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on October 3, 2011
Whoo hoo! There is going to be a third book in the series which makes me very happy!

I highly recommend that you read the first book in the series before you start this one (I actually went back and re-read it so that I could remember all the details before starting the second one) although it could stand alone, you will be missing out on the opportunity to meet these characters and get to love them as they are developed.

SPOILER ALERTS if you haven't read the first book so stop, purchase it, read it, and then come back here...

Did you read the first one yet? Ok... then you can continue on...

Mike, our main character, is a former movie star/action hero who had been lead to believe that he had murdered his wife and then was sentenced to a mental hospital. There, he was kept so drugged that he had gaps in his memory as to what actually happened. When the apocalypse breaks out, he escapes from the facility with Dr Kate (a pyschiatrist)and some other patients (Pancake!). The first book details their adventures (ha!) to not only survive but get to the facility where his wife worked to try to find a cure or vaccine for the infection.

When this book starts, he wakes up in blank white room and wonders if it is all just another drug induced dream but nope, safe on a ship, with the vial of the vaccine. He and Kate are trying to decide who they should give the last remaining vial of vaccine to in order to help save the rest of the survivors in the US. The rest of the book follows their struggles to get to the Pentagon. Of course, just because they are safe when they start doesn't mean that they will stay that way :-)

The characters are highly developed and the type that you would like to have over for drinks one night. Very likable, very funny, very snarky (which is my favorite type of person) and best of all, not the "super hero can do anything personality" that you often find in these types of books. Mike is very self depreciating and has a great sense of humor and Kate keeps up with him the entire way. We get to meet new people that are as highly developed as characters which is very nice - many times, the secondary cast in a book are just that - secondary. Not in LZR.. And don't worry - there is plenty of gore, cool weapons, and action scenes - something for everyone. As a plus, although no one is asking for the "line" that Mike is famous for like in the first book, the author does manage to slip it in once ..

The author's sense of humor is refreshing and not forced. It flows naturally within the book and each of the circumstances that the characters encounter. The dialogue is written so realistically that you feel like you are actually in the same room taking place in the conversation.

If you are still undecided, make sure you download the sample - Mike's awaking in the ship and his subsequent discovery by Kate (and the mishap that occurs) sets the tone for the entire book and gives you a great look into what to expect in the chapters ahead. Personally, I am just trying to decide when to mourn the death of the family cow (and you have to read the book to get that reference :-)

Can't wait for the next installment!
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on October 10, 2011
Everything was lined up for me to be disappointed and that did not happen. The book got stronger as it went and is much darker than book 1. If you ever worry about where the story is going don't worry. Just sit back, close your eyes and enjoy it. You know what I mean.

This is the book order since Amazon does a bad job making such things clear.

Infection is book 1

Perspectives. It's a collection of short stories. Not a true novel. Its not required to understand or enjoy either book but it makes it more fun.

Evolution is book 2.
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on January 30, 2012
I am delighted when I can review that a second book in a zombie series is as good, if not better, than the first.

Author Bryan James starts writing LZR-1143: Evolution where we were left after book one and the action never stops until the end. I started reading later in the evening and couldn't put it down until I was finished. I weighed sleep over curiosity to see what in the blazes was going to happen next to Mike and Kate. Sleep is vastly overrated.

The story is fast-paced and exciting, and the decriptions vividly written and awesomely gruesome in parts. It's easy to dive right into the world Bryan James has created and get hyped-up with zombie induced anxiety while often laughing out loud at the thoughts of tongue-in-cheek Movie Star Mike.

If you like your zombie novels with the two main players having believable comradery, chemistry, snappy dialogue, and can BOTH curse quite inventively while kicking undead butt across the eastern seaboard in the attempt to help all of mankind; you are gonna love this second book.
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on January 29, 2015
Another good read by James.

This one starts with Mike McNight coming to on a ship. The aged nuclear carrier Enterprise.

Mike and Kate had made it there from the rooftop of Starling Mountain.

Mike still has the vacine and uses it to help Hartliss the Brit helo pilot who got them out.

Hartliss was shot by Frank the agent who was supposed to be keeping an eye on Mike in the asylum. The rougue agent with his own agenda who's now dead, eaten by the dead.

Mike isn't feeling well as he gives Hartliss the shot.

