Customer Reviews: LOFTEK CXS 3200 Wireless Ip Camera Pan:340°,Tilt:100°,IR Cut,8-10 Meter Night Vision ,67° Viewing Angle Black
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on November 23, 2011
Note: Updates to this review have been moved to the end.

Overall this is a good camera for the price point with one glaring flaw:

The camera ALWAYS attempts to make an outbound connection to a server in China (IP: There is no way to disable this "feature". When I contacted Loftek support, here was the reply:

Thanks for your message and suport on our product. Please don't worry , is our server ip address . All of our camera ,if you ping its DDNS ,it will resolve to . It is set up for your remote view. It is safe and have no influence to your network. If you still wanna disable it . please close the port forwarding for your camera and disable UPNP in your router. Thanks.
Any question , feel free to let me know.
Thanks for your time.
Best Regards.

So what they suggest is that I modify my firewall to fix a problem in their product. I have suggested that they change the firmware to make this an option that is turned off by default.

Note: Given the way the firmware is designed you can't turn off this feature. It would be easy to make this an "option" so the customer could disable it. The camera will ALWAYS attempt to make an outbound connection to the server mentioned above every time it is turned on. Don't know about you but I am not comfortable with a server in China knowing the externally visible IP address of my camera.

Update (28 November 2011): I have received numerous emails from Loftek asking me to "Fix" my review. I have asked them to stop emailing me with these requests, yet they persist. My review is not broken or inaccurate in any way. The emails claim that they have a way to remove the "hard coded" DDNS server address and to prevent the camera from making an unauthorized outbound connection to their DDNS server. Yet they have not provided me with the information as to "how" to accomplish this. I will continue to update this review. Should they actually provide a way to disable this outbound connection from within their product, I will update this review with that information.

Update (30 November 2011): Last night I received another email from Loftek support. Rather than ranting I will post the email and my response below. At this point I feel I have given Loftek every opportunity to fix the security flaw - to no avail. I have purchased another (non-Loftek) camera. I will post my review once it arrives and I have a chance to test it. Here is the email and response:

>Dear Terrence R. Bayne,
>Thanks for your message. As for your problem , we can delete the DDNS compeletly from your camera. Would you mind tell me if your camera >available for remote view now ? if it is ok , please sent me a Administrator account and password, so that our tech can access your camera >to destroy the DDNS. Please advise.

-- My response --

Let me be sure I understand what you are asking....

1. You want me to provide admin access to a device inside my firewall.
2. You want me to do this so your technician can modify my camera to
remove the DDNS information.

Is this correct?

If so my answer is "No". You will not get access to ANYTHING inside
my firewall. Not even temporarily.

This request clearly shows that you folks really don't have any idea
about network security, or security in general.

Why is it you won't provide the information so I can disable this
functionality myself? Obviously there is a way to do it, so provide
the information to the public so everyone can benefit (and can vet the
process as well).

Note that I will be adding portions of this email conversation to the
review on Amazon.

If you are NOT willing to provide the information on how to disable
the DDNS within the camera DO NOT CONTACT me further.

Update (01 December 2011): Another round of emails with Loftek support. This shows how truly clueless they are. They seem to think it's ok to access a device inside my firewall (they assumed that I thought they wanted to access my PC and that I shouldn't be upset that they want to access the camera). And they feel that the "fix" is some sort of a trade secret. Here is their email and my reply:

Dear Terrence R. Bayne'
Thanks for your message. Acctually we just wanna access your camera not your PC. So sorry we can't offer the information to you to delete the DDNS because it involve our product brand. Hope you can understand. Anyway , if it is not available for us access your camera , we can sent you a replcement camera without given ddns.
Thanks for your time.
Best Regards

My Reply:

Good Morning,

Really? The automatic DDNS entry is some sort of "trade secret"? And
the method for removing it is also secret? Really? Wow, I think you
folks need a few lessons in computer security.

