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on August 20, 2012
The Sentinel D2 is essentially a Sentinel D1 with 66 IR LED's mounted around the perimeter of the dome. The mounting footprints of the two cameras are identical. The camera firmware is identical as well.

Because the LED's are mounted around the perimeter of the housing, the illumination pattern is directly below the camera and diffuse. In order to see an object at night, the object would need to be fairly close to the camera (~15 feet) and almost directly below it. Of course, don't forget to point the camera down at night or it won't see anything. This is just something to keep in mind if you are considering this camera. If your needs require more directional night-vision then you may want to consider the Loftek Sentinel D3.

My first Loftek camera was a Sentinel D1, which worked great until a tree hit it. Unfortunately, the camera was not aimed at the tree so it did not record the few seconds before its untimely death!

My second Sentinel D1 would drop off the (wired) network daily and was consequently returned.

The third camera was a Sentinel D2. During the middle of the day, the image would wash out (green leaves would appear bright white). It was also completely out of focus. Because the image kept washing out, focusing the camera was nearly impossible so this camera got returned as well.

I am now on my fourth camera, also a Sentinel D2. Like the camera before it, it arrived completely out of focus, but unlike the previous camera, I was successfully able adjust the lens to produce a sharp image. So far camera #4 is working well, but what a hassle it has been.

It seems you've got about a 50/50 chance of receiving a camera that has been properly focused. If your camera arrives out of focus, read the reviews for the Loftek Sentinel D1 that describe the set screws you must loosen in order to adjust it. Look at the photos as well. There is a photo that shows the set screws.

Beware, the red glue around the set screws! Two of the cameras I troubleshot had too much glue around the set screws. The red glue ran down and gummed up the lens body, thus making the focus job more difficult. I used a hobby knife to carefully scrape off the excess.

Here is another warning: Be careful not to manually move the camera PTZ assembly when adjusting the focus! You can get the PTZ motor out-of-sync such that the camera will no rotate as high (or as low) as it used to.

In summary I don't know whether to love this camera or to hate it. The price is unbeatable, but the quality of these cameras is obviously inconsistent. If it weren't for Amazon's no hassle, free shipping return policy, I would have simply gone with a different manufacturer after running into the first issue.

Maybe Loftek's next camera model will have an auto-focus. Call it the Sentinel D4?
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on August 16, 2012
I'm thrilled with this camera! Picture is great, right out of the box. Connection was not overly complicated but you do have to have some basic knowledge like the username and password of your router. To see video from this camera on the web you need to assign an IP address and port to the camera then enable port forwarding on your router. It's not hard and Googling "port forwarding XXXXX" where "XXXXX" is the name of your router will result in tons of tutorials.

Back to the camera... construction is robust and looks to be weatherproof. Time will tell but I'm optimistic that this will hold up to being mounted outside at our yacht club. There is one large cable coming out of the housing with a jumble of connectors on the end. To waterproof this I plan to mount the camera on a 4" square exterior electrical junction box as other reviewers of the original Loftek Sentinel have shown.

Wifi works great with a strong wifi signal. Video is indistinguishable from a wired connection. Video white balance adjusts automatically and it does an acceptable job keeping up with transition from IR night vision to CFL when I turn the lights on, then eventually daylight in my office during my burn-in testing.

This camera has night vision! I was really curious to see how Loftek solved the IR reflection issue that other night vision dome cameras have. Brilliantly, Loftek mounted IR LED's on the OUTSIDE of the dome, around the perimeter. Voila, no IR reflection during night vision use.

I've only had it for two days but I feel that I can highly recommend this camera. It offers a lot of bang for the buck and functions perfectly. I'll be mounting this 25' up on a fixed mast at our yacht club and will follow up on this review after it has been installed for a while.

