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WWE: Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman (Blu ray) [Blu-ray]
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on August 4, 2014
Ladies and Gentlemen, whether you love him or hate him you have to respect him. This DVD (blu-ray), starts out by taking you back to the young Paul Heyman before he was Paul E. It really gives you a clear picture of his origins, his teachings, why he is the way he is, his early days in AWA/WCW, his time in ECW, his arrival in WWE, booking for Smackdown and of course his evolution into "The one behind the one in 21-1." Of course during all of this you get to hear from people that were along the ride for his amazing journey. I really enjoyed hearing the honest opinions from everyone from Tommy Dreamer to Jim Ross, it's a different and great perspective on all that is Paul Heyman.

That being said, I must admit I was a huge original ECW fan. I mostly purchased this to hear some behind the scenes talk and stories that have never been heard before. Without going into spoilers, I got just this. To my surprise they really didn't edit him. Those stories were discussed but I actually enjoyed hearing more about what makes him tick. I don't consider him just a professional wrestling talent but a master marketer. This DVD confirms that, as you also get to see the side projects that he has worked on and just how creative he truly is. He might be a liar, a hustler and quite frankly not a very ethical human being but he is a once in a lifetime talent.

I do have a couple of issues with this documentary in all fairness. The first is that Vince McMahon was not interviewed. This was quite disappointing as it would have been nice to have heard the other side of the story. Without going into spoilers there were times that his version of some stories Paul told would have been very insightful. The second issue I have is with Stephanie McMahon. It is quite obvious she is not very fond of Paul but she has no choice but to respect his talent. There are a few quotes from her that just make me shake my head. She just doesn't get Paul and that he is a genius.

Bottom line if you are looking for a great behind the scenes life story of a true evil genius in the wrestling industry; this DVD a must buy. This doesn't even include all of the extras which are interview gold. If i'm a wrestling promoter I'm sitting my talent down and making them watch the extras because this man knows how to cut a promo! Ladies and gentlemen my pen name is ECWintheD and I am a Paul Heyman guy.
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VINE VOICEon August 8, 2014
During the opening video of this presentation, many names past & present the wrestling industry tried to describe this man in one word which is a pretty difficult task to do but one thing that can't be denied is that he's one of the most influential minds & controversial names in the history of the industry who's life story has been told in parts with it not only being hard to separate fact from faction half of the time along with the fact that he doesn't reflect on his past much because his mentality is to always move forward with life but we finally get the entire story of him here...ladies & gentleman, this man's name is Paul Heyman. This is one of the most unique presentations done by WWE not just because it's a rarity to do this type of documentary on a talent who didn't make his life in this business through various areas of the business but also utilities footage that is rarely seen or hasn't been used by WWE before including the CWA Memphis territory provided by Jerry Lawler & behind the scenes footage from ECW including part of his speech before the ECW Barely Legal PPV seen in the "Beyond The Mat" movie that WWE previously refused to have any association with as you hear from various names throughout including Larry Zbyszko, Dusty Rhodes, Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine editor Bill Apter, ex-ECW Owner Tod Gordon, Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, Raven, Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, Stephanie McMahon, Mick Foley, Brock Lesnar, ex-ECW staff members Gabe Sabolsky & Ron Buffone, Edge, Big Show, C.M. Punk, Beth Phoenix, Heyman Hustle partner Mitchell Stuart, Natayla, Bray Wyatt, and Rene Young.

