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Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard|Change
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on May 17, 2011
*No Spoilers* just details that can hopefully help the undecided
First review (had to really great game) don't be too harsh

What an amazing game this is so far. The environment is so vivid. Graphics are up to par. This game was made for the Ps3!

Being a Rockstar Game, the controls are very similar to Grand Theft Auto & Red Dead Redemption. The controls also reminded me of Mafia II. Very smooth and fluid. There's also a map on the bottom left corner just like in the other Rock* games.

This game is not as fast paced as Grand Theft Auto. It is not a shoot first ask questions later type of game. Keep that in mind before buying. I'm enjoying it but I can just imagine some people hating it for be slow paced.

Investigating crime scenes can be so exciting as you do not know what or where your next clue will be. You are given the freedom to walk around and find clues with the assistance of vibration/music as you get near them.

There is no multiplayer for this game, which can be good or bad. I for one will be way too busy solving crimes around Los Angeles to even notice.

The PS3 version of the game comes with an exclusive DLC card to download a case called Consul's Car.
I pre-ordered from Best Buy so I received The Sharpshooter suit also.
And I was there for the midnight release so I received the nicholson electroplating DLC.

I will update as I get farther in the game & notice more helpful tips/details


The characters in LA Noire look so real. When they speak, it is shown in their facial expressions. No lip syncing here, it looks like they are actually talking. When a victim/witness is upset you can notice how their eyebrows kind of fold in.

When questioning a victim/suspect/witness you can choose from accepting it as the truth, lies, or doubt. Choose wisely. There's a score system which will provide you with experience points if you ask the right questions. These points can help you find clues easier.

I've experienced that some of the cars start to swerve if you're going too fast. Also even though you have destinations, you can just cruise the city limits. If you get lost, your partner will be more than glad to give you directions. "Make a left, take the right" kind of thing.

Fist fights
Some guys just don't give up without a fight. Team Bondi provides a nice block and punch system to knock some sense into them.
I've noticed you can use the block to make your opponent attack & opening himself for a nice right hand hook.

Cover system
By going into cover, the player can look around to see where the bullets are flying in from. This way you can pick the enemy out one by one. The Cover system allows you to regain health if you need to. Sometimes you will be outnumbered and outgunned. So this is where the cover system comes in handy. Cover and peek out when the enemy is reloading if they have serious fire power. The first time I ran into a shooting. I caught a bullet in the back. You've been warned!!!

There was an actual opened bloody wound on my back for a while. But as my health recovered it went away. so you can restore your health by staying out of harm's way. I like this system better than Grand Theft Auto's health packages.

Thanks for reading!
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VINE VOICEon May 20, 2011
This took me a three days to finish. There may be some very minor spoilers in this review. I made a lot of mistakes that hurt my enjoyment of the game, so maybe I can help someone.

STORY -- I thought the story was superb. The opening story in Homicide was especially strong, and initially I thought the game was going to end there. Homicide is pretty much the front half, with Vice and Arson as the back half. On the story, though, Newspapers give vital videos, and I didn't notice the "(X) for more" while holding a newspaper until I got to Vice. The newspapers give very interesting plot twists. Lots of character-motivated surprises in the course of this noir.

ACTING -- Also superb. I can't think of any character I found uninteresting throughout the game. I wound up arresting some of my favorite character actors. If you're interested in a long, excellent film noir, then you'll like this.

INVESTIGATIONS -- Walk around, try to find buzzes. These were interesting, but I don't think they will challenge many people. Note -- All of the scenes in Homicide, Vice, and Arson involve examining dead people, and many are nude and/or badly damaged. The police do act respectfully throughout.

INTERROGATIONS -- A weak point for me. In the Phoenix Wright series, you'll get multiple chances to ask a question, or to present evidence. Here, though, one mistake anywhere will lock out portions of the story. It doesn't end the story, but if you want to see what you missed, you need to restart that chapter. You can use Intuition points to remove a bad choice, but invariably the game removes a choice that is obviously wrong. I only got 10 intuition points for the entire game, far too few. When a person is accuse of a Lie, you must back up with evidence, but sometimes there are several pieces that might fit. Truth, Doubt, or Lie -- in the really vital investigations, I was often guessing. In the routine interrogations, the body language of the actors is *much* easier to read.

