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on May 11, 2011
I struggle with blackheads. I've tried everything you can name that's a cleanser from gels to masks, you name it. I was so freaking happy though when I used this tonight. about 75% of my blackheads were gone!! I almost cried, it was so weird. I was not expecting it, but it was great. I still had some left, but anything that helps. Before I was using those stupid Biore Strips that got like two blackheads... Yeah.
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on November 3, 2010
I've never really had an acne problem, but I have a terrible blackhead problem across my nose. My pores are rather large so it makes the blackheads easy to see.
I bought this because I thought the little scrubber was neat. I'm terrible to give in to gimmicks and figured that this would be another one I'd be disappointed with.
I love the scent, and the scrubber is very gentle so it doesn't irritate my super sensitive skin. After using this for about two weeks I've noticed a huge difference in my blackheads.
My face looks much clearer and I no longer feel the blackhead 'bumps' when I touch my nose or the skin around it. I'm very happy with this cleanser.
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on September 14, 2011
I don't think there is a product on the market I have not tried. It is not uncommon for me to buy a face/skin product for $60 an ounce. I actually purchased this product to make up the minimum purchase for free shipping and had absolutely no expectations of it. I thought it would just end up in the closet where I have whole ranges of other face and skin products. Well, it didn't. I tried it a few days after I got it and was extremely surprised at how clean my face felt after using it with the little scrubbing thingy. After a couple of days, I noticed that my face didn't appear as oily as it normally does half way through the hectic days at the office. After 2 weeks, I seriously did not even need to put any kind of makeup on! That was the shocker, since you can take away my sandwich, but if you tocuh my makeup, you die! I am a black woman and it is the best I have seen my medium brown skin tone. While I don't have acne or black heads or any other skin problems, I was usually a mass of oil during the day. As a busy executive, facing numerous people each day in meetings and otherwise, my face has to look as good as it possibly can. This simple $5 scrub delivers!!! My face is clean, ridiculously smooth, much less oily, and my pores are so tiny, they are virtually non existent. I know L'Oreal got a lot of flack for hiring practices, racism, some other 'isms', and their "I'm worth it" tag line, but I have to give credit where it is due. $5 is getting me the best skin I have had in years.
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on May 26, 2015
I love the scrublet from my 360 Cleanser and was considering purchasing this version for a deeper clean and another scrublet. However, the come-on that it has natural apricot seeds for exfoliating is very misleading. This product also contains plastic. These are the 3 ingredients -- POLYETHYLENE, ACRYLATES, COPOLYMER to avoid if you care about what is going into our rivers and streams. I've been scanning the ingredients and avoiding these things after reading an article about how all these plastic beads from our cleansers and toothpastes and other beauty products are finding their way into our rivers and being eaten by the fish and causing environmental issues we might not even foresee.

And, darn, I just found that ACRYLATES COPOLYMER are in the Go 360° Clean Deep Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin that I purchased, trying to avoid these beads. The lesson is -- know all your "plastic" ingredients and read thoroughly, if you care to not contribute to this issue of plastics in our water. (Sadly, another article said that a lot of it is coming off our synthetic fabrics in the washing machine and going into the waterways. Not just from the cosmetics.) Hard to tell how we'll stop this, but we need to try.

I do love the scrublet and tried to find them for sale by themselves. No luck.
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on March 27, 2012
I just got it today and I just finished using it. It's my first facial exfoliant (I'm very young but have some blackheads)
A lot of people are saying this product isn't that great or that the scrub doesn't do much. IT DOES HELP. It's much easier than using a wash cloth (those always turn my face red or irritate it a lot)
You can definitely FEEL this cleaning your face. It knocked all my dirt and make up off. I'm not sure how often to use an exfoliant but this is NOT too abrasive, it's just the perfect amount! I feel that I could use this every two days or so without irritating my face. Definitely use a moisturizer after. I'm using Garnier Moisture Rescue SPF 15 Cream, but this scrub didn't dry my face out enough to need a moisturizer.
If you're looking for an exfoliating scrub, I RECOMMEND THIS TIMES A MILLION! It smells AMAZING, cleans SOOO WELL (also has Salicylic acid for BLACKHEADS AND ACNE!) and feels GREAT on your skin. The scrub is also a plus. The best part is: you get a new one each time you buy a new package of this stuff! I'm in love with my new exfoliating scrub, it's perfect for me! I have normal skin that sometimes is very sensitive, being as I'm very young and my skin is still fresh. But this is enough not to ruin my face for when I'm older. THANK YOU AMAZON. :)
Be aware, though, that this PROBABLY won't get rid of your blackheads. And definitely won't get rid of them forever. Blackheads are a constant battle you need to make sure you don't clog your pores with dirt and always clean your face. This product definitely seems to be working against them but I wouldn't recommend it for SEVERE cases. For severe cases, this should clear it up a bit, but not 100%. You'll need to use something extra on them!