The documentary begins with Heyman's first memories of wrestling before coming into how he was running his own business when he wasn't even in high school yet before going into his career as a photographer hustling his way into the locker rooms of Madison Square Garden & production meetings at Jim Crockett Promotions before explaining how his relationship with wrestling lead to him promoting his first wrestling show at the famous Studio 54 in New York City. His early beginnings as a manager was discussed next starting from who gave him the idea to where the concept of "Paul E. Dangerously" came from, how he was immediately inserted into the top program in the Memphis CWA territory, where he got the idea for his infamous cell phone, and how the AWA gave him the heaviest level of exposure he had up to that point before going into his time at WCW from his time with different teams & being an announcer with Jim Ross to the formation of the Dangerous Alliance and why he can't talk about the details of him leaving the company. One of the most important parts of the presentation comes next in his time with ECW starting with Jim Crockett Jr. pulling his "punk card" to what Paul's vision was for not just the company but professional wrestling overall going into details of what they did different to make them "hardcore" in the audiences' eyes along with the details of what Vince McMahon did that classified him with the phrase "ECW's greatest enemy was also their greatest ally" including the specific details of the working agreement they made in regards to one specific wrestler on their roster before going into Paul's ability to motivate his talent & push the limits of wrestling that hadn't been done before followed by the heavy details of what was wrong with ECW's business model that lead to them going out of business along the effects it had on Paul in more ways than one with Joey Styles responding to the criticisms of Paul going to WWE right after the closing of by giving details of how that move actually saved the talent. Heyman's time as a WWE commentator was discussed next as far as his real life relationship with Jim Ross & how his relationship began with Brock Lesnar followed by him becoming the lead writer for the "b-show" (with the letter "B" meaning something else to Paul) SmackDown & the format he used for that show that elevated it where it created legit competition within the company to the point where Stephanie admitted that she did something to him that had never been done to a previous writer before him. Paul's time in OVW was briefly discussed as far as how he helped develop talent in the ring along with C.M. Punk on the production side as well before going into the details of what the original concept behind the relaunch of ECW was suppose to be compared to what it was & how it was doomed to fail from the start to the point where Tommy Dreamer compared it to a child caught in the middle of a divorced family & how that was ultimately lead to his dismissal from WWE. Paul's outside projects were discussed next from his Heyman Hustle & production company to the effect being a father has had on him before going into his return to WWE as far as how it all came about & how he's not only mentoring talents but still learning to this day concluding the documentary.

DVD extras include two disc full of his various television promos & interviews throughout his entire career in different promotions; three bonus matches featuring his Original Midnight Express vs. Jim Cornette's Midnight Express ("NWA Main Event" Jan. '89), teaming with Brock Lesnar vs. Hardy Boyz (Judgment Day '02), and his handicap No DQ Match with Curtis Axel vs. C.M. Punk (Night Of Champions '13); the online teasers for this project; and bonus stories of how Heyman hustled himself backstage to get a job with Vince McMahon Sr., how riding with Freddie Blassie was like driving with "Mr. Magoo", both sides of the infamous story of Jerry Lawler breaking Heyman's jaw, various people giving their sides of the story in regards to Tod Gordon being a locker room mole for WCW, how he was able to get $500,000 from Vince McMahon in 3 minutes, Stephanie & Heyman telling their story about the conference call that resulted in him being fired from the creative team, and various talents discussing if they are a "Paul Heyman Guy." Blu-Ray extras include more stories such as one incident describing how differently his mother & father disciplined him, how he helped Bill Apter as a photographer, how he ended up running 3 different fan clubs at the same time, how Austin Idol saved his job the night he was fired, explaining how the concept of his character's cellphone showed how outdated Verge Gagne was, how Jim Ross' caller i.d. caught Heyman in a lie, how Joey Styles learned from Jim Ross through Paul Heyman, how he saved Gabe Sapolsky from quitting ECW in 5 minutes, Tommy Dreamer describing a long loud car ride between Taz & Paul, footage of how interactive Paul was with Little Guido in doing a promo, the outrageous thing Paul told Dreamer to get the morning of a PPV, Gabe telling a story of how Paul remained loyal to a money agreement they had, Dreamer describing Paul's traveling bag, Edge having a theory on who blocked him from coming into ECW, Joey Styles telling the funny story of why Paul said he was late to his wedding, Dreamer on how the connections Paul had in New York City resulted in him drinking from the Stanley Cup, stories of Paul driving his white corvette, Heyman describing in detail of what Vince McMahon did to support ECW publicly & behind the scenes, his honest thoughts on the ECW bankruptcy, Paul returning to the ECW Arena & how he feels about the building today, the story behind his last night as a commentator in WWE, what was the one thing that brought him & Brock Lesnar close, what was the motivation behind convincing Big Show to break Vince McMahon's desk, Edge's memories on his handicap match against Brock & Heyman, the creative way Paul was able to give Big Show recovery time during his feud with Undertaker, how Beth Phoenix was compared to King Kong by Paul along with the funny lesson he gave Beth on her limitations, Mick Foley describing the only time he had negative feelings towards Paul, Jim Ross on his relationship with Paul, why Heyman didn't want to ride with Big Show in Alaska, the story behind Heyman's current voicemail, who are Heyman's heroes, Ron Buffone debating weather Paul was a genius or insane, and what Heyman did to Stephanie when Mae Young passed away.

