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on April 15, 2014
The LaView Security System is easy to setup and operate. The kit came with 2 cameras, cables, DVR with remote control and a mouse. The cables were long enough for me to run a camera from the corner of my house to the room that I have the DVR setup in. Installation was easy. Took me less than 2 hours to setup the cameras and start viewing. The system has different recording options that are easy to configure, as well as notifications for different alarm settings that you can set for each camera. An audible alarm as well as email messages make this great for those times when you are away from home. The LaView cameras have a clear picture in daylight and the night vision works good too. The DVR has a 500 GB hard drive that provides ample room for storage of captured video. Also, I love the playback features that are incorporated into the DVR. I would recommend this product for anyone thinking about home security cameras.
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on May 15, 2014
Pros- great cameras, great support by phone, quality of product, engineering of product.
Cons- You need to watch youtube videos or know this exact system in order to know which ports to open, how to change aspect ratio of screen, cables could be a little longer.

Review- I will start our by saying that I am not a beginner in this and it took some tinkering to get it to work properly. Laview has a great support team and they are very willing to help you out. The product itself is very well engineered including the boxing of the items, and all the installation parts that are needed. The technical information is lacking and therefore needed to place a couple phone calls with laview to get it straightened out. The cables are high quality but could be longer (my house is 1700 sq feet and I did not have much to spare) and are easily brought through all the mounting hardware. This camera system is well thought out but the documentation needs some work to get it to be easily installed. Ports to be open are port 80, 8000, and 8554 which all youtube videos show are the 80, and 8000. Thank you Laview for a wonderful product!
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on September 28, 2014
Bought this after deciding a $500-$1000 HD system is not practical for a home setup in a good neighbourhood. Be warned the system is capable of 960H, but the cameras are only good for D1 resolution (704x480) I do like that you can buy 960H cameras to add on, perhaps use better ones in more important areas. I really like that these should work in extreme cold weather, but time will tell as winter has not arrived yet.

Notes to help other with installation and setup. First, the networking to view remotely is not as easy as they make it sound. I suspect the average person will have issues as most people do not get static IP addresses. I manually set a static internal IP on the DVR ( for example). I forwarded all 3 ports on TCP in my ASUS router for that IP address. I still had trouble connecting and realized my ISP has a modem-router combo, so I had to forward those ports to the internal IP of my ASUS router on that router (can be confusing for some). I then signed up and setup a free DDNS service through No-IP and put the settings for that in my DVR.

I tried connecting using the app on my Android phone using the DDNS address I made and could not connect. I tried it on my computer at home and also could not connect. I was perfectly able to connect by putting in the IP address ( of the DVR into my web browser (Chrome). I then realized that you cannot connect to the DVR through a DDNS address when you are connected through the same network the DVR is on (might have something to do with the port forwarding). I turned off the wifi on my phone and was then able to connect to the DVR using my DDNS address. I then made another device on my phone app to connect internally at home, by using the internal IP address of the DVR. So now I just use one when at home and the DDNS address when I am away.

Lastly is the camera settings on the device and the connected devices. This took some trial and error, and was about to return it because of the atrocious quality when remote viewing. Setting the cameras and all settings for the matter for the DVR, are easier to do through a web browser connected computer. Under camera settings and video setting, I set the resolution to 704x480, bitrate type to constant, frame rate to 8 (can do 30, but it will use a lot more memory on the hard drive and you will not get very many days of recording), max bitrate to 3072 (max available), and applied it to all cameras. The remote viewing was still terrible, and realized devices default to something called sub stream, which is designed to use very little bandwidth. This may be a good option if you have a bad upload rate on your home network, or are very limited on mobile data. I do not have those problems so I had to change each device you use to connect to use main stream instead of sub stream. On the web browser version, it is under local configuration. On the app, you have to do this for each device, and if you have more than one as I do to use the app on the same network as my DVR, you still need to set each of these too. It is the 4th icon from the left on the bottom after you successfully connect to the device (square window with diagonal lines through it), then go into custom and change stream type to main.

After all this the quality is better then I expected for this price. Overall I am quite satisfied with the whole package. Cameras are plastic but I don't plan on throwing them around too much.
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on June 16, 2014
Simple set-up and had cameras recording within minutes of opening the box. UNIT HAS TO BE POWERED OFF AND ON THE GET MOUSE TO WORK. Initial picture quality was so poor had disassembled and put back in the box to return, then had incident in neighbor hood so quickly reset in the front windows while I shopped for better product. As about to order a different system and return this one, started playing with settings without much change and as a last resort called tech support. Receptionist answered, transfer to a very helpful tech who patiently walked me through a few changes and I can now make out license plate number of vehicle in the driveway in daylight which was just a big blur before. Cancelled my return and now quite pleased with purchase.
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on April 24, 2014
This system is top notch. I am able to use my iPad and android phone to view cameras remotely with live view. I can take snap shoots from each device and store the images to it. I also have my pcs steaming the cameras so I do not need to be watching the DVR directly in order to see live feed. The interface is simple to use and also adjustable through my pcs. I love this set up!
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on April 15, 2014
Bought this system, installed it and it has worked great!
Good pictures, easy setup. Pictures on all 4 cams have good clear
pictures. I recommend this camera system.
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on March 10, 2015
We bought these because a tenant upstairs was having strange people over at all hours, and a stolen moped appeared on the property. Police came but because we had no video proof of who brought it on the property, nothing could be done, but the rightful owner did get his moped back. We ordered these with overnight shipping and had a contractor friend install it for us the next day. Mounting the actual cameras is not hard, but running the wires neatly and getting the angles right takes a while.