Finally, I am fully aware that you wanted to access the camera, not my
PC. You are aware that ANY device behind a firewall that has a CPU
and network access (and yes the camera has a CPU and network access)
is a potential security hole? Giving you access to ANY device inside
my firewall is an unreasonable request. Just so we are clear, the
camera is a device inside my firewall.

A few points:

1. Security through obscurity doesn't work - this means that hiding
your flaws/weaknesses doesn't make them disappear.
2. Providing customers with a way to fix a security hole in YOUR
product is just good business.
3. No customer who is concerned about network security is going to
give you access to a device inside their firewall. This is NOT a
reasonable request.
4. Your companies resistance to doing the right thing (in this case
the right thing is to admit to the fault, and provide existing
customers with a way to fix it) is becoming harder and harder to
understand. You have read the comments to my review from other
customers on Amazon right?

It is obvious that you have no intention of really fixing the issue,
or providing existing customers with a way of securing their own
cameras. This is a shame really, because other than this one serious
flaw, yours is a nice product. I am guessing that the reason you
don't provide a fix is that you don't have anyone in the company
qualified to update the camera's firmware to remove the issue. It is
unfortunate you have taken this stance on what is a simple firmware
issue. Your sales on Amazon for this product will likely fall, not
just because of the security issue with your camera, but because of
the way you have tried to handle the issue:

1. Denying it is an issue
2. Telling me not to worry, that I can trust you and your server.
3. Wanting access inside my firewall to provide me with a fix.

None of these inspire confidence with your company or your brand. And
I am guessing other potential buyers will feel the same.

Because sending me a "fixed" product doesn't fix the security issue
for potential customers, the review on Amazon will stay the way it is.

If you want to send me a camera, with the automatic DDNS connection
disabled, I am ok with that since it solves my issue. Once the new
camera arrives I will gladly send the other one back to any US address
you specify (note that I am unwilling to pay for shipping outside the
Update (December 14 2011):

On the 1st of December Loftek offered to send me a camera with the outbound hardcoded DDNS
connection disabled. Two weeks later I have not received the replacement camera, nor have I
heard back from Loftek.

I guess they didn't like the fact that I wouldn't change my review until they make the "fix"
available for all customers.
Update (Feburary 1, 2014)

This is the final update that I will be posting to this review.
As of this date the product still contains the security flaw. And it is enabled by default. The company has posted a "patch" that you can use to disable this "feature".

Several commenters on this review and the company (Loftek) have tried to "encourage" me to change this review.
That is not going to happen. They were given ample time to rectify the problem. Just to be clear here the problem is two-fold:

1. The default DDNS mode of the camera makes use of a Dynamic DNS server. This is enabled by DEFAULT. Unless you know enough to understand this and change it, installing this product leaves a hole in the security of your network.

2. Loftek's reaction upon being notified that this was an issue:

A. Denied it was a problem.

B. Wanted me to let them inside my firewall to "fix" the issue.

C. Offered (on December 1st , 2011) to send me a camera with the security issue fixed. That camera never arrived (not a big surprise).

D. Has offered a patch (via their website) that knowledgeable consumers can use to update the firmware on the product to remove the security issue. Note: I have not installed said patch, and have not in any way vetted the patch to be sure it does what they say it does. For me the solution was to simply block the camera from ever reaching the outside world via my firewall.

It's obvious to me that the company doesn't have much interest in changing the installed firmware and its inherent security flaw.
Does this flaw affect other Loftek camera products? I don't know. Nor am I willing to purchase more of them to find out.
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on October 16, 2011
Let me preface my review by stating if you have never set up a wireless IP camera, get ready for a couple of long nights of Google searches and YouTube how-to videos. However, once everything is up and running the results are amazing. Who would have thought that you could watch what was going on inside your home from any where in the world via a phone?

I have tried 3 different wireless IP security cameras; Foscam FI8918W, LTS LTCIP830MV-W, and now the Loftek CXS 3200. For the money you cannot beat Foscam or Loftek for image quality and ability to find and hold on to a wireless signal. Either one is an outstanding buy.

