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on October 7, 2012
I needed a new washing machine and this one had good reviews. And it works well. What I was not expecting is to get any use from the 'steam' setting. This is an add-on to some of the cycles, where it uses small amounts of steam to enhance the cleaning. My nice towels had some dirt stains on them, which I had tried many ways of removing (by hand, rubbing in various types of detergents, laundry boosters, ...). Figuring it wouldn't hurt to try, I put these in and selected the steam setting. Noticeably improved! After a second wash with the steam setting, the stains were gone. I am amazed.

Most of the cycle lengths are a reasonable length of time, perhaps 45 minutes to an hour. There is a roughly 15 minute cycle that can be used to freshen up clothing. The steam cycle, though, takes a very long time - over 2 hours. It is worth it, but you can't be in a hurry when using it. I like to do that cycle first, since it takes longer than the dryer cycle requires.
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on November 26, 2012
The clothes came out cleaner than previous washers and really clean using the steam cycle. It has a speed wash cycle for small loads that only takes 15 minutes. Some cycles are long but worth it. Very automated even weighing the clothes and adjusting the time prior to washing. Uses extremely little water and very high spin cycle. LG has sent several e-mails explaining how to operate and care for the washer. The washer had an additional cardboard box that was added around the factory box so the washer arrived in perfect condition. Very happy with this washer and like the idea of getting it through Amazon.
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on January 12, 2014
We purchased an LG front-load washer online. It was delivered on 12/3/13. It quit working after 2 loads, showing a "dE" error message (supposedly a door/latch problem of some sort). The appliance serviceman sent to our house by LG made 4 unsuccessful attempts to fix it, over a span of about 4 weeks. He tried replacing both the latch (twice) and the door (twice). After this, LG wanted the service company to order still more parts for more repair attempts, but the service company finally called and told us to "call LG and tell them you want a new machine." We did, last week. After several days I called LG again. Nothing had happened, since they required an "official receipt" (proof of purchase), which wasn't mentioned in the previous call. The LG rep then said to allow 4-5 days for a resolution. Yesterday I called back and was told it takes 7 days for the claim investigation to be completed. So it's been 5 1/2 weeks since we've had a working washer, and only God knows when we'll have one again. Instead, we're treated to multiple trips to distant laundromats and picturesque, sky-high piles of unwashed clothes. And many fun hours on the phone, sending emails, and awaiting the repairman, who now seems like a member of the family.
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on March 28, 2013
I got this because my old top-loader was making my clothes pill... it was just too rough on them.

Things to know about front-loaders: it's best to leave the door open when not in use. It makes a really tight seal (obviously, so the water doesn't leak out when it's running) and will get mildew inside if you leave it closed. Since mine is in the basement, I leave it wide open, but there is a magnetic catch to have it just barely cracked open, if you have it in a smaller space. I also leave the top righthand drawer (for detergent and such) open for the same reason, although that may be overkill.

This uses a tiny, tiny amount of water, I am truly amazed... it also spins really thoroughly, so everything goes in the dryer on low now, and is done very quickly.

There is a steam cycle that helps with extra dirt and stains, and an allergeine cycle for people with allergies. It's reasonably quiet, and I have had no problems with it in the first month. Will post back if this changes.
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on May 30, 2013
We bought the LG Front Load two years ago - my husband's impulsive Black Friday purchase. Two years into it, here is what I can say:

1) The machine starts out by doing a test spin to determine the volume of laundry, and adjusts the water supply accordingly. However, there have been times when that machine was FULL, and it still showed only two bars for fullness (instead of three). Consequently, I have washed an entire load of clothing, only to take it out and discover that the clothing in the middle of the load was BONE DRY.

2) It leaks. It leaks little tiny river trails from the bottom of the lid. This can be annoying.

3) The spin cycle on it is RIDICULOUSLY unbalanced. We leveled the unit per the instructions, our floor is level, etc., but when the spin cycle kicks in, the entire house shakes. I've learned not to do laundry when we have people over, otherwise, our guests get scared thinking there is an earthquake.

4) Speaking of spin cycles - sometimes, for no apparent reason, it just doesn't drain all of the water. I guess that is why they have a separate "spin" you can put the setting on. The manufacturers must have known this happens.

5) This is the only washing machine I have ever owned that requires regular maintenance to keep it from getting gross. In no time at all, the inside rubber gasket rim gets full of gross crud, as does the inside of the clear lid. On a traditional top loader, I would have to clean the inside lid maybe once a year. On this thing, it really needs to be cleaned once a week or more.