I said at the start of this that was one of the most unique presentations WWE has done & I stick with that as you got different perspectives & views on the behind the scenes of the wrestling industry through different promotions & positions that Paul has worked through his entire career along with hearing from names that you don't hear from often (and in some cases, you never hear from) in WWE presentations along with the bonus materials of promos & stories showing that Paul gave be just as entertaining in front of a camera as most talent are in a ring so this is one set that I would highly recommend.
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on June 10, 2014
If you're a Paul Heyman Guy like myself or just a wrestling fan in general, this Blu-ray/DVD is a MUST OWN. Content taken from



Team Mentality
Return to WWE
Embracing the Moment


Paul E. is always in contact
AWA Championship Wrestling • August 1987

Pink Suspenders
AWA Superstars • August 1987

I’ll Be Johnny Carson
AWA Championship Wrestling • August 1987

Danger Zone with Ted E. Bear
AWA Championship Wrestling • September 1987

You want to be a Cartoon?
AWA All Star Wrestling • September 1987

If Excitement Had a Name
AWA Superstars • September 1987

More Publicity
AWA Championship Wrestling • September 1987

Adrian Adonis
AWA All Star Wrestling • October 1987

The Definition of Pro Wrestling
AWA Superstars • November 1987

The Sequel Jim Cornette
NWA Pro Wrestling • October 1988

Nobody Wanted Paul E.
World Championship Wrestling • November 1988

Louisville Slugger
NWA Pro Wrestling • December 1988

The Year of Paul E. Dangerously
World Championship Wrestling • January 1989

Danger Zone with Ric Flair
World Championship Wrestling • March 1989

I’m So Handsome
NWA Main Event • March 1989

I Don’t Have Wrestlers I Have Animals
World Wide Wrestling • March 1989

Ding Dong Who is it?
NWA Main Event • July 1989

The Era of the Dangerous Alliance
World Championship Wrestling • September 1989

Sting’s Doll
Power Hour • May 1991

Save Us from Captain Oklahoma
World Championship Wrestling • November 1991

The Dangerous Alliance
World Championship Wrestling • November 1991

The Paul E. Awards
World Wide Wrestling • February 1992

The Ultimatum is at Hand
Pro Wrestling • April 1992

A New Dangerous Alliance
ECW Hardcore TV • October 1993

WCW Wants Sabu
ECW Hardcore TV • June 1994

Wrestler and Violence
ECW Hardcore TV • July 1994

Winds of Change
ECW Hardcore TV • November 1994

Cash Rules Everything
ECW Hardcore TV • December 1994

Best Damn Wrestling You’ve Ever Seen
ECW Hardcore TV • January 1995

There Ain’t No Organization Like ECW
ECW • February 1996

ECW Comes to Pay-Per-View
ECW • February 1997

We Cleared Cablevision!
ECW • March 1998

The Card Has Changed
ECW Guilty As Charged • January 1999

The War Has Just Begun
ECW on TNN • June 2000


Photo of Vince Sr. & Andre
Riding in Blassie’s Car
Troubles in Memphis
The Mole
Borrowing Time
Conference Call
Paul Heyman Guy

Real Story?
PG Era
Statute of Limitations
In Your Face
More Extreme


Paul Heyman Hates Mr. McMahon’s Stinkin’ Guts
SmackDown • November 15, 2001

Introducing: “The Next Big Thing”
RAW • April 8, 2002

Paul Heyman, Mr. McMahon & Eric Bischoff All Share One Ring
RAW • May 23, 2005

Paul Heyman Thanks the ECW Faithful
ECW One Night Stand • 12 June 2005

The Resurrection of ECW
ECW One Night Stand • June 11, 2006

From the Bingo Hall to the Garden
ECW • September 12, 2006

Mr. McMahon Gives Paul Heyman a Performance Review
RAW • January 28, 2013

Paul Heyman Gives CM Punk His Resignation
RAW • February 11, 2013

It’s Clobbering Time for CM Punk
RAW • July 15, 2013

RAW • October 21, 2013

Paul Heyman Drops a Pipe Bomb
RAW • March 3, 2014

The Original Midnight Express vs. The New Midnight Express
Main Event • January 21, 1989

