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on January 15, 2011
I have been wanting a nice, sturdy flash drive for a while now. I have gone through three Sandisk Cruzer drives, one being the titanium, and all of them broke on me. I work with computers all the time, at work and at home, and I am always needing to move files around. With this being the case, I prefer to carry my flash drive on my key chain. That is where this drive stands out. It is light, very durable, and scratch resistant. All of the other drives I have had came with a loop, or hole for a key ring. This worked good for a while, but they all broke. This Lacie drive seems as if it will never break, unless you are just trying to break it. The keyring hole is molded into the frame of the drive, and it is extremely sturdy. The drive comes with a small clear plastic tip protector that slips over the gold tip connectors. I like this feature, and it seems to fit on very snug. I read a lot of reviews for the 1st generation of these drives, and a lot of people said that it was lost very easily. I don't see that being the case with this new 2nd generation. Another feature is the data encryption. You can specify however much space you want on the drive to be encrypted. This will make a Private folder and encrypt all of the data that you put in it, and protect it with a password. This is a very nice feature. This is also the thinnest drive I have ever seen. The connector on the tip is very thin, and made different than most drives you see. This one will not completely surround the usb connector on the computer/device you are hooking it to, but rather it slips in right against the connector. This is how come the drive can be so much thinner. The only gripe that I have found with it is that there is no read/write light on the drive to let you know when it is working. This is not enough of a problem for me to take the rating down to one star, because I believe you should always eject your drives either way, so this shouldn't be a major factor. I think I have finally found a flash drive that will keep up with my pace. Thanks Lacie for a fine product. I will update this review at a later date if I have any problems.

**One Month Update**
I have had this little jump drive for over a month now and I have definitely put it to the test. I have successfully transferred over 7GB worth of data to and from this little guy, from mac to pc, and I have to say it has performed wonderfully. I haven't had any trouble at all from the drive. I do have to say though, that I finally did lose the little plastic cover that goes over the tip. The body of the drive is getting a little scratched, though this was to be expected because it is on a key ring with about 7 other keys. The connector tips that attach to the computer though have not one scratch and still look great. I am very pleased so far.

**Six Month Update**
Well, going on almost seven months now this drive is still going strong. I literally use this thing every day and I have it atleast half full at all times. The drive has been on my key ring since day one, and while the body is scratched (though not as bad as you would think) the contacts still look great and do not have any scratches at all. I highly recommend this drive to anybody.

**One Year Update**
Well, I've had this drive for a year now, and all I can say is what I've been saying the whole time. It still functions perfectly, and is still securely attached to my key ring. I also have to add that the drive still looks remarkably well for having been stored on a key ring for an entire year. Purchase this Flash Drive!

**Two Year Update** (Almost)
I was on here responding to a post so I thought i'd go ahead an update again. It's been almost two years now and this drive is still going strong. It's been on my key ring since the day I got it and has been used almost every day since. I couldn't recommend this drive enough. I use it almost everyday and will hopefully get another two years out of it.

**Three Year Update**
It is now February of 2014 and I had to jump on to say that my iamakey flash drive is still working fine. I've still had it on my keychain the whole time and have had zero issues. Please get this if you want a flash drive that will last. Five stars all the way!
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on February 8, 2011
I bought this storage drive to make it easier to carry personal information to and from work without having to lug around big files or worry about personal information falling into the wrong hands. The design is perfect for carrying on my key ring. It blends in well with other keys and is neither visually nor physically obvious. There is a small plastic clip-on cover on the end to protect the contacts. Although other reviewers have mentioned losing the cover within days, mine has stayed on for a couple of weeks now. The encryption software is easy to use, except that the documentation that comes on the device is not a complete user's manual. I found I needed more information and had to search out the complete manual on the website. Once I found it, it was very complete and easy to follow. A direct link in the installed manual to the full online manual would have been helpful.

The only problem I've had so far is that, while it does not require an installation of drivers to work, it does require installation privileges to run the encryption software. So, I can only access my encrypted data at work if I sign into my computer as an administrator. I'd like an option to download and install the drivers once, so I can access it more readily.

Other than the issue with the encryption (which I have no trouble accessing on other computers), it's a great product.
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on March 30, 2011
I bought this USB because I liked the design and liked the idea of a key chain. Well, like probably every other user who's ever bought this, I lost the tiny clear protector within the first week. With nothing to protect it I kept it on a separate key chain and in pockets by itself to keep it from getting scratched and it served me well for several months. However, I'm realizing now that a major flaw when compared to other memory sticks is the unreinforced usb connector. I knocked the top of this key while it was stuck in my computer and it bent easily, and my computer stopped recognizing it and now I can't access any of my data. I tried to contact La Cie customer support, but first they make you register with name, address, phone number, and email address (all required) on their website before they will even give you the phone number to call and THEN they want to charge you $15 just to talk to tech support. The cust service rep I talked to said I would probably need to enlist their data recovery services and wanted to transfer me to Tech Support, but I didn't see the point in paying $15 to be told how much data recovery was going to cost me. HORRIBLE customer service. It's easy to like this key in the beginning but if your data is important to you I would get something sturdier.
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on July 25, 2011
I never write reviews, but I thought my experience with this product (and LaCie's horrible customer service) deserve a review to educate customers that are interested in this product and give everyone a fair warning. If you read all the 4 and 5 star reviews for this product, most of them do not give a long term follow-up, which is essential - you want a product such as this to work for at least a year, at minimum...