The DVR itself has a simple if not slightly archaic menu system, but it works. We have it hooked up to an old 17" LCD monitor. We chose the 8 channel system w/ 4 cameras just in case we wanted to add more cameras, and guess what? We did just that. I ordered an additional 4 cameras for better coverage of the property and realized the pre-installed 500GB hard drive wasn't holding as much footage as I'd have liked. I maxed out the resolution on all the cameras and we just have them record 24/7 to avoid missing anything. I ordered a WD Purple 2TB hard drive, popped it in, and we instantly had 4x the space! A+ for upgradability!

Image quality is acceptable. Don't mount these high up on your second story roof pointing down expecting to make out faces and license plates. The image quality is decent but it's a cheap system with lower res fixed focus cameras. Set your expectations accordingly and you should be pleased. I know the point of having cameras is to make it so thieves can't reach up and disable them, so mount them just out of reach. No matter how you mount them, if a thief wants to disable them, they will find a way. We have them mounted just out of reach, and taped up the connections so even if you could reach the cables/camera, you would have to destroy the actual camera or undo the tape.. all of which will take time and you would be seen on the cameras. A neighbor had expensive shoes stolen out of their garage and we had footage of the thieves going by our house - you could clearly make out the shoes, their bicycles, their clothing, their general features. Night vision image quality is not as good, but when it lets you see in pitch black darkness, you'll take what you can get. No problem making out people and cars. For the garage, we leave the light on inside which helps tremendously.

Recently, thanks to the remote viewing feature, I could see the tenant upstairs start covering up the cameras one by one with towels. I was not at the house at the time. I called the police and thanks to the video footage, the tenant was arrested. You could clearly make out him covering up the cameras, uncovering a moped in the truck bed, and dragging it upstairs. The moped was confirmed stolen and the rightful owner got it back. The police officers said the video footage was great and we could not have been more pleased. Despite being in night vision mode, you could make out the details on the moped AND the tenant's face and clothing.

The cameras have definitely been well worth it! The upstairs tenant's eviction is being expedited and thanks to these cameras, we knew exactly what was going on at night.

Now.. are these cameras perfect? No. Probably the most difficult feature to setup is the remote viewing ("Live View") - I'm very tech savvy and have networking experience but dang, it was pretty difficult. I did get it going but I can't see many people being able to set it up. We have a fast cable modem connection, and a slower DSL connection bundled with the home phone. Because you need to open up ports on your router, I hooked up the cameras to the DSL router which we rarely use and nothing is networked to it. Then I had to sign up for a free DDNS account with LaView, pick a domain name, and figure out what information went where in the DVR's network settings. There's always the possibility of a hacker trying to view your cameras once you hook it up to your network (either internally or externally) so if you want to be absolutely sure no one but you can view the cameras from elsewhere, don't network it. We just have cameras outside with a view of nothing really private, so it's worth it for me to network our cameras. I don't know about others but I can only get the iOS Live View apps to work, none of the Android LaView apps work. Luckily I have both Android and iOS devices so it's not a problem but the software is severely lacking.

After all is said and done, this was money well spent. It would have been nice to get a fancier system with super high res cameras and more night vision IR LEDs, but as with anything, you get what you pay for. We won't really need these cameras once the tenant upstairs is gone so it wasn't worth spending a fortune. Just having these cameras installed and plainly visible has been a deterrent - we just bought a new car so we have more than one camera in the garage.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 21, 2015
The cameras are cheaply made but the system was on sale and was only $350 so this was to be expected. The real problem is the software. Utter and complete crap. And if running windows 8 there appears to be some sort of conflict at install and as far as I could see there were no updates to be found via the website. Worse yet the support is non existent, either by phone or message. Tried to contact for the last three days and nothing. No response via message and no one answers which is totally unacceptable. Remotely viewing works ok as long as you do not need to download footage, which so far all the files are all damaged. I can open mp4 files all day long except ones through this system which virtually renders the system useless when you need it. I'm a real buyer and I would not recommend this system
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on July 21, 2014
I install professionally and this one rocked, gotta say it was easy, so easy I didn't need the manual. The remote viewing totally kicks butt, in my opinion this system is well worth the money, I will be using this company as a resource for my installs, thank you LaView!
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on November 17, 2015
After a home burglary, I needed a reliable security system. I purchased the LaView 4 Channel and configured it as you might expect: motion detection sensitivity set adequately for day and night use, automatic rotation of video, etc. I tested the unit with hard power cycles to make sure that it's configuration and any evidence would survive power failure.

Less than a year later, I was burgled again. The thief entered through a point of ingress covered by the LaView's cameras. When I went to check the recording, I found that the /only/ video stored on the system was an eight hour snippet from a month prior to the event. The unit had failed to preserve almost any video and had been failing silently, without logging any problems or displaying any error messages.
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