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on November 2, 2012
I put this board in my computer about 6 months ago. My computer is a 2u that sits as a thick client in a server rack. There are several reasons I chose this board, other than price.

1) Solid capacitors (caps are the leading cause of boards bricking over time. "cross-tops" or non-solid capacitors can split or even leak 'goo' when they heat up. It isn't that they aren't rated for their designated uF, they just aren't built for longevity. Solid caps are.)

2) 8+4 phased VRM with pulse modulation (the cleaner the current is to the CPU, the more efficient it is. Pulse modulation uses switching to deliver current much like high end PSUs. With the additional {8+4} transistors/chokes/phases the load is spread out more, letting it run cooler and making it safe (virtually unheard of) from overloading the CPU. These are features that make this board inherently reliable.)

3) The second SATAIII controller {ASMedia ASM1061}supports hot swap at full 6.0 speed.
The Intel controller only supports 2 of the four SATAIII connectors {SATA3_0 and SATA3_1 for RAID}. It's the same with all cougar and panther point chipsets (p67, h67, z68, z77, x79 etc. anything with a numeric designator of 65 and up)

Speaking of SATAIII:

TRIM is NOT supported in RAID 0 in anything but a 75, 77 or 79 series chipset at present (Also you have to have the Intel Rapid Storage Tech version 11.6 or newer which is upgradable on Intel's download site. Without it, you can run 'fsutil behavior query', and it will still say zero, but enabled, and 'on' are two different things in this case). If you want to RAID 0 a pair of SSDs, and have that performance last, you have to get the TRIM working. This board meets the requirements to do that.

4) a back up ghost BIOS

5) Layout (in a 2u chassis you only have so much vertical room, and cooling is critical as you can't use tall CPU coolers, multiple 120mm fans etc. Also the PCIe has to be done via a riser card. With this board's layout I was able to fit everything into the case, to include the cooling for an i-series running at 4.2, a second NIC for the console interface, and pretty beefy graphics card supplementing the on-chip Intel HD4000 for the eyefinity.)

What I was able to get out of this board: 4.5Gigs on the CPU, tuned it down to 4.2, sometimes it hits 4.3 (but that's the board doing its own thing), 2000 MHz out of the RAM (from 16 gigs of 2133 RAM), and a Gig read and write off of the primary SSD RAID 0 array. To say that this board is as fast as the best components is an understatement. While I can't comment about gaming (I didn't build it for that) I can say that it is lightning fast, crunches big data without breaking a sweat, and sits on the edge as well or better than any computer I have plugged into the network (I used this for my computer...the one I use everyday, and have found myself dipping into the servers less and less. It is actually changing the way I work).

I've built a couple AsRock units for myself, and used one as the board in a system I designed that we offer to the public. I don't want to say anything negative about Asus, or Gigabyte but It seems like I am always having to tweak something down the road with these boards (an option you don't really have if you are building the unit to ship to customers). Biostar and Foxxconn are just awful for a list of reasons as long as my arm, MSI should stick to video cards ("military grade"?), never used an EVGA so I can't comment there. Zotac got their big niche with the ITX boards, but don't put out anything in the ATX sizes that really do anything noteworthy. Intel makes a very sound, reliable board, but they always seem to be lacking a feature or two that I can get cheaper in a different board.

In short, if I had to recommend a board for gaming, I'd probably say Asus...I've built a ton of those, and have had great results. But in a gaming rig you want to tweak stuff every once in a's part of the allure. I'm sure this ASRock board would game very well. The thing is that all of that tech they develop for gamers ends up in workstations eventually (kinda like stuff NASA came up with 10 years ago is available at the mall today)....and this is one of those crossover boards (although I doubt that's what they intended). You have all of the speed you could want but with the reliability, and simplicity (you don't have to tweak it every once in a while) you need in a daily driver.
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on December 24, 2012
I've been using this board for about two months now and have no complaints. Obviously first and foremost, it does its job quite well, and is running my Core i7-2700K Sandy Bridge CPU without any issues (although it's made for Ivy Bridge, 3rd-Generation CPUs).


* The number of USB3 ports is excellent, and the fact that the on-board USB3 ports are driven by separate chipsets (two on-board, two with an ASMedia chipset) means less congestion when you're pushing all of the ports at once. Plus, the additional headers making for a total of six USB3 ports is a nice overall number.

* The SATA2 and SATA3 ports are nicely organized, but they're definitely made for a case with bottom-mounting hard drives. The case I bought actually had a special mount at the bottom of the case for a 2.5" SSD or hard drive, and with how this board is built, it's perfect.

* The tools that come with the board work well, and aren't overly intrusive. XFast Turbo USB does help with USB speeds (although not as much as they claim), the XFast LAN tool provides great insight on the LAN activity of the computer, and the tuner allows for basic overclocking on the fly. I don't know if this is a CPU, or if it's the board, but the heat factor goes way up even on a small overclock, so like some other reviewers have said, I don't think I'd use this board for hardcore overclocking, but if you need a small boost, maybe 10%, this would do ok even with air-cooling.


