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on November 26, 2011
A lot of the reviews here criticize everything about the phone, some of these things i cannot deny, such as the pocket dialing, random screen freezes and shutdowns, and a primitive touch screen. BUT, i have owned this phone for 4 years now, and after watching phones evolve over time there are a few things that I absolutely love about the phone.

- One of the beast Non smart phones I can find (I don't pay any data fees, but I know peoples plans vary)
- The camera takes great photos and videos
- The BEST *physical* keyboard I have used on a phone
- Micro SD HC storage (I am using an 8 gb card)
- Touch screen is very convenient
- Apps that you will Actually use (calender, notepad, calculator, alarm clock, bluetooth)
- Physically durable to scratches and dents

As I said, I don't pay for data, and when looking for phones wanted one that had a decent camera, sd storage, and a qwerty keyboard, and an easy to use app system.

The Camera is a Schneider Lens with a 3.2 MP auto focus lens that takes 2048 X 1536 resolution still images and 640 X 480 video. For a non smart phone, the only camera I have seen better is that on the Sharp Kin 2. There are some fun settings to use for the camera but what i find most important is that you can record as long as you want with a micro sd card.

The keyboard was the selling point for me on this phone. I wanted a physical keyboard, and today's smartphones don't offer ones this size (the next closest is that of the motorola droid 3. The keys are raised, there is space in between every key, and you can feel as well as hear a physical click when you press the key. It is a 4 row keyboard including numbers, and as I said, this is the best keyboard i have found on a phone, I text blindly in class all the time without having to look at the keyboard.

The micro sd card slot is easy to access and and with storage the size of your sd card you can store music, movies, pictures and videos and easily transfer then to your computer.

Now personally, I use the touchscreen to access the apps I use (calender, alarm clock, a fantastic note pad, calculator, and music). It allows for an easy access to these functions, and i also use the screen to dial numbers and do basic functions if i can only use one hand. I use the front touchscreen to read texts, then open the phone, and a reply box automatically opens so I can easily respond with the full keyboard.

I typically open the phone up if i want to text someone, and all you have to do is start typing their name, your contact book goes to them, and you press a dedicated text button and get going easily!!!

I love the phone, its 2011 and I plan on buying another one because I dont need to spend money on the distractions that data plans have to offer for 30 dollars a month.

Hopefully you can see past the minor technical issues and unresponsive touchscreen and see the positives for the phone
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on March 1, 2012
I had this phone for 2 years, but switched to a stupid samsung intensity 2 over the summer because it was time for an update. I didn't want to waste the money for the data fee on a smart phone.
My new phone has been a piece of garbage since the day I got it. I was so close to tears when I walked into verizon and they said they stopped making the EnVtouch. I loved it so much that I wanted another one. I never had problems with the touch screen, I actually liked the sensitivity of it because I have long nails, so it was so perfect for me! It didn't fit into my skinny jeans very well, but the full flip up keyboard with the internal screen was awesome. The battery did start to die off quickly within about a year and a half... but it only costs $3 for a new one here on amazon. I am going to buy a new one and switch back as soon as possible!
One thing that I suggest to people who are having problems with this phone is that you should go into verizon every few months to get your phone updated. I only did this once through the time I had this phone, but once you get the "update" it starts to run like new again. If callibration is off on the touchscreen they can fix it at the store, or you could go into the settings menu and fix it yourself. All of this is free to have done at the store.
This phone has been amazing, I can't wait to switch back!
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on March 8, 2012
Most of the retailers on this site are selling used phones advertised as new. I personally have done business with one retailer, Cellphones-4u. The phone arrived in a Verizon box, unsealed, loosely floating in a plastic tray, not an LG box as it should have been. You could tell the wall charger was extremely used and subsequently, didn't work. Immediate RED flag. Called Verizon, gave them the MEID# that is located inside the battery compartment. The lady told me that the phone had been used on the separate accounts. So it spent most of it's life in shipment. Cellphones-4u keeps insisting that it is new from Verizon. He posted it under my bad review on their site. So, he is calling me and Verizon liars. In hindsight, I noticed that every bad review that was posted for Cellphones-4u, he had a reply that they were in essence, thieves or liars. Do your homework. When you receive your phone, call your service provider, give them the MEID# and find out if it is indeed a new phone. They are charging new price, make them provide what they advertise.
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on April 9, 2011
I had a Blackberry Pearl, then had to downgrade because the plan got too I went from the Blackberry to the POS Samsung Glyde...then when I nearly broke a window throwing that phone across the room, I decided to get the enV Touch. I was SO incredibly happy when I got this phone and it was the complete opposite of the piece of junk Samsung Glyde. I'm not sure why all the people who gave this phone a bad review got bad phones, but I never had any problems with mine whatsoever. No pocket/purse dials, the touch screen works like a dream, battery life...fine. I don't normally review things and a lot of people don't if they are happy with what they get, so maybe that's why there are more negative reviews than positive. I just felt the need to get another positive review on here.

