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on July 25, 2012
I didn't buy this from Amazon but I wanted to add a little perspective to the reviews (since I based my decision to buy this unit on finding lots of good reviews on sites like Amazon and Ebay and have subsequently found many bad comments and reviews on welding sites frequented by people in the trade).

I got one of these just over 6 months ago and have used it relatively often during the last 3 or so months. When it works - it works well. I'm by no means a professional welder but I'm carrying out repairs and modifications to a steel boat so I do have quite a lot of welding to do. The plasma cutter easily handles up to 1/4 inch steel as does the welder (though I run around 105-110A on this unit vs the more usual 90A for 1/8 inch 6011 rods on mild steel to 1/4 inch thick).

However in the last few weeks the unit started to operate intermittently on both plasma cutting and arc welding functions (I don't have occasion to date to use the TIG). At first this was occasional but now the welder has entirely stopped working. The plasma cutter is currently working reliably (but was more problematic than the welder to start with). I'm now looking to be forced into finding out how good the warranty support is (I already know I will be asked to pay shipping both ways...) and I can't afford the downtime so will need to buy another welder in the interim (I'll be going American this time!).

In short - if this works for you - it's a nice unit and I found it did a pretty good job. I however have not found it to be as reliable or robust as I need, so wouldn't recommend it for important projects.

The vendor was supportive in confirming the correct wiring for a plug.

UPDATE 12/20/2012

I paid shipping both ways for warranty cover (apparently 3 years on my unit). This cost me $170. Lotos were responsive to contact and I appreciated one or two details of the repair work they did (a new regulator and water trap - the ones that shipped with the unit were damaged). However, they appeared to offer the option of a replacement unit which I selected and then proceeded to inform me that this only applied if they couldn't fix it and they had fixed mine.

So, with some anticipation I plugged everything in and got it all connected and prepared to make a cut. I noted that the power gauges were not reading properly and that the power diode had been knocked into the unit. I pressed the switch... nothing - except a slight clicking from the unit. No air flow, no pilot arc, no cutting arc - nothing.

Maybe the welder function was fixed? I changed over the leads - and tried - and again - nothing.

I am very disappointed with Lotos. Firstly it isn't standing behind your products to make people pay return shipping for warranty repairs anyway - it suggests you do an awful lot of them. And secondly, I just wanted a working unit. For the amount I wasted on this piece of trash I could've just about got a Hypertherm which I am sure would be giving good service now and for however long into the future. Let's see - will they replace or repair with the next set of shipping at their cost? Or do I now have an $800 door stop?

So it's down to 1 star now. This unit was a mistake. Perhaps it's suitable if you use it a few times a year as an occasional hobbyist, who knows?

UPDATE 2/19/13 I actually received a replacement unit a few weeks ago on 1/28/13 - it just took me a little while to update the review. Lotos responded well to the situation and addressed the matter appropriately, to which extent I can only commend them as I'm certain there are plenty of companies out there that won't do so readily. The replacement unit works fine - at least as well as the original did at this time in it's life. I've found Lotos generally responsive to communicate with and courteous etc, and if it wasn't for the shipping both ways on the warranty I'd rate them 5 stars (as is, I would dither between 4 and 5). However, with respect to the product - I think I'll go to 3 stars to reflect the fact I have a working unit but I can't really be sure how robust it is until I've put some use on it (the original worked well for a few months after all). Perfectly happy with the manufacturer - they did stand behind it, to the extent their policy provides for - and that bit further in the face of what I hope is an unusual circumstance (repaired unit arrives non functional). Product needs to prove itself to do better than 3.

I'll do a final update in a few months when I will probably have mostly finished my project.
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on September 15, 2011
The Lotos LTPDC2000 worked great right out of the box. I especially like the pilot arc feature of the plasma cutter. I bought it to replace rusty floors in a 1940 Ford from Michigan. Without the pilot arc, it would be difficult to keep the arc going in rusted metal.

I found out that my TIG welding skills need more work, but that is not the fault of the machine.

The stick welding feature is also handy to have in one machine. I had been switching back and forth between a Lincoln stick welder and a MIG welder on prior projects.

I recommend buying a roll around cart to mount it on.

The included instructions are useless. Fortunately, lots of info is available online from various sources.