EDIT: After a full 4 days of using it everyday, my nose started peeling a bit. I know it's not good to exfoliate EVERY day but I wanted to try it because it was my first time. I'm going to do it probably 2-3 times a week because my skin is pretty normal, but definitely use a moisturizer! I recommend Garnier MoistureRescue SPF 15 Moisturizer. I use it right after, it soaks in IMMEDIATELY, smells amazing and is wonderful for your face. Won't irritate your skin and definitely helped the peeling that the scrub caused, but that can be expected, since it's an EXFOLIATOR.
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on January 20, 2015
This is a fantastic cleanser, particularly when the weather is warmer and sweat leaves me feeling gross. Even with my very sensitive skin, rosacea, and psoriasis, I have never had any issues with dryness or irritation, though I do generally use a moisturizer after washing my face. I love the little scrubber that comes with it. As long as you are gentle while using the scrublet, you should not have any issues associated with over-exfoliation. In colder months, I like the sensitive cleanser, supplemented with this once a week to help any dead skin off.

I have noticed a decrease in blemishes and blackheads, both of which were previously an issue. I still get an occasional blemish (maybe once every month or so), but not even as many as I got using a cleanser by a brand known for anti-acne products. One bottle lasts me several months, making it very affordable.

I must recommend that, in order to allow the salicylic acid to most effectively slough off dead cells/remove impurities and oil in pores, you wet your face and the scrublet, put a nickel-sized amount of the product on the scrublet, gently massage onto your face in circles, then let the foam sit on your face several seconds to a minute (I floss while I wait), then rinse off, using your hands or a washcloth and warm water, again moving in circles to loosen and remove the product. It will work well as a cleanser even without letting it sit, but giving it a little time lets it do its thing. Again, that's my recommendation as I have found it most effective, but I have no medical training so if a dermatologist suggests otherwise, follow his or her advice.
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on January 20, 2016
Cleans extremely well and no oil
LOVE the attached scrubbie which will also stick to shower wall.

Contains plastic beads that harm the environment

I will be waiting 'til they fix the bead situation til I buy more, but in the mean time I will be using the scrubbie with other face products. After using it I just don't feel clean unless I have it really scrub the oil off my face.
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on February 27, 2011
When I first got this facial cleanser, my first through was that the rubber scrubber, while a nice addition, felt like it would fall apart quickly. To my surprise it didn't- it has been going like a champ. The scrubber is great and really helps you get your face nice and clean. The cleanser smells nice with a hint of apricot, but it isn't overpowering. It is nice and ex foliating without being too harsh on your skin. This is great for an everyday cleaner if you don't have any skin conditions, but from my experience, it really doesn't do much to clear troubled skin. Overall, I do like this, but for my skin, I need something to help clear up my skin too. This cleaner does do everything that L'Oreal says it will- clean, reduce appearance of pores, and won't over dry- for that, I have to give it 5 stars!

Another thing I have done is use the scrubber with other cleansers- which works better than using my hands.
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on March 26, 2015
I bought this specific product based on its ratings and reviews. My black heads are gone. Gone. I thought they'd never go away and I've tried everything. It does dry out my skin, but I use a moisturizer afterwards and rotate between this cleanser and Aveeno Ultra Calming Cleanser.
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on September 22, 2015
I have never felt this clean EVER!! I would not recommend this for every day use because it really exfoliates your skin so it might be a bit rough if you use it morning and night, everyday ,. I recommend maybe two-three times a week and you are good to go. . Cleans every pore. You can really tell the difference in just once use. your skin feels much softer, cleaner, and brighter.
This product is not only outstanding for its price but also compared to other much pricier face washes.
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