CAR CHASES -- I liked the chases at the start of the game. Late in the game, many surprise hard turns are thrown at you, and you'll need to restart the chase if you miss one. Fortunately, they could be skipped. When Tailing someone, there was often a lot of tricky maneuvering, and it was very easy to accidentally touch the left joystick too hard to turn on the siren. They should have disabled the siren during Tail scenarios. There are a couple of Escort and Escape scenes, and those I liked a lot. The many hard turn chases, not so much.

FOOT CHASES -- My thumbs would get sore during many of these. And when almost done, some extra gotcha would force me to restart.

GUNFIGHTS, FIST FIGHTS -- On the easy side.

DRIVING -- The city looks gorgeous and real, with lots of detail. However, driving quickly becomes a chore, so I started having the partner drive to save time. I was more interested in the story after awhile.

Overall, I loved the story. But for playing around with interrogations and evidence, I preferred the Phoenix Wright series. There, I was actually solving things, rather than making lots of 50/50 educated guesses (with penalties for being wrong). The end of the Homicide chapter ends with a long series of actual solving, and I liked that. If only they could have made problem solving more important in the rest of the game, I would have enjoyed it much more.
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on May 17, 2011
I love this game for so many reasons, yet the few irritating drawbacks infuriate me. The atmosphere, music, facial expressions, and story are amazing. I want to advance through the game as quickly as possible to find out how things progress. However, the completely hit-or-miss interrogation sessions and rooting through garbage can crime scene investigation have me sick enough to quit.

The facial expressions and voice acting are just as incredible as advertised. I knew going into this that picking up on facial ticks and eye darting were key to detecting inconsistencies in testimony. Still, no matter how you play it, there's no way to tell whether you should believe, doubt, or catch the witness in a lie. Some of the lying is completely obvious, yet you still lose for not selecting the correct choice between "doubt" or "lie". I don't mind doing more investigation to solve the case, but I hate feeling like a failure when the game gives me no other options or assistance.

I also tired of the same old crime scene investigations. You move from area to area, waiting for the controller to rumble so that you can investigate. Sometimes its evidence worthwhile, but more often its just a bottle or an ashtray worth nothing. Often times you find yourself re-examining an area after all other evidence has been found, as if you'd missed something the first time.

It pains me to write this review. I had this preordered, and had been counting down the months to its release. I still find it an amazing piece of entertainment, pushing the boundaries of what a video game can be. Yet some of the elements are just not implemented in a way that can be considered fun, or an attainable challenge. When you don't know why you're getting things wrong or misinterpreting information, there's no reason to hone your technique or continue. I'll probably just finish this up with a strategy guide so I know how to answer the interrogations.
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on May 19, 2011
Its good to finally play something that is somewhat different from the rest of the pack. La Noire feels almost like gta and heavy rain combined which I think some people like myself will like a lot and others could find it a little too slow paced. I am a big fan of rockstar games and have been for a while so I'm glad they have picked up Team Bondi who created the game they did a great job with this title that took about 5 or 6 years to create so hopefully we will see some type of sequel in the near future. A couple of things that I don't care for are that there should have been some more consequence to failing an interrogation by having different turns in the story, that would have been really good depending on what you do when interrogating. Also the side missions could have been better I still like them but would have liked a different variety of outcomes it seems to be the same most of the time.

As far as game play I would say its good not great I don't like that you can't remap buttons cause running and shooting with the same button R2 is kind of annoying to me, some people also complain about the gas pedal for R2 but that doesn't bother me. They should have also made ammo limited I don't think you should have unlimited ammo. Graphics are really something else especially the facial animations which are the best I've seen in any game and the world of LA is very good I actually feel like I'm almost playing a next gen game cause everything looks amazing. I have heard some people complain about the visuals not being that impressive but I find them just fine and I'm playing on a 32 inch lcd hdtv which to me is the perfect size for playing cause you really see everything perfectly its not too big and not too small. Before you purchase this make sure you understand what your buying I see to many people complaining about the style of game play because they thought they were buying a 1940's gta.
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VINE VOICEon May 21, 2011
I bought L.A. NOIRE because I was such a fan of RED DEAD REDEMPTION (I've never played any of the GRAND THEFT AUTO games). That, and I love noir; it's dark, provocative, and fast-paced. To actually live the noir experience, as REDEMPTION made you live the western experience, is an offer I could not refuse.