UPDATE 12/12/12 - After installing the camera on top of a 20 foot tall 2" galvanized pipe fixed to the dock at our local yacht club, everything appeared to be fine. Until I zoomed in on a distant object. This camera has a physical zoom lens controlled by a servo motor. So when you zoom from the web interface, the lens actually moves inside the camera. This should render a much sharper image than a "digital zoom" which only crops in on the sensor. Unfortunately, in this case the zoomed image was pretty badly out of focus. Down came the camera and back to my office for some surgery. I followed the advice of other reviewers and removed the 2 screws holding the lens in place. After fiddling around for a while I was able to find a spot for the lens assembly that rendered an adequately sharp image at both wide angle and telephoto settings. This took some time and neither setting is perfect. If you are very particular you will get a sharp image at wide angle OR at telephoto, but not at both. Hey folks, lets not forget that this think is in a pretty low price range. I'm happy with the compromise and will be putting the camera back up at the club.
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on August 22, 2012
HI; First the good.
I just received my D2. The company that shipped it was great and image quality (in daylight) is pretty good. Now the rest.
Good luck with this camera. Using wide angle view the focus was so bad i could not make out anything more than a couple of feet away. Zoomed in the focus is fine. I didn't want to wait to send this one back and receive another (possibly) defective one so i fixed it myself.
Ok. To fix this camera instead of sending it back. For those of you that want to know how to fix the POOR quality control of this camera from its manufacturer, here's the solution.

Remove the smoked camera cover and on the base of the lens you will see two screws (one on top and one on the bottom) with red lock tight one them. Unscrew those and ( i used a dental tool with and flat side on an angle ) gently work the lens assemble away from the ccd base. (if your going to be handling the PCB for the ccd base make sure you discharge any static electricity from yourself or use a static wrist band) I found lock tight goobered on the mating surfaces between the two parts (which stops the lens from seating correctly) and removed the excess. be careful not to let this red gunk fall down on the ccd sensor. Once it was all cleaned off i reinstalled the screws a couple of turns in and then slid the lens back on. This is where it becomes a pain in the backside. With the lens seated and viewing your camera on your pc slide it until the focus is correct. Just to let you know, It will be .1 and .2 mm movements from the base and thats a very small window to hit to get the focus just right. Once i was happy with the focus i slowly snugged the screws down and tested the zoom a couple of times to make sure the lens was fully set and wouldn't move and reinstalled the cover.
Oh yea, if you want to see more than 5 feet from the camera at night. Your going to need SUPPLEMENTAL INFRARED because the factory ones give you the range of a fire fly.
Good luck.
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on August 13, 2012
The Camera arrived in a very short time and was packaged well. Good camera with the exception of the IR around the dome. The IR works great if you are going to be looking straight down, but other than that great camera. The IR may be better inside than outside but these look out at a street light that gives ample light for night viewing.
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on January 19, 2013
Camera would not even connect to the networ wired, I tried everything and only got a blinking yellow and green light. I like the LED's on the outside of this camera so wanted to try it. Also the camera part inside the housing is loose and moves all over.
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on September 22, 2012
Loftek Sentinel D2 was returned about a week after I set it up. Out of focus night vision was well they must have meant dark vision because that is all I got.
Amazon return policy is the reason I went back to them to purchase the Loftek Sentinel D3.
Even though the focus when zoomed in needs work. The image quality is satisfactory. if you want good night vision you have to dig deeper! Oh if you need tech support GOOD LUCK with that!
Hope this helps...
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on January 11, 2013
I purchased this product thinking it would be great to add to my already extensive home security network. Once the unit arrived I unboxed and hooked it into the LAN to config. The configuration was not very difficult but I was unable to get it connected to the WIFI. I first thought it was a security issue with WPA so I setup another SSID with WEP. That didn't work so I removed encryption all together. Still no go. Decided to search google and found I was not the only one with this problem. Tried Tech support (it is a joke!!). They email some broken english response that make no sense to a seasoned IT professional and would completely tank a regular end user into a never ending spiral of try this - it would have never worked!

WHY YOU ASK.... I Finally decided to figure it out on my own. After about 2 hours I decided to try one last thing. I went to my server closet (in my closet :-)) and connected the eth port..... It worked. I removed the eth port and it worked... Hmmmmmmm. OH!! I figured it out. the WIFI does work when it is within 12 inches of your signaling antenna.

Short answer is their Quality Control SUCKS. The interal receiving antenna in their units are not properly connected so they are unable to send back a signal to your wireless. (I am not the only one that has has this problem. Google it - Read their "support page"... You will see....

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on February 23, 2013
Freezes or shutsoff completely when using the PTZ mode. Temperature or zoom fuctions does not seem to matter. Great picture. Had 4 of 7 with this problem. Same at work. Kept replacing them until I got stable cameras.
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on September 16, 2012
Was never able to set cameras for a clear picture or video. Found directions very difficult to follow and set. lenez on one of the 2 cameras i bought was not attached into the socket and the intruction don't explain if you just ensert or if you use any screws.
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