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on February 12, 2012
Aishlinn's life was up to now a real nightmare. Her mother died when she was very young. She was risen by her stepfather and her three stepbrothers who treated her even worse than the last maid, not even shrinking back from abusing her physically and mentally. When they bartered her to a notorious nobleman who was well known for raping young women and who tried to do just that to her she escapes after having been heavily beaten and mistreated. The knight who helped her to escape advised her to flee to the Highlands where her clan might help her. She doesn't know what he means but after being on the run for some days she runs into Duncan and his friends who are trailing sheep thieves. They're shocked by her condition and after having found out what she did in order to escape the nobleman Duncan decides that Aishlinn should be taken for protection to the Highlands. And the story begins....

A neatly arranged plot with interesting twists and turns that kept my attention from the start to the end. Nicely written, especially in difficult passages, such as the love scene, where language is crucial in determining the difference between trivial and quality. Since the author mastered this difficulty with such elegance I would've liked if there had been more romantic scenes between Duncan and Aishlinn and especially earlier in the plot.

Duncan was an adorable main character, all super male but with his insecurities and doubts that made him even more realistic.

Aishlinn was a complex and slightly weaker counterpart. She was presented as a strong woman who grew stronger through her ordeal as well as the love and friendship she found in her "new" life. However, her behavior, insecurities and actions could not support the depicted transformation from a subdued girl to a self-conscious young woman. More specifically, her obsession of not being "bonny" and deserving a partner like Duncan next to her, as well as her childish, immature and inconsiderate action, especially toward the end of the story line didn't really support her "evolution" but convinced me that she still would've a long way to go. In any case, she was a likeable heroine, although greatly overshadowed by Duncan.

Despite the fact that the book had far too many lucky turns for my taste (can't really tell you more without spoiling) I would recommend it. It's a nice and entertaining read.
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on April 16, 2012
Story was intense and engrossing at times. I would like to see it reprinted with some first-class editing. There were so many mistakes it was distracting. Even the attempts at Scottish language were all off and only partially authentic. Mistakes in English were also glaring. Spelling, word usage and fractured sentences ruined a great story. Some story lines and plots were left hanging and unfinished. I would love to read this story again after some professional editorial help has set it to rights.
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on May 17, 2012
I liked this book, I thought the story held promise. I like Historical Romance and this seemed off to a good start. However, (possibly spoilerish, not really) I got so tired of hearing her protest her attractiveness I almost stopped reading it. She couldnt be pretty, she'd never marry and have kids, all the men thought of her like a sister. Over and over and over again. I liked the characters in the book, the author does a good job creating them, but the heroine was too frustrating for me to really get behind. Even with some fairly easy-to-guess plot points, I enjoyed the book, but I would only recommend it to a patient reader. I wanted to shake the heroine and say, "ok, we get it, you dont think you're pretty, but guess what, turns out you are and the men find you attractive and quit acting like you can't see it" But for my issues with the book, I'd still call it a pretty good read.
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on June 12, 2012
The first three-quarters of Laidens Daughter was excellent. It was a harrowing adventure, and a real page-turner. I fell in love with Duncan and was very impressed with Aishlinn's hidden strength. Toward the end, however, it began to get very superficial, and the outcome way too convenient. Both characters changed out of the blue, and not for the better. It seemed that the author was trying to prove that Aishlinn was strong when it was already apparent from the start. In my mind she became weak and petty. Duncan, who was the sweetest tough-guy in the world became an ass. I expected a lot more depth from a story with such a strong beginning.
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on March 13, 2012
As a kindle owner, I love looking for new authors and great books. Surfing Amazon, looking for what they had for those 99 cent books, I read the description for Laiden's Daughter.

I was hooked from the first few paragraphs. This was a well written, fantastic storyline first book.

I read the blog on your website and was thrilled that you have five books planned. What a teaser to read those first few paragraphs for Findley's Lass.