Here are the perks: Is NOIRE stunning? Oh yes. The graphics are great, the shootouts are fun (walking around blowing perps away with a shotgun, feeling just like Bud White?), the interrogations are deceptively tricky but engaging (good luck determining when a person is lying or when they're hiding something but not telling the whole truth; this gets tricky, and it's perhaps the game's fault, not yours). The linear progression through the ranks is interesting, interspersed with flashbacks of hero Cole Phelps's war experience. The voice acting, too, is top-notch, far superior to anything we've seen in previous games (including REDEMPTION, where, let's face it, a lot of the voice acting was sub-par). There's also the nice "consequence" factor: if you ask a wrong question during interrogation, or take on a Street Crime while on your way to interview someone, you can set your investigation back. This does require some careful planning, and some sacrifices as well.

But there are flaws. Driving is a pain in the you-know-what; your mini map doesn't have street names, and the streets don't have signs, which means you have to repeatedly pause the game and look at your larger map to determine where you're going. Good luck learning how to reverse, too; I don't know who's bright idea it was to make the "reverse" button the same as the "brake" button, but it certainly results in several hilarious accidents. Also, things get a bit mundane after a while. Is Cole Phelps an interesting character? Yes. Is his progression through the department fun to follow? Yes. But it's not always fun to perform--examining evidence is repetitive. Not a whole lot of thought process behind it, either; go around picking stuff up, determining if it's useful, discarding it if it isn't. It gets old fast. The Street Crimes that pop up offer nice distractions, but they only last for a couple of minutes, and you usually have to drive halfway across the city to get to them.

Perhaps the biggest shocker is how short the game is. I'm only about 4 hours into it, and I'm over 20% done with the game. Compare that to REDEMPTION, which was pretty much the RETURN OF THE KING of video games (i.e., never ending, in case you managed to miss that movie). Granted, I got annoyed with how long REDEMPTION lasted...but NOIRE is going by a bit too fast. And I'm not sure there's a whole lot of replayability here. It's fun, but it's just not THAT fun. If you're a video game buff and want to see the latest greatest thing, then by all means, L.A. NOIRE is perfect for you. But if you're a more casual gamer like me, then you might want to wait for a good deal. It's worth a play through, but probably not more than once.
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on May 25, 2011
I was a huge fan on RDR and was really excited about the release of LA Noire. I was intrigued by the motion capture used to create the game and got release-day delivery from Amazon. Before my purchase, I was a little wary of the lack of multiplayer and the long-term use of the game, but figured I could turn and sell it quickly and come out even being that I got a $20 credit.

The Story (No Spoilers)

In the end, looking back on the entire game, there was just no attachment to the characters for me. It fell behind RDR and Heavy Rain, in that order, as far as being involved with the characters. I'm not sure if it was the characters themselves, or the lack of backstory. I think too much of the story was wrapped up in flashbacks and things that never directly happened on screen, unlike in Heavy Rain, where everything in the guy's life practically unfolded in front of you. In RDR, the other characters of the story filled in Marsden's life throughout in a seamless way.

The flow of cases and positions seem unnatural to me and I never knew if it was my fault or the game's that it was this way. The lack of saving and ability to skip scenes made me reluctant to replay cases to see how things would have turned out differently in the transitions between divisions.

The Graphics

Up until update 3.61 and/or the LA Noire Update, the graphics were superb. Often times a character would pop on screen and I would immediately know who they were, either an actor or actress from a TV show or movie. They were very realistic, down to the muscles in the neck and face. After the updates though, the PS3 had a difficult time loading the game and anytime during conversations with other characters, it would slow down and skip a bit, often overheating.

The World

Huge, but basically useless. You can't even use your gun unless it is written into a story. There is no free roam, and even if there was, there would be nothing to do. The cars were all the same, just different colors. If they hadn't added the hidden vehicles, these would have been much worse.

The Cases

While there were 21 cases, they were all so similar and it was hard to make out how they were all connected. In all but a couple cases, it was unclear what the goal was. The last few cases were pretty well connected and the first few were too, but all the rest in the middle were a mess.

Searching for clues became a bore. Even with clue finder off, it was the same thing over, and over, and over again. Anytime you would go to a crime scene or place of interest out of the notebook order, things wouldn't be there. For instance, say you were going to had a list of 3 places to visit and search for clues. If you went to item 3 first, there would be no clues there, or no people. Then you'd have to go back to 1 and then back again to 3 when there were finally clues there. There was no camp feature like in RDR when you went somewhere and there was nothing to do at least you could sleep. Why not build in motels for Cole to sleep in or something? Then at least there would be a place to save the game. I stop the game so many times after and Autosave only to come back later and be two locations behind where I saved.