Mike passes out and when he wakes up he learns that the Captain of the ship, Allred, has the vacine and has given it to some of his sailors and they are now walking dead.

Something went terribly wrong and Mike and Kate make it off the sinking Enterprise via helo's and SEAL's who had a mission. A mission that gets them all killed including Hartliss and leaves Mike and Kate headed for DC.

So begins another kick ass read by James.

This one has Mike, Kate, a girl named Ky, George, his bus, his Vizla Romeo, the walking dead, survivors who will kill anyone for what they have, a trip to DC via the underground, contact with the Pentagon and Mike, Kate and Ky in a race for their lives.

Another Five Star read.
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on January 6, 2015
3.4 stars. This is a fun read if you are looking for something light and fast-paced. This is not the work that will establish the Zombie Novel as a classic of American literary tradition - but it will keep you turning the pages! It's got the zombie tropes you crave (if like me you crave such things) and the gore and stench descriptions are... juicy... in the best I-just-stepped-on-an-avulsed-eyeball-in-the-dark sort of way.

While there are almost as many miracle saves by helicopter as the first novel in the series, the author is improving at finding ways to get his characters out of a jam. The characters gain some depth and develop. The group expands, becomes more interesting, and is joined by one or two mascots (depending on your point of view). Likeable characters do die, which is a plus in a zombie tale. This was a step in the right direction.

Things that detracted from the book for me included: really bad science (bad enough that it could just as well be magic), coincidencidenencidences, predictability, and really bad science.

Bottom line: fast moving enjoyable zombie stuff with the themes and motifs you will recognize from across the zombie genre. Not hugely original but fun nonetheless. Most exciting thing about this novel was to see the author develop.
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on December 29, 2015
The saga continues as the protagonist, a former movie star, and his female sidekick attempt to reach the Pentagon. Their mission is to supply the government with a sample of their blood which is immune to zombie infection. As they combat their way through hordes of the undead they are befriended and aided by others who have escaped infection. As more and more succumb to the growing peril, will the offer of immunity from the disease arrive in time to save humanity?
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on April 2, 2016
our heros are trying to get to the remains of the government. But can the government be trusted.

I really enjoyed the 2nd book in this series.

I am looking forward to reading more of these tales.

If you like zombie books, give this series a try.
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on April 14, 2016
The second installment to Bryan James' new apocalyptic world is just as much as a pageturner as the first one. Mr. James has captured a balance between the bloody and gory fighting, typical in a book about a zombie apocalypse, and the background stories of the books characters. On top of that, Mr. James has continued to tell the story that the reader purchased the book for. The highest praise I give to any author is that the author tells the story and doesn't just tell about the story.
The characters in his series have quickly became "friends" to the readers making the book hard to Put Down. Mr. James also leaves the reader hungry for the next book in the series with his use of eventful and surprising endings. Science Fiction. Has a new contender.
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on November 15, 2013
The LZR1143 Series is an excellent example of good Zombie stories. I loved the story.
Being a big movie star gets you nothing when the powers that be want to cover up the biggest mistake of all times. A mistake that cost the country 80 percent of humanity. Now they walk and eat other people.
Michael McKight wakes up in an insane asylum to the terror of the end of the world. He teams up with some more crazies and a lady doctor, Kate, in an effort to escape the madness of people eating each other only to learn its everywhere.
The struggle to save humanity turns Mike from a cardboard character in the movies into a real action hero with an unlikely team at his side. In an effort to save Mike, his 1st wife before her death had injected him with a super cure that had a few side effects. In an attempt to save the world and his new family, Mike fights Zombies, narrowly escapes hordes of Zombies and an occasional nitwit enjoying the end of the world.
I loved this series. It is well written. There is humor, a lot of narrow escapes and hope on the horizon. Start with book one….you need to read all three in order. Fighting for humanity is a never ending story. With this author’s skill as a writer…it can go on and on and I will enjoy the journey.
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on February 14, 2015
At times there are disjointed details that causes the book to lack being a real page-turner. The zombie plague itself is, in my opinion, ill-conceived. The main character is a movie star that now in real life is having an opportunity to be a hero despite the fact that his name had been destroyed in the media. This plot, in my opinion is, also, iffy. Zombie fighting action is pretty good, but a little repetitious. It's a bit of a laborious read. Overall though, I would say this book is okay.
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