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About Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment includes a wide variety of laboratory supplies such as meters, microscopes, and purification systems that are used to facilitate scientific and educational processes. Researchers, educators, and hobbyists use lab equipment such as lab furnaces, microscopes, shakers, hot plates, and stirrers to assist in testing, measuring, inspecting, and data gathering. Microscopes, used to enhance the resolution of an object or image, are commonly used lab equipment, found in many biology, chemistry, and learning labs. Other laboratory equipment, such as furnaces, are used for heating applications that require a range of high temperatures. They heat to high temperatures evenly and maintain consistent temperatures, while providing an environment free of undesirable contaminants and moisture. Autoclaves are also commonly used laboratory supplies that assist in sterilization applications. Additional lab supplies include desiccators, which are seal-able enclosures used to protect contents from atmospheric moisture. A centrifuge is used to spin fluids of different densities to separate various parts, commonly blood and DNA samples. Laboratory equipment, such as lab baths and accessories, are used to assist with common lab operations. An electrophoresis apparatus is designed to run multiple groups of student samples at the same time. Lab supplies can be made from a wide variety of material types, selected for their application abilities such as temperature, water, or chemical resistance. Some lab supplies are designed to meet specific health, safety, and environmental standards. Lab equipment commonly operates with electrical or battery-powered sources, and may come with a warranty. Laboratory equipment is widely used in education, lab research, biology, metallurgy, engineering, chemistry, manufacturing, and in the medical, forensic science, and veterinary industries.