In conclusion, the graphics were far ahead of the story and gameplay. It was fun and interesting at times, but not enough to keep it in my library. There is nothing to do in the city and no multiplayer. Rent this game and save the $$. You can finish it in 2 days and will never want to play it again.
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on May 27, 2011
+ Instant Warp (when making partner do the driving)
+ Siren (causes cars to move to the side, most of the time)
+ Facial Expressions
+ Detail in city as well as pedestrians (practically half of the instruction manual is credits, showing how many people were casted for ALL of the characters in the game)
+ Music (providing the atmosphere of Los Angeles in 1947 as well as providing hints in-game)
+ Unlike the Grand Theft Auto series, you are able to take control of any car without worrying of committing a crime (even police cars)
+ All chase scenes will end somehow (i.e. when chasing a person, the person will most likely clothesline you and a fistfight will occur or in a car chase, the suspect will most likely crash into a wall or something) instead of chasing them forever
+ Detail in car damage
+ Log to record dialogue
+ Acting
+ 40 Street Crimes (consisting of mainly gun-fights or car chases)
+ Able to replay cases from main menu
+ A lot of landmarks that are true to its real-life counterpart
+ Able to block, dodge, attack, counter-attack, and grapple in fist-fights
+ Investigations are interesting and deep
+ Great characters
+ Partners provide hints on where to go in the game
+ Intuition points are helpful

- Investigations can get repetitive
- When chasing cars or people, they tend to get this massive speed boost when getting close to them (prolongating the chase)
- In car chases, ramming the enemies' car (in most situations) is completely useless as they just gain control of their car very easily. You're just driving to have your partner shoot at the car and have him disable it
- Unable to select guns (you can only pick up other guns from enemies) nor are you able to carry an arsenal of guns
- While there is the auto-save feature, there is no way to manually save
- (While driving) post-lamps, signal lights, and benches are destructible, but some things that should be destructible like wooden fences are not (?!)
- Cannot draw gun at will (gun will automatically be pulled out during gun-fights and some chases)
- Cannot shoot and drive at the same time
- No GPS-like system on map (i.e. no route is provided between you and destination ala Red Dead Redemption/Grand Theft Auto)
- With a black and white map, legends (except Street Crimes and Destinations) on map are of a similar color (i.e. gray/black/white), making them hard to see
- Cannot zoom-out to entire map
- Unable to change/turn off radio station
- Decent (not great) character development
- Cars don't explode, engine just catches on fire and loses some wheels
- Unable to skip major cut-scenes (even when replaying cases)
- No mini-games (no card games, no casinos, no pool, no darts, no bowling...nothing)
- "Extra" menu only consist of Vehicle Showcase and Credits
- Unable to skip most dialogue
- When you're character has a different gun in his hands other than his pistol (i.e. Semi-auto rifle/sub-machine gun/etc.), it'll be replaced by his default weapon randomly sometimes
- Nothing telling you how much ammo you have, so sometimes the weapon (other than the pistol) will empty during gun fights and the main character will discard it.

