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on February 3, 2010
design: rikiki's design is extremely simplistic and sleek. beautiful, if you like modern-style gadgets like me. it's most likely the smallest 2.5" drive you've ever seen in your life. the feel of the aluminum feels very nice. it's brushed and smooth.

performance: 640gb is an amazing capacity for this size. i've seen 750gb and 1tb 2.5" external hard drives, but they are 1.5+ times thicker than regular 2.5" external hard drives. speaking of speed, it's not the fastest external hd i've seen, but it's definitely more than fast enough for movie use.

two minor flaws: the edges of the aluminum case are very sharp, so carrying this thing around with other things would probably scratch the items touching the drive. second, the location of the usb port is sort of awkward. it will take up more space than you think on your desk, because the cable needs to take a turn to get to your laptop's usb port. by the way, the cable is very short.

overall i would recommend this drive to anyone looking for a tiny external hd and cares about style. it's perfect for your jean pocket. but i wouldn't recommend it if you're going to indiscriminantly carry this thing with all sorts of other things you don't want to get scratched.

i've been using this drive for a couple of weeks now - i've had no heat issues with it (it gets warm but not hot) while writing 200+ gigs on it. it's a real pleasure to touch the case, more so than my unibody macbook pro. the brushed aluminum is a beauty.
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on April 16, 2011
I just picked up this drive, because I've had a number of LaCie drives with no issues, and wanted to replace my old 40g and 80g firewire LaCie drives with a single larger portable drive to carry with me.

Unfortunately, since plugging it in last night, I've been plagued with connection issues: plugged directly into the computer, plugged into a powered USB hub, plugged into the powered USB hub on my monitor, all have the same problem... I've also tried a few different USB-to-miniUSB cables, no change.

It randomly disconnects, I haven't been able to successfully get the data off my old 80g LaCie firewire drive (which still functions fine)... after an evening of abortive attempts, and a conversation with LaCie where they've tried to convince me that my USB ports (rated at 5W, and with no problems with any other drives) are at fault, I'm done. It even disconnects when just sitting idle, as it did just now while I was writing this. :(

I'm returning the drive, and figured it was worth adding my voice to others here suggesting that you not buy it. :(
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on September 21, 2010
I needed a temporary drive to clone and boot Mac OS X 10.6 while my laptop was in repair - and Rikiki fits the job perfectly. Small to carry around, "standard" miniUSB cable (I use ZioTek Shortys), no power supply - great with MacBook Pro.
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on April 24, 2010
If you're looking for a remarkably small, spacious, pocket size hard drive this device is the way to go. I've had this hard drive for over three months now, shortly after it came out. Before deciding to buy, I was worried LaCie wasn't as reliable as Western Digital, but this hard drive has proved in fact to be very reliable.

Pocket size
Virtually silent
No external power needed
Same speed as majority of external hard drives
Works with both Mac and PC
Brushed exterior resists scratches
Included 10 GB online storage
Competitive price
Rapidly decreasing price since first launched

Cons: (all minor)
USB Cable length too short for some
USB Boost doesn't support Windows 7 64-bit
After Safely Removing Hardware performed in Windows OS, hard drive still stays on and doesn't turn off like other external hard drives do. No risk of data loss though.

The USB cable length may be a drawback for some people, especially if the USB cable is the only one you have. In LaCie's defense, it does make more sense to have a small cable go with a small hard drive to enhance the unit's portability. For a laptop, the cable length is unlikely to be a major issue. With a desktop, a longer USB cable is a must. If you don't already have longer USB cables get this one for really cheap: AmazonBasics USB 2.0 A-Male to Mini-B Cable (6 Feet / 1.8 Meters) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging].

An absolute must if you frequently travel. The smaller size more than makes up for the slight premium compared to other hard drives of similar capacity.
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on October 9, 2011
LaCie has long been the most trusted brand in external hard drives. It appears that is no longer the case. I had my Rikiki 500 GB USB sitting quietly on my machine for a year and it just died with no warning. It looks like my brand loyalty just died too.
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on February 14, 2010
I plugged the 640GB Rikiki into my laptop and XP Pro installed it. When I clicked on the Rikiki drive letter in "My Computer", a window came up and said that I would have to go through a format. I accepted the license ULA that popped up and started the format. The format started but after about 5 minutes, a message popped up and said that the Format could not complete nor could the "User Manual" or "Back-up Software" be copied. It said the Manual and software could be downloaded from the Lacie website and gave me the link. I found the Rikiki user's manual and went through the described window's format procedure. I tried twice, but each time the drive appeared to be formatting, but stopped in about an hour saying "Drive Could Not Be Formatted". For the lack of anything else to try, I selected the "Extended Partition" option and started the format. In a few hours it completed. I copied almost 400GB to the drive overnight. The next day, I added a few more small files to the drive. A short time later I clicked on the drive in "My Computer" and it said "Drive is not formatted". I wasted a few days so far with this drive and now I'll have to contact Lacie and see what they say or just return the drive.

I described my drive problems to Lacie tech support and they recommended that I get a replacement drive. Amazon promptly sent out a new one. This time, the new one installed and formatted just like the manual says. Copied over 400GB and no problems so far. I upped my rating from one star to four since I wasted so much time on the first defective drive. Otherwise it would have been 5 stars. I also bought the Lacie padded drive case for the Rikiki, but you really need to purchase a cable with a right angle USB plug in order to use the drive while strapped in the case since the USB port is on the side of the drive.
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on November 3, 2010
I am picky about my products, so it isn't often I find something that lives up to all my expectations. Well, this little drive did just that, so I did something I don't normally do - I got online to write a review.

