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on November 8, 2014
Set up took about 10 minutes it comes with a very clear and easy to follow booklet. It' wall mountable or desk top, all controls are on top or in front. It lights up all the time when its plugged or 10 seconds at a time when running on batteries. So far it's been very accurate and its fun to watch.
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on December 13, 2013
Extremely useful device but you need to use lithium batteries in the remote. I set it up originally with alkaline ( brand new major brand) and found the remote was losing synch with the use. This is the same problem described by a number of other review. Then I switched to lithium and immediately everything work ok and it hasn't lost synch once. With the remote working it is a great device. I did find it much cheaper at Sam's Club.
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on December 3, 2013
Got this from Sam's Club Pre-Thanksgiving Sale 2013 for $15. Everything looks great, colorful graphics etc.. The only problem is 2-3 days, it will lose sync with the "outside" sensor, even there's a Five Bar indication and good distance. Outside sensor was located about 15-20 feet from the base station.

The only way I can regain the Outside temperature is by unplugged AC power then removed the batteries from the Unit, pressed the transmitting button on the outside remote to re-sync. Might have to give a few tries, if it didn't respond the first attempt.

Update: Was advised by La Crosse and other users to use Lithium batteries rather than Alkaline. The cold temperature still loses to broadcast outside readings about low 30s F intermittently; otherwise, it is good a weather station. Though, I do see an improvement of outside cold temperatures readings by replaced with Lithium batteries.
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on January 27, 2015
The LaCrosse Technology 308-1414B Wireless Atomic Forecast Station Loses its signal when it snows or rains usually just when you want to know what the outside temperature is! Also the digital readout numbers are defective, so they don’t read out the complete number.
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on April 1, 2014
I love the colors must be plugged in to the wall in order to see it. If it is running just on the batteries the screen goes dark and you have to push a button to view which it's only viewable for a few seconds at a time. We found a location on the wall to plug it in but now have an ugly cord running down the wall. Otherwise it works great.
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on May 15, 2015
The product looks decent enough. Of all the weather stations, this one seems to have the most practical and well laid out visuals.

But, are those visuals accurate? I sat the base unit and its remote side-by-side for 24hrs. They are brand new out of the box. As you can see, they display a temperature differential of about 1.5 degrees and a humidity differential of 6%. What is the real humidity level? Is the humidity something in between 46% and 35%? Beats me, but I sure can't use this product to tell me.
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on March 20, 2014
Hi and I have been a weather geek for decades lol and when looking around for a new one,,,,not that I need one lol as I have several but like to try new ones,,, well I seen this one and was thrilled to see it and how it worked.
I read several reviews on it and decided to get one.
Well I ordered from amazon and as usual it came in just two days.
I took it outta the box, put batteries in it and plugged in its a/c adapter and was amazed at the very nice bright and colorful display which is actually a lcd display just as you may see on a small lcd tv/monitor.
Many reviews say they have a hard time seeing it unless you are at perfect eye level with it as they say if your not it almost disappears lol, well I dont see that at all, Yea the screen my dim down 10% at an angle but that isnt enuff to hardly notice whatsoever,,
The indoor/outdoor temps/humidity readings etc are right on par and within 1 degree or less of the other 4 different makes/models I have.

I did read some reviews that some complained about the forecaster/barometer readings being off.
Well as noted in THE OWNERS MANUAL that it can and does take approx 45 days for the forecaster to become accurate as it has to learn your area your in and uses that memory to make the needed adjustments to show the most accurate forecast.

I am very pleased with this one and its the best out of over the prolly 40 I have purchased over the years and again its right on with the indoor/outdoor temp/humidity readings.

I hope this may help you decide either way on you choice in purchasing one of these or not.

If you have any questions, Feel free to ask I and will do my best to give you a straightforward/unbiased opinion.
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on January 12, 2014
I am a science geek and own a lot of thermometers. I have an accurate indoor thermometer next to this one to compare the indoor readings. And I have an accurate wired outdoor probe thermometer to compare the outdoor readings. I also use the Weatherbug 6 portable for windows application from which I can check 5 local stations. Weatherbug 6.0 is way better than the WB 10. WB 6 shows all the weather info in one window. And it shows temps to tenths of a degree. Which WB 10 does not. I use AdMuncher so I see zero ads. What is great about WB is it shows live temps when you mouse over the app. Here is a screen cap of v10 and v6
v6 is on the left. v10 is terrible as you can see. Look at v6 on the left. Right above the wind speed is the update time. When you move your mouse over this area, it updates. If you keep move the mouse back and forth constanly, you get updated temps every 2 seconds!
You can still get v6 at Cnet! It is 6.07 which is what I have. It may try to install toolbars during install. Careful. You can uncheck them