? Unlimited Ammo (only handgun)
? No money system
? No stores
? Main character doesn't have a lot of health, so can't be Rambo in this game
? Pedestrians have cat-like reflexes when trying to run over them, and you also cannot kill them (from my experience).
? Unlike GTA/RDR, LA Noire has a linear story-line (i.e. instead of meeting so-and-so person and the next at one's own leisure, it's one investigation after another)
? Story is decent but not necessarily moving in my opinion
? Unlike GTA/RDR, you don't continue after finishing the game. Clicking (?) "Resume" after the game is finish will simply make you play the last mission over again
? Cannot fall down from cliffs or holes
? Cannot open a door while being in cover
? Must be in a police car to continue at times (due to radio calls and what not)
? Most outfits are only there for aesthetic reasons and in my opinion, outfits that give attack boosts are useless
? While the face-features are very, very good, they are not perfect. Sometimes it's just weird seeing so much detail in facial and neck muscles moving when a character speaks while the muscles below the clavicle (collar bone) aren't moving at all
? Very, very different game from RDR/GTA and a very, very different type of free-roam game
? As of May 27th, 2011, game freezes at DLC Download menu and unable to download any DLC at the moment with PSN being down
? Desk length are rather unequal (With the Vice Desk being rather long and Traffic Desk being short)
? Navigating throughout LA can be confusing at times
? Not too many extra things to do (only Street Crimes, finding Golden Film Reels, finding Land Marks, and finding Hidden Cars)
? Cannot turn off clue-music as the only options are On or Auto (!?), so I had to turn down the Music all together (although, it doesn't turn off music in some cut-scenes)
? There are always new characters being introduced. Which is nice but not always a good thing. First, it doesn't allow good character development to come into fruition between the main character and older characters. Secondly, they always mention previous cases and characters, and by the time they do so, I forget who so-and-so characters are
? Unlike GTA/RDR, changes in weather and time don't really happen. Or rather, should I say that most of the time (if not all the time) weather and time are scripted in this game.
? I find it interesting that civilians are always making comments at you when you're chasing a suspect (i.e. "Get him for me, Detective!") or even just walking (i.e. "Hey, that's the officer that solved that huge case!")
? You don't have the ability to commit crimes in this game
? Even in gun-fights, shooting cars won't make them explode
? Controls are different from GTA/RDR as repeatedly tapping "X" will not make the main character sprint (unless you're going for a tackle in a chase scene), instead R2 (PS3...sorry, not sure about the XBOX360) is pressed down to make the main character run forward/clear obstacles (sometimes, he'll just jog, depending on the place). Oh and there's no jump button.
? Cole always seems to be arguing with his partner (whomever that may be, if not all of them) ALL the time, which kind of gets repetitive

Sorry if this was too long of a list, but I hope it was useful in helping you decide whether you should Buy/Rent/Not Buy LA Noire. Please note that there may be some things I might've missed.
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VINE VOICEon May 19, 2011
L.A. Noire is the latest game from Rockstar, best known for games such as Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption. It's a game that's both very similar to those and very, very different.

The main character of the game is Cole Phelps (Aaron Stratton, best known for his role as Ken Cogrove in Mad Men). Phelps is a WWII vet living in 1946 Los Angeles. He has recently become a police officer in the LAPD. He starts out as a beat cop and slowly works his way up through traffic and on up the ladder. Throughout he's solving cases, chasing bad guys and driving really old cars really fast.

I cannot think of enough good things to say about this game. Let's start with the acting. It's top-notch, and it's not just voice-over work. It's actual actors filmed and inserted into the game with motion capture technology. This technology is especially noticeable in the faces, which frequently look very "real". In fact, it's also most important there as you have to analyze the body language and facial expressions of suspects and witnesses when questioning them. When you do so, you can decide if they're lying, telling the truth or that you doubt their story. I do rather wish the game came with a "bluff" option, which would have been very handy and is a typical tactic used by police.

Beyond the acting, there's also the environment. Actual cars from the 1940s are used. This is good and bad. Good, because they certainly look great and commandeering a Ford, Packard or Chevy is much different than, say, jacking someone's Faggio like in the other games.On the other hand, the cars handle like you'd expect 1940s cars to handle. This is entertaining at times, but believe me, when you're in a high speed chase and trying to corner with one of these, you'll long for a modern vehicle.

And then there's the city. Los Angeles in the 1940s was a fascinating place, and this game does a great job of capturing what the city must have felt like back then. You see Red Car trolleys, signs for Nixon, and a total absence of TV-related things (though I passed several radio repair shops). It's a very noir kind of city, and this game does an excellent example of showing you a noir LA.

As for the cases, they're pretty straight forward. You find out about a crime, go investigate the crime scene, talk with people and make a collar. Pretty A, B, C. But along the way, you'll get calls on the radio that enable to you go deal with street crime which is, frankly, a bit more entertaining in many ways. Also, unlike the other games made by Rockstar you can't just pull out your gun and start shooting or run over everyone in sight. You are a cop, after all. So usually if you want to go shooting, you'll want to handle as many of these street crimes as you can.

Overall there's nothing I really dislike about this game. I look forward to playing more and to the inevitable sequel and expansions. And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go out and hunt down some criminals. My name's Phelps, and I'm a cop.
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on May 17, 2011
I am a huge proponent of the idea that games can house plots that rival the greatest in both film and literature.
However steadfast my belief of that is, though, it's always been a hard sell to non-gamers. So many are skeptical
about the idea that an element of control in a plot won't throw it off track that they disregard games as an artform altogether. And while many games have come out in my years as a gamer that I use to rebut those claims ("Alan Wake"
and "Heavy Rain" being the most recent examples), none of those have truly surpassed a well-made film, or a masterfully written book, in the eyes of those critics. Leave it to the fine folks at Rockstar, always pushing games to their
very limit, to provide us with what may be the finest example of a narrative in interactive media to date. That
example is the truly superb "L.A. Noire".