* The SATA port that's shared with the external SATA3 port isn't clearly marked on the board, so you have to really watch which one you're using if you want to still use the eSATA port.

* Using the kind of cooler you'd want to use, in my case, the Cooler Master Hyper212 Evo, really puts the crunch on the RAM ports. If you're going to use all four RAM slots with a big-time cooler, you may want to go with low profile RAM to avoid any issues on that front. I used Corsair Vengeance RAM, and due to the large heat sink, it essentially cuts it down from 4 slots to 2 "usable" ones.

Overall, the negatives don't take it down beyond a full 5-star rating for me. They're annoyances, and in any motherboard this price, if you're hunting for perfection, you'll find one or two places where they compromised, but for the price point, this can run a good gaming rig, or be a very good daily driver, no doubt.
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on February 28, 2013
I recently ordered this MB and built my first ever gaming rig after a long time. I've to give this motherboard 5 stars as it is built of high quality components and very easy to install. Only issue is that it doesn't come with onboard wireless chip but I still give it 5 stars because you pay half the price for this board compared to Asus or Gigabyte. I would definitely recommend this board for gamers who want to get the juice out of your OC'able processor.

My rig config.
This is the best overclockable processor to build a budget gaming system. Easily OC'ed to 4.2 Ghz without getting hot.
My gig
Intel Core i5-3570K
Rosewill Challenger Case
Corsair Vengeance 8Gb
Rosewill FORTRESS 750 Platinum 80 plus certified PSU
OCZ Vertex 4 128GB SSD
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on February 4, 2013
I've used Asus motherboards for as long as I can remember, but after seeing all the positive talk about this board I decided to go for it. Couldn't have made a better choice.

This board has all the support I need and has been as rock solid as a motherboard can possibly be. Awesome.
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on December 2, 2015
This board is way too erratic. I've never had so much trouble with a PC build ever.

Right out of the box it refused to boot, and was showing a different error code each time. Returned it for another, which worked for a few weeks past warranty before it started having the same problems.

For no reason I can figure out, it will occasionally choose to go into a boot loop when I start it up. It will continue starting up and powering down over and over until I reset it (which doesn't always fix it on the first try).

Trying to navigate the error codes is pointless - they change each time it reboots, and I've tested the issues the codes supposedly report with no problems on other builds.

I'm not sure where the issue is, but its very prevalent in this mobo, I advise going with another board. Just look up asrock boot loop and see how many people have this issue - which is largely unresolved.
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on March 8, 2013
Pros: Well this was rated Toms Hardware best board of 2012, so its gotta be pretty good. And it is. Installation was painless (although it seems smaller than standard ATX). Have yet to have a hiccup. The UEFI BIOS is amazing, and the fact that there is an on-board diagnostic LED is extremely handy. Plenty of room for all your goodies, and for the bad

Cons: OK, this is mostly just a huge pet peeve, but the installation disk is almost nothing but bloatware. Sure, there are some drivers, but when you pop the disk in the first thing that pops up IS TO INSTALL GOOGLE CHROME AND THE GOOGLE TOOLBAR. REALLY?!?! This is a huge WTF to me because no hardware manufacturer should have the right to throw stuff in like this. I expect shady programs I download off the internet to pull this crap, but not from a renowned hardware manufacturer. Total bush league, ASRock--if I want Google Chrome and Google Toolbar, I will get it myself, thanks. Also there is no way you can pick and choose what stuff you want to install as a package. Its either install all of it, or painstakingly install what you need, one after another. They also include a bunch of BS programs to "Make your computer faster", which none of them seemed to do at all. The only program that I thought would be useful was their hardware tweaking tool...I forget what its called, but it allows you to mess with processor speed and whatnot. I didn't even mess with anything and it would cause my computer to just shut down. So, SHAME ON YOU ASROCK. You should fire whoever was in charge of putting that installation disk together because its simply horrible. Terrible. Miserable. Stupid. Worthless. Get it?

Aside from the installation disk however, this board is everything I was looking for and suits my needs perfectly. Hopefully she withstands the test of time, well, at least until my next upgrade.
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on December 24, 2012
Very easy setup and lots of features. I was a little weary going with this brand since I've been attached to MSI for so long, but this really opened my eyes to other, better things. One thing I do not like is the plug arrangement that is setup on the I/O panel in the back. It seems like it was kind of slapped together with no arrangment. For example on the top you have 2 USB3 ports, then below you have your vid attachments then 2 USB ports, then 2 USB3 ports.. I would prefer all the same ports to be grouped together. Another thing I'm not particularly crazy about is the fact that there are 2 different chipsets that provide the SATA3 connections. One is Intel which provides two of them and the other two are provided by ASmedia. I know this is a shortcoming of the Z77 design and it is just weird to me that SATA3 is so limited. I came from an AMD 890fx where you get 6 full SATA3 ports ...All from one chipset. But the Intel processor is superior to AMD and that sums it all up right there. Easily overclocked my i5 3570K to 4.5GHZ using only 1.25 volts max and so easily too. I have no doubt I can take this to 5GHZ, and someday I will. Overall I'm very pleased with my purchase and would recommend this board mostly to enthusiasts because of the dual PCI-Express 3 slots and wide options for overclocking. Shipping was ultra fast and free. THANK YOU big time for that one!
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on February 18, 2016
I've been using this mobo for nearly three years, with a i5-3570k, a Radeon HD 7970, and, more recently, a Nvidia 980 Ti. It has been a solid performer for the entire time. Never had an RMA. Never had a problem with the stated features. It's taken several upgrades in that time, so I would be weary of anyone picking it up now (Feb 2016) with thoughts of upgrading headroom (e.g. no DDR4 support, older LGA by two generations).