The Loftek CXS 3200 may in fact be the same camera as the Foscam FI8918W, but in a different body. The software links up and the Loftek camera is visable in the Foscam software. The image quality of the Loftek is great (day and night). With a little help from a Diamond Multimedia Repeater and Range Extender (also sold on Amazon) I get a very usable camera signal through 2 walls.

Remote view via my Android phone is outstanding using either tinyCam Monitor or IP Cam Viewer (buy the "Pro" version to support the devs!). My favorite feature is the email motion alert. Alerts come to my phone within seconds giving me ample time to look at what may have triggered the alarm (via tiny Cam or IP Cam Viewer) and letting me decide whether or not to call the police.

While no security solution is perfect, I feel more secure knowing my little Loftek is on patrol.
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on July 9, 2012
First of all, I must commend Amazon and their customer service. I have found it to be second to none. Now to cut to the chase on my experience with these cameras. Every camera I have purchased out of six, including replacements, have had wifi radio failure. One died completely and one was DOA. Thanks to Amazon, I was able to get replacements, which I now operate in the wired mode and have no problem with those that still work, so far. Loftek will not respond at all to any email concerning setup problems or other tech questions about their cameras,to say nothing about warranty service. It is non existent so dont even consider them to honor any warranty. Their site triggers my virus checker and firewall as a malicious site. This may or may not be a problem for some purchasers, but what is a person to do? The only positive experience that I can document here, is that when these cameras work, they are nice. Forget wireless mode. My Android Gingerbread phone works great on my home network to monitor these cameras. I havent tried to connect with the "included" DDNS service and most likely I will not. If my Netgear WNDR4500 (purchased from Amazon, BTW, wont handle these, I dont think there is any hope. I have had Netgear support work with me to try to get a wireless connection, with no luck so far and my patience has worn thin.

Bottom line is, I dont know what to think. Three cameras set up wirelessly with no problem but the radios quit within a month. One was dead out of the box and Another died that was purchased last November. The colors during daytime are very nice and the infrared mode is great within about 15 meters at night. Pan/tilt works great with my Android camera app, but because of the never-ending trouble with Loftek response and quality control, I have to give this IP cam one star only.
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on January 29, 2012
This is my third IP Camera from loftek. First loftek CXS 2200 and second two CXS 3200. I like the shape of this camera compare to 2200. But the night vision on CXS 2200 is better. Audio CXS 3200 is better. {As other reviewers noted Loftek use DDNS server in China [] whitch I am not happy. But you can block this incoming and outgoing IP address in your router, under security, IP Filter}. I do not use DDNS service anyway. Software came with this camera is ok but not great. In order to monitor this camera from ouside your home, you need to set up your router with port forwarding. Once you set up port forwarding, find your IP address using google search, Then type Http:// port number), that's all. I was looking for apps to work with these cameras on my Iphone 4s. Finally I found one " Live Cams pro". This application will let you see all cameras at the same time with some audio fuctions.It also allow you to turn of blinking LED light on the camera, PTZ fuction is better. Both CXS 2200 and 3200 work with this app. I recomend this camera to anyone who looking for cheap IP Camera..
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on December 22, 2011
Edit: I changed to 4 stars since they have a patch for this product now.

My review is for CXS 3200. I received this product on Monday Dec 19th. We had an early Christmas because we didn't have kids plus we could beat the return lines if needed. Also, the main reason was that I work on Christmas Eve and Christmas so it was only easier to do it on an earlier date!

From the box, it shows a white camera, though I wanted a black one. Once I opened up the box, it was the black camera. All packaging material was well secured and the camera was secure in its slot.

I took the camera out and the camera feels cheap. The camera rotates about 1/4 inch left and right, maybe 1/2 inch. It felt loose and I thought I would need to return it but I set it up anyhow.

For me, setting it up took me 10 minutes (though my reset button was covered by a product sticker). The other 1 hour and 50 minutes was trying to get ISpy to work with it. Google search - CXS 2200 ISPY and click the first link for Slow Shutdown and no audio if you need help getting it to work. In there it explains what you need to use for the video and read further down the page for the audio portion. I do notice that when I changed the password for the admin login, I could not login with that password. So I had to reset the camera using the reset button on bottom and just created a new admin account and removed the default admin.

