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on May 12, 2008
A Personal Warning to all who have this baby toy by Lamaze. (Stretch The Giraffe)

I LOVED this giraffe..this thing is the cutest toy ever and I had placed this on my wish list for my baby shower last May. Well..I ended up receiving the giraffe from a good friend of mine for my baby shower like I had wanted. My son had only played with it maybe twice since he's been born, so it's still pretty brand new.

My son is 10 months old now, and we just moved to a new house last week, so I re introduced him to stretch yesterday, (still in super new condition) and he had been sitting in his highchair playing with him, chewing and biting on him as most babies will do with their toys. It's to be expected.

I was upstairs unpacking, my son was in his highchair next to my husband while he washed dishes when my son started choking!!

He was choking on the white stuffing inside the toys foot! He had managed to chew the thing until it became unstitched at the seams and that's when the stuffing began to fill his mouth. He must have swallowed a majority of what he had in his mouth. Needless to say, it was a frightening moment for all of us!!

UGH! I am just so disappointed and now concerned for anyone else's children who may have this toy!

Upon close inspection of this toy after the fact, I noticed that the stitching is very poor. Not nearly strong enough to withstand the mouth of a teething baby! I noted other parts of the giraffes seams and stitching where it has signs of also beginning to become unstitched!

The very worst part is the fact that had my son gone un noticed and not attended to right away, he could have very well choked completely, or the round small plastic squeaker (also inside the same foot he opened) could have also come out and easily become lodged inside his throat! In fact there are multiple "perfectly sized pieces" including a small round ball rattle, a more flat circular shaped rattle and the disc shaped squeaker (the one my son almost managed to get out) inside each foot. Again..they are very poorly secured inside the giraffe and are a major choking hazard! I hate to think of how many babies go to bed with this toy and are possibly left alone with it when they wake up in the morning or after a nap. Parent unsuspecting, because these toys made by learning curve are supposed to be designed with safety in mind. Safety being what Learning Curves number one priority is. I would have never have thought to check those details since I was convinced this toy or any toy designed by a big name baby toy company was undoubtedly safe to let my baby play with.

This toy needs to be recalled ASAP! I have contacted Learning Curve /Lamaze RC2 department regarding this serious issue, and Stretch the Giraffe is on his way back to them for inspection. I have no doubt they will issue a recall. If I were you...and just to warn parents ahead of time..please refrain from buying stretch for now! Or if you have him already, take him away from your baby...especially babies with teeth!

In an effort to make me, the consumer happy, they offered me a new toy and that's on it's way now, but in reality, is that really enough? Or does that make up for the fact that we watched our little son choke and go through that trauma? Imagining the scenario if we had not been right there to help him...would the new toy suffice? It's horrifying imagining the things that COULD have happened and Thank God that didn't.

In addition I am going to be weary of the new toy and I am not even sure he will play with it until I inspect every inch of it, and now I need to sit with him every second while he plays with in fear that some little thing could go wrong in a toy that has been deemed safe from a reputable company I have grown to love and trust. I just believe this is an honest mistake but a serious issue that was grossly overlooked. I know that Learning Curve will do the right thing in the end.

I will never send my son to bed nor leave him to play with ANY toy, stuffed animal, or object ever again for fear that he will wake up, be alone and begin innocently teething while I am still asleep, and something similar to this may happen. It's a good thing that wasn't the case this time.
Please parents...check the babies toys! You just never know!!

Forward this to all your friends who you think may have this toy, may buy it, are expecting a baby, have infants and small children.

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on April 19, 2007
My 4 month old loves it, and has loved it since he was around 3 months old. I hang it from his bassinet, the toy bar on his stroller/car seat, and the toybar on his swing. It always catches his interest and as he's growing he's discovering new things about it. That the feet make sounds or feel crunchy, etc. It's great to watch him engage a toy like this. It's the first one that he had interest in, and the longest-lasting.
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on August 2, 2007
We had one of these before and it was my sons favorite toy. It got lost and if anyone said 'giraffe' he would start looking around for it. We bought a replacement and he is as happy as ever! The colors, the noises, he loves it all!
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on February 10, 2008
Being a new Aunt and about to see my niece for the first time at Christmas, I was a bit anxious to make a good impression (you know, because 3-month olds can be highly critical). I don't know too much about babies and wasn't sure how interactive they could be with a toy like this, but I thought I would take a chance - after all, could it be cuter?

Well I was excited to find out that my niece LOVES her giraffe (which has since been named in my honor). What I was a bit surprised to hear (and this is where my inexperience with lil' ones comes into play) was how much she engages with the toy - she grabs it, squeezes it, pulls it, chews on it - to hear its crinkle, rattle, etc. My brother also thinks the bright colors have a lot to do with her attachment.

Using my niece as the standard, I'm convinced that Lamaze has really done their homework when it comes to creating toys for babes. These Lamaze animals are now my go-to for baby gifts!
review image
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on June 6, 2010
My baby absolutely loves this toy... so much so that I had to buy a second one after she chewed through the foot of the first one and exposed some plastic and the stuffing.

This is the only reason why I gave this giraffe only 4 stars instead of 5. It is an awesome toy and my baby seems very interested in all of its parts--from the colorful feet, to the stretchy legs, to the ribbon hair, to the plastic rings. She can't keep any part of the giraffe out of her mouth.

I would have preferred that this giraffe have been a bit more durable. My baby doesn't even have any teeth, but she was able to chew through the stitching of one of the giraffe's feet.
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on December 28, 2009
I got Jacques the Peacock for my dayghter when she was 2,5 months old. She instantly fell in love with it. Then I bought the worm and she loved it to. She wrestles with it till this day and enjoys biting on the "legs". The Stretch the Giraffe, however, is a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. She is not interested in it at all. It does not do much. The rattles are very quiet and the teeting rings are very hard to bite as they are on the giraffe's neck and there is rally no way for my daughter to get to them... I say buy it for a 2-3 mo old because older children will not find it amusing.
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I just love all these bright and colorful soft body toys for babies.
They help with baby coordination as when they reach for something and finally grab it, they are rewarded with some sort of sound (rattles, chimes, squeaks, crinkles and so on). Even his legs stretch!

On Tomy then giraffes neck is a teething ring. He is just full of surprises!
There is also a link on the toy so you can hang him up when you take him places.

Great stuff! Please, click on "helpful" if my review was to you and THANKS!! :)
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on September 16, 2009
Stretch the Giraffe is definitely nice. He doesn't, however, hold my 5 month old daughter's attention for very long. By far her favorite is Freddie the Firefly. She's had it since she was 3.5 months old and has played with it consistently almost every day since. I also recently bought her Princess Sophie which is super cute and she likes that one too.
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on September 3, 2010
I bought Lamaze's Stretch the Giraffe thinking the legs would be stretchy and fun for my 5 month old to grab onto, but the legs don't stretch really at all and the squeaky foot is weak. My son still does enjoy playing with it, since it is colorful and the front feet jingle and chime, but he likes the peacock Lamaze toy MUCH better.
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on February 22, 2008
well designed, well thought out. each foot makes a different sound. the legs make it easy to grap at and hold (in those early days when they can't seem to actually HOLD what they are going for). and the clasp to let it go with you is a plus.
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