Just brought it to a LAN party where it helped win a tournament. While I can't speak to YOUR mileage in that respect, it has done well to support my other components to that end.
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on January 3, 2013
This is for the AS Rock LGA1155 Z77 Extreme 4

I replaced an ASUS motherbaord with this one. There are a few things to note about some of the negative reviews that are unwarranted from those that will not be bothered to read the manual (even the quick start manual, not the thick instruction booklet).

If not for the impatience of a few, this board would be a 5 star board save for any true DOA boards that an unlucky person may have received. Some drivers needed to be installed before the board and some of the ports could be utilized to its potential.The Driver and software package disk that came with the board allowed individual installation or a complete suite install. I was able to find a driver and/or explanation in the instructions for every complaint lodged against this board so far (DIMM slot priority, USB ports, PCIe and SATA port priority) and was up and running the first attempt to boot.

- This board looks and feels fantastic. Lots of CPU and Case fan plug ins. Lots of other options if you expand your external ports.
- Despite claims of flimsiness, I found the board to be just as sturdy as my previous ASUS board.
- Despite claims of the board being short, it is exactly the same width as my previous ASUS board.
- Side facing SATA ports allow the removal or adjustment of drives or other installed items in the lower bays without having to remove the connectors from the board.
- The I/O back plate was painted black (might be a con if you have a non black case) with colored port edges.
- The UEFI is an amazing leap forward from the BIOS (mouse support, GUI, internet connection for Flash updating etc)
- Accessibility to tweak your board and auto recovery when it doesn't work out (such as overclocking etc.)
- LCD error reporting instead of translating Morse Code beeps.

CONS: (minor and situational cons)
- If there is any obvious negative it is that obscenely large aftermarket coolers may have issue with its proximity to the DIMM slots. I have a CoolerMaster TX3 with a 2 fan Push/Pull; Ram will fit in all 4 slots even with this cooler. If there are raised heat sink fins it may touch the fan depending on the brand and how it is spread out, but are otherwise completely interchangeable without removing the CPU cooler fan. A larger such as the CoolerMaster 212 may not allow for this.
- Front Panel plug ins (at the front top of almost every case) are located at the bottom rear of the board. Your front panel's cabling may barely reach. This seems common among many boards, but as great as this board is it would have been nice if it had taken it one closer step to supremacy by putting those front panel audio ports in a more convenient place.
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on July 14, 2013
This is a piece of junk. I was doing an i7 build on a budget. I don't care about overclocking anymore, I don't want to squeeze every last bit of performance out of the machine. I simply want this thing to boot, and to perform reliably, both counts at which it fails miserably.

Changing a board out is a pain in the ass for busy people like myself. I used to build for fun and profit, now I just build because I'm ready for a new machine. I don't want to tinker much, I'm looking for reliability and stability.

Customer service is slow and does not talk to one another.

By the way, forget about advance RMA. You know, where they ship you a warranty replacement, and you have 2 weeks or whatever to get the faulty one back to them in the mail. ASRock doesn't do advance RMA. Which means you can overnight ship it to them, and then wait for them to fix it (plan on 10 business days to get it back AFTER they receive it). Or drag the whole deal out by a couple of weeks, and just ground ship it to them.

I simply don't have that kind of disposable time on my hands. I have this computer so that I can use it, not so that I can have it sit there with no motherboard in it, or worse, get the RMA and it's doing the same exact things that the original failed on.

USB headers unreliable.
Unable to POST, powers on, and PSU tests fine. I bought and installed another PSU just in case, but the board acted the same way. Even with all cords unplugged except power, it does the same thing.

It will boot maybe one time in 10. Then it will shut off when it darn well feels like it. Just drop cold.

Scr3w this board, scr3w no advance RMA (what is this 1988?), scr3w ASRock's QA department, and scr3w ASRocks crappy slow customer support.

UPDATE: As an exercise in frustration, I tried the 3rd version of this board that I received from the QA department. I had already RMA'd my processor on their advice. This one didn't work reliably either. Junk. Junk. Junk. If I could post expletives here, I would. But junk will have to suffice.
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