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on January 16, 2008
I had heard this album on Ween's myspace when it was streaming and wasn't really that impressed. I finally decided to get this record two weeks after it came out. Listened to it, still not impressed. But now I finally understand it. Put it on while reading a magazine or book or whatever, it will sink it. Every Ween album has been a grower for me, but some move a little faster. This one has taken the longest. But at last it has defeated my mind. This or anything starting with and after Chocolate and Cheese is the place someone should start if they want a more accessible Ween. If you want more of the brown, go to Pure Guava and anything before.
In conclusion, I would originally have said this to be Ween's weakest effort. But now I'm finding my self reaching for this disc quite a bit lately. This is a weird, fun, relaxing, not to be taken too seriously, not so drugged out, stripped down Ween album. Enjoy!
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on March 9, 2008
Wow!! Some really negative reviews here - more than a little surprising.
A common problem with reviewers is that they often compare an artist's work against their other works. If it doesn't seem as good as other works to the reviewer, they often don't treat the work based on its own merits and therefore rate it lower than it deserves.
I reckon this is what has happened here although I respect that everyone has a different view.
I went to see Ween in Melbourne last week - absolutely F###### brilliant!! Every person I spoke to were enthusiastic about the La Cucaracha even if it wasn't their favourite Ween album.
I've waited until I was familiar enough with the whole album before I reviewed La Cucaracha. Ween's albums as great as most of them are, can take a few listens before they click - even for myself being a self-confessed Ween-nut. This album is no different. It took a few listens but now I can't get it out of my car.
I can't be bothered thinking up superlatives or to try and impress you with crap so here's some highlights:
Fiesta is an instrumental that immediately grips you with its infectious vibe and get's you moving- no Viagra needed!
Blue Balloon is classic Ween - artistic & original (not trying to compare - only explaining to the already initiated if they haven't heard it as yet) without sounding....been there, done that.
This band is about fun and Friends falls into that category where you may think the lyrics are corny, but you'll be bouncing to it at any party. This is a different version from the Friends EP version as noted by other reviewers and both are great and worthy of purchase. Ween of course aren't stupid - the corniness of some lyrics are totally tongue-in-cheek.
Object is a disturbingly sinister song - masterfully done - the mood in which it's delivered suits the music perfectly. - check out those lyrics!
Sweetheart in the Summer is a perfect hangover floater......a very welcome comforter for that shaky, sweaty, low-on-energy day.
Woman and Man starts as foreplay and then its "hold on for the ride of your life!" Sounds amazing turned up loud as you drive along a freeway. Air-guitaring after a few drinks works brilliantly as well.
The lyrics in Your Party are intentionally straight-forward sounding but in the typically 'loaded' Ween style. I've noticed that some people reviewing this song on different forums just don't get Ween's humour. The gorgeous music that goes with the lyrics melts in your mouth.
I pretty much like every track on the album but the above are my favourites and the ones I'll skip to if I want to cut it short.
Wake up people!! Don't be put off by overly-good or bad reviews! Give it a few listens and make up your own minds. For me, this is (almost) a great album, Ween-or-not.
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on April 19, 2012
'Object' and 'With My Own Bare Hand' alone, this album is worth it.

Ween always has songs that don't do anything for me and then they completely blow me away with the next song.
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on November 13, 2007
La Cucaracha is not a bad album, it is just not up to Ween standards. Ween has been blowing us away with amazing music for many years and this album just feels like a let down. Had it been an experiment of some other band, it may have been spectacular. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work. Of course, there are still a few songs that will bring you back to the good old days...
Fiesta is a good, interesting way to begin the album with an instrumental. Its not the best but not the worst track, either.
Blue Balloon is very good, it has the Ween spirit, with weird sounds and lyrics that can keep you moving.
The version of Friends on the EP Friends Ep was so much better than this one! It was faster and more upbeat, this sounds like Ween got stoned and wanted to cover someone elses song then couldn't think of anyone else so they just covered their own song.
Object is very good too. When they played it live, it obviously had more enthusiasm and feeling, but this song definitely deserves to be on the album.
Learning To Love has potential but falls way short and just gets annoying after a few seconds. You're much better off with 12 Golden Country Greats.
With My Own Bare Hands is kind of La Cucaracha's Blarney Stone from The Mollusk. It's offensive and dirty and awesome.
The Fruit Man is fun, and kind of funny, a bit slow and would fit well on Shinola, vol. 2.
Spirit Walker is one of my favourite tracks. At first I hated it and thought it was a cheap knock-off of the more abstract songs from Quebec. It almost sounded like they were trying to sound like Cher... But anyway, after several listens, I love it!
And what better way to follow up a good track with the ABSOLUTE WORST WEEN SONG EVER??? Shamemaker is pathetic. I understand the concept of doing parodies of other noises, but when you sing in that nasal, emo, California boy-band voice, it just makes you look like a novelty act. I'm sorry, but I hate this song.
Lullaby is a good song, it reminds me of She's Your Baby, only slower and cleaner and weirder. And of course not quite as good as anything on White Pepper.
Woman And Man is the jam song on the album. It kind of bugged me at first but then I gave it another chance and it grew on me.
Your Party, the last track, is probably the best one. It definitely puts you in the mood to move...

Overall: Ween fans (you already have it because you are a Ween fan), anyone else (go buy the other albums first before you mess with this one Chocolate and Cheese,The Pod,Pure Guava,Shinola, Vol. 1,God Ween Satan-Anniversary Edition), and the others listed above.
I give it 3 out of 5 because it is Ween and there are some good songs, but it's very disappointing.
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on October 29, 2007
Ween is an notoriously eclectic band with few flaws in their discography. And when I say few, I mean this one- and when they miss, they miss by a mile.