Accessing the product from the internet with a dynamic ip address was not an issue either. It was actually fairly simple. I hate to steal Terrance's lime light (another reviewer on this product) but I do agree with him that the product does have a huge security flaw. Until they fix this, my stars remain as 1 stars. Everyone doesn't need DDNS. Some people would be ok with using their IP address to access this product. Thanks to Terrance, I did block the outgoing IP address connection in my router, but I don't feel I should have had to do this. By the way, for those that didn't read his, basically the IP Camera pings out to a China IP address. Doing this could reveal your Camera to them. Edit: I have changed to 4 stars since they have an update for this.

The other issue that irks me that seems misleading was the fact it is advertised that you can communicate 2 way with camera. If this is why you are buying it, then please understand that you have to have IE for this to work and it requires you to download a file. Downloading is easy, and once it is setup, it works, but from my work, I can't install files like this. So I would denote 1 star for this option unless they can find a way to make this work. I would even give the star if I could get audio to work on Firefox (1 way or 2 way). Just be aware of this.

I would say you do need some experience with your router otherwise you might be pulling your hair a bit. You should understand port forwarding and setting up a private ip static address or at least understand how to set them up.

It is really a good camera and I can check in on my dogs from work. I would give 5 stars if they could correct the audio issue with firefox. In the pros, it does send me an email everytime motion is detected. Each email is about 100-200k but be careful if you don't set a specific date and are watching dogs in a crate, it will go off on every shift but you can adjust the sensitivity level. I haven't messed with the FTP yet. The picture looks good in light or faint light. The operation is quiet when it shifts left to right or up and down.

If I was to do over again, I would probably pay more for a product with a DVR. But if you want to get your hands wet with a camera product, then this is your entry level product.
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on December 3, 2011
Previously I ordered a Wansview and received an Apexis. The Apexis was a Foscam FI8908 clone. Worked great wired but these clones (other brands as well) have a wireless issue (weak signal, dropped connections. Supposedly from bad internal antenna connection) so I returned it. Next up was the newer Foscam FI8918W (not a clone). Worked great wired but again with a wireless issue (the microphone picks up static when using wireless. So much so that the audio is not usable. But they will gladly send you instructions on how to disassemble it, reverse mic polarity HAHA and swap out a surface mount resistor). Another return, but hey, it was Amazon fulfilled so no biggie. So then I decided that I would look up any common wireless issues for the next candidate to become my IP camera.
After some research and no common wireless issues found I ordered this Loftek. First thing was the hardware test. Wired works great. Wireless range/signal is good and doesn't drop out. Wireless doesn't introduce hardly any static at all into the mic. The audio can pick up any sounds in the room, and any decent volume sounds in the whole house. Pan/Tilt works nicely, quietly. IR filter helps with accurate coloring, especially with certain colors or lighting conditions. I didn't test the alarm I/O or audio output connectors. One thing I noticed on this one is that the lens seems to slightly curve the picture at the edges. The others didn't do that, and it's not enough to be a bother. See if you notice it in the sample pictures, the one with the door.
Finally I had one worthy of continuing on to checking out the included/on-board software. Basic same stuff as the other low priced IP cameras. Front status LED can be disabled, allowing wireless mode to give no indication of data transfer. Emails on alarms sends the usual 6 pack of snapshots.
This camera is way better than any other in it's price range as of today. This is because the hardware actually works. The software works too, although it is way behind even the others in this price range. That being said, here are some things to consider.

Included/on-board software is lacking. While I don't expect the functionality of third party software (see ispy, ispyconnect), I do think that this IP camera could include what the others in it's price range offer with a simple firmware update. I also realize that this isn't meant to compete with more expensive IP cams that have much better included/on-board software.

Here's what should be fixed/improved on this IP camera relative to others in this price range:

No ability to send videos.
No motion detection zones.
No ability to set intervals on email alerts.
No position presets.
No IR LED disable option.

