calls and texts, so this won't represent any savings in those areas, but the high-speed data is not unlimited, and the fact that you get "unplugged" from the TMo network assures that not a single little byte will get out of your monthly data plan.

If that was it, it'd be enough for most people. There's more. WiFi calling enables you to use your phone outside of the United States AS IF you were in American soil as long as you are connected to a WiFi network. The moment I proved this was possible, I jumped into and bought two more of this phones. See, the core of my family lives outside of the US, and for years I've had to pay for services like Vonage or MagicJack, even Google Voice, and to realize that I could get rid of all those services by adding a line to my TMo plan for just $10 left me speechless.

This phone may not have the best features, it may come packed with lots of bloatware (carrier apps, pre-installed and not easily removable), but I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a low-cost solution. It also takes very decent pictures.

The reason why this phone is getting 4 starts instead of 5 is the low internal storage. For someone who exchanges a lot of media content with friends or likes to install all sort of games and apps, this phone will get packed up real quick. I've had to clean up my phone multiple times. I'm now left with the essential apps, and I clean up my phone in a regular basis. There are ways of getting around this problem, but it's not easy.

In response to Alexander, a review from three days ago, the word "unlocked" is not used anywhere in the description of the product. But, if you are a TMo customer, you can request the unlock code and then you'll be free to use it in another network.

I respect the opinion of everyone who's leaving bad reviews, but for those who are looking into buying a new phone I can vouch for this one.
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on August 16, 2013
For a no contract phone, this is one of the best for the money. For $179 you get a phone that basically has the same features as the $650 phone such as the HTC One or Galaxy S4. Sure, the resolution of the screen isn't as good nor is the camera but from a FUNCTIONAL point of view it's on par. You can play Angry Birds or Candy Crush, tweet or update your facebook status just like any of the big boy phones. The camera is 5 megapixels, which is on par with the iPhone 4, and back in its day, the iPhone 4 had a nice camera. The camera on this phone is more than you need to take pictures of food that you will later post on Instagram, and the front facing camera is good enough to go wild on taking "selfies"

It has a dual core 1ghz processor, which makes everything very fast. The UI is silky smooth running jellybean. I'm a huge geek with gadgets and I can tell you right now that NOBODY needs a quad core processor. What do you hope to accomplish with that much speed and power? If you want to play xbox quality games, get an xbox. If you want professional camera shots, buy a camera.

For prepaid fans, this is hands down the best phone to get. Out of the box, you can run Platinumtel or Simple Mobile, or any of the MVNO's that support T-Mobile networks. For people that want AT&T prepaid services such as H2O Wireless, this phone can be easily unlocked. Call T-Mobile and they give you the unlocking code and instructions. I'm personally running H2O Wireless because AT&T has better service in my area than T-Mobile and the HSPA+ speed is phenomenal.

For people who want to root their phones, they have a very easy method, just google LGPwn.apk.

Pros: Very thin, light, and gorgeous screen. Fast UI. Easily unlocked. SD Card slot. Basically all you need in a smartphone unless you want the gimmicky features of the higher end phones for 500 bux more.

Cons: External speaker for watching movies or listening to music is very low and tinny. Use headphone. 4GB internal memory is a huge bummer as you can only install apps to that 4GB, the SD Card can only be used for media files such as music and movies. The 4GB is used for the actual apps. There's probably a way through it but I don't know as of right now. Also make sure you turn off background data or you will eat through your data plan just by having the phone turned on. That's an issue with all android phones. This phone also runs very hot from doing anything, but maybe it is because it is very thin and I don't have a cover case like I do on my iphone 4s, which probably gets hot as well. Tons of bloatware from t-mobile is everywhere on this phone. Root it to remove the junk.

Overall: Best phone for the money. $179 no contract and it can work on AT&T. AT&T no contract phones CAN work on T-Mobile but you will be stuck on EDGE unless your area was refarmed to use 1900mhz but T-Mobile phones will run on AT&T no problem. It has its problems like all android phones inherently have but the price point is unbeatable.

The only other unlocked phone I would consider is the BLU LIFE PLAY sold on amazon as well but it is $229.
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on April 12, 2013
I finally had to get my own phone and plan after having a work provided phone for years. I was very interested in trying a T Mobile monthly plan, since it was attractively priced and wanted a true "smartphone" without the financial commitment of buying an unlocked I Phone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III (both of which looked like pretty great products). This phone was an obvious answer after looking at options, using a pretty advanced Android system and having a nice range of features for a novice user.