The most important part to me is build quality, and the Rikiki feels very solid. I really didn't expect this - after all, how many laptops do you know of, metal ones included, that don't flex anywhere? The Rikiki feels like a block of metal, not like a plastic board wrapped in tin foil.

It also looks stunning. For once the product looked as good in real life as it does in the pictures. And it still looks stunning, half a year after I bought it. That's one good thing about metal and an anodized finish - it doesn't wear easily, and when it does it doesn't look bad.

Formatted capacity turned out to be 596GB ... a huge amount for the size.

Yes, the cord is very short. For its intended use that's a good thing - a long cord would severely detract from the portability as well as aesthetic. If you plan to keep this plugged into a desktop you're not even looking at the right type of product.

So, my rating is 100% in every category - a really amazing product. If there's one thing wrong with it it's the name ... Rikiki makes me think of a cartoon mouse, which really doesn't go with the style.
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on April 7, 2011
This is possibly one of the most disappointing things that's happened to me. I'm a photographer, and stupidly I did not back the photos up to another drive, thinking that Lacie made reliable products. Never buying anything from this company, EVER again.
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on July 25, 2011
The best thing about the rikiki is that its slim, stylish, and has aluminum body. This makes it very distinct with many other portable hard drives. The aluminum is really nice and it actually helps the hard drive cool down faster.

Aluminum: allows the hard drive to cool down faster than most non auminum hard drive
Slim: alot of people really don't realize how benefitial it is that its this slim. it fits in your pocket easily and to me that a really nicething. you wont find that many hard drives this slim.

The software package.

Honestly, if you are buying this device for the software it comes with, I definitely do not recommend it. Most of the software are really complicated and sometimes does not function. Furthermore, there isn't much troubleshooting information available to diagnosing software error for Lacie. Furthermore, the USB Boost feature which i really wanted is not compatible with windows 7 or mac at all. The software package really feels like it was prepared for windows 7 or mac at all.

Overall, but this hard drive if you care about the stylish design slim fit and you just want to use it to store information. this hard drive would also be a great if you don't plan on using it on a windows 7 or mac computer. I bought this hard drive for the stylish, slim finish and to store basic information and i find it a great buy.
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on April 8, 2011
Small form factor, matte black aluminum case, option to not use automatic backup software

Very short cable (6-inches), shipment method

The 2.0 version was attractively priced because the new 3.0 version had been released. I don't have USB 3.0 ports so I won't miss any increase in speed (and by the time I am ready to replace or upgrade to a larger capacity, there will probably be USB 4.0, widespread application of the Thunderbolt specification, or something else).

LaCie claims to be one of the smallest external drives sold and that the name "rikiki" is French for "tiny". I don't know about the translation, but the device follows Apple's lead in product design - small, clean lines, and solid. The LaCie is compatible with both PC and Mac products and, like many others, is USB powered (no AC adapter required).

This replaced older Western Digital external drives which, while reliable, became inadequate (at 80 and 160 GB each) to back up necessary data. Unfortunately, the new WD models include automatic backup software that cannot be removed - you have to download additional files to effectively turn off WD's proprietary software (the "virtual CD"). WDs design also has gone away from rugged aluminum drives to glossy plastic cases that are less durable and show every fingerprint and smudge.

The LaCie ships with almost no printed documentation - everything is loaded on the drive (mostly PDF formats). When you plug it in to any available USB port, it will automatically format itself (not a full disk format). Since this was to be used to backup data and transfer files between work and home computers, I opted not to use LaCie's native backup software.

IMPORTANT - if you opt not to use LaCie's backup software, don't load it on your computer. Just transfer it (and all LaCie documentation files) to a folder on your hard drive, then go through a full format of the drive. (You can also get those files from LaCie's website.)

For me, all an external USB drive needs to do is to safeguard data. Saving and retrieving should be as simple as possible. The LaCie has no physical controls - just an amber LED and a mini-USB port. The design of the drive is very elegant and subdued, just a matte black aluminum box that is smaller than an iPhone.

The only negative I can find with LaCie is that they ship this with a comically short cable - six inches long. That makes it useful almost exclusively for a laptop application. It is too short for most desktops and even many docking stations/port replicators. I guess these days we should be grateful that any kind of cable is included at all. If you need a longer cable, I'd go to USB to mini-USB cables are plentiful and you probably already have a few lying around that came with cell phones, digital cameras, or other peripherals. I have found that the mini-USB cable fits securely into the device, whereas the smaller micro-USB cable (used on LaCie's USB 3.0 version and the newer WD models) has a tendency to slip out because it is flatter and smaller. Your experience may differ.

The one negative thing was how this item was shipped - in a standard padded envelope. While these things are fairly rugged, shipping any sensitive electronic device in a padded envelope seems to be asking for trouble. The LaCie is packaged in its own factory-sealed plastic pack, but that would not prevent it from being crushed or otherwise damaged. These should be shipped in a small cardboard box, not an envelope.

Overall, the performance, style, and utility of the LaCie Rikiki make it a device worth recommending.
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