This is a detective story that would make even Raymond Chandler's jaw drop in astonishment. War hero Cole Phelps,
after being honorably discharged from the Marines with a Silver Star, comes back home to a burgeoning Los Angeles. As is customary for any city's growth, crimes begin to break out at a more frequent rate. Rapes, drug schemes, murder, and robbery become day-by-day affairs for the LAPD. Seeing this, Phelps decides to join the force and do the best he can to protect the city that he calls home. The plot follows our hero as he works his way through the ranks, starting as a beat cop but quickly progressing into homicide and the like. "L.A. Noire"'s overarching narrative may not sound like much, but that's not exactly where it tries to impress. Where it's strengths lie are in the individual cases, divided up into chapters a la "Ace Attorney." At first, these may not seem like anything special, but a chapters in the writing begins to take on a tone both mature and sophisticated. Never before have I seen dialogue as impressive and fluid in a video game, never coming across as canned or cheesy in the least. This game sets a whole new level for narrative gaming.

Not that things exactly skimp on the actual gameplay front, either. While the most immediate comparison is to Rockstar's biggest franchise, "Grand Theft Auto", "L.A. Noire" actually deviates a large amount from the typical open-world mold. Despite what trailers may have you believe, the brunt of gameplay in this game is in the investigation. You can storm through crime scenes, skipping evidence and going straight for suspects' throats, but that's hardly conducive to success. No, the way to get the most out of each case is to take your time at the crime scenes and uncover every little detail before jumping into action. When you're absolutely convinced that you have your guy or girl, it's easier taking them down with evidence than with brute force.

Don't think that Rockstar ignored their fanbase's cries for action, though, because that's another area this game does so well. Firefights and car chases are well-placed, never sinking to the perfunctory shoot-outs and chase sequences that many other games often use due to a lack of original ideas. The foot chases have to be the most exhilarating I've ever experienced, always throwing in twists and turns in the later levels. Running along a corridor only to find yourself INCHES from getting smashed by an oncoming train, or running through the workings of an abandoned movie set chasing a perp when you discover that the floor is collapsing beneath your feet... you never know what this game is going to throw at you at any given point, which is possibly the best thing about the whole experience.

The graphics, a huge marketing point for the game, are fantastic. Every single detail of Los Angeles is lovingly rendered, as are the faces of the actors who give life to the refreshingly unique characters. Especially impressive are the shadow effects, which give off the tone of 40's noir flicks that the developers were aiming for. Completing that feel are both the excellent acting and superb soundtrack, making for rich soundscapes paralleled by few.

"L.A. Noire" has a lot of hype surrounding it, and deservedly so. It's hands-down the best game so far this year, and even with massive games coming out later this Summer, I wouldn't be surprised if it's greatness is unrivaled. A new bar for storytelling in video games has been set, and we owe it all the fine publisher and developer that made it possible.

Story: A+

Graphics: A+

Sound: A+

Gameplay: A+

Overall: A+ (Superb in every way; Pure Perfection)

UPDATE (5/25/11): This will be the first of two updates. Nearing the climax of main story mode, I must say, my feelings towards the game haven't changed a bit. While there is a noticeable lull in action when you finish Homicide and begin working in the AD Vice, the plot maintains all of it's intrigue, and that lull ends within a few cases. I stand by my original score insofar.

FINAL UPDATE (5/27/11): Finished the game, and have determined that my feelings in fact have changed. I love "L.A. Noire" more than I initially did, and that's saying a lot. It takes a special game to tie every seemingly unrelated plot thread into a huge overarching narrative, and do it without a hitch, but Rockstar and Team Bondi have managed to do it in spades. The ending is something that's bold, and required a lot of guts to force on the player. The last few hours you spend with this game will not only be the most poignant and intense within it, but perhaps the most of any game released this year. A fantastic experience unlike any other, this is one game that you must play. Period.
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on May 27, 2011
This game added some good additions to what you expect from Rockstar, but forgot some great details that I love from Rockstar games.