Hardy Boyz vs. Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman
Judgment Day • May 19, 2002

No Disqualification Handicap Elimination Match
CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman
Night of Champions • September 15, 2013



Riding a Bike Down a Rooftop
Lending a Hand
Managers’ Fan Clubs
Austin Idol’s Manager
New York?
“I owe my career to Paul Heyman”
Needed Venting
Paul the Promo Guy
Mystery Partner
Program Money
Leather Bag
Sending ECW a Tape
No Show Groomsman
King of NYC
White Corvette
Supported by the Competition
Ended Up with Nothing
Touring the ECW Arena
Out with a Bang
Common Bond
Breaking Vince’s Desk
Baseball Slide
Creative Paul
King Kong
Because I Can’t
Dirty Laundry
Real Friends
Comical Paul
Kid’s Cutting Promos
Genius or Insane?
Genuine Friend

Conqueror of the Streak
RAW • April 7, 2014
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on December 29, 2014
I'll admit I waited for this bluray for awhile. I didn't really care about Heyman but finally one day it was cheap so I bought it & gave it a look. Wow, this is one of the best WWE produced documentaries in sometime. It's honest, refreshing, & despite a 2 hour run, it doesn't feel much has been wasted. It's raw & feels like WWE let say what he wanted but pulled the plug before he got to wild. The time in ECW was very well done & shed some light on a few topics even though the subject has been beaten to death. The only problem with the set is the McMahons, namely Stephanie McMahon as one reviewer points out. Shane is talked about a lot & I wish they could have gotten him for some comments. Vince well he is a world class BS'er so we know he would have protected the WWE & answered questions very vague. Stephanie is the only one interviewed & you can tell she hates Paul E despite trying to play nice. Other then that, best WWE documentary released on bluray/dvd in 2014. This set also features many of his famous promos & a few matches. Highly recommend getting this one even if your not a fan. I think you'll enjoy it if your a wrestling fan.
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on August 1, 2014
Take one part Roddy Piper, one part Jim Cornette, one part mad scientist, and one part Saul Goodman mix them all with some chaos and you have the worlds greatest "advocate" of professional wrestling talent. Heyman not only took over ECW and made it a landmark wrestling company, but he also knows talent. He has managed some of the best in the business, from his days wielding a 1980's cell phone to being the man who brought us the BEAST BROOOOCCK LESNAR! for the very first time.
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on April 8, 2015
Ladies and gentlemen the true voice of wrestling as you know, the best manager, the best friend, the best advocate, the best fan, the best trash talker, The best talker, the one behind 21 at 1 PAUL HEYMAN
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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on September 13, 2014
If you haven't seen this documentary yet....YOU NEED TO. It is definitely a must watch. I only knew Paul Heyman the character but after watching this, I know Paul Heyman the man, a man who has done no more than what the average normal person would have done to get ahead juat that his drive is really strong. I wasn't a Paul Heyman guy before watching this but I now know why so many are and am glad to say that I AM A PAUL HEYMAN GUY!!!. This is one of the most entertaining, insightful, appreciative documentaries that you will ever watch and better than the WWE DVD's I have watched as of late (Attitude Era was 2nd at best).Trust me when I say to you as a life long wrestling fan who watched AWA,NWA,WCW,WWF,WCCW,and the indies, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. I was actually moved by this DVD because I understand his DRIVE. Like him or Hate Him, Paul Heyman is a man's man, PERIOD
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on April 16, 2015
It was a little less expensive than on the WWE website so I got it here. My fiance and I really enjoyed it.
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on April 5, 2015
Amazing DVD, shows great background on Paul Heyman growing up and how he entered the business.
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3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on August 6, 2014
Great documentary, could have been more in depth but a lot of great never before heard stories. All around great dvd, I wish all WWE dvds were as good. Side note: you can really tell how condescending stephanie is and how much she dislikes paul during her interviews
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