I have not been disappointed. The phone has been easy to use and budget friendly. It is NOT truly unlocked, as I could not just slip in a foreign carriers SIM card on a recent trip to Asia. The phone also provides wifi tethering (for a fee) which is useful when I commute and bring along my laptop or I Pad. The negative comments about the camera and internal speaker are justified, but I still believe a phone camera is an emergency solution and not an alternate for a real camera. If you are interested in trying out a budget T Mobile plan this phone is a good choice.
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on June 17, 2013
I have enjoyed the last few weeks with my LG Optimus 9 very much (once T-MO resolved issues on their side, but that's not the phone's fault). It seems very responsive, I have never noticed any lag at all. 4G speeds seem decent enough and it flies on wifi. The screen is a thing a beauty. Battery life is about a day which is what I expected from these types of smart phones.
My wife got a Galaxy S4, and while I can tell it is faster and has more bells and whistles.... is it $500 better? NOPE.

Some things I have noticed that do not detract from my experience, just things I wonder about...

Once the phone turned itself off for no reason, and I had to remove and reseat the battery to get it to come back up. No idea why, had 50% or so of battery left. Strange.

The touch screen doesn't like sweaty hands, I doubt this is a problem exclusive to the L9, just touchscreens in general. I was outside all day in the Texas summer heat the other day and someone called me.... I couldn't get it to register my finger swipe to answer the call, my finger was too sweaty. I had to find a dry spot on me to wipe it off (my sock was the only thing I was wearing that wasn't soaked to the bone) then call the person back. Maybe there is another way to answer a call I don't know about.

The screen is really hard to see in direct sunlight, but then again so is my wife's GS4, our previous phones (optimus M and Galaxy S) and just about every cell phone I have owned in the last 10 years that uses an LCD screen. This is more of a gripe of LCD touchscreens in general, maybe someday they will come up with one you can see outside.

The speakerphone at max volume sounds very echo-y if you are holding the phone. If you put it down on a flat surface it sounds better. Knocking down the volume a notch or 2 takes care of it.

All in all I am very happy with it, and it was $500 cheaper than my wife's GS4. Winning!
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on April 12, 2013
I'd been thinking about jumping ship and switching to a no contract deal for almost a year and when my HTC Evo Shift just bit the dust and refused to turn on ever again, I figured this was the universe's way of saying "NOW IS THE TIME!"

So I went to a store and checked out all the phones, chose the Optimus L9, ordered it here and the rest is pretty much history. I did go into the store since I didn't see anything about bringing your existing number with you and it took them less than 15 minutes to get me all set up and ready to go. The phone started working with my number within two hours.

I haven't loved a phone this much since I got my first Blackberry way back in another millenium. I paid around $800 for it and was amazed at what it could do. This isn't my first Android, touch screen, OR 4G phone, but so far it's my favorite phone for quite awhile.

It was simple to set up, easy to find accessories for, easy to use and I'm not having any problems with the service either. I love the wi-fi feature so it just uses the internet whenever I'm home and getting umlimited everything for $50 is awesome.

Since it's only been a little while, I know that it's still highly possible that I could end up hating this phone more than Satan himself (or my first REAL ex, you know? hate him a lot too)...but for now, I'm loving it.

I'll let you know if that changes. In the meantime, if you're stuck with a bill of over $100/mo. and are wondering if you should make the switch too, I say do it. Do it.
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on August 17, 2013
I bought this as T-mobile wants $240 for the same phone. It arrived brand new in the T-mobile box, with all manuals, a micro SIM card (so you don't need to buy or cut down one), charger and cable. I took it to a local T-mobile shop with a micro SD card I had from my previous phone and they quickly fired it up and switched my phone number to it. I added the $10 for an extra 2Gb of data which also allows the wireless hotspot to be used.

-Size very thin and light, little wasted space around the screen.
-4G is quite fast though it varies depending on location. At home I get 12Mbps down and 6Mbps up. It's been as low as 1/6 of that various other places I've checked (using the app).
-The hotspot transfers every bit of that speed to a tablet signed in to it.
-Extremely good GPS. Better than any other phone I've had (tested using GPS Test app).
-Call clarity and controls are good.
-Screen is very clear and responsive.
-Bluetooth pairs quickly with no issues.

-Storage: 1.8G, lot's of bloatware that can't be removed.
-Speaker: Not very loud.

Neither Pro nor Con:
-Battery life. I can generally go a whole day without having to charge. It uses micro USB to charge so just keep spare cables in the vehicle and at work.

I'm very pleased with this purchase.
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