And oh yeah, add a disable option to the manufacturer's DDNS. I'm not sure if the competition in this price range has this option, but I don't see their reviews bringing it up either. It seems easy to fix instead of having thousands of Amazon customers reading about how the IP cam always tries to connect to China. Most people won't have the knowledge to even detect that this is happening, and maybe the more knowledgeable customer bought one of yours.

Believe it or not, Loftek seems to have better customer support than the other guys (again, for this price range). Just responding to issues is more than others do. I give it a 5 stars relative to the other similar priced, similar featured IP cameras. I think I'll get another one of these. I will stay away from Foscam and Foscam clones. Hopefully this review can help others to make an informed decision.
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on August 24, 2011
As anyone who owns an entry-level IP camera knows, the color quality sucks. One of the most annoying things is the fact that the colors are totally distorted - Trees look white and purple, black clothing looks blue, etc. It's not really a huge problem, but its annoying enough that I had considered dissecting a webcam, removing the IR-Filter, and gluing it onto my first camera (Foscam FI8918W). However, according to the forums, once you glue an IR filter on, you lose night vision capabilities - kind of rendering a night-vision camera useless. I was skeptical that a camera for this price could offer an IR filter as well as night-vision ability. Evidently, its a physical mechanism inside the camera that automatically filters the light during day time, rather than a software or firmware upgrade. The result? I'm very impressed with this odd-looking thing. It also has a slightly wider pan-range (340 degrees over the one I was using before, 300 degrees). Additionally, I opted to use the camera's built-in DDNS. I was previously using a free one from the DynDns website, but using the built-in one is much faster and easier.

It solved my problems of psychedelic colors, and at a very reasonable price! Aside from that, the functions are pretty standard, and almost identical to the camera I was using before.
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on July 14, 2012
I bought this camera to watch our chickens in their coop. It worked great. Set up was easy, once I figured out that I had to use our kids' computer to run the BSearch_en.exe program that is on the CD. My work laptop just wouldn't run it, probably due to all the built-in firewall rules that I can't control. After that, it only took about 30 minutes to get it up and running, including downloading the program from their website ( to turn off access to their Chinese DDNS server (thanks to the reviews here). I set it up on external port 80 (the normal http port, which I understand is blocked by some ISP but not mine), so I can just type in my IP address from anywhere and access the camera feed/control without having to enter a port number. That got me around the firewall at work also (which blocks most external ports), so that I can now watch the feed from anywhere.

Both day and night modes work great, although I wish the night-mode red LED illuminators were less visible (more in the infrared) so they wouldn't bother our chickens--oh well, they did get used to it after a while. The motor is audible through the built-in microphone when you rotate the camera, but not audible to your ears without the microphone feed unless you press your ears up to the camera. Mobile-phone mode is a little weak (no audio, no continuous pan and tilt--have to do it in steps). I also wish there was a way for the admin to lock in the frame rate and picture size so other operators can't change them (to limit impact to your data throughput).

I have not checked out the alarm and recording functions yet, so can't comment on them.