All in all, one of my better purchases. Amazon has done it again.
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on August 24, 2011
Received my LTPDC2000 welder and had contacted customer service with some questions I had about the setup and capability of this particular welder. I was able to have someone contact me right away and they were very helpful in answering all the questions I had, which the LTPDC2000 2011 model, has the capability of welding just about any kind of metal, including, Aluminum and as well Titanium, which I didn't know that. For the money don't think there is a welder out there that can't compete for the capability and price. I did a lot of searching on the internet and from what I saw this welder was one of the top 10 Tig welders to purchase from a review online. Then when I compared prices, there was no question I had to get a Lotos welder. I was very pleased that in the future if I have any questions that there will be always someone there to help me out. Would recommend this welder to anyone.
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on December 14, 2011
I had been toying with the idea of a plasma cutter with the heightened Oxy fuel costs. I also have wanted to further my capabilities with Tig welding. After looking at many different brands of machines. Prices ranged from $300 to $3000 with basic to confusing features. I decided this LTPDC2000 was the welder that would fill my current needs, IGBT w/pilot arc, all torches & foot pedal 3yr warranty! However with the low selling price I still wasn't convinced of quality and service. I had questions, I contacted the seller with the first email and he replied straightaway as he did several more times. Ok so I placed my order from NY and to my surprise my machine was here 5 days later. I opened the package and was very pleased, I am not sure what I expected to find but what I did find was a well thought out complete kit, after adding a plug and some minor assembly of the air regulator it was up and running. As another reviewer said I also would like to update my review after some time, I think it would only get better though! I also received another shipment of tungsten's from them with the same attention to my order. The LTPDC2000 machine is a great choice for anyone looking at a 3-in1 welder unit. I HIGHLY recommend this supplier as they are committed to customer service before and after the sale!
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on November 1, 2011
I was a little skeptical about this unit, since it looks a lot like the others for sale from various vendors. However with Amazon's return policy and a 3 year US backed warranty I figured I would give it a go. The unit comes very well packaged and with everything you would expect(well except Tungsten rods for Tig). Just hook up air a 220v plug and start using it.

The pilot arc feature is very helpfull for cutting painted and or rusted metal, It made short work of everything I've thrown at it so far and leaves a nice clean edge.

My only real complaint is the manual, it was pretty much unusable, but the companies web site ( had a couple of videos and it really isn't that complicated with 2 switches and a couple of well labeled plugs on the front. If Amazon will let me I'll edit this in 6 months or so with my long term impressions.
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on May 30, 2012
So, I will be the outlier in this field of rosy reviews. I thought this welder was complete junk. Not worth buying. Below is only a partial list of the problems I had.

Hand trigger on the plasma cutter broke on first use. It is made of very cheap plastic as is the welding gun. I didn't even realize how poor the construction on this was until I got a real welder and compared.

The foot pedal is NOT a variable amp controller -- but they've built it to look and sort of feel like one. It is simply dishonest for them to even include it -- they want us to believe it serves the purpose that a foot control is intended for, that is to ease into or out of the weld. This is just another on/off switch which is mounted to a foot control. Mine broke on about the 5th use anyway -- or rather started working intermittently then gave out a bit later.

The first unit I had leaked gas internally. I went through quite a bit of argon before figuring this out. Took many calls to Lotos to actually get ahold of someone and arrange for an exchange. Once I finally talked to a real person it took no convincing at all -- he just arranged for me to ship unit back. Strange thing was that he didn't want to issue a RMA or anything, in fact I had to insist that he email me something before I shipped the unit back to him. I did this because it felt like I was just talking to some guy working from his basement rather than a real company. I paid shipping -- $80. Got the replacement over 3 weeks later.

As an aside here this guy, who seems to be the only person at Lotos, (which I think is just an importer who relabels these machines -- I saw same form on craigs list with differnt color and name) tried to switch me to a 'newer' model instead. When I looked at it on their site it was $150 cheaper. I asked him about it and he said that was because it didn't include the foot control, which it clearly did. He agreed to send me the same machine again, but all my dealings with him were of this nature. I don't want to get into personal subjective claims, but I would never do business here again.

Replacement came with the lower panel bashed in. Did not appear to have sustained real damage so I tried it out. More or less worked and didn't seem to leak, but the post flow adjustment knob did not work. No matter what the setting, post flow stayed on for about 20 seconds. So again, a machine that wasted argon. Did the same thing with air when using plasma cutter.

Didn't want to go another 3 weeks without, so I used this machine for a while, trying to figure out if I wanted to send it back (they expected me to pay shipping again), keep it, try to fight for a refund somehow through my credit card co. or amazon, but really figured there isn't much i could do. After a couple weeks the tig welder stopped striking an arc. At this point I decided to get a real welder and keep this for plasma cutting which was still working.

A couple months later the plasma cutter went out too. This machine is now just clutter gathering dust in my garage. I love my new Lincoln TIG but haven't found a new plasma cutter. If only I had back the money I wasted on this junk.