It is a great phone for those who want to get that smartphone feel without the price. The only thing I missed from the Blackberry was getting my emails, but the touch screen definitely made up for that. I'm sure I'd still be using it happily if I was still with Verizon, but I passed it along to a friend who is also very happy with it.
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on March 8, 2012
For those of you who are having trouble with the LG Env Touch. Did you purchase them from Verizon or on Amazon from a third party retailer? My wife and daughter both hade one and they worked very well for 3 years. That is why I decided to purchase one for my granddaughter. One of Amazons retailers called Cellphones4-u was advertising BRAND NEW!!!! phones. I called the contact phone number to varify that they were BRAND NEW. The person I talked to assured me that they were. As I said before, my wife and daughter had these phones before. Their phones came in original LG packaging. Upon receiving the phone from Cellphones4-u, I opened the package to find that the phone was in a Verizon box, unsealed, loose in a plastic tray. Didn't put 2 and 2 together right away. Plugged the phone in with the wall charger and found that it wouldn't charge. There was enough of a charge on it that I could turn it on. Found that the touch screen was almost non-responsive. That's when the light bulb came on. I called Verizon and asked if they could tell me if this was indeed a new phone. The lady asked for the MEID# inside the battery compartment. I gave it to her and she proceeded to tell me that the phone had been on 3 separate accounts, starting in Feb. of 2010. I contacted Cellphones4-u and he insisted that it was new, even after I told him what I had found out. He had another sent to me via another retailer Mobile Hotshots, and it was the same thing. A used phone. I posted a negative review on his page and he is still insisting that the phones are new, in a rebuttal to my posting. The question still remains. Why would Verizon take the phones out of the LG packaging and put them in one of their own boxes? My point. If it wasn't in the original packaging maybe you didn't get a new phone. Causing you to have so much trouble.
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on February 2, 2012
I've had my Env Touch for over a yr. A lot of people complain about the screen coming unlocked when u put it in your pocket. I've never had a problem with it pocket dialing people. If you simply hit the side lock button twice, the screen goes black and it can't do anything while in your pocket! I just purchased my second phone today because out of my negligence, I broke the first one. The picture quality is great, it's light weight, simple and not too confusing. It could be a lil louder but who needs the whole world to know u got a text or call? The only time I've had a problem with this phone was when it needed a system update and it would shut off whenever i got online. It was a simple trip to the verizon store and a free update, problem solved! i'd recommend this phone to anyone
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on November 16, 2011
This is a very good phone for texting and taking and viewing pictures. I've had it for 3 years and might even get another one. No, it's not as cool as a smart phone, but I don't want that expense. The keyboard is easy to use for someone who might have large fingers. The font is as big as I can find, honestly, I can't find any fault with this phone.
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on March 26, 2014
I looked at reviews and videos of this phone compared to other phones before I ordered this one. I really loved how the EnV 3 and Octane has the QWERTY keyboard but I wanted an updated look with the touch screen. Phone shipped quick without any issues. The activation of the phone was fine and Verizon did not ask for a data plan. There were two issues I have with the phone: 1.) I ordered this phone as "new" but when I started customizing it, there was already another person's ringtones, recent calls, name card and contacts on the phone. I guess that means it was briefly used by another person. I didn't like having to fix that. 2.) I had to calibrate it a few times to get the touch to be accurate. This is not a sensitive touch screen like you would find in an iPhone or an Android, this is simply an LG. It's more like you have to "press" the buttons than touch. Even after a few calibrations, it is still not accurate, but it functions.
What I love about this phone is that there are four different ways you can text. So, if you're a text savvy person, this is great. You get the t9 on portrait, a QWERTY when you flip the phone, the qwerty keyboard when you open the phone, and on the touch screen there is a "pen" selection here you can draw the letters and numbers to text. I would love that feature IF the touch screen was more accurate.
Overall, the phone works great and is a good compromise between modern and dinosaur.

UPDATE September 14, 2014: I am furious with the touch screen. You cannot use the pen texting option easy. Dialing numbers on the front touch are annoying. I am usually just using the inside of the phone. After a while the phone starts to turn off on its own and sometimes freezes.
Currently looking for a new phone. Do not go with LG touch screens!
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on March 21, 2012
I had to replace a Voyager. It was a horrible phone. I don't want a data plan, but I like the touch screen with qwerty keyboards. It is slim and study. It is very similar to the Voyager, but the touch screen works much better. It is more streamlined than the Voyager as far as replying to messages. When I activated the phone online with Verizon, I was forced to get the $10 per month data plan. It's not required anymore, so all you have to do is call and they will cancel it. I wish I had waited a day or so and just had it prorated so I could get a few ringtones.

I like being able to transfer data from my phone to PC with a little SD card that came with my phone. This phone is perfect for my needs.
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on July 26, 2011
This was the first touch screen phone I purchased. I still have it today but only because I'm under contract with Verizon. The first few months I had it it worked great except for a few minor things like the screen cutting off. Then it got worse. My battery couldn't hold a charge within 4 months of the purchase. I literally was having to plug the phone in every 5 minutes. It was extremely annoying so I took it back to Verizon demanding an explanation. Which didn't help at all - their employees don't know the first thing about this phone! I ended up going back twice after the initial visit and eventually had the entire phone replaced. I'm 4 months away from an upgrade and let me just say that I cannot wait. This phone is a giant headache. The only reason I gave it two stars was because the graphics are great and the QWERTY keyboard is fun and easy to use, other than that don't even bother!
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