So anyway, as far as I can tell, this La Cross is very accurate. At least mine is. I have a lot to compare to. I don't know if you had 2 of these whether they would read the same. Accuracy may vary with temperature too. It may be more accurate at certain temp ranges than others.
Best to use lithium batteries for the remote sensor. Especially in cold weather. Make sure that the sensor is mounted in the shade and is not exposed to rain. It is water resistant, not water proof. Mine has never lost sync. It shows full signal. Sensor is about 25ft away. I am still trying to figure out how often the remote send a signal. I know it is at least every three minutes.
Mine has not connect to the time server yet. It probably can't where it is positioned. It is a shortwave band and would connect better at night.
I don't like the forecast box. I wish it would just report the barometric pressure.

So to sum it up, I am very satisfied with this. Accuracy is very good. This is the most accurate wireless thermometer I have ever owned. Display is very large and colorful. Horizontal (side) viewing angles are very good. Vertical viewing angles are not good.
If anyone has a question, feel free to leave a comment.
I will probably update and revise this review a few times.
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on January 15, 2014
We love it! The different colors are wonderful and how they have arranged the information on the screen makes it easy to read for a distance. Inside data on one side and outside on the other.
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on December 30, 2014
I did not buy it from Amazon. I bought it from the local cost saving company for under twenty, it was 5-off on the usual twenty four dollars offer during the last few days leading up to Christmas.

Set up was a breeze, the remote sensor was installed in the front porch, and the display was set up in the kitchen, a distance of about 35 feet by my reckoning. The signal strength showed up as excellent. Less than 10 days later, the remote sensor had seemingly eaten up the 2 fresh Duracell AA batteries! What? A fresh pair of Duracells - and the remote readings still showed up as blank on the display. I brought the remote inside the house, and unplugged the display completely - no power, and batteries out too - and then restarted. It started sensing locally, I had to reset the time (no biggie), and reinstate the remote sensor in the front porch. Initially it showed good signal strength, but the remote readings did not change, and I know that this has gone kaput. See the attached photo - left of "55" and right next to the sensor, I should have seen multiple bars to denote the signal strength of the remote sensor. I see nothing - and it shows old readings from when the sensor was right next to the device.

I checked the original Duracell batteries - and they showed a good 1.5V reading - so the batteries are not the culprit - it must be (a) the distance (b) the lower temperature (c) remote telemetry circuit.

The whole purpose of this device was to get a sense of how cold it is outside and decide what kind of clothes the child should wear to the school bus stop in the morning. From that perspective, a 10 day functional period (during the winter break!) does not count for anything.

The two-week period where the sensor is supposed to stabilize and give correct readings did not happen. The device started limping before it could get to a steady pace. I do not believe for a minute that this can be worth seventy bucks - the current price shown on this site. I want my twenty back from the local shop .. or at least get a like-for-like return. Technology when it works is fantastic - and when it doesn't, it lands with a thud.

1. Easy setup
2. Beautiful display
3. One-shot information provided

1. Unreliable - mine malfunctioned within 10 days
2. The display cannot be turned off completely - even at its lowest setting, it shows digits and graphics

1. Atomic time-keeping: I did not get to test the function
2. Longevity: The device malfunctioned during the break-in period, so it is known if this is of any lasting value

This is an unbiased review. I wanted to like it. I liked it when it worked. I do not like the fact that it is headed to a landfill site.

*** UPDATE ***

I spoke with a CSR to resolve the issue. Way out - power down both display and remote sensor, bring them in close vicinity, get rid of any capacitive charge left by pressing 15-20 times on any button on the display, 15m cool down, power up again, press the TX button on the remote sensor, let them remain in close vicinity for another 15m, and then take the remote sensor out. Now, set the time on the display. This has done a factory reset on the gizmo and is working again. During this talk, it became clear that the atomic time/date set feature is iffy - it works for some and it does not work for others. For me, it did not work, even though the display showed receiving the signal.

I will give it another chance. I really want it to succeed and work. A second failure would prompt a return. I will not change the stars - a functioning thing should not overnight develop a fault so early in its life.

*** UPDATE 2 ***

The device worked for 2 more days. Today morning, on a cold but sunny day, the display forecast started showing clouds and rain. Nope - did not happen all through the day - it remained bright and sunny. However, in the evening, the dreaded symptom of no remote readings recurred, and this time I am not considering spending any more of my time troubleshooting and debugging a flawed device. I would be returning it. Of note, I had moved the display and the remote unit less than 10 feet apart, separated by a single wall, with a glass sidelight next to the front door. No more wasting time on this.
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