Maybe I was just unlucky but IMO, the quality of this is very poor, and if used, it will break. If you are just playing around a bit, then maybe this is all you need. If you need a real welder then please heed my advice and save yourself a lot of time and money. Do not buy.
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on September 15, 2011
Unit came with everything included except the plug. Anybody familiar with how TIG and Plasma work can put it together in a short time. The plasma function is very easy to control and makes a very narrow clean cut. I experimented with different metal thicknesses and speeds and all were equally clean. I may never use my acetylene cutting torch again. The manual is not very good and could stand to be completely rewritten. Overall a very handy and easy to use machine.
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on January 13, 2013
This is disappointing. [...] I'm not sure what to do. I think this company is just incompetent. After my ordeal below I was contacted because they saw my review. Offered to let me ship to them for a repair no cost. I was impressed. I shipped it. After they received it I heard nothing for several weeks. I called and Katrina answered and said she thought they had it working and would let me know. Nothing.. I called back. It was going to ship back to me. I got it just as I was leaving town and some life events made it a few weeks before I got it hooked up. I'm a quad in a wheelchair so I have to arrange some help. After hooking it up it was having the same issue that it had before I sent it. The pilot arc works for a few seconds. After a few try's it pretty much quits working at all. I just think they don't know what they are doing. Do I try again? I really had hoped they would make things right.

Bought mine on ebay. Came in with torch broke face bent in. Emailed. Asked about returning the item as DOA. Was told not to worry if they sent a torch and I had problems I could return then. Got the torch a few weeks after as they seemed to have trouble determining what I needed. When I finally got it I was not able to try it right away as My schedule had me out of town and when I did try it the board blew. I contacted them and they would not honor the DOA past the 5 days they talked me out of. So I paid shipping both ways! They did honor my request for a different unit but I had to spend another $30 sending back the accessories as they told me after the fact they would not fit the new unit. I received the new unit and tried it. Everything worked except the Pilot Arc part of the plasma cutter. I emailed right away. No response. Emailed again. No response. Called and was told that they would call back with what to do. It has been 5 days. I will call back Monday. Ebay buyer protection ends in 3 months. They drug it out long enough now I have no recourse with them now. I feel the service is poor. The unit quality is poor. I bought this and an AC/DC unit also and the AC unit is still working after we fixed the wiring terminals inside that were pulled apart when we got it and ground clamp wire was re attached, It has had little use so we will see how it goes when I get to use it more. I just cannot recommend this unit or this company at this point. Will update after I see if they will fix it by sending parts or they pay shipping. Ebay said to file a fraud case but I'd rather just fix it or get my money back.
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on April 28, 2012
I bought this about a week ago. I REALLY wanted to start learning how to tig better but just didn't want to fork out $2000 for a name brand or buy a used machine that could have unknown issues.

This comes with a 3 year warranty and a DOA shipping both ways. The warranty: 3 Years (Parts and Labor) (Repair service available even after your warranty is expired, you only need to pay parts and labor, $25/hr, maximum 2 hours) This was kind of important to me...most people were having good luck with these and I heard a good number of positive claims of customer service. I was able to reach someone on the second ring with a question I had on setting it up.

Impressions so far:
-directions are not great. But if you go online, Lotos Canada has a good pdf file that helps out a good bit. I did not find it until after figuring it out Thankfully I have some experience with some of the name brand tig machines. The plasma I might be a bit lost, lol.

-Machine was wired up to 220 volt. Wiring was standard as were colors on the wires. I wired it to a 3 volt plug that I already had for my Lincoln mig. Again instructions were no help at all.

-tried out the tig on some scrap stainless tubing and some scrap mild steel sheet and plate. Seems to work well and lights off every bit as easy as other much more expensive tig machines that I have used. I am still quite new to tig, but I bought this to be able to practice and get better while working on my own projects at the house.

-Foot pedal is not like I am used to. I was used to one where you could adjust the amps on the unit and the foot pedal would go to a max of what you set. Apparently on these the foot pedal goes from 0-200 regardless of what is set on the least that is what I gathered from the vague directions I have found. The torch also has a button for the tig and that can be set from the machine itself. I really would prefer to be able to set a max voltage and still use the foot pedal, but again, that is just what I am used to.

-hoses and clamps that come with it are not the best. I'll be going to the local hardware store to get replacements

-came with a couple sticks of tungsten. Got some replacement 2% red tungsten that works great with this machine as well as some stainless 309 rod.

-plasma cuts...I have no experience with any other plasma cutters, so I do not have anything to compare it to.

Overall so far I am pleased with the machine. For the price it is well worth the money so far.
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on December 3, 2012
I really like this welder/plasma cutter a lot and can't recommend it enough. My friend who is a professional machinist even came over and really praised how good the circuit boards are in the unit saying that normally cheaper TIG welders can't hold the arc as well as this one can. He was really impressed!
I was also impressed with everything that was included with it, it was complete other than the tungsens, which you'll have to buy those separately. However, the kit with the welder even includes a really nice gas regulator for the argon tank that you should buy (or rent). The kit even included a barbed end that screws into a normal 1/4" air fitting, which made my day since it makes it so easy to hook up the air compressor to use the plasma cutter.
I did my research and finally settled on this unit and I'm really glad I did. It was a great price and its a very strong unit. I think you will like it too.
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