Loved Duncan and all the characters. Please, please, PLEASE keep writing!
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on February 4, 2013
I promised that this year would be the year that I finish a book no matter how bad it was. Lets say this was a struggle. The storyline isn't bad but weak and slow. I don't like how the heroine goes from being this frightened kid to almost instantly ready to kick some butt. Also the errors from grammatical to mechanical are horrible. At times I would have to go back and read the same paragraph/sentence twice and well, fill in the blanks. I guess my biggest thing is the errors and really slow storyline. The whole book was off for me.
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on July 12, 2012
I am an avid reader, and, admittedly, Historical Romances have a special place in my heart amid the more thought-provoking novels and classics... 'Laiden's Daughter' is a light, enjoyable read - and I finished it quickly...I really liked the characters, and the romance was just right (for me)... pages of longing and joy, but many of the specifics are left up to the reader's imagination.

There was just one major downside... the editing and proofing of this book (from the Kindle borrowing library) was truly awful! And, it wasn't the author's use of dialect... there were extra words inserted constantly in the book, misused pronouns, incorrect word order, and entire paragraphs that did not make any sense at all (the worst section was at about 37% on the Kindle).

So, although I am looking forward to the next part of Clan MacDougall's story, I am so hoping that the author and her editors take the time to check their work... when the grammar is so poor that it breaks the flow of the story, someone didn't do their job... and I truly would like to hear more from Suzan Tisdale.
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on January 27, 2013
One of the dumbest books ever. I don't need to summarize the story... It's been done to death. The writing is adolescent without a hint of editing. The author would benefit from a basic review of the time period. Mid-14 th century Scotland never saw King's officers in red coats (hello!.... chain mail? armor?) and the waltz wasn't introduced for another 400 years. The main character goes from an insipid shrinking violet to a shrieking harpy in the course of one brief chapter. Clearly the author read some historical romances and decided she could make a few dollars doing that and voila! NOT.
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on February 24, 2014
The first section of the book, where Aishlinn escapes and comes across Duncan and his men, got me into the story. But once they reached the home of Clan MacDougall it got kind of tedious. The ending picks up the pace, but it's so unbelievable it's eye roll worthy.

I had a real problem with Aishlinn. Her naiveté was so over the top it was ridiculous! Her brothers told her she was ugly, so she won't accept anyone telling her different, ever? Even though every man in the castle looks at her like she's a piece of meat? It got old pretty fast. And I found it hard to believe that if she'd been made to work out in the fields or in the kitchen most of her life that she'd retain that much beauty. The hardness of that kind of life would show on her face, even at 19. When she finally gains some self -esteem, she does something so completely stupid it made me want to throttle her! And then she turns into some kind of William Wallace/Rambo hybrid. What???? And no one really chastises her for putting all those clansmen in danger? Gah!

Duncan started out as an interesting character, but didn't stay that way. He is the future leader of the clan, but he's a total hothead and is constantly sidetracked by Aishlinn. I think he would have been laughed out of the clan for his behavior.

A disappointing read for me.
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on September 8, 2013
The book starts really well.

After being brutally beaten by an Earl, and while he's attempting to rape our heroine, she stabs him twice and manages to escape. Although severely injured she manages to ride for days without food or water, when her horse throws her, she is rescued by Duncan and members of his clan.

In chapter 10 they finally reach the clans castle, we learn immediately that the chiefs wife recognizes our heroine, but we can't learn the secret until the chief returns.

From the middle of chapter 10 almost through the end of the book, all we really hear is: Heroine "i'm plain and ugly, my step dad and step brothers told me so" and from everyone else "you are a bonny lass" BORING...BORING...BORING

I recommend skipping to chapter 19, this is when our Hero FINALLY kisses heroine and asks if he can "court" her. In chapter 20 we learn the Earl didn't die and the English are searching for heroine.

In Chapter 23 (there are 29 chapters) the chief returns and we FINALLY learn the "secret", Chapters 23 - 29 are actually really good.

I will say that when this couple finally had their actual "love" scene, I yawned!

Will I read this one again? NEVER
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