I have played this game all day one day and I couldn't put it down. It's addicting in a weird way. Hard to explain. It's by far not the most fun game, but the story and dialogue keep me playing it. It's equivalent to reading a good book. Reading is not the most exciting thing to do, but if you have a good book, you cant put it down. So is LA Noire. I think it's cool to start a new case, gather clues, follow up on leads, meet new people, and interrogate people. It's interesting but not all the time fun. What I don't like about this game is the restrictions. This game could be so much "funner" if it gave you more freedom and if Rockstar kept it's cool stuff that have worked in the past. For instance, to run you hold R2. If you come to a fence, you still hold R2, if you come to a ledge, you hold continuously R2. What happened to pushing one button to sprint, then hitting another to jump? If there is no fence or ledge, you cant jump at all? I almost had to quit a mission and start over because I almost got stuck in a ditch. I cant make my character jump and he wouldn't jump on his own. After 20 min of trying everything, he finally was able to make it up. Phew, I had everything riding on the R2 button. Not only are you limited in that way, but you cant draw your gun when you want to, you cant throw a punch at a wall, nothing!! Phelps walks and runs and that's it. Where is my freedom? When can I goof off and have some fun? The only fun I find is going up to a door a knocking on it, then running away and watching the person just stand there looking out. Wow! I am a BIG Red Dead player, so drawing my gun out and shooting and hitting anything is a habit so I am used to being FREE!!!! I am so restricted in LA Noire. Also, in GTA4, I used to drive my vehicles into buildings, motorcycles up stairs and all kinds of crazy stuff. I tried driving my classic car in LA Noire into the coroners office with both doors open (there was enough room to fit) but I was stopped by invisible force field. Where is the fun!! Let me get myself into trouble, let me drive thru a wooden fence at 90 mph and not come to halt after colliding into it, let me punch an innocent bystander, and let me draw my gun out and fire some rounds at the local pigeons??? Why not?? that would incorporate some FUN into this game. But with all that said, this game is revolutionary. The facial expressions and dialogue are amazing and is what keeps me interested. And, being a COP for once and catching the BAD guys is a nice switch. I do recommend this game but don't expect this to be as fun as Red Dead which holds the crown for me and is one of the BEST games I ever played. Yet, do expect to be intrigued by the new stuff in this game. But Rockstar, don't bring good new stuff but leave the great details that make your games so fun.

1. Graphics and details are excellent! Everything is crisp and clear and scenes are realistic.
2. Excellent facial expressions and the dialogue is realistic because the characters swear and make statements that I think would actually be said in some situations.
3. The search for evidence and inspecting and putting together facts to solve a crime are very interesting.
4. Highly detailed police station with muster room and autopsy clinic. It's cool to talk to different people like the coroner, partner, and neighbors to gather thoughts.
5. The whole being a COP and catching the Bad Guy is way cool and interrogating is an awesome thought and addition to have in a game.

1. One button to run, jump, climb and hurdle over obstacles. I feel like I don't control my character.
2. Driving is sluggish similar to GTA4, but the suspects vehicle that your chasing can turn on a dime?
3. No fun! What happened to driving like crazy for the heck of it and destroying stuff? Well, you cant. Wood fences are indestructible and running over people is a big NO NO!
4. No fun! You cant pull out your gun and shoot the light post out or shoot random car tires....You cant even randomly punch an innocent bystander? What's up Rockstar?
5. Unwanted statements made by your character after you hand pick him what to say. I choose an option for Phelps (You) to go off on and he does something WAY WAY WAY different than what I wanted him to. His mouth is a run away train!

Update:::: SPOILER :::::::::

I had some issues with the evidence and the interrogations. On one case I was solving, I had strong evidence showing the suspect was involved in the crime. It was the case with the house fires, and I could prove the suspect was the last one to recently service the gas meter and that the regulator was tampered. I also had supporting evidence from the statements of the coworkers of the subject showing a motive. As my interrogation proceeded with my main suspect, I felt like I was countering the suspect with his lies and proving him wrong. I felt real good about the whole interview, but as I charged the suspect, my supervisor chewed me out saying I charged the wrong guy?? I had the suspect confess to at least being involved and I had STRONG evidence against him, what more do you want? What do you mean, wrong guy?? Who the heck else was there? I was really disappointed about that case and almost wanted to stop playing this game entirely, but I continue to play, yet now I am playing half mindedly not trying too hard and I have lost some of my interest.
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