I somehow feel as though I could blame myself. Maybe I'm just not "getting it". Ween has always been a band that's sheer tongue-in-cheek brilliance could easily go unappreciated by those who aren't "in tune" to it. It's subtle and brash, and dry and witty at the same time. Stylistically, you never quite know what to expect from album to album; but I've been a Ween fan for so long, I can't believe this one has gone over my head.

Don't get me wrong, La Cucaracha is not a bad album. It's inconsistent, it's entirely lacking and it's a sure sign of a band that has sloughed off a little bit - but it's not bad. The engineering is beautiful, and while most of these songs are flat-out boring, one can't deny that they spent a lot of time in the studio trying to make them not so.

Every Ween CD to date, even going back to their first effort (God-Ween-Satan: The Oneness) has had several stand-out tracks, and a driven presence from beginning to end. La Cucaracha comes off like a cobbling together of random songs that didn't quite work out. Although the album starts out promising: the sudden burst of electronic feedback during a drum solo in the opening track "Fiesta" is rather clever, and "Blue Ballon" is a floating little acid trip that puts the listener right into that sweet space without any "substantial" assistance (if you get what I mean). By the third track, however ("Friends"), one feels jolted out of the mood and inclined to raise their eyebrows a little. Even if you can forgive it as a just plain stupid song (and yes, I know that Ween makes a joke of what would otherwise be termed, by any other artist, a "stupid song" - but this just didn't hit that mark), the record drops another dud with "Object". "Learnin' To Love" spikes things up a bit, but the lyrics are so lackluster, you tap your foot more in an effort to get into it than by genuine enjoyment. In fact, the only track on this alum that really displays that Ween feeling is "With My Own Bare Hands". It's blantantly vulgar, it's laced with relentless guitar, but it's unfortunate that it is still not enough to make the entire album worthwhile.

Only because Ween has such a solid track record, I think we can all allow them forgiveness for this one let-down.
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on June 3, 2008
La Cucaracha is controvertial even for a Ween album, however, it's for different reasons than most. Many Ween fans banned La Cucaracha, citing that the songs sound too similar, and/or it's not up to Ween standards, and the songwriting is weak. Though I can see where some people might reach that conclusion, you have to take this album in the context of where it's coming from. This is Weens "Let it Be". They have stripped down the extravagance and gone back to their roots, much like the Beatles did. Ween's last real record "Quebec" (which is one of my favorite albums EVER)was full of ambient experimental bliss, but it was the darkest album Ween has ever peoduced. On La Cucaracha, Ween lighten up (even the ironic song "Shame Maker" which is about addiction is in an up-tempo happy number, though if the lyrics are in stark contrast)and have fun with their experimentation. They also cover some previously unexplored (and some explored) genres for Ween such as New wave( it's better than it sounds, prog-rock, sub-reggae, knee slapping alt-country, and jazz among others. Ween makes music for themselves, not copping out to fans wishes, and you can either be critical of, or take it for what it is and enjoy the ride.
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on October 24, 2007
Maybe I need to give it more time, but so far I've found this to be a real disappointment. Really pains me to say it since I've been with them since the early 90s, but these songs just seem like a shell of what they should be. A couple nice moments, but really it seems like they are kind of parodying themselves at this point. The songs just jump from one genre exercise to another but the tracks just don't have the substance that they did in the past.
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on December 14, 2011
I love Ween, so keep that in mind. This album rates about 3 1/2 stars compared to their other output, and rates 4 1/2 stars compared to the stale fart sounds on the radio today. Personally, I think that the highlights outshine some of the warts on this record. "Learning To Love", "Blue Balloon", the sublime "Your Party",Deaner vocals on "Sweetheart in the Summer", and the ultra tasty jam out of "Woman and Man" still make this album a solid purchase. "Lullaby", "Shamemaker",and "Fruit Man" are complete throwaways. "My Own Two Hands" is not for the faint of heart....

What this album has that many of the low-fi Ween fans don't know to pay attention to is the depth of the recordings and the layering of sounds going on in latter Ween studio albums. I guess that haven't trained their ears to appreciate that level of depth in their music. That is basically why the 4-track stuff doesn't quite do it for me; it's too flat. I rather just hear them live shredding then hearing them backed by a drum machine and a programmed bass.

Point is that Ween circa 1990-1992 is two KIDS finding themselves musically, and is amusing. Latter Ween are two PROFESSIONAL ADULTS making some of the best rock ever made.To me, Ween rights some the catchiest yet craziest music out there. They are true o.g.
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VINE VOICEon January 15, 2008
I like this album as a novelty. Ween's entire career has been an expermintal romp through whatever genres they wanted to try. If you have expectations of a certain style or polish, you are going to be let down.

If you want another Ween album which makes your brain hurt (they go from Steely Dan to Cher on this album), then I think this album is worth a buy.

The Party song just cracks me up. I've been playing it for people at parties and I love the reactions. People who don't understand Ween look at me like I'm crazy.

"we had a good time at your party, the wife and I thank you very much"
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on November 5, 2010
The fact that some die hard fans are divided on this album, I'm not gonna lie, is very disturbing to me. The incalculable largess of our super-band is present here in all its manifold effulgence. Let those who have ears, hear the gospel of Ween. They abduct us, catching us off guard if we let them, and rupture our usual, predictable mode of existence with divine excess and presence. There are a couple challenging songs(fiesta, friends) I will skip, but even those are appreciated as they prove all the more Ween's continuing commitment to turning all our assumptions about music upside down. And what the hell kind of ween fan is gonna dis on blue balloon? Blue balloon gets me out of bed in the morning. Blue balloon and a hot cup of coffee.
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