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on August 18, 2004
I only have the first season but am anxiously wanting to purchase all seasons. I don't usually watch serial or seasonal programs, but when I happened to tune into a rerun about 3-4 years ago I was fascinated and hooked to the point where I would wait til 1:00 a.m. to watch it every night, M-F, short changing my sleeping hours until Oxygen took it off the air. This is a phenomenal program. It was way ahead of its time considering what our country has been facing in recent years! The story lines are intelligent, suspenseful, and so relevant today, I find astounding and intriguing their covert actions and references to known leaders, terroristic threats,etc. I am in awe of how this show came so close to scripting scenes that were similar to current events. More than this however are the spectacular performances by Peta Wilson, Roy Dupuis and the rest of the cast. The action, the martial arts stunts, great! Peta is awesome ;I'm mesmerized by her and her role as Nikita...she is so sexy, yet sensitive and convincingly "tough". Both she and Michael add a sensitivity to the harsh reality of their existence and the "job" they have to do. The intensity of their unrequited longing for each other; their ability to convey all of the nuances of an enigmatic relationship that the viewer anticipates will be fulfilled; the way in which they bring you right to the edge of a love that is taboo-just as the show ends, leaves you waiting for more....and that's where I am now, waiting for more. I don't know how I missed this show when it originally ran but I hope all five seasons will eventually be released. This show has been underrated and far outshines the junk on today's TV. Lots more I can say but I just want to see...Season 2,..3..4..5!!! I'll settle for 2 right now.
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on March 18, 2005
USA Network's La Femme Nikita was undoubtedly, "the cure for the common show." This tag phrase characterized an entire Sunday night lineup for the network but eventually the words defined La Femme Nikita more than any other program. Yes the show is sleek, smart, sexy and fun-escapism at its best-still it requires more of its viewers than merely sitting in front of the television. While most episodes could be described as stand alone, there were several episodes that arched a season and eventually the entire series. Fans of the entire five season run can attest to that. Though producers and writers insist they never plotted more than a few episodes in advance, their attention to detail and honest awareness of the history of the covert world of Section One and its players produced a seamless continuum as fans experienced thrilling highs and devastating lows wondering what would come of their heroes. Produced in Toronto but set all over the world, La Femme Nikita allowed its worldwide viewers to strike an alliance with the show and its characters which spawned unprecedented loyalty.

Now La Femme Nikita has experienced a resurrection of sorts thanks to Warner Brothers' release of the first two seasons on DVD. Just one day after the release of the second DVD set comes the announcement that fans will get season three after only a short three month wait. Now new fans can experience the series from the beginning inspiring even more loyalty and viewers. A suggestion bandied about since the release of the first season would be to make the DVD set viewable in places other than the United States and Canada. La Femme Nikita is arguably one of the most recognized international cable television programs and DVD sales would undoubtedly go through the roof. Considering fans were able to bring back the series after it had wrapped production for an additional 8 episodes to see tortured lovers Michael and Nikita (portrayed by Roy DuPuis and Peta Wilson) reunite once more, it seems inevitable that the voracious overseas appetite for the series will eventually be fulfilled.
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on September 9, 2004
To dispell any rumors - the official set I received is not defective - ALL discs play fine. I have friends who have also purchased copies that made it to store shelves - and again - no problems. I have heard that it is a copyright issue with a song or 2 featured in the episodes - but once again - I can't confirm. We, the fans were never given a reason or for the cancellation of the DVD release - and that is truly obscene for Warner Brothers. I paid a bit over retail and feel that it was worth it. There are legit DVDs out there and the price is coming down. Don't waste your money on the buggy 8-disc bootlegs. WB may never give us a reason - my hope is that they release season 2 shortly followed by 3,4 and 5. Keep the faith and keep near your phone - Section might be calling.
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on August 23, 2004
It doesn't seem like the voices of LFN fans are being heard! We want all the seasons released!! I have most of the episodes from all 5 seasons on VHS, but since the networks in my area no longer seem to air LFN consistently, my collection is terribly incomplete! And unfortunately, VHS just doesn't compare with all the added bonuses and features available on DVDs these days. So, whoever's reading, listening....willing hear the voices of all the devoted LFN fans out there...PLEASE RELEASE SEASON 2...AND WORK ON GETTING OUT THE LAST THREE! Thank you for your time and God bless!
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on December 16, 2004
Just came from [...] and it has been posted that Season 2 was pulled due to licensing problems with some of the music, these problems have since been resolved and Season 2 should be available in the spring of 2005..with Season 3 to follow later in the year...

That being said I am a true fan of LFN I watched each week faithfully. the characters, the action, the music, everything was right on target and kept me coming back..I purchased Season 1 and am glad the legal probs have been fixed...Can't wait to buy Seasons 2 and 3......Thanks WB for listening to the Fans
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on July 26, 2004
Well, on a few posters advice I ran out to my local best buys to try and score a copy of LFN2, they had pulled the sets from the sales floor and wouldn't give one up to me. One store I visited said there had been several people looking for the set but WB had recalled it, they tried to tell me that they never even received it. Good god I never thought I would be wishing so hard for incompetent retail outlets that didn't read their emails! I bought a DVD player for this series, got season 1 and now I am still freaked out about this being recalled. The thing that pisses me off the most is that I initally ordered this thru the WB website and they not only were charging 79.99 where I heard it was only 69.99 here, but when they cancelled my order they directed me here for further assitance. Now why on earth would they do that?? Further aggravation when I sent their customer service rep an email I wasn't even engratiated with a response. Sorry but I work in the retail field and this is a piss poor way to treat your valued customers WB! Over all I am extremely disappointed in the way the non-release was handled. LFN was an excellent series, us fans should not have to beg borrow and steal to have it available to us to purchase on DVD. As it is the price is pretty hefty. I am seriously considering boycotting future WB items.
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on August 23, 2004
You can't just release the first season and not 2-5 seasons. Nikita fans have no other way of watching it b/c it is not on TV any more. If anyone knows how to buy a copy of the second season let everyone know. ALL 5 seasons need to be released.

This series was the best series on TV.
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on December 15, 2004
Don't shell out your life savings for it on ebay, a new release date for it has been set for March 15, 2005. Apparently it was a music rights licensing problem, which they solved by replacing the song. Yay!!!!
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on July 14, 2004
I just received an e-mail from reporting that La Femme Nikita-The Complete Second has been postponed or cancelled. If you are a true fan, I suggest you go to the site yourself to read the report and draw your own conclusions. After learning of the immense struggle to get the first season released, a delay in getting the second season with less than a week until scheduled release is not very encouraging. Nothing personal, but when you see some of the shows Warner Bros. has put out or has scheduled for future release, you have to scratch your head and say what the f***? The Gilmore Girls? The Bachelor? Nip/Tuck? Jesus Christ guys, get it together and try putting out quality shows that people really care about, not that other dreck. Sorry about the rant, but like Dr. Drew, I am a man of extreme passion at times and this is one of those times. Let's all hope for the best, gang, and maybe we'll be rewarded for our patience with one of the best and most innovative shows ever finally coming out in its entirety.
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on July 15, 2004
According to one of my sources that helps promote WHV discs, this DVD set is apparently being cancelled last minute by WHV due to some music licensing issues. I'm actually sitting on a screening copy of the Second Season DVD set, but my review of the set was pulled due to the above issue.
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