6) Speaking of gross - don't make the mistake of leaving the lid closed when not in use. You will come home to a stink factory. This is particularly annoying, if, like me, you like your laundry room buttoned up and tidy. But nope, gotta keep that big old door hanging open. This leads me to wonder, if a simple closed door can breed so many organisms that the entire laundry room will smell, just how sanitary is the entire unit? You know, a unit designed to make things clean?

7) Speaking of clean - clothes come out OK, but not stellar. I was expecting stellar from all of the advertising LG had been doing on these machines. The only way for me to get clothes as clean as I prefer is to do a prewash, a stain cycle, and an extra rinse.

8) The large capacity is misleading. At full capacity, the clothes do not come out clean at all. At half capacity, the clothes come out okay.

9) Additional annoyances: The writing on the buttons started to flake off after about 6 months. Really, LG? Really? The cherry red coating on the plastic components (like the soap dispenser drawer) started melting off after about 6 months also, meaning each time I open that little drawer to pour in the laundry soap, my fingers get coated in red melted goo. Note: this drawer needs to be cleaned out regularly, too!

10) Positives: It looks nice with the red. The accompanying dryer is AWESOME and FAST.

11) Bottom Line: After noticing that my drain pan was full of water this morning, I just couldn't take it anymore. We are moving this set into the garage and buying a Kenmore or Maytag top loader set.
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on March 12, 2013
Love the machine. Love the features! Hate the modification to the laundry room to make it fit. LG did not take into account the necessary room to accommodate attaching hoses to back. They also neglected to include for the curved front that extends beyond the floor measurement. If we were renting we could not have done the necessary modifications to make it fit!
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on October 9, 2013
we bought this model almost 3 years ago..will not and I repeat will never buy another lg product. it was great for the first2-3months. it says on the front that it is true balance..yeah, more like true bounce...all over the place. its ok if you don't have to wash large loads or comforters..clothes do not come out clean,and when they do, there are stains all over them that you have to rewash just to get them out. on the inside lip of the gasket, it stays nasty all the time no matter how much you clean it. the odor that comes from it-no matter how much you use the tub clean cycle, is horrible.

mine has just stopped working unless you unplug it and replug it back in, then it does one load then shuts down..i am disabled, and do not have the time or strength to crawl over the top of my dryer-also lg : (- to do this all that time. we have an extended warranty on it, but guess what? it does not cover the main circuit board that we need to fix it, and Im not paying 150 plus just to have it fixed.. then the service fee...sooo, we are pinching out pennies, and going to try and get a whirlpool soon. at least we know that they, please, do not waste your time or your money on this washer, or dryer for that matter..but, that's a different story altogether...
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on December 28, 2013
I'm upgrading my rating from one star to 3. The problem that caused the flooding was fixed and things have been okay with the washer since then. The only other issue I have with it is that sometimes it smells like rotten eggs when we run it. I think the water doesn't completely drain out and what's left sitting inside starts to stink after some time. My clothes never stink, so I can live with it.

Past review...A few months past the one year warrant and my $900 washer door doesn't always lock correctly and today (unrelated to the door) it filled my laundry room with about 4 inches deep of water from some leak from the bottom of the machine (not the hoses). The motor has a 10 year warranty. Built in obsolescence? This was not low end and I did my homework on supposed reliability. Please don't think that you get what you pay for because I paid an awful lot for this POS.
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on January 20, 2013
This machine works great , I've waited so long to finally have these energy saving and better cleaning washers and dryers. Great! Silent, a little music reminds me it's finished and time to move out or to the dryer! love it, would recommend to anyone and I love the color too, matches all my other appliances in kitchen / laundry area.
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on September 4, 2013
Despite high price and LG brand name, both of our LG Washer and Dryer broke down: violently spinning in washer, the spinner inside touch its bottom and resulted in high noise. Their technician told me to go home during lunch time so he can hear the noise over the phone and attempted to troubleshoot the problem. After contact the center to validated and confirmed issue, LG Tech Center told me that I need to pay for labor ($200) and repair because they are 13 months, outside of manufacturing. Out of desperation, I took a pictures to show where the defectives are but he could not receive information from customer. The fast talking manager is even worse. They are clueless about products and refused to face issues. Best Buy closing down the store, so we are out of luck.
Bottom line; Outside the washer, there is a 10 years guaranteed logo and we were willing to pay high price for nice looking LG washer and dryer. Life is Not Good. Do not buy anything from LG.
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