I was a big fan of the design of these USB keys, but do not let the aesthetics fool you. I will warn you now - buying a key for its design and portability will never make up for the pain you feel when you find out all your data is corrupted!!! The design is flawed - the plastic insert that covers the USB connection will inevitably get lost if you carry this around a lot. The key looks nice in the product photo, but if you flip it around, you will see that the metal connection is exposed to the environment. Without any protection, this connection will then fail within a short time.

Losing my data was not the only bad part of the product - the customer service is worse! They will require you to use their minimum $399 data recovery service to avoid losing your warranty. Their customer service reps are not helpful.

For your own sake, buy a drive that is more durable than this. No matter how portable you want your USB drive to be, never buy a design that puts your data at such high risk of corruption as this one.
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on August 25, 2011
When my last flash drive became unreliable (Black Friday Special--I bent the port), I decided it was time to get something reliable that I could really trust... and boy, did that not happen.

I don't really care about the plastic tip, but never even got a chance to lose it because the drive failed in DAYS!!! The great external build is NO indicator of its true quality. I assumed it was a fluke, and went through Amazon's beautiful exchange process. The replacement started disconnecting and reconnecting the NEXT DAY!!! Luckily, I was giving it a trial run with a bunch of downloaded pictures.

It breaks my heart, becasue on the outside this is the absolute best drive I have ever owned. I have had dozens of flash drives, and have never had one act so unreliable. I really hope the next purchaser actually reads the reviews first (unlike me) and goes another route.
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on January 15, 2012
I thought I'd discovered the coolest flash drive ever when I bought three La Cie keys. I've collected about ten different flash drives over the last two or three years. Until now I didn't pay much attention to which was which. However, I recently started having trouble transferring docs between Macs. I decided to be systematic and find the source of the problem.

I have Kingston and Data Traveler flash drives, too, and they're still good. However, all three La Cie drives are worthless. Maybe the problem is the exposed contacts. As one reviewer pointed out, it's almost impossible to keep track of the tiny protective caps. Over time, the La Cie drives stopped fitting snugly into my USB ports. Each now wriggles like a loose tooth. Two are dead as doornails and the third works about 50% of the time--which is worse than not at all.

I'm throwing all three out today. And I won't buy any more.
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on April 23, 2012
DO NOT BUY LaCie iamakey. in 25 days I was able switch and recover most files from my old flash-drive to this one, and in 25 days it stopped working properly. It started working like an inoperative piece of metal, it had me freaking out about my files for 24 hours of not being able to access them, then it worked, I was able to access all my files, made a back up of all of them of course, and formatted the flash-drive. Now it works sometimes yes, sometimes not....
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on June 27, 2011
Oh what a disappointment this cleverly designed little device has been! Aside from the usual problem that all flash-drives have with the cap vanishing within days (exacerbated by the tiny flimsiness of this one) the drive itself is not reliable! I've had two fail within a year, fortunately I keep backups!

My first drive came from Walmart and lasted about nine months, LaCie shipped me a new one which lasted three. I can hardly believe it, LaCie has always had an excellent reputation but there you have it!

The most frustrating aspect of this is that this is the best designed flash drive EVER. It brilliantly solves the key problem (pun not intended, but I'll take credit for it anyways) of flash drives: they don't fit well on keychains. Plus its very attractive, something I'd never thought I'd say about one. While I suppose its possible that I just happened to get two defective devices in a row, I can't take the risk. As much as I don't ever want to go back to the clumsy traditional form-factor, there's little sense in staying with this product. What a pity!
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on October 20, 2012
I purchased this key to have an encrypted backup which I could carry around on my key chain. It looks like a key and is easy to place on my key chain. From the start I started having trouble. I could not prepare the key on my desk top or on my 2 lap tops. It kept telling me that I had some other version of Private-Public (that is the software the key uses) running. I had no idea what that was talking about.After trying several different ways to load the key and having no luck I emailed the company for help. The response took a little time but they told me to do something I had already done so I emailed them back that that wasn't the problem. I received an email back in a timely fashion which asked if I had True Crypt on my computer and if so delete it. As it was I have all my confidential files encrypted with True Crypt on all of my computers. I deleted True Crypt from my desk top and viola the key worked. Obviously the key software is also True Crypt. This basically made the key useless for me. After another email to the company they said there was absolutely no way the key could be used with True Crypt. By this time it was too late to return it to Amazon. It seems to work ok when I got it to work but beware that if you have True Crypt on any of your computers you will not be able to use this key!
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on July 30, 2011
Like several of the other reviewers, I too experienced the drive failing after 6 months. Prior to the failure, it worked consistently and I loved the form factor and convenience. Then one day last week, I plug it in and it fails to even be recognized. After trying several different computers (macs and PCs) I concluded it was dead.

It is also true there is no serial number, etc on the drive itself, but luckily I saved the packaging. However, I'm always wary to send something that has my data on it somewhere off to the manufacturer, so I'm not sure as to whether I'll go to the trouble to return it.

Until lacie addresses this issue, I'd consider another product.
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