All-in-all, it's a great camera. We now have discovered that our chickens don't just settle down for the entire night. It's quite entertaining.
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on January 4, 2012
I've been using IP Cameras for about 10 years now and have a lot of experience with several brands. I bought this one as an indoor camera and because I wanted the night vision feature. First off, the camera works as advertised. All functions and features work as described and the picture quality is very good for a camera selling for under $80. The night vision works well allowing a useful view in total darkness. The area I'm looking at is about 40 feet deep and the night vision covers it well.
Setup is straightforward. Even if you are not familiar with router configuration it is not difficult to set this up if you follow the directions. The small startup guide included is a little hard to read but there is a better guide and some videos on the included disk to walk you through the process. As I mentioned, I'm very familiar with IP cameras so I had this up and running in under 10 minutes. Even before the camera was delivered I received an email from Loftek introducing themselves and offering to help with any questions that might come up. None did but that was nice touch.
One reviewer mentioned his concern about the built in DDNS service provided by the manufacturer and I agree that a checkbox to disable that is a good idea but I disagree with the notion that this is any kind of security issue. Anytime you send an email or visit a website you reveal your IP address and doing so to the manufacturer's DDNS site gives them no access to your network as your router provides protection through NAT translation and/or a firewall. On the other hand, for users that are unfamiliar with using a DDNS service, simply using the camera name without having to remember an IP address (which changes from time to time) takes you right to the camera from any browser or even a phone with web access. Each camera has a unique 7 character camera name and you get to it by entering it in your browser (i.e. '') Android and Blackberry users will find apps on the CD for easy access as well. Of course, if you already have a DDNS service like Dyndns that you use that will work too and the camera will update it as well.
Although I'm not using the alarm function I did try it out. You can set a schedule to detect motion and the camera will send you an email. Nice touch.
If you use IP Cam Viewer on your android phone you will find that this cam is fully compatible. The CXS 3200 is an upgraded model from the 2200 and but the operation is the same.
Bottom line is that this IP camera packs a lot of punch for a very reasonable price.
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on October 27, 2011
Update 01/03/12: I was offered a replacement camera (Loftek CXS3200). I shipped my faulty camera, gave them the UPS tracking and the same day, they shipped out a replacement. I received that camera and it's DC transformer (aka power cord) had weird fluctuations in the power. Hubby put a volt meter on the cord and it went between 6.75 - 8.5 volts, never at the required 5 volts. Needless to say, the camera was lighting up like a Christmas tree and then dying at 3 second intervals. After emailing back and forth, I was promised a replacement cord. Got it and it works. So far, I've had 2 Loftek CXS3200 and 2 Loftek Nexus 543. Only 1 has worked well after it had a bad power cord.

Loftek supports their products, I'll give them that. Polite people who listen to what you have to say. However, their hardware is lacking. I really want the Nexus 543 to work, but how many can I send back before they or Amazon cut me off?

Update: 12/04/11. Well, exactly 34 days into using the camera, it would miss recordings at night. I normally get 8-10 videos at night, now it gets 1 or 2. I emailed them and after several emails and trial setups, it was determined that the camera is in a room that's too cold. Their website says Operating Temp: -20C to 50C. It's in an unheated room at the backdoor of my California home, goes down to 43F (6.1C) at night. This is what I received from support:

"Actually the operate temperature for our indoor camera is 0-55C, please make sure the temperature not lower then 0 centigrade."

I responded that it only went to 6.1C.

"I think it is too cold for the camera to work properly at night.Please install it in the warmer house , or warm it." "Staying in the low temperature environment for a long time will affect the electronic component performance."

What? It's within the advertised Operating Temps.

So what am I to do? It's past the 30 days to return. I like the camera. It should work at 43F.

(awaiting an answer from Support, will update when I hear from them)

Oct 27, 2011: The cxs 3200 camera is more than I expected. I have it setup approx 80 ft from my wireless N router and it keeps the signal flawlessly. The resolution is pretty darn good for under $100. The pan/tilt is silent.

On Loftek's website there is a .pdf with instructions for the install, but I found the 'Guide' area more helpful: [...]. Also, read the reviews on Amazon for the cxs 2200 for install help, and on youtube for lktown's setup video. The full-sized CD that comes with the camera has the instructions also.

I'm new to ip cameras, port forwarding, ddns, etc, but I'm not afraid of a challenge. I used a netbook as my learning tool for setting up and using a webcam. And used Yawcam free software. After I got it up & running and felt I had learned what needed, I purchased the CXS 3200.

It surpasses the netbook in so many ways. My hubby loves the pan/tilt. It's movement was so quiet that it didn't scare a raccoon that was 5 feet away from the camera. The night vision took photos of a red fox and emailed them to me. The red lights on the ir are very faint. Didn't bother animals at all.

Did I mention support? Responses to email within the day. I could see myself getting another camera for the fun of it.

I'm going to try Blue Iris software next, but the included software is pretty good for my needs.

fyi, I'm on Windows 7 64-bit desktop. Also works on my Vista laptop.

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